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江西省宜春市第二人民医院去除狐臭多少钱宜春市人民医院割双眼皮多少钱UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit? The U.S. has more tornadoes than any other country.这合理吗?美国的龙卷风比世界上任何地方的都多。Totally true. Tornadoes can form almost anywhere, but the U.S. gets most of any nation.完全正确。龙卷风在几乎任何地方都能形成,但美国在国家中是遭受龙卷风最多的。AZUZ: Its not just tornadoes, the National Severe Storms Laboratory says thunderstorms in general are most common in America.不仅是龙卷风,国家强风暴实验室表示,雷暴雨总的来说在美国最常见。And look at these stats from the National Weather Service: the U.S. gets about 100,000 thunderstorms a year, 10,000 are severe storms.看看这些来自国家气象局的数据:美国每年有十万次雷暴雨,其中一万次是暴风雨。We get floods, hurricanes making landfall.我们遭受登陆的洪水和飓风。Its part of the reason why some folks want to climate prove more parts of the U.S.这是为什么人们想要在美国更多地方有气候防护的部分原因。Thats something thats been tried by some cities around the world with both the wanted success and some unwanted side effects.那是在全世界都被试验的东西,它们取得了预期的成功和意想不到的副作用。It usually involves some major engineering work, and with that, comes major fees.这通常会包含一些大的工程建设,以及随之而来的大笔花费。 /201301/219214宜春奉新县中人民医院整形中心 Not only is jumping rope a good cardiovascular workout, it improves coordination, agility, and the all-important footwork.跳绳不仅是一项有助于心血管健康的锻炼,还可以提高协调性,灵活性和十分重要的脚力。You Will Need你需要A jump rope跳绳And a small area in which to jump可以用来跳绳的小块地方Steps步骤Step 1 Choose a jump rope1.选择跳绳Choose a jump rope that fits your height.选择适合自己身高的跳绳。If you are under 55;, choose an eight-foot rope. If youre 56; to 6;, choose a 9-foot rope. If youre 61; to 66;, pick a 10-foot rope. Anyone taller, should use an 11-foot rope.如果你的身高低于5.5英尺,选择8英尺长的绳子。如果你的身高介于5.6英尺和6英尺之间,选择9英尺长的绳子。如果你的身高介于6.1英尺和6.6英尺之间,选择10英尺的绳子。如果比这还高,选择11英尺的绳子。Step 2 Hold rope from handles2.握住跳绳把手Hold the rope from its handles.双手握住跳绳的把手。Step 3 Step over rope3.跨越跳绳Step over the rope so its behind your feet as youre standing.向前一步跨越跳绳,这样你站立的时候绳子就在你双脚后面。Step 4 Swing rope over head4.将绳子甩过头部Swing the jump rope over your head in a circular motion, making an arc with the taut rope.以环形运动将绳子甩过头部,拉紧的绳子形成弓形。Step 5 Jump over rope5.跳过绳子As it comes forward toward your feet, jump over the rope by hopping straight up with both feet.当跳绳底部到达双脚的时候,双脚直立跳起,跳越绳子。As you become more proficient, you can try jumping on one foot and other variations that combine agility and athleticism.当越来越熟练的时候,可以尝试单脚跳和其他花样,不仅锻炼协调性,还可以提高运动能力。Step 6 Continue jumping6.继续跳Continue jumping until the rope gets hung up at your feet. Then begin again from the beginning.一直跳到双脚绊住绳子。然后重新开始。Step 7 Practice7.练习Jumping rope isnt just an exercise: its a skill. Practice and youll be great before you know it.跳绳不仅仅是一项运动:也是一项技能。坚持练习,你会在不知不觉中得到提高。You use many muscles while jumping rope, including your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, and forearms.跳绳的时候需要运动许多肌肉,包括小腿,四头肌,大肌腱,臀大肌和前臂。视频听力栏目译文属。201304/233481How To Make a Small Room Look Bigger on HowcastCreate the appearance of more space in a tiny room with these interior decorator tips and tricks.You Will NeedColorful paint Big furniture Two mirrors Complementary furnishings Sheer curtains Subway or glass tile Step 1: Use color(尽量选择一些颜色较深的,如果你喜欢亮色,可以在屋角出使用深一点的阴影)Use vibrant paint. Contrary to popular belief, white doesn’t make a room look larger; deeper colors do, by making corners disappear. If you want to use a light color, give the space an accent wall in a darker shade; it elongates the room by making the wall appear to recede.If you have carpeting, paint the baseboards the same color.Step 2: Avoid small furniture(尽量不要选择太小的家具)Avoid small furniture. It may seem counterintuitive, but a few oversized pieces work better in a modestly-sized room than a lot of tiny furnishings, which just make a room look cluttered.Step 3: Use two mirrors(摆两个大镜子)Place mirrors on walls across from each other to produce the illusion of a room that goes on and on.Choose mirrors with thick glass, which better reflects dimension.Step 4: Choose complementary furnishings(选择一些互补的家具)Choose furnishings in shades that complement each other. Having a lot of competing colors and patterns makes a room look smaller.Step 5: Let it in the light(充分利用阳光,窗帘可以随意拉动的)Use sheer curtains that can be pulled completely away from the windows during the day; dark rooms look smaller. Hang the curtain rod near the ceiling, and have it extend past the sides of the window; this gives the illusion of a larger window, and therefore a larger room.Step 6: Tile it(贴瓷砖)In small kitchens and bathrooms, use subway tile - 3 by 6-inch ceramic tiles — to add depth, or glass tile, which reflects light.Did you know?Japan invented the capsule hotel concept, which offer rooms as small as 75 square feet.201005/104297宜春双眼皮溶脂哪家医院好

宜春整容医院哪个好This Videojug tutorial will help you learn how to apply powder foundation for the perfect base to your makeup. Applying powder foundation correctly will give added colour to your face and conceal flaws and imperfections. So learn how to apply your powder foundation properly today.本期视频汇将指导你如何做粉底—化妆的基础。出色的粉底化妆能为脸部增添不少气色,粉饰疤痕和斑点,让我们来看看吧。Step 1: You will need所需材料moisturiser爽肤水a compact powder foundation to match your skin tone - they usually come in light, medium and dark shades与你的脸部气色相符的小粉盒an applicator sponge一只涂粉海绵some soapy water些许肥皂水Step 2: Moisturise爽肤水First, apply moisturiser to your whole face and wait a few seconds to allow it to be absorbed into your skin. This will eliminate dry patches, giving your skin a more even surface, allowing you to achieve a more even coverage of foundation.向脸部涂水并稍等片刻,让脸部吸收水分,这样能去除脸部干燥并且让皮肤更光滑,也就有可能画出更细腻柔顺的粉底Step 3: Choose the right shade选择色度Always try on make-up in natural daylight to properly judge its true colour. Test different shades of powder on your jaw line to find the one that matches your skin tone. Start with a darker shade and work up to a lighter one.要始终在自然光照条件下化妆,以保所的效果最佳。在腮上尝试不同的色度找到一个最适合你的为止,可以从相对较暗的一种开始Step 4: Use a make-up sponge化妆绵Make-up sponges last longer than those provided with powder compacts and are better for blending. Wash them occasionally in water and liquid soap to get rid of bacteria and prevent sping it around your skin.化妆棉比粉盒中自带的使用寿命更长,调和的时候也更好用。偶尔用水和肥皂清洗,防止细菌传播,影响健康。Step 5: Apply the powder使用脂粉Put some powder on the sponge and dab it around the centre of your face. Blend the powder outwards using gentle stroke.用化妆棉将脂粉涂在脸部,轻轻拂拭使粉均匀.Step 6: Coverage范围The cheeks and the areas around the nose and under the eyes are prone to dark shadows and broken blood vessels. These will need the most coverage. You can use less around the hairline and at the ears.脸颊、鼻子周围和眼睛下面的区域由于很容易产生色素沉淀,需要涂全部或者大部分,发线和耳朵附近只需少量即可Step 7: Blend调匀Blend the foundation as you apply it paying particular attention at the hairline, jaw line, ears and eyebrows.将粉底调匀时尤其需要注意发线,下颌线、耳朵和眉毛部位Retouch as needed. You can use powder foundation to alleviate any shine that builds up.如果需要,可以修整一番,使用粉底中和明亮的部分Thanks for watching How To Apply Powder Foundation.欢迎收看本期“粉底妆术”教程,我们下期节目再见。201207/192282宜春韩美整形美容医院祛痣好吗 Today in History: Friday, December 21, 2012历史上的今天:2012年12月21日,星期五On Dec. 21, 1988, a bomb exploded aboard a Pam Am Boeing 747 over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270 people, including 11 on the ground.1988年12月21日,在苏格兰洛克比上空,一架波音747上一枚炸弹发生爆炸,造成270人死亡,包括在陆地上死亡的11人。1620 Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower went ashore for the first time at present-day Plymouth, Mass.1620年,朝圣者乘坐“五月花”号船首次登陆如今的马萨诸塞普利茅斯。1879 Soviet dictator Josef Stalin was born Josef Dzhugashvili in Gori, Georgia.1879年,苏联独裁者约瑟夫·斯大林在格鲁吉亚哥里城出生。1898 Scientists Pierre and Marie Curie discovered the radioactive element radium.1898年,科学家皮埃尔和玛丽·居里发现了放射性元素镭。1913 The first crossword puzzle was published, in the New York World.1913年,第一个纵横拼字游戏在纽约世界发表。1937 The Disney animated feature film ;Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; had its world premiere in Los Angeles.1937年,迪斯尼动画电影《白雪公主和七个小矮人》在洛杉矶全球首映。1948 Ireland became an independent republic.1948年,爱尔兰成为独立共和国。1958 Charles de Gaulle was elected the first president of Frances Fifth Republic.1958年,戴高乐担任法兰西第五共和国的首任总统。1968 Apollo 8 was launched on a mission to orbit the moon.1968年,阿波罗8号发射,进行环月飞行任务。1970 Elvis Presley met with President Richard M. Nixon in the Oval Office to discuss fighting drugs.1970年,猫王在美国总统办公室会见了理查德·尼克松总统,探讨打击毒品问题。1971 The U.N. Security Council chose Kurt Waldheim to succeed U Thant as secretary-general.1971年,联合国安理会选择库尔特·瓦尔德海姆接任吴丹担任联合国秘书长。1978 Police in Des Plaines, Ill., arrested John W. Gacy Jr. and began unearthing the remains of 33 men and boys he was later convicted of murdering.1978年,德斯普兰斯逮捕了 John W. Gacy Jr,并挖掘出33个男人和男孩的尸体,随后他被判谋杀罪。1991 Eleven of the 12 former Soviet republics proclaimed the birth of the Commonwealth of Independent States.1991年,12个前苏联加盟共和国中的11个宣部独联体诞生。1995 The city of Bethlehem passed from Israeli to Palestinian control.1995年,以色列将伯利恒市交与巴勒斯坦管控。1996 After two years of denials, House Speaker Newt Gingrich admitted violating House ethics rules.1996年,经过两年的否认,众议院议长纽特·金里奇承认违反众议院道德准则。 /201212/215974宜春瘦腿针多少钱

宜春学院附属医院绣眉手术多少钱Carnations or pinks are pink flowers which are really attractive, and they give out a nice and fragrant smell. In this ,a horticulturist will show you how to grow them.康乃馨是一种粉红色,迷人,气味芳香的花朵。在这段视频中,一名园艺专家将教给你怎样种植康乃馨。Today, Im going to show you how to grow carnations and pinks from cuttings. Carnations or pinks, as they are sometimes known, evergreen drought tolerant plants, they have nice fragrant colorful flowers. What you do if you want to propagate them is in mid- to late summer, all you do is take a non-flowering shoot, say this one for example, grab a hold of the top, hold it at the base and just pull like this.今天,我将向大家展示一下怎样从插枝开始种植康乃馨。康乃馨或香石竹,是常绿耐旱植物,花朵气味芳香,颜色艳丽。如果想要繁殖,最佳季节是在仲夏至夏末期间,选择一没有开花的枝条,比如说这一,抓住顶部,握住底部,然后像这样用力拉。You have a little cutting. You peel off the lowest set of leaves and then just dip them into some prepared pots of compost like this. Just take another one, strip off the basil leaves and put them in the compost like that.这样你就有了一个小小的插枝。剥掉最下面的几片叶子,埋在一些提前准备好的装好堆肥的花盆中。然后再拿一个插枝,剥掉底部的叶片,像这样埋在堆肥中。We then water them. They now need to be placed either in a cold frame or a propagator and covered, which stops the water loss from the leaves, kept at about 15 degrees Centigrade, and they should be rooted within a few weeks. Once theyre rooted, they can be planted out and those plants will flower next year.然后浇水。它们现在需要放置在冰冷的框架中或繁殖器中,然后覆盖,防止水分从叶片流失,保持在15摄氏度左右,几周之内就会生根。一旦长出根,就可以移栽出来,明年就可以开花。And thats how you grow carnations from cuttings.以上就是从插枝开始种植康乃馨的方法。Thanks for watching How To Grow Carnations From Cuttings.感谢收看“怎样从插枝开始种植康乃馨”视频节目。201212/212153 u80h]~|ps]4qkxfLeOE,z[9vlmd[Btr+wO@gwmsdVm)[!And for the first time in America, their voices are heard.美国社会第一次听到了她们的声音ly],CqZylu--Ban*。October 1836.Women from the Lowell Mills gather after work and organize. Their protest against wage cuts is one of the first strikes in US history.1836年10月,洛威尔纺织厂的女工下班后有组织地聚集起来,她们反对降薪的抗议是美国历史上最早的罢工之一HV9Y1)0#cy。And they will win. The mill boss is back down. A generation of young women go on to become teachers, writers and even college graduates.最后,她们赢了,工厂老板作出了让步[5NRb(wCI532A6-8。新一代的年轻女性后来成为了老师、作家甚至大学毕业生GGC~6^iCCj3~~kxfk。Harriet Robinson will become a leading suffragette, and testify before Congress. Theyre the first wave in a movement that results in women getting the vote.哈丽特·罗宾逊后来成了争取妇女参政权的领军人物并在国会前作,她们是第一批争取妇女选举权运动的发起者GJv3yH1~CcbkG]]g%I%M。Their secret meetings at night are only possible with the light from lamps powered by an extraordinary creature.照亮她们夜间秘密会议的灯光来自一种非凡生物点燃的油灯)dy2bz+_yKqd*lWEY@6+。Whale oil opened up the night, and like so many really transformative technological innovations, it e xpanded human freedom.鲸油照亮了夜晚,正如许多其它革命性的新发明一样它使人们更加自由,It created a way for people to get more, do more and achieve more.它为人们开拓了一条多劳多得的劳动之路Y[,V3B]dTB83VU;3E。Crude oil wont be discovered for another 20 years. Until then, America runs on whale oil.原油在20年之后才被发现,在那之前是鲸油照亮着美国x+m;Z;S)+ClIiRd[W。The whaling industry helped invent part of the Industrial Revolution and the classic American workaholic work-round-the-clock kind of environment,捕鲸业推动了工业革命中的研发过程,还给典型的美国工作狂帮了大忙,通宵达旦的工作环境jGDOd0#V7jLK@j|@。where if you have more light to keep you going in those dark winter days, you could get more done, you could make more money, and you could kind of drive the economy forward.在这种环境下,如果你能有更多的亮光来熬过那段不见天日的寒冬就能有更多成就,赚到更多钱,因而在某种程度上你也推动了经济的发展jGF1I[yL+usS#。Whales are among the largest creatures to ever live on Earth. Up to 180 tons and more than 100 feet long.鲸是在地球上曾有过的最大的生物之一,体重可达一百八十吨,身长逾百英尺aa%IgM_lHPv7n。A single whale can produce up to 3,000 gallons of oil.一条鲸鱼可以制成可以高达三千加仑[约11立方米]的鲸油2Q3;PeFDwMggb*Hj)oYN。Even today, whale oil is used by NASA. The Hubble space telescope runs on it.时至今日,美国航空航天局仍在使用鲸油,哈勃空间望远镜就是靠鲸油工作的LR3*X6-Picq3KHZ#3v4。Whaling is one of the Norths biggest industries, bringing in million a year. But the human cost is also high. Half of all ships will eventually be lost at sea.捕鲸业是北方最大的产业之一,每年带来一千一百万美元的收入,但从业者的伤亡代价也很高,一半的捕鲸船最后会在大海里失踪polUsT|u@%IP8tMA!。Few men are willing to take the risk. But its an opportunity for African -Americans.很少有人甘冒此风险,但对于非裔美国人来说这却是一个良机PrFc1]aBK)|CRocEHCu。20,000 freemen and escaped slaves take to the seas. John Thompson is a runaway from Maryland.两万名自由人和逃跑的奴隶选择了出海,约翰·汤普森是马里兰州一名逃跑的奴隶MeJiOm5gBX3Gfjau。@Hg]3EmV[6Dpl)zmZ+bmdc.sg@CcdI-YzL1(oo%P[h#va /201210/203044宜春市第三人民医院祛痘去痘痘印痘疤粉刺要多少费用宜春哪家美容院最好



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