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BicycleNecklaceStylish bicycle shapednecklace designed by Rachel Pfeffer. 自行车造型项链Rachel Pfeffer设计的自行车造型项链。 /201101/122838。

1. Separate emotionally from the family you grew up in; not to the point of estrangement, but enough so that your identity is separate from that of your parents and siblings。  在感情上与你成长的家庭分开;不要到产生隔阂的地步,但要足以使你的身份独立于你的父母和兄弟。 /201004/100950。

Eighty percent of adults in the US and the UK are moderate users of the caffeine. 80%的美国人和英国人都在一定程度上是咖啡因的使用者。 Of all the effects it has on our minds—enhanced attention and vigilance—perhaps least known is its tendency to make us more susceptible to persuasion. 咖啡因的作用中,我们熟知的是它能让我们集中精神、提高警觉——但是很少人知道咖啡因能让我们更容易被人家说。 Before the attempt to change their minds, half the participants were given moderate doses of caffeine, while the other half took a placebo. Both groups were double-blinded so that neither the researchers nor the participants knew who had taken what. Then they were given six stories to which argued against euthanasia. 在实验开始前,参加实验的人员被分成两组,让其中一组人食用中度剂量的咖啡因,而另外一组则是安慰剂。这次试验是双盲实验,也就是说不论是研究者还是参与者都不知道参与者到底用的是哪种物质。然后给实验参与者读6个关于反对安乐死的故事。 When asked afterwards for their attitude to voluntary euthanasia, those who had drunk caffeine were more influenced by the persuasive message than those who'd had the placebo. 读完之后,向参与者询问他们对自愿安乐死的态度,结果显示那些喝了咖啡因的人比没有喝的人耳根子更软。 But why? What is it about caffeine that opens us up to persuasion? 但是这是为什么呢?咖啡因是怎样让我们更容易被劝的呢? The reason that a lot of persuasive messages pass us by is simply that we're often not paying much attention to them; our minds easily wander and we prefer not to think too hard unless it's unavoidable. 原因就是我们喝过咖啡之后,我们不会花太多心思去注意这些劝说性的信息,很轻易的就会接受它们;我们的思想很轻易就陷入一种迷茫状态,能不思考就不思考。 /201110/158609。

Poor people are quicker than middle-class or rich individuals to recognize the suffering of others and to show compassion, according to a new study.一项新研究发现,穷人比中产阶级或富人更易察觉到他人受的苦难,表现出同情心。It included more than 300 young adults who were divided into groups that took part in three experiments designed to assess their levels of empathy and compassion.该研究涵盖了300多名年轻人,他们被分成几个小组,参加了三个试验,目的是评估他们的同感能力和同情心。The findings challenge previous research that concluded lower-class people are more likely to react with anxiety and hostility when faced with adversity, said the researchers at the University of California, Berkeley.加利福尼亚大学伯克利分校的研究人员称,先前的研究得出结论说,下层社会的人在面临逆境时更容易出现焦虑和敌意。以上的研究发现向先前的研究结果发出了挑战。;These latest results indicate that there#39;s a culture of compassion and cooperation among lower-class individuals that may be born out of threats to their well-being,; study author and social psychologist Jennifer Stellar said in a university news release.该研究的作者、社会心理学家珍妮弗bull;斯黛拉在大学的一篇新闻通稿中说:;这些最新的研究结果显示,下层社会的民众中有同情和合作的文化,这可能是为应对自身幸福受到的威胁而产生的。;;It#39;s not that the upper classes are cold-hearted. They may just not be as adept at recognizing the cues and signals of suffering because they haven#39;t had to deal with as many obstacles in their lives,; she explained.她解释说:;并不是上层社会的人冷酷无情。他们也许只是没能那么快地察觉到他人的苦难,因为他们在自己的生活中从不需要去应对这么多的阻碍。;The findings, published online Dec. 12 in the journal Emotion, suggest a scientific basis for emotional differences between the rich and poor that are depicted in such Charles Dickens classics as ;A Christmas Carol; and ;A Tale of Two Cities.;这些研究结果12月12日发表在《情感》杂志的网刊上,研究为查尔斯bull;狄更斯的经典小说《圣诞颂歌》和《双城记》中描绘的富人和穷人间的情感差异提供了科学依据。The results also indicate that people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds may do better in cooperative settings than those who are wealthy.研究结果还表明,在需要合作的环境中,社会经济背景较差的人可能会比富人表现得更好。;Upper-class individuals appear to be more self-focused, they#39;ve grown up with more freedom and autonomy,; Stellar said. ;They may do better in an individualist, competitive environment.;斯黛拉说:;上层社会的人看起来更专注于自身,他们成长过程中有更多自由和自主权,在个人主义的竞争性环境中他们可能会表现得更好。; /201112/166377。

What can you do to recall your dreams more often and interpret them more clearly? The experts offer these tips: 为了更容易回忆起梦境并阐释它的意义,你应该怎么做才好呢?以下是专家们提供的一些方法: 1. Incubate an idea.Before you go to sleep, consciously think about a topic or a person you'd like to dream about. Pose a question that's troubling you and see how your dream responds to it. Follow these tips so you will be able to interpret your own dreams. 酝酿你的想法。在你入睡之前,下意识地去想你希望梦到的某件事情,或是某个人。提出一直困扰你的问题,然后看看梦境是如何为你解答的。按照这些方法做,你就能解释自己的梦境了。 2. Keep track.Next to your bed, place a pad and pen, or a tape recorder or laptop, to record your dreams as soon as you wake up. 跟踪梦境。在你的床旁边,放好本子和笔,或是录音机,又或是笔记本电脑,这样你可以在醒来时马上记录下你的梦境。 3. Try to awaken naturally,without the help of an alarm clock or barking dog that can disrupt your dream cycle. If your schedule doesn't allow you to sleep in during the week, begin your dream journal on a weekend or during a vacation. 睡到自然醒。不要让闹钟或叫声打扰你的睡眠周期。如果你的时间表令你无法在工作周睡到自然醒,那么你可以选择在周末或是假期的时候睡大觉。 4. Wake up slowly.For the first moment after you awaken, lie still and keep your eyes closed, because your dream may be connected to your body position while you slept. Try to recollect the dream and then store it in your memory by giving it a name like "Late for an Exam" or "My Date with Ashley Judd." When you rise, immediately write down as many images, feelings and impressions as you can. 推迟起床。当你刚刚醒来的那一刻,躺着别动,也别张开眼睛。因为你的梦可能和你睡着时的身体姿势有关。努力回想你的梦,并给这些梦起个名字,记入大脑。比如“考试迟到”,或“我与阿什利·贾德的约会”等。起订后,马上记下任何你可以回想起来的画面,感觉和印象。 /201105/138588。

Any car accident is frightening, but an accident in which your vehicle is thrown into the water, with you trapped inside, is absolutely terrifying. Such accidents are particularly dangerous due to the risk of drowning.任何交通事故都是很吓人的,但是如果你的汽车落入了水中,而你又被困其中,似乎这样的事故更加恐怖。由于溺死的几率很大,这样的事故都十分的危险。However, most deaths are a result of panic, not having a plan and not understanding what is happening to the car in the water. By adopting a brace position to survive the impact, acting decisively when the car ends up in the water, and getting out fast, being trapped in a sinking vehicle is survivable, even if it#39;s a flooded river.然而,由于遇事时人们很容易产生惊慌情绪,没有处理计划以及对在水中车子情况的了解,这是造成死亡的最大原因。实际上,如果可以在事故中采取安全的姿势来减少压力冲击,在汽车入水时表现得机智冷静,迅速脱离汽车,从一个被淹的汽车中生还是有可能的,即使汽车落入的是湍急的河流。1.Brace yourself for impact. As soon as you#39;re aware that you#39;re going off the road and into a body of water, adopt a brace position. This is done by placing both hands on the steering wheel in the ;ten and two; positions. The impact your car makes could set off the airbag system in your vehicle and any other brace position could cause serious injury in such an event. Remember, an airbag inflates rapidly, within 0.04 seconds upon being triggered.Once this aspect is out of the way, prepare for the next step immediately.1.让自己保持防冲击的姿势。一旦你意识到自己走到了路的尽头,误入水中,马上换了一个防冲击的安全姿势,即将两只手放在方向盘“十点和两点”的位置上。入水时车子受到的冲力会使得车中的气囊打开,其他的姿势会对你造成严重的伤害。记住,气囊会在受到冲击的0.04秒内瞬间打开,一旦你的车子开出了道路,马上要为下一步做准备。Remain calm. Panic reduces energy, uses up precious air, and causes you to blank out. Panic can be left for the shore when you reach it.保持镇静。恐慌会耗费能量,用尽宝贵的空气,使你窒息而死。还是把恐慌留到上岸之后吧。2. Undo your seat belt. The seatbelt is the first thing to attend to, yet it often gets forgotten in the panic.Unbuckle the children, starting with the oldest first (who can then help the others).2.解开安全带。安全带是需要关注的第一件事,但在恐慌中人们经常会被遗忘。从最大的孩子开始(这样大孩子可以帮助小孩子),为他们解开安全带。Forget the cell phone call. Your car isn#39;t going to wait for you to make the call and sadly, people have lost their lives trying this.Get busy getting out.别打电话了,车子并不会给你足够的时间求救,不幸的是,大部分的人都是由于打电话而失去自救时间丧生。先做些要紧的事吧。There is a counter-theory that suggests the seat belt should be left on. This theory suggests that if you release your seat belt, you may, due to underwater disorientation, end up moving away from the window or door opening due to the ingress of water through the opening. Having your seat belt on could also help you maintain your sense of orientation if the car flips upside-down. On the downside, having your seat belt on can also make it harder to get out quickly and to move out.有一个相反的理论是说安全带应该一直保持系紧的状态。该理论认为如果你松开了安全带,有可能会因为在水下迷失方向,最后由于开门或窗时受到的水下压力而死亡。系紧安全带还能够帮助你在车子完全颠倒时保持自己的方向感。3. Open the window as soon as you hit the water. Leave the door alone at this stage and concentrate on the window. A car#39;s electrical system should work for up to three minutes in water(not that you have three minutes of course), so try the method of opening it electronically first. Many people don#39;t think about the window as an escape option either because of panic, lack of using the window for exit normally, or because they#39;re focused on lots of misinformation about doors and sinking.3.在入水时尽快打开窗户。不要管门了,窗户是重点。汽车的电子系统可以在水下工作三分钟(当然不是说你只剩下三分钟的时间),所以要先试着通过电子控制打开它。很多人缺乏将窗户作为出口的经验以及太过专注于车门以及下沉的情况,也由于恐慌所以根本想不到要将窗户作为自己逃生的出口选择。There are several reasons for not bothering with the door. Immediately upon impact, you have only a few seconds in which opening the door of your sinking car is possible, while most of the door is still above water level. Once the car has started to sink, it is not humanly possible to open the door again until the pressure between the inside and the outside of the car has been equalized (leveled); this means that the car cabin has to be filled with water and that#39;s not really a state you want to be in.最好不要开车门,原因如下:面对突然遭受的冲击,正在入水的汽车只给你提供几秒钟的时间来打开车门逃生,也就是当车门还在水面上的时候。一旦汽车开始下沉,由于汽车内外的水压相等,靠人力是根本无法打开车门的。这也就意味着车厢开始充满了水,你已经完全不会想继续呆在里面。The end of the car that contains the engine will usually sink fastest, often leaving the car at an angle where the heaviest part of the vehicle is lower than the lightest. As such, you may be able to open some doors while the car is still floating.由于发动机的原因,汽车尾部往往是下沉最快的,通常会使汽车达到一个角度,最重的部分比最轻的部分位置低。所以当车子还在漂浮的时候,你有可能打开车门逃生。 /201207/191789。


世界卫生组织发布报告,指出心脏病、传染病以及癌症仍然是导致人们死亡的前三大病症。这份报告是世卫组织根据2004年全球一百多个国家的死亡登记记录统计得出的。该报告还指出,女性患心脏病的死亡率高于男性,这可能与女性寿命普遍男性比男性长有关。不过整体而言,男性患心脏病的几率较高,原因可能是超重、缺少运动,以及摄入过多高脂高盐的食物。Heart ailments, infectious diseases and cancer remain the world's top three killers, the UN health agency said on Monday.Heart attacks and related problems are the top killer, especially among women, claiming 29 percent of people who die each year, the World Health Organization said in a report on the global burden of disease. In second place, infectious diseases lead to 16.2 percent of worldwide deaths.Cancer, in third, claims 12.6 percent of global deaths, said the 146-page report, which is based on death registration data from 112 countries and estimates where reporting is incomplete.The figures are from 2004, the most recent records available on a wide scale, officials from WHO said. But the rankings are unchanged since 1990 when WHO first did a global check.Some 58.8 million people died worldwide in 2004, most of them over 60, the report said. Nearly one in five deaths was a child under 5.The heart disease death rate was virtually unchanged from WHO's previous study on death causes, based on 2002 figures.The rate for infectious diseases dropped from 2002, when they accounted for 19.1 of the world's deaths, partly because estimates for AIDS deaths were revised downward last year, said Colin Mathers, a WHO expert and lead author of the report.Women die more often from heart disease than men. The rate for females is 31.5 percent, and for males 26.8 percent, the report said.Mathers said the percentage for women was higher because there were more women living at older ages than men.But in general, men are more affected by heart diseases, he said."Men in many parts of the world have a higher risk," he said, adding that they are more often overweight or obese, get insufficient physical activity and eat more fat and salt.Dr Nieca Goldberg, an American Heart Association spokeswoman who was not linked to the WHO report, said: "Oftentimes women's symptoms are more subtle than men's so they are not recognized and the women don't seek medical attention as soon as they should.""For a long time cardiovascular disease was considered a man's disease," Goldberg said in an interview. Doctors therefore often failed to evaluate risk factors in women as aggressively as they should, she said.Higher rates of women in deaths from heart diseases have been observed since 1984 in the ed States, according to Goldberg.Filling out the top 12 causes of death are respiratory infections including pneumonia in fourth place, 7.2 percent; respiratory diseases, including asthma and allergies, 6.9 percent; accidental injuries and drownings, 6.6 percent; health problems of fetuses and newborns, 5.4 percent; digestive diseases, 3.5 percent; suicide, murder and conflict, 2.8 percent; neuropsychiatric disorders, 2.1 percent; diabetes, 1.9 percent; and maternal health problems related to pregnancy or birth 0.9 percent.Dr Ties Boerma, who heads WHO's statistics department, said there is always a time delay in assembling such data from a number of countries."Countries have a backlog of two, three years in publicizing their own information," he said.In nations where no death registration data are available, the figures are taken from research studies, which take a few years to get published, Boerma said. /200810/54467。

The sweltering Summer heat can make it difficult to concentrate on work. If you#39;re itching to get out of your cubicle to lounge by the poolside, we#39;ve got these suggestions for you to stay productive at work while making the most of Summer.闷热难耐的夏日总让人无法集中精力工作。如果你现在也憧憬着逃离格子间去泳池边信步一番的话,那么下面这些建议也许能帮助你在炎炎夏日也能保持高效的工作状态。1.Decorate your desk: Personalize your desk with a Summer theme. Keep a potted plant or fresh flowers at your desk. Frame a few of your favorite Summer memories to perk up your mood.1.装饰你的办公桌:用夏日主题来定制你的办公桌。你可以在办公桌上放一盆绿色植物或一束鲜花。你也可以把你夏日里最美好的回忆带到办公室来,这样你的情绪也会高涨起来。2.Listen to a Summer-themed playlist:Create your own upbeat playlist. There#39;s nothing like nostalgic tunes from the Summers of your youth to bring back happy memories.2.听一曲夏日音乐:创建你自己的播放列表,选那些曲调欢快的音乐。听着夏日里的怀旧金曲,想想自己的年少时光,回顾往日的美好记忆,没有什么比这更惬意的了。3.Eat fresh fruit (especially tropical):Summer fruits are ripe and plentiful, and you should pack diced mango, pineapple, and papaya. Hydrate with a Banana-Mango Smoothie, add citrus and mint to your iced tea, or mix lemonade with sparkling water.3.食用新鲜水果(尤其是热带水果):夏日里的水果种类丰富、供应充足。你可以买一些包装好的切片芒果、菠萝、木瓜等。你也可以来一杯香蕉芒果冰沙;或者在你的凉茶里加一片柑橘或者薄荷;又或者把柠檬水和汽水混合着喝也是一个不错的选择。4.Get your daily dose of Vitamin B:Lethargy, poor concentration, and depression could be signs of a Vitamin B deficiency. Be sure to get a well balanced diet of whole grains, lean meats and legumes, and vegetables. Pack a healthy lunch that hits those targets. Your brain will thank you with higher productivity.4.每天补充维生素B:嗜睡、注意力差、情绪低落可能都是缺乏维生素B的表现。要保饮食均衡健康,谷物、瘦肉、豆类、蔬菜一样都不能少。午餐要吃得健康,尽量保以上这些种类的食物在午餐中都有。吃得好的奖励就是你的大脑可以更高效地工作。5.Take an afternoon walk:Many people experience an afternoon slump around 2-3 p.m. Replace the second (or third) cup of coffee for a quick walk around the block. Fresh air and a dose of Vitamin D will help tackle the sluggishness.5.午后散散步:很多人在下午两三点钟的时候都会犯困。放下手中的第二杯或者第三杯咖啡吧,出去绕着街区快速走一圈。新鲜的空气,阳光中的维生素D会帮助你击退倦怠的。6.Make the most of daylight savings: Try working out in the morning when it#39;s light outside and cooler. It will give you an energy boost for the rest of the day. Also, since the sun doesn#39;t set until 8 p.m., you have plenty of time after work to kick back by the pool. Plan something outdoors with your friends and family after work rather than collapse on the couch when you get home.6.充分利用白天:趁着白天天亮得早,气候又凉爽的时候,开始工作。这样,你一整天工作都会觉得精力充沛。同样地,夏天的时候,太阳在晚上8点前都不会下山,在下班后你就有了充足的时间去泳池边逛逛了。与其下班后一回家就瘫在沙发上,还不如约上家人和三五好友到室外去活动活动。 /201207/191623。