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Japanese police investigating the disappearance of nearly 0m of bitcoins are poised to rearrest the French founder of the Mt Gox virtual currency exchange amid questions about the purchase of a ,000 four-poster bed.正在调查总价值近5亿美元的比特币失踪案的日本警方,准备重新逮捕比特币交易所Mt Gox的法籍创始人,他将面对的问题包括用4.8万美元购买一张四柱床。Before the exchange collapsed last year, sending shockwaves through the bitcoin community, Mt Gox was the largest such trading platform in the world.去年该交易所的倒闭对整个比特币世界造成巨大冲击,此前Mt Gox是世界上最大的比特币交易平台。Mark Karpelès, initially accused of manipulating the Mt Gox computer system and inflating the size of his own company account, has been in detention in Tokyo without formal charges since the start of August. People close to the matter said police would today issue a fresh warrant for Mr Karpelès’s arrest on the charge of embezzlement — a change that grants investigators a further three weeks to interrogate him.最初,马克愠楓莱斯(Mark Karpelès)被指操纵Mt Gox电脑系统以及抬高其公司的账户余额。自8月初以来他一直被羁押在东京,尚未面临任何正式指控。知情人士称,警方将在今天发出新的逮捕令,以侵吞公款罪名逮捕卡佩莱斯——这将使调查人员再获得3周时间对其进行审问。The rearrest will extend a process known informally to police and prosecutors as shomusen — the “war of attrition” waged by investigators seeking a confession. A lawyer for Mr Karpelès said that his client denied the original charges and had made no confession under questioning. But after three weeks of interrogation, those close to the matter said police believe they have enough evidence to accuse Mr Karpelès of embezzlement, alleging he misappropriated .6m of deposits from the trading accounts of Mt Gox customers. A substantial portion of that money is thought to have been used to buy software rights on behalf of the company. However, according to police allegations, Y6m (,000) was diverted to buy a bed. Police suspect it was intended for the personal use of Mr Karpelès.重新逮捕将延长被警方和检察官私下称为shomusen的阶段——即调查人员为获得招供而发起“消耗战”。卡佩莱斯的一名律师称,其客户否认了最初的指控,在审问过程中没有招供。但是在审问进行3周后,知情人士称,警方相信已掌握足够据指控卡佩莱斯犯有侵吞公款罪,声称他从Mt Gox客户的账户中挪用了260万美元。这笔钱中有很大一部分据信被用于以公司的名义购买软件使用权。然而,据警方表示,其中600万日元(合4.8万美元)被用于购买了一张床。警方怀疑,这张床是供卡佩莱斯个人使用。A lawyer for Mr Karpelès said the deposits were used for investments in new businesses while the bed was an interior decoration for his guesthouse, both of which were meant as marketing tools to promote the use of bitcoins.卡佩莱斯的律师称,这些存款是用于向新业务投资,而这张床用于其招待所的内饰,两者都被当作营销工具,目的是促进比特币的使用。 /201508/394367

India launches its biggest ever rocket:Capsule onboard the mighty GSLV Mk-III could one day carry astronauts into space.印度升空其最大型的火箭:GSLVMk-III火箭上的太空舱有朝一日或许会携带宇航员进入太空。India successfully launched its biggest ever rocket today in an effort to ramp up its ambitious space programme.印度发射了其最大型的火箭以进行其雄心勃勃的太空计划。The rocket, designed to carry heavier communication and other satellites into higher orbit, blasted off from Sriharikota in the southeast state of Andhra Pradesh.这种火箭在设计上是用来携带重型通信和其他卫星进入更高轨道的,在东南部安德拉邦的斯里赫里戈达岛发射升空。The launch was the next crucial step inIndia#39;s space programme history, after the nation successfully put a satelliteinto orbit around Mars in September.这次发射在印度空间项目历史上是关键的另一步,而在九月份印度成功将一颗卫星送到火星周围的轨道上。#39;This was a very significant day in the history of (the) Indian space programme,#39; Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman K.SRadhakrishnan said from mission control.“这在印度空间项目历史上,这是具有重要意义的一天,”印度空间研究组织主席如是说。ISRO scientists have been riding high since an Indian spacecraft successfully reached Mars on a shoe-string budget, winning Asia#39;s race to the red planet.在预算不多的情况下,印度成功的将一颗卫星送到火星,是亚洲首个抵达火星的国家,这让印度空间研究组织的科学家们情绪高涨。Although India has successfully launched lighter satellites in recent years, it has struggled to match the heavier loads sent up by other countries.虽然印度最近几年也成功发射了一些轻型卫星,但是在火箭运载量上却无法和其他国家抗衡。The new rocket, weighing 630 tonnes and capable of carrying 4 tonnes, is a boost for India#39;s attempts to grab a greaterslice of the #163;190 billion (0 billion) global space market.而这种新型的火箭重达630吨,能携带4吨重的物体,这将让印度在价值达3000亿美元的全球太空市场中获得更大的一杯羹。 /201412/350297

The most impressive physical feat you are likely to witness today didn#39;t happen on the field of play. It occured in an innovative medical facility, where a 26 year-old American paralyzed from the waist down became the first person with paraplegia to walk without relying on robotic limbs that are controlled manually:当今最令人印象深刻的物理学装具并没有发生在竞技领域,而是创新医疗设备领域。26岁的美国腰下截瘫病人成为了首名无人工机械腿控制下独立行走的截瘫患者。As the photo shows, the man, who lost the use of his legs following a spinal injury 5 years ago, just completed a 3.5 meter course with the help of technology and some ambitious physicians.就像展示的一样,这位在五年前揭髓损伤以后失去双腿的青年,在科技和雄心勃勃的物理学家的帮助下,刚刚走完了3.5米的路程。That technology, as one might expect for a breakthrough like this, is quite sophisticated. But roughly speaking, the process begins when an electrode cap on the man#39;s head is able to recognize the brain waves that tell the body what to do. A computer receives this information wirelessly and transmits the appropriate command (i.e. stand still or walk) to a microcontroller pack on the man#39;s waist. Stemming from this microcontroller are electrodes connected to the man#39;s knees, which stimulate the appropriate nerves to trigger the right muscle movement required for walking.作为一项取得重大突破的技术,这项技术十分复杂。但是粗略地说,这一过程始于头部一个可以辨别身体该做些什么的脑电波电极帽。一台电脑可以无限接受信息并且传达适当的向男子腰部的单机片包传达指令(比如继续站着或者走)。从这个微控制器中发出的电流和男子的膝盖相连,可以刺激步行所需要的肌肉运动的神经。Lest you think this breakthrough was simply the product of advanced technology, doctors leading the study at UC Irvine were sure to note the patient#39;s intensive training required throughout the process. Not only did the patient need to rebuild a significant amount of muscle that he#39;d lost over 5 years while in a wheelchair, but he needed to learn how to produce the right brain signals -- a function of the central nervous system that is so easy to take for granted.如果你认为这一突破仅仅是先进技术的产物,那在UC Irvine领导该项研究的医生却强调,整个过程需要病患高强度的训练。病患不仅需要重建他在五年轮椅生涯中丢失的大量肌肉,还需要学习怎么发射正确的脑部信号---这是中枢神经系统必须承担的一项功能。 /201509/401583

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