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樟树市人民医院仿真整形仿生整形光疗祛痘多少钱宜春市中医院切眼袋手术多少钱1 Cooking Dialogue1 烹饪 对话Steven wants to eat dumplings today. And his wife Julia asks him to help her in the kitchen.史蒂文今天想吃饺子,他的妻子茱莉娅让他在厨房里帮忙。 Julia: What do you want to eat today?茱莉娅:今天你想吃什么?Steven: I feel like having some dumplings. Lets go out to eat.史蒂文:我很想吃饺子。那咱们出去吃吧。Julia: No need! I know how to make dumplings. Lets do it from scratch. Can you give me a hand in the kitchen? I dont think I can finish everything by myself.茱莉娅:不用了。我会包饺子,我们自己做吧。能到厨房搭把手吗? 我一个人忙不过来。Steven: Of course. What do you want me to do?史蒂文:当然可以了。你让我做什么?Julia: Just trim vegetables for cooking. I will cut up the meat.茱莉娅:择菜吧。我去剁肉。Steven: I can do that. And ! would like to make dumplings later.史蒂文:我会做这些。稍后我还要 包饺子呢。Julia: Yeah, you are my good helper, Steven.茱莉娅:是啊,史蒂文,你真是我的好助手啊。Steven: Absolutely.史蒂文:那是当然。 /201505/377238江西省宜春市第二人民医院雕眉粉黛眉海藻眉飘眉哪家便宜价格 Language Points1.The Financially Irresponsible Guy2.The Man-Child3.The Narcissistic Guy4.The Needy Guy5.The Wandering-Eye Guy6.The Predictable Guy7.The Liar8.The Desperate Guy /201610/471023本期内容:To save time is to lengthen life. 节约时间就是延长生命首先,我们来学习一个单词 lengthen L-E-N-G-T-H-E-N 延长我们可以学习到一个构词规律,形容词加上en词尾常常构成动词比如short 短的 形容词是shorten 缩短wide 宽的 形容词是widen 阔宽strong牢固的 形容词是strengthen 加固关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖 /201701/489362樟树第二人民医院做双眼皮手术多少钱

宜春韩美整形美容医院韩式隆鼻多少钱Todd: So, Jeyong, you were telling me that you like to travel.托德:在英,你说过你很喜欢旅行。Jeyong: Yes, very much.在英:对,非常喜欢。Todd: Now, this is interesting. Who do you normally travel with?托德:这很有意思。一般你都和谁一起旅行?Jeyong: You would be kind of surprised to hear this, but then, I normally travel with my dad.在英:你听到我的会有点吃惊的,我通常都和我爸爸一起旅行。Todd: Wow. Thats so cool. Why is that?托德:哇。太酷了。为什么呢?Jeyong: That will be first of all because my dad goes on a business trip very often and I ask him if I can follow him most of the time and he would say yes, and I would just have time with him on his business trip and traveling around.在英:首先,因为我爸爸经常出差,我问他出差期间我能不能大部分时间都跟着他,他说可以,所以我就可以跟他去出差,顺便四处旅行。Todd: Thats really cool. What kind of business does your father do?托德:这真的太酷了。你父亲是做什么生意的?Jeyong: Hes in apparel.在英:他做装生意。Todd: Apparel.托德:装。Jeyong: Export.在英:装出口。Todd: Oh, really.托德:哦,真的吗?Jeyong: Yes.在英:对。Todd: So does he teach you the secrets about business?托德:那他有没有教你做生意的秘诀?Jeyong: Not that much about business, but then traveling around he teaches me about differences between all the cultures of countries.在英:并没有教我太多,不过我跟他一起旅行时,他教了我很多各国的文化知识。Todd: Thats fantastic.托德:那太棒了。Jeyong: How importat that is.在英:这是多么重要啊!Todd: So what countries have you been to with your father?托德:你和你父亲去哪些国家旅行过?Jeyong: A lot to name, actually. Do you want me to name all those?在英:我们去过很多国家。你想让我都说出来吗?Todd: Well, how about which ones do you remember the most?托德:你印象最深的是哪里?Jeyong: I remember the most about Europe. I went to France, England, Switzerland and Roma so those four places were very interesting for me, and other than that, I went to Cambodia, Vietnam, Guam, and so on.在英:我印象最深的是欧洲。我去过法国、英国、瑞士和罗马,我认为这四个地方非常有趣,除此之外,我还去过柬埔寨、越南、关岛等国家。Todd: What was Cambodia like?托德:柬埔寨怎么样?Jeyong: Cambodia is a really memorable trip for me with my dad because it was really interesting how many people live in boats on the water. Theres a society in Cambodia like that and then it was really sad looking at them how they own much money and they have to spend their day using a dollar.在英:对我和我爸爸来说,柬埔寨之行非常难忘,因为那里有许多人住在船上,这很有意思。,这很有意思。柬埔寨社会的情况就是这样,看他们挣钱还有每天只能花1美元感觉很难过。Todd: So not very much, but did the people seem happy in Cambodia?托德:不太多,那柬埔寨民众开心吗?Jeyong: They did look happy, happier than the people where I come from.在英:他们看起来很开心,比我家乡的人们要开心。Todd: Thats kind of interesting. Yeah, I used to live in Thailand and I kind of felt the same way to, although Thailand is very developed. Any other places that youve been to?托德:这很有意思。我在泰国生活过一段时间,我觉得那里的人们也是这样,虽然泰国发展的很好。你还去过其他地方吗?Jeyong: Other places? Maybe in The States.在英:其他地方?我还去过美国。Todd: Oh, really. Where did you live in the States? Or what did you do in the States?托德:哦,真的吗?你在美国哪里生活过?你在美国会做些什么?Jeyong: When I was in elementary school, I lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for five years but after that I also went travelling around the other states, such as San Francisco in California, Los Angeles and New York City, where I like the most and Florida. All the beaches.在英:我上小学时在密歇根州安阿伯市生活过五年,之后我还去美国其他州生活过,加州旧金山、洛杉矶还有纽约市,我都去过,我最喜欢的是佛罗里达州。那里有非常多的海滩。Todd: Now, Im from San Francisco and you said you like New York better that San Francisco, so I have to ask why.托德:我来自旧金山,你说过相较于旧金山,你更喜欢纽约。我一定得问下为什么。Jeyong: Why? Because the people in New York, how they live their life, it looks cool.在英:为什么?因为纽约人的生活方式看起来非常酷。Todd: Yeah, New Yorkers are pretty cool. OK, well thanks Jeyong. Thanks a lot.托德:对,纽约人的确很酷。好,在英,谢谢你。非常谢谢你。Jeyong: No problem. Thank you.在英:不客气。谢谢你。 译文属 /201512/416116丰城市人民医院鼻梁鼻头鼻根要多少费用 We made the go-around because our landing gear wouldnt extend normally. Request holding pattern to perform checklist.621. 我们刚才复飞的原因是起落架无法正常放出。申请等待来做检查单。We have exhausted all options. We will land without the nose gear fully locked.622. 我们用尽了所有选项。现在只能够尝试没有前起落架完全锁住的情况下落地。We cannot extend the left landing gear. Request foaming the runway.623. 我们不能放出左起落架。申请在跑道上喷洒泡沫。Request diversion to a nearby airport with foaming capability.624. 申请备降到附近一个能够喷洒防火泡沫的机场。We applied maximum braking when we rejected takeoff. Request fire services to escort the aircraft back to the apron.625. 刚才中断起飞时我们使用了最大刹车,申请消防车护送飞机回停机坪。The tyres are deflated. We will have to hold at present position for maintenance inspection.626. 轮胎瘪了,我们需要原地等待机务来做检查。I think we blew a nose wheel tyre. Request holding position.627. 我认为我们的前轮爆胎了。申请原地等待。We no longer have airspeed and altitude on our primary displays.628. 我们的主显示器上不再有空速和高度显示了。We have errors with our navigation. Request radar monitoring.629. 我们的导航有误差。申请雷达监控。Our inertial reference system has failed, unable GPS approach. Request ILS or VOR approach.630. 我们的惯导失效了,不能够使用GPS进近。申请盲降或VOR进近。We made the go around because the GPWS warning was triggered.631. 我们复飞是因为触发了近地警告。We have to recalibrate our instruments. Request to level off and maintain heading.632. 我们需要重新校准仪表。申请改平飞并保持航向。Our ADS-B transmitter appears to be malfunctioning. Terminating further ADS-B transmissions.633. 我们的ADS-B发报机似乎故障了。终止ADS-B发报。ADS-B equipment degradation, will advise when able to resume operations.634. ADS-B设备降级,当恢复使用时将告知。GPS unreliable, terminating ADS-B transmissions.635. GPS不可靠,终止ADS-B发报。Our ADS-B has malfunctioned. Is there any weather advisory at our destination?636. 我们的ADS-B发报机已故障。有目的地机场的气象报吗?We made an overshoot because our ADS-B indicated a possible runway incursion.637. 我们复飞是因为我们的ADS-B显示可能有跑道人侵。We made a go-around due to head-up display problem. We’ll inform you when we are y for the approach.638. 我们复飞是因为平视显示故障。准备好进近时我们将通知你们。Our airspeed is unreliable. Request climb to minimum safe altitude to perform checklist.639. 我们的空速指示不可靠。申请爬升到最低安全高度来做检查单。Our airspeed is unreliable. Request radar vectors for long final.640. 我们的空速指示不可靠,申请雷达引导到长五边。 /201704/499307宜春市第六人民医院胶原蛋白线面部提升胶原蛋白线锯齿线多少钱

奉新县治疗痤疮多少钱One of the terrorists is about forty-year old. He is about 180 cm tall, wearing a brown shirt and dark pants.821. 一名恐怖分子大约40岁。他有180厘米高,穿着棕色衬衫和深色裤子。A terrorist is trying to access the cockpit. He is about 30 years old. He is wearing a hat and backpack.822. 一名恐怖分子正试图接近驾驶舱。他约30岁。戴一顶帽子背双肩背包。The purser reports there are over ten hijackers onboard. They are threatening to kill passengers if we don’t fly to another destination.823. 乘务长报告机上有超过10名劫机犯。正威胁我们如果不飞往另一个目的地,他们要杀死旅客。Some of the hijackers are carrying sharp protruding weapons.824. 一些劫机犯拿着锋利的、尖锐的武器。There is a stand-off in the cabin. Some of the hijackers are carrying blades.825. 客舱已陷于僵持状态。一些劫机犯拿着刀片。Terrorists started to injure passengers.826. 恐怖分子开始伤害旅客了。We will remain on the runway. The hijackers have taken four hostages to the rear of the cabin.827. 我们将停留在跑道上。劫机犯已把四名人质带到了客舱后部。Terrorists are threatening to start killing passengers and the crew.828. 恐怖分子们威胁他们将要杀死旅客和机组了。The air marshal and passengers have restrained five suspects. The situation is now under control.829. 空中保安和旅客们已经制了五名疑犯。局面得到了控制。A suspicious suitcase was found during the cabin inspection.830. 客舱检查中发现了可疑手提箱。The air marshal is searching the aircraft interior for any suspicious articles.831. 空中保安正在搜查飞机里面的任何可疑物品。Some explosives were discovered behind a panel near the back of the cabin.832. 客舱后部的一个面板后面发现一些爆炸物。What do the bomb-disposal experts suggest we do?833. 拆弹专家们建议我们做什么?The cabin crew reports a passenger is behaving strangely.834. 客舱机组报告一名旅客行为怪异。A bomb has exploded and the cabin is full of smoke. Request emergency descent.835. 炸弹已爆炸,客舱到处是烟雾。申请紧急下降。We are evacuating on the runway. Be advised the bomb is still on board.836. 我们正在跑道上紧急撤离。请你告知相关人员炸弹还在飞机上。We are unsure of our position due to navigation failure. If any station can hear me, please respond.837. 由于导航失效,我们不确定位置。如有任何电台能听到我们,请回话。We only have standby magnetic compass due instrument failure. Now heading 245. Request navigation assistance.838. 我们因仪表失效只有备用磁罗盘。现在航向245。请求导航援助。We are unsure of our position due FMS failure. Last known position five miles north of FUPAD, now heading 165 for weather avoidance.839. 我们由于飞行管理计算机失效不能确定位置。最后已知位置FUPAD以北5海里,现在航向165以避开天气。We have navigation map drift. Request climb to MEA.840. 我们有导航地图漂移。申请上升到最低航路高度。 /201704/502242 宜春韩美医疗整形美容医院激素脸激素依赖性皮炎水光针哪家便宜价格宜春韩美整形美容医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱




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