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Apple has announced a voice-activated loudspeaker powered by its virtual assistant Siri.苹果公司于近日推出了一款持语音助手Siri的声控扬声器。Like devices by Amazon and Google, Apple#39;s HomePod speaker can respond to questions and control smart home gadgets such as lights.与亚马逊和谷歌的设备一样,苹果的HomePod扬声器能回答问题,控制如灯类在内的智能家居设备。Analysts say Apple has been slow to improve its Siri virtual assistant and launch a smart speaker, after Amazon launched its Echo in 2014.分析人士称,苹果在升级Siri语言助手和推出智能扬声器上已经落后,亚马逊已经于2014年推出了Echo。The company has pitched HomePod first and foremost as a music player. This does a great job of extending the tentacles of Apple services.苹果公司将HomePod定位为一流的音乐播放器。其在扩大苹果设备的范围上做得很出色。At more than double the cost of Amazon#39;s Echo, the HomePod is a typical Apple move.HomePod的成本是亚马逊Echo的两倍还要多,带有典型的苹果风格。So - a cynic might say Apple has just launched the world#39;s most-hyped bluetooth speaker - not much imagination there.所以,一个愤世嫉俗的人可能会说,苹果刚刚推出了世界上最夸张的蓝牙扬声器,并且没有什么想象力。But let#39;s face it, before AI and machine learning really matures, most home assistant devices are essentially voice-controlled speakers, and so Apple dedicating its effort into making it sound great is probably a smart move.但是我们不得不承认,在人工智能和机器学习成熟之前,大多数的家用助理设备基本都是由语音控制的扬声器,所以苹果努力让扬声器音效更棒可能是一步好棋。 /201706/513810

Importance of using natural health care products.Women have always been interested in keeping themselves healthy and looking great. The modern woman has come to realize that she wont live forever, but aging does not have to take the toll it once did on her face and body. There are now many solutions available to aid women in their quest for long lasting health and beauty. Women seem to be accepting the idea that taking care of their face and body is not necessarily a sign of vanity, but instead a way to keep good overall health.Unfortunately, not enough women realize the importance of using natural health care products. There are actually many convincing reasons to use natural products. First of all, regular health products are filled with chemicals. This is bad for a couple of reasons. All of those excess chemicals tend to do a lot of harm to your body. The skin in particular is susceptible to injury from chemical exposure or overexposure. In addition, when those chemicals enter your body through your pores, there is no telling what the long-term effect on your health might be. Secondly, as commercial products are manufactured, the process necessary to make them can be environmentally harmful. Finally, when non-organic products are thrown away, they often end up polluting the earth as well. With naturally made products, none of these concerns are there. They are made out of all natural ingredients that dont carry the risk of harming your body. There are no chemical side effects. And perhaps best of all, they are made in a way that is respectful of the environment.Women require different health and hygiene products than men, because their bodies are different. For example, men have to shave their faces, which often results in dry and damaged facial skin. Women, on the other hand, have to shave their legs. Women also sweat less and therefore need softer and less powerful deodorants. There are many organic health care options for women. Skin care products, hair care products, deodorizers and perfumes, and cleansing products can all be made naturally.As long as women can recognize the need to take care of their bodies and keep up their appearance, they can also appreciate the benefits of using natural care products. In fact, more and more women are realizing these advantages. As a result, the demand for natural care products is increasing and they are being made in greater quantities. In the long run, many women will be pleased they switched to organic products, because their bodies will feel healthier and the earth will be in better shape. 女性总是对保持身体健康和状态良好的事感兴趣。现代女性已经意识到她不可能永葆青春,但岁月也不能一下子在她们的脸和身体上留下痕迹。如今,想要寻求保持健康和美丽的女性都能找到很多的建议和帮助。女性们似乎开始接受一种观念,那就是关心自己的面部和身体不再是虚荣的象征,而是处于一种保持整体健康的目的。但问题是,没有足够多的女性意识到要使用天然卫生保健品。实际上,使用天然卫生保健品有很多让人信的理由。首先,普通的保健品充斥着化学物质。这里有几个不好的原因。这些过量的化学物质对你的身体都是有害的,而过度地与化学物质接触尤其对皮肤有刺激作用。另外,这些化学物质通过毛孔进入你的身体以后,长期对你的健康造成的危害更是不言而喻的。第二,由于这种商业品是大批量制造出来的,所以制造过程对环境也是有害的。最后,当无机产品被丢弃时,它们对地球也是一种污染。如果使用天然的产品,那么这些担忧就都不存在了。它们由天然成分组成,不会有伤害你健康的危险,也没有化学副作用。而且最好的一点也许是,他们在制作过程中对环境没有破坏作用。女性比男性需要更多不同的卫生保健品,因为两者身体构造是不同的。比如,男性必须刮胡子,这会导致脸部肌肤的干燥受损。另一方面,女性不得不刮除腿毛。女性出汗量也少于男性,所以就需要更温和的除臭剂。对女性来说,有很多有机的保健品可供选择。护肤产品,护发产品,除臭剂和香水,还有清洁用品都可以是天然制成的。只要女性意识到呵护身材和外表的重要性,那么他们也一定会欣赏使用天然的保健品。实际上,越来越多的女性正意识到这些优点。结果,对天然保健品的需求正在日益增长,质量也不断提高。长期看来,许多女性会很高兴她们选择了有机产品,因为她们会感到身体更健康了,地球也更“健康”了。 /200804/34588

A hormone found in chocolate could be the #39;mental Viagra#39; that helps to get couples in the mood for sex.在巧克力中发现一种堪称“精神伟哥”的激素,可以让爱侣们性欲大增。Kisspeptin, which is found in chocolate, is the hormone in the brain which kickstarts puberty.巧克力中发现的这种激素名为kisspeptin,也是大脑中催动青春期的激素。And it may explain something about the behaviour of teenage boys, after scientists found it makes men much more interested in sex and relationships.科学家们发现,这种激素让男人更热衷性生活和男女关系,也能在一定程度上解释青春期男孩的行为。Young men injected with the hormone and then given brain scans showed a flurry of activity in the parts of the brain activated by sexual arousal and romance.被注射了这种激素的年轻男子大脑经过扫描发现,在被性唤起和浪漫事物激活的大脑部位有波动。It means similar injections could be used to help men to start a family.这意味着注射同样的激素可以用来帮助男性繁衍后代。Professor Waljit Dhillo, the lead author of the research from Imperial College London, said: #39;Our initial findings are novel and exciting as they indicate that kisspeptin plays a role in stimulating some of the emotions and responses that lead to sex and reproduction.该研究的首席作者、伦敦帝国学院的沃尔吉特?迪洛教授说:“初期研究结果显示,kisspeptin能激起导致性行为和生育的一些情感和反应,这一发现新奇又令人振奋。#39;Ultimately, we are keen to look into whether kisspeptin could be an effective treatment for psychosexual disorders, and potentially help countless couples who struggle to conceive.#39;“最终,我们将积极研究kisspeptin能否成为治疗性心理障碍的有效方法,从而可能帮助无数生育困难的夫妇脱离苦海。”One in 10 men in the UK are believed to have sexual problems, many suffering a lack of libido caused by relationship issues, stress and anxiety.据认为,十分之一的英国男人都有性问题,感情问题、压力和焦虑等因素导致许多男性缺乏性欲。This can cause problems for couples trying for a child and advised to have regular sex throughout the month.而缺乏性欲对于那些想要小孩、被建议每月定期进行性生活的夫妇来说则是个困扰。But kisspeptin is hoped to hold the answer, following a trial involving 29 healthy young men.在29个健康年轻男子身上进行试验后发现,kisspeptin有望解决这一难题。Those injected with kisspeptin, discovered in the mid-1990s in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and named after sweets from the city called Hershey#39;s Chocolate Kisses, reacted differently to sexual and non-sexual romantic pictures of couples.那些注射了kisspeptin的男子对自己看到的夫妇色情图片和非色情图片的反应是不同的。Kisspeptin于20世纪90年代中期在宾夕法尼亚州的好时镇被发现,并以该市出产的好时之吻巧克力糖果的名字命名。In an MRI scanner, where their brains were monitored, there was greater activity in the parts of the brain typically activated by sexual arousal and romance than the men given a placebo.核磁共振扫描发现,被注射kisspeptin的男性大脑中会被性唤起和浪漫事物激活的部位比那些用安慰剂的男性有更大幅度的活动。The effect is likely to come from kisspeptin#39;s role in starting puberty, by stimulating the release of reproductive hormones.产生这一效果很可能是因为kisspeptin能够刺激生殖激素的释放,正如kisspeptin催动青春期时的作用一样。 /201702/490346

Do cellphones cause cancer? Most health authorities do not think so, but a new federal study could reignite the controversy over this issue.手机致癌吗?大部分健康专家不这么认为,但是美国联邦政府的一项新研究可能重新引发关于这个问题的争论。The preliminary study, released Friday, found that radiation from cellphones appears to have increased the risks that male rats developed tumors in their brains and hearts. But there are many caveats and some experts are debunking the study.周五公布的这项初步研究发现,手机辐射似乎增加了雄鼠患上脑部和心脏肿瘤的风险。但有很多需要解释的地方,而且有些专家并不认同这项研究。 Who conducted the study? Are they credible?谁进行了这项研究?他们可信吗?The study is from the National Toxicology Program, an interagency group in the Department of Health and Human Services whose job it is to assess the possible risks of chemicals.这项研究是美国国家毒物(National Toxicology Program)做的,它是美国卫生与公众务部(Department of Health and Human Services)的一个跨部门机构,其职责是评估化学物质的潜在风险。 How was the study done?研究是如何进行的?Rats lived in special chambers where they were exposed to different levels of radiation of the type emitted by cellphones for nine hours a day, every day. The exposure started before they were born and continued until they were about 2 years old.大鼠住在特殊的房间里,每天接受九小时不同强度的辐射,辐射类型与手机辐射相同。从出生前一直持续到约2岁大。 What did they find?他们发现了什么?About 2 to 3 percent of the male rats exposed to the radiation developed malignant gliomas, a brain cancer, compared with none in a control group that was not exposed to radiation.约2%至3%受到辐射的雄鼠患上了恶性胶质瘤——它是一种脑部癌症——而没有受到辐射的对照组没有此类病例。About 5 to 7 percent of the male rats exposed to the highest level of radiation developed schwannomas in their hearts, compared with none in the control group. Schwannomas are tumors that occur in cells that line the nerves. The authors concluded the brain and heart tumors were “likely caused’’ by the radiation.受到最高强度辐射的雄鼠有大约5%至7%患上了心脏神经鞘瘤,而对照组中没有此类病例。神经鞘瘤是由周围神经的神经鞘所形成的肿瘤。作者们认为,脑部和心脏肿瘤“可能”是辐射“造成的”。 What about female rats?那雌鼠呢?Oddly enough, the incidence of tumors in females was minimal, barely different from the control group. It is not clear why the results would vary between the sexes, which is one reason some experts are questioning the findings.奇怪的是,雌鼠的肿瘤发病率极低,与对照组几乎没有差别。不同性别出现不同结果的原因不明,这一点也令有些专家对研究结果产生质疑。 What are other caveats?还有什么需要我们知道的?Even for males, the differences between particular groups of rats and the control group were not statistically significant. Another anomaly was that the rats exposed to the radiation lived longer on the whole than animals in the control group. And schwannomas can occur all over the body, not just the heart, but the study did not find increased rates in other organs.即便就雄鼠而言,某些组与对照组之间的差别从统计学角度讲也不是很明显。还有一个反常现象,受到辐射的大鼠的寿命,总体而言长于对照组。而且,神经鞘瘤可能在全身各处发作,不只是心脏,但是这项研究没有发现其他器官的神经鞘瘤发生比例升高。Also it was unusual that the control group had zero tumors. In previous studies at the National Toxicology Program, an average of 2 percent of rats in control groups developed gliomas. Had that happened in this study, there would have been virtually no difference between the exposed rats and the controls.另一个反常情况是,对照组完全没有肿瘤病例。在国家毒物之前的研究中,对照组平均会出现2%的神经胶质瘤。如果同样的情况出现在这项研究中,那受到辐射的大鼠与对照组之间实际上没有差别。“I am unable to accept the authors’ conclusions,” said one reviewer of the study, Dr. Michael S. Lauer, deputy director for extramural research at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Lauer, whose comments were in an appendix to the report, said it was likely that the findings represented false positives.“我无法接受作者们的结论,”这项研究的一位评议人迈克尔·S·劳尔士(Michael S. Lauer)说。他是国家卫生研究院(National Institutes of Health)的院外研究副主任。劳尔的评审意见出现在这份报告的附录里。他说,这些发现可能是错误判断。The amounts of radiation that rats were exposed to might be higher than what cellphone users typically experience, though toxicology studies often use higher doses to make sure to detect any effect that might exist.这些大鼠受到的辐射强度可能高于手机用户通常受到的辐射,不过毒物学研究一般都是使用更高剂量,以确保检测到任何可能存在的影响。 So we can just dismiss this study and go on using our phones?所以,我们可以不理会这项研究,继续使用手机吗?Not totally. As the authors of the report write: “Given the extremely large number of people who use wireless communication devices, even a very small increase in the incidence of disease resulting from exposure to the RFR generated by those devices would have broad implications for public health.” RFR refers to radio-frequency radiation.并不完全是这样。就像那份报告的作者们写的:“使用无线通讯设备的人数量众多,那些设备产生的射频辐射就算只是轻微提高发病率,也会对公共健康造成广泛影响。”Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, issued a statement on Friday that called this study “good science,” and called for further research because the animal research used very high signal strengths.周五,美国癌症学会(American Cancer Society)的首席医疗官奥蒂斯·布劳利士(Otis Brawley)发表了一项声明,称这项研究是“优秀科学成果”,倡议进行进一步研究,因为动物研究所用的信号强度很高。But he said, “The NTP report linking radiofrequency radiation (RFR) to two types of cancer marks a paradigm shift in our understanding of radiation and cancer risk.”但是他说,“国家毒物的报告将射频辐射与两种癌症联系起来,标志着我们在理解辐射和癌症风险方面出现思考模式的转变。”Dr. David O. Carpenter, director of the Institute for Health and Environment at the University at Albany, said he thought the study provided backing for the human epidemiological studies that suggested cellphone use was associated with an increased risk of gliomas and acoustic neuromas, a type of schwannoma. “I think this is real,’’ he said, suggesting people used wired earpieces to talk on cellphones.大卫·O·卡彭特士(David O. Carpenter)是纽约州立大学奥尔巴尼分校(Albany)健康和环境学院(Institute for Health and Environment)的院长。他说,他认为这项研究为人类流行病学的研究提供了持,表明使用手机与神经胶质瘤及听神经瘤(神经鞘瘤的一种)的风险增加有关。“我觉得这是真的,”他说。他建议人们在接打电话时使用有线耳机。 What have other studies found?其他研究发现了什么?Dr. Carpenter’s view is not the prevailing one. Many studies have been conducted, including some very large ones like the Million Women Study in Britain, and a Danish study of more than 350,000 cellphone users. There also were studies examining the effects of these radio waves in animals and cells growing in petri dishes. The results are reassuring. There is no convincing evidence of any link between cellphone use and cancer or any other disease.卡彭特的观点不是主流观点。之前有过很多研究,包括一些很大规模的研究,比如英国的百万女性研究(Million Women Study),以及丹麦对逾35万手机用户进行的研究。还有些研究是检验这些无线电波对动物以及在皮氏培养皿中生长的细胞的影响。这些研究的结果令人宽慰。没有令人信的据表明,使用手机与癌症或其他疾病之间存在联系。Also, the incidence of brain cancer in the ed States has remained steady since 1992, despite the stark increase in cellphone use.另外,从1992年至今,美国的脑部癌症发病率始终很稳定,尽管这期间手机使用量急剧上升。The International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the World Health Organization, rates cellphone radiation a “possible’’ human carcinogen, based on limited evidence in both people and animals. It gives the same rating to coffee and pickled vegetables.世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)的国际癌症研究机构(International Agency for Research on Cancer)基于人和动物身上的有限据,将手机辐射列为“可能”对人类有致癌作用的物质,与咖啡和咸菜属于同一级别。 But don’t we know that radiation causes cancer?但是,难道我们不知道辐射致癌吗?Ionizing radiation, the powerful type from nuclear weapons, nuclear power plants and X-ray machines, is strong enough to knock electrons off atoms and damage DNA. That can cause cancer. But the radiation from cellphones, called radio-frequency radiation, is nonionizing and not known to damage DNA.核武器、核电站和X光机产生的强烈的电离辐射足以把电子从原子中释放出来,损害DNA。那会致癌。但手机辐射是射频辐射,不是电离辐射,不会损害DNA。 So what happens now?接下来会怎样?The findings released Friday are preliminary and part of a larger study, so more data will be coming out, probably next year. The existing report will also be reviewed further by more experts.周五公布的发现是初步试验,是一项更大规模研究的一部分,所以会出现更多数据,很可能明年公布。现有的报告也将由更多专家进一步评审。 /201606/446879

Electronic Dreams: How 1980s Britain Learned to Love the Computer By Tom Lean Bloomsbury/Sigma £16.99 《电子梦:20世纪80年代英国人如何迷上计算机》(Electronic Dreams: How 1980s Britain Learned to Love the Computer),汤姆#8226;利恩(Tom Lean)著,Bloomsbury/Sigma出版,售价16.99英镑。 In 1983 Britain proudly boasted the highest level of computer ownership in the world, technology historian Tom Lean tells us in his entertaining and affectionate, if for the most part nostalgic, book on the country’s relationship with computers. About one in 10 UK homes, he writes, had a computer, more than in the US or Japan. 1983年英国自豪地宣称拥有全球最高的计算机普及率,科技史学家汤姆#8226;利恩在他的书中写道。这本书有趣、深情,以大篇幅的怀旧,叙写了英国和计算机之间的渊源。他写道,大约每10个英国家庭就有1家拥有计算机,超过当时的美国或日本。 At the same time, the UK had several computer manufacturers, one of which was making more of them than any other company in the world — Sir Clive Sinclair’s Sinclair Research. There was even a Welsh computer, the Dragon 32. And the UK had an early version of the internet, Prestel, set up by the Post Office. It trialled an early version of Ocado et al, with the wonderfully terrible name, The Armchair Grocer. 同时,英国当时有数家计算机制造商,其中一家的计算机产量超过世界上的任何其他公司,这就是克莱夫#8226;辛克莱爵士(Sir Clive Sinclair)的Sinclair Research公司。当时甚至还有一种名为Dragon 32的威尔士产计算机。英国还出现了互联网的雏形——英国邮局(Post Office)建立的视讯系统Prestel。Prestel试验了类似Ocado等在线超市的雏形系统,就是名字蹩脚了点儿,叫“扶手椅杂货铺”(The Armchair Grocer)。 Another remarkable fact from Electronic Dreams: which UK company would you imagine was, by 1951, the world’s first to use a computer for business, and started making computers for other companies? 《电子梦》还展示了另一个令人惊讶的事实:你能想象在1951年是哪家英国企业在全世界率先将计算机应用于商业、并开始为其他公司制造计算机吗? It was J. Lyons and Co, the teashop chain. Its computer business, LEO, kept going until 1963. Lyons’ role as a computer manufacturing pioneer is the more astonishing — at least to anyone old enough to remember the ostensibly low-tech J. Lyons cafés — in that there was stiff competition from within the UK; companies such as Ferranti, Elliott Brothers, English Electric and British Tabulating Machinery were all selling British boffin-made computers globally. 那就是连锁茶商J. Lyons and Co。其计算机业务LEO一直经营至1963年。Lyons作为计算机制造业先驱更为令人震惊的是(至少对年纪足够大的人而言是如此,他们还记得Lyons看起来科技含量很低的咖啡馆),当时Lyons在英国面临激烈的竞争。Ferranti、Elliott Brothers、英国电气(English Electric)以及英国制表机械(British Tabulating Machinery)等公司都在向全球出售着英产计算机。 Britain’s role in computing, as it emerges in Lean’s book, is similar to England’s place in the history of football. At each juncture, from the work of Alan Turing to Sir Clive to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, even to Sir Alan Sugar at a stretch, the UK was a prime innovator, only later to become a minor player. 在利恩的书中,英国在计算机领域的地位,堪比英格兰之于足球史。在每一个转折点上,从艾伦#8226;图灵(Alan Turing)的研究,至克莱夫爵士,再至蒂姆#8226;伯纳斯#8226;李爵士(Sir Tim Berners-Lee),直至艾伦#8226;休格爵士( Sir Alan Sugar),英国一度都是计算机行业的创新先锋,后来却变得无足轻重。 Yet while the average non-Brit would probably regard Britain’s part in computing history to be about as interesting as, say, Portugal’s, the UK does still punch significantly above its weight. While few in Britain, you would suspect, used a British computer between around 1995 and the emergence of the Raspberry Pi in 2012, UK tech companies such as ARM, which has its roots in Acorn Computers, are still of global importance. 不过,虽然对那些并非英国人的大众而言,在计算机史上英国就跟葡萄牙一样名不见经传,英国却仍然在这一领域尽力而为。难以想象在1995年左右至2012年卡片式电脑树莓派(Raspberry Pi)诞生之间,在英国还有人使用国产电脑,然而,英国的科技公司,比如起源于Acorn计算机公司(Acorn Computers)的ARM,在全球仍然举足轻重。 But the British are slightly in love with stories of national failure, and it is hard for a true Brit not to giggle slightly ing that the Post Office picked up only 6,000 Prestel users in its first year, peaking at 90,000, with just 12,000 when it died in 1991. The French pre-internet computer network equivalent, Minitel, peaked at 9m. 但英国人对于讲英国失败的故事会有一种微妙的喜爱,读到Prestel的兴衰史每个真正的英国人都会忍俊不禁。在Prestel建立的头一年,英国邮局只网罗到6000名该系统的用户,Prestel巅峰时期的用户量是9万,到1991年倒闭时是1.2万。而法国与之对应的互联网前身Minitel,用户量的巅峰值是900万。 This book is nevertheless very much for British ers, mostly of a certain age. I enjoyed reminiscences of people starting British computer magazines and shops in the 1970s, but as history it is a little niche. 不过这本书在很大程度上是为英国人而写,特别是某特定年龄段的英国人。我就很喜欢其中追忆上世纪70年代英国计算机杂志及商店创始者的部分。但作为历史类书籍,这本书略显小众。 When it steers, however, towards the colourful history of Sir Clive — especially reminding us of the 1984 fight in a Cambridge pub with his erstwhile right-hand man, Chris Curry, by then at rival Acorn — it is glorious stuff. Lean accuses the British tabloid press of overblowing the incident, but I still feel it was a bit underblown. 书中对克莱夫爵士的精轶事描写尤为精湛,使我们对1984年剑桥小酒馆发生的冲突记忆犹新,在那里克莱夫爵士与他曾经的得力助手、当时为竞争对手Acorn效力的克里斯#8226;柯里(Chris Curry)发生争执。利恩指责英国小报对这一事件过分渲染,但我仍觉意犹未尽。 It prompted a marvellous 2009 B drama, Micro Men, but had it happened in Palo Alto, it would have made a Hollywood movie. 由这段插曲还衍生出一部精的B电视电影《英国电脑鼻祖》(Micro Men),如果它发生在帕罗奥图(Palo Alto),一部好莱坞电影说不定会应运而生。 /201604/436632

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