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江西省荣军医院线雕隆鼻面部线雕埋线双眼皮价格丰城市中人民医院调q激光祛斑调q激光调q激光治疗仪调q激光器多少钱How you doing, man? Good, Nice to meet you.最近怎么样?很好,很高兴见到你。Good, Nice to meet you.很高兴见到你。Sit down, man. Yes, sir.请坐。谢谢。Youre on national TV.你上了国家电视台。I know! Im kind of nervous.我知道!我有点紧张。Kind of nervous? Dont worry about it.有点紧张?不用担心。You can do something most of us cant. Dont even worry about it.你有多数人不会的技艺。一点都不用担心。Where are you from?你来自哪里?Im from Piney Flats, Tennessee.我来自田纳西皮内弗拉茨。Yeah. Theyre clapping for a place theyve never heard of.恩。他们在为一个从没听说过的地方鼓掌。So, whats the difference between the fiddle and the violin?那么,“fiddle”和“violin”之间有什么不同?A violin is more classical music and a fiddle is kind of like a hoedown, hillbilly music.“violin”更多是指古典音乐,“fiddle”一般是指方形舞,乡土音乐。Hoedown, hillbilly music. Thats right.方形舞,乡土音乐。是的。Yes, Sir. A violin has strings and a fiddle has strangs.是的。“violin”是有“strings”的,而“fiddle”是有“strangs”的。Boy, you my man!你说得太对了!Boy, let me tell you something.我跟你说。I get talked to a lot about the way I talk.我的谈话方式一直是人们议论的焦点。Country people,we are just different. Thats right.我们乡村人的说话方式是不一样的。是的。You know, like youve, like word like ;liable;.比如说像“liable”。See...See, he knows right there.他知道这个单词。See, ;liable;. You are just sitting there.比如说“liable”这个词,你坐在这里。You know like, if you keep messing with me,如果你一直在招惹我,Im liable to bust you upside your head.我可能就会揍你。Fittin to, you know, like you fittin to go to the store. Yeah. Yeah.还有“Fittin”,比如说你“Fittin”去商店。是的。是的。Why did you...buy some poke.你为什么不“buy some poke”Buy some poke? Come on, Boy!“buy some poke”孩子!Tell them what that means. Pork.告诉他们什么意思。猪肉。Whats your favorite food, man?你喜欢吃什么?Everything is fried in Tennessee.在田纳西,所有东西都是油炸的。We got fried Oreos, fried pickles, fried butter on a stick.油炸奥利奥,油炸腌菜还有油炸奶酪棒。Yeah, theyve never heard of these. These people are from L.A.嗯,他们从没听说过这些东西。因为他们来自洛杉矶。When you said fried butter, they just went ;Oh, My God;!当你说油炸奶酪时,他们都“哦,我的天啊”!Who in the world would fry butter?谁会油炸奶酪?You like gravy?你喜欢肉汁吗?Gravy is my favorite beverage.肉汁是我最喜欢喝的饮料。Let me tell you something. Thats when you know youre country.我告诉你,只有这个时候你才知道自己是个乡村人。Thats pretty nice, man.这太棒了。How do girls feel about you playing the fiddle?你弹琴时女孩们会有什么感觉?You know...I have no idea. Yes, you do.我完全不知道。不,你知道。Theres a few that, like come to my concerts and...Yeah. Concerts?有些女孩会到我的音乐会上来,恩,音乐会?Well, gigs, whatever you want to call them. Whoa, whoa, gigs?一些特约演奏,你叫它什么都行。喔喔,特约演奏?You know it went from ;you dont really know ;to; theres a few of them; that come to my concerts.你是从“我完全不知道”到“有一些”来到我的演奏会现场。Well, gigs.当然,其实是特约演奏。I have, I kind of have a rule其实我是有原则的。If you start dating, you should probably be able to pick her up in your own car.如果你开始谈恋爱了,你应该用自己的车接女朋友。My man. Yeah.说得好。是的。Whats some of the places you perform?你都去哪里演出过?Well, we play at churches to,我们去过教堂,We got to play at the grand ole opry.我们在奥普里大剧院演奏过。Who?! Me. My band.谁啊?我和我的乐队。Your band? Yes, sir.你的乐队?是的。Hey, man, the Grand Ole Opry is like the mecca of country music. Yes, sir.你们知道吗,奥普里大剧院就是乡村音乐的麦加。是的。It dont get no bigger than that.没有什么比这再棒的了。I know and my nerves didnt get any bigger than that either.我知道,我的紧张程度也不能再棒了。I was, I dont, whew, man.我不知道,天啊。I like you, man, cause I dont get a chance to just sit with good, old country folk.我挺喜欢你的,因为我都没有机会和乡村佬坐在一起,And just have a good time sometimes.一起说说笑笑。And, you know I thought that since were both country people因为我们都是乡村人,that I should bring you a gift.我应该送你一份礼物。I know for a fact you will never part with this.我知道你从来没离开过它。A comb.一把梳子。See, you didnt think I could use it, did you?你以为我不会使吗?201706/512290宜春吸脂的价格 In vitro fertilisationAn arm and a leg for a fertilised eggLOUISE BROWN was conceived in a Petri dish placed under a dome-shaped glass jar that looks a bit like an old-fashioned cake dish. She was the first baby created by in vitrofertilisation (IVF). Today’s IVF babies are made in fancy laboratories where computers monitor the temperature, sterility and a finely tuned mix of medical-grade gases. Sophisticated techniques, such as testing embryos for genetic diseases, promise hopeful parents a greater chance of a healthy baby.But the price tag is hefty, ranging from ,000-3,000 per cycle in India to ,000-15,000 in America. In England the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, a government body, says the state should offer infertile couples three cycles of IVF. But tight budgets mean that over half of IVF patients pay out of pocket. In America, where insurers rarely pay for IVF, only a quarter of couples who need it to conceive actually get it, by one estimate. Globally, the figure is less than a tenth.Can IVF be made cheaper? Experts see two ways to try. The first is to cut the use of drugs, tests or procedures that for many couples are clearly unnecessary. The second is to work out how the cost and effectiveness of simpler methods compare with those of the standard package. For a health problem that affects one in six to seven couples, solid studies on this trade-off are shockingly rare.A clue about the scale of wasteful over-prescribing comes from new data on the use of intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), a procedure to insert sperm into the egg in cases of male infertility. In 2010 this was used in nearly 70% of IVF cycles globally, though faulty sperm affects only 40% of infertile couples. Other bells and whistles include various tests to find out what causes infertility, such as sperm analysis using expensive machines (inspection under a simple microscope is often enough). Such extras are overused partly because many doctors and patients mistakenly believe that they make a big difference.Some cost-cutting techniques could make IVF less effective. However, in some cases the trade-off may be worth it, says David Adamson of the International Committee Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Lower doses of pricey IVF drugs, for example, reduce the chance of conceiving a baby on each try. But the time it takes to bring home a baby is, on average, similar and the total cost lower under such a regimen, some studies suggest (you simply try the cheaper intervention more often). It also results in fewer complications from the IVF drugs and fewer multiple births. This “mild IVF” approach is increasingly popular in some countries, including Japan, France and the Netherlands.Two IVF technologies developed in recent years do without the expensive laboratory where embryos are grown before they are placed in the uterus. INVOcell, which was licensed in America last year, is a plastic chamber the size of a champagne cork. The gametes (eggs and sperm) are placed inside and fertilisation occurs when the device is placed in the vagina for three to five days. Some clinics offer IVF with the device at half the price of conventional IVF. One small study showed that pregnancy rates are similar.201701/487616Japan is lending a hand to the U.S. Navy as it tries to pressure North Korea. 日本向美国海军伸手,试图向朝鲜施压。The Japanese navy is sending its largest warship, the Izumo, to escort a U.S. supply ship heading toward the Korean Peninsula. That U.S. ship is refueling a fleet in the area.日本海军派出其最大的军舰Izumo护送美国补给船前往朝鲜半岛。该美国船只正为该地区舰队增加燃料。The Izumo is only protecting the American ship within Japanese waters, but its still a big break from tradition for the nations military. Izumo仅在日本海域保护美国船只,但它仍然是日本军事传统的一大突破。Since the end of WWII, Japan has only been able to act in self-defense. This is the first military movement under a new Japanese law that allows its ships to come to the defense of an ally thats protecting Japan. 二战结束以来,日本只能自卫。这是日本新法律下首次军事运动,允许其船只防御保护日本的盟友。American ships were sent to the Korean Peninsula to act as a deterrent. But the North launched another failed ballistic missile test on Saturday,its fourth since March. 美国船只被派往朝鲜半岛充当威慑力量。但朝鲜周六发射了另一枚失败的弹道导弹试验,这是自3月以来的第四次。Japans prime minister called the latest missile launch a ;grave threat; to his country. 日本总理称最新导弹发射对他的国家构成“严重威胁”。译文属。201705/508407宜春市中医院眉毛切眉提眉价格

江西省韩美整形医院去疤多少钱宜春万载县中人民医院锯齿线提升白色锯齿线假体隆鼻价格 You can see, for instance, this wonderful and beautiful seed cones举个例子,你可以看到这些漂亮完好的球果preserved in a petrified way where you can see inside even the, the seeds, the small seeds in there,保存在化石中,你甚至还能看到里面的种子,小小的种子you know, that is suggesting that these kind of plants cover most of the Patagonian region during the Jurassic period.这说明这类植物在侏罗纪时期覆盖了大部分巴塔哥尼亚地区The seed cones could only come from giant conifer forests.球果只生长在高大的针叶树上These are trees that thrive in warm, wet conditions,这些大树保了温暖湿润的环境completely different from the mega-monsoon and there was more.与超级季风气候完全不同,而且还不止这些。This is a small piece of a fern plant that probably grew in some small shrubs, you know,这是一株小型蕨类植物,很可能生长在低矮的灌木丛中the low ones that were part also of the same forest that was covered, or dominated by the, by the conifers.这些低矮植物也是森林的一部分,当然主要还是针叶树占主导地位The ferns and the pines could only mean one thing.蕨类和松树的出现只能说明一种可能And this is suggesting that the dry conditions we had at the beginning of the mid-Jurassic are changing to,这说明中侏罗世早期的干旱环境变成了you know, more humid conditions by the end of the mid-Jurassic.中侏罗世晚期的湿润环境201706/512113宜春市人民医院硅胶隆鼻光子嫩肤光纤溶脂价格

宜春市中医院祛疤多少钱TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201606/447631 This cat camaraderie is another example from the experiment这些猫猫间的友情是实验中的另一个实例to suggest that cats may be changing,明猫的行为可以被改变evolving away from hunters to fit in better with us.逐步从捕猎者演变为人类的宠物As were domesticating cats,我们在驯猫的过程中were retaining a lot more of让他们保留了what we call their juvenile characteristics.我们称之为幼年特征的东西So they purr a lot, they play a lot,因此他们会呜呜叫 会玩耍we see them needing behaviour.会有依赖我们的表现With our pet cats, if we are domesticating them在饲养宠物猫时 如果我们驯他们and they are evolving, in a sense他们发生进化 从某种意义上来说that they are retaining lots of these characteristics,他们会保留许多特征they might be more likely也许能让他们- to get on with each other. - Yes.-彼此间相处更融洽 -是的But were right at the cusp of that,但我们对整个趋势的看法是对的in sort of the domestic cats evolution.猫猫在人类驯中发生的演变If shes right, this sort of feline harmony如果她是对的 那猫猫间和睦共处could be a vision of the future,可能是未来的一种形式as cats evolve to please the hand that feeds them.他们会取悦自己的主人重点解释:1.away from 远离, 从某地离开例句:The poor man ran away from his creditors.这个穷人躲避他的债主。2.get on with 取得进展例句:Do you get on with your parents?你和父母合得来吗?3.be able to 会; 能例句:Youll be able to come, wont you?你能来的,对吗?201609/466479宜春妇保医院做双眼皮手术多少钱宜春宜丰县中人民医院去脂融脂蝴蝶袖蝴蝶臂哪家便宜价格



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