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A cup of tea solves everything, so they say, especially for Richard Branson. The Virgin Group boss, who is worth over billion, recently admitted that he chain-drinks around 20 brews a day – even if he#39;s abroad.人们常说有茶万事足,对身价50亿美元的英国维珍集团老板理查德·布兰森来说尤为如此。近日,他表示自己每天会连续喝20杯左右的茶,即使身在国外也不例外。;I#39;m not sure how I#39;d survive without English Breakfast tea,; the 65-year-old told the Daily Mail. ;Even in the Caribbean I must drink 20 cups a day [...] a cup of tea will never be far away.;65岁的布兰森告诉英国《每日邮报》的记者:“我不知道没有英式早茶的日子该如何度过,即使是在加勒比海地区,我每天也一定要来上20杯茶,茶永远都伴随着我。”It#39;s a wonder Branson has much time for business, in between trips to the kettle and bathroom, but he isn#39;t the first hugely successful entrepreneur to have an unusual fuel source ...奇怪的是,即使每天工作的时间很长,且频繁穿梭于水壶和厕所间,布兰森却不是第一个有特殊饮食喜好的成功企业家。Warren Buffett: Ice cream (for breakfast)沃伦·巴菲特:冰淇淋早餐The American businessman and philanthropist, 85, who is reputedly worth .9 billion, has the diet of a small child. Deliberately.85岁的美国商人和慈善家,坐拥669亿美元身家,却刻意保持着孩子般的饮食习惯。;I checked the actuarial tables, and the lowest death rate is among six-year-olds. So I decided to eat like a six-year-old. It#39;s the safest course I can take,; the famously canny investor says.这位以精明著称的投资家说:“我查过死亡率统计表,表上显示,六岁儿童的死亡率最低,所以我决定像6岁孩子那样吃东西。这是最保险的做法。”Buffett#39;s daily buffet includes chocolate chip ice cream at breakfast, five Coca-Colas (regular at work, cherry at home) and endless shoestring potato crisps. Despite that, he continues to work into his 80s and shows no signs of lacking energy.巴菲特每天的自助食物包括早餐的巧克力冰淇淋、5瓶可口可乐(工作时喝普通的,在家喝樱桃口味的)以及大量的薯条。尽管如此,80多岁的他仍能精力充沛地对待工作。;If I eat 2,700 calories a day, a quarter of that is Coca-Cola. I drink at least five 12-ounce servings. I do it everyday,; Buffet says.巴菲特说道:“如果一天摄入2700卡路里,那么有四分之一来自可乐。因为我每天至少喝5罐12盎司的可乐,从不间断。”Bill Gates: Diet Coke比尔·盖茨:健怡可乐Warren Buffet isn#39;t the only American millionaire with a vicious Coke habit. Microsoft founder Bill Gates, whose net worth is said to stand at billion, is rarely seen without a can of Diet Coke. (That#39;s despite Donald Trump never having seen a ;thin person; drinking one, of course.)巴菲特并不是唯一一个爱喝可乐的美国百万富翁。微软创始人比尔·盖茨(据说净资产高达870亿美元)手里经常拿着一罐健怡可乐(当然,这推翻了唐纳德·特朗普关于“从没见过身材苗条的人在喝健怡可乐”的言论。);Once I#39;m at the office, I usually open a can of Diet Coke,; he blogged in 2014. ;Over the course of the day I might drink three or four. All those cans also add up to something like 35 pounds of aluminum a year.;2014年,比尔·盖茨在客上写道:“我只要一到办公室,就会开一罐健怡可乐,一天下来,我可能会喝三到四罐,而一整年下来,喝完的可乐罐子加起来有35磅那么重。”It#39;s quite a habit, or was: last year Gates liquidated his stake in Coca-Cola Co. Maybe he kicked the can once and for all?这完全是一种习惯,又或者曾经是一种习惯。去年,盖茨清算了他在可口可乐公司的股份。也许从此他再也不必喝可乐了。Henry Ford: Weeds亨利·福特:草It must be a lot easier to amass great fortune if your food bill is minuscule, and they don#39;t come much thriftier than Henry Ford, the original hipster, who mostly ate foraged weeds and shrubs.如果你食物花销极小,要积聚大量财富一定轻松得多。在这方面,没有人比亨利·福特更节俭了,这位个性潮人主要吃草料和灌木叶。;Lunch consisted of what Henry blithely called #39;roadside greens.#39; These were simply assorted weeds, variously prepared as salads, or lightly-oiled, or even stewed – and often appearing in sandwiches,; wrote Sidney Olson in his 1963 biography Young Henry Ford: A Picture History of the First Forty Years.西德尼·奥尔森在1963年发表的《青年亨利·福特传:图说福特的前四十年》中写道:“亨利的午餐由各式各样的的野草组成,他却戏称它们为‘路边蔬菜’,这些野草可以用来制作沙拉,或者用少许油翻炒,甚至还可以炖。还经常被用来制作三明治。”;There is nothing quite like a dish of stewed burdock, followed by a sandwich of soy bean b filled with milk-weeds, to set a man up for an afternoon#39;s work.;他说:“没有什么比一盘红烧牛蒡加上一个黄豆面包片和乳草属植物做成的三明治更美味的了,这可以让人提起精神干完整个下午的工作。”Delicious.太美味了。Hugh Hefner: Playboy-approved food休·海夫纳:特许食物According to a 2007 interview, even when Hefner wines and dines his female companions at restaurants, he will eat food prepared at home.2007年的一个采访中,海夫纳表示,即使餐厅中有美女相伴,共享美酒佳肴,他也只吃家中准备的食物。;[The models] pick from the , but I have lamb chops and a baked potato sent in from the mansion, so [my meal] is set,; he is ed as saying.报道曾援引他的话说:“女模们点餐,而我只吃家中送过来的羊排和烤土豆,所以我的一日三餐是固定的。”Hefner has 12 full-time chefs at his disposal, and orders from a set of 31 options.海夫纳有12个任其吩咐的全职主厨,他只需从一份有31道菜的菜单中选择每餐的菜样。;He enjoys lamb chops, and he has half a grapefruit every day,” executive chef William Bloxsom-Carter once revealed. ;He likes fried chicken with mashed potatoes, which is his mother#39;s recipe. He#39;s a Midwestern gentleman, so he enjoys those kinds of foods. He has two piles of mashed potatoes with a poached egg placed in each one. Pretty wild stuff but it#39;s OK.;海夫纳的厨师长威廉·布洛克森姆-卡特曾透露:“海夫纳先生喜欢羊排,而且每天都要吃上半个葡萄柚。他还喜欢他妈妈独制的炸鸡配土豆泥。海夫纳先生来自美国中西部,喜欢土豆等食物。他一般吃两份土豆泥,并且每份土豆泥都要加个荷包蛋。搭配非常随意,但是还是能接受的。”Steve Jobs: Carrots史蒂夫·乔布斯:胡萝卜A biography released shortly after Steve Jobs#39;s death in 2011 revealed the extent of the technology pioneer#39;s bizarre dietary habits. And, yes, he liked apples a lot.2011年,乔布斯逝世不久,出版商便发表了其个人传记。传记中介绍了这位科技先驱人物奇异的饮食习惯。当然,除了热爱苹果公司,他还很爱吃苹果。Jobs would apparently purge his body by going for weeks at a time eating just one type of food, usually a fruit or vegetable, and once had so many carrots his skin turned ;a sunset-like orange hue.;为了净化身体,乔布斯通常好几个星期只吃一种食物,要么只吃水果,要么只吃蔬菜,有次吃了太多胡萝卜,以至于肤色都变成“夕阳般的橘黄色”。A near vegan, it has also been said that Jobs thought his clean diet prevented him from needing to wear deodorant or take regular showers.据说乔布斯是几近严格的素食主义者,他认为干净的饮食使他不需要使用体香剂或是频繁洗澡。Oprah Winfrey: Potatoes奥普拉·温弗瑞:土豆;I have been controlled by potatoes for 40 years,; admitted Oprah Winfrey in a Weight Watchers meeting in January. ;Any kind of fried potato, baked potato, scalloped potato – oh my god.;2016年1月的慧俪轻体(Weight Watchers,健康减重咨询机构)会议上,奥普拉·温弗瑞承认,“40年来,我对土豆着了魔,不管是炸土豆,烤土豆,或者土豆片,我都百吃不厌。”Admittedly, that reliance probably hasn#39;t been the cause of her success over the years, but Winfrey does consider kicking the habit her greatest achievement.必须承认,对土豆的热爱很可能并不是这些年来她取得成功的原因,但是,温弗瑞却把戒掉土豆嗜好认为是她最大的成就。;I actually was travelling the other day and opened a 5 oz bag of crinkle cut, black pepper potato chips and I counted out 10 chips,; she said. ;And I ate 10 and I savoured every one. And I put the bag away.她说:“事实上,前几天我去旅游的时候,拆开了一包5盎司的波纹状黑椒味薯片,我数了10片来吃,每一片都细细品味,然后把剩下的收起来。”;Of all the accomplishments that [I#39;ve] made in the world, all the red carpets, and all the awards, the fact I could close the bag and not take another chip – it#39;s major for me.;“事实上,对我而言,封上薯片包装袋并保不偷吃,比我在这个世界上所取得的成就,所走过的红毯,所得过的奖项都来的重要。”Donald Trump: Whatever he likes唐纳德·特朗普:随心所欲According to his personal family doctor, if elected, 69-year-old billionaire Donald Trump will be ;the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.;唐纳德·特朗普的私人家庭医生透露,如果他当选,那么这名69岁的亿万富翁将成为历任美国总统中最健康的一位。It#39;s a questionable claim, especially given that Trump told Bloomberg last year that he loves ;steak and hamburger and pasta and French fries, all of the things that we shouldn#39;t be eating.;这个说法无法让别人信,尤其是去年,特朗普接受彭社采访时表示,他喜欢“牛排、汉堡、意大利面和炸薯条,所有我们不应该多吃的他都喜欢。”;Bacon, eggs, steak. You hear a report that comes out, and it says you can#39;t eat it and then you can, so I eat what I like.;“培根、鸡蛋、牛排。你听到报道说,你不能吃这些东西,然后报道又说,你能吃这些东西。所以,我听从自己的心,想吃什么吃什么。” /201605/445165连云港国泰妇科医院治疗内分泌多少钱What scholar Zheng Zhenzhen of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said at the 2016 World Economic Forum has stirred aheated discussion about the Chinese population. According to Zheng, China#39;s population will reduce to 1 billion by the end ofthis century, just like the volume it had reached by 1980.中国社会科学院学者郑真真在2016年世界经济论坛上的发言引起了一场关于中国人口的激烈讨论。她声称,本世纪末中国人口将减少到1980年的水平,也就是10亿人。However, some experts think a 1 billion population is still a number too optimistic, considering the overestimate of fertilityrates, they point out that the Chinese population may possibly reach 600 million by 2100.然而,一些专家认为10亿人仍是一个太过乐观的数字,他们指出,考虑到对生育率的过高估计,中国人口在2100年可能低至6亿人左右。A demography scholar Huang Wenzheng from the University of Wisconsin considers it is impossible that China could still have a 1 billion population by the end of the century. Even assuming with a total open birth policy, the birth rate can be 20 percent higher than the one during 2010 to 2015, and the average life expectancy also keeps increasing, Huang estimated the total population of China in 2100 would be 580 million, and decrease to 280 million by 2150.此外,美国威斯康星大学人口统计学学者黄文政也表示,到本世纪末,中国人口很难维持到10亿人的水平。即使大力鼓励生育,假设生育率比2010年至2015年的实际生育率高出20%,再假设中国未来人均预期寿命随社会发展水平上升而变化,他预测中国2100年的总人口为5.8亿,到2150年会降至2.8亿。Another Scholar Yi Fuxian predicts that with the universal two-child policy carried out in 2016, the birth rate still only would rise from 1.25 in 2015 to 1.4 in 2017. And based on the previous experience of South Korea and Taiwan, the birth rate would be down to 1.1 in 2035, and then up to 1.30 in 2056. Supposing that the birth rate can remain at 1.3 until 2100, the population of China would be only 560 million.另一位学者易富贤则预测,尽管2016年全面两孩政策放开,出生率仍然只会从2015年的1.25上升到2017年的1.4。基于韩国和台湾的经验,出生率在2035年会下降到1.1,到2056年再上升到1.3。假设到2100年出生率可以一直保持1.3不变,那时中国的人口将只有5.6亿左右。According to the 2015 World Population Prospects released by ed Nations on July 2015, China#39;s population will be 1.004 billion by the end of this century, which is based on its medium variant. Based on low variant, the prediction on population is 613 million.根据联合国2015年7月发布《2015年世界人口展望》,预计中国人口到本世纪末将回落到10.04亿。这是联合国的中预测值,其低预测值是6.13亿。Scholars think it is unreasonable for the UN to assume such high a fertility rate of China based on the real situation. The report set the birth rates 1.55 from 2010 to 2015, 1.59 from 2015 to 2020, 1.66 from 2020 to 2030,1.74 from 2045 to 2050,and 1.81 from 2095 to 2100. While China#39;s birth rates from 2010 to 2013 was 1.18, 1.04, 1.26, and 1.24.学者们认为,根据实际情况,联合国为中国假定如此高的生育率是不合理的。在联合国预测方案里,中国2010年至2015年的生育率被假设为1.55、2015年至2020年为1.59、2020年至2030年为1.66、2045年至2050年为1.74、2095年至2100年为1.81,而中国2010年到2013年的生育率分别为1.18,1.04,1.26,1.24。Huang explains that now there are only 17 million new born babies every year. In the next 10 years, the number of Chinese women aged from 23 to 30 would be down by 40 percent. Even if there are 8 million babies being born every year, the birthrate could reach the replacement level, and every one can live to one hundred years of age, Huang estimates the population would still only be 800 million by 2100.黄文政解释称,现在每年只有1700万名新生儿。在未来10年内,23到30岁的育龄女性人数将下降40%,即使每年出生800万名婴儿,生育率达到更替水平,每个人都活到一百岁,他估计2100年中国人口也不过8亿左右。 /201607/453911江苏省连云港看妇科炎症哪家医院最好的Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony奉茶仪礼Lotus seeds and two red dates are used in the tea for two reasons.莲籽和两个红枣用于奉茶有两个原因。First, the words “lotus” and “year,” “seed” and “child,” and “date” and “early,” are homophones, i. e. they have the same sound but different meanings in Chinese.首先,“莲子”意为“年”,“籽”意为“子”,“枣”意为“早”都是同音字,同音但是不同含义。Secondly, the ancient Chinese believed that putting these items in the tea would help the newlyweds produce children early in their marriage and every year, which would ensure many grandchildren for their parents.第二,古时候的中国人相信把这些东西用于奉茶会祝福新婚夫妇早生贵子,保子孙满堂。Also,the sweetness of the special tea is a wish for sweet relations between the bride and her new family.当然,茶的甜度体现了新娘和新家庭的亲密程度。On the wedding day, the bride serves tea (holding the teacup with both hands) to her parents at home before the groom arrives.结婚当天新郎未到之前,新娘在家给父母侍茶(双手握住杯沿)。She does this out of respect and to thank her parents for raising her.新娘侍茶是出于尊重以及答谢养育之恩。The tea at this time does not need to have the lotus seeds or dates, and the bride does not need the assistance of a “ lucky woman. ”这时候的茶不需要莲子或红枣,新娘也不需要喜娘的协助。She pours and serves the tea by herself without the groom.侍茶的倒和奉步骤都是新娘自己完成。Traditionally, after the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds serve tea (holding the teacups with both hands),inviting the groom#39;s elders to drink tea by addressing them by formal title, e. g. first uncle or third aunt.传统情况下,婚礼结束后,新婚夫妇奉茶(双手握住杯沿),用正式的头衔招呼新郎家德高望重的人喝茶,比如第一叔叔或第三阿姨。The general rule is to have the woman on the left side and the man on the right side.通用法则是女站左男站右。The people being served will sit in chairs, while the bride and groom kneel.被奉茶的人在椅子上坐好,新婚夫妇跪好。For example, when the newlyweds serve tea to the groom#39;s parents, the bride would kneel in front of her father-in-law, while the groom would kneels in front of his mother.比如,当新婚夫妇给新郎父母奉茶,新娘会跪在公公面前,新郎就跪在他妈妈面前。The newlyweds serve tea in order, starting with the groom#39;s parents then proceeding from the oldest family members to the youngest,e.g. the groom#39;s parents, then his paternal grandparents, then his maternal grandparents ,then his oldest uncles and aunts, and all the way to his older brother.新婚夫妇按顺序奉茶,从新郎父母开始然后从老到幼,比如,新郎父母,然后爷爷奶奶,接着外公外婆,接着他的大伯和大娘,一直到所有比他大的兄弟。In return,the newlyweds receive lucky red envelopes (“ lai xi,” which means “ lucky”) stuffed with money or jewelry.作为回礼,新婚夫妇会得到红包,里面装满钱或珠宝。The helpers,who are usually women blessed with a happy marriage or wealth and chosen by the fortune teller or bride#39;s mother , also get lucky red envelopes stuffed with money from those being served.伴娘(被祝福一段好婚姻,由算命师或新娘妈妈选中)也会得到装有钱和珠宝的红包以答谢她的帮助。These envelopes are placed on the platter which holds the teacups.这些红包放在奉茶用的茶碟上。 /201607/445288连云港孕前检查要多少钱

连云港市精神病防治院医生的QQ号码新沂妇科疾病多少钱He had taken a few hard hits as a quarterback for the Ottawa Rough Riders of the Canadian Football League.担任加拿大全加足联渥太华莽骑兵队四分卫的时候,他也受过几次重击。But when his American Airlines flight on Jan. 25 from Miami to Milan, a Boeing 767 carrying 192 passengers, blew sideways, Jordan Case thought that was it.不过,1月25日那天,当乔登#8231;凯斯(Jordan Case)搭着美国航空公司(American Airlines)自迈阿密飞往米兰的班机遭遇强气流的时候,他觉得大限到了。那是一架波音767客机,机上有乘客192人。“I’ve always been a nervous flier and you’re used to bumpy turbulence,” he said. “It happened all of a sudden, just a huge jolt. It was loud and happened twice.”“我搭飞机时向来紧张,也常遇见乱流颠簸,”凯斯说。“这次来得很突然,机身猛烈颠了一下,发出巨响,总共来了两次。”Seated in business class with his wife, Karen, Mr. Case — who owns three luxury car dealerships in Plano, Tex. — said the experience was “horrific.”凯斯是德州普莱诺市三家高档汽车经销店的老板。乱流发生时,他与妻子凯伦坐在商务舱里。凯斯说,那次经历“太可怕了”。The flight, which hit severe clear air turbulence at 29,000 feet, 420 nautical miles southeast of St. John’s airport in Newfoundland, was diverted to that airport, and two passengers and three flight attendants were taken to the hospital for treatment and observation.这架飞机遇上激烈的晴空乱流的时候,位于距纽芬兰圣约翰机场东南420海里、2.9万英尺的高空。班机变更航线,降落在了圣约翰,机上有两名乘客及三名空人员被送到医院接受治疗与观察。The couple flew on to Milan the next day, and Mr. Case has flown several times since.凯斯夫妇第二天继续飞往米兰。那以后,凯斯又有过几次飞行经历。Turbulence is the leading cause of injuries to passengers and crew aboard commercial aircraft, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.根据美国联邦航空(Federal Aviation Administration)的数据,乱流是导致民航乘客与空人员受伤的主要原因。In 2015, 21 people — 14 crew members and seven passengers — were injured by turbulence, according to the F.A.A.; in 2014, 31 people were injured, nine crew members and 22 passengers.航管局的资料显示,2015年有21人因乱流受伤,其中有14名乘务员、七名乘客;2014年则有31人受伤,分别为九名乘务员与22名乘客。The worst recent year was 2010, when 76 people — 25 crew members and 51 passengers — were injured by turbulence.近年来最糟的是2010年,那年有25名乘务员、51名乘客,共76人因乱流受伤。There are many different kinds of turbulence, with the most problematic to predict and to avoid being clear air turbulence (which is very difficult to detect using conventional radar). Much of it is typically experienced at cruising altitude.乱流有很多种,其中晴空乱流最难预测与回避,常规雷达很难侦测。飞机大多是在巡航高度时遇上晴空乱流的。In the last few months, at least three commercial flights, two on American Airlines and one on Air Canada, have experienced severe turbulence that resulted in injuries to those on board. In two instances, the flights were diverted to nearby airports so the injured could receive treatment.近几个月以来,至少有三架民航飞机遭遇到严重乱流,导致机上人员受伤;其中有两架美国航空、一架加拿大航空班机。这三次中有两次,飞机改变航线、就近降落其他机场,以便让伤患接受治疗。Aviation professionals classify turbulence from light to extreme, a form they say is very rare. The challenge of reporting turbulence, several pilots said, is that the reports themselves are subjective.航空专业人士将乱流分成轻微至极度严重的不同等级;根据他们的说法,极度严重的乱流十分罕见。一些飞行员说,报告乱流也存在困难,因为报告本身是主观的。While in flight, pilots file Pilot Reports (Pireps) to alert airline dispatchers and other pilots en route of any turbulence they’ve encountered; what one pilot considers mild might feel moderate to another.飞行员会在飞航时发布飞行简报,让飞行调度员和航线上的其他飞机知道他们遭遇了乱流,提醒他们注意。一位飞行员认为属于轻度的乱流,另一位飞行员可能认为属于中度。What aviation professionals know is that a global network on the ground also helps guide every flight.而航空专业人士明白,全球地勤工作网络也能协助指引各架航班。“I call it the safety net,” said John Lanicci, professor of meteorology at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Fla. “You have pilots en route chatting, you have the air control centers and the flight dispatchers for the airlines.” If a flight hits severe enough turbulence that injuries result, a medical professional on the ground is also consulted and a decision quickly made whether to divert, land and take the injured to the hospital.“我把这叫做‘安全网’,”约翰#8231;朗尼奇(John Lanicci)说。他是佛罗里达戴通纳海滩(代托纳比奇)的安柏瑞德航空大学(Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)的气象学教授。“你有航线上的飞行员相互通话,还有空管中心与各航空公司的班机调度员。”要是有班机遇上严重到足以伤人的乱流,地上也有医学专家可供咨询,马上决定是否该更改航线、降落、将伤患送医。When flights like American Airlines 206, the one Mr. Case was on, are forced to divert because of turbulence-related injury, it costs airlines both financially and reputationally, said Mark Miller, senior vice president and general manager, decision support at the Weather Company, an IBM business.IBM旗下的气象公司(Weather Company)决策持部高级副总裁与总经理马克#8231;米勒(Mark Miller)认为,如果航班被迫变更航线,比如凯斯乘坐的美国航空206航班遇到的那次,此类事件会导致航空公司受到经济与名誉上的双重损失。Mr. Miller, a meteorologist, said that turbulence can force aircraft to choose less than optimal routes that use more fuel and are less efficient, and the roughest flights can require additional aircraft checks and maintenance.米勒还是一位气象学家。他说,乱流会迫使飞机放弃最优航线,选择更耗油、效率低的航线。最颠簸的航行还会要求对飞机做额外的检修。Brand perception is another issue, he added. “It’s a big problem for emerging markets if new fliers see passengers coming off in a neck brace.” And yet, Mr. Miller and Dr. Lanicci agree, some routes are simply more likely to prove bumpy, like Asia-Pacific flights. “It’s a big problem,” Mr. Miller said. If it looks like a flight is going to be rough “that perception can impact demand for air travel.”米勒还说,品牌形象是另一个问题。 “对新兴市场来说,新客户看到有人脖子装着架下飞机,麻烦就大了。”然而米勒与朗尼奇也承认,有些航线就是比较容易颠簸,比如亚太航线。 “这是个大问题,”米勒说。如果一段航程看起来将会颠簸不平,“这种认识就会影响飞行需求”。The American Airlines flight that the Cases took encountered only a few seconds of turbulence, said a spokesman for the airline, Ross Feinstein, and the plane was not damaged.美国航空的发言人罗斯#8231;范士丹(Ross Feinstein)表示,凯斯搭乘的班机仅仅遭遇到数秒钟的乱流,且机身并未受损。Aviation crews admit that experiencing turbulence can be frightening and disorienting, even sometimes for them as well, but they emphasize that planes are designed and manufactured to weather it.乘务人员承认,遇上乱流很可能既恐怖、又让人晕头转向,有时就连对他们来说也是如此。不过他们也强调,飞机的设计和建造是可以承受住乱流的。“Our airplanes are built to withstand 3.75 G load before there is any kind of damage — that’s almost four times gravity,” said Doug Alder, a spokesman for Boeing. “Some of the worst turbulence gets in the range of 2 to 2.5 G’s, well below the damage tolerance.”“我们建造的飞机能承受最高达3.75G的冲击而不会有任何损伤,几乎是重力的四倍。”波音公司发言人道格#8231;阿尔德(Doug Alder)表示。 “最严重的乱流的冲击力一般在2到2.5G之间,远在飞机的耐损限度之下。”“Flights are diverted because passengers have been injured by turbulence, not because the airplane has been damaged,” he said.“班机改变航道是因为有乘客因乱流受伤,而不是因为飞机受损的缘故。”阿尔德表示。After events of severe turbulence, aircraft are also carefully examined for any damage to be sure they remain airworthy.遇上严重乱流之后,飞机也会受到仔细检查,确认是否有任何损伤,确保它们还能继续飞行。A study of upper-level turbulence, examining two million pilot reports between January 1994 and December 2005, showed a spike in reports between 1997 and 1998, Dr. Lanicci said, which the study’s authors suggested could be attributed to El Ni#241;o.在一份关于高空乱流的研究中,研究人员检视了1994年1月至2005年12月间的200万份飞行简报。朗尼奇说,结果显示,乱流报告在1997与1998年间有一个高峰。该研究的作者认为,原因可能是厄尔尼诺现象。This year’s El Ni#241;o has affected weather patterns worldwide as well.这一年的厄尔尼诺现象也影响了全球的气候常模。“It’s an interesting question,” Dr. Lanicci said when asked if El Ni#241;o is currently causing more frequent or more severe turbulence. “Inconclusive,” said David Hosansky, a spokesman for the National Center for Atmospheric Research, a federally funded research and development center.“这是个有趣的问题。”当被问及厄尔尼诺现象是否正在造成更为频繁和严重的乱流,朗尼奇如是说。美国国家大气研究中心(National Center for Atmospheric Research)发言人大卫#8231;侯山斯基(David Hosansky)则表示:“尚无定论。”该单位为美国联邦政府资助的研究发展中心。As 2015 was also the hottest year so far on record, is there a link between severe turbulence and climate change?鉴于2015年亦是有史以来最热的一年,强烈乱流与气候变化是否有关联呢?While a paper published in 2013 in the journal Nature Climate Change said there was a causal link between the two, Dr. Lanicci said that there are too many complex factors to make this connection directly. “Every year is going to be different, so can we also go back to every turbulence report and correlate it to climate change?” he said. “There are too many things that could contribute to that.”虽然《自然气候变化》(Nature Climate Change)在2013年刊载的一份研究宣称两者间有因果关系,不过朗尼奇表示,还有太多复杂因素,很难确定乱流与气候变化的直接关系。 “每一年都会不一样,难道我们能去追溯每一次乱流报告,然后找出它和气候变化的关联吗?”他说。 “有太多因素会导致乱流。”Passengers who fly a great deal can become blasé and forget to stay firmly buckled in, or start to ignore warnings when anticipated turbulence doesn’t happen, airline crews said.乘务人员表示,常乘坐飞机的旅客可能会见怪不怪、忘了全程系好安全带,或者因为预计的乱流没有发生而无视警告。It’s a risk to avoid.应该避免这种风险。The problem with light turbulence is that it can turn into severe turbulence in a matter of seconds. Those not securely strapped into their seats can, and have, flown into galley carts, arm rests or the ceiling, breaking hips, arms and noses and risking concussion.轻度乱流的问题在于,它可能在转瞬间变得十分强烈。那些没有留在座位上系好安全带的乘客,有可能会撞上务推车、座椅扶手或天花板,撞断自己的髋骨、手臂、鼻子,甚至有脑震荡的危险。此类状况已有先例。In a highly competitive industry, flight crews must balance offering service with keeping passengers and crew safe. Once an announcement has been made instructing crew to remain seated — marking a period of anticipated intense turbulence — anyone not wearing a seatbelt is at risk.在这个竞争激烈的行业,乘务员一定要在提供务与维护乘客与同事的安全间取得平衡。一旦广播指示机组人员留在座位上——这是预计将有强烈乱流的信号——此时任何未系安全带的人都可能有危险。Each airline has dozens of meteorologists on staff helping to plan and guide their flights to avoid turbulence whenever possible, and pilots have access to a wealth of real-time information.各家航空公司编制内都有数十位气象专家,尽可能协助规划航班并指引其避免乱流,飞行员也能获得大量的即时信息。More than 700 aircraft, such as the 737, 757, 767, 777 and Airbus A319 and 321, are using the Weather Company’s four-year-old software program, Total Turbulence, which collects and shares data with pilots using the system.有超过700架飞机在使用气象公司提供的、有四年历史的“乱流全览”(Total Turbulance)软件。这其中有波音737、757、767、777型,还有空中巴士A319与321型飞机。“乱流全览”能够收集数据,并与使用这款软件的飞行员共享数据。“The challenge of turbulence is that there’s no one answer to the problem,” Mr. Miller said.米勒说:“乱流的挑战就在于,应对这个问题没有唯一。” /201606/448269连云港那做人流安全新沂市中医院网上预约挂号

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