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连云港高公岛医院肛肠痔疮内痔外痔混合痔治疗好吗连云港国泰妇科在哪里连云港好的女子医院 China said Friday it will seek to curb domestic debt growth and slash industrial overcapacity in 2014 without hurting growth, reaffirming a longer-term course laid out at a conclave of senior party officials last month.中国周五表示,2014年将在保持经济稳定增长的同时控制国内债务规模增加和解决工业产能过剩问题,即重申了上月中共十八届三中全会制定的中长期改革目标。In a statement at the end of a four-day meeting, the Communist Party#39;s top leaders spelled out their priorities in managing the economy in the short term.在为期四天的中央经济工作会议闭幕时发布的公告中,中共最高领导人列出了短期经济工作的主要任务。The document on state radio and television referred to the role of consumption as an economic driver, a sign the leadership is looking to overhaul the economy and reduce the role of government investment.公告提到了消费对拉动未来经济增长的作用,这一迹象表明中国领导人希望对经济进行重大改革,降低政府投资的作用。中国国有电台和电视台均对公告内容进行了报道。The statement also referred to local government debt, which has worried policy makers, and overcapacity in key sectors such as steel, glass and cement.公告还提到了两个问题,一是令决策者头疼的地方政府债务问题,二是钢铁、玻璃和水泥等关键行业产能过剩问题。UBS China economist Tao Wang agreed with the leader#39;s priorities in addressing the debt, but added, #39;it#39;s hard to tell if they can walk the walk because of the rapid development of shadow lending.#39; So-called shadow banking is lending by non-bank financial institutions, such as trust companies, securities firms and informal lenders.瑞银(UBS)中国经济学家汪涛对中国领导人将解决债务问题作为首要任务表示赞同,但补充称,现在很难说这能否被付诸实施,因为影子业正快速发展。所谓的影子业是指通过信托公司、券公司以及非传统贷款机构等非类金融机构发放贷款。Since 2008, domestic debt has ballooned to 216% of GDP from 128% and could climb to 271% by 2017 if not corrected, according to Fitch Ratings. Economists note similar credit run-ups in countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America have ended in crashes, although few predict an imminent crisis in China.据惠誉国际评级(Fitch Ratings)的数据显示,自2008年以来,中国国内债务占国内生产总值(GDP)的比重已经由128%飙升至216%;若不加以控制,到2017年这一比例将进一步提高至271%。虽然经济学家们曾指出欧洲、亚洲和拉美一些国家类似的信贷猛增最终以崩盘告终,但很少有人预计中国短期内将面临危机。The sharp rise in debt occurred when China began to combat the global financial crisis in 2009 and 2010, and banks ramped up funding of infrastructure, real estate and industrial projects. The credit growth has continued despite the recovery, as the shadow banking sector has increased lending in place of banks.为应对2009年和2010年的全球金融危机,中国国内加大了对基础设施、房地产和工业项目的融资力度,导致中国债务水平激增。虽然中国经济有所回暖,但信贷仍在持续增长,因为影子业取代传统扩大了放贷规模。The statement released by the Central Economic Work Conference, the meeting of top leaders, said that China#39;s policy makers faced the #39;core task#39; of ensuring stable growth amid continuing economic headwinds and troubles with domestic security.中央经济工作会议发布的公告称,中国政策制定者在经济遭遇持续阻力且行业安全问题堪忧的情况下面临确保经济稳定增长的“核心任务”。The conference comes about a month after a conclave of senior Communist Party officials, called the Third Plenum, set out a blueprint for longer-term reforms. On Friday, the leaders said they would maintain #39;the spirit#39; of the plenum, but their focus was on tackling more immediate problems.今年的中央经济工作会议召开前,中共刚刚召开过十八届三中全会,并在全会上为中长期改革制定了蓝图。中国领导人周五表示,将全面贯彻落实党的十八届三中全会精神,但会着重解决当前更突出的问题。Local governments have been among the big drivers of debt, borrowing heavily to finance infrastructure and real-estate projects that are frequently mired in debt.地方政府债务增加是造成国内总体债务水平上升的主要原因,地方政府因大量举债为基础设施和房地产项目融资而经常深陷债务困境。The statement called resolving local debt problems #39;an important economic task,#39; and said Beijing would #39;strictly control the process by which governments#39; raise debt.#39;公告称,要把控制和化解地方政府性债务风险作为经济工作的重要任务,严格政府举债程序。Signaling that the central government didn#39;t envision a large bailout, the statement added #39;every level of government will be responsible for their own debt.#39;公告还称,省区市政府要对本地区地方政府性债务负责任,这暗示中央政府并未考虑向地方政府提供大力援助。Another reason for the debt buildup is borrowing by firms, often state-owned, despite huge production gluts in industries such as steel, solar energy components and shipbuilding. Over the past few years, as the economy has slowed, many companies are finding there isn#39;t enough demand to keep all their production lines running or their workers employed. Often with the political support of local government, the firms have borrowed to avoid major layoffs.中国债务增加的另一个原因是企业(通常为国有企业)借款,尽管钢铁、太阳能组件和造船等行业存在巨大的产能过剩。过去几年,随着经济增长的放缓,许多企业发现国内需求已不足以维持其所有生产线的运作和员工就业。通常是在地方政府的政治扶持下,企业才得以通过借款来避免重大裁员。The leaders pledged to #39;unswervingly resolve industrial overcapacity#39; -- a pledge that Beijing has made before and failed to carry out. For instance, steel capacity has increased in recent years even as factories have been underutilized.中国领导人此次承诺要坚定不移化解产能过剩。中国政府此前也作过类似承诺,但未能付诸行动。例如,在钢厂没有进入全负荷运转的情况下,近年来钢铁产能仍有所增加。But Ms. Wang, the UBS analyst, said the leaders signaled more resolve this time by adding that they would also focus #39;on re-employment of people laid off from industries with overcapacity.#39; Beijing usually does all it can to avoid layoffs, which it fears could lead to social unrest.但瑞银分析师汪涛表示,中国领导人这一次展示出了更大决心,因为他们还提到要重点抓好化解产能过剩中出现的下岗再就业工作。由于担心失业现象会引发社会动荡,中国政府通常会尽一切所能避免企业裁员。Even so, the statement doesn#39;t make clear how much risk Beijing is willing to take to tackle debt and overcapacity. The statement stressed the need for #39;stable#39; growth. although a slowdown in credit is likely to lead to a slowdown in GDP growth.即便如此,公告并未明确说明中国政府愿承担多少风险来化解债务和产能过剩问题。公告强调了维持经济稳定增长的必要性,但信贷的放缓可能会导致GDP增速放慢。Economists have been looking for signs of whether China would maintain a 7.5% growth target for next year, unchanged from this year, or dial back the target to 7%. A lower growth target would signal that the leadership would press harder to resolve structural problems.对于中国是将明年经济增长目标与今年7.5%的水平保持一致,还是会下调至7%,经济学家一直在寻找相关迹象。若增长目标被下调,将意味着中国领导人将加大结构性问题的解决力度。But the document sent mixed messages. Ms. Wang thought the leadership was signaling a 7% target while, Royal Bank of Scotland analyst Luis Kuijs thought it indicated 7.5%.但中央经济工作会议公告所传递出的信息并不清晰。汪涛认为中国领导层暗示的明年经济增长目标为7%,而苏格兰皇家(Royal Bank of Scotland)分析师高路易(Luis Kuijs)则认为是7.5%。 /201312/268920新沂做产检哪家医院最好的

连云港国泰妇产医院联系电话Some people are born lucky. Parents in China, however, would rather not leave their kids’ fate to chance.据《华盛顿邮报》报道,有些人生来就是幸运的,然而中国的父母们可不想仅凭机遇来决定他们孩子的命运。For the past few weeks, many couples have been trying desperately to conceive, racing against time to have a baby in the fortuitous Year of the Horse. Their reasoning: No one wants a baby born in 2015, the ded Year of the Sheep.过去几周内,许多夫妻拼命努力地尝试受,争分夺秒地想要在幸运的马年生下一个宝宝。他们的理由很简单:没人想在可怕的羊年要小孩。Sheep are meek creatures, raised for nothing more than slaughter. Babies born in the Year of the Sheep, therefore, will grow up to be followers rather than leaders, according to some superstitions. The children are destined for heartbreak and failed marriages, and they will be unlucky in business, many Chinese believe. One popular folk saying holds that only one out of 10 people born in the Year of the Sheep finds happiness.羊是一种温顺的动物,养着就是为了长大后宰掉吃肉的。按照一些迷信的说法,羊年出生的小孩长大后会像温顺的羊一样永远只能追随别人、永远都成为不了领袖。很多中国人认为,羊年出生的孩子注定要遭受痛苦的心碎,失败的婚姻和生意上的霉运。其中一个流传甚广的民间说法是在十个羊年出生的人中只有一个能找到幸福。Health professionals say fertility consultations have spiked in recent months. Some doctors even have expressed worries that there may be a corresponding jump in abortions later this year, as couples realize they missed the horse-year cutoff.健康专家表示,近几个月的生育咨询数量大增。有些医生甚至担忧年末会有大量的夫妇因错过马年生育而选择堕胎。According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Year of the Sheep (also called goat or ram) begins Feb. 19, 2015, so the window for conception closes around the end of this month.根据中国农历日历,羊年(亦称山羊或绵羊年)从农历2015年2月29日开始,所以今年最理想的怀日期大概在本月月末。Many patients have inquired about early delivery via Caesarean section to ensure a horse-year birth, said Li Jianjun, an obstetrician at Beijing’s ed Family Hospital.北京和睦家医院产科医师李建军表示,很多夫妇都询问过可否通过剖腹产以提前在马年产下孩子。Some doubt the furor will have a significant effect on the Chinese birthrate this year. But the babymania is so widesp that the state-run China News Service issued a report trying to debunk the “unfounded” myth of bad luck for those born in Year of the Sheep.有些人认为这种“马年赶着生小孩”的狂热会给今年中国的出生率带来巨大影响。这种过度狂热、且大幅传播的“婴儿潮”促使官方的中国新闻社专门发表了一期报道,以揭穿“羊年生的小孩走霉运”这种“毫无根据”的民间传说。“We try our best to dissuade couples from believing the sheep superstitions,” one official at China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention said. The woman, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to give an interview, said the subject has become such a prominent issue that it is often addressed in classes for would-be parents.中国疾病预防控制中心一名不愿透露姓名的女官员表示,“我们正尽力规劝夫妇不要相信所谓的羊年迷信。”她表示,关于羊年的迷信已经成为一个很严重的问题,甚至很多时候需要专门的课程来帮助“准父母”们在这方面答疑解惑。But the medical professionals do not have an easy sell. The official said that even her colleagues at the disease-control center are obsessed with the supposed luck a horse year brings.但医务人员不容易。这位官员说,即便是她在疾病控制中心的同事,也对这种马年好运的说法深信不疑。‘All that pressure’“全都是压力”It’s unclear how the Year of the Sheep came to acquire its bad reputation.没有人清楚羊年霉运的臭名是从哪里得来的。Each of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac has it virtues and faults. The undisputed favorite is the dragon, often followed by the tiger and the horse — an energetic animal closely associated with success, according to Chinese sayings.中国的十二生肖各有优缺点。最受人们喜爱的生肖当属龙、虎和马,因为根据中国的民间说法,这三种充满力量的动物往往会带来成功。Even rats (considered clever and agile) and snakes (which look like mini-dragons) are considered lucky. But sheep have fewer advantageous qualities, according to some interpretations.即便是老鼠(通常被认为是聪明和灵巧的)还有蛇(看起来像是一条小龙一样)都被认为是幸运的生肖。但就一些对生肖的解读而言,羊的优点却寥寥无几。Those born in sheep years are thought of as passive, loyal, generous and kind. Some of those virtues may be wonderful in an ideal world, but not so useful in the dog-eat-dog real world.羊年出生者通常被认作是被动,忠诚,慷慨和善良的人。这些品德在理想的世界里或许是美好的,但在“咬”的现实世界中却没什么用途。“It’s an unfair and outdated superstition,” said Dong Mengzhi, 74, honorary president of Beijing’s Folk Literature and Art Society. “But it’s a convenient way for many to explain an unpredictable world.”“这是一个不公平的、过时了的迷信,”74岁的北京民间文艺家协会名誉主席董梦知说,“但是对很多人而言,这是一种便于用来解释不可预知世界的方法。”Unfair or not, one of the first things Zhang Xiaolei’s parents did when she got engaged in 2012 was to sit down with a Chinese zodiac calendar.不管这个生肖的说法公不公平,张小蕾2012年订婚时,她父母首先做的事情就是坐下来仔细地研究中国的黄道日历。“We all agreed to hurry up and avoid the sheep,” said Zhang, 26, a government worker in Shangdong province.“我们都想要快点生孩子,避免赶上羊年。”26岁的山东省政府工作者张女士说。Her husband quit drinking and started exercising in an effort to increase his fertility. Zhang went on a diet and got more sleep. But after a year and half of trying, nothing.她的丈夫戒酒同时也开始了锻炼,努力提高生育率。张女士也开始节食并且增加了睡眠。但是经过一年半的尝试之后,张女士还是没有怀上孩子。“I don’t know what happened,” she sighed. “Maybe it was all that pressure.”“我不知道怎么回事,”张女士叹息道,“可能都是迷信带来的压力。”She and her husband — both born in a dragon year, the luckiest of all — have consoled themselves with the hope that, if they do conceive later this year, their baby will be that one lone sheep in 10 to find happiness.张女士和她的丈夫都出生于最幸运的龙年,他们安慰自己“如果在今年后段怀,他们的孩子一定会是十个羊年生人中的可以找到幸福的那一个”。Others who fear they will miss their window have flocked to support groups that have sprung up online.其他担心错失生育良机的夫妇纷纷蜂拥向迅速涌现的在线持组寻求帮助。Boom periods繁盛时期While demographers acknowledge the Chinese zodiac’s cultural importance, some have thrown cold water on the idea that it affects birthrates on a national scale.虽然人口学家承认中国十二生肖文化的重要性,有些人还是向这种文化泼来了冷水,因为他们认为这种文化影响了全国人口的出生率。Some Chinese provinces and hospitals have at times shown increases in births during lucky animal years and decreases in sheep years, but there is no discernible effect on national demographics, according to Duan Chengrong, a population expert who in 2003 published one of the only studies available on the phenomenon.根据人口学专家段成荣所言,虽然中国的一些省份和医院的新生儿出生数屡次在幸运生肖年和羊年之间起落,但是它对国家人口却没有什么明显的影响。段成荣先生在2003年出版了对这一现象研究仅有的几部可用专著之一。“It doesn’t mean it isn’t a factor,” he said by phone last week. “But its effects are likely diluted and overshadowed by others.”“这并不意味着生肖迷信没有影响,”他在上周的一次电话通话中说,“但这种迷信的影响可能被其他因素的影响给淡化或者掩盖了。”Among the factors that have affected China’s birthrate in recent decades, and complicated the interpretation of such data, are political and economic upheaval and the government’s one-child policy.在近几十年来影响中国人口出生率的因素中,使这些数据很难解读的一大部分原因就是政治经济动荡和独生子女政策。In other countries, demographers have also grappled with theories of baby booms linked to specific events.在其他国家,人口统计学家还坚持着婴儿潮与特定事件有关联的理论。In the ed States, for example, New York newspapers famously announced a boom in pregnancies after the massive blackout of 1965, during which couples supposedly had nothing better to do than procreate. But such a phenomenon was debunked in later years by population experts.比如在美国,纽约的报纸曾宣布,在1965年大规模停电后,怀者数量大增,因为在这期间夫妇可能除了生育之外没有什么其他可以用来消遣的事情了。但在一些年后,人口专家揭露了这种现象的真实原因。For those in China most schooled in the mystical arts of fortunetelling, all this attention to the Chinese zodiac calendar year is wasted.对于中国那些精于算命的人而言,所有对中国生肖日历年的关注都是徒劳的。“Ordinary people only care about the zodiac because it is much easier to understand than the truth. To us true feng-shui masters, the zodiac doesn’t matter at all,” said Wen Chaoliang, 39. “What matters most isn’t the year you are born but the exact time of delivery.”“平常人仅仅关注生肖而非真理是因为生肖更加简单易懂。对我们而言真正有影响的是风水,而非生肖,”39岁的文超良说,“对你命运真正有影响的不是你出生的年份而是你出生的具体时间。”Feng shui is the ancient art of arranging objects or numbers to improve luck.风水是一种通过合理安排物品或数目来提升运势的古老艺术。For 0, Wen said, he has been helping couples pick the most fortuitous hours for their planned C-sections-.交五百美元,文超良就会帮助夫妇挑选最幸运的时间进行剖腹产。For an extra 0, he throws in a lucky name. For ,000, he will rearrange your home’s furniture to ensure the best possible future for your child.再交130美元,他就会给孩子起一个交好运的名字。交3000美元,他就会重新安排你家具的位置,以确保孩子最优秀的未来发展。“Don’t you want your baby to be successful? Don’t you want your baby to be healthy and beautiful?” he said. “Think about it. Isn’t it worth it?”“你不想让你的孩子成功吗?你不想让你的孩子健康可爱吗?”他说,“认真考虑考虑吧,这不是很值得的交易吗?” /201405/297872连云港灌云县流产哪家医院最好的 连云港子宫肌瘤微创手术大概多少钱

连云港国泰妇产医院妇科医生 VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis called Thursday for a radical transformation of politics, economics and individual lifestyles to confront environmental degradation and climate change, blending a biting critique of consumerism and irresponsible development with a plea for swift and unified global action.梵蒂冈城——教皇方济各(Pope Francis)周四呼吁,对政治、经济和个人生活方式进行根本性变革,以应对环境恶化和气候变化,他将对消费主义和不负责任的发展模式的尖锐批评同采取迅速且统一的全球行动的请求结合在了一起。The vision that Francis outlined in a 184-page papal encyclical is sweeping in ambition and scope: He described relentless exploitation and destruction of the environment and said apathy, the reckless pursuit of profits, excessive faith in technology and political shortsightedness were to blame.方济各在184页的教皇通谕中概述的愿景在其雄心程度和覆盖范围上都相当可观。他描述了对环境无情的剥削和破坏,并表示冷漠、对利润的鲁莽追求、对科技的过度信心和政治短视要对此负主要责任。The most vulnerable victims, he declared, are the world’s poorest people, who are being dislocated and disregarded.他宣称最脆弱的受害者是世界上最贫穷的人,他们的生活被扰乱并被忽视。Francis, the first pope from the developing world, used the encyclical — titled “Laudato Si’,” or “Praise Be to You” — to highlight the crisis posed by climate change. He placed most of the blame on fossil fuels and human activity, while warning of an “unprecedented destruction of ecosystems, with serious consequence for all of us” if corrective action is not taken swiftly. Developed, industrialized countries were mostly responsible, he said, and are obligated to help poorer nations confront the crisis.方济各是第一位来自发展中世界的教皇,他用题为“Laudato Si”(赞美你)的通谕来突出气候变化所带来的危机。他把大部分的责任归结于化石燃料和人类活动,同时警告称,如果不采取迅速的纠正行动,“生态系统将蒙受前所未有的破坏,并对我们所有人造成严重后果”。发达的工业化国家要负主要负责,他说,这些国家有责任帮助贫穷国家应对危机。“Climate change is a global problem with grave implications: environmental, social, economic, political and for the distribution of goods,” he wrote. “It represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day.”“气候变化是可能带来严重后果的一个全球性问题,其影响涉及环境,社会,经济,政治和物品的分配,”他写道。 “它代表了我们这个时代人类所面临的主要挑战之一。”The Vatican released the encyclical at noon on Thursday, three days after an Italian magazine posted a leaked draft online, to the fury of Vatican officials. The breach led to speculation that opponents of Francis inside the Vatican wanted to embarrass him by undermining the release.梵蒂冈在周四上午公布了通谕,让梵蒂冈官员愤怒的是,三天前一家意大利杂志就在网上发布了泄漏出来的草稿。此次泄漏事件导致人们猜测,梵蒂冈内部的方济各反对者希望通过破坏通谕公布来让他难堪。Even so, religious figures, environmentalists, scientists, executives and elected officials around the world awaited the official release, and scheduled news conferences or issued statements afterward. News media interest was enormous, in part because of Francis’ global popularity, but also because of the intriguing coalition he is proposing between faith and science.即便如此,世界各地的宗教人士、环保人士、科学家、高管和民选官员都对通谕的正式发布翘首以盼,并在之后安排了新闻发布会或发表了声明。新闻媒体对此十分关注,部分原因是方济各在全球的受欢迎度,但也是因他提出的信仰和科学之间的有趣联盟。Governments are now developing domestic climate-change plans to prepare for a ed Nations summit on the issue in Paris in December. The meeting’s goal is to achieve a sweeping accord in which every nation would commit to new policies to limit greenhouse-gas emissions. Many governments have yet to present plans, including major emitters like Brazil, which has a large Catholic population. The encyclical is seen as an unsubtle nudge for action.目前各国政府正在为定于12月在巴黎举行的联合国气候大会做准备,制定各自的国内排放计划。这次会议的目标是让所有国家在实施限制温室气体排放的新政策上达成一个全面协议。很多国家还没提交自己的计划,包括一些温室气体排放大国,如有大量天主教信徒的巴西。这份教皇通谕被看成较为直白的敦促之举,要各国展开行动。“It gives a lot of cover to political and economic leaders in those countries, as they make decisions on climate change policy,” said Timothy Wirth, vice chairman of the ed Nations Foundation.联合国基金会(ed Nations Foundation)副主席蒂莫西·维尔特(Timothy Wirth)表示,“在制定气候变化政策上,这份通谕给这些国家的政治和经济领导人提供了很多由头。”Catholic theologians say the overarching theme of the encyclical is “integral ecology,” which links care for the environment with a notion aly well developed in Catholic teaching: that economic development, to be morally good and just, must take into account people’s need for things like freedom, education and meaningful work.天主教神学家们表示,贯穿这份通谕的主题是“生态的不可或缺”,它将人们对环境的关心和天主教布道中一个已经被普遍接受的观念结合起来:即经济发展要想在道德层面上变得合理正当,它必须顾及到人们的其他需求,如自由、教育和有意义的工作。“The basic idea is, in order to love God, you have to love your fellow human beings, and you have to love and care for the rest of creation,” said Vincent Miller, who holds a chair in Catholic theology and culture at the University of Dayton, a Catholic college in Ohio. “It gives Francis a very traditional basis to argue for the inclusion of environmental concern at the center of Christian faith.”“这里的基本观念是,为了爱上帝,你必须爱自己的同类,以及热爱和关心上帝其他的造物。这一观念为教皇方济各论关心环境也是基督教信仰的核心观念打下了非常传统的根基,”文森特·米勒(Vincent Miller)说,他是俄亥俄州的天主教高校戴顿大学(University of Dayton)的天主教神学与文化教授。He added: “Critics will say the church can’t teach policy, the church can’t teach politics. And Francis is saying, ‘No, these things are at the core of the church’s teaching.’ ”他还说,“批评者会说教堂不能讲授政策,不能讨论政治。而方济各说,‘不,这些正是教堂布道的中心内容。’”Francis tapped a wide variety of sources in his encyclical, partly to underscore the universality of his message. He cited passages from his two papal predecessors, John Paul II and Benedict XVI, and drew prominently from a religious ally, Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople, leader of the world’s Eastern Orthodox Christians. He also cited a Sufi Muslim mystic, Ali al-Khawas.教皇方济各在这份通谕中引述甚广,部分原因是为强调他要传达的信息的普遍性。他援引了两位前任教皇约翰·保罗二世(John Paul II)和本尼迪克特十六世(Benedict XVI)之前的讲话,列举了其宗教盟友、东正教全球领袖君士坦丁堡大牧首巴塞洛缪一世(Patriarch Bartholomew I)的不少言论,此外还引用了一名苏菲派穆斯林(Sufi Muslim)神秘主义者阿里·阿尔-卡瓦斯(Ali al-Khawas)的观点。Central to Francis’ theme is the link between poverty and the planet’s fragility. The pope rejected the belief that technology and “current economics” would solve environmental problems, or “that the problems of global hunger and poverty will be resolved simply by market growth.”教皇方济各的核心主旨是将贫穷和这个星球的脆弱之处联系起来。教皇反对技术和“当前的经济”能解决环境问题的观点,也不认同“全球的饥饿和贫穷问题单单依靠市场发展就可迎刃而解”。“A huge indictment I see in this encyclical is that people have lost their sense of ultimate and proper goals of technology and economics,” said Christiana Z. Peppard, an assistant professor of theology, science and ethics at Fordham University in New York. “We are focused on short-term, consumerist patterns.”“这份通谕强烈谴责人们失去了对科技和经济发展的终极和正确目标的认知,”纽约福特汉姆大学(Fordham University)神学、科学和伦理学助理教授克里斯蒂安娜·Z·佩帕德(Christiana Z. Peppard)说道。“我们的注意力都集中于短期发展和消费主义模式。”Encyclicals are letters to the clergy and laity of the church that are considered authoritative. Catholics are expected to try to sincerely embrace their teachings. But more specific assertions in them can be categorized as “prudential judgments,” a phrase that some critics have invoked to reject Francis’ positions on issues like climate change or economic inequality.教皇通谕是教皇写给天主教教职人员和俗世信徒的信,在人们眼中具有权威性。天主教徒一般要尝试真诚地接受其中的教导。但有一些更具体的观点可以被归为“审慎意见”,一些批评者借这个词汇来反对教皇方济各在气候变化和经济不平等等议题上的立场。 /201506/382346连云港市国泰医院专家连云港国泰医院医生在线咨询



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