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迷你对话A: Our son is gone and my heart is gone too. I don’t know how to spend the rest of my years.我们的儿子去了,我的心也死了,我不知道如何度过余B: Oh, darling, we must stand shoulder to shoulder and face the music. I know you can pull yourself together.哦,亲爱的。我们必须并肩一致地面对生活,我知道你能振作起来的。A: I feel life is meaningless without him.没有了儿子,我感觉生活毫无意义。B: Cheer up. You have got me at least.振作点,至少你还拥有我。对话精讲第一、地道短语shoulder to shoulder1. 解词释义Shoulder to shoulder是副词性短语,意思是“肩并肩地,共同地,一致地”,对话中和stand连用,意思是“齐心协力”。2. 持范例They were walking along the bank shoulder to shoulder. 他们肩并肩沿着河岸散步。 They were standing shoulder to shoulder. 他们并肩站着。 Parents neednt stand shoulder to shoulder on every issue.(比喻义)父母不必在每一个问题上观点一致。 Britain will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with our partners in the rest of the world. (比喻义)英国将一如既往地与世界其他兄弟国家并肩努力。 第二、词海拾贝1. face the music:面对现实e.g. You ve been caught cheating now you must face the music. 你的骗局已经戳穿--这下子你得自食其果了. e.g. You have made your choice. Now you ll have to face the music . 既然你已做出抉择,你就得勇敢地承担一切后果。 e.g. I think its time for me to meet my admirer and make him face the music.我想该是跟仰慕者碰面的时候了,好让他面对现实。 e.g. Well, face the music. Your grades are not great. 还是面对现实吧,你的高考成绩并不是特棒。2. pull oneself together:自己振作起来,控制情绪e.g. Pull yourself together, john! Were at your back. 振作起来,约翰!我们持你。 e.g. Pull yourself together and face up to life.振作起来面对生活。 e.g. You must try to pull yourself together and your family depend on you. 你应该振作起来——你的家庭都指着你呢。e.g. Youve got to pull yourself together before you go onstage. 上台之前,你要使自己镇静下来。 3. cheer up:振作,高兴起来e.g. Cheer up, Im only trying to make you jealous. 别不高兴,我只不过想引你吃醋。e.g. Now, now, cheer up and forget about it. 好啦, 好啦, 振作起来,别再想它了。e.g. Cheer up. Itll all come right in the end. 想开些,到头来总会好的。e.g. Mrs. Gummidge did not appear to be able to cheer up. 格米治太太好象怎么也鼓不起兴致来。第三、生活妙语My heart is gone.我的心死了。Life is meaningless.生活毫无意义。 /201304/233160驼峰李埝山左口石湖曲阳张湾乡东海经济开发区治疗直肠恶变多少钱引言:大家好,欢迎来到。学英语重在积累,遇到好的句子就收集下来,遇到实用的单词和短语就记下来。今天我们从三个句子中提炼可以学习的部分。1. They make a point of going on a picnic every two weeks. 这个句子里有一个不错的短语:make a point of doing sth.。Point是“点”的意思,在这里指“重点”。Make a point of doing sth.是指把重点放在某事儿上,也就是特别注意(做某事)、 重视做某事。They make a point of going on a picnic every two weeks. 这句话是说他们每两个星期去野餐一次,而且呢把这件事儿看得很重要。活学活用,我可以说I make a point of learning English every day. 我重视每天学英文。Whenever I go to Taipei, I make a point of visiting the National Palace Museum. 不论何时我到台北,我一定去参观故宫物院。Make a point of doing sth.你学会了吗?2.Dont boss me around! What do you take me for?这句话是说:别把我使唤来使唤去的!你当我是什么?来了解一下boss。这个词常表示“老板”,相信很多人都知道,而boss还可以作为动词,什么意思呢?老板的作用是什么?“管理,指挥”。短语boss about/around表示“发号施令,随便使”。I don’t like being bossed around by you or anyone else. 把人指使来指使去的人也常唠唠叨叨的,“唠叨”的表达是nag。比如:Shes bossed and nagged him ever since they got married. 自从他们结婚以来,她老是对他发号施令,跟他纠缠不休。3. Weve lived here for the better part of a year. 最后我们来学习一个短语:the better part of,字面翻译是更好的部分,但它的意思跟这个几乎没什么关系,所以我们更要留心the better part of是指“大部分的”,听几个例句:The journey took her the better part of an hour. 旅程花去了她半个多小时。I havent seen my tutor for the better part of a month! 我已经大半个月没见到导师了! 我们还常听到这样的句子:This is the best part of my day. Best part of与the better part of不同,best part of和字面意思一样,表示“最好的部分”。This is the best part of my day. 这是我一天中最美好的时刻。这里是,茶余饭后三分钟,轻松学英语。我是Canace,下期节目与您有约,拜拜!背景音乐:I Knew You Were Trouble本节目属 /201505/375275连云港市做流产多少钱Joseph Gordon-Levitt coming up in a few minutes,Billy Eichner is here.乔瑟夫·高登·李维待会儿就要出来了 比利·艾希纳也来作客And Im covered in snake spit.It was worth it.Totally.that was not a realistic looking snake.我浑身是蛇口水 值得的 当然 那条蛇太假了It looked like a bean bag chair.Its what we could afford.Yes.活像豆袋椅 我们要不起别的了Loot at that,you could see the metal hoops in the throat.看啊 能看到喉咙里的金属圈Go back to that.Its like a construction trap shoot.回放一下 就像建筑工地上的管道Look at its dead eyes.Oh,no,thats me.I konw.看那无神的眼睛 那是我啦 我知道I want to talk about something.Big story in the computer world.我想说件事 电脑界有大新闻If you happen to own a windows computer,computer with windows,如果你有装windows系统的电脑you know that when you buy it,it comes with all of this clip art and it has for years.你就知道系统多年来 一直有一段剪贴画It comes with clip art,aly there.Well,I guess it wasnt that popular.Whatever.有一些系统自带的剪贴画 应该是不怎么受欢迎Microsoft has announced there discontinuing the clip are that comes with windows.Discontinuing it.微软称他们将不再为系统提供自带剪贴画了 不再提供了Clip art graphics were terrible,there were corny.Nobody used them anymore.They were awful.那些剪贴画很糟 俗气 现在都没人用了 很差劲Thats where I have to disagree.Ok.Im a fan of fine art.这就是我不同意的 我是美术迷I know quality when I see it.I happen to be a bit of a collector.我分辨得出什么是好画作 我还是位收藏家So I spoke to Microsoft this morning the minute I heard the news.所以我今早一听到这新闻 就去找了微软I picked up the phone thats shaped like my hand,and I said.Your imaginary phone.My imaginary phone.我拿起我手形状的电话 我说 你幻想的电话 我的幻想电话No,I did.I called them and I said I want that art.You get rid of it,I want it.真的 我打了电话 表示想要那些剪贴画 你们不要 我要So I bought up the entire collection of Microsofts windows clip art.所以我买下了微软所有的剪贴画201704/502789连云港第一人民医院检查白带多少钱

赣榆区人民医院在哪里新安堆沟港北陈集张店三口镇早孕检查多少钱迷你对话:A: Our major is from a bigger city.我们的市长是从大城市调来的。B: He’s doing fine. A new broom sweeps clean.他干得不错,新官上任三把火嘛。A: He brings with him some talented people from his former city.他从先前救任的城市带来了不少的才人。B: I think we’ll benefit a lot.我想这对我们大有益处。地道表达:a new bloom 新上任的官对话范例:Jill: That new supervisor is awfully strict. And we cannot put up with it.新来的上司很严格,我们受不了。Jane: It is called that a new broom sweep clean. Don’t get upset all day long.这是所谓的新官上任三把火,别着急。词海拾贝:1. do fine:干得不错,干得好Eg. Starting a new store is risky, but I think we will do fine. 开新店本来就会有风险,但我想我们会一切顺利的。 Eg. You do fine, and the manager knows it.你演得很好的,经理是知道的。Eg. Ill do fine, Mother, you can rest assured. 妈,你放心,我会干得不错的。 Eg. This log will do fine as a table for our picnic. 这块大圆木很可以用作我们野餐的餐桌。2. bring with sb :随身带有Eg. I shall bring with me the full details of my testimonials as you request.我将根据您的要求带上详细的件。 Eg. Im always inclined to bring with me a flask with a little water in it.我总是在身上带着一个瓶子,里面装上点水。 /201301/218040灌南县打胎多少钱听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):A Valentines Day postcard arrived today from a friend of ours - Tamar Charney, who used to be our boss as programming director here at Michigan Radio. Now shes left us to be Managing Editor at NPR One.Dear Stateside:I found a heart on the shore of Lake Michigan. It was a stone that had washed up in a storm on New Years day. It was lying there in the sand with a bunch of other rocks. But this one stood out because it was shaped like a perfect Valentines Day heart.The time between New Years and Valentines Day is when we all swear were going to get our shit/act together. Gyms are full of people trying to get in shape. Everyone is on a diet. And all those resolutions are in full swing, but then come Valentines Day we crash and lose our drive to make over our lives.Blame the chocolates in heart shaped boxes if you want, but they arent the problem. The problem is the whole premise of this holiday. Its one big festival of a gauzy romantic love that exists only on a Hallmark card and in a 1980s John Hughes movie. Valentines Day smacks you upside the head with the realization that your love life will never ...ever ...possibly ...measure up...and all the New Years resolutions in the world wont win you the happiness that comes from love like that.So we give up. We resign ourselves to our pathetic, seemingly loveless lives.But not so fast. The problem is what Valentines Day is celebrating. What if Valentines Day wasnt about the fantasy version of romantic love? What if it was about the kinds of love that really make a difference in our lives?Because there isnt just one kind of love.Sure there is romantic love with all its real world blessings and curses. But what about unrequited love? And past loves.Love of family. And love for friends.The animals we love. The kids we love.The foods we love, the music we love. The places we love.Love of self ...and love of life.There are so many types of love. Each with its own joys and its own sorrows. Each one plays a part in making us who we are. And at any given time one kind of love may be going strong while another fades away.So, if you look for more than one idealized sort of love, you may find it washes up every day in unexpected places. Like that heart shaped stone. You just have to know to look for it wherever you are.And that is worth celebrating.Happy Valentines Day loves!201702/491982江苏连云港四维彩超多少钱

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