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A sperm donor from the US has met children he fathered at a ;wonderful; family gathering.在一次;不可思议;的家庭聚会上,美国一位捐精者见到了因他捐精而出生的名子女Todd Whitehurst began donating to a sperm bank in 1998 while he was at university. four years, Todd donated to the same clinic about 00 times.1998年,还在上大学的陶德·怀特赫斯特开始向精子捐精,年间,陶德向同一家诊所捐精约00次The Google computer engineer, 9, said he did it to ;help people out; and signed ms that stated he had to remain anonymous.这位现年9岁的谷歌计算机工程师表示,他这么做是想帮助他人他还签下了希望匿名的表格文件However it was his unique donor ID number that enabled one of his donor children, Sarah Malley to eventually find her dad through the online database: Donor Sibling Registry.然而,正是根据他唯一的捐精号码,使得一名受他捐精而出生的、名叫萨拉·莫利的孩子,最终通过Donor Sibling Registry网站找到了她的父亲;This is so awesome,; Malley said and she hugged Whitehurst as soon as he got out of the car.怀特赫斯特一从车上走下来,莫利就和他抱在了一起她说道:“这真是太好了”The site was set up by Wendy Kramer, the mother of a donor son, who soon realised how much her son wanted to know who his biological dad was.该网站是由温迪·克莱默创办的,她也是一个受捐精而出生的孩子的母亲不久之前,温迪意识到了她的儿子是多么想知道自己的生身父亲是谁The networking site allows children to match the donor IDs to their biological dads to chat and meet their siblings.该网站可以允许孩子们通过匹配生父的捐精号码,与自己的兄弟聊天见面 03388。

3.Good afternoon,sir. Welcome to our restaurant. Do you have a reservation?下午好先生,欢迎光临我们餐厅,请问您有预订吗?33.How many people are there in your party?你们一共几个人?.Would you please come with me?请您跟我来,好吗?35.Please step this way. 这边请36.Will this table be all right?这张桌子可以吗?37.Would you like to sit near the windows?您是否喜欢靠窗坐?38.Where would you like to sit?您希望坐在哪?39.You can sit where you like. 您可以随便坐0.I’m sorry,that table is aly reserved.对不起,那张桌子已经预订出去了1.Your table is y now,sir. Thank you waiting.先生,您的桌子已准备好了,谢谢您久等了.We can seat your party now,sorry to have kept you waiting. 我们现在可以安排你们就座了,对不起让你们久等了3.Here’s the . 这是菜单.I’m sorry,the restaurant is full now. We can seat you in minutes. 对不起,现在餐厅已做满,分钟候我们可以安排您入座5.You can wait in the bar if you like and we’ll call you when we have a table.如果您愿意,可以在酒吧等一等,我们有了桌子会去请你的6.I’m sorry,there isn’t a table right now. there will be a wait of about minutes. May I have your name,please?对不起,现在没有空桌了,恐怕要请您等分钟,请问您姓名?7.Would you like to have a drink in the lounge while you wait?we’ll accommodate your party as soon as possible.您是否愿意边等边在休息处喝喝饮料?我们会尽快安排你们入座8.Please wait a moment,I’ll arrange it you. 请稍等,我马上给您安排9.Please wait a moment,your table will be y right away. 请稍等,您的桌子马上就会准备好50.Excuse me,would you share the table with that lady?对不起,您与那位合用一张台好吗?51.Would you like to try today’s specials?请尝尝今天的特色菜好吗?5.Please wait a minute,I’ll arrange it you. 请稍等,我马上为您安排53.Please look at the first. Would you like try today’s special?请先看看菜单,您想尝尝今天的特色菜吗?5.Excuse me,may I take your order now?对不起,现在可以点菜了吗?55.Would you like some dessert?您喜欢吃点甜点吗?56.Sorry,it takes some time this dish,could you wait a bit longer?真对不起,这道菜需要一些时间,您能多等一会吗?57.I’m sorry,there aren’t any more tables. I can seat you if you don’t mind sharing a table with that lady.真抱歉,现在已没有多的桌子了,如果您不介意,我可以安排您与那位女士公用一张桌子 1963。

A: Let get started, OK?我们开始吧,好吗?B: What is the price of the total amount of investment?总投资是多少?A: About million. This figure is large enough to provide the construction funds and circulation capital.大约600万美元这个数字用来供给建设资金和流动资金足够了B: How much would China be prepared to invest in this venture?中方预备投资多少?A: We lay out about 51% of the total investment. This includes, of course, cash, fatory buildings, the right to use the site, things like that.我们预备投资总投资额的51%这当然包括现金、厂房、场地使用权之类B: Is there any regulation on the proportion of investment by eign investors?对外国合营者的投资比例,有什么规定吗?A: The regulation is rather flexible. But the investment by a eign enterprise should not be less than 5%.规定是很灵活的一般来说,外国合营者的投资不能少于5%B: I see. How long will a joint venture last?我明白了合营的期限多长?A: How long do you want?您希望多长?B: We can fix the term years first. If we can run the venture well, the period can be prolonged later.我们可以先定年,如果运营不错的话,以后期限还可以延长A: An important matter I should mention is that the technology you provide should be the newest, and during the duration of the joint venture, you should continue offering us your improved technology.有一点我想提及的是,你方所提供的技术必须是最新的而且在合资企业合同期限内,你方需不断向我方提供改进了的技术B: You ask too much. You certainly realize that technology has a price tag. We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on scientific research every year. If you ask us to continually offer our improved technology, then you need to pay more that.你要求太高了你当然知道技术都是有价值的我们每年几十万美元用来搞科技您要求我们不断提供改进了的技术,那么你么必须付出更高的代价A: You must be clear that technology should be always improved; otherwise, our products cannot compete with others. 您一定很清楚技术必须不断改进,否则我们的产品将无法与其他同类产品竞争。

Orderamp;Quantity下单及数量S: Salesclerk 售货职员 C: Customer 顾客实用句型 Practical Key SentencesS: We have no profit this time, just help you. Hope you come next time.这次没赚钱,只是帮帮你,希望你下次再来S: You say you take many, many. Please tell me how much on earth, and Ill give you best price.您说您要订很多很多,告诉我到底是多少?我给您最优惠的价格S: Sorry, we dont have it at this moment. But you can make an order first.很抱歉,我们现在没货,但是您可以先下单S: If I order today, how long will it take to get it?我要是今天订货的话,多久可以收到?S18: This style is on production, so well have it soon.这种款式正在生产中,很快就会有货了S19: We have other choices in the same style, do you want some?我们有同样款式其他颜色的,你要不要?S: Just a moment. Ill go and check with the factory... Oh, it will take another couple of days.请稍等,我去向厂家查询一下噢,还要过好几天S1: Each style at least 0 pieces.每款至少0件S: If you take more, we can come down a little, - Yuan less per piece on average.如果您再多拿些,我们还可以更便宜些平均可以再少到5到元一件C1: Can I order less?我能不能少订点?C: Least order, how many?最少订货量是多少?C3: Not enough. I want to order 500 pieces more.还不够,我想再多订500件 79。

A: Where is the produce? 产品在哪里?B: It on the south wall of the store, in aisle A. 在通道A口,商店的南面墙上A: Is there any produce on sale? 那儿有什么产品在打折吗?B: I dont know. The produce person can tell you, though. 我不知道但是生产商会告诉你的 6663。