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连云港国泰妇科医院有微创手术吗连云港市国泰医院检查白带多少钱Hush, little baby don#39;t you cry宝宝乖不要哭Mama#39;s gonna sing you a lullaby妈咪唱首摇篮曲给你听And to help give mom a lift为了帮妈咪分忧解劳Daddy#39;s gonna take the late night shift爸比必须值夜班认真拼命And although it isn#39;t fair, your sister#39;s gonna have to learn to share虽然这样不公平,但你的必须学会分享玩具And before he#39;s at your door, your uncle swears he won#39;t smoke anymore在你叔叔见到你之前,他发誓不再抽烟And cause stories will help you sleep, soon your grandma will learn to 因为读床边故事可以让你好眠,你的祖母很快就会因此而识字And to keep the harm away, the doctor#39;s gonna work hard night and day为了要让你健健康康,医生会日夜努力工作And when in your line of sight, enemies will choose to end the fight在你看得到的地方,死对头都会和解,不再恶言相向And though he#39;s got no time to spare, the stranger#39;s gonna help you climb each stair即使陌生人忙到一刻不得闲,他还是会停下来,让妈咪行动更方便And in case you#39;re feeling down, today the businessman will be your clown万一你心情不好,商人叔叔会假扮小丑,把悲伤都赶跑Drivers will slow down for you, pets are gonna be extra careful, too司机都会为了你放慢速度,猫猫们也更小心翼翼Guards will try to make you laugh, workers will pause on your behalf守卫会扮鬼脸逗你笑,工人们也会因为你而暂停手边工作And though it seems it#39;s almost done, this lullaby for you has just begun这首摇篮曲看似即将结束,但是你的人生才正要起步Hush, hush now, you know it#39;s true, there is nothing we wouldn#39;t do.宝宝乖,你知道的,没什么是我们做不了的。 Article/201704/502831新浦区新城社区卫生服务中心收费好不好 中国色拉英语乐园Salad English Park 故事梗概:   故事发生在一个人和动物友好相处的现代都市里。在那个世界里有着和我们现实生活完全一样的场景。所有发生的故事围绕我们日常生活的场景展开。包括出租车,饭店家庭聊天,医院,商店等等。还有可怜的Mr.B先生,总是个倒霉的家伙,被困在小岛上多日,每次求生的努力总是失败。另外还有一心想得到新式捕虫武器的青蛙,狡猾的商人,多情的公鸡,忠厚而失败的老牛等,许多许多有趣的人物演绎出一场一场好戏,同样折射出我们忙乱而精的都市生活。也许通过这么多细致的描写,你也可以发现你自己身边的青蛙,公鸡…… /200711/21352This is a problem that calls for immediate solution.这是个迫切需要解决的问题。call for需要;也指某件事是适宜的,需要的。Wow! Your birthday is today,that calls for a celebration.哇!今天是你的生日,那得庆祝一下。 /200802/27391新海新区治疗宫颈糜烂哪家医院最好的

新沂生宝宝哪家医院最好的栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201607/453967东海县驼峰中心卫生院治疗妇科怎么样 (All right. Let#39;s do CPR to her.)(好的,我们来给她做心肺复苏。)In the real world, it#39;s just a dummy torso for practicing CPR, but in the VR world, it#39;s a patient named Ann.在现实世界中,这只是一个用于练习心肺复苏的模拟人。但是在虚拟现实世界中,这是一个名叫安的病人。(Well done. Ann is now saved.)(做得好,安现在得救了。)It#39;s just one of the advances virtual reality can bring to the health care field.这只是虚拟现实可以带给医疗保健领域的进步之一。;There#39;re so many ways that VR can be used, not just for training in education,“VR的用途很广,不仅仅用于教育方面的培训,but they actually help treat patients so to reduce pain or to get people who are confined to one location because they#39;re sick,实际上也可以帮助减轻患者疼痛,或者让因为生病inexperienced to socialize with the outside world or to help elderly people experience things that they no longer can.或帮助缺乏社交经验而受限于一个地点的人去往另一个地方,或帮助老年人经历他们不能再做的事情。So I think VR has so many great applications in health care and we#39;re just only scratching the surface of the potential.;所以我认为VR在医疗保健方面有相当广泛的很棒的用途,我们现在只开发了冰山一角而已。”This sequence allows people to see through the eyes of a patient with macular degeneration, a condition that affects both sight and hearing.该序列允许人们以患有黄斑变性的患者的视角来观察世界,黄斑变性影响人们的视力和听觉。This program attempts to illustrate what the dementia looks in fields like.这个项目试图说明痴呆症在一些领域的症状表现。;Dementia is a difficult condition for people to get there, to get their heads run.“患有痴呆症的人很难开动脑筋。There#39;re lots of mist conceptions that surround dementia.有关痴呆症一词,人们的概念都很模糊。So in order to raise our awareness and challenge those once mist conceptions,所以为了提高我们的意识和挑战那些一度很模糊不清的认识,我们开发了虚拟现实的体验,we developed virtual reality experience to try to put people in the shoes of someone who is living with dementia旨在让人们体会痴呆症患者的感受,and try to show them how everyday life can be more challenging并向他们展示日常生活会因此更具挑战性,and just how some of the symptoms of dementia can affect the way that they go about every lives.;以及痴呆症症状如何影响他们每一天的生活。”;So you (are) now in the Afghan world village, so you now can look around a little bit, you are on little bridge.;“所以你现在在阿富汗的一个村庄,你现在可以朝四周看看。你在一座小桥上。”VR can also give psychologists a new tool to help their patients work through issues like PTSD.VR还可以为心理学家提供一种新的工具,来帮助他们的病人面对像“创伤后应激障碍”这样的问题。;What we do is in addition to just closing your eyes and thinking about it,“我们所做的事情除了让病人闭上眼睛思考,we give patients a way to see some of their experiences, to hear some of their experiences.同时还给患者提供一种方式,让他们看到自己的经历,听自己讲述这些经历。And it#39;s something that the condition can use as additional tool as part of the overall treatment.;而且这可以用作补充工具,作为整体治疗的一部分。”Researchers who are trying to incorporate these technologies into medical practice say they#39;re just getting started.努力将这些技术纳入医疗实践的研究人员表示,他们的研究才刚刚开始。;So here we have the construction of the heart valve,“所以在这里我们在组织培育心脏瓣膜,on close then we can go many other areas and start to look how cancer itself interact for example.然后我们接下来可以研究许多其他领域,并开始看看癌症如何对人体产生影响。You know, conditions that, you know, on the surface we don#39;t see.;你知道,一些情况,表面上我们看不到。”The VR hospital just ended its running in London, but the melting in VR and medicine is just beginning.伦敦的一家VR医院刚刚结束试运行阶段,但VR和医药的结合之路才刚刚开始。Kevin Enochs, VOA News, Washington.VOA新闻,凯文·伊诺克斯于华盛顿为您播报。 Article/201706/512648赣榆区最好的妇科医院

连云港国泰网上预约电话英语900句(英音附字幕版) 第42课:Asking about furniture and places to live 寻找家具和住房[00:09.90]616. We're looking for a house to rent for the summer.[00:12.83]我们正在找一所房子想租一个夏天。[00:15.75]617. Are you trying to find a furnished house?[00:19.23]你是想找一所有家具的房子吗?[00:22.70]618. This split-level house is for rent. It's a bargain.[00:27.12]这所错层平房是出租的。租金很便宜。[00:31.53]619. That house is for sale. It has central heating.[00:36.36]那所房子是出售的,房子里有集中供暖设备。[00:41.20]620. We have a few kitchen things and a dining room set.[00:45.87]我们有一些厨房用具和一套餐室设备。[00:50.55]621. This is an interesting floor plan. Please show me the basement.[00:55.38]这是一个很有意思的平面布置图,请指给我哪里是地下室。[01:00.21]622. The roof has leaks in it, and the front steps need to be fixed.[01:04.93]屋顶有漏洞,前台阶需要维修。[01:09.64]623. We've got to get a bed and a dresser for the bedroom.[01:15.23]我们要给卧室弄张床和梳妆台。[01:20.82]624. Does the back door have a lock on it?[01:24.69]后门有锁吗?[01:28.56]625. They've aly turned on the electricity. The house is y.[01:34.52]他们已经接上电了,这所房子可以使用了。[01:40.49]626. I'm worried about the appearance of the floor.I need to wax it.[01:44.37]我有点担心这地面,得打点蜡。[01:48.25]627. If you want a towel, look in the linen closet.[01:53.02]如果你需要毛巾,可到放毛巾和床单的壁橱里去找。[01:57.79]628. What style furniture do you have? Is it traditional?[02:02.06]你有什么式样的家具?是老式的吗?[02:06.33]629. We have drapes for the living room, but we need kitchen curtains.[02:11.57]我们的起居室里已经有窗帘,但我们还需要厨房用的窗帘。[02:16.80]630. The house needs painting. It's in bad condition.[02:20.63]这所房子很破旧,需要油漆。 /200604/6135 One of the nation#39;s favorite giant pandas is about to make a big move.一只美国最喜爱的大熊猫将要搬迁了。Bao Bao, a 3-year-old giant panda at the Smithsonian#39;s National Zoo, will move to China this winter.史密森国家动物园的3岁大熊猫宝宝这个冬天将搬迁到中国。She was born at the zoo Aug. 23, 2013. Because of the breeding agreement with the China Wildlife Conservation Association, all cubs born at the zoo must move to China by their fourth birthday.她于2013年8月23日出生在动物园里。根据中国野生动物保护协会的养殖协议,所有在动物园出生的熊猫幼崽第四岁生日要搬回中国。Once in China, Bao Bao will be under the care of the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda, and she#39;ll enter its breeding program when she turns 5 or 6 years old.一旦到中国,宝宝将由中国大熊猫保护和研究中心照顾,5岁或6岁时她将进入育种计划。The National Zoo#39;s exhibit will still have three other giant pandas: Mei Xiang and Tian Tian,Bao Bao#39;s parents,and Bei Bei, her younger brother.该国家动物园还有另外三只大熊猫,宝宝的父母美香和天天,以及她的弟弟贝贝。The zoo will plan some special opportunities for the public to say goodbye to Bao Bao before her big move.搬迁前,该动物园将计划一些特殊的机会,让公众向宝宝告别。译文属。 Article/201610/474105墟沟海州湾连云连岛板桥徐圩朝阳街道上环多少钱连云港中医院做输卵管通液多少钱



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