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连云港市国泰医院肛肠专科连云港可视人流妇科医院连云港国泰医院产检 Singapore may hold the dubious title of ;most expensive city in the world,; but it remains the most popular place for expats to live and work, according to an annual survey of expats released by HS.尽管新加坡拥有饱受争议的头衔;世界上最昂贵的城市;,但是根据汇丰公布的年度移民地调查,它依然是华侨工作和生活的最佳选择。Expats praised the city-state for its appealing salaries, career development opportunities and quality of life. And despite the eye-watering cost of living day-to-day in Singapore (including transport costs three-times that of New York), more than a quarter of its expats who responded to the 2015 Expat Explorer survey said they earned more than 0,000 per annum (compared to just 13% of expats globally).侨民高度赞扬新加坡诱人的薪资,职业发展机会和生活质量。尽管新加坡的日常开销惨目忍睹(包括交通费是纽约的三倍),仍有超过四分之一的侨民向2015年移民地调查官表示,他们的年收入超过200000美金(相比于全球13%侨民)。A salary increase or chance to get ahead in a career are often the big incentives to move abroad, but an increasing number of expats are travelling to new countries for personal rather than financial reasons, the HS study found. Three in five of the people surveyed said they had not experienced an immediate increase in their pay, but more than half, 53%, said their quality of life had improved after moving.薪资的增长和事业取得头筹的机遇往往是移居国外的主要动机,但是汇丰发现,越来越多的侨民出于个人原因为了周游他国而移民,并不是由于经济原因。被调查的5名侨民中有3名声称他们并没有经历过薪资的飞涨,但是超过一半,53%的人觉得他们的生活质量在移民后提高。Destinations where expats were most likely to have relocated in order to improve wellbeing were New Zealand, Spain and Portugal, while Sweden was the most appealing for expats with families, thanks to ample childcare options and the relative ease of organising schools.为了提升幸福感,侨民往往选择新西兰,西班牙和葡萄牙作为移民地,而瑞典对于扯家带口的侨民来说最有吸引力,因为它拥有宽泛的育儿选择和井然有序的学校。A total of 21,950 people from 39 countries responded to HS#39;s 2015 survey and the bank asked them to share their views on everything from career and financial wellbeing to quality of life. New Zealand, Sweden, Bahrain and Germany rounded out the top five overall expat destinations, while Egypt, Italy and Brazil were at the bottom of the pack.来自39个国家的21950人参与了汇丰2015年度的调查,要求他们分享关于职业,经济福利到生活质量的各方面观点。新西兰,瑞典,巴林和德国位居理想移民地前五,然后埃及,意大利和巴西位于末端。The survey did not take into account issues like human rights, which, according to the Human Rights Watch, remain ;highly problematic; in Bahrain (listed at No. 4 in the ranking) and ;a serious problem; in the UAE (listed at No. 9).调查并没有考虑人权问题。根据人权属观察,巴林的人权仍然问题重重(位列第4),阿联酋人权问题严重(位列第9)。The best benefit packages still come from a placement in the Middle East. Some 80% of expats surveyed in Oman received airfare allowances for trips home, and in Qatar, 75% received an accommodation allowance. The global average for both measures was just 33%.福利待遇最好的国家仍然位于中东。阿曼接受调查侨民中的80%拿到了回家的机票津贴,卡塔尔75%的被调查侨民拿到了住宿津贴。这两项措施的全球平均覆盖率仅有33%。Contractual benefits in locations outside the Middle East were less common. Just over half of global expats (52%) received health and medical allowances and over a fifth (21%) were given a relocation allowance.中东以外地区的合同福利并不常见。只有超过一半的全球侨民(52%)收到健康医疗补贴,超过五分之一(21%)的拿到了再安居津贴。HS#39;s results differ considerably from a similar study released in August by InterNations, a global network of 1.8 million members who live and work abroad. InterNations#39; Expat Insider listed Ecuador as its top expat destination thanks to its low living expenses, affordable healthcare and high levels of personal satisfaction. Mexico and Malta also ranked higher than Singapore, which came in at No. 4.八月,InterNations公布的一项类似调查结果和汇丰大相径庭,该组织是由180万在国外生活和工作的侨民组成的。InterNations将厄瓜多尔列为移民最佳地,因为它生活成本低廉,医疗费用低,个人满意度高。墨西哥和马耳他的排名也比位列第四的新加坡高。;The income situation and quality of life in a country like Singapore is usually quite good, but there are other components that also influence your expat life,; explained InterNations founder Malte Zeeck. ;Something we value very highly is how friendly locals are towards foreigners and how easy it is to settle in. This can be very different in countries like Ecuador or Mexico than it is in a place like Switzerland, Germany or Singapore.;;像新加坡这样的城市,收入状况和生活质量都相当不错,但是仍然有一些其他因素在影响你的移民生活,;InterNations的创始人Malte Zeeck谈到。;本地人对外来人口的包容度和定居的难易度是我们非常关心的。这些问题在不同国家和不相同,比如厄瓜多尔和墨西哥相比瑞典,德国和新加坡有很大不同。;Indeed, in some instances among the top 10 destinations in HS#39;s study, expats did not feel they were integrating well into the local culture or with local people. In the ed Arab Emirates and Switzerland, nine and 10 on the HS ranking, only 42% and 43%, respectively, felt they were integrating well. And despite its top spot, only 54% of expats in Singapore said they enjoyed immersing themselves in local culture.事实上,在汇丰前十移民地中的一些国家,侨民并不觉得他们很好的融入了当地文化和居民。在汇丰调查结果第九和第十的阿拉伯联合酋长国和瑞士,只有分别42%和43%的人觉得他们融入了当地文化和居民。尽管新加坡位于榜首,只有54%的移民说他们很乐于沉浸在本土文化中。 /201509/400958连云港国泰妇科医院开展无痛人流吗

江苏连云港早孕检查哪家医院最好的If there is one country where many people can afford to superyacht, it’s China. Now the world’s largest economy, some 11,000 Chinese citizens are considered ultra-wealthy, with assets over million, according to wealth intelligence firm, Wealth-X.要说哪个国家有很多富人能买得起超级游艇,那绝对是中国。据财富情报机构Wealth-X公司统计,作为全球最大的经济体之一,中国已经拥有大约1.1万名资产超过3000万美元的“超级富豪”。But, the superyacht industry hasn’t caught on big in China.但是,超级游艇业至今没有在中国赚到多少钱。Superyachts are officially defined as boats whose hulls at the water line measure longer than 24 meters, or 79 feet. A superyacht — typically a private boat that requires a professional crew to operate — costs million on up. Just 34 –or 0.7 percent — of the world’s 4,836 superyachts are based in China, according to a 2013 study by the Auckland Government.根据官方定义,超级游艇指的是那些吃水线长度超过24米的豪华游脡。一般来说,每艘超级游艇都需要由一专业团队来操作,单艘超级游艇的售价起码在600万美元以上。根据奥克兰市政府在2013年所做的一项调查,全球现有的4836艘超级游艇中,只有34艘在中国,约占总数的0.7%。In part, the lack of popularity is due to culture. Yachting is all about fun in the sun. And traditionally, many Chinese have avoided the sun and haven’t really done downtime.超级游艇在中国遇冷的部分原因是中国的文化。游艇的妙处就在于享受大海和阳光。而传统上,很多中国人都避免晒太阳,而且他们在休息时间也闲不下来。“The Chinese are not used to the idea of time away from it all, especially not European style,” explained Colin Dawson, chairman of the Asia-Pacific Superyacht Association. “They tend to take a very different approach to yacht ownership – it’s a business tool, not a leisure item.”亚太超级游艇协会主席科林o道森解释道:“中国人不太习惯于远离尘嚣,尤其是不习惯欧洲的那种休闲方式。如果他们购买游艇,那往往是出于其它动机——对于中国富豪来说,游艇是一种商业工具,而不是休闲物品。”Luc Khaldoun is the head of client advisory services at OneOcean Ventures, which provides a range of services for superyacht owners. He noted that his Chinese clients seemed to prefer yachts with “little open space” and wanted to “limit time spent outside.”卢克o哈勒敦是OneOcean Ventures公司的客户咨询务总监,这家公司主要向超级游艇买家提供一系列务。哈勒敦指出,中国客户貌似更加喜欢那种“开放空间小”的超级游艇,而且想“限制在外面停留的时间”。There are also some pragmatic reasons why superyachting hasn’t caught on with the Chinese elite. China has a luxury goods import tax of 43 percent. Adding to the expense: the region lacks experienced crew, so Chinese superyacht owners need to relocate Europeans and obtain work visas for them.超级游艇没有成为中国精英的玩物,或许还有一些更加实际的原因。中国的奢侈品进口税达到了43%。另外中国也缺乏有经验的船员,所以游艇买家需要雇欧洲人给他们开船,这就免不了要为他们办工作签。这些都会增加购买游艇的成本。In recent years, the government also has cracked down on corporate corruption, and some may fear that cruising around on a superyacht and using it to entertain clients (and government officials) might make an exec more visible — and perhaps more of a target.此外,中国政府近年来一直在大力整顿企业腐败。一些富豪担心乘坐游艇出行或是请客户或官员出海享乐,可能会将他们暴露在调查人员的视野中。And then, there’s just simple geography. Part of the appeal of cruising has been puttering around idyllic Mediterranean archipelagos. While China has a few key marinas like Nansha Marina in Guangzhou and Ocean One International Yacht Club, it still lacks some of the infrastructure to support superyachts, such as repair yards, as well as the Mediterranean’s pretty coastline.另外还有地理问题。对于欧洲人来说,游艇的另一个吸引力就是可以坐着它逛逛地中海的小岛。但在中国,类似于南沙码头和一洋国际游艇俱乐部这样的游艇码头寥寥无几。此外,中国仍然缺少某些持超级游艇的基础设施,比如修理厂。更不用说也没有像地中海那样美丽的海岸线。Of course, none of this has stopped a few ultra-wealthy Chinese from buying, and keeping, yachts — in Europe, the U.S., and even elsewhere in Asia. The superyacht market in China is growing, albeit very slowly. “Chinese looking into superyachts may buy in Europe and elsewhere in Asia,” said Nigel Stuart, managing director of Spirits Yachts, a yacht building company. He noted that Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia are “stunning blue water cruising destinations.” European brokers are regulars at the Shanghai, Dalian and Hainan Rendez Vous boat shows, hoping to lure Chinese buyers with the dream of cruising around St. Tropez, Cannes, and Capri.当然,种种因素也没有能阻止少数中国超级富豪购买和保有游艇的脚步——只不过他们是在欧洲、美国和亚洲其它地区购买的。中国超级游艇市场虽然增速缓慢,但毕竟还是在增长。游艇制造公司Spirits Yachts的常务董事奈杰尔o斯图尔特表示:“想购买超级游艇的中国人可能会在欧洲或亚洲的其它国家购买。”他指出,新加坡、泰国和马来西亚都是“绝佳的航海目的地”。欧洲的游艇经纪人经常参加位于上海、大连和海南的游艇展,希望能够吸引到那些梦想坐着游艇周游圣特鲁佩斯、戛纳和卡普里岛的中国富豪。While China may not yet be a destination for yachting itself, it is gaining a reputation as a base for yacht-building, primarily because of its lower costs. According to Boat International, China now ranks eighth in the top ten superyacht building nations, and 28 superyachts were constructed there in one year, mainly in Shandong and Guandong, according to the Auckland Government study.尽管中国本身还不是一个游艇旅游的好去处,但作为游艇生产基地,它已经积累了一定的口碑,特别是更低的制造成本。据《国际舟船》杂志报道,在十大超级游艇生产国中,中国目前排名第8位。另据奥克兰市政府的调查显示,中国目前年产超级游艇28艘,生产基地分别位于山东和广东。To be sure, the Chinese yacht construction is small fry compared to Italy’s 269 yachts built last year, but the 43 percent import tax on luxury goods means that domestic construction in China will becoming even more appealing, as long as demand grows.与意大利去年269艘游艇的产量相比,中国的产量显得微不足道。但43%的奢侈品进口税也意味着中国的国产游艇将更具吸引力——只要需求还在增长。Meanwhile, China is not being written off as a market. Most superyacht brokers and builders say they are just biding their time. Some have dipped their toes into the Chinese market by opening a shop in nearby Hong Kong or Singapore, which both have a strong expat population and infrastructure better-suited to yachting.与此同时,许多人也没有放弃中国市场。大部分超级游艇经销商和制造商都表示,他们只是在等待时机。有些公司已经开始试水中国市场,比如在香港或新加坡开设商店,这两个地方都有很多中国移民,而且那里的基础设施也更适合游艇。UK-based yacht designer Spirit Yachts opened in Hong Kong last year, while London-based Burgess Yachts is opening in Singapore later this year. “We are slowly preparing for when China comes on stream – when it does, it will come big,” said Jonathan Beckett, chief executive of Burgess.英国的游艇设计公司Spirit Yachts去年在香港开设了分公司,伦敦的Burgess Yachts公司也将于今年晚些时候在新加坡开设分号。Burgess Yachts公司CEO乔纳森o贝克特表示:“我们正在慢慢准备中国市场的好转。届时,它将是一个庞大的市场。”Many agree that China’s time will come, but just not for the next decade or so. “Is China the new market for superyachts? Not yet – is the answer. North America, Europe, the Gulf and the Middle East are still the markets of today,” said Beckett. Burgess, like many others, is refocusing efforts on traditional markets, and sales are on the up. Last year the ultra high net worth spent a combined billion on yachts, according to data from Wealth-X.很多人认同中国时代终将来临,只不过可能还得等上十几年甚至更久。贝克特说:“中国是否是超级游艇的新市场?是:至少现在还不是。目前的主要市场仍然是北美、欧洲、海湾地区和中东。”Burgess和许多其他游艇公司正在把主要精力集中在传统市场上,而且销量也正在上升。Wealth-X公司的数据显示,去年全球超级富豪花在游艇上的钱达到了220亿美元。What the industry must remember is that it took 30 years to build a superyacht market in the West, so it may still catch on in the East.游艇行业必须清楚,这个行业花了30年时间才在西方国家形成气候。要让游艇在东方流行起来,也得花上不少时间。 /201502/361263连云港到医院做无痛人流手术需要多少钱 东海县中医院不孕不育科

连云港可靠的人流医院A notorious dog meat festival in southwest China has sparked an outcry among the nation’s growing ranks of pet lovers, who say the event has spurred an illicit trade in stolen pets.在中国南方声名狼藉的肉节,引发了正不断增多的宠物爱好者的公开抗议。这些宠物爱好者表示,肉节活动刺激了被窃宠物的非法贸易。Dog meat is a popular winter food in parts of China and Korea, where the rich meat is believed to help keep people warm. But the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, which will be held this weekend in Guangxi near the border with Vietnam, has caused domestic and international outrage, with opponents saying many of the animals are cruelly treated and illegally obtained.在中国和韩国部分地区,肉是一种很受欢迎的冬季食品,其丰富的肉质被视有助于保暖。然而,将于本周末举办的玉林肉节(Yulin Dog Meat Festival),已经引起了中国国内甚至国际上的愤慨。该活动将在毗邻越南的中国广西自治区举办。反对者表示,在该活动中许多动物遭到了残酷对待,它们的获取途径也是非法的。The festival has for several years been galvanising China’s animal rights movement, which has arisen as the number of prosperous middle-class pet owners has grown. Many activists plan to travel to Yulin to protest against the festival, where an estimated 2,000 dogs a day are slaughtered.在中国拥有宠物的中产阶级人数不断壮大之际,中国的动物保护组织也随之崛起。多年来玉林肉节的举办,令这些组织深感震惊。许多动保人士计划赶赴广西玉林,抗议这一肉节活动,预计肉节的日屠数量达2000条。Originally a summer solstice celebration, the local government began promoting the event as a dog meat festival in 2009. The Yulin government began to distance itself last year amid an outpouring of online criticism.玉林肉节最初只是夏至的庆祝活动。2009年,当地政府开始以肉节的品牌宣传这一活动。去年,由于网上出现的大量批评声,玉林政府开始放弃自己原本的宣传定位。“Average people are not aware of the cruelty that dogs experience in the process of dog meat production. If they knew, they wouldn’t be saying this is simply a question of whether you love dogs or not,” said Zhang Yuanyuan, a volunteer who plans to travel to Yulin from Shenzhen in an attempt to persuade often-hostile locals to ditch the practice.计划赶赴玉林的志愿者张媛媛(Zhang Yuanyuan,音译)表示:“普通人不知道肉生产过程中,所经历的残酷对待。如果他们知道,他们不会说这只是你爱不爱的问题。”张媛媛计划从深圳赶赴玉林,试图劝说当地人放弃这一行为。不过,当地人对他们往往充满敌意。A four-year study by Hong Kong-based group Animals Asia documented networks of dog traders that bring strays or stolen pets to northeast, central and southern China, especially during the winter months when dog meat is popular. The investigation found that stolen or stray dogs were so cheap that breeding dogs for meat was unprofitable.总部驻香港的亚洲动物基金(Animals Asia)开展了一项为期四年的研究,对肉交易商组成的网络做了记载。这些肉交易商将走失或失窃的宠物运往中国的东北、华中和华南——特别是在肉受欢迎的冬季。该调查发现,被窃或走失的太过廉价,致使饲养肉变得无利可图。A survey conducted by Animals Asia in rural areas found that 70 per cent of Chinese villagers had lost at least one dog to thieves.该组织在中国农村地区开展的调查发现,70%的村民丢失过至少一条。“A lot of the animals that we see in these trucks are in such horrendous condition that by the time they get to the ultimate trade markets a lot of them have died,” said Mary Peng, whose veterinary business in Beijing has treated dogs rescued from trucks bound for slaughterhouses.Mary Peng在北京拥有多家兽医店,曾治疗过从前往屠宰场的卡车中救出的小。她说:“我们在这些卡车上看到的许多动物,都处于极其可怕的生存状态,导致它们中的许多在抵达最终交易市场时已经死去。”Some of the activists travelling to Yulin may unwittingly be encouraging the trade in dogs by paying to rescue them from dog dealers. Last year saw ugly scenes of dealers in Yulin mistreating dogs in front of crowds of tourists and activists to spur them into buying the injured animals.部分前往玉林的动保人士,可能会由于掏钱从贩手中救下小,无意中鼓励了贩活动。去年,玉林曾出现过贩在游客和动保人士面前虐,以刺激他们买下受伤小的丑陋场景。The practice of buying the dogs has split the Chinese animal rights community, with many believing it is counter-productive. “I am completely opposed to this,” said Ms Zhang, arguing that it simply adds to the market for dogs. “You can’t just look at how many dogs are being eaten but also the violent capture and transport of these dogs.”买下小的行为也在中国的动物保护界产生了分歧,许多人认为这么做会产生反作用。张媛媛声称,这么做只会扩大贩市场的规模。她说:“我完全反对这么做。你不能只关注人们吃了多少,还要关注对这些的暴力捕获和运输过程。” /201506/382343 Japan begins whaling season with meat feast for school children日本一年一度捕鲸季节开始 小学生被邀请品尝鲸鱼肉(C N N) -- Whalers from a Japanese coastal town have celebrated the start of this year#39;s hunting season by slicing up a whale in front of a crowd of school children.日本海岸城市的捕鲸人在一群小学生面前宰杀了一头鲸鱼,以此来庆祝今年捕鲸季节的开始。In the town of Wada, 62 miles (100 kilo meters) south of Tokyo in Chiba prefecture, dozens of 10- year- old students watched Thursday as workers carved up a 30-foot Baird#39;s beaked whale during an educational field trip, before being served a meal of fried whale meat.在东京南部62英里千叶市管辖区的wada,一群约10岁左右的学生在他们春游时,观看了一个大约30英尺高的贝氏喙鲸在端上餐桌前被屠杀的过程。Whaling remains a way of life for fishermen in Wada, and they are eager to pass on the trade to the next generation. Children are taught about the history of whaling, the biology of the animals, and how to cook the meat.在Wada,捕鲸仍是他们生活的一部分,而他们也急于将这一传统传递给下一代。他们教授孩子们捕鲸的历史,鲸鱼的生物知识以及如何烹饪鲸鱼肉。Whalers say they#39;ve been catching and eating whales in the area for centuries. This year#39;s hunting season, which began on June 20, is the first since an international court ordered Japan to end its controversial research whaling expedition in the Antarctic, after failing to find evidence the program had legitimate scientific value捕鲸人说在这个地方,他们捕鲸吃鲸的历史已有百年了。自从联合国海牙国际法庭作出判决要求日本终止在南极海以科学调查的名义的捕鲸活动,今年6月20号开始的捕鲸季是第一个。So far this year, Gai bo Whaling Company has hunted six whales in the city#39;s coastal waters and plans to catch another 24 before the season ends in August.直到现在为止,Gai bao捕鲸公司已在城市周边海域猎杀了6条鲸鱼并计划在八月捕鲸季结束前再猎杀24条。Despite the Antarctic ban and growing pressure from the international community, Japan has continued it s northwest Pacific scientific whaling mission. It is also eager to revise it s Antarctic program to allow the hunt to continue while satisfying the demands of the U. N.#39;s International Court of Justice.尽管有不允许在南极海捕鲸的禁令,还有来自国际社会的不断施压,日本仍然继续了他们在西北部太平洋的捕鲸科研任务。他们也非常迫切的想要修改他们在南极海的捕鲸科研计划,以获得联合国国际法庭的允许能够继续捕鲸。In Japan#39;s parliament last month, Prime Minister Shin zo Abe said he would like the country to resume commercial whaling ;in order to obtain scientific information indispensable to the management of the whale resources.;上个月在日本议会中,首相安倍晋三说他希望日本能继续商业捕鲸,“以此来获得对鲸类必不可少的科研信息。”But environmentalists say Japan#39;s whaling research program is a thinly veiled attempt to circumvent a ban on the commercial whale meat trade.但是环境保护者则说日本的捕鲸研究项目是为了规避商业鲸肉贸易的禁令。Patrick Ramage from the International Fund for Animal Wel fare believes it#39;s time Japan moved from killing whales to conserving them.国际动物福利基金会的Patrick Ramage认为日本应该停止捕鲸、保护鲸鱼了。;Respect for cultural differences is fundamental, but friends of Japan and fans of Japanese culture around the world are watching this with sadness,; Ramage told C N N#39;s Will Ripley.Ramage这样告诉C N N的Will Ripley:“尽管尊重文化差异至关重要,但是许多日本朋友以及对日本文化感兴趣的人们都注视着他们的行动,并且为之感到难过。”;Japanese school children should be meeting whales through whale watching, not eating whale meat,; he said.他说:“日本学生应该通过鲸鱼表演时观看鲸鱼,而不是在餐桌上。”Japan#39;s supporters of eating whale meat say that it is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years, and accuses western critics of cultural imperialism. But consumption rates across the country have fallen in recent years, leading to large stock piles of whale meat.日本鲸肉持者则说,这是已有上百年历史的日本传统,并指责西方批评家们的文化帝国主义。但是全国的鲸肉购买率今年已经下降了,导致大量鲸肉滞存。Last month, Japan#39;s Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry released a photo of the agriculture minister Yoshimasa Haya shi eating a bowl of whale meat to encourage other Japanese citizen to do the same, and visitors to the ministry were given free samples of the delicacy.上个月,日本的农林水产部发表了一张部长长林方正吃鲸肉的照片,以此来鼓励日本国民。而去部里参观的游客也会得到免费的相关样品。In a survey of Japanese people released in April, only 4% of respondents said they ate whale meat occasionally, compared to 37% who said they didn#39;t eat i t at all.四月一份对日本人民的调查显示,只有4%参与调查的人们说他们经常吃鲸肉,另有37%的人们说他们从没吃过。 /201408/322120孟兴庄汤沟百禄田楼李集乡新集镇治疗肛周脓肿多少钱连云港私处整形



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