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宜春韩美整形医院做丰胸手术多少钱宜春韩美整形美容整形科41 Ordering a Pizza(1)第41课 订购披萨(1)W: Petes Pizza, may I help you?工作人员:彼得比萨店,我能为您效劳吗?C: Yes, I have on e of your buy one, get one free coupons, and Id like to order two large pizzas.打电话者:是的,我有一张贵店送的买一送一的优待券,我想订两份大比萨。W: Will that be for pick-up or delivery?工作人员:您自己来拿还是外送?C: Delivery, please.打电话者:请外送。W: Can I get your phone number?工作人员:我可以留下您的电话号码吗?C: Sure. Its 212-331-7600.打电话者:当然可以。电话是212 -331-7600。W: And your address?工作人员:您的地址呢?C: 2244 Forest Drive. (to be continued)打电话者:森林大道2244号。(待续) /201504/367485江西省宜春市第二人民医院治疗痘坑多少钱 11.Job processing Dialogue11.工作进度 对话Steven has been in the office for a few days. Now the director Daniel is asking how things are at Stevens work.史蒂文工作有一段时间了。现在,负责人丹尼尔正在询问史蒂文工作的进展情况。Daniel: Hi, Steven, take a seat! How are things at work?丹尼尔:嗨,史蒂文,请坐!工作进行得怎么样了?Steven: Its coming along well, but it is a little delayed.史蒂文:进展不错,但时间上有点拖延。Daniel: Can you finish it on time?丹尼尔:能按时完成吗?Steven: Im pressed for time and I am afraid I need someone to help me.史蒂文:我时间紧迫,恐怕需要有人帮忙完成。Daniel: OK, I will send Beker to help you. We need to get the brochures done and sent them to our clients on Friday without delay.丹尼尔:好,我派贝克去协助你。星期五一定要把小册子印好并送到客户手上,不得拖延。Steven: OK, we promise to do it well.史蒂文:好的,我们保做好。 /201510/40372154 Renting A Video(4)第54课 租录影带(4)The clerk is recommending some s to the customers.店员正向顾客推荐一些录像带。S: As for comedies, I suggest this new Eddie Murphy film.店员:至于喜剧片,我建议这部新的埃迪·墨菲影片。C2: Sure, I like Eddie Murphy.顾客乙:好啊,我喜欢埃迪·墨菲。C1: Okay, then well get these two.顾客甲:好的,那么我们要这两部。S: Do you have a membership card?店员:你们有会员卡吗?C2: Yes, here it is.顾客乙:有,在这儿。S: Okay, thatll be .00 for three nights rental.店员:好,3天的租金总共是5元。C1: Here you go.顾客甲:钱给你。S: Thank you for visiting ICUC Videos.店员:感谢您光临ICUC影带店。 /201505/367658江西省宜春市第一人民医院去眼袋多少钱

宜春绣眉5. if so, we agree to settle your claims.如果这样的话,我们同意理赔。还能这样说:If it is true, we are in favor of your claim.If things turn out like that, we approve to settle the claims.应用:settle down! 安静!6. We face with the problem that part of the consignment is unacceptable.我们面临的问题是委托的部分货物无法接受。还能这样说:The problem we face is that some consignments are rejected.The problem is that some of the consignment is not acceptable.谚语:The face is the index of the mind.脸是心灵的镜子。7. We are lodging a claim for inferior quality.我们因获取质量低劣的货物而提出索赔要求。还能这样说:We claim for that we are sent the bad quality goods.We request a claim for poor-quality commodity.应用:quality是常用词,指表现于某人或某物与其他不同的特质或特点;characteristic指特殊的,易于辨认的特性或特征;feature指引人注意的显著特征或细节。8. Therefore I regret very much that we cant bear you to file a claim on us.因此非常抱歉,我们不能接受你们向我们提出的索赔。还能这样说:So I am sorry that we are not in a position to accept your claim.So I am sorry for our inability to accept your claim.应用:bear in with 驶向,驶近;bear in 生于;bear against 否决 /201504/369931樟树市中人民医院点痣多少钱 Introducing yourself自我介绍Hello_您好_Hello. Im_您好。 我是_Hello, my names_你好,我的名字是_Im_, by the way.我是_,顺便说一句。Pleased to meet you.很高兴见到你。Pleased to meet you, too.很高兴见到你。its a pleasure.我的荣幸。Its a pleasure to meet you.这是一个很高兴;遇见你。Its a pleasure to meet you, too这是一个很高兴见到你How do you do?你好?Nice to meet you很高兴见到你Nice to meet you, too.也很高兴见到你。Introducing someone else介绍他人Id like to introduce you to_.我想向您介绍_。let me introduce you to_.让我给你介绍_。I want you to meet_我想你认识一下_have you met_?你认识_?do you know_?你知道吗_?this is_.这是_。Have you met_?你遇到_?Have you two met?你们两个有没有见过面吗?Do you know_?你知道吗_?Do you two know each other?你们两个认识对方吗?Giving basic information提供基本信息(S)hes in…(她)他在...(S)he works in…(她),他的作品在...(S)he works for…他(她)的作品...(S)hes based in…(她)他是总部设在...(S)he works out of...他(她)的作品出...(S)he has his/her own(她),他有他/她自己的(S)he runs his/her own(她)他运营他/她自己Im in,...算我一个,...I work in...我在工作...I work for...我的工作...Im based in...,我总部设在...I work out of,...我失业了,...I have my own,...我有我自己的,...I run my own…我有我自己的... /201604/435585宜春最好的美容医院

宜春铜鼓县中人民医院乳头隆乳巨乳副乳哪家便宜价格13. Our company estimates next years turnover will reach 18 billion pounds.我们预计公司下一年的营业额会达到180亿英镑。还能这样说:It is estimated that next years turnover may reach 18 billion pounds.Our company evaluates that the annual turnover will be 18 billion pounds next year.应用:at a rough estimate 据粗略估计;by estimate 估计;form an estimate 给……做估计,评价14. What are the main items that you deal in?可以告诉我您经营的是主要产品是什么吗?还能这样说:What are the main products of your company?What products do you mainly run?应用:a big deal 重要的人,重要的事;call it a deal 就这样决定,一言为定15. All products have to go through six checks during the whole process.所有产品在整个生产过程中得通过6道质检关。还能这样说:We have six checks before the products are sold.During the whole process, all products have to be checked six times.应用:go the whole hog 彻底或完全地做某事;whole coverage 全赔保险16. Its largest single block of turnover comes from emerging markets.营业额最大的一块就是来自新兴市场。还能这样说:The emerging markets make the most money for it.The lions share of the turnover comes from the emerging markets.应用:hang by a single th 千钧一发;in single fire 成单行;in single figures 个位数字;single space 单位行距 /201501/352773 Todd: Now theres a couple that are kind of, that are not as nice. They can be positive or negative like for example a helicopter parent.托德:还有一些家长的类型可能不太好。这些形容词既可以是褒义的也可以是贬义的,比如直升机家长。Julia: A helicopter parent? Whats that?朱莉娅:直升机家长?那是什么?Todd: So a helicopter parent is basically a parent that just hovers over their child all the time. Theyre always worried about their child. They follow them everywhere. They want to know what theyre doing at all times and they just worry a lot. Theyre so worried...托德:直升机家长是指那些像直升机一样一直盘旋在孩子上空的家长。他们总是为孩子感到担心。不管孩子去哪里,他们都会一直跟着。他们随时都想知道孩子在干什么,他们一直在担心。因为太担心了……Julia: That sounds very stressful.朱莉娅:那听起来太有压力了。Todd: Yeah.托德:对。Julia: As a parent.朱莉娅:作为家长来说。Todd: Theyre always worried their childs going to get hurt or something, you know, or they just are just over-protective, I guess yeah. So are you a helicopter parent?托德:他们一直担心孩子会受伤,我想这种家长对孩子有些过度保护了。你属于直升机家长吗?Julia: No, I dont think so, no. No, Im very happy for my daughter to have independence.朱莉娅:不是,我想我不是。我希望我的女儿能独立。Todd: Thats good. Thats good. So you dont like, if she goes outside for a few minutes or if shes, you know, you hear some clanging in the next room, you dont go rushing over.托德:这很好,很好。那如果她在外面待了几分钟,或是你听到隔壁房间有叮叮当当的声音,你也不会立刻冲过去查看情况。Julia: No. I wait for the tears before I go over.朱莉娅:不会。她哭了我才会过去。Todd: Smart, smart. Theres, recently because of a very popular book we have, its called the Tiger Mom.托德:聪明,这很明智。最近有一本非常受欢迎的书,叫《虎妈》。Julia: A Tiger Mum?朱莉娅:虎妈?Todd: Yeah, Tiger Mom.托德:对,虎妈。Julia: Sounds cool. Is it a positive term or is it a negative?朱莉娅:听起来很酷。这是褒义还是贬义?Todd: It is kind of. Actually it comes, the tiger I think comes from the Asian reference. Its like for an Asian mother and its basically really strict, really driven, like really push your kids, make them study hard, demand good grades, demand that they do extra curricular activities, really push them to have high paying careers or successful careers, do well academically and stuff like that.托德:嗯……我想老虎这个词是借鉴了亚洲的说法。在亚洲,虎妈指那种非常严厉、非常有动力的妈妈,她们一直在鞭策孩子,让孩子努力学习,要求孩子必须取得好成绩,要求他们做额外的课外活动,鞭策孩子寻求高薪工作或成功的工作,要求他们学业出色等等。Julia: From very young, does this...?朱莉娅:从很小还是……Todd: Yeah, from very young. The woman who wrote the book, I think its actually called Tiger Mom and she was a Yale professor and I think she was of Chinese ancestry and she raised these very successful daughters and so she wrote a book and basically saying you need to be strict and push your kids and demand excellence. I think thats what she wrote.托德:对,从很小开始。写《虎妈》这本书的女性是耶鲁大学的教授,我想她有中国血统,她把女儿们培养得非常出色,所以她写了这本书,告诉读者家长要严格,要鞭策孩子追求卓越。我想她是要传达这些。Julia: Is the tiger, is it reference to like the Chinese horoscope, maybe like the characteristics of the tiger for that year?朱莉娅:虎是不是中国的生肖,就是属虎的人的一些特征?Todd: No. Actually I just think it has to do with being a tiger comes from Asia, I think thats it.托德:不是,我认为应该就是亚洲的一种老虎。我是这么认为的。Julia: OK, well a tiger does have a pretty kind of aggressive or driven sort of image.朱莉娅:好,老虎有时的确给人富于进攻性、有动力的形象。Todd: Right.托德:没错。Julia: When a tiger gets something in its sights, you know, like where it comes from.朱莉娅:尤其是老虎发现什么的时候,可能这就是这个词的来源吧。Todd: Totally.托德:没错。Julia: No, Im not so much a tiger mum, no.朱莉娅:我并不是虎妈。Todd: So youre a soccer mom.托德:你是足球妈妈。Julia: More of a soccer mum I think, yeah.朱莉娅:我想我更像足球妈妈。Todd: Thats good. Yeah, thats what I would want, a soccer mom.托德:这很好。我觉得足球妈妈很不错。Julia: A soccer mum, yeah.朱莉娅:嗯,足球妈妈。 译文属 /201611/480126宜春市韩美整形医院做隆胸手术多少钱丰城自体脂肪隆鼻价格