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It is not unusual to feel homesick while working abroad but when Jér#244;me Spitzer began to pine for the classic bistro fare he loved as a boy in Paris, he resisted hopping on to the next flight to Charles de Gaulle airport and took action.在国外工作时想念家乡并不罕见,但当杰罗姆#8226;斯皮策(Jér#244;me Spitzer)开始想念他小时候在巴黎钟爱的那种经典小馆菜肴时,他顶住了诱惑,没有登上下一班飞往戴高乐机场的航班,而是行动了起来。The 25-year-old, who had arrived in Hong Kong 18 months earlier to work for a Spanish importer, found a kindred spirit in another French expatriate. Undaunted by the unfolding global financial crisis, the pair trawled the streets of Central, Hong Kong’s glitzy entertainment district, searching for small premises suitable for a traditional French-style bistro.18个月前,这位25岁的年轻人来到香港为一家西班牙进口商工作,他发现一位与他志趣相投的法国同胞。二人不惧全球金融危机蔓延的影响,在香港华丽耀眼的区中环地区的街道上,寻找适合开设传统法式小馆的小店面。The result was Pastis, which opened in 2009.结果是Pastis在2009年开门迎宾。Five years later they have six establishments dotted around Hong Kong Island, each styled to evoke a particular type of French brasserie. Step into Saint-Germain and you could be in an elegant café on Paris’s Left Bank, while Metropolitain in the upcoming Sai Ying Pun neighbourhood evokes an artsy Montmartre atmosphere.5年后,他们已在香港岛上拥了有6家门店,每家都透露出独特的法国小馆风格。步入Saint-Germain,仿佛置身于巴黎左岸一个优雅的咖啡馆,而西营盘高街地区的Metropolitain则焕发出一种蒙马特艺术气息。Today Mr Spitzer reflects on his decision to go into business, describing it as “a very selfish move, as much as for us as for the French community”.如今,斯皮策在回想他从商的决定时,把它称为“一种非常利己的举动,既为了我们自己,也为了法国人群体”。Hong Kong has long been home to French bankers and civil engineers, but Mr Spitzer exemplifies a new breed of French expatriate that has emerged in the territory in recent years: the petit entrepreneur.长期以来,很多法国家和土木工程师不断来到香港,但斯皮策是最近几年在香港新出现的一类典型法国人:小企业主。Five years ago small- and medium-sized businesses made up about 40 per cent of the businesses registered with the French chamber of commerce in Hong Kong; today this proportion has risen to 50 per cent.5年前,中小型企业占香港法国工商总会注册企业总数的40%左右:如今这一比例已升至50%。“French businesses in the city are really a snapshot of Hong Kong’s gross domestic product”, says Orianne Chenain, executive director of the French chamber of commerce. Expatriates have started businesses in all sorts of sectors, including retail, construction and hospitality.法国工商总会执行董事奥里亚纳#8226;舍南(Orianne Chenain)表示:“在港法国企业确实为香港的地区生产总值(GDP)做出了广泛贡献”。在香港的法国人在零售、建筑和餐饮等各行各业开办了企业。There are a number of factors propelling this trend: the perceived ease of doing business compared to France, the appeal of French products to native Hong Kongers and expatriates alike as well as the growing French community itself, which reinforces the demand for homegrown goods and services.推动这一趋势的因素很多:据认为香港具备比法国更明显的经商便利性,同时法国产品吸引着香港本地人和外籍人士以及不断壮大的法国人群体,这些促进了对法国国产商品和务的需求。More than 11,100 French citizens registered at the French Consulate in Hong Kong last year, almost double the 6,236 who did so in 2007, fuelled by the desire to seek opportunities away from their homeland. However officials estimate the real number is far higher – around 17,000.去年,在法国驻香港总领事馆注册的法国公民超过了1.11万,几乎是2007年(6236人)的两倍,这得益于法国人希望在本国以外寻找机会。然而,官员们估计,实际数字要高的多,大约为1.7万人。The French entrepreneurs believe setting up a business in Hong Kong is easier than it would be back home, given the relative lack of bureaucracy and low start-up costs. “The legal environment in France is perceived by French entrepreneurs as being more constrained,” says Ms Chenain.法国创业者认为,香港官僚作风相对较少且创业成本较低,因而在香港创业要比在法国容易。舍南表示:“法国创业者认为,法国的法律环境限制更多。”Mr Spitzer estimates that, had he set up a similar bistro in France, the cost would have been two to three times as great in Hong Kong.斯皮策估计,如果他在法国开一家类似的小餐馆,成本将是香港的两到三倍。“Hong Kong gave us the will to start as entrepreneurs and also the idea to set up our own company,” he says. “When we first came to Hong Kong we were not expecting to do something so fast.”“香港让我们有了创业的意愿,还赋予了我们创建自己公司的想法,”他表示,“当我们初到香港时,我们没有料到事情会进展这么快。”Rents are higher in Hong Kong, he notes, but the costs of doing business are mitigated by lower tax and longer opening hours.他指出,香港的租金较高,但较低的税率以及较长的营业时间,都降低了经商成本。Anthony Rendall, a French expatriate, swapped a life penning travel guides for French publisher Gallimard to launch a business importing French wine for the Hong Kong market. He says that the time and paperwork needed to register a business is far less.法国人安东尼#8226;伦德尔(Anthony Rendall)原来的工作是为法国出版社Gallimard撰写旅行指南,如今他开设了一家公司,为香港市场进口法国红酒。他表示,注册企业所需时间和填表申请工作比法国要少得多。“Within two days and for HK0 (#163;12) I had a limited company, a bank account and was set for business,” he says. “Everything was made so simple from the first day.”“我用两天不到的时间花150港元(合12英镑)就拥有了一家有限公司、一个账户,可以开业了,”他表示,“从第一天起,一切都是如此简单。”The perception of the French lifestyle as the epitome of style by Hong Kong Chinese and tourists from mainland China is a large part of the reason why French consumer and leisure businesses are proliferating in Hong Kong.香港华人和来自中国内地的游客将法国生活方式视为风尚的典范,这是法国消费和休闲企业在香港不断增多的一个很重要的原因。Mr Rendall, who retained a deep affection for Hong Kong after being brought up there, spotted a gap in the market for selling good quality, affordable French wine.伦德尔在香港长大,对香港有着很深的感情,他发现香港在质量上乘的平价法国红酒销售市场存在一个空白。“Most of the upper tier wines are very expensive and of the middle range wines very little is available, and they are mostly New World wines,” he says. “If you want to buy something good the price is HK0, in France the prices are a third of that.”“多数高档红酒价格非常昂贵,而市场上中档红酒非常少,多数是新世界葡萄酒(New World,指除欧洲以外产区的葡萄酒),”他表示,“如果你想买一些不错的红酒,价格在300港元,而在法国,价格只有香港的三分之一。”In May, together with his sister, a wine critic, he launched the business and also began hosting wine-tasting sessions aboard a traditional junk boat, a type of outing perennially popular with expats.今年5月,他与身为酒评家的开了这家公司,还开始在一艘传统的仿古船上开设品酒会,这种出游方式在香港外籍人士中一直很受欢迎。“A junk is part of the Hong Kong lifestyle and part of the French lifestyle was missing,” he says.他表示:“仿古船是香港生活方式的一部分,法国的部分生活方式正在消失。”Contrasting his childhood memories of a virtually empty French school during the seventies to the present day, he believes the swelling community in itself encourages more to follow in their footsteps.在他儿时的回忆中,上世纪70年代的法国学校几乎空无一人,这与现在形成对比,他认为,这个不断壮大的群体正鼓励更多人追随他们的步伐。Arnault Castel, who owns several stores selling brands including French fashion houses Carven and Kenzo, says he is “happily the victim of a stereotype.”阿尔诺#8226;卡斯特尔(Arnault Castel)拥有几家门店,销售包括法国时装品牌Carven和Kenzo在内的品牌,他表示,他“很高兴成为了老一套模式的牺牲品。”The former banker moved to Hong Kong in 1996 but was struck by the absence of European-style boutiques as opposed to the brash luxury malls that had sprung up across the city. “It was not really planned [but] it is really very easy to start a business here; the initial investment is quite low,” he says.卡斯特尔之前是一位人士,1996年移居香港,他注意到,尽管香港的豪华商厦拔地而起,但缺少欧洲风格的精品店。他表示:“实际上我没有什么计划(但)在这里创业确实非常容易,初始投资非常低。”The chain, named Kapok, was founded in 2006 and targets Hong Kong’s young, affluent and style-conscious crowd. There are now thirteen stores across Singapore, Tokyo and Taipei with half of them in Hong Kong.他经营的连锁店名为Kapok,创建于2006年,瞄准香港那些年轻富有且关注格调的人群。如今,他在新加坡、东京和台北等地开设了13家店面,其中有一半位于香港。The designer clothing and quirky jewellery are especially popular with Japanese tourists and, increasingly, those from mainland China who come to Hong Kong to shop.设计师装以及新奇古怪的珠宝特别受日本游客的欢迎,而且越来越受到来香港扫货的中国内地游客的欢迎。“We focus on really small, really emerging brands,” Mr Castel says. “People are looking for something a bit different.”“我们关注的是非常小、非常新的品牌,”卡斯特尔表示,“人们在寻找一些有点不同的东西。”For a new generation of Asian Francophiles seduced by the fantasy of la vie Fran#231;aise, that something different often means seeking a dash of French style. “The expatriate community is acting as an opinion leader,” Mr. Rendall says. “People from every walk of life come to Hong Kong, and we’ve reached cultural and critical mass.”对于被法国生活吸引、憧憬法国的新一代亚洲人而言,与众不同通常意味着寻求一抹法国风格。“这些在香港的外籍群体正成为舆论领袖,”伦德尔表示,“各行各业的人们来到香港,我们实现了文化的大融合。” /201412/350217You know that pleading “middle-age sp” isno longera viable option when you can “pinch a foot”.当你能夹住一只脚的时候,就能检测你是不是中年体型了。 /201505/373710

Phil Klay won the National Book Award for fiction on Wednesday night for his debut short story collection, “Redeployment,” which draws on his experience serving as a Marine in Iraq and captures the terror, boredom and occasionally the humorous side of war.周三晚上,菲尔·克雷(Phil Klay)以其处女短篇小说集《重新部署》(Redeployment)获得国家图书奖虚构类作品奖,这本书根据他在海军陆战队役期间在伊拉克的经历写成,捕捉了战争的恐怖与无聊,以及偶尔出现的幽默一面。In an emotional acceptance speech, Mr. Klay described returning from the war and being treated as if he were unstable, and being asked by children if he had killed anyone.克雷做了充满感情的获奖致辞,描述了自己从战争中归来后的遭遇,他曾被视为精神不稳定者,孩子也询问他是否杀过人。“I came back not knowing what to think,” he said. “What do you do when you’re trying to explain in words, to the father of a fallen Marine, exactly what that Marine meant to you?”“我回来后,不知该作何想法,”他说。“面对一个牺牲的海军陆战队战士的父亲,你该怎样用言语解释海军陆战队对你来说意味着什么?”He said writing fiction about his experiences helped him to process it. “I can’t think of a more important conversation to be having,” he said. “War is too strange to be processed alone.”他说,把自己的经历写成小说帮助他处理好了这些事情。“我想不出更加重要的对话,”他说,“战争是那样奇异,无法独自处理。”Some of the stories, which were published by Penguin Press, take place in Anbar Province, while others are set in the ed States as soldiers struggle to just to civilian life.该书由企鹅出版社出版,其中若干小说发生在伊拉克的安巴尔省,还有一些是讲述美国的退伍士兵们努力重新适应平民生活。In the nonfiction category, Evan Osnos, a staff writer for The New Yorker, won for “Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth and Faith in the New China,” published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. The book explores China’s ongoing transformation into an economic superpower, and the clash between its economic progress and its authoritarian government’s crackdown on social freedoms.《纽约客》(The New Yorker)的专职作者欧逸文(Evan Osnos)凭《野心时代:在新中国追求财富、真相和信念》(Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth and Faith in the New China)一书获得非虚构类作品奖,该书由法勒、斯特劳斯与吉鲁科斯(Farrar, Straus and Giroux)出版社出版。这本书探究了中国不断向经济超级大国转变的过程,以及经济发展与专制政府压制社会自由之间的冲突。In an acceptance speech, Mr. Osnos thanked his Chinese subjects for taking a risk by talking to him. “They live in a place where it’s very dangerous to be honest and be vulnerable,” he said.在获奖致辞中,欧逸文感谢他笔下的中国主人公们冒着风险接受采访。“在他们所生活的地方,要做一个诚实或脆弱的人是非常危险的,”他说。The awards were presented at a black-tie dinner at Cipriani Wall Street, with more than 700 guests attending a ceremony hosted by Daniel Handler, better known as the children’s book author Lemony Snicket.颁奖礼在西普利尼亚华尔街饭店举行,是一场正装宴会,有700多名宾客参加,典礼由丹尼尔·汉德勒(Daniel Handler)主持——他创作童书时的笔名莱蒙尼·斯尼克特(Lemony Snicket)更加广为人知。Mr. Handler proved an edgy and entertaining master of ceremonies. He poked fun at literary navel-gazing and took repeated shots at Amazon’s chief executive, Jeffrey P. Bezos. In praising the nonprofit publisher Graywolf Press, which had two poetry finalists, Mr. Handler said, “If you are a publishing house interested in not making a profit, please see Jeff Bezos after the show.”最后明汉德勒是个犀利有趣的主持人。他嘲笑文学界目光狭窄,并一再向亚马逊的首席执行官杰弗里·P·贝佐斯(Jeffrey P. Bezos)开火。独立出版社“灰狼出版”(Graywolf Press)有两本诗集入围最终的决选名单,汉德勒赞美它说:“如果你们是一家对盈利不感兴趣的出版社,请在颁奖礼结束后去见杰夫·贝佐斯吧。”The National Book Award, which was established in 1950, is one of the country’s most prestigious and coveted literary prizes. Books written by American authors and published between Dec. 1, 2013, and Nov. 30, 2014, were eligible this year.国家图书奖于1950年创立,是美国最有声誉、最受人渴望的文学奖项之一。由美国作家创作、并于2013年12月1日至2014年11月30日之间出版的书籍有资格入围今年的评选。Jacqueline Woodson, a three-time finalist, won the young people’s literature award for her memoir in verse, “Brown Girl Dreaming,” which detailed her experience growing up as an African-American in South Carolina and New York during the 1960s and ’70s. The poet Louise Glück won for her latest collection, “Faithful and Virtuous Night,” published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux.曾经三次入围决选名单的杰奎琳·伍德森(Jacqueline Woodson)凭自己的韵文体回忆录《做梦的棕色女孩》(Brown Girl Dreaming)获得青年文学奖奖项。这本书详细描述了20世纪60至70年代,身为非裔美国人的她在南卡罗来纳与纽约成长的经历。诗人路易斯·葛吕科(Louise Glück)凭她最新出版的诗集《忠诚与高尚的夜晚》(Faithful and Virtuous Night)获得诗歌奖,该书由法勒、斯特劳斯与吉鲁科斯出版社出版。For the second year in a row, the National Book Foundation announced a long list of 10 nominees for fiction, nonfiction, poetry and young people’s literature, in an effort to drum up interest and draw more authors into the spotlight. Some literary critics complained that the long lists diluted the impact of the prize. Others noted a stark gender imbalance in this year’s nonfiction long list, which had nine male writers and just one woman, the New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast.国家图书基金会从去年开始,每年宣布虚构、非虚构、诗歌与青年文学奖项各自的10部候选作品大名单,这是为了引起公众的兴趣,令更多作家获得关注。有些文学家抱怨这份大名单削弱了该奖的冲击力。也有些人指出,今年的非虚构类大名单存在严重的性别不平衡,有九名男性作者入围,但只有《纽约客》的卡通画家罗兹·查斯特(Roz Chast)这一位女性作者入围。This year’s fiction short list was greeted with more enthusiasm. Along with Mr. Klay’s short story collection, the stylistically diverse group of finalists included Marilynne Robinson’s “Lila,” the third novel in a trilogy set in the fictional town of Gilead, Iowa; Rabih Alameddine’s “An Unnecessary Woman,” about a reclusive older woman in Beirut, Lebanon; Emily St. John Mandel’s dystopian novel “Station Eleven”; and Anthony Doerr’s novel “All the Light We Cannot See,” a work of historical fiction set in Nazi-occupied France during World War II.今年的虚构类最终名单更加为人们所接受。这一名单风格多样,除了克雷的短篇小说集,还有玛丽琳娜·罗宾逊(Marilynne Robinson)的《莉拉》(Lila),这是她所创作的三部曲小说的第三部,故事发生在爱荷华州一个虚构的吉里德小镇;此外还有艾米莉·圣约翰·曼德尔(Emily St. John Mandel)的反乌托邦小说《11站》(Station Eleven);以及安东尼·杜尔(Anthony Doerr)的小说《我们看不到的所有光明》(All the Light We Cannot See),这是一部历史小说,发生在“二战”时期纳粹占领下的法国。The Literarian Award, for outstanding service to the literary community, went to Kyle Zimmer, the president and chief executive of First Book, a nonprofit group that distributes millions of books to children from low-income families.文学贡献奖(The Literarian Award)是颁发给对文学界做出突出贡献人士的奖项,今年由第一图书(First Book)公司的总裁兼首席执行官凯尔·齐默(Kyle Zimmer)获得,这家非盈利机构向低收入家庭儿童分发了数百万册图书。The fantasy and science fiction writer Ursula K. Le Guin was awarded the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. In a career spanning more than 40 years, Ms. Le Guin, 85, has published more than a dozen children’s books, 22 novels and numerous volumes of poetry, translations and short stories. Her young-adult fantasy novel “The Farthest Shore” won the National Book Award in 1973.奇幻与科幻作家厄苏拉·K·勒·奎恩(Ursula K. Le Guin)获得了美国文学卓越贡献勋章(Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters)。勒·奎恩女士现年85岁,她在40多年的写作生涯中出版了十几本童书、22部小说和无数诗集、译著和短篇小说。她的青年奇幻小说《最遥远的海岸》(The Farthest Shore)曾于1973年获得国家图书奖。In a pointed acceptance speech, Ms. Le Guin criticized the literary community for excluding science fiction and fantasy writers from awards attention for so long, and took publishers and writers to task for bowing to corporate pressures to make books more profitable.勒·奎恩女士发表了尖锐的获奖致辞,批评文学界长久以来把科幻与奇幻作家拒之门外,且令出版社和作家屈于种种压力,致力于创作更加有利可图的书籍。“I have had a long career and a good one, and here at the end of it, I really don’t want to watch American literature get sold down the river,” she said.“在我漫长而美好的写作生涯尽头,真的不希望看着美国文学遭到出卖,”她说。 /201411/344666

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  Women looking for their real-life Mr Darcy flocked to Chatsworth House, home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, for the annual Pride and Prejudice Ball yesterday。那些寻觅着自己现实生活中达西先生的女士们涌入查兹沃斯庄园——德文郡公爵和公爵夫人的家——来参加昨日在此举办的一年一度的“傲慢与偏见”舞会。 /201507/384740

  A couple of months ago I inherited some items that had once belonged to my mother. Most of these boxes invoked poignant joy. But one produced a moral dilemma.I found a collection of fur garments, wrapped in plastic, that my mother had inherited from her mother. This included a fabulous floor-length mink coat of the sort that heiresses once commonly wore around New York or Geneva, and wealthy women still sport in Moscow or Davos.Should I wear that coat? Toss it away? Just sell it on eBay? Twenty years ago my answer would have been clear: I would have conducted a ritual burning of the mink while enveloped in a smug glow of political correctness. I started my adult life as a tie-dye-wearing anthropology student and back then the animal rights movement was running such a slick anti-fur campaign that mink seemed taboo to westerners of my age. Who can forget those ghastly posters of slaughtered seals? Or the shots of fur-clad ladies being doused in red paint in the streets by angry protesters?In those days, sporting fur in public seemed like an act of deliberate provocation — even before you factored in the issues of privilege and wealth. Indeed, fur was so controversial that I had forgotten my mother even had a mink coat because she barely wore it.But today, my attitudes to fur — like those of many western consumers — have become less black and white. Or sable and cream, perhaps. That is partly due to experience: having lived in Russia I now realise that fur is extraordinarily effective at combating extreme cold. But it is also because I have become increasingly aware of the capricious nature of political campaigns and concepts of political correctness, particularly in an era of social media. The more I think about it, the odder it seems that someone should throw a paintball at a fur coat but still wear leather, eat factory-farmed meat or buy most types of fast fashion, given what is happening in some workshops.In any case, a moral analysis of fur has become more complicated. Fur has been associated with some shamefully cruel practices in the past. But it is not always associated with animal cruelty: these days designers in places such as Vermont are making fur coats out of road kill, and parts of the industry are becoming better regulated.The social ecosystem of fur is also more complex than it might seem. When fur prices tumbled in the 1980s, due to the anti-fur campaign, the biggest victims were not the rich women whose coats were doused in red paint — but indigenous groups, in places such as Canada, who had relied on the fur trade for their living.But the other complicating factor is technology. In the past couple of decades it has become easy to produce a fake fur coat. Sometimes these are fashioned to look as artificial as possible (apparently, a hot item this winter is a peppermint-green fake fur). But often, such items look identical to my mink. Either way, the trend has lessened the stigma around fur, making it more widely worn. Indeed, since 1995, prices have risen.In some ways this is deeply ironic. In centuries past fur was valuable because it seemed so exclusive and natural. Now its acceptability and price are rising because of plentiful fakes. If nothing else, this should remind us all of just how malleable many of our symbols can be, and how arbitrary our concepts of “value”. We are all trapped by deeply embedded cultural rules we inherit from our surroundings, often without much thought.I am a case in point. For many weeks that mink sat untouched in my closet in New York while I uneasily pondered what to do. Then my own daughters stumbled on the bags and it suddenly occurred to me that wearing that coat, whatever its origins, could be an ecologically positive act. Burning the coat would not bring dead animals back to life. But wearing it would at least be recycling it.So when the temperature plunged I finally swathed myself in the sensual layers of mink. Part of me still feels a touch uneasy sporting it in the street. But I comfort myself with the fact that, as one of my daughters acerbically pointed out, nobody knows if it is real. Perhaps that would have made my grandmother spin in her grave. I prefer to chuckle at the irony — and hope that the next generation of fur coats can be produced in the most humane way possible.几个月前,我继承了一些曾经属于我母亲的东西。大多数箱子都让我悲欣交集。然而其中一个箱子却让我陷入了道德上的两难境地。那个箱子里有一些用塑料膜包裹的皮草外衣,是母亲从姥姥那里继承来的。其中包括一件极赞的及地貂皮大衣,就是过去纽约或者日内瓦的女继承人常穿的那种,现在在莫斯科或者达沃斯,富有的女性也依然穿着这种大衣在外招摇。我是应该穿这件大衣?还是扔掉它?还是干脆在eBay上卖掉?如果是20年前,我的选择会很明确:我会举行一个小仪式,烧掉这件貂皮大衣,沉浸在政治正确带来的强烈自得之中。我刚跨入成年时期的时候,还是一个喜欢穿扎染衣的人类学学生,那时动物权利运动发起的反皮草运动开展得如此成功,以至于貂皮似乎成了当时西方年轻人的禁忌。谁能忘记那些画着屠杀海豹画面的可怕海报?或者大街上穿皮草的女性被愤怒的抗议者泼红漆的照片?在那个时代,在公开场合穿皮草这种行为本身似乎就是一种故意挑衅,更何况它还有炫耀特权和财富之嫌。的确,那时皮草极富争议,我母亲几乎没穿过,以至于我都忘记了她还有一件貂皮大衣。但是现在,和许多西方消费者一样,我对皮草的态度变得不是那么非黑即白,或者大概说,不是那么非“紫貂”即“白貂”了。部分原因源自经验:在俄罗斯生活过以后,我现在意识到,皮草抵御极寒的效果绝佳。此外还因为,我越来越意识到政治运动和政治正确的概念是多么反复无常,尤其是在社交媒体时代。我越是思考这件事,就越觉得蹊跷:有的人怎么能一方面朝皮草大衣扔油漆弹,另一方面却依然穿着皮革制品、吃工业化养殖动物的肉,不顾一些制衣厂正在上演的非人道事件,购买各种的快时尚时装?无论如何,对皮草进行道德分析变得更复杂了。皮草与过去的一些可耻的残忍行径被联系在了一起,但皮草并不是总是都和虐待动物有关:现在,美国佛蒙特州等地的设计师利用道路上被车轧死的动物制作皮草大衣,皮草业某些部分的监管状况也正在改善。皮草的社会生态环境也比表面看起来更加复杂。由于反皮草运动,上世纪80年代皮草价格暴跌,但当时最大的受害者却不是那些皮草大衣被泼红漆的富家女性,而是加拿大等地那些一直靠皮草贸易维持生计的原住民。另一个让情况复杂化的因素是技术。过去几十年,制作仿皮草大衣变得更加简单。有时,看起来尽可能有人造感还是一种时尚(显然,今年冬天的一个热门单品就是薄荷绿仿皮草)。但大多数时候,仿皮草单品看起来和我这件真貂皮并无二致。不论如何,这种潮流都部分洗刷了皮草背负的污名,让穿皮草的人越来越多。事实上,1995年后皮草的价格一直在上涨。从某些方面来说,这真是一种莫大的讽刺。过去几百年来,皮草因其稀有和天然而贵重。如今却是因为仿皮草制品众多,皮草的接受度和价格双双上升。撇开别的不说,这起码昭示出我们的许多“符号”是多么容易改变,我们对“价值”的定义又是多么的主观。我们都受困于周遭环境潜移默化带给我们的一些根深蒂固的文化规则,这个过程中我们往往都没有细想。我本人就是一个例子。许多星期以来,这件貂皮大衣原封不动地待在我纽约寓所的衣柜里,我忐忑不安地考虑该怎么做。然后我的女儿们偶然发现了装衣的袋子,而我突然想到,不管这件大衣是怎么制作出来的,穿上它是一种对生态有益的行为。烧掉这件大衣无法让死去的动物们起死回生,但穿上它至少让它再次得到了利用。因此,当气温猛降的时候,我终于把自己包裹在了舒的貂皮里。穿着貂皮大衣在街上走,我心里还是有一丝不安。但我安慰自己,正如我一个女儿尖刻地指出的那样,根本没人知道这件貂皮大衣是不是真的。我姥姥若是听到我女儿的话,或许会气得在坟墓里翻身。但我宁愿对女儿的讽刺一笑置之,并且寄望于下一代皮草大衣能够以尽可能最人道的方式制作。。

  Berlin Philharmonic Selects Kirill Petrenko to Succeed Simon Rattle柏林爱乐乐团终于觅得首席指挥When the Berlin Philharmonic announced on Monday that its next chief conductor would be Kirill Petrenko, the Russian-born music director of the Bavarian State Opera in Munich, the organization was awarding one of the most prestigious posts in classical music to a widely respected artist who has largely shunned the spotlight courted by some of his peers.周一,柏林爱乐乐团(Berlin Philharmonic)宣布了下任首席指挥将由生于俄罗斯的慕尼黑巴伐利亚国家歌剧院(Bavarian State Opera)音乐总监基利尔·佩钦科(Kirill Petrenko)担任。这意味着柏林爱乐乐团将古典乐坛最负盛名的头衔授予了一位广受尊崇却为人低调的艺术家。与一直渴望曝光的同辈不同,佩钦科一直极力避免出现在聚光灯下。Case in point: Mr. Petrenko, 43, is in the midst of rehearsals at the Bayreuth Festival and so did not attend the hastily arranged news conference in Berlin, where his appointment was announced a day after the musicians of the Philharmonic, a self-governing orchestra, met in secret near their concert hall. There they elected him the latest in a line of distinguished leaders that has included Hans von Bülow, Wilhelm Furtwngler, Herbert von Karajan, Claudio Abbado and the current conductor, Simon Rattle.比如:宣布下任首席指挥人选当日,佩钦科正忙于拜罗伊特音乐节(Bayreuth Festival)的排,因此缺席了这场在柏林匆忙召开的新闻发布会。发布会前一天,自主管理的管弦乐团――柏林爱乐的音乐人们秘密聚集在音乐厅附近,选出佩钦科,将他排入包括汉斯·冯·彪罗(Hans von Bülow)、威廉·福特伦格勒(Wilhelm Furtwngler)、赫伯特·冯·卡拉扬(Herbert von Karajan)、克劳迪奥·阿巴多(Claudio Abbado)及现任指挥西蒙·拉特尔(Simon Rattle)等卓越指挥家名单末端。It was not the musicians#39; first attempt to choose a successor to Mr. Rattle, who will leave the post in 2018: At a marathon 11-hour meeting in May, the musicians cast several ballots but failed to agree on a candidate, raising questions about the role of modern conductors, and what course the Berlin Philharmonic intends to chart in the 21st century.音乐人们不止一次地想给2018年离职的拉特尔找个接班人:五月,在经历了一场长达11小时的马拉松会议后,他们进行了几轮投票,但都没能达成一致,同时他们对现代指挥家的作用和柏林爱乐在21世纪的方向产生了质疑。In choosing Mr. Petrenko, who is best known as an opera conductor, the Philharmonic#39;s players bypassed a number of more famous maestros and opted for a quiet, diligent musician who has won the admiration of orchestras, critics and audiences. In some ways he is the opposite of the jet-setters who have increasingly become the norm in the field, arranging his schedule in recent years to devote more of his time to fewer ensembles.以歌剧指挥闻名的佩钦科的当选,意味着乐团演奏家们放弃了一系列更著名的艺术大家,而选择了这样一位沉稳勤恳、受到管弦乐队、家和观众钦佩的音乐人。某种程度上来说,与乐坛中常见的满世界奔波的音乐人正好相反,佩钦科喜欢把较多的时间集中投入到较少的演出中。;The orchestra and the score itself are always the focus ― not his own person,; Peter Riegelbauer, one of the musicians on the orchestra#39;s board, said at the news conference. But he added, ;He is always able to transform a concert hall with his unique charisma.;;他永远把乐队和乐谱放在第一位――而不是他本人,;柏林爱乐乐团音乐家之一彼得·里格尔鲍尔(Peter Riegelbauer)在发布会上称。但他同时补充道,;佩钦科总能用自己的个人魅力改变音乐厅。;There are risks to the appointment. Few couples would marry after only three dates, no matter how great, and Mr. Petrenko has conducted the Philharmonic only three times. In December he withdrew on short notice because of shoulder pain from a fourth engagement to conduct Mahler#39;s Sixth Symphony.当然,这一任命也存在一定风险。正像情侣之间的约会再美妙,也不大可能约会三次就结婚一样,佩钦科也只指挥了乐团三次而已。他因为肩伤而临时取消了12月与乐团的第四次合作,原定的曲目是马勒第六交响曲(Mahler#39;s Sixth Symphony)。That Mahler was to have been his first foray into the standard symphonic literature with the orchestra, a reminder that Mr. Petrenko#39;s orchestral repertoire is not as wide as that of some other candidates. And his seeming reticence ― he declined to be interviewed on Monday ― could pose a challenge for an international orchestra that valued Mr. Rattle#39;s ability to talk about its art with audiences and the news media alike.这次未能进行的合作本是佩钦科首次尝试指挥爱乐乐团演奏一首标准意义上的交响乐作品,可以说佩钦科管弦乐的作品很难和其他部分候选人匹敌。而他的沉默――周一他曾拒绝接受采访――也是一个国际乐团要面对的挑战,爱乐乐团曾十分重视拉特尔向观众和新媒体一类平台谈论艺术的能力。But Mr. Petrenko has won fans wherever he has conducted, and has become known for his exacting standards. His work at the Bavarian State Opera in Munich has been praised, and officials there said on Monday that they still hoped to extend his contract beyond 2018. (The Berlin orchestra declined to give Mr. Petrenko#39;s official start date, suggesting that details of the new engagement had yet to be negotiated.)但佩钦科无论到哪儿演出都能吸纳新的粉丝,并以他特有的严厉标准而闻名。他在慕尼黑的巴伐利亚国家歌剧院的工作也饱受赞誉。官方周一称希望能将他的合约延长到2018年后。(柏林爱乐乐团还未给出佩钦科的正式就职日期,表明雇佣的一些细节还有待商榷。)He received acclaim for his earlier run as music director of the Komische Oper in Berlin, as well as engagements with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Cleveland Orchestra and other ensembles. In 2012 he led a production of Mussorgsky#39;s ;Khovanshchina; at the Metropolitan Opera that was a highlight of the season. And in 2013, his conducting of Wagner#39;s ;Ring; cycle at Bayreuth was applauded, even if the production was not.佩钦科早年曾在柏林喜歌剧院(Komische Oper)担任音乐总监,并曾与芝加哥交响乐团(Chicago Symphony Orchestra)、克利夫兰管弦乐团(Cleveland Orchestra)等其他乐团有过合作,都受到盛赞。2012年在大都会歌剧院(Metropolitan Opera),他指挥演奏的穆索尔斯基(Mussorgsky)名曲;霍万斯基之乱(Khovanshchina);成为当季最佳。2013年拜罗伊特音乐节,他指挥演奏的华格纳(Wagner);指环(Ring);系列也掌声不断,尽管原作不属上乘。Mr. Petrenko was born in Omsk in Siberia and immigrated at the age of 18 with his family to Austria, where his father, a violinist, got a post with a provincial orchestra. In a statement, Mr. Petrenko admitted to a certain disbelief at being selected by the Berlin Philharmonic.佩钦科出生于西伯利亚(Siberia)鄂木斯克(Omsk)。18岁那年,由于身为小提琴家的父亲在奥地利(Austria)的地方管弦乐团谋了份差事,他们举家移民至奥地利。在一次声明中,佩钦科承认并未料到会被柏林爱乐选中。;Words cannot express my feelings ― everything from euphoria and great joy to awe and disbelief,; he said. ;I am aware of the responsibility and high expectations of me, and I will do everything in my power to be a worthy conductor of this outstanding orchestra.;;我现在的感受难以用语言形容――从幸福兴奋到敬畏和难以置信的一切感受都在我心中翻腾,;他说。;我深知自己肩头的重任和他人的高度期盼。我会尽一切努力,对得起这一杰出乐团的指挥头衔。;The orchestra was said to have weighed numerous candidates, including the German conductor Christian Thielemann, a polarizing figure with fans and detractors among the players; Andris Nelsons; and Riccardo Chailly. A number of other top candidates seemed to withdraw from consideration in the weeks before the first vote, including Gustavo Dudamel, Daniel Barenboim and Mariss Jansons.柏林爱乐表示比较了多位候选人,包括德国指挥家克里斯蒂安·蒂勒曼(Christian Thielemann),一个同时受到观众拥护和乐手抨击的极端例子,安德里斯·尼尔森斯(Andris Nelsons),和里卡多·夏伊(Riccardo Chailly)。还有很多顶级候选人在第一轮投票前就被淘汰了,包括古斯塔沃·杜达美(Gustavo Dudamel)、丹尼尔·巴伦伊姆(Daniel Barenboim)和马里斯·扬颂斯(Mariss Jansons)。Peter Gelb, general manager of the Metropolitan Opera, called Mr. Petrenko an ;inspired choice,; and said that he hoped the new position might make a return engagement at the Met more likely for Mr. Petrenko. He also said he considered the conductor a noteworthy choice for Berlin, an orchestra with complicated dynamics that can seem to require deft political leadership. ;It#39;s interesting that they picked somebody who is clearly not interested in politics,; he said.大都会歌剧院总经理彼得·盖尔布(Peter Gelb)称佩钦科是;富于灵感的选择;,并表示希望他的上任能增加他在大都会再次演出的可能性。他同时评价佩钦科是柏林爱乐的重要选择,一个无比复杂的管弦乐团本来似乎需要一个富于心计的政治领袖。;他们选了一个显然对政治毫无兴趣的人来做指挥,很有意思,;他说。Sarah Willis, a horn player in the Philharmonic, said that the musicians were quickly drawn to Mr. Petrenko after he made his debut in 2006 conducting works by Bartok and Rachmaninoff. When she interviewed him for one of the orchestra#39;s Digital Concert Hall streaming service programs in 2009, she told him as much. ;It#39;s usually a question for the orchestra: #39;Hmm, we#39;ll see if this new conductor will be asked back,#39; ; she told him. ;But by the end of the week we were saying, #39;When can he come back?#39; because we enjoyed it so much.;柏林爱乐小号手萨拉·威利斯(Sarah Willis)称,2006年,佩钦科凭借指挥巴托克和拉克玛尼诺夫的作品首次登台后,乐手们就开始留意他。2009年,她面试佩钦科参加乐队电子音乐厅串流节目时,也把这些告诉了他。;通常来说乐队的问题都是:#39;嗯,我们会考虑要不要再请这个指挥来合作,#39;;她告诉佩钦科。;但周末的时候我们都在说#39;他什么时候能再来?#39;大家实在太享受那场演出了。;In that interview Mr. Petrenko confessed to having been ;very shy; in his first rehearsal with the orchestra: ;I was thinking: #39;What should I say? Should I ask them to play this one more time? Or better not ask them?#39; ; For his second engagement, he said, he decided to ;work with this great orchestra as I work with any other orchestra, just in my way.;那次面试中,佩钦科承认在初次与乐团排练的时候;非常腼腆;:;我一直在考虑:#39;我该说什么?我要不要让他们再来一次?还是不说比较好?#39;;第二次合作的时候,他说他决定;用和其他任何管弦乐团合作的方式来和最好的管弦乐团合作,就用自己的方式。;Ms. Willis, in a telephone interview, said: ;One of my colleagues likened it to playing chamber music. When you play chamber music with someone you notice in the very first seconds, almost, if you#39;ll be able to play with that person. If they think like you do, if they feel like you do, it just clicks.;威利斯女士在电话访谈中说:;我的一个同事把这比作演奏室内乐。当你和你一开始就注意到的人演奏室内乐时,差不多你就能和那个人合拍地合作。如果他们和你想法一样,他们就会和你感受一致,这就是一拍即合。; /201507/386733

  WHEN our family moved from the West Village to the Upper East Side in 2004, seeking proximity to Central Park, my in-laws and a good public school, I thought it unlikely that the neighborhood would hold any big surprises. For many years I had immersed myself — through interviews, reviews of the anthropological literature and participant-observation — in the lives of women from the Amazon basin to sororities at a Big Ten school. I thought I knew from foreign.2004年,为了离中央公园、亲戚和一所出色的公立学校近一些,我们全家从西村搬到上东区。当时,我以为这个社区不太可能有让人大吃一惊的地方。在那之前的很多年里,通过采访、梳理人类学著作和参与观察的方式,我一直沉浸在对从亚马孙流域到顶级名校女生联谊会的女性生活的研究之中。我以为自己虽置身其外却知之甚多。Then I met the women I came to call the Glam SAHMs, for glamorous stay-at-home-moms, of my new habitat. My culture shock was immediate and comprehensive. In a country where women now outpace men in college completion, continue to increase their participation in the labor force and make gains toward equal pay, it was a shock to discover that the most elite stratum of all is a glittering, moneyed backwater.然后,我就在新搬去的地方遇到了光鲜的居家妈妈们。我后来简称她们为Glam SAHM。我遭遇的文化冲击十分直接,并且是全方位的。在一个女性的高校毕业人数超过了男性、在劳动力市场中的参与度持续提高、在同工同酬方面也在取得进步的国家里,发现最精英的阶层是一潭闪闪发光的富贵死水,实在是令人震惊。A social researcher works where she lands and resists the notion that any group is inherently more or less worthy of study than another. I stuck to the facts. The women I met, mainly at playgrounds, play groups and the nursery schools where I took my sons, were mostly 30-somethings with advanced degrees from prestigious universities and business schools. They were married to rich, powerful men, many of whom ran hedge or private equity funds; they often had three or four children under the age of 10; they lived west of Lexington Avenue, north of 63rd Street and south of 94th Street; and they did not work outside the home.社会科学领域的研究人员到哪里都可以做研究,不应抱有某个群体天生就更值得研究,或更不值得研究的观念。我坚持从事实出发。那些女性主要是我在带儿子去游乐场、孩童活动小组和幼儿园时遇到的。她们大都30多岁,有名牌大学和商学院的高等学位。她们的丈夫有钱有势,很多是做对冲或私募基金的。她们往往有三四个不到10岁的孩子,住在列克星敦大道以西、63街以北和94街以南,并且不外出工作。Instead they toiled in what the sociologist Sharon Hays calls “intensive mothering,” exhaustively enriching their children’s lives by virtually every measure, then advocating for them anxiously and sometimes ruthlessly in the linked high-stakes games of social jockeying and school admissions.她们辛辛苦苦从事的,是社会学家莎伦·海斯(Sharon Hays)所说的“高强度地养育孩子”。她们用尽一切办法来丰富孩子的生活,再焦虑地,有时甚至是不择手段地在社交竞争和学校录取这些相互联系的高赌注游戏中为他们呐喊助威。Their self-care was no less zealous or competitive. No ponytails or mom jeans here: they exercised themselves to a razor’s edge, wore expensive and exquisite outfits to school drop-off and looked a decade younger than they were. Many ran their homes (plural) like C.E.O.s.她们关注自身形象的热情丝毫不逊于此,彼此之间在这方面的竞争也绝不含糊。这里不会出现马尾辫或妈妈裤:她们会锻炼出一副刀锋般的身姿,穿着价格不菲的精美套装送孩子去学校,看上去比实际年龄年轻十岁。其中很多人都像首席执行官那样打理自家的多处房产。It didn’t take long for me to realize that my background in anthropology might help me figure it all out, and that this elite tribe and its practices made for a fascinating story.没用多久,我就意识到,自己的人类学背景可能有助于弄清楚这一切。这个精英群体和其中的行为可以成就一个令人着迷的故事。I was never undercover; I told the women I spent time with that I was writing a book about being a mother on the Upper East Side, and many of them were eager to share their perspectives on what one described as “our in many ways very weird world.”我从不偷偷摸摸的,会在见面时对她们说,自己正在写一本书,关于在上东区为人母的故事。她们中的很多人迫切地想和我分享自身对“我们这个从很多方面来看非常奇怪的世界”的观点。这是其中一个人的原话。It was easy for me to fall into the belief, as I lived and lunched and mothered with more than 100 of them for the better part of six years, that all these wealthy, competent and beautiful women, many with irony, intelligence and a sense of humor about their tribalism (“We are freaks for Flywheel,” one told me, referring to the indoor cycling gym), were powerful as well. But as my inner anthropologist quickly realized, there was the undeniable fact of their cloistering from men. There were alcohol-fueled girls’ nights out, and women-only luncheons and trunk shows and “shopping for a cause” events. There were mommy coffees, and women-only dinners in lavish homes. There were even some girlfriend-only flyaway parties on private planes, where everyone packed and wore outfits the same color.在六年的大部分时间里,我和她们中的逾百人生活在同一片地方,一起吃午饭,一起养育孩子。她们富有、能干、美丽,其中的很多人善于讽刺、充满睿智,对这个群体的生活方式抱有一种幽默感(“我们是飞轮[Flywheel]的一群怪物,”其中一人对我说。她指的是一家室内骑车健身馆)。这让我很容易以为,她们同样也是强大的。然而,我内心深处的那个人类学研究者很快意识到一个无可争辩的事实,那就是她们与男性隔绝。她们会组织出去喝一杯的女孩之夜活动、仅限女性参与的午宴、内部装秀和“你买我捐”活动。还有妈咪咖啡聚会和豪宅里仅限女性出席的晚宴。甚至还有在私人飞机上举行的仅面向女性友人的空中聚会,每个人带的和身上穿的衣要是同一种颜色。“It’s easier and more fun,” the women insisted when I asked about the sex segregation that defined their lives.“这样更简单,更好玩,”当我问到界定她们生活的性别隔离时,那些女性坚持这么说。“We prefer it,” the men told me at a dinner party where husbands and wives sat at entirely different tables in entirely different rooms.“我们更喜欢这样,”那些男性在一次晚宴上告诉我。当时,他们和妻子分别坐在不同房间的不同桌。Sex segregation, I was told, was a “choice.” But like “choosing” not to work, or a Dogon woman in Mali’s “choosing” to go into a menstrual hut, it struck me as a state of affairs possibly giving clue to some deeper, meaningful reality while masquerading, like a reveler at the Save Venice ball the women attended every spring, as a simple preference.有人告诉我,性别隔离是一种“选择”。但是,与“选择”不工作,或者马里的多贡女性“选择”月经期间关在小屋里一样,在我看来,这是一种状态,可能会在简单偏好的伪装之下,揭露某种更深层的、意味深长的现实。这样的伪装,就好比是这些女性每年春天都会参加的“拯救”舞会上的狂欢者戴的面具。And then there were the wife bonuses.然后,还有贤妻奖金的事情。I was thunderstruck when I heard mention of a “bonus” over coffee. Later I overheard someone who didn’t work say she would buy a table at an event once her bonus was set. A woman with a business degree but no job mentioned waiting for her “year-end” to shop for clothing. Further probing revealed that the annual wife bonus was not an uncommon practice in this tribe.在和她们喝咖啡时,我听人提到“奖金”二字,吓了一跳。后来,我又在无意间听到有名不工作的女士说,一旦奖金到位,她就要包下某次活动的一张桌子。另一名拥有商务学位但没有工作的女性提到,她在等待拿自己的“年终奖”去买衣。进一步的探索揭示出,在这个群体中,年度贤妻奖金并不是一种罕见的做法。A wife bonus, I was told, might be hammered out in a pre-nup or post-nup, and distributed on the basis of not only how well her husband’s fund had done but her own performance — how well she managed the home budget, whether the kids got into a “good” school — the same way their husbands were rewarded at investment banks. In turn these bonuses were a ticket to a modicum of financial independence and participation in a social sphere where you don’t just go to lunch, you buy a ,000 table at the benefit luncheon a friend is hosting.有人告诉我,人们可能会在婚前或婚后协议中拟定贤妻奖金的条款,而分发的依据不仅是丈夫打理基金的状况,还有妻子自己的表现,比如她对家庭预算管理得如何,孩子们是否上了“好”学校。这种方式,与丈夫在投行获取奖励的方式如出一辙。然后,凭借这些奖金,妻子能享受到有限的财务独立,跻身一个社交圈——在这个圈子里,你不仅仅是去吃午餐,而是要在朋友举办的慈善午宴上花1万美元(约合6.2万元人民币)包下一张桌子。Women who didn’t get them joked about possible sexual performance metrics. Women who received them usually retreated, demurring when pressed to discuss it further, proof to an anthropologist that a topic is taboo, culturally loaded and dense with meaning.那些没拿到奖金的女性,会用可能存在性表现指标开玩笑。拿到奖金的女性则往往会回避,如果听到了进一步谈论此事的要求,她们就会抗议。在一名人类学研究者看来,这明某个话题属于禁忌,充满文化内涵且含义丰富。But what exactly did the wife bonus mean? It made sense only in the context of the rigidly gendered social lives of the women I studied. The worldwide ethnographic data is clear: The more stratified and hierarchical the society, and the more sex segregated, the lower the status of women.不过,贤妻奖金究竟意味着什么?只有从我研究过的那些女性严格按照性别划分的社交活动来看,它才说得通。世界范围内的人种学数据很明确:社会层级和等级越明显,性别隔离越严格,女性的地位就越低。Financially successful men in Manhattan sit on major boards — of hospitals, universities and high-profile diseases, boards whose members must raise or give 0,000 and more. The wives I observed are usually on lesser boards, women’s committees and museums in the outer boroughs with annual expectations of ,000 or ,000. Husbands are trustees of prestigious private schools, where they accrue the cultural capital that comes with being able to vouch for others in the admissions game; their wives are “class moms,” the unremunerated social and communications hub for all the other mothers.在曼哈顿,经济富裕的男性是一些大型董事会的成员——其中包括医院、大学和备受关注的疾病。这些董事都必须筹集或捐出至少15万美元的资金。据我观察,他们的妻子通常会在的次要董事会、女性委员会和物馆任职,每年的预期金额为5000或1万美元。丈夫是著名私立学校的校董,并在那里积累文化资本,从而能够在招生游戏中为其他人作担保;他们的妻子则是“超级妈妈”,是其他所有母亲社交和交流活动的不计回报的核心。WHILE their husbands make millions, the privileged women with kids who I met tend to give away the skills they honed in graduate school and their professions — organizing galas, editing newsletters, running the library and bake sales — free of charge. A woman’s participation in Mommynomics is a way to be helpful, even indispensable. It is also an act of extravagance, a brag: “I used to work, I can, but I don’t need to.”尽管丈夫挣的钱数成百上千万,但我遇到的这些带小孩的上层女性,倾向于免费提供她们在研究生院和工作中磨练的技能——组织大型集会、编辑通讯稿件、管理图书馆和举办糕饼义卖活动。女性对“妈妈经济学”的参与是一种让自己有用乃至必不可少的方式。这也是一项奢侈之举,一种吹嘘炫耀:“我工作过,我有能力工作,但我不必工作。”Anthropology teaches us to take the long and comparative view of situations that may seem obvious. Among primates, Homo sapiens practice the most intensive food and resource sharing, and females may depend entirely on males for shelter and sustenance. Female birds and chimps never stop searching out food to provide for themselves and their young. Whether they are Hadza women who spend almost as much time as men foraging for food, Agta women of the Philippines participating in the hunt or !Kung women of southern Africa foraging for the tubers and roots that can tide a band over when there is no meat from a hunt, women who contribute to the group or family’s well-being are empowered relative to those in societies where women do not. As in the Kalahari Desert and rain forest, resources are the bottom line on the Upper East Side. If you don’t bring home tubers and roots, your power is diminished in your marriage. And in the world.人类学教育我们,要以一种长期的、带有比较性的视角来看待那些看似显而易见的情形。在灵长目动物中,智人会进行程度最大的粮食和资源分享,而在住所和食物方面,雌性智人或许会完全依赖雄性。为了养活自己和孩子,雌鸟和母黑猩猩从不会停止对食物的搜寻。不论是几乎与男性花同样多的时间来搜寻食物的哈扎部落女性,或是参与狩猎的菲律宾阿埃塔女性,还是当狩猎无果时,通过寻找块茎和根茎来帮家人渡过难关的非洲南部的昆族女性,与那些不为群体或家庭的福祉做贡献的那些族群的女性相比,她们享有更大的权力。正如在卡拉哈里沙漠和雨林中那样,资源是上东区的关键。如果你不带块茎和根茎回家,那么在婚姻中,你的权力就会被削弱。在外面的世界里也是如此。Rich, powerful men may speak the language of partnership in the absence of true economic parity in a marriage, and act like true partners, and many do. But under this arrangement women are still dependent on their men — a husband may simply ignore his commitment to an abstract idea at any time. He may give you a bonus, or not. Access to your husband’s money might feel good. But it can’t buy you the power you get by being the one who earns, hunts or gathers it.有钱有势的男人,在婚姻缺乏真正的经济平等时,或许仍能以伙伴的姿态说话,而且行动上也像真正的伴侣。的确有不少人是这样的。然而,在这种安排之下,女性仍然依附于她们的男人——丈夫可以随时将他的承诺化为一个抽象的概念。他可以为你提供奖金,也可以不给。能用丈夫的钱,感觉或许不错。但是,它无法给你带来通过成为那个挣钱、打猎或采集的人而能获得的权力。The wives of the masters of the universe, I learned, are a lot like mistresses — dependent and comparatively disempowered. Just sensing the disequilibrium, the abyss that separates her version of power from her man’s, might keep a thinking woman up at night.我了解到,那些大权在握者的妻子,与情妇非常相似——她们依赖别人,相对而言,也没有什么权力。单是感受这种不平衡,那道把妻子手中的权力与丈夫掌握的权力分隔开来的鸿沟,或许就会让一名有思想的女性彻夜不眠。 /201505/377132Can a cup of blueberries keep the doctor away? Maybe.一杯蓝莓能保持身体健康?也许能。Researchers conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 40 postmenopausal women ages 45 to 65 with high blood pressure. Half ate 22 grams of freeze-dried blueberry powder (equivalent to a cup of blueberries) daily for eight weeks. The others consumed an identical-looking and tasting placebo.研究者对40位45岁至65岁的绝经后高血压妇女进行了一项随机、双盲、安慰剂对照的研究。其中一半每天吃22克冷冻干燥的蓝莓粉(相当于一杯蓝莓),共吃八周。另一半用一种外观和味道与蓝莓粉完全相同的安慰剂。The study, in The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, found that those who ate the blueberry preparation saw an average 5.1 percent decrease in systolic blood pressure (the top number) and a 6.3 percent decrease in diastolic pressure. Levels of nitric oxide, known to be involved in relaxing and widening blood vessels, increased significantly in the blueberry eaters. There were no significant changes in the placebo group.这项发表在《美国营养与饮食学会会刊》上的研究发现,蓝莓粉用者的收缩压(高压)平均降低了5.1%,舒张压平均降低了6.3%,一氧化氮水平提高了很多——一氧化氮有助于放松和扩张血管。安慰组的相关指数没有显著变化。The improvement, the scientists write, was moderate compared with that of blood pressure medicines. But, they say, eating blueberries in larger amounts or for longer periods could increase the effect.研究者们写道,这些改善与降压药的作用相比较为温和。但是他们说,长期大量食用蓝莓能提升效果。The lead author, Sarah A. Johnson, a postdoctoral researcher at Florida State University, said she saw no reason for people to radically change their diet, but that if they are not eating blueberries, they might want to try them. “There is something very special about the composition of blueberries that is responsible for their effect on blood pressure,” she said. “Other fruits and plant extracts have not produced the same result.”这项研究的主要作者莎拉·A·约翰逊(Sarah A. Johnson)是佛罗里达大学的士后研究员。她认为人们没必要彻底改变饮食习惯,但是如果他们没有在吃蓝莓,可以尝试一下。“蓝莓的成分中有一种很特别的东西,对降压有效,”她说,“其他水果和植物萃取物没有这样的效果。” /201501/355040;You are,without a doubt,the most disorganized person I#39;ve ever met!;毫无疑问,你是我见过的最没有组织能力的人! /201507/383342

  The grannies could only dance free for so long before the crackdown came. Amid growing complaints about the noise and disruption caused by large-scale organized dancing in public places in China, the authorities have declared that some guidelines are in order.大妈们的广场舞想怎么跳就怎么跳,不过,这只是在受到打压之前的情况。由于中国公共场所大规模集体舞蹈活动伴随的噪音和干扰激起了越来越多的不满,有关部门宣布了一些规范措施。The General Administration of Sport of China and the Ministry of Culture announced on Monday that a joint study had concluded that the Chinese public wants “healthy, watchable, scientific and wide-ranging” dancing, state news media reported. To that end, an expert panel has developed 12 model routines that will be taught nationwide by instructors who have received official training.据官方媒体报道,国家体育总局和文化部周一宣布,通过联合调研发现,中国公众希望广场健身操舞能够具备“健身性、观赏性、科学性、广泛性”的特点。为了达到这个目的,一个专家小组开发了12套标准的广场健身操舞,将由经过官方培训的领操员在全国范围内进行指导推广。The phenomenon of public dancing can be found across China. Participants, typically older women but also some men and younger people, gather in public squares and parks and perform synchronized dances to blaring music. The early morning and evening gatherings are meant to be a way to exercise and socialize.在公共场所跳舞的现象在中国遍地开花。参与者一般是上了年纪的女性,但也有一些男性和年轻人。他们聚集在广场上和公园里,伴随着吵闹的音乐做着同步的舞蹈动作。清早和傍晚跳这种舞被认为是一种锻炼和社交的方式。But the dancing has also provoked a backlash, with neighbors complaining in particular about the noise. Sometimes the opposition has turned ugly. 不过,广场舞也引发了一些强烈的不满,附近的居民尤其会抱怨噪音太大。有时,广场舞的反对者甚至会大发雷霆。— China.org.cn (@chinaorgcn) 24 Mar 15In 2013, a man who had moved to a rural area of Beijing to escape the noise of the city fired a shotgun into the air and released three Tibetan mastiffs on dancers in his neighborhood. In the central city of Hankou, angry neighbors dumped feces from an apartment building on dancers in a public square. Last year, in Wenzhou, residents pooled together 260,000 renminbi, about ,350, to buy their own loudspeaker system to blast complaints when dancers gathered in a local plaza.2013年,一名为躲避城里的噪音而搬到北京郊区的男子朝天鸣,并放出三条藏獒去驱赶住所附近的跳舞者。在华中地区的汉口,愤怒的居民向广场上的跳舞者泼粪。去年在温州,居民们凑了26万元人民币,购买了自己的扩音器系统,用震天的响声向在当地广场聚集的跳舞者表达抗议。“Square-dancing represents the collective aspect of Chinese culture, but now it seems that the overenthusiasm of participants has dealt it a harmful blow with disputes over noise and venues,” Liu Guoyong, chief of the General Administration of Sport’s mass fitness department, told the state-run newspaper China Daily. “So we have to guide it with national standards and regulations.”“广场舞代表了中国文化的集体主义特点,但现在看来,参与者的过度热情似乎引发了噪音和场地方面的纠纷,带来了不好的影响,”国家体育总局群体司司长刘国永对官方媒体《中国日报》表示。“所以我们必须用国家标准和规定加以引导。”Guidelines on when and where activities should be held, and how loud the music should be — the source of most of the ire directed at dancing — have yet to be developed, China Daily reported. Preparations are underway for a national outdoor dancing association to “strengthen management and promote healthy development” of the activity, according to a report on the website of China Culture Daily, the official newspaper of the Ministry of Culture.《中国日报》的报道称,有关广场舞应在何时何地开展,以及乐曲音量应该多大——广场舞遭受诟病的主要原因——的指导方针尚未出台。文化部的官方出版物《中国文化报 》的网站报道,全国性广场健身操舞行业协会的建立正在筹划中,以“加强自我管理,促进广场健身操舞健康有序发展”。“All the negative comments on square-dancing are about reckless practicing without caring about the public benefits,” Wang Guangcheng, a fitness trainer who is part of the expert panel that developed the model dances, told the newspaper. “The unified drills will help keep the dancing on the right track where it can be performed in a socially responsible way.”“对广场舞的所有负面,都指向的是只顾跳舞不顾公共利益,”健身教练王广成对《中国日报》表示。他是编排标准广场舞的专家组成员。“统一编排的舞蹈有助于广场舞健康有序发展,从而以对社会负责任的方式进行。”According to officials, the Ministry of Culture and the General Administration of Sport “will soon jointly issue a policy document to guide, support and regulate outdoor exercise-dancing activities,” China Culture Daily said. The authorities will also establish an outdoor dancing association, and they will “guide the public in strengthening self-management and promote the orderly development of outdoor exercise dancing.”《中国文化报》的网站称,官员表示,文化部和体育总局“将于近期联合出台引导、扶持和规范广场健身操舞活动的政策性文件”。有关部门还计划成立一个户外广场健身操舞行业协会,并将“引导基层群众加强自我管理,促进广场健身操舞健康有序发展”。 /201503/366750


  From congealed curry to cold pasta, you may think there#39;s nothing more dispiriting than a fridge full of leftovers.凝固的咖喱、冰凉的意大利面,你会发现没有什么比打开冰箱后发现满是剩菜更令人沮丧啦。But scientists are saying these dishes could have surprising health benefits, thanks to the chemical reactions that take place when food is left overnight.但是科学家们却发现这些隔夜菜对健康有着惊人的益处,这主要得益于它们在过夜时所发生的化学反应。From glowing skin to trimmer waists, we reveal why yesterday#39;s supper could be so good for you.从光滑的皮肤到纤细的腰部,我们就可以知道隔夜饭为什么会对你的身体有好处。COLD RICE TO STAY SLIM冷饭保持身体苗条Rice, when chilled overnight can contain up to 60 per cent fewer calories than when freshly cooked — potentially dropping from 130 calories per 100g to just 52. But you need to cook it in the right way, according to research presented to the American Chemical Society.提交给美国化学学会的一项研究显示,大米被冷藏一夜后,它的热量比新鲜烹制时减少达六成,从130卡路里/100克直降到52卡路里/100克。不过,这需要你以正确的方法去烹调。When the water is boiling, before the rice is added, pour a little coconut oil into the pan — about 3 percent of the weight of the rice you#39;re using. When cooked, leave in the fridge for 12 hours to hugely reduce the calories.当水沸腾后,先向锅里倒入约为大米总重3%的椰子油,然后再倒入大米。煮熟后的大米再放入冰箱12小时会大大减少其所含热量。This exciting phenomenon is down to the way starch in the rice changes when it is heated then cooled.之所以会出现这种令人兴奋的现象,是由于大米中所含淀粉的形态在加热并冷藏后改变了。When cooked rice is eaten, its starch is turned into the sugar — glucose — by the body and converted into fat if not burned off.煮熟的大米被吃下去时,它所含的淀粉会转化为糖,确切的说是葡萄糖,如果它们没有被消耗,就会转化成脂肪。However, when rice is chilled, its starch becomes what is called #39;resistant starch#39;, which the body cannot digest. This means it is not included in the calorie count.然而,把米饭放入冰箱后,淀粉会转化成“抗酶解淀粉”,它无法被人体消化吸收,因此也就不会增加人体内的卡路里了。The coconut oil stops the cold rice from sticking together, and also seems to produce more resistant starch in the rice, further reducing the number of calories.椰子油能防止冷饭粘在一起,也会促使米饭中产生更多的抗酶解淀粉,从而进一步减少卡路里的数量。Food scientist Dr Sam Christie explains: #39;The oil may be providing a barrier to the boiling water, slowing down the cooking of the rice. The result appears to be a less digestible form of rice containing more resistant starch.#39;食品科学家山姆·克里斯蒂士解释说:“油可以在沸腾的水中建立起一个屏障,减缓大米被蒸煮的程度,这也会产生更多不易消化的抗酶解淀粉。These are, she warns, preliminary findings. However, this could be wonderful news for dieters.她也警告说,这些都只是初步发现。然而,这仍然是节食者的好消息。But don#39;t forget, reheating rice can lead to food poisoning.但不要忘记,重复加热米饭可能导致食物中毒。Dr Martin Goldberg, microbiology lecturer at Nottingham Trent University warns: #39;The bacterium Bacillus cereus, found on some rice, can survive the cooking process. As rice cools, the spores germinate and produce a neurotoxin that can make you horribly sick.诺丁汉特伦特大学微生物学讲师马丁·哥德堡也警示:“有些米饭中含有细菌性蜡样芽胞杆菌,蒸煮过程可能无法将它们灭活。大米冷藏后,孢子发芽,产生一种令人严重不适的神经毒素。#39;If you wish to eat cold or reheated rice, cook small amounts and put straight into the fridge to cool quickly.#39;“如果你想吃冷饭或重复加热的米饭,可以少量蒸煮,然后直接放入冰箱中迅速冷却。”BEEF SOUP FOR SKIN牛肉汤对皮肤好Bone broth is a big nutritional trend. Low-calorie and rich-tasting, the soup also appears to be packed with ingredients to make your skin glow.骨头汤已经成为营养圣品。热量低,味道丰富,汤中也可以加入各种东西,使肌肤焕发光泽。As the name suggests, it contains the bones from meat — beef, lamb or chicken — cooked with water and ideally a little cider vinegar to help the process.骨汤,顾名思义,来源于牛羊肉或鸡肉等肉类。和水一起烹调,如果能加一点苹果醋,那就更理想了。Collagen from the bones breaks down into gelatin, which is easy to digest and excellent for the skin.骨头中的骨胶原分解成凝胶,更加易于消化,而且对皮肤极好。Recipes often suggest leaving the broth to simmer for hours.肉汤通常需要数小时的小火慢炖。#39;Complex chemical reactions take place — and the more disintegrated the bones, (and, therefore, digestible) the massive protein molecules, which are the cement of the body, become,#39; explains Dr Christie.克里斯蒂士解释说:“其中发生了许多复杂的化学反应——骨头分解的越彻底,大的蛋白分子就变得越易消化。而这些蛋白分子是人身体的基石。”Minerals and nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and cartilage also become easy to digest. The broth is thought to have benefits for bones, teeth and joints and help hair and fingernails to grow.矿物质以及钙、镁和软骨等营养物质也变得容易消化。肉汤据信对骨骼、牙齿和关节很好,而且能促进头发和指甲的生长。#39;Only re-heatany food once and ensure it#39;s very hot (over 60 degrees celsius) to kill any bacteria,#39; says Dr Goldberg.哥德堡士说:“任何食物只能重复加热一次,而且要保高温(60摄氏度以上)灭菌。” /201504/371857。

  Science edged closer on Sunday to showing that an antioxidant in chocolate appears to improve some memory skills that people lose with age.周日(指2014年10月26日)发布的科研成果进一步表明,巧克力中的一种抗氧化剂似乎可以帮助增进人们随着年龄增长而逐渐丧失的某些记忆技能。In a small study in the journal Nature Neuroscience, healthy people, ages 50 to 69, who drank a mixture high in antioxidants called cocoa flavanols for three months performed better on a memory test than people who drank a low-flavanol mixture.《自然神经科学》(Nature Neuroscience)杂志以年龄在50岁至69岁之间、身体健康的个人为对象进行了一项小规模研究。一些人连续3个月一直在喝可可黄烷醇含量较高的混合物——可可黄烷醇是抗氧化剂;另外一些人则在喝黄烷醇含量较低的混合物。在随后的记忆测试中,前者的表现好于后者。On average, the improvement of high-flavanol drinkers meant they performed like people two to three decades younger on the study#39;s memory task, said Dr. Scott A. Small, a neurologist at Columbia University Medical Center and the study#39;s senior author. They performed about 25 percent better than the low-flavanol group.研究报告的资深作者、哥伦比亚大学医疗中心(Columbia University Medical Center)的神经学家斯科特·A·斯莫尔(Scott A. Small)士称,摄入高剂量黄烷醇者的记忆得到了改善,从记忆测试的成绩来看,这些人平均而言仿佛年轻了二三十岁。他们的分数比摄入低剂量黄烷醇者高25%。从新鲜可可豆中提取的可可黄烷醇。Mars, Incorporated从新鲜可可豆中提取的可可黄烷醇。;An exciting result,; said Craig Stark, a neurobiologist at the University of California, Irvine, who was not involved in the research. ;It#39;s an initial study, and I sort of view this as the opening salvo.;“这一成果令人兴奋,”并未参与该研究的加利福尼亚大学欧文分校(University of California, Irvine)神经生物学家克雷格·斯塔克(Craig Stark)说,“它是一个初步的研究,在我看来这在某种程度上只是拉开序幕。”He added, ;And look, it#39;s chocolate. Who#39;s going to complain about chocolate?;“而且你看,这可是巧克力。谁会对巧克力有意见呢?”他补充说。The findings support recent research linking flavanols, especially epicatechin, to improved blood circulation, heart health and memory in mice, snails and humans. But experts said the new study, although involving only 37 participants and partly funded by Mars Inc., the chocolate company, goes further and was a well-controlled, randomized trial led by experienced researchers.上述新发现印了最近的一些研究。这些研究表明:黄烷醇——尤其是儿茶素——可以改善老鼠、蛇以及人类的血液循环、心脏健康和。不过有专家称,尽管这项新研究只有37个参与者,部分资金还是由巧克力生产商玛氏公司(Mars Inc.)提供的,但它更为深入,而且是一次由经验丰富的研究人员领导的、受到良好控制的随机试验。Besides improvements on the memory test — a pattern recognition test involving the kind of skill used in remembering where you parked the car or recalling the face of someone you just met — researchers found increased function in an area of the brain#39;s hippocampus called the dentate gyrus, which has been linked to this type of memory.研究人员发现,除了在记忆测试中有所进步——那是一种模式识别测试,牵涉到回忆你在哪里停的车或者你刚刚遇见的某人的面孔时所使用的某种技能——用高剂量黄烷醇者脑部海马区齿状回的功能也得到了加强。人们认为齿状回是与这类记忆相关联的。;Boy, this is really interesting to see it in three months,; said Dr. Steven DeKosky, a neurologist and visiting professor at the University of Pittsburgh. “They got this really remarkable increase in a place in the brain that we know is related to age-related memory change.”“哇噢!3个月后再去观察它可真有趣,”神经学家、匹兹堡大学(University of Pittsburgh)访问教授史蒂芬·迪克斯基(Steven DeKosky)士说,“他们大脑中的这个部位得到了显著增长。我们知道,它与关乎年龄的变化存在着关联。”There was no increased activity in another hippocampal region, the entorhinal cortex, which is impaired early in Alzheimer#39;s disease. That reinforces the idea that age-related memory decline is different and suggests that flavanols might not help Alzheimer#39;s, even though they might delay normal memory loss.但海马区内嗅皮质的活跃度并未增强——该部位会在阿尔茨海默氏病早期受损。由此强化了这样一种观念:与年龄有关的下降是另外一码事;同时表明,尽管黄烷醇或许可以延缓正常的衰退,但对阿尔茨海默氏病患者而言可能并不管用。But unless you are stocking up for Halloween, do not rush to buy Milky Way or Snickers bars. To consume the high-flavanol group#39;s daily dose of epicatechin, 138 milligrams, would take eating at least 300 grams of dark chocolate a day — about seven average-sized bars. Or possibly about 100 grams of baking chocolate or unsweetened cocoa powder, but concentrations vary widely depending on the processing. Milk chocolate has most epicatechin processed out of it.不过,除非你在为万圣节囤货,否则可别急于购买系牛奶巧克力(Milky Way)或士力架(Snickers)巧克力棒。要达到高剂量黄烷醇那组的人每天138毫克的儿茶素摄入量,一天至少得吃300克黑巧克力——约合7根中等大小的巧克力棒。或者去吃掉100克烘培巧克力或不加糖的可可粉,但儿茶素的含量因加工流程的不同而存在极大的差异。牛奶巧克力里的大部分儿茶素都会在加工过程中流失。;You would have to eat a large amount of chocolate,; along with its fat and calories, said Hagen Schroeter, director of fundamental health and nutrition research for Mars, which funds many flavanol studies and approached Dr. Small for this one. (;I nearly threw them out,; said Dr. Small, who added that he later concluded that the company employed serious scientists who would not bias the research.) Mars financed about half the study; other funders were the National Institutes of Health and two research foundations.“你将不得不吞下大量巧克力”,包括其中的脂肪和卡路里——玛氏公司基础保健与营养研究主任哈根·施罗特(Hagen Schroeter)说道。玛氏资助过多项与黄烷醇有关的研究,并就这项新研究接触过斯莫尔士。(斯莫尔士说,“我差不多是把他们轰了出去”,接着又补充道,他后来得出结论,这家公司雇佣了一些严肃认真的科学家,不会令研究带有倾向性。)玛氏为这项研究提供了一半资金,其他资助者为美国国立卫生研究院(National Institutes of Health)和两家研究基金会。;Candy bars don#39;t even have a lot of chocolate in them,; Dr. Schroeter said. And ;most chocolate uses a process called batching and alkalization. That#39;s like poison for flavanol.;“糖棒里甚至不会含有太多巧克力,”施罗特士说。而且“大部分巧克力的生产都要经过配制和碱化这道工序。”这相当于把黄烷醇关进监狱。Mars aly sells a supplement, CocoaVia, which it says promotes healthy circulation, including for the heart and brain. It contains 20 to 25 milligrams of epicatechin per capsule or packet of powder, Dr. Schroeter said; 30 packets cost .95. Epicatechin is also in foods like tea and apples, although may be less absorbable.玛氏已经推出了一款名为可维亚(CocoaVia)的补品。该公司称,可维亚能够促进循环系统的畅通,包括心脏循环和脑循环系统。施罗特说,每粒可维亚胶囊或每包可维亚粉含有20克至25克儿茶素;每30包34.96美元。茶、苹果等食品里也含有表儿茶素,但不太易于吸收。The Columbia study had important limitations. For example, the only daily dietary requirements were either 900 milligrams of flavanols with 138 milligrams of epicatechin or 10 milligrams of flavanols with less than two milligrams of epicatechin, so participants could have eaten other things that played a role.哥伦比亚大学医疗中心的研究有一些重要的局限性。例如,对日常饮食的唯一要求是,要么用900毫克黄烷醇(含138毫克儿茶素),要么用10毫克黄烷醇(含不到2毫克儿茶素),因此参与者可能吃了其他一些对实验结果有影响的东西。And while researchers also had half of the healthy but sedentary participants in each group exercise four days a week, surprisingly, the exercise had no memory or brain effects.此外,研究人员从每个组里身体健康但不爱活动的参与者中挑出一半,让他们每周运动4天。但奇怪的是,竟然没发现锻炼对记忆和大脑有影响。Dr. Small, whose research previously found that exercise helped hippocampal function in younger people, suggested maybe more vigorous exercise is needed to affect older brains.斯莫尔士以前开展过的研究表明,运动能够增强年轻人海马体的功能。在他看来,也许运动量更大一点,才能对老年人的大脑产生影响。;It#39;s a very clever, interesting study, but there are some caveats,; said Dr. Kenneth S. Kosik, a neuroscientist at the University of California, Santa Barbara. ;People are going to say, ‘It looks like I can have a lot of candy bars and not exercise.#39; So it needs replication on a much larger scale.;“这是一项非常精巧、有趣的研究,但有些问题需要注意,”加州大学圣巴巴拉分校(University of California, Santa Barbara)的神经科学家肯尼斯·S·科西克(Kenneth S. Kosik)说,“人们会说,‘看起来我可以大嚼糖棒,还不用运动了。#39;因此有必要进行更大规模的复制性研究。”More extensive research is planned. As for why flavanols would help memory, one theory is that they improve brain blood flow; another, favored by Dr. Small, is that they cause dendrites, message-receiving branches of neurons, to grow.更多更广泛的研究正在计划之中。至于黄烷醇为什么可以帮助提高,一种理论是说它们能够促进脑部的血液流动,另一种是说它们能够促进树突,也就是神经元信息接收分的生长。斯莫尔士持后者。;Everybody#39;s cautious about antioxidants, but this is a horse of a different color, a really elegant study,; Dr. DeKosky said.“每个人都对抗氧化剂谨慎以待,但这是另外一回事,是一项非常好的研究,”迪克斯基士说。Asked if he would eat more chocolate, he said, ;Yeah, but the bar for me to do that is darn low.;当被问及他是否会吃更多巧克力时,他说,“会的,但这对我来说是太低的要求了。” /201411/343362


  This post is in partnership with Entrepreneur. The article below was originally published at Entrepreneur.com.本文与《创业者》杂志(Entrepreneur)合作。下文最初发表于Entrepreneur.com。You’d never know it, but Simon Sinek is naturally shy and doesn’t like speaking to crowds. At parties, he says he hides alone in the corner or doesn’t even show up in the first place. He prefers the latter. Yet, with some 22 million views under his belt, the optimistic ethnographer also happens to be the third most-watched TED Talks presenter of all time.你或许并不知道,西蒙#8226;斯涅克天生腼腆,不喜欢在众人面前讲话。他说参加派对时自己总是独自躲在角落里,甚至不敢在这样的场合出现。通常情况下,他干脆就不去参加派对。如今,他的演讲视频已经获得2,200万次浏览量,这位乐观的人种志学者,由此成为观看次数排名第三的TED演讲者。 /201411/343205

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