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江西宜春市韩美医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱高安妇幼保健人民医院下巴短小后缩歪嘴整形歪鼻整形要多少费用宜春市第一人民医院玻尿酸原液优立塑v3优立塑4代要多少费用 Einstein is to present his theory of General Relativity.爱因斯坦即将公布他的广义相对论理论。The problem for Einstein is he hadnt finished it yet.而爱因斯坦面临的问题是他还没有完成。In the fall of 1915, Einstein was hardly thinking about anything else.在1915年的秋天,爱因斯坦几乎什么也没有思考。He was completely focused on finding the solution to a puzzle that had occupied him for more than eight years.他完全专注于发现难题的解决方案,这已经耗费了他超过8年的时间。Einstein is trying to come up with these equations that will describe how space is curved. Hes working deep into the night.爱因斯坦试图想出这些描述空间是如何弯曲的方程式。他夜以继日的工作。If you look closely, its really trial and error.如果你仔细观察,真的只是不断尝试和不断错误。You are not seeing a mathematician who just, you know, throw the ideas, you know, perfect formulas onto the paper of the notebook.你没有看到一位数学家只是,你知道的,把想法,你知道的,完美的公式记录到笔记本。He cancels everything and says nonsense, these terms disturb, so he sort of talking to the math.他取消了一切繁文缛节,没有这些条款的干扰,他就可以忘我的在数学中徜徉。Sometimes he turns the notebook around and he, you know, throws it away with disgust.有时他把笔记本和他周围的东西,你知道,因为厌恶扔在一旁。It can be real blow when an idea youve been working on doesnt work out, this gut-wrenching feeling.当你一直在尽力工作而就是没有结果,这痛苦的感觉可是真正的打击。Since discovering his math error, Einstein believes hes making real progress.自从他的数学被发现错误,爱因斯坦相信他在真正的进步。His equations are nearly complete.他的方程接近完成。注:听力文本来源于普特201205/180861宜春韩美医院光子嫩肤多少钱

丰城市中医院鼻孔外露整形牙龈外露整形外扩胸哪家便宜价格宜春市人民医院乳房缩小整形缩短人中缩短整形术价格 INDIANA, like many manufacturing states in the Midwest, has long felt the pain of seeing jobs go overseas. In his seven years as Republican governor, Mitch Danielss response has been to offer a strong diet of pro-business legislation. In the past few years Indiana has cut its corporate tax rate by nearly 25%, established one of the highest Ramp;D tax credits in the country and started work on a billion infrastructure-improvement plan.和许多中西部制造业州一样,印第安纳长期的痛处在于,眼睁睁得看着工作流向海外。七年州长,共和党人米奇;丹尼尔斯的回应姿态是大力贯彻对企业有利的立法。该州在过去的岁月里对公司减税接近25%,建立了企业Ramp;D税收抵免站点,这样的站点在美国还有很多;还开启了计划100亿美元的基础实施整修工作。Until recently, though, Mr Daniels had resisted calls to make Indiana what is known as a ;right-to-work; (RTW) state. RTW legislation allows employees to decide whether to financially support a union. Without such laws unions can insist that all workers pay dues to help fund the cost of negotiating a contract with an employer, whether or not they wish to formally join the union. Now, however, Mr Daniels says he believes the state needs to sign up as well. The new legislation was passed by the state Senate on February 1st and was signed by Mr Daniels that very day, making Indiana the 23rd RTW state in America;and the first such state in the nationrsquo;s old manufacturing belt.然而就是在最近,丹尼尔斯还在拒绝让印州成为RTW州(众所周知的;工作权利法案;)。RTW立法规定员工有权决定是否出钱持工会。如果没有RTW这样的法律,工会就可以坚持让所有的员工都应缴纳会费,帮助为和雇主就工作合同谈判所需的费用筹钱,不管这些员工是否愿意正式加入工会。但现在,丹尼尔斯说,他认为印州也需要签署RTW法案。新法2月1号在州参议院获得通过,当天有丹尼尔斯签署,这样一来,印州,成为了美国通过RTW法案的第23个州。这也是美国传统工业带第一个通过此法的州。Proponents argue that it is wrong to force anyone to contribute money to a union. Unions counter they face a ;free rider; problem whereby non-affiliated workers receive the benefits of union negotiations without contributing financially. The governor, meanwhile, says the new laws will simply make the state more attractive to business.保障工作权利的倡导者认为强制他人给工会捐钱的做法是不可取的。工会反驳道,他们面临着;无本获利;的难题,在这样的背景下,非直属工会的员工,就可以从工会谈判获取利益,而不掏一分钱。同时州长丹尼尔斯说新法只会让印州吸引更多的企业。Evidence from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation suggests that many employers do indeed want these laws. This group says that somewhere between a quarter to a half of companies in the state planning to relocate insist upon going to RTW states.来自印第安纳经济发展公司的据表明很多雇主确实需要这样的法律。该公司说,在印州1/4到1/2计划搬迁的公司中,某公司坚持要将其公司所在地搬到通过了RTW的州中。Few companies, though, are willing to go on the record to say exactly why they prefer to locate in RTW states though the reason is pretty obvious;in a nutshell, they make for weaker unions. It is a sensitive subject and companies fear picketing and other similar reprisals. However, Remy International, an electrical-engineering company based in Pendleton, Indiana, has stated that it plans to build another factory in America some time next year: but that in the absence of RTW legislation it will not build it in Indiana.然而至于准确说出为什么他们更愿意搬迁到通过了RTW的州,虽然理由显而易见---简言之,他们这样做,是为了弱化工会---没有公司愿意始作俑者。这是一个敏感话题,公司也不敢越雷池,害怕遭到类似的报复。然而,位于该州彭德尔顿的电工程公司雷米国际(Remy International)已经声明,该公司计划在明年某个时间国内在建一座工厂:但为了逃避RTW法案,该公司不会将新厂建在印州。In an interview with Stateline, a news service that looks at trends in state policy, a vice-president of Remy, Jay Pittas, argued that RTW legislation makes it easier to negotiate flexible work rules, and means that unions are more likely to agree to a merit-based system of employment rather than a one based on seniority. The company, however, now declines to comment further on the subject.在一次由观察州政策动态的新闻务机构Stateline进行的采访中,雷米副总裁jay Pittas说,RTW法案让员工更加容易的把灵活的工作制度 摆到谈判桌上来,RTW立法的存在就意味着工会更有可能会认同以绩效工资为基准的体系,而不会去认同员工资历体系。公司现在并不愿意对这个话题多说上些什么。201202/170667丰城妇幼保健人民医院痘痕痘坑青春痘痘痘痤疮哪家便宜价格

宜春奉新县中人民医院锯齿线提升白色锯齿线假体隆鼻价格Books and Arts; Book Review;Pakistans future;Resilient mess;文艺;书评;巴基斯坦未来;扑朔迷离的未来;The Future of Pakistan. By Stephen Cohen and others.《巴基斯坦的未来》,斯蒂芬·柯恩著。It seems optimistic to write a book called “The Future of Pakistan”; it assumes the country has one. Tot up the assorted threats and its survival may look dubious: Islamists, separatists, potentially stray nuclear weapons, the war in Afghanistan, economic and natural disasters, a booming and restless young population, unfathomably venal leaders, rotting institutions and violent megacities. Any of these could yet spell the countrys demise (see our special report this week).作者似乎以乐观的态度写《巴基斯坦的未来》这本书;书中倒是希望巴基斯坦的未来会让人乐观。综合各种威胁,巴基斯坦的犹存似乎让人疑虑重重:伊斯兰教徒和独立主义者盛行,潜在的核武器事端,阿富汗战争,经济和自然灾难,迅速增加的颓废的年轻人,国家领导人卷入受贿深渊,机构腐败,大城市暴力事件不断。上面的任何一个事件可能招致这个国家的灭亡。Individually, none of the 17 expert contributors to this frank and detailed volume is quite so apocalyptic. But their collective mood is grim. In pondering scenarios for the coming years, these various specialists have produced a flood of gloomy details and prognoses.不同的是,在这本平实而详细的书中,17位撰稿人没有任何一位作出预言般的警告。但是这些专家都感觉前景的黯淡。当思考未来愿景时,这些来自各个行业的专家都传达大量令人沮丧的事实和预测。Stephen Cohen, a well-respected observer of Pakistani politics at the Brookings Institution, sets the tone by observing how Pakistanis lack even a shared idea of their nation. They are increasingly divided between the urban and rural, the educated and illiterate, and by competing religious strands. “The new normal is abnormal,” he observes.巴基斯坦布鲁金斯研究所的备受尊崇的政治家斯蒂芬柯恩,通过观察巴基斯坦人如何缺少意见交流,以此定下本书基调。城市和乡村,高等学历者和文盲之间的分化日益严重,宗教团体竞争日益激烈。“正常之中有些反常” 斯蒂芬柯恩说。The country is threatened by various long-term trends. Of Pakistans 185m people, two-thirds are younger than 30 years old. Only the population of Yemen—hardly a model of stability—is more youthful. One poll taken among such youngsters and cited in the book suggests that three-quarters might emigrate if given the chance. Also many of the young hold extreme religious views, unleashed by the zealous regime of Zia ul Haq in the 1980s.这个国家正收到各种长期流行趋势的威胁。巴基斯坦的18.5亿人口,2/3的人口都未满30岁。只有也门的人口,因其流动性小,人口年轻化更严重。通过对年轻人的民意调查,显示3/4的年轻人如果给予机会就会搬迁。本书也引用这次调查结果。也有很多热衷于穆罕默德·齐亚·哈克政权持的年轻人被释放,他们持有极端宗教主义观念。Rapid urbanisation brings more problems. Over a third of Pakistanis now live in towns and cities, where tribal and rural rivalries are morphing into violent, urban warlordism. Town-dwelling Pakistanis are “historically more religious and conservative than rural populations,” writes Shuja Nawaz of the Atlantic Council. They also have smaller families, and the youngsters are often left to fend for themselves. Thus it is in towns that both extremists and the armed forces increasingly find recruits, which bodes ill for preserving moderate views inside the army. Oddly, little space is given to the bloody turmoil in Karachi, perhaps the worlds most violent metropolis.城市化的快速发展也带来不少问题。超过1/3的巴基斯坦人居住在城镇和城市中,部落和农村日益蜕变成暴力和城市的傀儡。来自大西洋理事会的舒贾·纳瓦兹说,居住在城镇的人“历史性的变得比农村人更虔诚更保守”。他们的家庭人员很少,最小的孩子不得不照料自己。在城镇中极端分子和武装力量成员日益壮大,军队的中立态度预示着好的征兆。奇怪的是,血腥的暴力事件频繁发生于卡拉奇,它恐怕是世界上最残忍的大都市。The armys destructive habit of meddling in Pakistani politics continues unabated. Roughly every decade this switches from explicit power grabs to unsubtle efforts to manipulate civilian leaders. For now Pakistan is in the latter phase. Though this book went to press before the most recent civilian-military clash, known as Memogate, the authors may well prove largely right in predicting lots of scheming but no new coup for some years yet.军队并没有改掉总是插手于巴基斯坦政治这个破坏性的恶习。似乎每个十年都发生从攫取政权到试图操控平民领导人的转变。现在巴基斯坦处于后者的掌控中。虽然此书在军民冲突(备忘录门)前已经出版,但其在预测大量阴谋方面的观点都正确,但是几年来没有产生新政权的更替。Within the gloom there are glimmers of hope. Most of the authors expect Pakistan to hobble forward more or less in its current state. The lives of some will improve. Literacy rates are rising fast (79% of men under 24 can now , says the World Bank), families are shrinking (even in rural areas the norm is now to have four children, down from as many as ten two generations ago) and the press, generally, is more open than before. One sharp contributor, Aqil Shah, reckons that Pakistan will become “neither Sweden nor Somalia”, as the armys strong grip will prevent disintegration but also block growth of strong civilian institutions. Even an optimist would not describe Pakistans glass as half full—keeping it unbroken may be the best one could hope for.在阴霾之中还有一丝希望。面临这样的状况,大部分专家希望巴基斯坦人能或多或少在蹒跚中摸索前行。一些人的生活会得到改善。教育普及率迅速增加(据世界说24岁以下的人中79%的人能阅读 ),家庭人员减少(在农村普遍是四个孩子,比两代前的很多孩子相比下降)。Aqil Shah认为巴基斯坦不会步瑞士和索马里后尘,军队紧握政权使其免于风崩离新的可能,但也阻遏了平民机构的强劲增长。甚至乐观主义者也不会将巴基斯坦描绘为半满的玻璃杯——而保持这个玻璃杯的完整可能是人们最希望的。 /201212/217643 GEORGE BUSH wanted to close it. So did John McCain. And Barack Obama promised to do so within a year of taking office. But nearly three years since then, and ten years after the first inmates stepped through its barbed-wired gates in January 2002, the prison camp at Guantaacute;namo Bay remains stubbornly open.关塔那战俘营。乔治.布什曾想关闭它,约翰.麦凯恩也想这样做。奥巴马更是许诺在上任第一年内就将其废弃。而现在,他的总统任期已过了近三年;而自2002年一月,第一批战犯踏入铁丝网包裹的大门起,都已经过了十年。位于关塔那海湾的战俘营却依旧存在,照常运行。It is, perhaps, the most glaring failure of Mr Obamarsquo;s first term. On his second full day in office, surrounded by 16 retired generals and admirals, he signed the order to close the facility that he said had probably created more terrorists than it ever detained. With majorities in both chambers of Congress he looked set to make good on his pledge. There was just one problem: the president had a timetable, but no plan.或许没有关闭关塔那战俘营就是奥巴马第一任期内最大的败笔。在他正式行使总统职权的第二天,在16位退休将军和海军上将的注视下,他签署命令关闭关塔那战俘营,他曾表示由于这座战俘营的存在而引发出的恐怖分子有可能比在押者还要多。此时在国会两院中民主党都享有多数票优势,一切都与他许诺的也一般无二,看上去他就要关闭关塔那战俘营了。问题只有一个:总统有的只是张时间表,却没有任何操作计划。;Where are we going to send them?; asked Mr McCain after the order was signed. His Republican colleagues warned that dangerous terrorists could end up in local jails. In fact, Mr Obama had in mind a facility in Illinois similar to Americarsquo;s ;supermax; prisons, from which no one has ever escaped. But right-wingers stoked public d and polls soon showed significant disapproval of the closure. In the face of such opposition, and with little support from a White House distracted by health-care reform, the Democrats quickly backed down. In a series of votes, both parties signalled their displeasure with the presidentrsquo;s policy, blocking funds for Guantaacute;namorsquo;s closure and banning the transfer of detainees to American soil.命令签署后,麦凯恩先生提出了个问题:;我们该把这些战俘送到那儿?;他的共和党同僚预计这些危险的恐怖分子可能会最终投入到当地的监狱。事实上,奥巴马对此曾有设想,想在伊利诺伊州设置一所类似美国;超级监房;那样的设施,战犯一旦被投入监牢,就插翅难飞。但右翼分子煽动公众的畏惧情绪,投票结果也表明公众对关闭战俘营怀有极大的不满情绪。面对反对声浪,当时正被医疗保险改革搞得焦头烂额的白宫当局无暇他顾,对奥巴马提议的持更是少之又少。见势不妙,民主党人随即就打了退堂鼓。在此后一系列涉及关塔那战俘营的投票中,两党都发出对总统关于关闭战俘营决策不满的呼声,进而要求对关闭战俘营的相关资金加以封锁,禁止将在押人员转到美国本土。The White House fought back, defeating an effort aimed at stopping the government from putting the alleged architects of 9/11 on trial in federal court. Then came its boldest move. In November Eric Holder, the attorney general, announced that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his four co-conspirators would face justice in Manhattan. The trial would show that Americarsquo;s civilian courts could handle even Guantaacute;namorsquo;s worst. But just two months later, amid mounting security concerns and rising political pressure, the effort fell apart. Once again, the administration had underestimated the political and logistical challenges posed by its policies.白宫开始进行反击。在对被指控参与谋划9/11恐怖袭击的恐怖分子是否应该在联邦法庭上就审这个问题上,一举击败企图阻挠的势力。紧接着的举动震惊了所有人。在年9月,总检察官埃里克.赫德宣布哈立德bull;谢赫bull;穆罕默德和他的四名同谋者将在麦哈顿接受正义的审批。它将向世人表明,即使是关塔那战俘营中最棘手的案件,美国民政法庭也有能力处理。但仅仅两个月后,出于安全考虑的巨大忧虑以及不断增长政治压力,这一设想不得不草草收场,不了了之。又一次,政府当局对自己制定的政策没有充分考量,低估了在政治上的挑战和移交转移的难度。Succumbing to the obstacles placed in his path, in March last year the president lifted his moratorium on new military-commission trials at Guantaacute;namo and instituted a system for holding some detainees indefinitely. Civil-liberties groups called it an admission of defeat. PolitiFact, an outfit that assesses the accuracy of statements made by politicians, declared Mr Obamarsquo;s campaign promise ;broken;.许下承诺,无法实现;面对阻力,被迫让步;在去年三月,总统自食其言,重新允许在关塔那的特别军事法庭对在押战俘进行新一轮审判,并拟定相关条例无限期扣押某些战俘。民权解放组织称总统此举为承认失败。一家由政界人士创建,旨在评价政令履行程度的团队PolitiFact则宣称奥巴马先生在竞选期间做出的承诺已;随风逝去;。201201/168731樟树市第三人民医院高泰克斯隆鼻价格高泰克斯膨体高泰克斯隆鼻哪家便宜价格宜春光子嫩肤多少钱



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