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【场景再现】(为了摘圣诞灯,Rachel从阳台上掉了下去扭伤了脚,为了节省医疗费用,Rachel冒用了Monica的医疗保险,结果对医生一见钟情,还邀请医生到家里来约会,两个在医生面前互换名字的人开始互相揭短……) Rachel: Hello! Here we go! Dr. Rosen: This is a great place. How long have you lived here? Rachel: (as Monica) Thanks! I've been here about six years, and Rachel moved in a few months ago. Monica: (as Rachel) Yeah... (joining the others) ..see, I was supposed to get married, but, um, I left the guy at the altar. (Rachel tries to hide her alarm, but she squirms in her chair.) Dr. Mitchell: Really? Monica: (as Rachel) Yeah... Yeah, I know it's pretty selfish, but haha, hey, that's me. (Indicating a dish on the table) Why don't you try the hummus? Dr. Rosen: So, Monica, what do you do? Rachel: (as Monica) Aahh, I'm a... chef at a restaurant uptown. Dr. Rosen: Good for you. Rachel: (as Monica) Yeah it is, mostly because I get to boss people around, which I just love to do. Dr. Rosen: This hummus is great. Dr. Mitchell: God bless the chickpea. Monica: (as Rachel) (Suddenly laughing) Oh, god, I am so spoiled... That's it! (The doctors don't know what to make of all this.) Rachel: (as Monica) And by the way, have I mentioned that back in high school, I was a cow? Monica: (as Rachel) I used to wet my bed. Rachel: (as Monica) I use my breasts to get other people's attention. Monica: (as Rachel) (Revealing her anger to point at her best friend) We both do that! 【讲解】boss around 颐指气使,boss people around可以翻译成爱指使人 /05/71105上班、上学迟到的时候,你会用什么借口向老板或老师解释呢?下面这些句子可能会对你有帮助哦。1. Your watch must be fast.你的表肯定快了。 /201007/109125

资料内容和音频选自《一句话喷倒老美》经典语句It ‘s not just a flash in the pan.这并非是昙花一现。喷倒老美Bill所在的公司最近生意不错,每天都能能有几个订单。Bill十分开心,正在想着月底的奖金。同事感慨道:“I hope it’s not a flash in the pan.” Bill心想这和平底锅(pan)有什么关系呢?想聊就聊Ben:This is a precious opportunity for us and our company.本:这个机会对我和我们的公司来说都是相当的珍贵。Terry:You are right. We’re hoping that this is a long-term opportunity, and just a flash in the pan.泰瑞:没错。希望这次机会是长期的,并非只是昙花一现。知识点津flash此处指“一闪即逝的火花“,所以flash in the pan用来比喻“为时短暂的成功”,和成语“昙花一现”有类似的意思。 /201012/121165

94. 丹尼斯自己不努力,还老是眼红别人的成就。 [误] Denis himself doesn't work hard, however, he is always red-eyed of other people's achievements. [正] Denis himself doesn't work hard, however, he is always green-eyed of other people's achievements.注:中国人说一个人嫉妒用“眼红”,但英美人则用“眼绿”来形容。英语的 green 除了表示颜色之外还有“嫉妒”的意思,又如:I was absolutely green (with envy) when I saw his splendid new car(我看到他那辆漂亮的新车非常眼红)。其实,英语中许多表示色的词汇都有特殊的含义,不能照字面去理解。再比如:He gave me a black look(他恶狠狠地蹬了我一眼);She visits us once in a blue moon(她难得来看我们一次)等。 /200806/42952

  1.如果只是遇见,不能停留,不如不遇见。   If we can only encounter each other rather than stay with each other,then I wish we had never encountered. /09/85321

  义务兵役 mandatory military service 据韩国媒体报道,韩国明星Rain于11日下午办理正式入伍手续,接受新兵训练后,将以陆军士兵身份役两年。Rain出道十年还一直未兵役,曾计划在去年参军,后来因拍摄电视剧等原因而将入伍日期再次推迟。请看新华社的报道: The 29-year-old star, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, will receive basic training in Uijeongbu, north of Seoul, before beginning his 22-month-long mandatory military service. 现年29岁的Rain,真名郑智薰,将在首尔北部的京畿道接受新兵训练,然后开始为期22个月的义务兵役。 上文中的mandatory military service就是“义务兵役”。根据韩国《兵役法》,韩国高中毕业后的男性公民在20岁之后,只要是able-bodied(身体健全),均须参军兵役。在中国joining the army(参军)是公民自愿,军队会到学校去进行pre-recruitment(入伍预征)和conscription(征兵)工作。 Rain是亚洲著名的tri-circle star(三栖明星),因主演idol drama(偶像剧)《浪漫满屋》而成名。在入伍前Rain举办了免费的solo vocal concert(个人演唱会),两万名国内外粉丝和多位圈内好友前来捧场,场面十分火爆。多说两句: 除了mandatory之外,还有一个词可以表达相似的意思,即"compulsory",意思是“必须做的,义务的,强制的”。例: Is military service compulsory in your country? 你们国家实行义务兵役制吗? The car insurance is compulsory. 这项汽车保险是强制性的。 I think it is compulsory. 我认为这是非做不可的。 Attendance at evening prayers is not compulsory. 参加晚祷并非硬性规定。 /201110/157191。

  大家知道pretty/beautiful 作「美丽、漂亮」解释, 但在程度上 gorgeous 比 beautiful 跟 pretty 还要再漂亮一点. 所以在应用上我们可以视情况而决定要用 pretty/beautiful 或是 gorgeous。例如小美女的话我们就可以说, "She's pretty." 但是大美女的话就可以说 "She's gorgeous."但是 gorgeous 可不限于美女专用喔! 老美也常会用 gorgeous 来形容美男的. 例如, "Her brother is gorgeous. We all like him."(她的哥哥长得很好看, 我们都很喜欢他.) 如果是小美女用 pretty, 大美女用 gorgeous. 那「超级大美女」要怎么说? 英文 有一个字眼叫 drop-dead gorgeous. 意思是说这种美女会让你看到之后, 会让你因为惊艳而「昏倒」.(drop-dead 原意是倒下去, 双脚一伸, 死了, 但这 翻「昏倒」会比较好一点.)

  LH: Larry, 晚上你想干什么?LL: Im not sure Li Hua, did you have anything in mind?LH: 我想去看新上映的喜剧片,讲好几个俄亥俄单身女子的那个。LL: That movie? It looks like a total snoozefest! Theres no way youll get me in there!LH: Snoozefest? 我猜snoozefest是无聊的意思吧?LL: Yes, Li Hua, snooze is another word for sleep, and fest means party. So a snoozefest is something thats so boring it puts everyone to sleep.LH: 我可不觉得这个电影无聊。要不你说,看什么电影?LL: I would like to see that new action movie about a spy in Russia.LH: 啊?你想看那个俄罗斯间谍片?光看介绍就知道,绝对是俗套的snoozefest!LL: I dont think it sounds like a snoozefest to me. I find action movies to be very exciting.LH: 看起来,我们两人对电影的品味完全不同。LL: Yes, that sounds exactly right. So how are your classes going?LH: 别提了,我刚完成的那篇文章枯燥极了。It is a total snoozefest. 题目是七十年代加拿大的经济和不列颠哥伦比亚省的业。LL: (Yawn) Youre putting me to sleep just explaining it.LH: 你还没去上过课呢!那位老先生讲起课来循循善诱,徐徐道来,经常说着说着就跑题了。It truly is a snoozefest.LL: How do you deal with it?LH: 一个字:coffee.LL: That seems like a good plan. The other day I had a meeting at work that was also a total snoozefest. It took all of my energy to stay awake.LH: 言归正传,咱们晚上到底看什么电影?赶快决定吧。LL: Well, I guess we can see the movie you want to see.LH: Thank you. 你怎么会改变主意的?LL: I need to catch up on my sleep.MC:李华和Larry看完电影后走出电影院。LH: Larry, 你觉得那个电影怎么样?特别好看吧!LL: Great? I dont Li Hua, I thought that movie was really passeacute; .LH: Passeacute;. Passeacute; 是什么意思?LL: Passeacute; Pass-AY, is a word borrowed from French that means lame or uncool when used in English.LH: 什么?你居然会觉得这么好的电影没劲?Your taste in movies is so Passeacute; 不说这个了,现在时间还早,咱们干点什么?LL: We could go out to a club and go dancing.LH: 好啊,去哪里跳舞?LL: The one on 9th street is cheap.LH: 你说九街上那间舞厅?But that place is so passeacute; 那里的音乐都是老掉牙的。LL: Yes, Ill admit it is a little passeacute;.LH: 咱们去市中心新开的那个舞厅怎么样?听说里面特别棒,Its not passeacute; at all.LL: I heard its pretty cool, but its kind of far away.LH: 这倒是真的。那我们还是去九街上的那间吧。LL: That sounds good to me. Say, did you ever finish that book I loaned you?LH: 刚看完。LL: What did you think of it?LH: 还可以。我觉得it was a little passeacute;作者在书里并没有提出什么新论点,都是别人提过的。LL: Really? I did not think it was passeacute; at all. I thought that the author made some interesting points.LH: 书里只有个别片段让我感兴趣,但是总的来说,I thought it was a snoozefest.LL: Well I for one liked it. Did I tell you that a new restaurant opened down the street from my job?LH: 你们公司附近又开新餐馆了?How is it?LL: I havent been yet, but I a review of it. It said the decorations are somewhat passeacute; but the food is supposed to be delicious.LH: 真的?什么风味的?LL: I think it is a Moroccan restaurant.LH: 我们下次去吃吃看。LL: Sure, I think that sounds like a great idea Li hua.今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是snoozefest, 意思是无聊得只会让人睡觉。另一个是passeacute;, 意思是落伍的,过时的。 /165501美国习惯用语-第134讲:in the pink/fit as a fiddle我们曾经给大家介绍过几个在你感到身体不舒的时候说的习惯用语。不知大家还记不记得? 比如说簎nder the weather是什么意思?这是指:不太舒。什么是:down with the bug? 这是:由于流行性病毒的感染而不舒。当然,表达身体不舒的说法有很多,上面举的只是其中的两个。可是,我们不能老是说不高兴的事,今天我们来讲两个在身体很健康和精力充沛的时候说的常用语。首先,我们要讲的是:in the pink。当一个人告诉你:He is in the pink,那你就知道他肯定感到身体很好。In the pink这个习惯用语的出处说法各有不同。有的人说,in the pink这个俗语可能是来自跑马场,因为在那里,人们把 in the pink用来形容那些看起来很健壮的马。但是,有的人有不同的看法;他们认为凡是身体健康的人,他们的皮肤都会呈现一种粉色的光泽,就像我们说有的人脸色很好,白里透红一样。这些人说in the pink这个说法就是从这儿来的。我们来举个例子吧:例句-1: "Our next door neighbor came back from the hospital yesterday after his heart attack. And I'm glad to say he certainly looks back in the pink again."这句话的意思是:"我们的隔壁邻居心脏病发作进了医院,昨天他出院回家了。他看起来确实和以往一样健康,我很高兴。"在美国,邻里关系也各有不同。有的地方邻居关系很密切,互相照应,来往很多。有孩子的家庭往往会互相合作,轮流接送孩子,这样大家都可以省点时间。美国人经常要出去旅行,邻居关系好会带来很多方便,因为在你出门的时候,你可以请邻居替你浇花、喂猫、收取邮件等。更重要的是,好的邻居会经常关心你的家,万一发现有可疑的人想乘虚而入时,他就会及时替你报警。但是,也有的地方邻居没有来往的。有的人在一个地方住了好几年还像陌生人一样。下面我们再来用in the pink来举个例子,这是一个人在睡了一个好觉后感到精神百倍。他说:例句-2: "It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do for a man. I thought I was getting a cold yesterday so I went to bed a couple of hours early and I really feel in the pink now."这人说:"晚上睡一个好觉能对一个人起多大的作用,这真实令人吃惊。我昨天以为我感冒了,所以比平时早两个小时就上床了。现在我感到精神好极了。"要是你觉得身体非常好,你不仅可以说in the pink,你还可以用另一个习惯用语来表达这个意思:fit as a fiddle。Fit是身体好的意思,fiddle是类似小提琴的乐器。要是一个人说他fit as a fiddle,那就好比是一把琴的弦和音调都调得很好。请听下面这位年轻人谈谈他是怎么样保持健康的:例句-3: "I think my health is important, so I don't smoke or drink. I eat lots of vegetables and fruit, and I do exercises three times a week. These things help to keep me fit as a fiddle."这位年轻人说:"因为我的身体是很重要的。所以,我不抽烟,也不喝酒。我吃好多蔬菜和水果。每个星期,我锻炼三次。这些都使我能保持身体健康。"美国人现在的寿命也越来越长。下面就是一个人在说他的祖父:例句-4: "My grandfather looks like he's sixty but he's really eighty years old and fit as a fiddle: he still has his own teeth, doesn't need glasses, and walks four miles every day."这个人说 :"我的祖父看起来像一个六十多岁的人。可是实际上,他已经八十岁了。而且他还非常健康:他不用装假牙,看东西也不用眼镜,每天还走四英哩路。"身体很好的八十岁老人在美国不能说是罕见的事。但是,牙齿没有坏,看书不用戴眼镜,这实在令人感到惊奇。老人为了保持身体健康每天散步,做运动也并不稀罕。可是,四英哩并不是很短的行程。想必这位老人肯定有他特殊的养身之道。今天我们给大家讲解了两个表示身体很健康的习惯用语。第一个是:in the pink。In the pink的意思是指一个人脸色看上去白里透红,气色很好,身体很健康。我们今天讲的另一个习惯用语是:fit as a fiddle。Fit as a fiddle的意思也是指身体很好,就像一只调好音的小提琴,准备演奏美丽动听的音乐一样。我们这次的[美国习惯用语]就讲解到这里。下次节目再会。 /200711/20993

  69. 要学好英语,大量的练习是必要的。 [误] To learn English well, a great deal of practice is necessary. [正] To learn English well, one needs to have a great deal of practice.注:英语中非谓语动词的逻辑主语要与句子的主语一致,本例句中不定式 to learn English well 的逻辑主语应该是“人”,而句子的主语却是 practice,两者不相一致,违背了英语习惯,所以必须将句子的主语改为one,并做其它相应的调整。 /200806/41933英语口语王 第2部分:第19章暂无文本 推荐口语专题:日常口语会话120分钟英语口语社交美语五分钟英语快餐 /200809/47908

  199. 他的恬不知耻让我起鸡皮疙瘩。 [误] His shamelessness gives me chick-pimples. [正] His shamelessness gives me goose-pimples.注:中文的“鸡皮疙瘩”在英语中要用“鹅皮疙瘩”(goose-pimples)表达。这多半由饮食习惯的差异引起,因为鹅在中国可不像在英国那样常见。 /200809/48554

  见到老外该说些什么?不要一张嘴就是“What’s your name?”把以下句子倒背如流,让老外都觉得你地道!1.Welcome to China! Welcome to our city!欢迎到中国来!欢迎到我们的城市来!。

  【询问是否有空】Are you free this weekend?这个周末你有空吗? /201108/146695

  L: do you like cooking, Julia?J: I really enjoy it, especially when it ends up tasting good!L: how often do you usually cook?J: I usually make a few salads for lunch throughout the week and I make dinner about 6 times a week.L: that's a lot of cooking. You must save a lot of money by eating at home so much.J: I do. If you cook at home, you can eat healthy food cheaply.L: what kind of dishes do you usually make?J: I almost always make either a beef roast or a chicken roast with asparagus, parsnips, peas, carrots and potatoes on Sundays.L: do you make a lot of traditional British food?J: aside from the Sunday roast, we usually eat bangers and mash, toad-in-the-hole, or fish'n chips once a week.L: how about spicy food?J: my family loves spicy food. We often eat Chinese, Thai, Indian, or Mexican food when we're in the mood for spice.L: what's your favorite dish to make?J: I absolutely love making mousakka, which is a Greek dish with eggplant. But it takes a lot of time, so I don’t often make it. /10/87765


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