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Snow In下雪天More than 0 passengers got on the plane. It was a winter day. It was January. The weather was very cold. It was snowing. Ice was on the roads. But the airport was open. The big jets were flying. A little snow never stopped a big jet. Big jets fly all the time. They rarely crash in bad weather. They rarely crash in good weather. Big jets are very safe. The passengers got on the plane. It was 7 a.m. The plane was supposed to take off at 7:30 a.m. It did not take off at 7:30 a.m. It did not take off all morning. It did not take off all afternoon. The plane sat on the runway until 6:30 p.m. The passengers sat in the plane all day. The plane could not take off. The pilot could not see the runway. He could not see anything. The only thing he could see was his two hands. A little snow was okay. But this was a lot of snow. This was too much snow. But maybe the snow would stop. Then they could take off. So the pilot waited. The passengers waited. At 6:30 p.m., the pilot told the passengers to get off the plane. Everyone was happy to leave the plane. They went back into the airport. They waited the snow to stop. But it didnt stop. It snowed two more days.有0多名乘客上了飞机那是冬天是一月份天气很冷在下雪路上全是冰但是机场仍然运行大飞机还在飞小雪从来不会让大飞机停飞大飞机一直在飞行它们很少在恶劣天气中出事故它们在天气好时很少出事故大飞机很安全乘客们上了飞机那是早上七点飞机应该在早上7:30起飞但是7:30它并没有起飞整个早上它都没有起飞整个下午它都没有起飞飞机在跑道上一直停到下午6:30乘客们一整天都坐在飞机上飞机无法起飞飞行员看不到跑道他什么都看不见他唯一能看见的东西是他的两只手下点小雪没关系但这是大雪雪太大了但是或许雪会停那时候他们就可以起飞了所以飞行员等着乘客们也等着下午6:30时,飞行员让乘客们都下了飞机大家都很开心能够下飞机他们回到了机场里他们等着雪停但是它并没有停雪又下了两天译文属原创,,不得转载 66

Google Way to Top谷歌的登顶之路Google is a world-famous company, with its headquarters in Mountain View, Calinia. It was set up in a Silicon Valley garage in 1998, and inflated(膨胀)with the Internet bubble. Even when everything around it collapased the company kept on inflating.Google是世界著名的大公司,总部设在加州的山景城它于1998年成立于硅谷的一个汽车修理厂,并随着网络泡沫迅速成长而不断发展即使是在它周围的公司一个个垮掉时,它仍然在继续发展壮大Google search engine is so wide-sp across the world that search became Google, and google became a verb. The world fell in love with the effective, fascinatingly fast technology.Google的搜索引擎遍及全世界,以至于“搜索”一词变成了Google,而Google变成了一个动词整个世界都为Google这个高效快捷的搜索技术而着迷Google owes much of its success to the brilliance of S. Brin and L. Page, but also to a series of tunate events. It was Page who, at Stand in 1996, initiated the academic project that eventually became Google search engine. Brin, who had met Page at a student orientation a year earlier, joined the project early on.Google的成功在很大的程度上要归功于谢尔盖·布林和拉里·佩奇的才华和一系列幸运事件正是佩奇于1996年在斯坦福大学发起这个最终成为Google搜索引擎的学术项目布林是在早一年的新生见面会中认识佩奇的,并在项目开始不久就加入进来They were both Ph. D candidates when they devised the search engine which was better than the rest and, without any marketing, sp by word mouth from early adopters to, eventually, your grandmother.当初设计这个搜索引擎时,他们俩个都是计算机士学位申请人而其搜索引擎没有经过任何市场推广却经大家的口口相传从早期的使用者最终传播开来Their breakthrough, simply put, was that when their search engine crawled the Web, it did more than just look word matches; it also tallied(统计)and ranked a host of other critical factors like how websites link to one another. That delivered far better results than anything else.简单地说,他们的突破在于:当他们的搜索引擎在网上搜索时,不仅仅是寻找相匹配的词语,它还会对许多其他关键因素进行统计和分级,例如,如何将网络彼此连接起来这样所呈现的结果要远远优于其他搜索引擎Brin and Page meant to name their creation Googol(the mathematical term the number 1 followed by 0 zeroes), but someone misspelled the word so it suck as Google. They raised money from prescient(有先见之明的)professors and venture capitalists, and moved off campus to turn Google into business.布林和佩奇本来打算把他们的搜索引擎命名为Google(数学术语:1 后面有0个零),但是人们误拼成了Google他们从有先见之明的教授和富有冒险精神的资本家那里筹集资金,将谷歌搬出校园转换成商业运营他们试图向其他搜索引擎公司出售他们的技术,但是没有一家能付他们提出的价格,于是他们自己成立了一个搜索引擎公司,也许早在这时幸运之神就开始降临Perhaps their biggest stroke of luck came early on when they tried to sell their technology to other search engines, but no one met their price, and they built it up on their own.他们试图向其他搜索引擎公司出售他们的技术,但是没有一家能付他们提出的价格,于是他们自己成立了一个搜索引擎公司,也许早在这时幸运之神就开始降临 3968

  The Outside Chance  It a funny thing about money. If you havent got it, you think it the most important thing in the world. That how I used to think. I dont any more, and I learned it in the hard way.  My teacher at school used to say: ;When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers.; It means if you want something really badly, youll probably get it. But youll get it in a way you dont expect. Yu might have to pay a price you didnt bargain .  It started one rainy day, when I was coming home from work. Im a mechanic, and I liked working in a garage. But I was restless. Id always had this dream of owning my own business. That why Id left my parents in Selby, and come to London.  Dad and I had arguments about it. He didnt see why I should want to leave home when I had enough to live on. Enough what? To live as he had, with nothing to look him, but it annoyed me to see him so content. He had nothing to show all those years of work in that noisy factory.  All this was on my mind, as I walked home that night. I stopped and bought a newspaper outside the Tube. I didnt know when I first realized there was something wrong with the paper. As if there was a gap in the news. Then I looked at the front page, and instead of Tuesday nd Nov., it said Wednesday 3rd Nov. Somehow, I had bought tomorrow paper today!  That the moment I realized that all my prayers could be answered. The results of tomorrow races. I looked at the winners, and chose from them carefully.  Next morning, I drew from the bank just about all I had -- 本资料是由经华英语(englishexpress.cn)授权发布! http:[00:31.36]Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous portrait of the Mona Lisa[00:35.]has a mysterious smile.[00:37.]It will always remain a mystery,[00:39.96]but it is possible to hear[00:.]what her voice would have sounded like,[00:.51]thanks to a Japanese sound expert.[00:6.69]Dr Matsumi Suzuki generally uses his skills[00:50.3]to help with criminal investigations.[00:5.98]But now he and his team are trying to[00:55.77]create the voice of Mona Lisa.[00:58.65]They have measured the face and hands in the picture[01:01.59]and estimated her height.[01:.6]They have created a model of her skull.[01:.5]"Once we have that,[01:.18]we can create a voice similar to that person,"[01:.6]Suzuki said.[01:19.33]Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous portrait of the Mona Lisa[01:.00]has a mysterious smile.[01:6.38]It will always remain a mystery,[01:30.01]but it is possible to hear[01:3.]what her voice would have sounded like,[01:35.97]thanks to a Japanese sound expert.[01:55.97]portrait 肖像、画像[:.6]She painted landscapes as well as portraits.[:.86]她既画风景,也画肖像[:.79]Mona Lisa 蒙娜丽莎[:31.80]sound 听起来[:37.97]The news sounds interesting![:0.5]这则新闻听起来很有趣![:7.63]sound expert 声学专家[:53.67]thanks to sb.sth.[:57.9]多亏、由于[:01.00]Thanks to your timely help[:.]that we accomplished the task on time.[:.61]多亏你及时相助,我们才得以时完成了任务[:1.]Dr Matsumi Suzuki generally uses his skills[:6.70]to help with criminal investigations.[:9.90]But now he and his team are trying to[:33.56]create the voice of Mona Lisa.[img::36.8]XW0 monalisa.jpg[:50.5]criminal investigation[:53.]犯罪调查[:55.30]investigation 调查、侦查[:01.81]She is still under investigation.[:.]她仍在接受调查[:.00]They have measured the face and hands in the picture[:.]and estimated her height.[:18.76]They have created a model of her skull.[:1.]"Once we have that,[:.80]we can create a voice similar to that person,"[:5.61]Suzuki said.[:30.91]They have measured the face and hands in the picture[:0.53]and estimated her height[:6.60]estimate 估算[:5.57]It is estimated that the project will last four years.[:57.9]据估计,这项工程将持续四年[:.]They have created a model of her skull[:.51]"Once we have that,[:.]we can create a voice similar to that person,"[:.9]Suzuki said.[:50.70]portrait 肖像、画像[:5.]thanks to sb.sth.[:57.]多亏、由于[:58.73]investigation 调查、侦查[:01.53]estimate 估算[:.]Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous portrait of the Mona Lisa[:.96]has a mysterious smile.[:18.]It will always remain a mystery,[:1.38]but it is possible to hear[:.31]what her voice would have sounded like,[:7.98]thanks to a Japanese sound expert.[:31.19]Dr Matsumi Suzuki generally uses his skills[:36.76]to help with criminal investigations.[:0.01]But now he and his team are trying to[:.19]create the voice of Mona Lisa.[:7.]They have measured the face and hands in the picture[:51.57]and estimated her height.[:5.77]They have created a model of her skull.[:58.7]"Once we have that,[:00.81]we can create a voice similar to that person,"[:.70]Suzuki said. 6933, and laid my bets. Then all I had to do is to go around and collect, and I couldnt wait to count my money. A cool $,000.  Wait till I told Mom and Dad! Theyd hardly be able to believe it. I switched on TV, but couldnt concentrate on it. I kept thinking what Id do with the money. Then the news came on. The announcer mentioned Selby, where my parents lived. Then I began to listen. There had been an explosion up there that afternoon, followed by a factory fire. Twenty-two people were killed. I stopped listening. I must have known then that my dad was dead -- even bee the telegram came.  The newspaper had fallen on the floor. I picked it up. Then I saw it -- FACTORY DISASTER IN SELBY. MANY FEARED DEAD. I hadnt seen it bee. Id been too busy picking winners. I could have saved my dad life. There isnt much more to tell. I got my own business, and Im doing well. Mom was paid insurance and she better off than she was. The only thing is, she doesnt care if she alive or dead now my Dad gone.  When th gods wish to punish us, they make a damn good job of it. 18

Voice 1: Hello, Im Rachel Hobson.声音1:大家好,我是蕾切尔·霍布森Voice : And Im Marina Santee. Welcome to Spotlight. This programme uses a special English method of broadcasting. It is easier people to understand, no matter where in the world they live.声音:我是玛丽娜·桑蒂重点报道节目用慢速英语的方式播报新闻便于全世界各地民众的理解Voice : Welcome to our listener mail programme! It is time to hear your comments and opinions about some of our programmes.声音:欢迎听众朋友们来到听众来信节目!这是我们倾听大家对我们节目的和意见的环节We start today with a letter about our programme ;Face to Face;. ;Face to Face; is a project started by two French men. JR and Marco are artists. In , they traveled to the Middle-East. They wanted to know why Palestinians and Israelis could not live together in peace. They visited both sides of the Israeli West Bank barrier. And they found that the people were not so different from each other.今天第一封来信与《面对面这期节目有关“面对面”是一个由两名法国男子发起的项目JR和马尔科是艺术家年,他们前往中东旅行他们想知道巴勒斯坦人和以色列人为什么不能和平相处他们走访了在约旦河西岸-以色列隔离墙两侧生活的民众他们发现,人们彼此之间没有太大不同译文属 5


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