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听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):When I was a child, there was this widesp quaint notion that children ought to attend the public schools where they lived. Except for a few kids that went to Catholic schools, and one who won a scholarship to Cranbrook, everybody did.This was a middle-class to working-class suburban Detroit district, virtually all white, in the era shortly before busing was first considered as a remedy for de facto segregation. There were no very rich people, but some doctors and lawyers kids did go to school with the children of shop rats and assembly line workers. There was concern about quality, but as far as I remember, nobody talked about pulling their kids out and sending them to a better district.Charter schools hadnt been invented. Private schools were not only beyond most peoples means, they seemed somehow vaguely unpatriotic, at least to those of us who grew up on a diet of World War II movies, where OMalley was in school with Rosenberg and DAnnunzio and Lowell and all four wound up in the same landing craft headed for Okinawa.There was concern about quality, and conscientious mothers lobbied their neighbors to support proposals raising millage rates.Property taxes were the main source of school funding before Proposal A came in 1994, and communities had considerable latitude over what they spent. But you wanted a public education, and if your parents moved to a different district, you had to change schools.Well, we are in a different world, with a bewildering array of options. Some districts have become nightmares that any parent who can is attempting to flee. They often can escape, since for the last twenty years, Michigan has had a Schools of Choice program, which enables parents in dubious districts to shop for better ones.Not surprisingly, the Grosse Pointe Public Schools are much in demand. For many years, the five Grosse Pointes refused to participate in Schools of Choice. But times change. Even the Pointes have been hit with budget cuts and significantly declining enrollment.So now the Grosse Pointe Board of Education is considering charging students from outside the district a whopping ,000 tuition fee. Any student from, say, Detroit who wanted to come there would have to plunk that much down, and have a clean school record and at least a 2.0 grade average. The school board hasnt definitely decided to do this.One member said she thought some parents who live in the district might pull their kids out in protest. Some wonder if it would be legal, not to mention ethical, to charge tuition for public, state-supported education. Grosse Pointe hasnt finally decided.But if they do this, and it is allowed to stand, it will likely be the end of public education. If Grosse Pointe can charge ,000, maybe Okemos can get away with charging an ,000 fee. And if we can get outsiders to pay, why not charge those who live there something, too?Anyone too poor to afford to pay the local public school can go to an inferior unregulated charter in someones basement. We might ask ourselves if this is the future we really want. Or whether it might make more sense to do the right thing and just fix the public schools instead.201704/506379。

  • 今天要讲的习惯用语都有关键词;;pot。我们都熟悉;pot;这个词,它可以解释为煮东西的锅。1. go to pot 情况越来越糟糕;走下坡路这个习惯用语来自牧场,牧场上的牲口随着年龄的增长而每况愈下,最后在老得不中用的时候就难逃被屠宰的命运,然后人们会把它们切成小块扔进锅里煮了吃。这就是go to pot这个习惯用语的出典,当然现在它通用的意思和描述的对象已经有所转化,意思就是情况越来越糟糕。让我们来看个例子。这个人在说自己的弟弟Freddy,曾几何时Freddy是运动健将,而如今他却放任自流、每况愈下。例句-1:My brother Freddy used to be a star athlete, but hes really let himself go to pot. In high school he ran eight miles every day but now he just sits in front of the TV eating potato chips.我的弟弟Freddy曾是个运动明星,但他却放任自流,每况愈下。在中学时代每天坚持长跑八英里,但是如今他不但不锻炼还成天懒懒散散地坐在电视机前吃着炸薯片。2. sweeten the pot 增加有利条件;增加赌注Sweeten是加糖弄甜的意思。厨师烹调的时候常有一个秘诀就是在锅里加上点儿糖或者蜂蜜来调味。这样往往会使菜肴色香味俱增,更合口味。习惯用语sweeten the pot就这样流传开来了,同时这个习惯用语也有了更广泛的意义,含义是改善条件,使之更合人心意 。有时候sweetened the pot也用在业务交易方面,含义是添加某些优惠条件使得一笔交易更有利可图,并因而有更大的吸引力。我们看个例子。例句-2:The job wasnt very interesting, but I decided to take it anyway after they sweetened the pot by promising me four weeks of paid vacation, a company car and a big bonus. How could I say no?这份工作不太有意思,但是他们对我作了几个诱人的许诺,包括四个星期的带薪假期,公司配给汽车,还有大笔奖金。当然这些优惠使得这份工作十分合人心意,因而具有难以抗拒的吸引力了,所以我还是接受了那工作。3. pot calling the kettle black 五十步笑百步;自己有同样的缺点Kettle是水壶。这个习惯用语来自十七世纪用炉子里生火煮饭的年代。那时侯无论是Pot还是Kettle,长年累月经炉火烧烤都会变得一样的焦黑,要是锅数落水壶黑的话,其实它自己也半斤八两,好不到哪儿去。我们来看个例子。例句-3:My sister Susan always lies to our parents about her grades in school. One time I forgot to tell Mom and Dad Id failed my English exam, and Susan accused me of lying all the time. If thats not the pot calling the kettle black I dont know what it is!我Susan老是对爸妈谎报学习成绩,而当我仅仅一次忘了告诉爸妈我英文考试不及格的时候,她竟然指责我也一直撒谎,她要数落我也不看看自己的缺点有多大。 /201204/176598。
  • 迷你对话:A:I don’t know what activity my son should take part in?我不知道该让我的孩子学什么?B:Many children are learning drawing, dancing, swimming and so on in their spare time. You can follow suit.现在很多孩子在学绘画,舞蹈,游泳,唱歌等等。你可以照他们的例子做呀。A:But each children has his own interest.但是每个孩子都有他们自己的兴趣爱好。B:Well, you should talk with your son and let him make his own decision.对,那你就应该先和孩子谈一谈,让他自己做决定。地道表达:follow suit解词释义:follow做动词,有“按照(某事)去做,听从,采用”的意思,suit是样例的意思,所以follow suit就是“照别人的方式去做,学别人的样”。和我们中文中说的“如法炮制”有近似之处。持范例:Eg.He go to bed and she follow suit after a few minute他上床睡觉,几分钟後她也跟著去睡了。Eg.Should this happen, other countries will certainly follow suit.如果发生这样情况,别的国家一定会照样行事。Eg.One of the major banks has lowered its interest rate and the other bank is expected to follow suit.有一家大已降低了利率,其他也准会照样做的。Eg.Todd is taking a long vacation. I suggest you follow suit.托德正在休长假,我建议你也这么做。词海拾贝:take part in:参加Eg.Take part in the physical exercises and build up your strength.参加体育活动增强体力。Eg.Did you take part in the festival feast last night?你参加昨晚的节日宴会了吗?Eg.He asked how many of us were going to take part in this maths contest.他问我们将有多少人参加数学竞赛。Eg.It is necessary for us to take part in physical labor.我们参加体力劳动是十分必要的。and so on:等等Eg.They increased their income by raising silkworms and so on.他们靠养蚕等增加了收入。Eg.She has many accomplishments, being able to sing, play the piano, draw, and so on.她多才多艺,能唱、弹钢琴、画等等。Eg.I know you want me to talk about artistic problems and so on.我知道你想要我谈谈艺术问题等等。Eg.They simply go over and over the same talk about Fords and the weather and so on.他们只会翻来复去地谈福特汽车、天气等等。in one’s spare time:在业余时间Eg.Apart from school work, I spend my spare time in singing and angling.除了学校功课之外,空闲时我喜爱唱歌和钓鱼。Eg.He spent much of his spare time roaming about the streets.他把大部分的闲暇时间用来逛街。Eg.He has nothing to do in his spare time.他休闲时间无事可做。Eg.In my spare time I wont do anything, apart from ing.我在业余时间除了看书什么也不想干。talk with:和......交谈Eg.He looks like hes got an axe to grind. Better have a talk with him.他看来是牢骚满腹, 你最好找他谈谈。Eg.I will go over to his office and have a talk with him.我要到他办公室去找他谈一谈。Eg.Id like you to talk with him about the hospital generally.我希望你把医院的情形大致跟他谈一下。Eg.I wish to talk with you in private.我希望同你私下谈谈。make one’s decision:做决定Eg.We must make a decision whether we follow his advice.是否采纳他的建议,我们必须做出决定。Eg.Thats quite true, but everyone should make his own decision.这很正确,但每个人都应自己拿主意。Eg.The judge will make the final decision on his sentence.法官会对他的判决作出最后的裁定。特别声明:该节目精选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分为未经可可许可。 /201209/197645。
  • Well hi and Peter,weve actually met before.你们好 Peter 实际上我们之前见过的You remember that?yes.That was 15 years ago.你记得 那当然 那是15年前I do remember the first time that I actually about in the.Why you are laughing,cause I am old?我记得我们第一次见面的时候 我在读 你们在笑我老么Think I was five.But but I...Do you remember exactly what happened?假装我5岁好了 但我 你记得当时发生了什么不No,you tell the story,cause I dont remember that exactly.Ok,we were sitting on an airplane.不记得 你告诉我吧 因为我不太记得当时发生了什么 好的 我们当时坐在飞机上She was in front of me,and I was sitting in back.Then when the plane landed,I got up to get,you know,she got up to get her bag.他坐前面 我坐后面 当飞机着陆的时候 我起来 她起来拿她的包And she grabbed the bag and it fell in my head and my shoulder.她抓了下包 然后包就砸到我头上和肩膀上了And I just looked stumble and I saw Ellen was completely shocked,So I just kind of sit there,sat there.我当时呆了 我看到Ellen完全被吓到了 所以我就坐在那里And she goes,youre so nice.I just dropped my bag in your head,and you didnt even say anything.然后她说 你真是个好人 我刚把包掉到你头上了 但是你竟然没有抱怨一句So I just,I cant help to think why didnt I sue.所以我忍不住想 为什么我没投诉呢Is there status limitations on that,because my shoulders...Because 15 years ago,I had no money.so...投诉有时间限制没 因为我的肩膀现在还疼呢 因为15年前我很穷 所以Yeah,thats the problem.You wouldnt got a penny then.You must have money because I know who you were.是的 这是个问题 你不会得到一分钱 你当时肯定很有钱 因为我知道你是谁I didnt have any.You think,thats no always correlate.但我很穷 你那么认为 但这不一定有任何关联But anyway,you were a nice guy.Cause something fell in your head,you didnt go Hey,idiot.但说到底 你是个好人 因为有东西砸到你头上 你没说 怎么搞的 你个白痴So,years of therapy,all right.Yeah,anyway,but I havent seen you since then.Thats what I remember.Ok.治疗了很多年呢 但无论如何 从那以后我就再也没有见过你了 我只记得这个了 好的And so nice to meet you.and how do you feel play parents to this to the...Its not feasible,Its not possible.很高兴认识你 在剧中你扮演他们的母亲有什么感受呢 这是不可行的 也是不可能发生的事Now we were grandparents.So its not.I dont wanna talk about it.You know theyre adopted.I see.现在我们已经是祖父母了 我都不想说什么了 你知道他们是被收养的 我知道So I mean,we just sort of when looking for a bunch of hot 25-year olds.我是说 我们要照顾一群25岁的帅哥美女 /201612/484475。
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