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连云港市149医院网上预约挂号东海县人民医院怎么样好吗Who says all the good guys are taken? Well according to People Magazine, they are not the upcoming issue features, it's a list of this year's hottest bachelors and Galena Espinoza is a senior editor of People Magazine, Galina, good morning!Good morning!You chose your cover, Taylor Hicks. Now some people might say he's the most popular choice. Is he the hottest choice? Galina.We think so. I mean this is a guy who's really in the right place at the right time. He's a fresh face. Everyone's been buzzing about him for months, given his amazing run at American Idol, and he is available. Very available, and that you've actually interviewed one of his old girlfriends who talks about what was like to date him.Yeah, and he is really a great guy. He is down-to-earth. A lot of people thought he may have come across a little cheesy on the show, a little bit like a goofy wedding singer, but in person he is actually a very serious guy. He is down-to-earth. He drinks Budweiser. He's never paid more than 40 dollars for a haircut. This is a real guy. You could actually walk into a bar and meet a guy like that.This is that we met him here just a few days ago. He seemed to give that impression as well(Yeah).Um so, you , you also have a category, you don't count to call it a category, but I'd call it a category. If guys went out newly available, er,they are Matt McConaughey.Who just broke up with Penelope Cruz, (Nick Lachey) of course Nick Lacheyis back on the block, (Kenny Chesney) looking very vulnerable, Kenny Chesney, his marriage to Rene Zellweger didn't work out, but he says he still believes in love and people love to get married again. So what don't we know about these guys?These guys are a lot more interesting than you might think. Nick Lachey, for example, you know, he is a superstar. He sells records. He says it's more important to him to have kids than to sell a million records, who loves being an uncle. His brother Drew just had a baby a couple of months ago, and that's the thing that he wants most in his life at this point.You also have on your list Allan Wilson who is so incredibly funny, Jamie Fox, and Jake Gyllenhaal, those last two especially incredibly good actors.Good actors and very sensitive types. Jake Gyllenhaal loves to cook and he's another guy who can't wait to be a dad. He wants at least 4 kids!Really?Yeah!Ha, ok, good to know for somebody out there. Ok, Wentworth Miller. He's kinda a breakout guy. I mean I~I find him to be a fascinating young actor (and what's..) he was in this movie, in this TV show (in Prison Break, which is one of the breakout success stories from the past. (Very good-looking, very talented). and not only that, he's got brain. He graduated from Princeton.Er, ok, all right. He is a young man, what, 30 something years old.Yeah, he is young, tall, dark, and handsome.Oh, ok, you also have look alike, you got the sort of, wow I can't believe...when did you get this idea? Will you have people who look like, people who a lot women wish they could date,for example, er, instead of going after Brad Pitt, who is actually taken now(yeah), you suggest Chris Pine?Chris Pine, who starred opposite Lindsay Lohan in the movie Just My Luck. The movie didn't do so well but keep your eye on this guy because just like Brat Pitt, he's got the,er,great piercing eyes and this eerie mystery about him that we think it's gonna make him a big star.Tom Cruise is taken but Brandon Routh?Routh, yes, he is starring in the upcoming Superman movie and unlike Tom Cruise, he is actually pretty tall. He is 6 foot 3!OK, that was kind of a little bit out of date, but ok Johnny Depp isn't, because he's taken, you've got Kevin Zegers?Zegers, he was in Transamerica, he played Felicity Huffman, as Felicity Huffman's son, and you wanna talk about versatility. Everyone know he says that Johnny Depp can play anything, well this guy, went to playing a hustler in Transamerica from the Air Bud movies in which he co-starred with the golden retriever.Now comes my favorite part of the magazine. Did you actually talk about people who are not celebrities, who are every-day guys who actually we can meet?Real men, yes, (real men), they are out there. And this guy named Josh Miller Montash (right) and actually he is a member of, he's a rescue swimmer. (Yeah), with the coast guard in San Diego and actually the..when you titled this part of the magazine, er you rescue me ,Yes. I mean, 'cause work at this sector, that a guy who's strong and brave and Josh Miller Montash is someone, who is actually, he goes down in a helicopter in those water rescues, and he told us this is a great story of rescuing a premature baby who'd been born on a cruise ship in Mexico, and he brought her back to San Diego by a helicopter which was working on her the whole way back and she survived. How do you find this guy? I mean WOWYeah, there are amazing guys. Everyway you look, all parts of the country and they're all in this issue.And you have actually,er,not put in a lot of the men here on the today show. I, I actually have a.. But there are a lot of guys available here behind the scenes.Nextyou ought to camping out on the set, I think.All right. That will make a lot more popular. Galina Espinoza. Thank you so muchThank youAnd we should've told everybody the issue of People gets new stance this Friday. 200809/50117连云港人流手术哪家医院好 Clinton, Obama Stress Democratic Party y民主党竞选人在关键两州展开冲刺  In the U.S. presidential race, both Democratic contenders have stressed party unity before two primary contests that could prove decisive in deciding which of the two will face the presumed Republican nominee, Arizona Senator John McCain, in the November election. Democratic hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both appeared on U.S. television two days before primary elections in the states of Indiana and North Carolina. 在美国民主党在两个州决定谁出线成为总统提名人的关键党内初选之前,两位总统候选提名的角逐者都强调党内团结。民主党总统提名人将在今年11月与共和党的总统候选人、亚利桑那州参议员麦凯恩对决。就在印地安纳州和北卡罗莱纳州举行党内初选前两天,民主党的两位角逐者克林顿和奥巴马双双出现在美国电视上。For months, Senators Clinton and Obama have waged one of the longest and hardest-fought primary battles in modern American presidential history. 几个月来,克林顿参议员和奥巴马参议员进行了一场美国现代总统竞选史上最漫长、最艰苦的党内初选。Rhetoric between the two contenders has often been sharp, with Clinton at one point questioning whether Obama has demonstrated the credentials necessary to be commander-in-chief, while Obama has blasted the free-trade policies adopted by Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton. 两位角逐者经常尖锐指责对方。克林顿有一次质疑奥巴马是否有能力成为三军统帅,而奥巴马则猛烈抨击克林顿参议员的丈夫、前总统克林顿所推行的自由贸易政策。 Some Democrats have openly wondered whether the intense intra-party fighting will weaken the eventual nominee and dim the party's chances of capturing the White House. 有些民主党人已经公开怀疑,这样激烈的党内斗争会削弱最终获得提名者的力量,使民主党入主白宫的机会降低。Sunday, the two presidential hopefuls appeared to tone down the heavy criticism and focus on party unity instead. Clinton spoke on A's This Week television program. 星期天,这两位总统候选人角逐者都压低批评的调门,转而强调党内团结。克林顿在美国广播公司的电视节目“本星期”上说:"Both Senator Obama and I have made it very clear that we will have a unified Democratic Party going into the fall elections," said Hillary Clinton. "I have said that I would work my heart out for him [if Obama is the nominee]. He has said he would do the same for me [if I am the nominee]." “奥巴马参议员和我都非常明确地表示,我们将以一个团结的民主党进入秋天的大选。我说过,如果奥巴马获得提名,我将全力以赴为他助选。他也说过,如果我获得提名他也会同样尽力地为我助选。”Obama struck a similar chord on N's Meet the Press program. 奥巴马在全国广播公司的“面对新闻界”节目上也发出同样的论调。"I want a Democrat to win in November," said Barack Obama. "So even if Senator Clinton were the nominee instead of me, I would still be campaigning for Democrats." 奥巴马参议员说:“我希望民主党人能够赢得11月的大选。所以,即使不是我,而是克林顿参议员获得提名,我也仍然会为民主党助选。”Obama leads Clinton in pledged delegates won from primary contests as well as the popular vote of all who have cast ballots in the nominating elections so far. Many political analysts have suggested it would be virtually impossible for Clinton to overtake Obama in pledged delegates in the remaining contests. 到目前为止,不论在党代表的票数上,还是在一般选民的票数上,奥巴马参议员都领先克林顿参议员。许多政治分析家暗示,克林顿基本上不可能在剩余的初选中,在党代表票数上超越奥巴马。Yet Clinton has won the last three contests held in large, populous states - two of which, Ohio and Pennsylvania, are considered must-win states for any Democrat to capture the White House in November. In addition, Obama has had to endure firestorms of criticism stemming from recent comments he made that were perceived as demeaning to working-class voters, as well as incendiary remarks by his former pastor. 但是克林顿却赢得了最后结束的三个人口大州的初选。这三个州当中的俄亥俄州和宾夕法尼亚州又被认为是民主党若要在11月入主白宫就必须赢得的州。除此以外,奥巴马还必须面对一连串批评的猛烈炮火。这些批评源自于他最近所做被认为是贬低蓝领阶层选民的言论,以及他过去的教会牧师的煽动性言论。The controversies appear to have eroded support for Obama in national polls. What remains to be seen is whether they will sway so-called super-delegates, Democratic Party elders who are not bound by primary election results and who also have a roll to play in deciding the eventual nominee. 在全国民意测验上,这两项争议似乎削弱了对奥巴马的持度。现在要观察的是,这种民意会不会左右所谓的超级党代表。这些民主党的超级党代表不受初选结果的约束,而且在最终决定提名人的过程中扮演一定角色。To date, there has been no mass exodus of super-delegate support away from Obama. 而到目前为止,还没有出现有大批超级党代表放弃持奥巴马的现象。Asked whether super-delegates should feel empowered to overturn the will of the voters expressed through pledged delegates, Clinton suggested the nomination battle is more than a numbers game."There are a number of factors that people look at," she said. "We have delegates selected by millions of people in primaries and delegates selected by a few thousand people in caucuses. When the process finishes in early June, people can look at all the various factors and decide who would be the strongest candidate." Obama downplayed any suggestion that the recent controversies surrounding his campaign would torpedo his candidacy. 奥巴马尽量淡化任何有关围绕他的竞选争议可能会危害他的候选人资格的说法。"I think the super-delegates are going to take a look, not at momentary snapshot polls [showing reduced support for Obama], but who has run the kind of campaign that can bring about change in America and can actually govern after the election," he said.Most political observers say Obama remains favored to win Tuesday's primary in North Carolina, although by perhaps a smaller margin than had been anticipated just weeks ago. Recent polls in Indiana give a slight edge to Clinton.  多数政治分析家表示,在北卡罗莱纳州的党内初选上,奥巴马取胜的优势虽然可能会比几个星期前的预测有所减少,但他还是会赢得北卡罗莱纳州的初选。此外,最近的民意调查还发现,克林顿参议员在印地安纳州有微弱优势。200805/37707连云港第一人民医院做全身检查要多少钱

江苏连云港治疗妇科哪家医院最好的牛山白塔埠黄川石梁河青湖镇石榴街道治疗腹胀多少钱 UN Commemorates Five-Year Anniversary of Headquarter Bombing in Baghdad联合国纪念其驻伊总部遇袭五周年  The U.N. secretary-general marked the fifth anniversary of the bombing of U.N. headquarters in Baghdad Tuesday. He was joined by survivors of the attack at a ceremony honoring those who died and were injured while working for peace. 联合国秘书长潘基文星期二主持了联合国驻巴格达总部遭到爆炸袭击五周年的纪念活动。潘基文和袭击的幸存者一起出席了纪念仪式,悼念那些为和平工作而丧生或受伤的人。On August 19, 2003, the ed Nations headquarters in Baghdad was targeted in a massive suicide truck bombing. Twenty-two staffers were killed and more than 150 others were wounded. Among those killed was the top U.N. official in Iraq - Sergio Vieira de Mello. 2003年8月19日,联合国驻巴格达总部遭到大规模自杀式卡车炸弹爆炸的袭击,22名联合国雇员死亡,超过150人受伤。丧生的人员中包括联合国驻巴格达最高官员德梅洛。The flag that once flew over the U.N. building in Baghdad hangs torn and damaged at U.N. headquarters in New York, where the commemoration took place. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon laid a wreath honoring those killed beneath a plaque containing their names.  当年飘扬在联合国驻巴格达总部建筑物上的那面被爆炸损毁的联合国旗,现在悬挂在纽约的联合国总部。潘基文在纽约联合国总部向一块刻著遇难者姓名的石板敬献了花圈。A U.N. official the names of the 22 who lost their lives in the deadly attack. U.N. officials, staffers, the Iraqi ambassador and other representatives then observed a moment of silence.  一位联合国官员朗读了22名在袭击事件中丧生者的姓名。联合国官员、工作人员、伊拉克大使和其他代表为死难者默哀。A 15-minute-long classical music piece commissioned for the occasion entitled Song Without Borders was performed to honor the work of the ed Nations and those committed to its mission of peacekeeping.  纪念仪式上演奏了一首15分钟长的古典音乐作品,题目是“歌声无国界”。这部作品是专门为这个仪式创作的,为的是表彰联合国的工作以及那些致力于维持和平使命的人。Mr. Ban said the U.N. lost some of its best and bravest staff that day, but their legacy endures. 潘基文说,那一天联合国失去了它的一些最好的和最勇敢的工作人员,但他们的精神遗产永存。"Their children have grown without a parent, he said. Their other loved ones, many who are with us now, feel their absence every day. We, too, mourn them all. They were heroes. They faced danger to help people in need. They did their job in its largest and most noble sense." 潘基文说:“他们的子女在没有父母的环境中长大。他们的其他亲人,很多今天就在这里,每天都在想念他们。我们悼念他们。他们是英雄。他们甘冒危险去帮助那些需要帮助的人。他们尽了最大努力并以最崇高的责任感去工作。”After the attack, the U.N. scaled back its operations in Iraq, but its presence is growing once again. The organization has helped organize elections and draft a new constitution. Humanitarian agencies have helped those in need. 袭击事件后,联合国减少了在伊拉克的行动,然而现在联合国人员开始有所增加。联合国帮助组织了伊拉克的选举,并帮助起草了一部新的宪法。人道主义机构也在帮助那些有需要的人。The secretary-general says security measures are constantly being reviewed worldwide, particularly in light of the bombing of U.N. offices in Algiers on December 11, 2007. Seventeen staffers were killed in that attack. 联合国秘书长潘基文说,联合国正在全世界范围内不断对保安措施加以评估,特别是因应联合国驻阿尔及尔办事处在2007年12月11日被炸弹袭击的事件。在那起袭击事件中有17名员工死亡。"We think every day about how to ensure that our staff can operate under the best possible conditions, he said. How we can provide state-of-the-art equipment, the strongest protection and the most extensive safety measures." 潘基文说:“我们每天都在考虑,如何确保我们的雇员可以在尽可能好的条件下工作,我们如何提供最先进的设备,最强的保护,并采取最广泛的安全措施 。”Since the beginning of U.N. peacekeeping operations in 1948, more than 700 personnel have lost their lives in the line of duty. 自从1948年联合国开始维和行动以来,联合国已经有700多名工作人员在工作岗位上殉职。200808/46321连云港东海县治疗月经不调哪家医院最好的

连云港云港医院引产多少钱The heads of the government and opposition in Kenya have signed a power sharing agreement aimed at ending the crisis over December's disputed elections. The agreement was reached after a day of talks mediated by former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the Chairman of the African Union Jakaya Kikwete.  肯尼亚政府和反对派领导人签订了一份权力分享协议。这份协议旨在终止去年12月有争议的选举引发的危机。这项协议在由前联合国秘书长安南以及非盟主席基奎特调停后举行的一天会谈之后达成的。Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga signed the agreement before international diplomats and representatives of the Kenyan government and opposition. 肯尼亚总统齐贝基和反对派领导人奥廷加在国际外交官、肯尼亚政府和反对派双方代表面前签署了这项协议。Chief mediator Kofi Annan said that the two leaders had agreed on a government structure after five hours of intensive talks. 谈判主要协调人安南说,谈判双方的领导人在5个小时密集谈判后,就政府的结构达成一致。"I am pleased to be able to tell you and all the citizens of Kenya that the two parties this afternoon completed the work on agenda item three, how to overcome the political crisis," he said. 安南说:“我很高兴地告诉你们和所有肯尼亚的公民,谈判双方今天下午就‘如何克政治危机’完成了第3项议程。”The two sides agreed to the creation of the posts of prime minister and two deputy prime ministers. The prime minister is accorded authority over the ministries. The prime minister is to be nominated by the largest party or coalition in parliament and can only be removed by a majority vote of the national assembly. This position is seen as going to Mr. Odinga. 谈判双方同意设立一个总理和两个副总理的职位。根据协议,总理具有领导他属下的部会的权力。总理由议会中最大的党派或者是党派联盟来任命。要罢免总理必须获得国民议会的多数票认可。人们预计奥廷加将出任总理职位。The accord also calls for distribution of the ministerial posts according to the relative strength of each party in parliament. And it calls for the changes to be enacted by constitutional amendment, a major demand of the opposition. 这项协议也呼吁根据议会各党派的力量对比来分配部长名额。该协议呼吁,任何部长级人事改变须按照通过宪法修正案的程序来进行。这是反对派的主要要求之一。Mr. Kibaki and Mr. Odinga pledged to ensure that the accord is implemented and called for unity among all Kenyans. 齐贝基和奥廷加做出了履行这项协议的承诺,并且呼吁肯尼亚全国人民团结一致。Mr. Annan commended the two parties, saying they reached a common position for the good of the nation. And he had a message for the citizens of Kenya. 安南对谈判双方表示赞许。他说双方为肯尼亚的利益达成一致立场。他对肯尼亚人民发出以下信息。"Compromise was necessary for the survival of this country," he said. "Support this agreement, for it is the key to the unity of Kenya. It is the foundation for national reconciliation and it is the springboard for national recovery." 安南说:“妥协对肯尼亚的生存来说是必要的。请持这个协议,因为它是肯尼亚民族和解的基础,是肯尼亚复苏的跳板”。Parliament is to convene next week (Thursday) to enact the measures. Mr. Annan said the negotiations would resume Friday on long-term issues such as constitutional reform and ways to end inequalities in land and wealth distribution. 肯尼亚国民议会预计下星期四开会,批准这些措施。安南表示,双方于星期五就长期性的议题恢复谈判。这些议题包括宪法改革,讨论终止土地以及财富分配不公平等问题的途径。The two sides have been meeting for nearly five weeks in an effort to find a political solution to the Kenya crisis. One thousand people were killed and several hundred thousand were displaced in the violence that erupted after Mr. Kibaki was declared the winner of a presidential election that the opposition says was rigged. 谈判双方已经进行了将近5个星期的会谈,设法寻求一项肯尼亚政治危机的解决方案。自从齐贝基宣布赢得了“反对派认为是通过欺诈手段而获取的总统大选”以后,肯尼亚爆发了暴力冲突。有1000名肯尼亚人在暴乱中丧生,数十万人因为暴乱而无家可归。Mr. Annan had suspended the talks Tuesday, saying they were going in circles and that he would engage the two leaders directly to try to break the deadlock. 安南星期二暂时中止了谈判。他说,谈判在原地踏步。他说他要促使谈判双方的领导人直接谈判,以打破僵局。Tanzanian President Kikwete flew to Nairobi Wednesday to add the weight of the African Union at what was seen as a critical phase of the negotiations.  坦桑尼亚总统基奎特星期三飞抵内罗毕,加大非盟在谈判中的影响力。据认为这轮谈判极为关键。200802/28030 新海新区彩超多少钱连云港云港医院联系电话




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