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评价别人常用英语口语 -- ::53 来源: 他很自私He's selfish. *selfish 带有轻视的语气,表示“自私的”、“利己的”、“不考虑别人的”I don't like John. (我不喜欢约翰)Why? (为什么?)Because he's selfish. (他太自私了)He's self-centered. (他总是以自己为中心)He's self-serving. (他是个只顾自己的人)He only cares about himself. (他只想他自己的事)He doesn't care about anyone but himself. (他从来不想别人)他总把问题想得过于严重He takes things too seriously.他头脑简单He's simpleminded. *simpleminded“单纯的”、“头脑简单的”,也有“无知的”、“愚蠢的”语感He's a simple man. *这句话也可解释为“他是个很实际的人”He isn't so smart. (他不很聪明)今天他情绪烦躁He's on edge today. *edge“边缘”on edge 表示“烦躁”、“不安稳”What's wrong with him? He's on edge today. (怎么啦,他今天这么烦躁)I don't know. (我不知道)He's edgy today.He's in a bad mood today. (他今天情绪不好)他真是个多嘴多舌的人He's talkative. *talkative“喜欢说话”、“多嘴多舌”He's talkative. (他真多嘴多舌)Yeah, you can say that again. (啊,你也这么说呀)He's a motor-mouth.He never shuts up. (他从来都闭不上嘴)他非常有钱He's quite well off. *well off“有钱”、“富裕”,比rich的语气随便How's he doing? (他现在怎么样?)He's quite well off now. (他现在可有钱了)He's a wealthy man.He's rich.He's rolling in it.他很好色He's fresh. *看样子可以翻成“他是个新鲜的人”,但实际上表达的是“他是好色的人”He always tries to touch me. (他总想碰我)Yeah, he's fresh. (是啊,他真好色)He's a dirty-minded man.He's a dirty old man. (他真是个讨厌的老头)All he thinks about is sex. (他满脑子想的都是情事)他的嘴甜着呢He's a smooth talker.Watch out him. (你得小心点儿他)Why? (为什么?)He's a smooth talker. (他的嘴甜着呢)He's honey-tongued.他是个不可小看的人He's nobody's fool. *“难打交道的人”、“不容轻视的对手”What's Joe like? (乔这个人怎么样?)He's nobody's fool. (你可不能小看他)He's very shrewd.他净说些傻话He often says absurd things. *absurd“荒谬的,毫无道理的”He often says ridiculous things.He says strange things a lot.He says a lot of weird things.他一点儿责任心都没有He has no sense of responsibility.He's so irresponsible.他真是个让人讨厌的人He's very offensive. *offensive“讨厌的”、“令人不愉快的”、“(人或言行等)令人作呕的”他这人很难对付He's a difficult man to deal with. *deal with“处理、对待(人或事)”He's hard to deal with.He's hard to put up with. (他让人难以忍受)他是个倔老头He's a stubborn old man. *stubborn“顽固的”、“倔强的”Didn't your father say okay? (你爸爸同意了吗?)No, he's a stubborn old man. (没有,他是个倔老头)He's a hardheaded old man.他总是好高骛远He's aiming too high. *aim high“奢望”、“逞能、逞强”He's overreaching himself.He's out of his league.他从不认输That man never admits defeat.He never admits he is wrong.He is a sore loser.He hates being defeated. (他讨厌失败)He can't handle defeat. (他是个输不起的人)他是个难以捉摸的人He's very vague. *vague“不可捉摸”、“不清楚的”、“不明确的”He's very vague. (他是个难以捉摸的人)He's just like my brother. (和我弟弟一样)He is difficult to understand. (他真让人难以理解)He isn't very clear. (他让人不易琢磨)他性格乖张He's crooked. *crook 原意是thief,即“小偷”、“骗子”crooked表示“性格孤僻”、“乖张”He's crooked. (他性格乖张)But I like him. (可我喜欢他)He's a scammer. *俚语He's a crook.He's a con man. *俚语他一无是处He's good nothing.He's not nice to you? (他是不是对你不好?)No, he's good nothing. (嗯,他简直一无是处)He isn't good anything.He's a bum. *俚语她认生She's shy around strangers.She's bashful.She feel uncomtable around strangers. (她跟不认识的人在一起总觉得不自在)She's afraid of strangers. (她怕生人)你是个胆小鬼You're too timid.You're gutless.You're a wimp.You're a chicken.他在逞强He's acting big.He's acting like a hot shot.他动不动就生气He has a short temper. *temper 特指“(感情上的)秉性,气质”,short temper 表示“易怒”He gets angry easily.He loses his temper quickly.He is very temperamental. (他喜怒无常)他很能吃He eats like a horse. *直译是“他吃起来像匹马一样”He eats huge amounts.He eats like a bird.(他饭量很小)你的香水味真够呛人的Your perfume is strong.I can smell your perfume a mile away. (我老远就闻见你的香水味了) *带有讽刺意味的表达方式Your perfume is romantic. (你的香水够浪漫的) *褒义,“芳香扑鼻” 日常英语 英语口语很久以前,在一个不远的小镇上,三个年轻人坐在一个小旅店外面他们看见一个送葬队伍经过,便让一个在小旅店工作的年轻人去打听打听是谁死了那小伙子回来说:“是你们的老朋友,名叫‘快活’他被一个叫‘死亡’的贼谋杀了”The Day Death Came To TownLong ago,in a little town not so faraway,three young men sat outside a tavern.They saw a funeral procession passing by.They asked a young man who worked in the tavern1) to find out the identity) of the dead person.The boy returned and said,“It is your old friend Lively.He was murdered by a thief named Death.?The oldest man in the group turned to his friends and said,“Who is this fellow Death?Why is everyone so afraid of him?I am not scared.Let us find this Death and get rid of him.”The three men agreed.They shook hands.They were going to find Death and put a nend to his evil deeds.They went into the tavern and asked the keeper where they might find this fellow called Death.The man said,“Ten miles down the road there is a village.Recently,a plague3) went through there.Men,women and children all died.I am certain you will find Death in that unhappy place.”The three men got up and set off to the village.They were in high,good spirits.They had only gone a few miles when they met an ugly old woman.They laughed at her wrinkles) and her wispy grey hair.They made fun of her5) old,torn clothing.They would not let her pass even though she looked frightened.“Please,please,get out of my way,”the old lady cried.“I tell you Death is following me.I must get away from him to survive.I do not want to die.Get out of my way6).““We will not let you pass,”the leader of the three men said.“Tell us where we can find this Death.He has murdered our friend.When we find him,we will kill him.”“Gentlemen,”said the old lady,“if you want to find Death,all you have to do is look under that old oak tree,up there at the top of the hill.”On hearing this,the three men allowed the old woman to pass.They ran up to the oak tree.When they got there,they did not find Death.Instead,they found a chest filled with gold coins.They sat down to count their newfound treasure.They quickly got about finding Death.Finally,the leader said,“We must be careful with this gold.The town’ s people will say we stole it.We will be hanged as thieves.Let us draw straws.The one who draws the shortest straw will go back to town and get some food.The other two will stay and keep watch over the gold.Tomorrow we will divide the treasure and go our separate ways.That way no one can accuse us of being thieves.”They agreed to this plan.They drew the straws.The shortest straw was drawn by the youngest of the three men.The other two gave him a few gold coins.He went off to tow n to buy some food.The two men guarding the gold quickly made a plan.They decided to kill their friend when he returned with the food.First,they would eat the food.Then they would divide the treasure two ways instead of three.The youngest man walked into town.He thought,“I will buy the food.I will also buy poison and put it in the food.My two friends will die and I will have all the treasure to myself.”So he bought a strong poison.He put it in to the food and drink he purchased7).That night he went back to his friends.When he returned,his companions jumped on him and murdered him.They quickly buried his body.“Now,”the leader said,“let us relax and eat.We are very wealthy men.”They sp out the food and drink.They ate their dinner with satisfaction,not noticing any strange taste.In a few minutes,both men were dead from the poison.So it came to be that the three men found Death――just the person they had been looking .And they found him under the old oak tree,just as the old woman they had tormented8) had promised.□by Mark Hull 67Things My Mother Taught Me------AnonymousMy mother taught me to appreciate a job well done"If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning!" My mother taught me religion"You better pray that will come out of the carpet." My mother taught me about time travel "If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week!" My Mother taught me logic"Because I said so, that's why." My mother taught me esight"Be sure you wear clean underwear in case you're in an accident." My mother taught me about CONTORTIONISM contortion"Will you look at the dirt on the back of your neck!" My mother taught me about stamina "You'll sit there'til all that spinach is finished." My mother taught me about weather"It looks as if a tornado swept through your room." My mother taught me how to solve physics problems"If I yelled because I saw a meteor coming toward you, would you listen then?" My mother taught me about envy"There are millions of less tunate children in this world who don't have wonderful parents like you do!" 731

地道英语:老外口中的客套话 -- :5:30 来源:   很多人都说中国人喜欢客套,该客套的时候、不该客套的时候,大家都在客套可是,你看看美剧、英剧里头,他们不也是客套话满天飞么?不信,我们一起来看看吧  1. So far so good  目前为止,一切都好  . Be my guest  请便、别客气  3. Think nothing of it  别放在心上  . I'm working on it  我正在努力  5. I'll keep my ears open  我会留意的  6. You're the boss  听你的  7. Let's give him a big hand  让我们热烈鼓掌  8. That's really something  真了不起  9. Excuse me a moment  失陪一会儿  . I'm dying to see you  我特想见你  . I'm flattered  过奖了  . Sorry to bother you  抱歉打扰你  . I'm very really terribly awfully extremely sorry  十分抱歉  . Let's give and get  让我们摈弃前嫌  . I've heard so much about you!  久仰大名!  . You have my word  我保  . I hope I'm not in the way  我希望没有妨碍到你们 英语 地道 我们 抱歉

International Business and Cross-cultural Communication The increase in international business and in eign investment has created a need executives with knowledge of eign languages and skills in cross-cultural communication. Americans, however, have not been well trained in either area and, consequently, have not enjoyed the same level of success in negotiation in an international arena as have their eign counterparts. Negotiating is the process of communicating back and th the purpose of reaching an agreement. It involves persuasion and compromise, but in order to participate in either one, the negotiators must understand the ways in which people are persuaded and how compromise is reached within the culture of the negotiation. In many international business negotiations abroad, Americans are perceived as wealthy and impersonal. It often appears to the eign negotiator that the American represents a large multi-million-dollar corporation that can afd to pay the price without bargaining further. The American negotiator's role becomes that of an impersonal purveyor of inmation and cash. In studies of American negotiators abroad, several traits have been identified that may serve to confirm this stereotypical perception, while undermining the negotiator's position. Two traits in particular that cause cross-cultural misunderstanding are directness and impatience on the part of the American negotiator. Furthermore, American negotiators often insist on realizing short-term goals. eign negotiators, on the other hand, may value the relationship established between negotiators and may be willing to invest time in it long-term benefits. In order to solidify the relationship, they may opt indirect interactions without regard the time involved in getting to know the other negotiator. Clearly,perceptions and differences in values affect the outcomes of negotiations and the success of negotiators. Americans to play a more effective role in international business negotiations, they must put th more eft to improve cross-cultural understanding. 57966Monday Monday,the second day of the week,means literally1)“day of the moon”.Here in Britain,it’ s generally the least popular of days because most people it means a return to work or school after the weekend break.Often,this prospect) is viewed with a lack of enthusiasm,a sad feeling that’s sometimes referred to as“Monday morning blues3).”Sometimes the blues may be caused by too much weekend drinking;and merly if workmen over-indulged and needed Monday as holiday,this was humorously known as“keeping St.Monday”,as Monday was hoped to be a saint‘s day) to be observed.Someone who can’ t afd to keep St.Monday is the housewife, traditionally Monday was――and to some extent still is――“wash day”,the proper day doing the laundry.However,the day is not all blues and work.It has some redeeming5) features――that is,if you can believe folk rhymes,it’ s a good day on which to be born.“Monday’ s child is fair a face,”says one traditional rhyme,while another promised optimistically6) that if you get married on Monday,you will be wealthy. 51365天交际口语详解(3):冷漠Part--对话详解及文化洗礼 -- :9:9 来源: 详解实用对话Expressing IndifferenceSalesgirl:Would you like to see our new shirts?Steve:Sorry, I’m not really that interested in those things. Salesgirl:They are very nice, you know.Steve:Really?Salesgirl:And not expensive either?.Steve:Oh, I don’t care about that.Salesgirl:Everybody’s buying them.Steve:Are they?Salesgirl:Yes, they are very fashionable, you see.Steve:I’m afraid I’m not interested in? fashion. There are so many other really important things in the world. Fashion seems so truly…unimportant.Salesgirl:I see. But looking professional is important. If you don’t look good, people will think you are not a good or smart person and they might not trust you either.Steve:But thank you very much all the same?.Salesgirl:Sorry. I couldn’t help you.表示冷漠女店员:您要看看我们的新款衬衣吗?史蒂夫:不好意思,我对那些东西不是很感兴趣女店员:您知道,这些衬衣非常不错史蒂夫:是吗?女店员:并且还不贵史蒂夫:哦,我不关心这个女店员:很多人都在买史蒂夫:是吗?女店员:是的,您看,它们很时尚的史蒂夫:恐怕我对时尚可不感兴趣世界上有很多真正重要的事情时尚其实真的…不重要女店员:我知道但着装职业化也是很重要的如果外表不好的话,人们会认为你不是一个好人或者不是一个聪明的人,他们也不会信任你史蒂夫:不过我还是要谢谢你女店员:很遗憾,没能给您提供任何务详细解说?“either”在本对话中用作副词,表示“也”,表此意时,它与“too”的不同之处在于“too”用于肯定句中,而“either”用于否定句中此外,需要注意的是,“either”有两个发音?“be interested in sth.”意思是“对…感兴趣”,主语通常是人,例如:I'm not interested in politics. (我对政治不感兴趣)而形容词“interesting”表示“有趣的”,主语通常是物,例如:It is an interesting book children. (这是一本有趣的儿童读物)?“all the same”的意思是“仍然,还是”,例如:He's a bit naughty,but I like him all the same. (他有点顽皮,但我还是喜欢他)单 词? fashionable a. 流行的,时髦的 fashion n. 流行, 时尚 expensive a. 昂贵的 professional a. 专业的,职业的 smart a. 聪明的,精明的FUN 轻松:贴士 在国外购物,通常都要交税具体产品加税与否以及税率多少都要视地区而定在英国,除了公共交通的车票、食品、书籍和童装外,其他商品一律征百分之十五的增值税(value added tax)在美国,有些地方要征营业税(sales tax),有些不用在国外购物时,要索取输出明书等离开该国通关时,把明书和商品一起拿给海关人员看,这样做是因为有些商品是可以退税的,已征收的税额会以邮寄方式归还给消费者 详解 文化 对话 口语

假如我又回到了童年,我就要事事乐观生活犹如一面镜子:你朝它笑,它也朝你笑;如果你双眉紧锁,向它投以怀疑的目光,它也将还以你同样的目光内心的欢乐不仅温暖了欢乐者自己的心,也温暖了所有与之接触者的心“谁拒爱于门外,也必将被爱拒诸门外” If I were a Boy Again If I were a boy again, I would cultivate courage. “Nothing is so mild and gentle as courage, nothing so cruel and pitiless as cowardice,” says a wise author. We too often borrow trouble, and anticipate that may never appear.” The fear of ill exceeds the ill we fear.” Dangers will arise in any career, but presence of mind will often conquer the worst of them. Be prepared any fate, and there is no harm to be feared.   If I were a boy again I would look on the cheerful side. Life is very much like a mirror if you smile upon it, it smiles back upon you; but if you frown and look doubtful on it, you will get a similar look in return. Inner sunshine warms not only the heart of the owner, but of all that come in contact with it. “Who shuts love out, in turn shall be shut from love.”If I were a boy again, I would school myself to say “No” oftener. I might write pages on the importance of leaning very early in life to gain that point where a young boy can stand erect, and decline doing an unworthy act because it is unworthy. If I were a boy again, I would demand of myself more courtesy towards my companions and friends, and indeed towards strangers as well. The smallest courtesies along the rough roads of life are like the little birds that sing to us all winter long, and make that season of ice and snow more endurable. Finally, instead of trying hard to be happy, as if that were the sole purpose of life, I would, if I were a boy again, try still harder to make others happy. 019所谓的“第二种皮肤”,就是仿生皮肤这种“皮肤”实则是一种近似人体“皮肤”的防生物武器的衣,它的质地结构具有生物细胞的多孔性,但比生物的“皮肤”更胜一筹,因为它还能选择性地将外界有害病原菌阻隔在体外Second SkinAlthough soldiers don special suits and masks1) to protect their skin and airways from toxic) chemicals,these defenses are uncomtable and don't provide sufficient protection against biological weapons.So the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency challenged Da Ingber,scientific founder of Molecular Geodesics Inc.in Cambridge,Massachusetts,to come up with3)an alternative).One of the problems with existing suits,says Ingber,is that they are too much like raincoats--that is,they prevent body heat from dissipating5) into the air.Another issue:Existing suits don't allow the freedom of movement needed to perm such tasks as loading and firing weapons.To create a better material,the company is testing different structures based on an architectural principle.Since a pathogen6) is most likely to enter the body via7) the nose and mouth,the company is also devising materials face masks that filter pathogens and allow soldiers to breathe normally.Existing masks feel like breathing through a blanket while exercising,says Ingber.The ideal material would mimic the porosity of biological cells to allow air in,while selectively filtering out hazardous8) pathogens.The company is presently testing a prototype9) materials. 730小词不简单 unless口语用法指南 --6 :53: 来源: STRUCTURE   结构   As mentioned above, unless is a conjunction which we use in conditional phrases. In written English, the clause that follows unless is the subordinate clause (SC) meaning that it needs a main clause (MC) to make a complete sentence. It is similar to how we use if in conditional phrases.   之前提过,unless是在条件句中使用的连词在书面语种,使用unless的从句叫做从属句(SC),需要主句(MC)让句子完整这就像if在条件句里的用法一样   When unless comes bee a main clause we use a comma:   unless放在主句之前加逗号:   Unless it rains, we’ll go a picnic tomorrow.   [en](SC) (MC)   [en]   除非下雨,否则我们明天去野餐   When the main clause comes first, no comma is required:   主句在前,不需要逗号:   They won’t come unless you invite them.   [en](MC) (SC)   [en]   除非你邀请他们,否则他们不会来   Unless is like If in that we don’t not use willwould after it. We only use the present simple tense.   像if一样,我们不会在unless后面使用willwould只使用一般现在时   Unless I hear from you, I’ll see you at 5pm.   除非你通知我,否则我和你下午5点碰面   HOW DO WE USE “UNLESS”?   如何使用“unless”?   Unless and if not   unless和if not   Ok, so unless is similar to “if …..not” and together they mean “except if”. Note: We refer to real conditional situations and NOT impossible situations.   unless和if…not很相似,它们都表示“除非”注意:我们指的是真实的条件情况,而不是不可能的情况   If you don’t study, you will fail your exam. Unless you study, you will fail.   如果你不学习,你考试就过不了除非你学习,否则你就过不了考试   We could eat at Frankie and Benny’s if they’re not closed on a Monday We could eat at Frankie and Benny’s unless they are closed on a Monday.   如果弗兰基班尼餐馆周一不关门,我们可以在那吃饭除非弗兰基班尼餐馆周一关门,否则我们就在那吃饭   I’ll make dinner if nobody wants to I’ll make dinner unless someone else wants to.   如果没人想做饭的话,我做吧除非没别人想做饭,那么我就来做吧   If you don’t stop smoking, you will feel bad Unless you stop smoking, you will feel bad   如果你不戒烟,你会不舒的除非你戒烟,不然你会感觉不舒   Note that the sentence after unless is always a positive sentence. You cannot have a negative sentence after unless because that would make the sentence a double negative and senseless.   注意:unless之后的句子总是肯定的在unless之后不能接否定句,因为这就造成了双重否定,句子没有意义   Example: Unless you don’t study, you will fail. ()   例句:除非你不学习,否则你就会失败(小编注:即使是此句的中文译文也是一个有语义问题的病句,双重否定后使句子无逻辑意义了,符合逻辑的句子应该是“除非你学习,否则你就会失败”)   ***Warning: Typical Error   警告:典型错误   We don’t use “unless” when we mean if.   表示“如果”的时候不用unless   Example: If you feel ill, I can drive Unless you feel ill, I can drive   例句:如果你觉得不舒,我来开车吧除非你觉得不舒,否则我来开车吧   Spoken English   口语   When speaking, we use unless to introduce an extra thought or piece of inmation:   说话的时候,我们用unless表达一些额外的思考或者是信息:   He didn’t even know about the crash – unless he’d heard about it on the radio.   他都不知道那场空难—除非他在广播上听说了   A: Oh look. Neil next door’s got a new car.   A:看!尼尔的邻居有了辆新车!   B: Unless they’ve got a visitor.   B:除非他们来客人了   HOW ABOUT “NOT UNLESS”?   not unless的用法呢?   Not unless is similar to only if   not unless和only if相似   Example:   例句:   Shall I tell Liz what happened? Not unless she asks you ( only if she asks you)   我需要告诉利兹发生的事吗?除非她问起来   Will you come shopping with me? Not unless you offer me lunch ( only if you offer me lunch)   你和我一起去逛街吗?除非你给我提供午餐 小词 口语 指南

口语贴士:如果用英语说不清楚了 该怎么办? -01-7 19:: 来源: 以我们现在的英语水平来说,遇到一件事情用英语一下子说不清楚是很有可能的,那么这种时候我们应该怎么办呢?不知道你有没有遇过想表达一件事情用英语说出来听的人一头雾水的情况,有时候我们说英语用词不对,或者说法不地道,造成误解或者不解那么我们就有必要换一种说法解释清楚,让人明白看下面这组对话:Mark: "English is a very easy language to learn."Susan: "What do you mean?"Mark: "Well, what I meant to say was that it is easy if you practice every day."Susan: "Oh, right."以下是几种在日常英语中能把问题解释清楚的地道说法:1.重组语句,换一种说法"What I meant to say was…""Let me rephrase that…""Let me put this another way…""Perhaps I'm not making myself clear…".从头再说一次"If we go back to the beginning…""The basic idea is …""One way of looking at it is…""Another way of looking at it is…"3.如果一下子卡了壳,想不起来用英语怎么说"I can't find the word I'm looking …""I'm not sure that this is the right word, but…""What I want to say is…"不要害怕重复你的话,如果每次解释的话都有稍微的差别,让人可以猜测到你要说什么 怎么办 清楚 英语 如果口语小词学到位:避免不必要的麻烦(5) -01-7 :: 来源: J1: S.O.S --- Some One Special午饭时间,大家做在一起总喜欢讨论一些轻松的话题.今天讨论的是那个男生帅、酷. Kitty是最活耀的一个,她边告诉我们她是喜欢谁,边在她的书上列了一大堆名字,最后她在Mike的名字上打了个*号,还在底下加了SOS.这让我觉得很奇怪,看了看坐在后面的Mike,对Kitty说:"Mike看起来很好阿,他需要急救吗?"Kitty听后,边笑边解释:"SOS在这里的意思是 Some One Special,而不是急救的SOS!"J: School Xing [School Crossing]好几年前,刚来美国不久,有位朋友要考驾照,但因他自认英文不很好,却认为我英文小可,就要我陪他去DMV考中文试题的笔试.笔试考完,接着考交通标志,即考试人员指着标志,他用中文说出,我则用英文翻译给考试人员听.当考试人员指到一个标志上画了两个人走在人行穿越道上,下面写着[School Xing]时,我朋友用中文说[学童人行道],而我因看到X后面加了ing,就翻成[School X-ing],那位考试人员笑了笑说:这要念成[School Crossing].当时觉得很窘,不过事后想想觉得很感谢那位考试人员耐心的改正,不但让我懂了Xing的正确念法[X-ing]而且没有因为我念成 [X-ing]而算我朋友答错了.如考试人员硬听成[Exiting],而让我朋友因错了这题而没过关,那我就不知如何向他解释了. J3: Monkey see, Monkey do一次开车在路上,旁边驶过的一辆车里坐着一个妈妈,边开车边打电话,座位旁还有一个小女孩.我家洋先生看了,就说这样真危险,边开车边电话键,旁边还坐了一个小朋友,更何况 Monkey see, Monkey do. 我听了有些茫然,就问他"你在说什么, What monkey?"他边笑着边告诉我;原来[Monkey see, Monkey do]是俚语,相当于中文[有样学样].这个俚语还挺生动的,让我想起听过的猴子学人喝醉酒的故事.所以大人在小孩前面尤其得注意自己的行为,因为 Monkey see, Monkey do.J: Go cold turkey小胖Johnny是公司里[名嘴],哪里有吃有喝必见其踪.今年,公司为了赶不及回家的游子开了一个很丰盛的感恩节派对,Johnny参加了,却一反常态不再见其大吃大喝.感恩节过后,追问究竟,他说" I' m getting too fat, so I must go cold turkey on greasy food."喔!原来冷火鸡亦有减肥之效,想想冰箱还剩下大半只火鸡,即问 "If you don't mind you can have the rest of the turkey in the freezer",Johnny会意一笑答"I sure have had enough turkey these days. No thanks"随即委婉相告他已痛下决心减肥戒吃了,而"go cold turkey"即[速戒]之意. cold `turkey (sl 俚 esp US)(a) way of treating a drug addict by suddenly stopping all his doses of the drug instead of gradually reducing them 使有毒瘾者突然停用毒品而不是逐渐减少剂量的处理方法.(b) frank statement of the truth, often about sth unpleasant 直言不讳; 照实说: talk cold turkey towith sb 对[与]某人直言不讳.J5: Sleeping on both ears小李刚来美国时当过褓母.有一次遇到所带的小女孩生病,小孩哭闹,大人着急,连续折腾了好几天,煞是辛苦.那天早上小李像往常一样去上班.小女孩的妈妈笑着悄悄地告诉小李:"She is sleeping on both ears."这下小李懵懂了.她听说过在中国小婴儿一直脸朝天睡会睡出[铲刀头],也听说过在美国让婴儿俯卧趴着睡,可偏偏就没听说过sleep on both ears.她实在不知所以然,便问:"为什么?"小女孩的妈妈看着小李一副迷茫的样子,赶紧说:"她好多了,现在睡得好好的"以后经过小李的"研究",才知道sleep on both ears是酣睡之意.J6: Indian giver一次和同学聊天,聊到咖哩,旁边的印度同事说:"我刚给约翰的自制咖哩,?一定要带回家尝尝,才知道什么叫咖哩!!"约翰听后从椅子上跳起来大叫:"You are such an Indian giver!"印度同事和我顿时如坠五里雾中茫然不已,怎么她变成印地安人了? 约翰看我们的样子,于是解释[Indian giver]是形容一个人给别人东西后,又想拿回来; 或是想交换其它好处的意思. 印度同事和我听后,无奈的笑笑.约翰保留住那罐咖哩,笑得更开心了.J7: Stood up金发碧眼的莎莉在周末都兴高采烈的去约会.这天晚上她却早就回到宿舍,打扮得像孔雀却无精打采,对我说" I was stood up"她不是预备去电影院吗?我问她"为何要站着,而不是坐着?"她听了之后,十分懊恼地看着我.后来她明白我真的不是幸灾乐祸,才解释说[stood up]是被人放鸽子,约会的人爽约. J8: Carpool在台湾,公家机关习惯将公务车保养及司机休息的场所称Motropool,中文意思就是[车辆保养场].十多年前,有次来美出差,顺道访友,同学开车到机场来接我去他家住.出了机场,同学将车驶入最内线,有个标志写着[ Carpool only].我心中纳闷,Carpool是什么意思?他总不可能去司机休息室吧!于是我就自作聪明地问他:怎么,车有问题?他说:没有阿?为什么?我说: 那你为什么要去Carpool?同学哑然失笑地告诉我,Carpool是指两人以上共乘一车,才可以走这条线,我听了怪不好意思的.晚饭后,同学的邻居过来问他明天可不可以Carpool,同学说不能,"我要陪同学去买点东西",我又胡涂了,为什么他不能跟他Carpool,我们今天也不是Carpool 的吗?同学再解释给我听,邻居所说的Carpool,是指大家轮流开车上班,以节约能源的措施.前面的Carpool是名词,后面的Carpool则是动词,对初到美国的人而言,还真是一时不容易体会! 麻烦 必要 避免 到位口语句型表达精讲:日积月累,必将为你所用 -- :35:59 来源: Oh,don't get ahead of yourself Prime Minister.不要太骄傲,首相解释:ahead这个简单的词在这个简单的句子里有双重意思,一是警告对方不要忘记自己的职责并不是帮助自己;二是鉴于当时的情形,要警告对方不要太得意,太嚣张了短短的一句话,非常生动地表达了当时女王的责怪之意Maybe I'm biased,but I'm definitely right.也许我有偏见,但是我肯定我是对的解释:这句前后相矛盾一开始似乎在承认自己的看法不一定正确,但紧接着却又肯定自己是对了,这种一正一反的表达形式,既幽默风趣,又把自己的观点表露无遗If you want something, go get it,period.如果你想要什么,就去追求,就这么回事解释:Period一词的这种用法通常在陈述一个事实或表达一个观点后出现,表示说话者对前面所说的确定,同时表示自己不愿就此事再继续讨论下去But how much do we take at face value?那我们对外表究竟持何种态度?解释:因文章讲的就是相貌对人判断力的影响,句子中的face value起着一箭双雕的作用,既指人的相貌,也指相貌代表的表面价值Thieves prefer to do their work when you're out doing yours.盗贼喜欢在你上班的时候干他们的活解释:风趣幽默,把盗贼的盗窃行为称为“工作”(work),让沉重的话题变得轻松Books introduce us into the best society.They bring us into the presence of the greatest minds that have ever lived.We hear what they said and did;we see them as if they were really alive;we sympathize with them,enjoy with them,grieve with them;their experience becomes ours,and we feel as if we were in a measure actors with them in the scenes which they describe.书籍引导我们与最优秀的人物为伍,使我们置身历代伟人巨匠之间,如闻其声,如观其行,如见其人同他们情感交融,悲喜与共他们的感受成为我们自己的感受,我们觉得在某种程度上我们像是一名演员,在作者所描绘的人生舞台上跟他们一起粉墨登场了解释:本句用一系列的排比句,阐述人如何通过书与伟人交流从比较表面的say,do到sympathize,再到enjoy和grieve,their experience与ours融合,层层深入,很好地说明了书的妙用Can I interest you,perhaps,in something sweet?让我为您介绍些甜品吧?解释:这是非常正式的礼貌用语,通常用于向对方介绍某物而perhaps这个看似不确定的用词也是为了表示自己的谦恭And if you ask me,that's where you belong.照我说,你也是从那里来的吧解释:该句的If you ask me并不是说话者知道对方会向自己发问,而是表达自己观点的一种比较婉转的表达方式Everything's in place.一切都准备好了解释:词组in place是指事情或事物在合适的或指定的位置,常常引申为“准备就绪”除了everything is in place,还可以说成everyone is in place.I don't think I ever heard that one myself.我想连我也没听过你说这事解释:反身代词myself在这里起强调作用,本来没有它,句子的意思是完整的,但有了它,句子就有了感情色You know only in your business do things like this really happen.你知道,这样的事情只有在我们这一行才会发生解释:注意you know后的从句是一个以only引导的倒装句,其助词do在主语things的前面Ernest Hemingway's finger was always on the American pulse in the first half of the century.在世纪上半叶,他的笔触总是把握着美国人的脉搏解释:虽说"为...把脉"(finger on the pulse)不是什么新鲜的用法,但为一个国家的半个世纪把脉的比喻把海明威对美国时代精神的把握十分贴切第表现出来It's come to my attention that there is a wide---sp ignorance in America about the Middle East.我注意到美国人对中东都很无知解释:It comes to my attention是一种常用口语表达,它通常指某事或人引起说话者的注意,可以指存在已久的现象,也可指新事物,它并不表示说话者主动与否Well,believe it or not,we made this reservation six weeks ago.恩,不管你相信与否,我们六周前就订好位置了解释:人在陈述某事,又怕对方不相信时,总会用一些话强调陈述内容的真实性,believe it or not正是表达强调语气的一种插入语,类似于汉语的“信不信由你”The Bible,as we know it,was finally presided over by one man,a paga Emperor,Constantine.我们现在读到的《圣经最终是一个人主持整理的,那就是异教徒康斯坦丁大帝解释:插入语as we know it通常起补充说明的作用,表示它所说明的事物的所知范围,它通常强调其众所周知性其中的we所指范围可大可小,视具体情况而定The Good Book did not arrive by facsimile from Heaven.《圣经可不是通过传真机从天堂传下来的解释:这句话很幽默《圣经形成的年代传真机根本不存在,这是众所周知的,说话者正是通过这种古今结合的方式,说明《圣经年代久远You talk about scared.说到害怕解释:在提到某事之前用talk about,表明将提到的事情再明显不过了But it's not school texts that are the sites most popular s.但在这些盲人网上图书馆中最受欢迎的书籍并不是教科书解释:否定式强调句型该句强调的对象是school texts,旨在否定它的作用I'm pretty sure none of this would have happened if I hadn't been fired from Apple.我很确定,如果当年苹果公司没开除我,就不会发生后来这些事情解释:注意句中不同时态,语态的使用主句是一般现在时,从句表示过去情况的虚拟条件句,表示与事实完全相反的假设情况,从句中的条件用的是过去完成时,而从句的主句用的是would+现在完成时So where Nic ditched Tom and decided to cruise solo,her career went into overdrive.,当妮甩掉汤姆决定孤身前行时,她的事业便突飞猛进解释:该句巧妙地用了cruise和overdrivecruise是Nicole前夫Tom的姓,而该词本身就有指车“缓慢巡行”的意思,与驾驶有关,所以才会有cruise solo的说法,同时带出下半句的overdriveoverdrive在这里指Nicole的演艺事业飞速发展,而此词本身又指车辆的高速行驶,与前面的cruise相呼应The leaves expand over the water surface pushing others aside as if each mighty leaf is striving to take as much of the sun's energy as possible.睡莲叶子在水面扩张,将其它叶子推开,仿佛每片巨叶都想尽量吸收阳光赏析:该句采用了拟人的手法,赋予了睡莲人格化思想,Push和strive使睡莲的形象跃然纸上The Boy we ordered was supposed to come from London.但我们预定的学生应该是......从伦敦过来的赏析:注意order一词的妙用order的对象应该是物品,而不是人如果说这里有一点点幽默感的话,它更说明了说话者的心态:他们是在利用这名学生,而不是真心欢迎他Not even the Great Wall can hold back the math.即使是万里长城也阻止不了环境问题的严重性解释:math在文中指一连串说明环境严峻形势的数字众所周知,长城的最初目的就是为了阻挡(hold back)外敌句子巧妙地利用了这一点来说明问题的严重性,非常形象Well,the site,in total,has donated over one billion,billion with a "B",grains of rice in its month.呃,这个网站在头一个月总共捐赠了亿,没错,是亿粒大米,而现在的数字已经远远超过这个数解释:billion with a "B"或million with a "M"在口语中是经常出现的,它通常可以起到两个作用:一是避免听众听错,二是强调数字之大或之小有的时候,说话者只是单纯避免出现错误Her sexy coffee table table book had ers chocking on their lattes,with explicit photography and erotic poses.她性感的咖啡桌图书印有清晰的照片和色情的姿势,让读者们大吃一惊解释:该句没有直接表明读者对书内容的反应,而是借助书的用途coffee table book,带出读者在看书时被正在喝的拿铁咖啡噎着而说明书给人震惊的程度Your Penn education has given you a two-by-four.You may build a building,or hit someone over the head.The choice is yours.你在宾州大学的教育给了你们一根标准木料,你可以用它来盖房子,也可以给人当头一棒选择权属于你赏析:说话者把看不见摸不着的,难以形容的教育比喻成人人都懂的实物,三句短短的话就把道理说得清清楚楚 必将 所用 表达 口语

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