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宜春哪里打美白针效果好宜春韩美整形美容医院双眼皮怎么样All right,dont be nervous.This is exciting and you wanna remember this moment,not that you have to,好的 别紧张 真令人激动 你会记得这一切的 不是说你一定要记住because well show it on tape over and over and over again.因为我们会不断的重播But Im excited,this is gonna be a lot of fun,Good luck.真兴奋 一定会很有趣 祝你好运and were gonna check in later with the big surprise.Lets hope she says yes.我们等下再看看你们这惊喜进行情况 我们祈祷她会同意吧Cos thats gonna be really sad if,不然的话可就悲剧了Whole different trip home.Very exciting,well be back later.Well see you later.Clinton.Well be right back.回家可就是完全不同的旅途了 很令人激动 我们马上回来 等等再见咯 Clinton 马上回来You dont watch movies?Not that,Do you watch Tele.I always figured it out.你不看电影吗 不太 看电视吗 我总是知道结果是什么I know hes not gonna make it.Right.我知道 他该不行了 是And shes with him,shes gonna betray him and stab him in the back.她会跟他在一起 她会背叛他 背后叉他一刀Im so mad at you.我好生你的气Youre not gonna be mad in a minute,Clinton has something he wants to say to you.Oh,my god.一会儿你就不生气了 Clinton有些话想对你说 我的天呐Only Ellen can make this happen,Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony together in Ellen only exclusive.只有Ellen才能让这发生 Jennifer Lopez和Marc Anthony一起亮相Ellen秀 独家You know,I love you both individually,the dynamic between you two is fantastic.We laugh a lot.Next question.你们两个我都爱 你们之间的感应太奇妙了 我们常笑 下一个问题Plus hidden audience talent,I need a pogo stick and a guitar,另外 观众的隐藏才艺 我需要一个弹簧单高跷和一把吉他I just brought one in today.Jennifer Lopez together with Marc Anthony only on the next Ellen.我刚好今天带了一个 Jennifer Lopez跟Marc Anthony 仅在下期艾伦秀 /201704/502981樟树市第三人民医院割双眼皮多少钱 In the nature of things: used for saying that sth that happens is normal in a particular situation and not at all surprising 理所当然,自然,丝毫不令人奇怪Don't worry about it. It's in the nature of things for children to argue with their parents when they are teenagers.青少年常常会和他们的父母争辩,这不足为奇.In the nature of things, people who have power don't like losing it.有权利的人不想失去他们的权利,这很自然.let nature take its course:to allow events to happen without doing anything to change the results任其发展;听其自然With minor ailments the best thing is often to let nature take its course. 对于小病,往往最好是听其自然. /11/89224two-faced 两面派 A two-faced person will say nice things about you to your face, and tell others nasty things about you when you're not around. 两面派的人当面说你好话,而背着你的时候就说你坏话。Two-faced people are usually back stabbers.两面派也通常都会在别人背后下刀子。third wheel 妨碍情侣约会的电灯泡I'd love to go out with you,but I hate to be a third wheel. 我想和你们一块出去,可我不想当电灯泡.If you bring your girl, I'll have to take my cousin with me--I don't wanna be the third wheel.如果你带女朋友,我就得带上我表,我可不想当孤零零的电灯泡.◎点击播放器下方“进入MP3进入下载界面”可下载音频◎ /201108/148301宜春韩美美容医院凹陷性疤痕凹陷性痘疤鼻尖扁平整形要多少费用

丰城矿务局总医院填充脸颊自体脂肪填充厚唇改薄哪家便宜价格大家好,欢迎来到。在国外生活,由于还不太清楚当地物品的价格,很容易就被卖家给宰了。今天教大家三句砍价的英语表达,你做好准备了吗?1.Hey, dont try to rip me off. I know what this is worth.Rip本义是“撕裂,扯开”的意思。Rip someone off意思是某商店或商贩企图宰它的顾客。如果真的被狠宰了一下,你当然还可以说:“I was ripped off.”Worth名词含义是“价值,财富”,做形容词表示“值得的,值钱的。”I know what this is worth. 我知道它值多少钱。买东西时如果被宰,不管你是不是行家都要先造出声势,用这句话来镇住卖家。Hey, dont try to rip me off. I know what this is worth. 别想宰我,我识货。2.Is there any discount on bulk purchases? 3.Bulk用作名词的基本意思是“(大的)体积,容积”,作形容词可以表示“大量的”。Purchase作名词表示“购买的物品”,bulk purchases意思就是“大量地购买”,等于“buy something in bulk”。Discount是“折扣”的意思。平时在商店里常出现的表示打折的牌子是on sale。Is there any discount on bulk purchases? 我多买些能打折吗?3. Whats the lowest youre willing to go? 这句话问的是最低价钱,lowest是低low的最高级形式,表示“最低”。Be willing to do something表示“乐于,愿意”。Whats the lowest youre willing to go? 最低你愿意出什么价呢?正在播出,美图+英语,随时下到手机观看和收听,坚持积累,你一定会有所收获的。今天的节目就到这里,我们下期再见,拜拜!背景音乐:Ill Be Your Strength-Simone本节目属。 /201410/333964宜春脸部激光脱腋毛哪家医院好 第一次看到;keep onersquo;s finger on the pulse;一下想到的是中医里的;把脉;。其实,人身上可直接用手指探查的脉搏不止手腕一处。欧美战片,警匪片中我们也常常会看到将手指按在脖子两侧确定人是否存活的场景。所以,英语中用这个短语来表示;摸清情况,了解行情,了解趋势;也就不奇怪了。A: Whatrsquo;s your favourite TV programme.B: I love American Idol. I watch Idol all the time because it helps me keep my finger on the pulse of American pop culture and music. 我很喜欢;美国偶像;节目,我一直在看这个节目,因为它能让我时刻感受到美国流行文化和音乐的潮流。类似的意思我们还可以说:This is a program which keeps itrsquo;s finger on the pulse of global trends and entertainment industry. 这是一档把握全球流行趋势和脉搏的节目。再来看几个表示;摸清情况;的例子:Im just new at this game. Ive only just started to keep my finger on the pulse. 在这一行我还是个新手。到目前为止我还没摸透行情。The chairman does his best to keep his finger on the pulse of his companyrsquo;s activities. 董事长竭尽全力去掌握他的公司各项活动的确切情况。A successful politician is one who keeps his finger on the pulse of the electorate. 一位成功的政治家是一个对选民有深刻了解的人。If you want to know whats happening on the social scene, ask Jane. She has her finger on the pulse and can tell you whos going to be there. 如果你想知道社交聚会的情况,就去问简。她是消息灵通人士,能告诉你哪些人会到场。本期内容我们就介绍到这里。Rose期待与您相约下期;布朗尼加分;口语课堂。 /201202/171937宜春韩美医院隆胸丰胸大胸奥美定多少钱

宜春袁州区中人民医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱Subject:Let a thing slide. 迷你对话A: Jane, I have worked so hard these days but I cannot get a raise or promotion. How frustrating!Jane,我最近努力工作这么久,既没有加薪又没有升职,我真是好沮丧呀!B: Let a thing slide. Everything would be OK.顺其自然吧,一切都会好转的。 地道表达 Let a thing slide. 1. 解词释义此语的意思是:使其自然,让事情顺其自然发生。 2. 拓展例句e.g. I have no way to deal with it, let a thing slide.我毫无办法处理,顺其自然吧。e.g. Ill not worry about it and let a thing slide.我不再为此事发愁了, 顺其自然吧。e.g. In our personal lives we are not satisfied to let a thing slide.在我们的私生活中,我们不愿让未来顺其自然。e.g. You should steel your heart to let the things slide.你该硬起心肠,顺其自然。 /201406/303330 On Wednesday, it was reported that the death toll from a massive explosion at a Mexico fireworks market had climbed to 32. 周三,据报道墨西哥烟花爆竹市场的大规模爆炸已致32人死亡。Mexico state official Jose Manzur said at a press conference that of the dead, 26 victims were found at the scene and six died at nearby hospitals. 墨西哥州官员约瑟·曼苏尔在新闻发布会上称,26人在现场发现死亡,6人在附近的医院死亡。18 of the victims reportedly have also not yet been identified. 据报道,18名遇难者还没确定身份。The explosion, which occurred San Pablito market, left 59 people wounded with 46 still hospitalized. 爆炸发生在圣保罗罗西市场,有59人受伤,另有46人仍在住院。Video of the blast showed a giant array of fireworks exploding at the market and a massive plumes of smoke covering the area, which is just outside of Mexico City.爆炸现场的视频显示,大量烟花在市场上爆炸,该地区到处弥漫着烟雾,位于墨西哥城以外。译文属。201612/486043宜春韩美医院治疗鲜红斑痣效果怎样宜春半导体激光脱毛医院



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