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中国十大水镇英文介绍:甪直古镇 -- :1:5 来源: 中国十大水镇英文介绍:甪直古镇 Luzhi [PhotoCFP] A distance of 18km from the Suzhou districts in the west and 58km from Shanghai in the east, Luzhi is a well-preserved water town in the Taihu Lake Basin. With a flat terrain and fertile land beside river networks, it serves as a typical water town in regions south of the Yangtze River benefiting from 5 lakes and 6 rivers. Its history spans over ,500 years, creating rich cultural contents and numerous historical sites with a palace built by Yanlv, a king of the State of Wu and Wutong Garden by Fuchai, another king of the state. 英文介绍 甪直古镇。

Albert Einstein 阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦 -- :53:7 来源: Albert Einstein 阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦  Albert Einstein was born in Germany on March th, 1879. When he was a young boy, he often asked lots of questions. example,"How does darkness happen?" When he was fourteen years old, he had learned math all by himself. He was a shy person and did not enjoy school very much. He couldn't get along well with the other boys. In his life Einstein spent most of his time alone. He won the Nobel Prize Physics in 191. He died on April 18th, 1955, at the age of 76.  阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦于1879年3月日生于德国当他小的时候,他经常问许多问题,如:“黑夜是怎么发生的?”在他岁的时候,他已经自学了数学他是一位不善言谈的人,也不太喜欢学校他与其他同学相处的不好爱因斯坦大部分时间独自度过他的一生在191年他获得了诺贝尔物理学奖他逝世于1955年月18日,享年76岁。

关键性的时刻-- :5:   The time has come to make a choice.   这里的the time是指“关键性的时刻”,就是没时间再让你想东想西比如说你参加了《超级大富翁,这一题的实在是不知道该选蛋黄还是纸条,而时间已经到了,主持人就会对你说:The time has come to make a choice.或是你脚踏两条船,东窗事发了,此时你踏的那两艘船就会对你说:The time has come to make a choice.。

六一儿童节,Childre Day --19 :19:36 来源: Children's Day the Children's Day this year is the most ungettable one me beacause i'll soon graduate. Even though it doesn't come yet,i believe it must be the most ungettable. I will no loneger be a child once going to middle school What a ungettable Children's Day! 这年的六一儿童节是我最难忘的,因为我快要毕业了,虽然它还没来,但我知道这年的六一儿童节是最难忘的升上了初中就不再是“儿童”了 难忘的六一儿童节!!。

最好用的6句日常生活英语-- :6:9 1. After you.你先请 这是一句很常用的客套话,在进/出门,上车得场合你都可以表现一下 . I just couldn"t help it.我就是忍不住 想想看,这样一个漂亮的句子可用于多少个场合?下面是随意举的一个例子: I was deeply moved by the film and I cried and cried. I just couldn"t help it. 3. Don’t take it to heart.别往心里去,别为此而忧虑伤神 生活实例: This test isn"t that important. Don"t take it to heart. . We’d better be off.我们该走了 It’s getting late. We"d better be off . 5. Let’s face it.面对现实吧 常表明说话人不愿意逃避困难的现状参考例句:I know it"s a difficult situation. Let"s face it, OK? 6. Let’s get started.咱们开始干吧 劝导别人时说:Don"t just talk. Let"s get started. 7. I’m really dead.我真要累死了 坦诚自己的感受时说:After all that work, I’m really dead. 8. I’ve done my best.我已尽力了 9. Is that so?真是那样吗? 常用在一个人听了一件事后表示惊讶、怀疑 . Don’t play games with me!别跟我耍花招! . I don"t know sure.我不确切知道 Stranger:Could you tell me how to get to the town hall? Tom: I don’t know sure. Maybe you could ask the policeman over there. . I’m not going to kid you.我不是跟你开玩笑的 Karin:You quit the job? You are kid你回答得不好. Jack: I’m not going to kid you. I’m serious. . That’s something.太好了,太棒了 A: I’m granted a full scholarship this semester. B: Congratulations. That"s something. . Brilliant idea!这主意真棒!这主意真高明! . Do you really mean it?此话当真? Michael:Whenever you are short of money, just come to me. David: Do you really mean it? . You are a great help.你帮了大忙 . I couldn"t be more sure.我再也肯定不过? 18. I am behind you.我持你 A: Whatever decision you"re going to make, I am behind you. 19. I"m broke.我身无分文 . Mind you!请注意!听着!(也可仅用Mind) 模范例句:Mind you! He"s a very nice fellow though bad-tempered. 1. You can count on it.你尽管相信好了,尽管放心 A:Do you think he will come to my birthday party? B: You can count on it. 1. You can count on it.你尽管相信好了,尽管放心 A:Do you think he will come to my birthday party? B: You can count on it. . I never liked it anyway.我一直不太喜欢这东西 当朋友或同事不小心摔坏你的东西时就可以用上这句话给他一个台阶,打破尴尬局面:Oh, don"t worry. I"m thinking of buying a new one. I never liked it anyway. 3. That depends.看情况再说 例:I may go to the airport to meet her. But that depends. . Congratulations.恭喜你,祝贺你 5. Thanks anyway.无论如何我还是得谢谢你 当别人尽力要帮助你却没帮成时,你就可以用这个短语表示谢意 6. It"s a deal.一言为定 Harry:Haven"t seen you ages. Let"s have a get-together next week. Jenny: It"s a deal。

A Letter to Sunsan 致苏珊的一封信 -- 3:58:30 来源: A Letter to Sunsan 致苏珊的一封信Dear Sunsan,  I am very glad to receive your letter. And I'd like very much to be your pen friend. I was born in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province on October 18, 1993. Now I am studying at Yingze Primary School. There are about 0 teachers and 1,500 students in our school. We study Chinese, maths, English and some other subjects. I like English best, because it is useful in the world.  There are three people in my family. My parents are both doctors. I love them, and they are very kind to me. But they are strict with me, too.  I hope one day I can go and visit your country.With best regards!Yours,Zhang Li亲爱的苏珊:  很高兴收到你的来信我很愿意作你的笔友我于1993年月18日出生于山西省太原市,现在我在迎泽小学学习我校大约有0名教师和1,500名学生我们学习语文、数学、英语和其他科目我最喜欢英语,因为它在世界上很有用  我家有三口人,我的父母都是医生我爱他们,他们对我很好,可是对我也很严格  我希望有一天能到你们国家看看致以问候!你的,张丽。

暑假生活 My Summer Holiday -- ::39 来源: Last term, I graduated from primary school. It means that I will be a junior school student next term. I am looking ward to my school life in the new school. Likewise, it means that this summer holiday is my last summer holiday in primary school. I want to do something different. Firstly, I do some preview my junior school study. I want to have a good preparation the new study tasks. Secondly, I learn to be independent. I learn to cook, so that when my parents go out, they don't have to worry about me. Besides, I try hard to finish my work independently. I hope I can start to handle my own affairs by myself. Through this summer holiday, I do well in this aspect. Finally, I play a lot in summer holiday, meeting friends, doing exercise and so on. I have a rich summer holiday.上学期我小学毕业,这意味着下个学期开始,我就是一名初中生了,我开始期待我在新校园的生活了同时这也意味着这个暑假,是属于小学的最后一个暑假我决定过个不平常的暑假,首先,我将对初中课程做些预习,为新的学习任务做准备其次,我要学会独立学着做菜,这样爸妈出去时,不用担心我此外,我努力学着独立完成自己的事情,自己的事自己做经过这个暑假的努力,我在这方面做得很成功最后,我也为暑假生活做了很多计划,见见朋友,做做运动等等我度过的将是一个丰富的暑假。

快乐周末 A Happy Weekend -- :: 来源: This weekend, our family had a big get-together. My grandparents said they haven’t seen us a long time. So they asked all of us to come home this weekend. My uncle’s family and mine all came home on time. Their adults talked happily and I played with my little cousin. I haven’t had such a great time a long time. This weekend, I could play, eat big meal and receive present. I love family time.这个周末,我们家有一个大聚会我爷爷奶奶说很久没见到我们了就叫我们这周周末回家我叔叔他们一家和我们家都准时回到家他们大人聊得很开心,我就和我的小堂一起玩我很久没玩得这么开心了这个周末,我可以去玩,吃大餐,收礼物我真的太喜欢家庭时间。

自由女神像英文简介 自由女神像英文导游词 --19 19:: 来源: 自由女神像英文简介 自由女神像英文导游词自由女神像是屹立在美国纽约市海港内的自由岛的哈德逊河口附近的一座雕塑,是美国的象征这座雕塑高6米,加基座为93米,重达5吨(合9万磅),右手高举象征自由的火炬,左手捧着刻有76年7月日的《独立宣言,脚下是打碎的手铐、脚镣和锁链Out of all of America’s symbols, none has proved more enduring or evocative than the Statue of Liberty. This giant figure, torch in hand and clutching a stone tablet, has a century acted as a figurehead the American Dream; indeed there is probably no more immediately recognizable profile in existence. It’s worth remembering that the statue is - Americans at least - a potent reminder that the USA is a land of immigrants: it was New York Harbor where the first big waves of European immigrants arrived, their ships entering through the Verrazano Narrows to round the bend of the bay and catch a first glimpse of "Liberty Enlightening the World" - an end of their journey into the unknown, and the symbolic beginning of a new life.   These days, although only the very wealthy can afd to arrive here by sea, and a would-be immigrant’s first (and possibly last) view of the States is more likely to be the customs check at JFK Airport, Liberty remains a stirring sight, with Emma Lazarus’s poem, The New Colossus, written originally to raise funds the statue’s base, no less able than when it was written……   Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame. "Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she With silent lips."Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse to your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door."   The statue, which depicts Liberty throwing off her shackles and holding a beacon to light the world, was the creation of the French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, who crafted it a hundred years after the American Revolution in recognition of solidarity between the French and American people (though it’s fair to add that Bartholdi originally intended the statue Alexandria in Egypt). Bartholdi built Liberty in Paris between 187 and 188, starting with a terracotta model and enlarging it through four successive versions to its present size, a construction of thin copper sheets bolted together and supported by an iron framework designed by Gustave Eiffel. The arm carrying the torch was exhibited in Madison Square Park seven years, but the whole statue wasn’t officially accepted on behalf of the American people until 188, after which it was taken apart, crated up and shipped to New York.   It was to be another two years bee it could be properly unveiled: money had to be collected to fund the construction of the base, and some reason Americans were unwilling - or unable - to dip into their pockets. Only through the campaigning efts of newspaper magnate Joseph Pulitzer, a keen supporter of the statue, did it all come together in the end. Richard Morris Hunt built a pedestal around the existing star-shaped t Wood, and Liberty was mally dedicated by President Cleveland on October , 1886, in a flag-waving shindig that has never really stopped. The statue was closed a few years in the mid-1980s extensive renovation and, in 1986, fifteen million people descended on Manhattan the statue’s centennial celebrations.   Today you can climb steps up to the crown, but the cramped stairway though the torch sadly remains closed to the public. Don’t be surprised if there’s an hour-long wait to ascend. Even if there is, Liberty Park’s views of the lower Manhattan skyline, the twin towers of the World Trade Center lording it over the jutting teeth of New York’s financial quarter, are spectacular enough. 自由女神像英文简介 英文导游词。

如何办理住宿手续-- ::57 as the plane lands, her friend Ethabella comes to pick her up. Since it's the first time of her going to America, after a long time flight, amber feels very tired. So Ethabella drives amber to the hotel she reserved. What does she say to make sure her accommodations are acceptable?   Ethabella:Here's the hotel, Amber. Do you need any help?   Amber:No, that's quite alright. Thanks the offer.   Ethabella:Don't mention it. I'll come by Sunday morning at :00. We eat breakfast together first and then we go to my apartment. At there we can recall the past ,by the way, I'll tell you something about the American custom.   Amber:OK. See you then. (Amber steps out of the car as a hotel porter arrives)   Porter:Good afternoon, miss. May I take your bags?   Amber:ok, thanks.(She steps into the hotel and goes to the reception)   Receptionist:Good afternoon, do you have reservation?   Amber:Yes, I do. Miss Lee. Please give me a no-smoking room.   Receptionist:Ok, miss.( checks on the computer) Miss lee have aly paid it. Please sign here.   Amber:ok, do you have room service?   Receptionist:Yes, miss. The is in your room. This is your key. I will arrange the bellman to pick up your luggage.   Amber:Good, thank you.   在Amber所乘的飞机降落的同时,她的朋友Ethabella也已到达机场来接她因为Amber初次来到美国,坐了很长时间的飞机,感觉很疲惫,所以Ethabella开着公司的车,带Amber来到了一家事先预定好的旅店,她们是如何办理住宿手续的呢?   Ethabella:Amber,就是这家旅店了你还有什么要帮忙的吗?   Amber:没什么了,谢谢你的帮助   Ethabella:哎小事一桩我星期日早上7:00过来,我们一块吃早饭然后再回我的公寓,一起追忆往事,顺便给你介绍一下美国的习俗   Amber:好,那到时再见(旅店的侍应生走到车边,Amber走出汽车)   Porter:下午好,需要我帮忙拿行李吗?   Amber:好的,谢谢(她走进旅店,来到务台)   Receptionist:下午好,您预定房间了吗?   Amber:订了,是一位姓李的请给我一间不许吸烟的房间   Receptionist:好的,(在电脑上查了一下)您的费用,李已经为你付过了,请您在这里签名   Amber:行有房间务吗?   Receptionist:是的,菜单就在您的房间里这是您的钥匙我会叫搬运工将您的箱子搬到楼上   Amber:太好了,谢谢。