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连云港妇科医院网上预约连云港妇幼保健院剖腹产需多少钱Google and Apple are the most valuable companies in the world, and undoubted winners from the smartphone boom. 谷歌(Google)和苹果(Apple)是全球市值数一数二的两家公司,无疑也是智能手机大发展的赢家。In their wake lies Nokia’s handset business, which was sold to Microsoft and later wound down.在他们身后躺着诺基亚(Nokia)的手机业务,后者被出售给微软(Microsoft),后来关闭了。But, when it comes to defending themselves against the arsenal of patents Nokia built up in its years at the top, the US tech heavyweights want the world to view them as victims of unfair and anti-competitive behaviour.但是,在谈到对抗诺基亚在其巅峰时期累积的专利库的时候,这两家美国科技巨擘希望世界将它们视为不公平和反竞争行为的受害者。That rather delicious irony emerged this week, as Apple filed a private antitrust suit against two companies that have acted as enforcers of Nokia’s patent portfolio. 这种极具讽刺意味的事情发生在上周,苹果对代理诺基亚专利组合的两家公司提起了反垄断私人诉讼。Apple claimed that Nokia was taking advantage of a legal system that is ripe for abuse by carving up its patent holdings and passing them on to specialist firms. 苹果宣称,诺基亚将所持专利切割成几块、将其转移至专业公司,是在利用一个易于被滥用的法律制度。In the heated rhetoric of the intellectual property industry, Nokia had become that most detested of animals: a patent troll.在知识产权领域激烈的口水仗当中,诺基亚已成为最令人憎恶的专利流氓。Google took aim at the same arrangement in a complaint to European regulators four years ago. 谷歌4年前在向欧洲监管机构提起的申诉中将矛头对准了同样的行为。It accused the Finnish company and Microsoft of colluding to raise smartphone prices and sidestep patent concessions that are essential to the smooth running of tech markets.它指责诺基亚和微软合谋提高智能手机价格,回避科技市场平稳运转的关键——专利特许。Today, it is tempting to view all of this as a battle involving deep-pocketed companies that are more than capable of taking care of themselves. 如今,人们会忍不住将这一切视为那些财大气粗、完全有能力照顾自己的公司之间的一场战斗。But it has thrown a spotlight on an important question for the tech industry at large.但它也突显出整个科技行业的一个重要问题。At issue are patent assertion entities — specialised companies set up to buy and enforce IP rights. 争议焦点是专利主张实体,即那些专门为了收购并行使知识产权而设立的公司。According to critics, these mercenaries feel no qualms about abusing a shaky legal system to demand excessive royalties, upsetting a delicate balance in the tech world between inventors and the companies that gain from their inventions.批评者们表示,这些雇佣兵放肆地滥用一个漏洞百出的法律体系来要求过高的专利费,打乱了科技行业发明者和发明受益公司之间的微妙平衡。Some aspects of the patent enforcers are more obnoxious than others. 专利行使公司的其中一些做法尤其令人反感。In a recent study, the US Federal Trade Commission generally approved of what it termed portfolio PAEs — companies that buy large bundles of patents — as they provide a useful economic function, and more than half of them share profits with the inventors.在最近的一项研究中,美国联邦贸易委员会(FTC)基本上持其所称的组合式专利主张实体,即大量购买专利的公司,因为它们提供了有用的经济功能,而且其中逾半数公司与发明者分享了利润。True, they may be more willing to resort to legal action than tech companies with industry relationships to protect, and they are set up with the expertise and risk capital to go to war. 的确,与需要考虑维护行业关系的科技公司相比,它们可能更愿意诉诸法律行动,而且它们有充足的专长和风险资本来发起诉讼战。But this by itself does not make them evil.但这本身并不让它们成为魔鬼。A second, more serious question is whether PAEs engage in asymmetric warfare. 第二个更为严肃的问题是,专利主张实体是否发起了不对称战争。As off-the-shelf legal vehicles with no operating businesses of their own, they can sue without fear of a countersuit. 作为自己没有任何运营业务的现成法律实体,他们可以放心提起诉讼而不用担心反诉。They might also act as shell companies for the original patent owners, making it harder for defendants to press for legal discovery from the companies that first won the patent rights. 它们也可能作为专利初始所有人的壳公司,让被告方更难要求对最初赢得专利权的公司进行法律取。These less welcome side-effects seem acceptable if they are outweighed by the benefits of outsourcing legal rights. 如果外包法律权利的收益超过这些不太受欢迎的副作用,那么这一点似乎还可以接受,But there are other, more pernicious results that may be harder to swallow.但还有其他更有害的结果更难以让人接受。One is the secrecy around some PAEs. 一是一些专利主张实体的神秘性。When the ultimate beneficiary of a legal action is hidden, it is impossible for defendants to hit back with their own legal action.当一起法律诉讼的最终受益人不明确的时候,被告方不可能发起自己的法律诉讼予以反击。PAEs may also resort to dubious tactics, 专利主张实体也可能使用一些阴招。such as sping a portfolio of patents through a number of different legal entities then forcing a company such as Apple to buy multiple licences to what amounts to the same technology. 比如将一系列专利转移至许多不同的法律实体,然后迫使苹果等公司为本质上相同的技术购买多项专利。This practice is known in the industry as royalty stacking.这种做法在业内被称为专利费叠加(royalty stacking)。Another valid concern is whether some companies have used PAEs to escape their obligations to maintain open industry standards. 另一个站得住脚的担忧是,一些公司是否利用专利主张实体来逃避保持开放行业标准的义务。When they own patents to technology that plays a part in industry standards, companies such as Nokia accept limits on how aggressively they can enforce their rights. 当拥有对行业标准有影响的技术专利时,对于其能够以多大力度行使权利,诺基亚等公司接受一定的限制。But, once the patents are held by an arm’s length company, the same restraints might not apply.但一旦专利是由一家关联公司持有的,同样的限制可能不适用。Apple’s claims would carry more weight if the company itself had not been accused of balking at the industry’s usual methods for dealing with technology standards. 如果苹果自身没有被指回避业内处理技术标准的通常做法,它的主张将更有分量。But one of Nokia’s suits charges the iPhone maker with refusing to license a set of patents used in the H.264 compression standard, even though many other tech companies have accepted the same terms. 但诺基亚在一起诉讼中指控苹果拒绝向H.264视频压缩标准中使用的一系列专利付专利费,即便其他许多科技公司接受了同样的条款。It is also questionable whether European competition regulators would race to the defence of US tech companies that have come under other scrutiny in Brussels.同时还令人质疑的是,欧洲反垄断监管机构是否会急于捍卫在其它问题上受到布鲁塞尔审查的美国科技公司。With the amounts at stake rising — and patent enforcers now an entrenched part of the legal landscape — a closer look at their tactics appears overdue.随着牵涉到的利益不断加大——专利行使公司如今是法律版图中根深蒂固的一部分——我们似乎早该密切关注它们的战术。 /201612/485726连云港国泰妇科医院治疗内分泌多少钱 Chinese technology conglomerate LeEco said it plans to eliminate about 325 jobs in the US and sharply reduce research-and-development operations.国内科技集团乐视称,计划在美裁掉约325个工作岗位并大幅削减研发业务。;While we#39;ve made progress in growing our distribution channels, the challenges with raising new capital have made it difficult in the past few months to support our business#39; priorities,; LeEco said in a statement last Tuesday.乐视上周二在一份声明中称:“虽然我们在增添销售渠道方面取得了进展,但在过去几个月里,筹集新资本方面的挑战使得持业务优先性变得困难。”;As a result, the capital we do have will have to be highly focused, resulting in a significant restructuring and streamlining of our business, operations and workforce.;“因此,目前我们手头的资金将必须高度集中,这导致了重大重组和业务、运营以及员工人数的精简。”The job cuts affect all of the company’s departments, but especially the Ramp;D team, according to the company.乐视称,此次裁员波及该公司的所有部门,但研发团队受到的影响尤为严重。The San Diego office, which employed primarily people working in Ramp;D, is closing and employees left at the whittled-down US business will focus on serving customers who have aly purchased LeEco devices.圣地亚哥办事处将被关闭,这里的员工多是研发人员,在已被削弱的美国业务中留下的员工将专注于向已经购买乐视产品的客户提供务。LeEco will continue to sell its smartphones, smart TVs, TV set-top boxes and accessories in the US.乐视将继续在美国销售智能手机、智能电视、电视机顶盒和配件。But after the downsize, marketing efforts will be focused on the Chinese language community in the US.但这次裁员后,乐视的营销工作将瞄准美国说中文的群体。 /201705/512013江苏连云港看妇科炎症多少钱

连云港国泰医院可以做人流吗连云港第一人民医院剖腹产需多少钱 I am on holiday in Bavaria, where, in between the beer and schnitzels, I have been contemplating the nature of trust. A rather old-fashioned guest house happily took our reservation and let us run up a bill of nearly Euro1,000 without ever demanding more than a signature. Not for the Bavarians the pre-authorised credit card. Our room keys were stored in an unlocked cabinet in a quiet corridor, along with the keys of every other guest in the place. It made me wonder why anyone was bothering with keys in the first place. Nevertheless, our belongings were not stolen and we paid our bill when we left. The trust had been justified.我正在德国巴伐利亚州度假,在享用啤酒和炸肉排的间隙,我思考起信任的本质。一家相当老式的旅馆欣然接受了我们的预定,只让我们签了个名,就允许我们欠下快1000欧元的房费,看来预授权信用卡在巴伐利亚州毫无用武之地。我们的房间钥匙与其他所有客人的钥匙都放在一个柜子里,柜子没上锁,置于一条僻静的走廊里。我不禁好奇:大家还需要钥匙干嘛?尽管如此,我们的随身物品没有被盗,我们离开时也付清了房款。这份信任没有被辜负。Since Germany is one of the most successful economies in the world and Bavaria is one of the most successful economies in Germany, the thought did cross my mind that trust might be one of the secrets of economic success. Steve Knack, an economist at the World Bank with a long-standing interest in trust, once told me that if one takes a broad enough view of trust, “it would explain basically all the difference between the per capita income of the ed States and Somalia”. In other words, without trust — and its vital complement, trustworthiness — there is no prospect of economic development.鉴于德国是全球最成功的经济体之一,而巴伐利亚州又是德国经济最成功的行政区之一,我脑子里确实冒出了这样一个想法:信任或许是经济成功的秘诀之一。世界(World Bank)经济学家史蒂夫#8226;克纳克(Steve Knack)长期思考信任这件事,他曾告诉我如果以足够广的角度看待信任,“信任基本能解释美国与索马里人均收入的全部差距。”换句话说,没有信任——以及它的关键补充,守信——经济就不可能发展。Simple activities become arduous in a low-trust society. How can you be sure you won’t be robbed on the way to the corner store? Hire a bodyguard? (Can you trust him?) The watered-down milk is in a locked fridge. As for something more complex like arranging a mortgage, forget about it.在一个低信任度的社会里,简单的活动都会变得很费力。你怎么能确定去街角商店的途中不会被抢劫?雇保镖吗?(这个保镖可信吗?)这就像把兑了水的牛奶放在上锁的冰箱里,再怎么谨防都无济于事。至于安排抵押贷款这种更复杂的事,干脆就别想了吧。Prosperity not only requires trust, it also encourages it. Why bother to steal when you are aly comfortable? An example of poverty breeding mistrust comes from Colin Turnbull’s ethnographic study The Mountain People (1972), about the Ik, a displaced tribe ravaged by Ugandan drought in the 1960s. If Turnbull’s account is itself trustworthy (it may not be), in the face of extreme hunger, the Ik had abandoned any pretence at ethical behaviour and would lie, cheat and steal whenever possible. Parents would abandon their own children, and children betray their own parents. Turnbull’s story had a horrific logic. The Ik had no hope of a future, so they saw no need to protect their reputation for fair dealing.经济繁荣不仅需要信任,也促进信任。一个人要是生活优渥,干嘛费那个劲去偷?科林#8226;特恩布尔(Colin Turnbull)在1972年出版了一本关于Ik部落的人种志研究著作——《山民》(The Mountain People)。这本书提供了一个“贫穷滋生怀疑”的例子。20世纪60年代,乌干达旱灾重创这个流离失所的部落。如果特恩布尔的描述本身可信(可能并不),面对极端饥饿,Ik人抛弃了一切道德伪装,只要有机会就撒谎、蒙骗和偷窃。父母会抛弃子女,孩子会背叛双亲。特恩布尔的故事有个可怕的逻辑:Ik人对未来不抱希望,因此他们认为没必要维护自己公平处事的名声。One of the underrated achievements of the modern world has been to develop ways to extend the circle of trust by depersonalising it. Trust used to be a very personal thing: you would trust your friends or friends of friends. But when I withdrew Euro400 from a cash machine, it was not because the bank trusted me but because it could verify that my bank would repay the money. This is a cold corporate miracle.现代社会一项一直被低估的成就是,想出各种方法,通过去除信任的私人属性,来扩大信任圈。信任曾是件非常私人的事,人们只会信任自己的朋友或朋友的朋友。但当我从一台取款机提取400欧元时,并不是因为这家信任我,而是因为它可以实我的会偿还这笔钱。这是个冰冷的企业奇迹。Over the past few years, people have been falling in love with a hybrid model that allows a personal reputation to work even between strangers. One example is Airbnb, which lets people stay in the homes of complete strangers, a considerable exercise of trust on both sides. We successfully used it on another stop in our Bavarian holiday. Airbnb makes personal connections but uses online reviews to keep people honest: after our stay, we reviewed our host and he reviewed us.过去几年,人们喜爱上了一种混合模式,它让个人信誉在陌生人之间也能够发挥作用。一个例子就是Airbnb,它让人们住进陌生人家中,这需要房东和房客双方都付出极大的信任。我们在巴伐利亚度假时,顺利地用Airbnb在另一处落脚点订到了房间。Airbnb上的联系是私人之间的,但它用在线点评来让人守信——退房后我们点评了房东,他也点评了我们。To enthusiasts for “collaborative consumption”, the next step is to develop systems that allow users to take the reputation they have built up as a generous and conscientious Airbnb host, and to use it to convey that they are also a prompt and careful Lyft driver or a reliable and honest eBay seller.在“协同消费”的爱好者看来,下一步就是开发各种系统,让用户能用上他们在当Airbnb房东时建立起来的大方、负责等信誉,并用这些信誉来表明,他们同样是一位守时、细心的Lyft司机,或一位可靠、诚实的eBay卖家。But designing such a system is problematic. Science fiction writer Cory Doctorow posited a purely reputational currency in his novel Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom (2003). Such currencies, he says, are easily manipulated by con artists and extortionists. We’re misunderstanding the reason that eBay and Airbnb work, says Doctorow. It’s not because of the brilliance of the online reputation system but “because most people aren’t crooks”, an idea any Bavarian hotelier would understand.但设计这样一个系统会带来问题。科幻作家科里#8226;多克托罗(Cory Doctorow)在2003年出版的小说《魔法王国受难记》(Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom)中,假设了一种纯粹的信誉货币。按照他的说法,这种货币很容易被骗子和敲诈者操纵。多克托罗说,我们误解了eBay和Airbnb的模式行得通的原因。它们之所以行得通,不是因为互联网信誉系统的伟大,而是“因为大多数人都不是骗子”——巴伐利亚所有旅馆老板都明白这点。#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;Personalised trust has never been fairly distributed. When Harvard Business School researchers Benjamin Edelman, Michael Luca and Dan Svirsky conducted field experiments on Airbnb, they found that both hosts and guests were discriminating against racial minorities. Other researchers have found evidence of discrimination in places from Craigslist to carpools. New online tools are giving us the ability to treat faraway strangers as though they were neighbours — and we do, in good ways and in bad.私人属性的信任从来不是公平分配的。当哈佛商学院(Harvard Business School)研究员本杰明#8226;埃德尔曼( Benjamin Edelman)、迈克尔#8226;卢卡(Michael Luca)和丹#8226;斯维尔斯基(Dan Svirsky)在Airbnb上做田野实验时,他们发现房东和房客都歧视少数族群。其他研究人员已找到据明许多地方都存在歧视——从Craigslist到carpools。新的网络工具让我们能像招待自己的邻居那样招待远方的陌生人,而我们确实做到了——有好处也有坏处。Trust is as unfairly granted in Bavaria as anywhere else. While browsing for shades in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, I warned my young son not to play with the merchandise: a sign forbade children to touch the sunglasses.在巴伐利亚,信任的分配像在其他任何地方一样不公平。在加尔米施-帕滕基兴(Garmisch-Partenkirchen)逛墨镜店时,我警告小儿子不要去玩货架上的商品,店里有个标志写着禁止儿童触碰太阳镜。The shopkeeper bustled over and reassured me that the rule did not apply to my son. “It’s for the Arab kids,” she told me, beaming. “They just drop the sunglasses on the floor.”店主匆匆过来告诉我不用担心,说这条规定并不适用于我儿子。她笑容满面地对我说:“这是针对阿拉伯小孩的。他们总是把太阳镜丢到地上。”Ah. My son is adorably blond but he is as capable of snapping a pair of designer sunglasses as any other four-year-old. Trust is sometimes given to people who do not deserve it. And it is often withheld from people who do.这样啊。我儿子是个可爱的金发小男孩,但他像所有四岁小孩一样有本事弄坏一副名牌太阳镜。人们有时会信任不值得信任的人,又往往不信任值得信任的人。 /201608/462398云港市人工流产多少钱

连云港市妇幼保健院医生的QQ号码China#39;s Internet giant Tencent has sued the country#39;s Trademark Review and Adjudication Board (TRAB) after its application to trademark QQ#39;s beeping sound was rejected by the latter.在中国互联网巨头腾讯申请将QQ的提示音注册为商标遭拒之后,该公司将国家工商行政管理总局商标评审委员会告上了法庭。Tencent QQ, one of the most popular instant messaging software services in China, applied to register the signature ;Di-Di-Di-Di-Di-Di; notification sound as its trademark in 2014, which is permitted by China#39;s Trademark Law as long as the sound can be easily distinguished.《商标法》规定,只要声音具有辨识度就可以注册。作为中国最受欢迎的即时通讯应用之一,腾讯QQ早在2014年就提出将;滴滴滴滴滴滴;提示声作为声音商标。Tencent#39;s application was later turned down by TRAB, with the explanation that the sound was ;simple and not creative,; lacking in any distinctive traits.但腾讯公司的申请最终被商标评审委员会驳回,原因是它;简单,缺乏显著性;。;We have checked many sound trademarks approved by other nations, including the famous lion roar of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Most sound trademarks last less than five seconds and are quite simple. By TRAB#39;s standards, they also could not be registered as trademarks,; said Huang Yibiao, a lawyer for Tencent, during the court hearing on Dec. 6.在12月6日的庭审上,腾讯公司代理律师黄义彪介绍:;我们查了外国的许多声音商标,包括著名的公司的#39;狮吼#39;,这些商标通常基本没有超过5秒的,也都很简单。如果按照商标委的标准,这些声音都不能被注册。;According to Huang, due to QQ#39;s popularity in China, the public has aly connected the beeping sound with QQ#39;s services, which means it does possess distinctiveness.黄律师表示,由于QQ在中国的普及度,用户听到这个声音后就能直接对应QQ即时通讯务,这意味着它的确具备辨识度。TRAB, on the other hand, holds a different opinion. It reiterated that Tencent#39;s notification sound is merely a repetition of notes, which is not distinctive at all.然而,商标评审委员会却持不同观点。商评委强调,腾讯QQ提示音只是简单的音节重复,缺乏显著特色。According to TRAB, the board is very careful about approvals of sound trademarks, with few successful cases so far. The court will release its final verdict at a later date.该部门还称,声音商标注册的审核工作是相当谨慎的,至今得以通过的都比较少,并表示会在晚些时候给出最终裁决。Tencent#39;s accusation has stirred up online debate, with some netizens supporting the company#39;s appeal and others calling it a joke.腾讯的这一上诉引起了网友们的热议。一些网友持此商标申请,也有人认为这是一个笑料。;I have been using QQ my whole life. Though the sound is quite simple, it always reminds me of QQ services when I hear it. I think the board should agree to make it QQ#39;s trademark,; one netizen wrote.某网友说,;我一直都在使用QQ。尽管这个声音很简单,但当我听到它,确实就会马上意识到是QQ的消息提示。我认为商标委应当通过这个声音商标。;Not everyone agreed, however. ;The beeping is QQ#39;s online notification sound. Do you know that its offline notification sound is actually human coughing? Would we be banned from coughing if the board approved QQ#39;s appeal? That would be hilarious,; another netizen wrote不过,并非所有人都这么认为。另一网友说,;#39;滴滴滴滴滴滴#39;是QQ的上线提示音。但你知道它的下线提示音事实上就像是有人在咳嗽吗?如果商标委通过了这个申请,以后大家是不是都不能咳嗽了?那多荒谬呀!; /201612/484112 加拿大研究人员发现,母乳喂养有助于提高儿童智商和读写能力。研究人员对将近1.4万名儿童进行6年多随访研究,发现母乳喂养的儿童与非母乳喂养者相比,前者平均综合智商比后者高5.9分,读写能力也高于后者。A new study provides some of the best evidence to date that breast-feeding can make children smarter, an international team of researchers said on Monday.Children whose mothers breast-fed them longer and did not mix in baby formula scored higher on intelligence tests, the researchers in Canada and Belarus reported.About half the 14,000 babies were randomly assigned to a group in which prolonged and exclusive breast-feeding by the mother was encouraged at Belarussian hospitals and clinics. The mothers of the other babies received no special encouragement.Those in the breast-feeding encouragement group were, on average, breast-fed longer than the others and were less likely to have been given formula in a bottle.At 3 months, 73 percent of the babies in the breast-feeding encouragement group were breast-fed, compared to 60 percent of the other group. At 6 months, it was 50 percent versus 36 percent.In addition, the group given encouragement was far more likely to give their children only breast milk. The rate was seven times higher, for example, at 3 months.The children were monitored for about six and a half years.The children in the group where breast-feeding was encouraged scored about 5 percent higher in IQ tests and did better academically, the researchers found.Previous studies had indicated brain development and intelligence benefits for breast-fed children.But researchers have sought to determine whether it was the breast-feeding that did it, or that mothers who prefer to breast-feed their babies may differ from those who do not.The design of the study - randomly assigning babies to two groups regardless of the mothers' characteristics - was intended to eliminate the confusion."Mothers who breast-feed or those who breast-feed longer or most exclusively are different from the mothers who don't," Michael Kramer of McGill University in Montreal and the Montreal Children's Hospital said."They tend to be smarter. They tend to be more invested in their babies. They tend to interact with them more closely. They may be the kind of mothers who to their kids more, who spend more time with their kids, who play with them more," added Kramer, who led the study published in the journal Archives of General Psychiatry.The researchers measured the differences between the two groups using IQ tests administered by the children's pediatricians and by ratings by their teachers of their school performance in ing, writing, math and other subjects.Both sets of scores were significantly higher in the children from the breast-feeding promotion group.The study was launched in the mid-1990s. Kramer said the initial idea was to do it in the ed States and Canada, but many hospitals in those countries by that time had begun strongly encouraging breast-feeding as a matter of routine.The situation was different in Belarus at the time, he said, with less routine encouragement for the practice.Kramer said how breast-feeding may make children more intelligent is unclear."It could even be that because breast-feeding takes longer, the mother is interacting more with the baby, talking with the baby, soothing the baby," he said. "It could be an emotional thing. It could be a physical thing. Or it could be a hormone or something else in the milk that's absorbed by the baby".Previous studies have shown babies whose mothers breast-fed them enjoy many health advantages over formula-fed babies.These include fewer ear, stomach or intestinal infections, digestive problems, skin diseases and allergies, and less risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that women who do not have health problems exclusively breast-feed their infants for at least the first six months, continuing at least through the first year as other foods are introduced. Vocabulary:breast-feeding:母乳喂养 /200805/38133连云港缩阴术一般多少钱赣马班庄城头城西宋庄沙河墩尚镇剖腹产多少钱




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