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In Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota,loggers harvest over 50 million acres of trees.在密歇根,威斯康星与明尼苏达伐木工人们砍掉了整整5000万英亩森林Green gold.A magnet for Scandinavian woodsmen.绿色的金子,如磁铁一般吸引着斯堪的纳维亚樵夫Between 1825 and 1925,a third of Norway#39;s entire population comes to America. including Nils Haugen.从1825年到1925年这一百年间,挪威总人口的三分之一来到美国,尼尔斯·豪根便是其中一员The pay was a day.You had to have a good pair of driving boots well caulked to be able to keep on top of the logs.当时的薪水是每天3美元,每个人都要准备一双结实的靴子,密不渗水以便能踩在漂浮的原木上There#39;s millions of dollars at stake.事关百万美金的生意If the flow of logs stops, towns can#39;t be built.如果木材不能顺流而下城镇便无法建造Log jams. River man#39;s ruin.原木阻塞是河工们的噩梦In 1886,pines to build 20,000 homes get stopped on the St.Croix River.1886年,可建两万所房屋的松木堵在了圣克罗伊河上 150 Million feet of wood.1.5亿英尺的木材Remove the right log, and the rest will explode downstream.只要移开关键部位的木材,其余的便会奔流而下Rivermen die clearing the obstructions like this.类似的排障过程中有些河工失去了生命In 1892,2 billion feet of lumber will be cut in Wisconsin alone.1892年,仅威斯康星一州就砍伐了20亿英尺木材The railroad feeds lumber into the West#39;s construction boom.木材经由铁路运往各地,促进西部建设繁荣Towns are built so fast,there#39;s no time to name streets.城镇如雨后春笋般发展起来,人们甚至无暇为街道命名They#39;re given letters and numbers.代之以字母或序号The Great Plains is also home to the most numerous species of large wild mammal on earth.大平原上还栖息着世界上大型野生哺乳动物中数量最多的一种30 million buffalo, herds up to 25 miles long,race to summer breeding grounds.3000万头美洲野牛,集结成长达25英里的牛群向夏季的繁殖地狂奔On a collision course with the modern world.却不幸与现代世界迎面相撞The railroad brings a new kind of hunter to the Great Plains.铁路把新一代的猎手带到了大平原Driven by profit,fresh from the carnage of the Civil War.在利益的驱使下,刚刚经过内战的洗礼Two million rifles are in circulation.200万来福触手可及Over a million veterans trained to use them have a new target in their sights.这让100万训练有素的退伍军人,有了新的标靶 /201211/210145UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today#39;s ;Shoutout; goes out to Mr. Fletcher and the students at Williston Central School in Williston, Vermont. Good luck with that current events game.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了弗莱彻先生的学校。Now, who wrote the words to ;The Star-Spangled Banner;: was it Benjamin Franklin, Francis Scott Key, Betsy Ross or john Philip Sousa? You#39;ve got three seconds, go.谁为《星条旗永不落》作词?他是本杰明#8226;富兰克林,弗朗西斯#8226;斯科特#8226;基,贝琪#8226;罗丝还是约翰#8226;菲利普#8226;苏沙?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!During the war of 1812, Francis Scott Key wrote the words that will become America#39;s national anthem.在1812年战时,弗朗西斯#8226;斯科特#8226;基为将要成为美国国歌的曲子作词。That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.;那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊“。AZUZ: Oh say, can you see controversy?这么说,你能看到争议吗?If you watched Monday#39;s presidential inauguration, you heard Beyonce sing ;The Star-Spangled Banner.;如果你看了周一的总统就职,你会听到碧昂斯唱《星条旗永不落》。But did you see her sing it live?但你看到她是现场唱的吗?You might have heard about this accusation aly.你可能已经听到了这个谴责。Was Beyonce live or was she lip-synching.碧昂斯是真唱还是在对口型?We are going to play an excerpt, a clip from that performance for you right now. Check this out.我们将要为您播放一段从那个表演中节选的片段。让我们看看吧。AZUZ: So, live or lip-synching?那么,是现场唱还是对嘴型呢?The U.S. Marine Band, which provided the accompanying music said it#39;s not in a position to know for sure.提供伴奏的美国海军乐队他们不能确切的知道这一点。The owner of the company that ran the audio board, said I don#39;t think it#39;s a question that I should answer.这家播放音乐板的公司负责人说我觉得这不是一个我应该回答的问题。 /201301/222601

  Are you afraid to shake hands or high-five? Do you avoid holding hands with your lover? Do your palms get clammy and damp when you get nervous? Relax! There is help for you. Learn how to manage and control your sweaty palms in a few easy steps.你是否害怕和别人握手或击掌?你手否不敢和恋人牵手?你紧张的时候是否会手心出汗?放松一点!这段视频可以帮你解决!跟随我们学习一下怎样通过几个简单的步骤来解决和控制手掌出汗的问题。Step 1: In The Moment1.手心出汗时Need to dry your palms right now? Clap a little cornstarch or talcum powder between your hands. Or try the medicated powder you use on your feet toll soak up moisture and odor.需要立即把手心的汗擦干?在两手之间抹一点玉米粉或滑石粉。或者尝试一下用于吸湿和除臭的药粉。Step 2: Ahead Of Time2.提前准备If you#39;re worried your palms are going to sweat, take preventative measures. Put some clear, unscented antiperspirant right on them. Look for the kind with aluminum chloride - it blocks your sweat ducts.如果你担心你的手掌会出汗,提前采取一些措施。在手掌抹上一些透明,无气味的吸汗剂。可以选择能够堵塞汗腺的氯化铝。Step 3: Relax3.放松If your palms get clammy when you#39;re nervous, you have to learn how to relax and control your anxiety. Try yoga, meditation or biofeedback to keep your hands dry.如果你紧张的时候手心易出汗,你应该学习一下怎样放松,控制自己的焦虑不安。可以尝试瑜伽,药物或机能反馈疗法来保持手掌干燥。Thanks for watching How To Treat Sweaty Palms感谢收看“怎样治疗手心出汗”视频节目。 /201211/206897

  Fun mind-ing stunt you can do to fool your friends - anytime, anywhere! 好好看,认真学,你可在任何时候,任何地方做这个有趣的读心特技愚弄你的朋友!希望你能够和朋友一起分享其中的快乐! Article/201202/170696。

  伦敦高端洋娃娃设计师以这种方式向好莱坞最著名的女明星之一的阿比#8226;兰恩致敬的。High-end London doll designers are paying homage to one of Hollywood#39;s most famous starlets with a miniature Abbe Lane. Superdoll Collectables is holding an exhibition of the screen legend in her resin replica in Milan.With her red hair, stylish clothes and chihuahua under her arm - this is no ordinary doll. Based on Hollywood singer and actress Abbe Lane, this is the latest doll from Superdoll Collectables. And the star herself is here in Milan for the launch of her doll. In the 1950s her flaming hair, hips and glamour clothing set pulses racing.Abbe Lane, Hollywood singer amp; actress, said, ;They could have chosen many other actresses but the fact that they chose me is unbelievable. And so when I open the first box, you know the glass tonight with the doll, I am sure I am going to be, as we say, blown away,;From sequined mermaid gowns to black lace and leopard-print dresses, the London designers researched, cut and sewed each outfit by hand.Charles Fegen, Designer of Superdoll Collectables, said, ;Our dolls don#39;t complain, our dolls don#39;t put on weight, so it#39;s a lot easier to make clothes for them and to dress them. ;Desmond Lingard, Designer of Superdoll Collectables, said, ;It’s easier in that sense, in design sense, but it#39;s actually more difficult than making human clothes because you are working on such a minute scale.;The dolls have no official prices, the close-knit community of doll collectors#39; deal directly with their designers. The Superdolls travel the world, exhibiting and selling in places like Moscow, New York and Japan. Now it#39;s time for Fegen to dress the dolls y for another busy day of fashion shoots and being admired - just like a real life supermodel. Article/201206/185018

  How To Heal a Broken Heart on Howcast 都说爱情走了还可以做朋友,但是事实有几个这样子成为真正的朋友的做不了敌人,因为彼此相爱过做不了朋友,因为彼此伤害过只能做最熟悉的陌生人 【视频文本】Healing a broken heart can take time, but, if you treat it as a learning experience, you’ll discover a lot about yourself.You Will NeedHealing music Long walks A writing journal A close friend or relative Step 1Listen to soft, healing music, such as classical or new age. The healing effect is powerful.Step 2Take long, reflective hikes or walks. You’ll find them soothing and they’ll help you think things through.Step 3Write your feelings down every day in a personal journal.Step 4Talk about your hurt and pain with a close friend or relative.Talk about the happiness your relationship brought you and how it enriched your life. Focusing on the positive will expedite the healing process.Step 5Avoid your former love – seeing them will make you feel worse.Step 6Put away pictures, gifts, and other reminders that might make you sad.Step 7Treat yourself to something nice – and enjoy it.Washington, D.C., Rhode Island, and Maryland have more single men than single women; in Arkansas and Colorado, the opposite is true. Article/201007/109577Your garbage disposal could be home to mold, bacteria and other food particles. Dumping cleaning chemicals down the disposal might be dangerous to the environment and your family#39;s health. Borax is a natural mineral made of sodium, boron, oxygen and water and has been a natural cleaning agent for thousands of years. Follow these easy steps and find out how to keep your garbage disposal smelling and running clean with Borax.你的垃圾桶可能是霉菌,细菌和其他食物颗粒的栖息所。用化学品清洁垃圾桶可能会对环境和家人健康有害。硼砂是含有钠,硼,氧和水的天然矿物质,几千年来一直用作天然清洁剂。遵循以下简单步骤,学习一下怎样用硼砂清洁垃圾桶,消除异味。Step 1: You will need1.你需要1 spoon,3 tablespoons of Borax,water1个勺子,3汤匙硼砂,水Step 2: A Spoon In2.加入硼砂It#39;s a good idea to clean your garbage disposal every couple of weeks to keep it fresh and running smoothly. Pour three tablespoons of borax down the garbage disposal and let it sit for one hour. The Borax will absorb any bacteria and odors and prevent build up on the moving parts.最好每几周清洁一次垃圾桶,让其保持整洁,使用灵活。向垃圾桶底部加入3汤匙硼砂,静置一个小时。硼砂可以吸收细菌和异味,防止活动部位生锈。Step 3: A Straight Flush3.冲洗Turn on your hot water and let it run through the garbage disposal. The hot water will rinse out the borax and any offending mold or bacteria. Your garbage disposal is clean, chemical free and running smoothly.打开热水,冲过垃圾桶。热水可以清洗掉硼砂和任何顽固霉菌或细菌。现在,你的垃圾桶又变成清洁,没有化学品,使用灵活的了。Thanks for watching How To Clean Your Garbage Disposal With Borax.感谢收看“怎样使用硼砂清洁垃圾桶”视频节目。 Article/201212/213589




  Taking part in Tai Chi could help to combat depression, new research claims.最新研究表明,打太极拳能帮助对抗抑郁。Going to classes in the ancient Chinese martial art for 12 weeks significantly reduced symptoms of the blues.参加这门古代中国武术(太极拳)的课程12周就能明显减轻抑郁症状。It can work independently of treatment, suggesting it can scupper the need for an antidepressant prescription, the small study shows.一项小型研究显示,太极拳练习可用于独立治疗,也就是说患者无需用抗抑郁药物。The findings hold promise amid soaring rates of depression worldwide, with drugs and therapy often proving ineffective.从全世界范围来看,抑郁症的发病率不断上升,药物和各种治疗经常明无效,而这一研究发现给人们带来了希望。The meditative practice, which has been used for more than 1,000 years, combines deep breathing and slow and gentle movements.太极拳能让人在运动中冥想,已有超过1000年历史,它将深呼吸和缓慢温和的运动结合起来。Researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital enrolled 50 Chinese-American participants for the study.麻省综合医院的研究人员招募了50名美籍华人参与了这项研究。All of the volunteers had mild to moderate depression and were not receiving any other forms of treatment at the time.所有的志愿者都有轻度到中度抑郁,而且受试时未接受任何其他形式的抑郁治疗。They were placed at random in three groups. The first took part in Tai Chi, a second received educational therapy and the third was a control group.他们被随机分为三组。第一组参加太极拳练习,第二组接受教育治疗,第三组是实验对照组。Those given Tai Chi were taught basic traditional movements and asked to practice three times a week.太极拳练习组的成员学习了基本的太极拳动作,并按照要求每周练习三次。All 17 volunteers in the martial art reported significantly greater improvement in depression symptoms than the other two groups.与另外两组相比,所有的17名太极拳组成员的抑郁症状都得到了显著改善。Follow up assessment after six months showed sustained improvement, the report published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry states.研究报告称,半年后的跟踪评估显示,受试者的抑郁症状得到持续改善。这份研究报告发表在《临床神经病学杂志》上。Lead author Professor Albert Yeung said if the findings are confirmed in other trials, it could be used as a primary treatment.报告的主要作者艾伯特-杨教授说,如果这一发现在其他研究中得以实,就可以用来进行对抑郁症的初步治疗。While he said that the results of the study were important due to many adults of Chinese American ethnicity deciding not to seek help with depression.他表示,这一研究成果非常重要,因为很多美籍华人患了抑郁症一般都选择不寻求治疗。Professor Yeung added: #39;Finding Tai Chi can be effective is particularly significant because it is culturally accepted by this group of patients who tend to avoid conventional psychiatric treatment.#39;杨教授补充说:“太极拳对缓解抑郁有效这一发现非常重要,因为美籍华人中的抑郁症人群常常不想做传统的精神病学治疗,而太极拳对他们来说在文化角度来看是可以接受的。”Previous research has shown Tai Chi makes the brain bigger and improves memory and thinking - possibly delaying the onset of dementia.此前研究表明,练习太极拳可以使脑容量更大,改善和思维能力,因此有可能延缓痴呆症的发作。The devastating neurological condition is associated with increasing shrinkage of the brain, as nerve cells and their connections are gradually lost.这种毁灭性的神经症状与脑容量日益缩小有关,神经细胞以及它们之间的连接逐渐丧失。Tai Chi has also been linked with reducing high blood pressure and relieving symptoms of cancer, heart failure, osteoarthritis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).练习太极拳还可以降低血压,缓解癌症、心力衰竭、骨关节炎和慢性阻塞性肺病的症状。 /201706/512263



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