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东海县治疗宫颈糜烂医院新坝锦屏镇板浦浦南镇打胎哪家医院最好的栏目简介:Shanghai Live has aly reported that a pedestrian overpass at the intersection of Huashan Road and West Yan#39;an Road near Jing#39;an Temple will partially reopen on Sunday after officials changed their decision to demolish it. Yuan Chenyue finds out more about how it will be revamped. Article/201706/513497东海县治疗腹泻多少钱 So I guess the thing you have to think about in any given poker situation is that我猜你在打扑克牌的时候肯定会思考的一件事情是you#39;re dealing with a lot of uncertainty, and it#39;s all about how to make the best decision in any given moment.自己需要处理很多不确定性 打扑克牌就是任何时候都要做出最好的抉择So the first rule of thumb is how to extract the most money or chips from your opponent when you have a strong hand,所以第一条经验法则就是当你手气好的时候怎样从你对手那里赢得更多的钱and how to lose the minimum when you have a weak hand.还有当你手气差时怎样将损失降到最小You#39;re never going to be a hundred percent certain where you are:你不能百分百确定你的牌到底好不好You beating them or are you do you have a worse hand?你能赢吗?或者说你的手气是不是很差?So you have to sort of construct a strategy that is mathematically optimal in each situation.所以你不得不想出一个在各种情况下都精确适用的策略I guess people tend to think of intuition as their gut, their gut instinct我想人们往往会认为他们的直觉是一种本能and my rule of thumb in poker is to only fall on my gut instinct我的扑克定律是我只相信我的本能if my sort of logical, my slow brain, the system two as it#39;s sometimes called, has not come to any conclusive answer.当我的逻辑思维没有得出任何结论性的时A lot of people are tempted to go, “This is too tricky, I don#39;t know!”很多人通常会想 “好纠结啊 不知道该怎么办!”and then go, “Yeah, well, my gut instinct says this; I#39;m going to go with that.”然后就想 “好吧 我的直觉这样告诉我 那我就要这样做了”But the best thing to do is to work with both, your sort of slow brain and that gut.但是最好的方法是将两者结合 你的逻辑思维还有你的直觉Say you were playing against your opponent and you#39;ve noticed that actually they’re someone who#39;s very solid,比如你正在打牌 你也知道你的对手实际上很友好they never seem to bluff, and you might have a hand that you似乎从不会故意虚张声势 而且would normally call with (say 90 percent of the time),你可以正常地摊牌(比如说90%的情况下)but you know this guy, he#39;s just never bluffing, never doing it.你知道他从不虚张声势Well, actually this might be one of those rare situations where you do throw your hand in the muck,好吧 实际上这就是你失手的一种不常见的情形在手法低劣时where you have a very strong feeling that you#39;re just not calling;你有很强的感觉你不应该摊牌even though mathematically it says it should call, you shouldn#39;t do it.尽管逻辑上来说你应该摊牌 你没有这么做I guess the art part of poker is when you have these flashes of inspiration where you need to deviate from the math,我想扑克的艺术就是 当你有一瞬间的灵感不得不偏离数学和技术and the science is knowing whether that deviation is the right thing to do at the time.科学的作用就在于 推出这种偏离是否正确When it comes to your intuition as a poker player作为一个扑克牌玩家 当谈及到直觉的时候I would say do use it from time to time, but it should not be your starting point.我会说偶尔可以相信你的直觉 但是它不应该作为你的准则You, as a rule of thumb, should always go for the slow “system two” analysis,一般来说 你应该按照逻辑思维来分析see what answer that comes up with, and then also to check in with your gut.看看能想出什么 再检查下你的直觉Say you#39;re in a really big hand, and your opponent has bet, often I#39;ll have an instinctive response;打个比方说你现在手气很好 你也已经和对手下了赌注 这时你通常会做出本能的一个反应I#39;ll be like, “Oh that#39;s a bluff,” or “they have a really strong hand,” and就像“那是吓唬人的”或者“他们手气真的很好”I#39;ll make a note of it, I won#39;t just go with that answer.我会记住这些想法 但是不会顺着它们做I#39;ll go, “Okay now let#39;s work through the mathematics, let#39;s look sort of through all“我们用数学方法来试一下 看一下其他的信息:the other bits of information: what have they done on other cards?” and so on,他们在其他扑克牌上做了什么 ?” 等等and then see if those two answers match up.”然后看看这两个结果是否匹配Now, if they both match up, great, I#39;ve got an easy decision,如果相匹配的话 很好 我们能很容易地得出结论but if one is giving a conflicting answer to the other,但是如果它们相冲突的话then usually you tend to rely on the sort of the mathematic/logic part.通常情况下你往往会相信用数学或者逻辑方法得出来的However, it#39;s really, really close with the mathematics,但是 如果直觉跟数学得出来的结果很相似的话then I#39;ll fall back on that gut instinct.我会转而去相信直觉But as a rule of thumb your gut is not as reliable as you think.但是一般而言 你的直觉并不会像你想的那么可靠You often see these like memes on the Internet, which is just like, “Always go with your gut!你会在网上经常见到这样的句子 比如 “遵从你的内心Trust your instincts!” and so on.相信你的直觉!”等等And I personally think that#39;s a copout.但是我认为那是种逃避I think that#39;s often the lazy way out for when we are faced with a really tough decision我认为那是在我们面对一个两难的决定时一种很慵懒的对待态度in life, of just going, “well… answer X.”在生活中 好像“好吧 是X”Our brains they love to simplify things, to do things in black-and-white,我们大脑总是趋向于喜欢解决那些很简单明了的问题but we live in a very complex world, and that#39;s not always the best route to take.但是我们生活在一个复杂的世界中 那不是最好的出路So in a nutshell, your gut instincts can be useful, but as a last resort.简单来说 你的直觉可能会很有用 但是它应该在没有别的办法的时候才能使用We#39;ve evolved of these amazing brains for a reason, so we should be using them.我们进化成聪明的大脑是有原因的 我们必须充分利用起来 Article/201706/512458It happens to everyone大家都有这样的时候,You#39;re just finishing up your lunch, maybe helping everyone clean up,你刚吃过午餐 可能在帮人收拾餐桌,and just as you open your mouth to say something...你刚想开口说话,...oh cheese! excuse yourself, Squeaks!天哪,注意影响,Squeaks!Burping can be embarrassing sometimes…...but everyone does it!打嗝有时挺让人尴尬的,但大家都会打嗝。And people aren#39;t the only animals that burp!不只是我们人类打嗝儿哦。Dogs,sheep ,and cows all burp after they eat...、绵羊、牛在吃完东西后都会打嗝。...even though you never hear them say #39;excuse me.但你从未听它们说过#39;不好意思#39;And since we all seem to do it, there must be a good reason for burping...and there is.既然我们都会打嗝,肯定是有原因的,那是当然的。But to find out why we burp, we first need to learn a little bit about our body#39;s digestive system.在找到打嗝原因之前,我们首先需要了解一些消化系统的知识。The job of your digestive system is to break down, or, digest, everything that you eat,消化系统的功能就是分解或消化你吃下的所有东西,so that your body can use all of the good nutrients and energy that are in your food.从而使你的身体能利用所有食物中的好营养和能量。The digestive system is made of lots of different body parts.而消化系统是由很多不同的身体部位组成的。Some of those parts you can see in a mirror, like your teeth and your tongue…有些你从镜子上就能看到,如牙齿和舌头...and some are deep inside your belly, like your stomach.而其他的如胃等在你的腹腔内部。And in between your mouth and your stomach is a long tube called the esophagus.在你的嘴巴和胃之间有一个长长的管道,它就是食道。When you swallow, food travels through your mouth and throat,当你吞咽时,食物经过你的嘴巴和喉咙,and then moves down your esophagus and into your stomach.通过食道进入胃部。You can think of your stomach a little bit like a pouch, or a bag, just like a backpack or a purse.你可以将你的胃想象成一个袋子,类似于背包或者钱包这种东西。It can stretch a little bit when you put things in it ...but there#39;s only so much room in there.你放东西进去时会把它撑大一点,但它的空间只有那么大而已。So, if things start to get too crowded, something#39;s got to go!所以,如果东西太多挤在一起的话,就得拿出去一些了。And burping is your body#39;s way of getting rid of extra gas in your stomach when there#39;s just too much of it.当你胃里气体过多时,打嗝是你的身体排出胃里多余气体的方法。During a burp, gas leaves your stomach and goes up through the esophagus,打嗝时,气体离开胃部,穿过食道,and leaves your body through your mouth or nose.通过嘴巴或者鼻子离开你的身体。And … I#39;m sure you#39;ve noticed … there#39;s usually a noise involved.我想你已经注意到了,打嗝时通常伴有声音。But where does all of that gas come from?但这些气体是从哪儿来的呢?Well, that depends. If you#39;ve been sipping on a soda, then the bubbles from the soda...这得分情况。如果你总是喜欢喝苏打水,苏打水中有气泡,which are made of a gas called carbon dioxide... are to blame for your burps.它是由一种叫二氧化碳的气体组成的,你打嗝的话都赖它。But even if you haven#39;t been drinking fizzy drinks, you#39;re still probably going to burp.但如果你从不喝碳酸饮料,你还是可能会打嗝。It happens to most of us between six and twenty times a day!而且我们大多数人每天都会打嗝6到20次。That#39;s because we swallow a lot of air throughout the day, mostly without even knowing it.那是因为我们一天在我们根本不知情的情况下会吸入很多的空气。You might get a mouthful when you stretch your mouth open wide for a yawn…可能是你张大嘴巴打哈欠的时候吞下了一口,... or drink through a straw, or from a water bottle…or chew gum…也可能是你用吸管在水杯里喝东西的时候或是嚼口香糖的时候。...or eat too fast, or if you talk too much while you#39;re eating.或是吃得太快,边吃边说话...都有可能。Some foods can give you a case of the burps, too.有些食物也能引发你打嗝。This is especially true for foods that—while good for you!特别是那些对你身体有益的食物。—can take a while for your body to break down, like beans, peas, broccoli, even bananas!这些食物需要你的身体分解一段时间,比如豆子、豌豆、西兰花,甚至包括香蕉。There are lots of ways that air can end up in your stomach, and it all...adds up.这些都是气体进入你胃部的渠道,所有渠道都包含在内。Once air gets inside of your body, it doesn#39;t have very many ways to get out.一旦空气进入你体内,却没有很多的方法释放出来。So burping allows your stretched-out stomach to get back to normal, and get back to doing its job digesting your lunch!所以打嗝就能让撑大的胃部恢复正常,继续消化你的午餐。So, a case of the burps may not be pleasant...but sometimes it#39;s just gotta happen!有时候打嗝可能不太好,但又控制不了。Just be sure to cover your mouth. And you should probably say ;excuse me, too … ok?只要你捂着嘴巴,再说声“不好意思”就好了。Thanks for joining me on Sci Show Kids!感谢收看儿童科学秀。Is there something that you#39;ve always wanted to know more about?有没有你一直都想知道的事?Get help from a grown-up and tell us in the comments below,快请大人帮忙,在下方留言告诉我们。or drop us a line at kids@scishow.com. I#39;ll see you next time.或者发邮件到kids@scishow.com。下次见。 Article/201706/515069连云港国泰妇科医院无痛人流手术怎么样好不好

连云港做人流去哪种医院比较好连云港哪家医院可以人流 My guys are safely down and pumped with adrenaline,and they#39;re gonna need it.两名队员平安着陆 兴奋激动 他们需要这种Good morning. Good morning.Okay, we#39;re on the mountain, eh?早上好 早上好 我们到达山上了So, how was that ride for you guys?刚才的旅程感觉如何A little bumpy. A little shaky.How about you, Joe?有点颠簸 晃得挺厉害 你呢 乔Well, at 8:00 in the morning,that#39;s the best cup of coffee you could ever have.早上八点的时候 喝杯咖啡再好不过了Woke me up.Got a length of rope.提神醒脑啊 我们手上有一截绳子And we got a bunch of this from the other rope.还有另外一小束绳子We got harnesses. We got carabiners. That is it.我们有安全吊带 有钩环 仅此而已了You know, we are minimal, minimal kit.我们只有很少的装备The most important thing I can tell you on this journey is this.本次探险最重要的两项原则是Trust me and listen to me.信任和从We#39;re starting this mission as individuals,这项任务是独立开始的but the guys are about to learn that we#39;re gonna have to work as a team and trust each other但是两位队员必须明白 想要活着从这片荒野逃生if we#39;re gonna get out of this wilderness in one piece.就必须团队协作 互相信任Okay, guys. The journey begins.Go.队员们 开始上路 走吧I#39;m gonna show these two the skills they nee to survive for 48 hours in this wilderness.d我将告诉这两位队员 在这种环境下生存四十八小时所需的技能Gusts of wind could blow us off this knife-edged ridge,狂风随时都有可能将我们falling 3,000 feet into the valley below,So it#39;s vital we rope up.吹落到3000英尺的陡峭山脊之中 因此把我们用绳子系在一起很重要Our first challenge is getting down this 80-foot granite rock face and to the snow gully beneath.我们的第一个任务 就是经由这块80英尺高的石壁 到那条雪沟下面I#39;m gonna scale down a mountain with Bear Grylls.我将和贝尔·格里尔斯一起爬下山I mean, life doesn#39;t get any better than that.我想 这样的生活再好不过了I mean...that#39;s a story I can tell my grandkids, if I live.如果我活着 要把这段经历讲给孙子们听 Article/201705/509456连云港市第二人民医院预约

连云港国泰医院生孩子Imagine you are a part of a crew of astronauts traveling to Mars or some distant planet.想象你是一个正在向火星或者某个遥远的星球飞行的飞船上面的一名宇航员The travel time could take a year or even longer.这次旅行可能会需要一年的时间或者更长The space on board and the resources would be limited.当你们着陆的时候 资源就变得很少了So you and the crew would have to figure out how to produce food with minimal inputs.所以你和你的航行团队必须找出用最少的材料生产出食物的方法What if you could bring with you just a few packets of seeds, and grow crops in a matter of hours?假如你能携带一小包可以在几个小时内成熟的种子And what if those crops would then make more seeds,如果这些谷物又结下了更多的种子enabling you to feed the entire crew with just those few packets of seeds for the duration of the trip?这样你只需这几包种子就能使整个航行人员在整个航行的过程中都有食物吃Well, the scientists at NASA actually figured out a way to do this.美国国家航空航天局的科学家实际上已经找到了这样的方法What they came up with was actually quite interesting.他们的想法非常有趣And it involved microorganisms, which are single-celled organisms.它涉及到一些单细胞的有机物的微生物And they also used hydrogen from water.而且他们还使用了从水中提炼的氢The types of microbes that they used were called hydrogenotrophs,他们使用的那种微生物被称为氢利用菌and with these hydrogenotrophs, you can create a virtuous carbon cycle that would sustain life onboard a spacecraft.利用这些氢利用菌,你可以创造出有效的碳循环 这种循环会维持飞船上的生活Astronauts would breathe out carbon dioxide,宇航员们会呼出二氧化碳that carbon dioxide would then be captured by the microbes and converted into a nutritious, carbon-rich crop.那些二氧化碳会被这些微生物捕捉到然后转化为一种有营养的 碳含量高的农作物The astronauts would then eat that carbon-rich crop and exhale the carbon out in the form of carbon dioxide,宇航员们就能吃掉那些含碳量高的谷物 然后将碳元素以二氧化碳的形式呼出来which would then be captured by the microbes, to create a nutritious crop,这些二氧化碳又能被微生物吸收 然后制造出有营养的谷物which then would be exhaled in the form of carbon dioxide by the astronauts.再由宇航员以二氧化碳的形式呼出So in this way, a closed-loop carbon cycle is created.这样一个封闭的碳循环就形成了So why is this important?为什么碳循环这么重要呢We need carbon to survive as humans, and we get our carbon from food.作为人类我们需要碳来维持生存而且 我们从食物中获取碳On a long space journey, you simply wouldn#39;t be able to pick up any carbon along the way,在远途的空间旅行中你可能在沿途无法获取任何碳物质so you#39;d have to figure out how to recycle it on board.所以你就必须要找出使碳在飞船上循环的方法This is a clever solution, right?这是一个聪明的解决办法,不是吗But the thing is, that research didn#39;t really go anywhere.但问题在于 那个研究并没有实践应用于任何地方We haven#39;t yet gone to Mars. We haven#39;t yet gone to another planet.我们还没有去火星,也没有去其他的行星And this was actually done in the #39;60s and #39;70s.而且这个研究实际上是在60-70年代期间完成的So a colleague of mine, Dr. John Reed, and I, were interested, actually, in carbon recycling here on Earth.我的一个同事约翰 里德士和我当时对于地球上碳的重复利用非常感兴趣We wanted to come up with technical solutions to address climate change.我们希望可以想出科学的办法来解决气候变化问题And we discovered this research by ing some papers published in the #39;60s 1967 and later articles about this work.我们通过阅读60年代的1967年及其以后发表的与这项工作有关的文章得到了这样的研究结果And we thought it was a really good idea.而且我们认为那是一个非常好的想法And so we said, well, Earth is actually like a spaceship.于是我们提出,地球其实就像一个飞船一样We have limited space and limited resources, and on Earth, we really do need to figure out how to recycle our carbon better.我们拥有有限的空间和有限的资源而且在地球上 我们着实需要想清楚如何更好地循环利用碳So we had the idea, can we take some of these NASA-type ideas and apply them to our carbon problem here on Earth?于是我们有了一个主意我们能不能利用这些美国航空航天局的思路并把他们应用于我们地球上的碳问题Could we cultivate these NASA-type microbes in order to make valuable products here on Earth?我们能不能培养他们所谓的那种微生物使我们能够在地球上生产有价值的产品And we started a company to do it.于是我们创办了一个公司做这件事And in that company, we discovered that these hydrogenotrophs在那个公司里,我们发现这些氢利用菌which I#39;ll actually call nature#39;s supercharged carbon recyclers(我把它称为自然界碳资源的超级循环器)we found that they are a powerful class of microbes我们发现他们是一类强大的微生物that had been largely overlooked and understudied,这类微生物曾一直被忽视并被作为替补and that they could make some really valuable products.我们还发现他们可以创造一些非常有价值的产品So we began cultivating these products, these microbes, in our lab.于是我们开始在实验室里制造这些产品,这些微生物We found that we can make essential amino acids from carbon dioxide using these microbes.我们发现我们能够利用这种微生物从二氧化碳中得到基础的氨基酸And we even made a protein-rich meal我们甚至制造出一种富含蛋白质的粉that has an amino acid profile similar to what you might find in some animal proteins.这种粉有一种氨基酸的外形,就像你可能会从一些动物蛋白中看到的那样And we began cultivating them even further, and we found that we can make oil.我们开始更深层次的培养他们于是我们发现我们能够制造出油Oils are used to manufacture many products.油可以用来加工很多产品We made an oil that was similar to a citrus oil,我们制造了一种类似于柠檬油的油which can be used for flavoring and for fragrances,它可以被用来调味或用于香水中but it also can be used as a biodegradable cleaner or even as a jet fuel.但是它也可以被用于一种具有生物降解功能的清洁剂或者是一种喷气燃料And we made an oil that#39;s similar to palm oil.而且我们还生产了一种类似于粽榈油的油Palm oil is used to manufacture a wide range of consumer and industrial goods.棕榈油被用于供给很大范围的生态消费者和制造一些工业商品We began working with manufacturers to scale up this technology,我们开始和制造商一起工作以扩大这项技术的规模and we#39;re currently working with them to bring some of these products to market.而且我们现在依然和他们一起合作把一些产品推向市场We believe this type of technology can indeed help us profitably recycle carbon dioxide into valuable products我们相信这种科技的确可以帮到我们合理的回收二氧化碳,并用于有价值的产品something that#39;s beneficial for the planet but also beneficial for business.而这些产品对地球是有益的对我们的商业也是很有益的That#39;s what we#39;re doing today.那就是我们现在正在做的事情But tomorrow, this type of technology and using these types of microbes但是未来,如果我们把这种技术和对这种微生物的利用actually could help us do something even greater if we take it to the next level.应用到下一个层次的话,这着实可以帮到我们做到更环保We believe that this type of technology can actually help us address an issue with agriculture我们相信这种技术其实也可以帮我们解决农业上的问题and allow us to create a type of agriculture that#39;s sustainable,这种技术使我们能够创造出一种可持续的农业模式that will allow us to scale to meet the demands of tomorrow.那将使我们扩大规模以满足未来的需求And why might we need a sustainable agriculture?为什么我们需要一个可持续的农业模式呢?Well, actually, it is estimated that the population will reach about 10 billion by 2050,实际上,有人预测截止2050年人口数量将会达到100亿and we#39;re projecting that we will need to increase food production by 70 percent.我们提出我们将需要增加70%的食品产量In addition, we will need many more resources and raw materials to make consumer goods and industrial goods.除此之外,我们将需要更多资源和原材料来制造消费品和工业化商品So how will we scale to meet that demand?那么我们应该如何扩大范围以满足这样的需求呢?Well, modern agriculture simply cannot sustainably scale to meet that demand.当然,仅仅靠现代农业无法实现持续化来满足那样的需求There are a number of reasons why.这其中有很多理由One of them is that modern agriculture is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases.其中一个原因就是现代农业是温室气体的一大发射源In fact, it emits more greenhouse gases than our cars, our trucks, our planes and our trains combined.事实上,由现代农业所释放的温室气体要比我们的汽车、卡车、飞机和火车加起来还要多Another reason is that modern ag simply takes up a whole lot of land.另一个原因是仅仅是现代农业就占据了很大的土地We have cleared 19.4 million square miles for crops and livestock.我们为种植业和家畜提供了1940万平方英里的土地What does that look like?那看起来有多大呢?Well, that#39;s roughly the size of South America and Africa combined.那几乎是南美与非洲加起来那么大Let me give you a specific example.让我给你举一个具体的例子In Indonesia, an amount of virgin rainforest was cleared totaling the size of approximately Ireland, between 2000 and 2012.在印度尼西亚,大量的原始森林被清除总计有大约爱尔兰岛那么大的面积那是发生在2000到2012年之间的Just think of all of the species, the diversity, that was removed in the process, whether plant life, insects or animal life.想象在这个过程中,所有的物种及其多样性无论是植物,昆虫还是动物都在这个过程中被迁移And a natural carbon sink was also removed.于是一个天然的碳池会就被移走了So let me make this real for you.请让我告诉你这个事实This clearing happened primarily to make room for palm plantations.那被清理的土地主要被用来种植大片的棕榈树And as I mentioned before, palm oil is used to manufacture many products.就像我前边提过的那样, 棕榈油能够被用来制造许多产品In fact, it is estimated that over 50 percent of consumer products are manufactured using palm oil.事实上,估计有超过50%烦人消费产品在制造过程中使用棕榈油And that includes things like ice cream, cookies It includes cooking oils.那些商品包括冰淇淋,曲奇饼干 包括食用油,It also includes detergents, lotions, soaps.还包括洗涤液,洗衣液和肥皂You and I both probably have numerous items in our kitchens and our bathrooms that were manufactured using palm oil.我们可能在我们的厨房和浴室里有大量的使用棕榈油制造的产品So you and I are direct beneficiaries of removed rainforests.所以我们也都是雨林被移除的直接受益者Modern ag has some problems, and we need solutions if we want to scale sustainably.现代化农业有一些问题,如果我们想要稳定的扩张,我们需要解决方法I believe that microbes can be a part of the answer specifically, these supercharged carbon recyclers.我认为那种微生物可以是一种解决方案具体而言,就是那些超动力碳元素回收者These supercharged carbon recyclers, like plants, serve as the natural recyclers in their ecosystems where they thrive.这些超动力碳元素回收者,就像植物一样,充当着自然的反复循环器在他们所生存的生态系统中And they thrive in exotic places on Earth, like hydrothermal vents and hot springs.他们生活在地球上非常独特的地方就像深海热泉或是温泉里In those ecosystems, they take carbon and recycle it into the nutrients needed for those ecosystems.在这些生态系统中,他们吸收碳元素并回收它把碳元素转换为那个生态系统中所需要的营养物质And they#39;re rich in nutrients, such as oils and proteins, minerals and carbohydrates.于是这些生态系统就富含了营养物质例如油和蛋白质,矿物质和碳水化合物And actually, microbes are aly an integral part of our everyday lives.微生物已经成为人们日常生活中不可或缺的一部分If you enjoy a glass of pinot noir on a Friday night,如果你想在一个漫长劳累的一周后的周五晚上after a long, hard work week, then you are enjoying a product of microbes.来一杯黑比诺葡萄酒其实你就是在享受微生物的产品If you enjoy a beer from your local microbrewery a product of microbes.如果你在品味来自你们当地酿酒厂的啤酒它其实也是微生物的作品Or b, or cheese, or yogurt.或者像面包,奶酪,酸奶These are all products of microbes.他们也都是微生物的产品But the beauty and power associated with these supercharged carbon recyclers但是这些超动力碳元素回收循环器的美和力量lies in the fact that they can actually produce in a matter of hours versus months.在于它们能够在几个小时内生产几个月的产量That means we can make crops much faster than we#39;re making them today.那就意味着我们可以比现在更快地种植作物They grow in the dark, so they can grow in any season and in any geography and any location.这些微生物在黑暗中生长所以他们可以在任何一个季节在任何地形地势,任何位置生长They can grow in containers that require minimal space.他们还可以在极小的容器中生长And we can get to a type of vertical agriculture.于是我们能够得到一种立体农业Instead of our traditional horizontal agriculture that requires so much land,代替我们传统的需要占据很多土地的水平农业we can scale vertically, and as a result produce much more product per area.我们可以在垂直方向上扩张这样一来,我们在单位面积的土地上就可以产出更多的产品If we implement this type of approach and use these carbon recyclers,如果我们使用了这种方法并且使用这些碳元素循环器then we wouldn#39;t have to remove any more rainforests to make the food and the goods that we consume.我们将不需要移除更多的雨林来制造我们消耗的食物和商品Because, at a large scale, you can actually make 10,000 times more output per land area因为,在大规模上,你在单位土地上实际上可以实现原来10000倍的产出than you could -- for instance, if you used soybeans例如,如果你种植大豆,if you planted soybeans on that same area of land over a period of a year.如果你在同样面积的土地在一年中种植一期大豆Ten thousand times over a period of a year.10000倍于一年一期的大豆产量So this is what I mean by a new type of agriculture.这就是我想通过一种新型农业表达的想法And this is what I mean by developing a system that allows us to sustainably scale to meet the demands of 10 billion.这也是我为什么说要发展一个允许我们持续扩大规模以满足未来100亿的需求And what would be the products of this new type of agriculture?那么这种新型农业的产品将会是什么呢Well, we#39;ve aly made a protein meal,事实上,我们已经生产出一种蛋白质粉so you can imagine something similar to a soybean meal, or even cornmeal, or wheat flour.因此你可以想象出像豆粉,玉米粉或面粉之类的东西We#39;ve aly made oils, so you can imagine something similar to coconut oil or olive oil or soybean oil.我们也已经产出了油所以你可以想象一些像椰子油,或橄榄油,豆油之类的产品So this type of crop can actually produce the nutrients所以这种作物可以生产营养品that would give us pasta and b, cakes, nutritional items of many sorts.从而为我们提供面食和面包,蛋糕等各种各样的营养品Furthermore, since oil is used to manufacture multiple other goods, industrial products and consumer products,而且,由于油被用于生产制造多种产品工业产品和消耗品you can imagine being able to make detergents, soaps, lotions, etc., using these types of crops.你可以想象一下使用这种作物来制造洗涤剂,肥皂或洗衣液等等Not only are we running out of space,我们目前不仅仅在渐渐用尽我们的土地but if we continue to operate under the status quo with modern agriculture,而且,如果我们还要继续维持在现代农业这一现状中的话we run the risk of robbing our progeny of a beautiful planet.我们还将使后代失去一个漂亮的地球But it doesn#39;t have to be this way.但是我们不必要这么做We can imagine a future of abundance.我们可以想象一个富余的未来Let us create systems that keep planet Earth, our spaceship, not only from not crashing,让我们创造这样的系统,使我们的地球和飞船不仅可以免受冲撞,but let us also develop systems and ways of living that will be beneficial to the lives of ourselves而且还让我可以研发出生存的系统和方式那将有利于我们自己的生存and the 10 billion that will be on this planet by 2050.和截止2050年存在的100亿人类的生存Thank you very much.非常感谢 Article/201706/514780 疯狂英语900句 01-1暂无文本 /200704/12440伊山镇侍庄东王集图河杨集同兴镇打胎多少钱连云区人民医院妇科专家大夫



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