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雪莉吃不惯公司的工作餐,于是叫了好朋友简到外面的大排档吃中饭,两个人对于吃的观念好像很不一样,一起来看看吧。Listen Read Learn Jane: How do you like the food sold in this sidewalk snack booth?Shirley: At least, it is better than my boxed lunch at work. I'm so fed up with the bland food. Thank you for having lunch with me!Jane: Any time. But I don't mind eating boxed lunch. The food sanitation is really good too.Shirley: It's hard to believe that you like it. You are so easy to be satisfied.Jane: Hey, it's not that bad. The food is nutritious and it's really convenient. I don't want to spend too much time on eating stuff.Shirley: Eating is important. You are what you eat. It's not only a daily routine.Jane: Well, will you just go back to work after lunch?Shirley: No. I'm going to pay the bill for the company's lunch.Jane: But you didn't eat anything today.Shirley: Well, the bill is paid by month. That's probably the only thing that I like about a take-out restaurant.Jane: All right. I'm going to the McDonald's.Shirley: For what? I thought you didn't like western food.Jane: No, I never did. It's for my son. He loves it, and I made an agreement with him that he can eat it once a week.Shirley: That's really smart. My son Daniel is the same with your son. I just don't get it, why all the kids prefer western food to traditional food.Jane: Me, either. But, it's for sure that the children market is a really big one.Shirley: That's for sure. It's always hard for the parents to say “no” to their children.听看学简: 你觉得大排档里卖的东西好吃吗?雪莉: 至少,它比我们公司吃的盒饭好吃。我受够了那些乏味的食物了。谢谢你陪我吃午饭。简: 我很乐意啊。但是我倒是不介意吃盒饭。那些食物的卫生也很不错。雪莉: 真难以相信你会喜欢。你也太容易满足了吧。简: 嗨,没有那么差吧。那些食物营养而且非常方便。我可不想花太多的时间在吃饭上。雪莉: 吃是很重要的。吃什么样的东西代表你是什么样的人。它可不只是每天的例行公事哦。简: 还有,你吃完饭之后会直接回去工作吗?雪莉: 不,我得去把公司的工作午餐的账结了。简: 但是你今天什么都没有吃啊。雪莉: 这个啊,账单是月结的。这可能是外卖让我喜欢的唯一一点。简: 好吧。我要去一趟麦当劳。雪莉: 去做什么?我原以为你不喜欢西餐的。简: 没错,我从来都不喜欢。是给我儿子的。他最喜欢了。我跟他约定每周只吃一次。雪莉: 这是个聪明的做法。我儿子丹尼尔也和你儿子一样。我就是不明白,为什么孩子们都喜欢西方的食品而不喜欢传统食物呢?简: 我也不明白。可是,可以确定的是儿童市场是一个非常大的市场。雪莉: 肯定的啊。让父母对他们的孩子说“不”总是很难的。经典背诵 RecitationShirley: Today I had lunch with my friend Jane at a sidewalk snack booth. The food there was far better than my working lunch which I never liked. But Jane was fine with working lunch thinking it was nutritious and convenient, and she didn't want to spend too much time on it. I couldn't agree with her on this. In my eyes, eating was important because I believed you were what you ate.生词小结booth n. 货摊boxed adj. 盒装的fed up 厌倦bland adj. 淡而无味的sanitation n. 卫生nutritious adj. 营养的routine n. 常规agreement n. 约定Functional structure 功能性句型扩展表示感谢的句型请朗读以下句型,家长和孩子交替进行。Thank you. / Thanks. 谢谢您。Thank you for doing / sth. 谢谢你……I (really) appreciate it that… 很高兴……It's…( 形容词 ) of you. 你……真是太……了。That's very… ( 形容词 ) of you. 你太……了。My pleasure. 不客气。You're welcome. 不客气。 /200808/47007287. 在会上他做了一个总结,主要意思如下...... [误] He made a final report at the meeting. The main idea is as follow... [正] He made a final report at the meeting. The main idea is as follows...注:as follows 是个习语,不管后面要讲的内容有几项,follow 后面一律加s。 /200812/57978This term "nao can ti", meaning literally "brain-impaired writing style", is the Chinese answer to "leetspeak" in English. It's a language used by some netizens who mix traditional and simplified Chinese characters with symbols, numbers and alphabets. It is so hard to that it looks like the writing of a mentally impairedperson.“脑残体”从字面上来讲就是指“大脑不健全人的书写风格”,在英文中对应的说法为leetspeak。这种语言风格多用于网络,使用者通常将繁体汉字、简体汉字、各种符号、数字以及英文字母混杂在一起来表达自己的意思。因为这种方式写出的句子很难读懂,所以看上去就像是大脑发育不健全的人写的东西一样。This language is quite popular among young netizens who on one hand would like to show their independent personality, on the other hand, want to keep some privacy from their teachers and parents.“脑残体”这种语言在年轻网民中特别受欢迎,因为这种语言一方面可以彰显他们的个性,同时还可以帮助他们在老师和家长面前保护自己的隐私。例如:莓兲想埝祢巳宬儰⒈种漝惯。(每天想念你已成为一种习惯。)TEh INTeRn3T i5 THr3@+EN1N9 t0 Ch@n93 thE W4Y wE $p34k. (The Internet is threatening to change the way we speak. ) /201003/98618英语口语速成课堂:CARD UP ONES SLEEVE"口语顶呱呱"帮你练出一口顶呱呱的英语 /200712/22128G: have you seen the new Cosmo magazine that I was ing this morning?W: I think I may have seen it on the kitchen table.G: you're right, thanks. There's an interesting interview with a top director about his latest film that I want to finish.W: who's the director?G: it's Martin Scorsese. You liked his film, The Departed, didn't you?W: yes, it was fantastic! Can I the article when you're finished?G: sure. You know it has an online edition, too. You should go online to if you want to it now.W: that's ok. I'll wait until you're finished. Just out of curiosity, do you have a subscription for that maganize?G: no. I don't buy it regularly enough for it to be worthwhile.W: how much does the maganize cost?G: it's almost three pounds now, and I think they're going to put the price up to four pounds soon.W: that's quite expensive. Who is their target audience(目标读者,观众)?G: Cosmo mainly has a middle-class ership, but I think circulation will fall dramatically(大幅下跌) if the price goes up anymore.W: I bet you'll still buy it, though. You wouldn't be able to live without your fashion magazine! /201003/100188

Come 差不多是我们开始学英语时就学到的词,有关come 的妙用我们也曾经介绍一二。今天再给大家来介绍几个关于come 的片语。 1. Come on to 对……轻薄;吃豆腐 虽说世界上正人君子还是占多数,不过猥琐下流的男人也不少,这种人就喜欢利用一切机会吃女生的豆腐。Come on to 这个片语就是“Make sexual advances 对……轻薄;吃豆腐”的意思: Tanya slapped Bill after he came on to her. Tanya在Bill对她轻薄之后打了他一巴掌。 She reported her boss for coming on to her. 她老板轻薄她,被她告发了。 2.Come easily 易如反掌 想形容一件事情很容易做到,我们中文里有“易如反掌”这个词,英文里可以用come easily 来表达: Languages come easily to some people. 语言学习对有些人来说易如反掌。 3. Come again你说什么/再说一遍 听不清别人的话,想让他再说一遍,我们通常可以说“Pardon?(注意一定是升调)” ,“Would you repeat it?”等等。Come again 也可以用来表示这个意思: Come again? I didn't quite understand what you said. 你说什么?你刚说的话我不明白。 Come again 还有质疑别人说的话的意思,想想看,当你质疑别人的话时,是不是也常说“你说什么”? 4.Come clean全盘托出,招供 当你把一件事情向某个人全盘托出的时候,就是come clean了,这个表达法还可以用来描述罪犯“招供”: If you come clean about what happened I will promise to keep it to myself. 发生了什么事,你都告诉我,我保不会对别人讲的。 The criminal decided to come clean. 罪犯决定供出事实。 /200801/25106

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