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海州幸福路朐阳洪门街道b超多少钱连云港做子宫肌瘤手术大约要花多少钱连云港市第一人民医院新海分院引产多少钱 Couplewith 32 YEAR age gap who defied their families to marry, celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary and groom says his 76-year-old wife is his #39;life-longo bsession#39;年龄相差32岁的夫妇庆祝第18个结婚纪念日,新郎说他76岁的妻子是他“终身的爱恋”A couple who defied their families wishes to marry because the bride, at 59, was 32 years older than her husband-to-be, are preparing to celebrate 18 years together.这对夫妇对抗自己家人的意愿决心要结婚,因为当时她59岁,而他32岁,如今,他们已经一起走过了18个年头。In 1996Li Yuchen married his older love Ma Yuqin, from north east China#39;s Liaoning Province, after falling in love when he was a child and she was a famous local actress.1996年,李玉晨与来自辽宁的马玉琴结婚,当他还是个孩子时就已经爱上了作为当地著名演员的她。Despite strong opposition from relatives, friends and neighbours, and Li#39;s father renouncing him publicly, the age-gap lovers risked becoming social outcasts towed.尽管亲戚,朋友和邻居强烈反对,李的父亲还公开宣布与他断绝关系,这对年龄悬殊的爱人依然不顾社会的反对而结婚。Li, now 44, said: #39;Nobody believed our marriage would last long but we have proved them wrong with a loving relationship that has lasted almost 18 years.#39;现年44岁的李说:“没有人相信我们的婚姻会持久,但是我们明了他们错了,我们已经在一起18年了。”Li was born in 1969, when Ma, then 32, was a well-known performer with a family of her own.李1969年出生,而当时32岁的马是一名著名演员,已经拥有自己的家庭。Yet whenas an eight-year-old he first saw her act, Li fell head over heels for the older beauty.然而,当八岁的他第一次看她表演时,李对她的美神魂颠倒。#39;I was smitten, and it was a life-long obsession that I never lost, even now,#39;he said. #39;I adore Ma and remember her as if it were yesterday when she came for a performance in my primary school.#39;“我当时真是神魂颠倒了,这是一种毕生的爱恋,即使现在也是如此,”他说。“我喜欢马,当她来我们学校表演时,我有一种似曾相识的感觉。”When Li#39;s father told his son that he had been at school with Ma, Li ran up to the actress calling her #39;auntie#39;.当李的父亲告诉儿子自己刚刚在学校看过马时,他马上跑向这位女演员,并称她为“阿姨”。Ma, now 76, said: #39;He was a cheeky little chap and I really felt a warm spot for him,but never dreamed that we would end up married.现年76岁的马说:“他当时是个厚脸皮的小家伙,我还真是蛮喜欢他的,但是从来没想过我们会结婚。”#39;He was just the son of a school friend to me back then. I was stunned after years of knowing him when he proposed and told me he loved me.“他当时仅仅是我校友的儿子,认识他几年后当他向我求婚并说爱我时,我也是不知所措。”#39;It was then that I realised that I actually had grown very fond of him too.#39;“也是在那时我才意识到实际上我也已经非常喜欢他了。”Li said:#39;From the age of 20, my parents introduced many girls to me but I refused allof the girls with different excuses. In fact, Ma Yuqin had been my idol all the time, and no others could hold a candle to her.李说:“从20岁开始,我父母给我介绍很多女孩子,但是我用各种借口拒绝了她们。实际上,马玉琴始终都是我的偶像,任何人都无法与她相提并论。”#39;Wherever Ma went to give performance, I would go to watch. It was at these performances that we got close, we would go for dinner afterwards or chat in bars.#39;“无论马去哪里表演,我都会去看。正是通过这些表演,我们的关系变得亲密,表演过后,我们会去吃饭或者去酒吧里聊天。”When he was 27, Li joined Ma on stage and the pair began to perform together. After their first season - and undaunted by the age gap, Li proposed to the object of his affections, who was then 59.当他27岁的时候,李在舞台上加入了马,于是一起表演。在一起表演一段时间过后,李向马求婚,当时她已经59岁了。Li#39;s parents were so horrified by their son#39;s unlikely match that they told him he should be ashamed and that he must abandon his mature fiancee, who was also adivorced mother-of-two.李的父母为此感到紧张不安,他们对他说他应该为此感到羞耻,并且一定要抛弃这个成熟的未婚妻,当时她已经离婚,并且有两个孩子。Li#39;s father threw him out of the house and announced publicly that he disowned his son.李的父亲将他赶出了家门,并公开宣布断绝父子关系。Ma#39;s two sons also lashed out at their mother#39;s relationship, while Li says neighbours laughed at the pair.马的两个儿子也是猛烈的抨击母亲的这段关系,李说他们都被邻居们嘲笑。Li#39;s mother died in 2006, reportedly weakened by her son#39;s bizarre love match.李的母亲2006年去世,据说是受到了儿子婚事的刺激。Despite this opposition, the unlikely lovers said their vows and have defied the oddsby living a happy life together.尽管遭到反对,两人还是结婚了并愉快的生活在一起。Ma said:#39;I hope it goes on for many more years.#39;马说:“我希望这样的感情能继续持续下去。” /201412/347790Asian buyers snapped up Impressionist paintings at Sotheby’s spring auction in New York, buying three of the sale’s top five lots, including a Vincent Van Gogh landscape, and making up about one-third of the 8.3m raised.亚洲买家在纽约的苏富比(Sotheby’s)春季拍卖会上抢购印象派绘画,买下五大顶级拍品中的三件,包括一幅梵高(Vincent Van Gogh)的风景画,并在3.683亿美元的拍卖总额中占到大约三分之一。Art collecting has soared in Asia in recent years, mainly led by a new breed of ultra-wealthy Chinese collecting both classical and contemporary pieces and building private galleries in China.近年艺术收藏在亚洲一下子风靡起来,主要受到新一代中国超富裕收藏家的拉动,他们收集古典和现代作品,并在中国建立私人画廊。According to a report by the European Fine Art Foundation, China was the world’s joint second largest art market in 2014 with a 22 per cent share of sales, alongside the UK.根据欧洲艺术基金会(European Fine Art Foundation)的一份报告,中国和英国并列2014年全球第二大艺术品市场,各占22%的销售份额。Sotheby’s sale, which kicked off the spring auctions, saw 69 lots go under the gavel. An unidentified Asian collector paid .3m for Van Gogh’s “L’Allée des Alyscamps” (pictured), a rich-hued depiction of an autumnal scene painted in 1888 shortly before the Dutch artist sliced off his ear.苏富比的这场拍卖会揭开了春季拍卖的序幕,共有69件拍品。一位不愿透露姓名的亚洲收藏家付6630万美元买下梵高的《阿里斯康的小路》(L’Allée des Alyscamps,见上图),这幅色调丰富的秋季景象画于1888年。画作完成之后不久,这名荷兰艺术家割下了自己的耳朵。The auction, which included five works by Claude Monet, achieved the second-highest result in Sotheby’s history for any auction of impressionist and modern art. The November 2014 New York sale brought in 2.1m.本次拍卖包括莫奈(Claude Monet)的五件作品,拍卖总额在苏富比历届印象派和现代艺术拍卖会上排名第二。2014年11月举行的纽约拍卖会达到4.221亿美元的拍卖总额。The Van Gogh achieved the highest price at auction for a work by the painter since 1998.上述梵高作品的拍价是这位画家的作品自1998年以来在拍卖会上拍出的最高价。Chinese buyers — like the Japanese before in the late 1980s — are proving big fans of the Dutch painter.中国买家——就像上世纪80年代末的日本买家那样——正明自己是这位荷兰画家的忠实粉丝。Last November Wang Zhongjun, a Chinese film producer, bought Van Gogh’s “Still Life, Vase with Daisies and Poppies”, for .8m, more than its m-to-m estimate.去年11月中国电影制片人王中军以6180万美元买下梵高的《静物,插满雏菊和罂粟花的花瓶》(Still Life, Vase with Daisies and Poppies),远远超出3000万至5000万美元的估价。“L’Allée des Alyscamps” last sold for .8m in 2003. It was first owned by the proprietors of the café where Van Gogh lodged in the city of Arles and was later held in a private collection in Japan.《阿里斯康的小路》上一次出售是在2003年,成交价为1180万美元。这幅画作最初的主人是梵高在法国南部阿尔勒市(Arles)寄宿的咖啡馆的业主,后来被日本的一个私人收藏家买下。For over a third of the works it was the first time they had gone on sale in half a century. Others included one of Claude Monet’s water lilies series of paintings while his 1905 impressionist painting “Nymphéas” sold for m.超过三分之一的作品是半个世纪以来首次拍卖。其它作品包括莫奈的睡莲系列画作之一,他的1905年印象派绘画《睡莲》(Nymphéas)以5400万美元落槌。Pablo Picasso’s “Femme au chignon dans un fauteuil” went for .93m while Marc Chagall’s “Crépuscule ou la maison rouge” was sold for just over m.毕加索(Pablo Picasso)的《Femme au chignon dans un fauteuil》拍得2993万美元,而马克#8226;夏卡尔(Marc Chagall)的《Crépuscule ou la maison rouge》拍得500万美元多一点。Other artists whose works were included were Paul Klee, Edgar Degas, Wassily Kandinsky and René Magritte.其它画作出自保罗#8226;克利(Paul Klee)、埃德加#8226;德加(Edgar Degas)、瓦西里#8226;康定斯基(Wassily Kandinsky)和勒内#8226;马格利特(René Magritte)等艺术家之手。 /201505/373939连云港国泰妇科专科医院网上预约

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连云港市无痛人流哪家好 King Gou Jian of Yue (reigned 496 B. C.~465 B. C.) was the king of the Kingdom of Yue (present-day Shanghai,northern Zhejiang and southern Jiangsu) near the end of the Spring and Autumn Period,named Luo Gou Jian.越王勾践,公元前496年至公元前465年在位。勾践是将近春秋末期的越王,名叫姒勾践。越国在现在的上海,浙江北部和江苏南部。Gou Jian was the son of Marquess Yun Chang of Yue. He was defeated and captured by King Fu Chai of Wu of the neighbouring State of Wu.勾践是越国允常侯的儿子,曾被邻国吴国的国上夫差打败。After three years of servitude and humiliation with his wife in the State of Wu,he gained the trust of King Fu Chai who eventually allowed him to return to his state where he resumed his rule and initiated major reforms.勾践与妻子在吴国忍辱负重务了三年后,获得了吴工的信任并被放回越国,回国后勾践恢复了统治,进行了一些重要的改革。He soon appointed skilled politicians,such as Wen Zhong and Fan Li,as advisors to help build up the kingdom.很快启用像文种和范蠡这样的政治家辅佐治国。During this time,his ministers also worked to weaken the State of Wu internally through bribes and diplomatic intrigue.同时,勾践的大臣还通过贿赂和外交阴谋从内部削弱吴国。All the while ruling his kingdom,Gou Jian never relished in riches as a king,but instead slept on sticks and eating food suited for peasants.在治理国家期间,作为一个国王,勾践从未享受富裕的生活,而是睡在柴火上,吃农民才吃的食物。This way,he could remember his humiliations while serving under the State of Wu.通过这样的手段,勾践时刻不忘在吴国受到的耻辱。There is a Chinese idiom,“Wo Xin Chang Dan” (literally meaning “sleeping on sticks and tasting gall;) coming about because of this and his perseverance.由此产生了一个汉语成语“卧薪尝胆”。After ten years of economic and political reforms,his state at last became powerful enough to challenge and eventually annex the State of Wu in 478 B. C.,where King Fu Chai was forced to commit suicide.十年的政治和经济改革之后,越国最终强大了起来。最后,越国于公元前478年打败吴国,吴王夫差被迫自杀。Later, King Gou Jian met the dukes in Xuzhou and gained hegemony among the states.后来,勾践在徐州会见各诸侯国国君成为霸主。 /201507/386810连云港第一人民医院剖腹产需多少钱云港市海州区人民医院网上预约挂号



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