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东海县人民医院治疗妇科怎么样连云港有无痛取环的医院吗!-;9h7gg,j0tOsMsYZlwRACHEL ZOE:TOY STOREMotherhood has made the stylist more down-to-earth. Literally. She gets low in a toy store wearing a pair of skyscraper heels like it#39;s nobody#39;s business. It will be a shame when Skyler grows up and she won#39;t have to deploy this skill any longer.瑞秋#8226;佐伊:玩具店母亲身份使这位设计师更脚踏实地k9~s*pgO~Prv3eHNW。确实UiVkwanEb2。她在玩具商店穿着一双高跟鞋半蹲着且似乎不关任何人的事hc2X4BUjfo!4O。如果斯凯勒长大后不能施展这种技能的话将是一种耻辱_SkHDbDwCoV4j|NR-,。F5F|B5Hcef6rf.*T*uyzi6w~dgQB(^#Sq,xPVtxP!)O% /201302/224010新安堆沟港北陈集张店三口镇早孕检查哪家医院最好的 连云港灌云县治疗痛经多少钱

连云港国泰挂号预约连云港市看妇科最好的是哪家医院 Overdid it , and think it might happen again? Before you start feeling guilty, know that taking a too-strict approach after a binge will most certainly backfire. One of the biggest mistakes I see is people beating themselves up and then trying to ;undo the damage; too fast. Here, the habits guilt-trippers get trapped in, and better ways to get on track.吃多了,担心会再吃多?在你有负罪感之前,还是了解一下大吃大喝后哪些过分严格的控制行为可不可取,这些只不过是事后诸葛亮,毫无用处。我发现人们最大的错误就是立即运动起来,试图迅速弥补大吃大喝带来的“伤害”。下面是一些有负罪感的吃货们经常做的事情,我们为此提出了更好地解决方案。1. Mistake: Weighing yourself错误一:称体重You know that your weight can fluctuate a lot from day to day—two pounds from water weight alone is totally normal. So if you ate too much last night, especially salty foods that can cause water retention, your scale will reflect it the next morning. Don’t subject yourself to unnecessary angst! Steer clear of the scale and focus on having a healthy day instead. (If you wait 48 hours to hop on the scale, your temporary water weight may well disappear by then.)要知道,人的体重每天变化是十分反复的——光喝水就能增加2磅体重,这是十分正常的情况。所以如果你昨天晚上吃的太多,尤其是吃了太咸的东西导致大量饮水,第二天早上你的体重便会增加。别让自己陷入不必要的焦虑!不要把注意力放在秤的数字上,不如想想如何健康度过每一天。(过48小时后再称称看,你会发现,那些暂时囤积的水的重量已经消失了。)2. Mistake: Skipping breakfast错误二:不吃早餐Still stuffed? Don’t blow off breakfast—if you do, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll have a bigger lunch or dinner than you want. Ample research shows that people who eat breakfast weigh less and eat healthier than people who skip it. If the thought of a big morning meal makes you queasy, have a little fruit and cottage cheese, a piece of toast with a light coating of peanut butter, or a small bowl of oatmeal and berries.还不饿?那也不能不吃早饭。如果不吃,我保你在午餐或晚餐时会吃的更多,大量研究表明比起不吃早餐的人来,按时吃早餐的人体重较轻,且饮食更健康。如果早上吃太多会觉得不舒,那就吃点水果,一些白软干酪,一片涂了花生黄油的烤土司,或一小碗浆果燕麦。3. Mistake: Going crazy at the gym错误三:在健身房疯狂运动If your usual workout routine is 20 minutes on the elliptical, don#39;t sign up for back-to-back Spinning, Zumba, and Ultimate Abs in an effort to torch off every last crumb. Jumping into a too-intense workout can raise your risk of getting injured. But don#39;t loaf around either: A brisk walk can help with digestion and soothe that bloated belly feeling.如果你平时只是在椭圆机上运动20分钟,那就千万不要为了燃烧脂肪而去参加诸如动感单、尊巴舞,或终极腹肌训练这种高强度的运动。突然增大运动强度很有可能会让你受伤。但也别偷懒,快走可以帮助消化,还能减小吃胀的大肚子。4. Mistake: Skimping on sleep错误四:少睡觉A new Columbia University study found that people are more likely to crave junky food, like pepperoni pizza, cake, and cheeseburgers, on four hours of sleep than they are on eight hours. Why? Possibly because your brain craves a quick energy boost from these foods to help it fire on all cylinders. Don#39;t cave in. Get a good night’s snooze the night of and after you overeat, to avoid getting in a bad eating cycle.哥伦比亚大学新的研究表明,和那些每天睡眠8小时的人相比,那些只睡4小时的更喜欢吃垃圾食品,比如蜡香肠披萨,蛋糕,芝士汉堡等。为什么呢?有可能是因为你的大脑希望能够快速的摄取能量。千万别上当。如果你吃多了,就好好地睡一觉,补充睡眠,防止陷入恶性的饮食循环。5. Mistake: Saying ;I#39;ll Never Eat ____ Again;错误五:说“我再也不吃____了”One of the worst things after a day of less-than-ideal eating is to make any absolute food promises. Swearing off carbs (or fried food, or sweets) may last for a few days or even a few weeks, but research shows that the best weight-loss plans allow for some indulgence in moderation. Don’t make any quick decisions or resolutions! The best thing you can do is just get back to your usual eating M.O.乱吃一天之后最怕的就是胡乱说出某些保。也许,你可以坚持几天(甚至几个星期)不碰任何淀粉类食物(或油炸食品,甜食等),但研究表明最好的减肥计划是要摄入这些食品的。所以千万别轻易下决定!最好的方法就是回归到你正常饮食规律中来。 /201302/224878连云港妇幼保健医院预约四维彩超

连云港市佳连医院专家预约 The word “budget” has such a negative connotation in today’s society. Individuals associate the act of budgeting with some sort of militant regimen that hinders them from having any sort of flexibility with their money.“预算”这个词似乎在当今社会略带贬义。人们常常会用类似于军事化的规则来控制预算,好让他们在金钱这块不至于手头过紧。The end result? Failure.最后的结果呢?当然是失败。Fortunately, there are a number of ways to prevent your budget from failing and make it work for you, minus the ball and chain.好在,这里有很多方法可以让你免于财政赤字,减轻你的负担。Before you create your budget, track spending for at least one month to get a better idea of where your money actually goes. Once you’ve taken this pertinent step, consider the following tips to help you stay on track throughout the month.在设立预算之前,先来对自己一个月的出进行大概的追踪,这样才能了解自己的钱到底花在什么地方去了。一旦这个步骤完成,再来根据下面的贴士来帮你控制每月的出吧。1) Be as specific as possible.越详细越好。Fluffy budgets are destined for failure because they do not consider all the key factors. Big expenses are important, but it is the little things that will usually send you flying off the deep-end. If your budget demonstrates that you can cover all your fixed expenses with a little change to spare, you may feel somewhat satisfied until you realize midway through the month that things are going down-hill because you forgot to incorporate the daily visit to the nearest fast-food joint for lunch.太过宽泛的记账当然不会有效,因为他们忽视了所有的关键因素。大的出固然重要,但小的出才是真正让你月月光的原因。如果你的预算显示除去每月固定开销之外,还有部分结余可供配,但实际上不到月中你就已经破产,为什么呢?还不就是因为你忽视了每天都需要去就近快餐店付的午餐费么。Bottom line: every cent counts, so be sure to include those variable expenses down to the penny. To help you track variable spending, it may be a good idea to incorporate the envelope system. That way, your budget won’t stand a chance at failing.建议:每分钱都很重要,所以别忘记把那些小钱也算在开销里面。要想记下纷杂的开销,不妨考虑一下信封系统。这样,你的预算绝对不会超了。2) Set realistic expectations.设立现实点的期望It never hurts to dream big, but actually making them a reality is another story. The same rule applies to budgeting: unrealistic figures will set you up for failure each and every month.梦想再大也不为过,但要实现它就是另外一回事了。这个定理也同样适用于预算:不切实际的数据只会让你月月光。If you know that you spend a certain amount of money each week on groceries, do not attempt to cut the number in half just for the sake of making the budget balance. Instead, make small cuts over time to build the momentum and prevent you from getting discouraged.如果你知道每周在杂货店花多少钱,千万不要为了收平衡来一次性缩减一半的开。相反,你可以慢慢减少开,这样还能让自己心情愉快。3) Believe in yourself.相信自己This may sound a bit strange, but successful budgeting has a lot to do with your attitude. If you are pessimistic about the process and your inability to successfully commit to the plan from inception, you will probably fail miserably. On the other hand, if you learn to view your budget as a spending plan that will help you accomplish your current and future financial goals, you will more than likely be inclined to remain on track because there is a light at the end of the tunnel.这个听起来有点奇怪,但成功的预算多半取决于你的态度。如果你对过程非常的消极,也觉得自己没有能力来成功的按照计划执行,你当然会输得很惨。然而,如果你把预算看成是帮你完成近期和长远经济目标的计划,你就更容易遵守,毕竟能让你看到希望呀。4) Solicit the assistance of an accountability partner.拉上一个会算账的伙伴。Do not go out and ask your best buddy who agrees with everything you say and do for help. This is actually counter-productive. Instead, find someone to check-in with on a consistent basis who will be honest with you and hold you accountable for your spending habits each month.千万别找那种你说什么都正确的朋友来帮忙,这只会起到反效果。相反,要找那种会稳扎稳打对你说实话的人,这样才会帮你坚持每个月的消费习惯。Some even go the extra mile to hire a financial coach that is seasoned in budgeting and can provide extensive assistance with budgeting.有的人甚至还会花钱请一个财务教练来控制预算,以提供更大的预算持。5) Prepare for the unexpected.对意外出要有心理准备。Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where emergencies did not exist? Wishful thinking. Unexpected occurrences are inevitable, so it is important to incorporate a little padding in your budget each month to cover those moments that completely catch you off guard. Also, stash away a little cash each month to build up that emergency fund.怎么可能生活在一个没有意外事件的世界里呢?这只是幻想罢了。意外总是无法避免的,所以在每个月的预算中留出一部分作为意外出很有必要,可以防止你到时候手忙脚乱。所以每个月存点钱来作为紧急基金吧。6) Cut yourself a little slack.给自己一点宽松的余地。Let’s face it: sticking to a budget is hard work. That is why positive reinforcement is so important. Develop some sort of reward system for yourself that will motivate you to keep your eyes on the prize each month.我们要知道:恪守预算实在太艰难了。所以积极的强制力十分重要。给自己设立点奖励机制,这样能鼓励你奔着奖品前进哦。Following these tips on a consistent basis will help put your mind at ease when developing and executing your monthly spending plan.长期坚持这些就能帮你轻松自如的指定每个月的花费预算了。 /201307/249791连云港省妇幼保健院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱连云港无痛人流手术多少钱



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