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1. The philosophies of Shanghai Expo are understanding, communication, togetherness and cooperation.上海世会的理念是:理解、沟通、欢聚、合作. The secondary themes of Shanghai Expo are: multi-cultural integration, the promotion of city economy, technological innovation, the reconstruction of city commies, and the interaction of urban and rural sectors.上海世会的副主题是:城市多元文化的融合,城市经济的繁荣,城市科技的创新,城市社区的重塑以及城市和乡村的互动3. The mascot of Shanghai Expo is "Haibao", which in Chinese means the treasure of the ocean. It's designed to resemble the Chinese character "human", which corresponds to the theme of the Expo.上海世会的吉祥物名字叫“海宝”,意即“四海之宝”,以“人”为核心创意,契合上海世会的主题. The emblem of Shanghai Expo looks like the Chinese character "world"; it is also combined with the numbers "" in an elegant way that resembles a celebrating family. It expresses the philosophies of Shanghai Expo: "Understanding, communication, togetherness, and cooperation".上海世会的会徽图案形似汉字“世”,并与数字“”巧妙组合,犹如一个三口之家相拥而乐,表现了家庭的和睦,表达了世会“理解、沟通、欢聚、合作”的理念5. The main site of Shanghai Expo can be summarized as "one Axis and four Pavilions", these are: the Expo Axis, the China Pavilion, the Theme Pavilion, the Expo Center, and the Expo Permance Center.上海世会主要场地可以概括为“一轴四馆”,分别为世轴、中国国家馆、世主题馆、世中心和世演艺中心 187

  The earth is heating up.变暖让整个地球脱去了外套 1

  Notebook - I’m not a Moleskine fan. Their price keeps me from using them effectively. I handle them with too much care, almost afraid to put pen to such high-quality paper. Instead, I use a cheap-o notebook (usually stolen from the work supply closet). I scribble ideas, driving directions, topics to google, grocery lists, restaurants found on yelp.com. Once upon a complicated time, I always carried my notebook with me. Now I keep it at home, ripping out listsdirections, if needed. 1. 笔记本:我并不是一个Moleskine的忠实粉丝因为那个笔记本的高昂价钱让我很难有效的利用它们我需要小心翼翼的用那种本子,有时候甚至不敢将笔放在那高质量的纸张上一般我都用廉价的笔记本(经常是从办公室的储物柜里顺的)我在上面随便写些我的想法、驾驶路径、需要检索的话题、买菜单子、在yelp.com上找到的饭店曾经一段时间,我时刻随身携带我的小本子现在我将它放在家里,必要时,从中寻找我当时写下的单子呀,方向什么的。

  Mayflower II, New York Harbor五月花II号开进纽约港 19

  Be careful if youre planning to take any elfies in front of iconic monuments this summer. A new EU law banning the posting of photographs on social media sites containing public buildings could be in ce by next week.今夏如果您想在地标建筑前自拍,可要当心了欧盟很可能在下周出台一项新的法规,禁止人们将包含公共建筑的照片发布在社交媒体网站上The craze tourists to take selfies in front of landmarks is on the rise, with an estimated one million taken every day around the world. While the law is aimed at commercial photographers, there are fears ordinary holidaymakers could be prosecuted and face a fine or even a jail sentence.越来越多的游客在地标建筑前自拍据估计,全世界每天会有一百万张此类照片尽管此法针对的是商业摄影者,但普通游客恐怕也可能被起诉,并接受罚款甚至坐牢的处罚The rise of social media has spawned a raft of tourists whom the ability to instantly publicise their trip is as important as the experience itself. The Eiffel Tower is the most popular spot in the world to take a selfie, ahead of Disney World in Orlando, Florida and the world tallest building – the Burj Khalifa – in Dubai, according to tourist attraction site AttractionTix, which analysed social media to find mentions of travel hotspots alongside the world selfie. Big Ben is in fourth place, followed by the Empire State Building in New York, Gaudi’s iconic Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona and then Disneyland Paris. Rome Colosseum, the Rockefeller Centre in New York and London Bridge were also in the top ten elfie spots.随着社交媒体的风靡,很多游客认为,实时发布旅途经历甚至比旅行本身更重要旅游网站AttractionTix分析了社交媒体中出现的全球热门旅游景点及相关自拍,发现最热的自拍地点依次是埃菲尔铁塔、奥兰多和佛罗里达的迪士尼乐园,以及世界第一高楼——迪拜哈利法塔大本钟名列第,纽约帝国大厦、巴塞罗那圣家族教堂(西班牙建筑师高迪的代表作品)和巴黎迪士尼乐园紧随其后榜单前名还包括古罗马斗兽场、纽约洛克菲勒中心及伦敦塔桥 380你知道吗?不光婚姻有"七年之痒",其实,我们的友情也有"七年之痒"这种说法,如何才能让友情保鲜?1 Make time friendships.多拿出些时间陪朋友  If you cherish a person's friendship, make time him or her, whether it's just the occasional phone call, e-mail or a weekly get-together  如果你重视一个朋友的友谊,就要多拿出些时间与他交往,或者偶尔通通电话,发个邮件或者一周小聚一下 7

  An Iowa woman recently told her doctor that she bought a tapeworm on the Internet and ingested it in an attempt to lose weight. The doctor was apparently so stumped by the patient bad decision that he had to call the state health department guidance.美国爱荷华州的一名女士在近期看医生时告诉医生,她为了减肥,在网上买了一条绦虫并将其活吞下了肚医生得知自己的病人做出如此怪异减肥行为后十分震惊,不得不向不爱荷华州卫生部寻求援助The agency told the doctor to have his patient de-wormed by way of some special medication that kills the parasite. Dr. Patricia Quinlisk, medical director at the Iowa Department of Public Health, recounted the incident in an e-mail to public-health workers Thursday.根据卫生部专业人员的指导,医生可以让这名女士用打虫药将寄生虫杀死爱德华公共卫生部的士Dr. Patricia Quinlisk星期四就本事件发邮件给所有的卫生工作者,信中提到:“Ingesting tapeworms is extremely risky and can cause a wide range of undesirable side effects, including rare deaths,” Quinlisk wrote,“Those desiring to lose weight are advised to stick with proven weight loss methods; consuming fewer calories and increasing physical activity.”“活吞下绦虫是非常危险的,对人体会产生许多副作用,甚至死亡”他还强调“减肥应该运用已经被验过的减肥方法,降低卡路里的摄入和运动都是很好的方法”Tapeworms are parasites that can afflict humans who eat undercooked meat.吃没有煮熟的肉可能会感染上绦虫;Onetapeworm cant absorb enough food and nutrients to make a big difference in weight... the parasite can cause anemia and malnutrition,; other symptoms of tapeworm infestation include having pieces of them stick out of your mouth after a cesarean section, followed by a ;burning sensation; after you pull the four-foot long sucker out.“一条绦虫不会对人的体重产生任何影响,但是会引起贫血和营养不良”绦虫还会引起其他感染,比如腹部手术后绦虫可能从口中爬出,之后,口腔会有焦灼感本译文属 53Have you ever looked at logos and wondered what their meanings were or what inspired the designer? Here are logos that you see almost every day and what they represent.你在看到商标时是否想过它们的含义,又或者思考过是什么给了商标设计者灵感?接下来我们将介绍个几乎每天都能见到的商标以及它们背后的意义 3

  A Tiangong 1-like unidentified flying object was spotted by a group of visitors when visiting the Phoenix Mountain scenic spot in Heilongjiang Province around 3: pm July 8. This mysterious scene was captured by a professional photographer who was taking the visitors photos.7月8日时分,几名游客正在黑龙江省凤凰山风景区游览照相,突然发现空中出现犹如“天宫一号”状的不明飞行物体当时,有位景区专职照相师正在场为游客照相,将这一奇观抓拍了下来The object vanished rapidly after a streak of white light was detected. The witnesses reported the case to local police station after the sighting. Relevant local authorities have aly been inmed. now, the UFO identity remains shrouded in mystery and needs to be investigated.据称,此物体白光一现,出现很短时间便迅速消失事发后,目击者向景区派出所报案目前,此情况已向上级主管部门汇报具体是何种飞行器,还是某种自然现象法确定,正在进一步调查核实中This is not the first UFO case occurring near Phoenix Mountain. Last Sunday scare mirrors the famous UFO extraterrestrial contact events in 199 when a villager named Meng Zhaoguo claimed that he had been repeatedly contacted by aliens and had been shown around a UFO base. The incident attracted worldwide attention.凤凰山附近已经不是第一次出现不明飞行物上周六惊现的奇观让人们联想起了199年震惊中外的“UFO着陆事件”村民孟照国称,那一年,外星人与他有过多次接触,还带他参观了飞碟基地 18981

  The Meera House was designed by Guz Architects and is located on the island of Sentosa in Singapore. We consider it a daring and original project- after all, not many homes feature green spaces every floor of the building. Here is a short description from the architects: The plots on the island of Sentosa are not large and neighboring buildings are built close to the sides of each house. Thus our strategy was to build a solid wall to each side neighbor to provide privacy where possible, while creating a central light and stair well which would funnel the sea breeze through the centre of the building. 米拉之家是由建筑师Guz设计,坐落在在新加坡圣淘沙岛我们认为这是一个大胆原创的项目,毕竟每一个楼层都有绿色空间的家庭不是很多下面是一些建筑师对此的简评:圣淘沙岛并不大,建筑物紧挨着彼此,我们的策略是要在可能的地方建坚实的墙以尽可能的保护隐私,同时让光线照在中间,并设计好楼梯,这样海风就能吹过建筑中心 同时我们设计好了建筑的前方和后方,让每个楼层都能看到绿色植物我们试图让每一个屋顶花园都给该层的人以置身花园的感觉.....在诸多限制下我们尽可能做了我们能做的多么美妙的建筑思想,同时也不失可持续性! 756。

  Your Ultimate LA Shopping Guide好莱坞时尚购物指南Now,let go,It a combination of fashion and entertainment,Let have a Hollywood fashion shopping trip!现在,让我带着大家去体验真正的LA,一个结合时尚与的LA,来一趟好莱坞时尚购物之旅吧!Best Shopping Mall Tourists - Hollywood amp; Highland最佳观光客购物中心——好莱坞和海兰(Highland)Best Place to shop all the major brands at once - South Coast Plaza一次买到最多主要品牌——南海岸购物中心Best Outlets - Desert Hills Premium Outlets最好逛的名牌过季中心——沙漠岗名牌折扣购物中心Best Shopping Place Families with Kids - Universal City Walk amp; Downtown Disney最适合有小孩家庭的购物区——环球影城步行街和迪斯尼乐园 719

  This is all according to Anthony Senecal, 7, who has been master of Trump 8-room Mediterranean-style Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, 30 years.安东尼-塞内卡尔今年7岁,曾担任特朗普位于佛罗里达州棕榈滩的Mar-a-Largo度假村的男管家,长达30年这座地中海式豪宅有8间房屋And over the years he has had a roster of exes who tried - and failed - to put their stamp on the place, including Marla Maples who really didnt belong here.这些年来,特朗普有不少前任都曾觊觎过这处房产,都未能如愿,其中就包括塞内卡尔口中“并不属于这里的”玛拉#86;马普勒斯It comprises a white and gold ballroom, a spa, six tennis courts, a pool, eight seaside cabanas, and a private beach.度假村有一间白色和金色的舞厅、一个水疗中心、六个网球场、一个游泳池,八个海滨小屋、和一个私人海滩Ivanka Trump, the owner daughter, ordered the gardeners off the grounds so that she could swim in the pool naked特朗普的女儿曾经要求园丁们都离开,这样她就能在泳池裸泳了Over the years, the resort has played host to all kinds of wealthy, rich, famous, and powerful pass through the resort.多年以来,这个度假村招待了来自各界的众多名流、富豪Hillary Clinton dropped by Trump wedding to his current wife Melania, he said, adding that Tony Bennett permed.希拉里-克林顿就曾在年,特朗普和现任妻子梅拉尼娅的婚礼上现身,当时托尼-班奈特也演奏了一曲That year, Oprah Winfrey threw a party Maya Angelou at the resort.同年,奥普拉-温弗瑞在度假村为美国著名黑人诗人玛雅#86;安吉罗举办了一场晚会Having dropped his butler duties to become the resort de facto historian.塞内卡尔已经退休,不再担任管家,如今他是这座度假村的历史见者What the butler saw:管家带你认识特朗普:He does his own hair自己打整发型Mr Trump hair has, decades, been a source of fascination to the American public.特朗普的发型一直让美国公众“着迷”And Mr Senecal revealed that, despite the estate having a salon, the billionaire preferred to style his own hair.塞内卡尔说,尽管特朗普在度假村拥有自己的私人发廊,但他还是喜欢自己打整头发The GOP frontrunner refuses to let anyone touch his hair, Senecal remarks.塞内卡尔说,这位共和党初选领跑者拒绝任何人去碰他的头发He only needs four hours sleep a night每晚只睡小时Like Margaret Thatcher, General David Petraeus, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Pepsi Indra Nooyi, Mr Trump sleeps only four hours a night, his butler said. Then he rises bee dawn to the newspapers bee playing golf.特朗普每晚只睡四小时,就像撒切尔夫人、彼得雷乌斯将军、雅虎CEO玛丽莎#86;梅耶尔、和百事可乐CEO卢英德那样他天不亮就起床读报纸,之后打高尔夫The White House has had a light-sleeping incumbent bee. George W Bush was famously in bed by pm, but Bill Clinton frequently survived on four or five hours sleep.以前白宫爱睡觉的要算小布什了他每晚点前必睡而克林顿当总统时每晚也是就睡四五个小时He likes his steak rock hard喜欢熟牛排He likes his steaks well done.特朗普喜欢熟牛排;It would rock on the plate, it was so well done,; said Mr Senecal.塞内卡尔说,他喜欢熟的“呲呲”作响的牛排If he wears a white baseball cap, he in a good mood戴白色棒球帽时心情好Mr Trump, most mornings, will emerge after having the papers – New York Times, New York Post, New York Daily News and Palm Beach newspapers – to play golf.大多数的清晨,特朗普读报纸后会去打高尔夫他经常读《纽约时报、《纽约邮报、《纽约每日新闻报和棕榈滩当地的报纸When he wears a white cap, he is in a good mood. When he wears a red cap, he is in a bad mood.当他戴着白色帽子,说明他心情很好,如果是红帽子,就恰好相反了He doesnt like to swim不喜欢游泳Despite the Florida heat and his own fabulous pool, Mr Trump is not a keen swimmer. And, Mr Senecal said, he is not a sun worshipper—rarely appearing in swimming trunks.尽管佛州炎热,而他的游泳池清爽无比,特朗普还是不爱游泳塞内卡尔说,他也不喜欢晒太阳,很少穿泳裤He likes to lie about the history of his house喜欢对大豪宅的历史撒个小谎Trump once claimed the tiles in Ivanka room were made by a young Walt Disney, which is not true.塞内卡尔还说起,特朗普有一次说女儿伊万卡房里的瓷砖是华特#86;迪士尼年轻的时候做的,这当然不是真的When Mr Senecal, who now serves as the house historian, points out it isnt true, Mr Trump will reply: “Who cares?”如今,身为豪宅历史见人的塞内卡尔有时会指出这不是真的,但特朗普会说:“谁会在意?”He needs his ego boosting on the golf course在球场“找自我”Mr Trump is proud of his golf prowess.特朗普对自己的高尔夫球技感到自豪;Tony, how far is that?; Mr Trump would ask.特朗普会问:“托尼,我打了多远?”;It like 75 yards,; Mr Senecal would respond, though he said the actual distance was 5 yards.塞内卡尔会回答:“大概75码”而他说实际距离只有5码He hands out bills to groundsmen给园丁发百元小费Mr Trump would regularly stroll through his gardens, greeting the mainly Hispanic workers. And Mr Senecal said that he would frequently dish out <牛人_句子> bills to the groundsmen who, unsurprisingly, were deeply appreciative.特朗普会经常在花园散步,和园丁们打招呼,他们大多是西班牙裔他经常给园丁发几百美元消费,他们也非常感激他He not a connoisseur of art or literature对艺术和文学不在行And after the real estate mogul bought the estate in 1985, he turned the library, with centuries-old British oak bookcases filled with rare first editions, into a bar and hung a painting of himself, in tennis whites, on the wall.1985年,当这位地产大亨买下这处房产的时候,他把图书馆改造成了酒吧并挂上了自己身穿白色网球衣的画像图书馆里的橡木书架已经有几百年历史了,上面摆满了罕见的初版图书A series of th Century Flemish tapestries hung in the house when he bought it, which had been carefully protected by drapes. He soon blasted them into oblivion with sunlight, causing them to fade irreparably.他购置房产时,里面有些世纪的佛兰德挂毯,窗帘紧闭,小心保护着他不久就将之置于阳光下,很快就毁掉了He loves the house but hates the locals他喜爱这处房产,但与当地关系不佳The sound of planes flying overhead drives him mad, leading him sue the nearby country-run airport and to yell repeatedly: ;Tony, call the tower!;头顶上飞机驶过的轰鸣让他烦恼,他还曾起诉附近的机场经常喊:“托尼,给塔台打电话!”He has also sued the town in a dispute over the size of his estate flagpole; the size of the banquet hall he added to the property; and the size of the club.他还曾因为旗杆的大小,他增加的宴会厅的大小、酒吧的大小和当地闹上法庭 575


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