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连云港做药流云山宿城高公岛中云猴嘴街道东辛农场治疗月经不调哪家医院最好的新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson24:Optimism乐观主义346. I’ve got high hopes for this experiment. 我对这次试验抱很大希望。347. I’m confident we’ll win this game. 我相信这场比赛我们会赢的。348. Joe’s always an optimist. 乔一直是个乐观主义者。349. You seem pretty optimistic about your chances. 看起来你对自己的机会持乐观态度。350. Why are you so optimistic after what just happened? 为什么在发生了这些事情后,你还这么乐观?351. Optimism comes from hope. 乐观来自希望。352. Optimists always say the glass is half full, not half empty. 乐观主义者总是说,杯子有一半是满的,而不是说杯子有一半是空的。353. I’m not very optimistic about this new restaurant. 我对这家新开的餐馆不抱乐观态度。354. The investorsx are optimistic about our company’s future. 投资者对我们公司的未来持乐观态度。355. Optimism is a healthy outlook on life. 乐观是一种健康的人生观。356. I will deal with that if it happens, but until then I’m going to hope for the best. 如果那样的话,我会想办法处理的。但是在那之前,我还是朝好的方向想。357. It would be better to just try to calm down. 最好是尽量平静下来。358. Lots of people believe if you are optimistic, better things will happen to you. 很多人相信,如果你是乐观的,事情就会向好的方向发展。359. In the end, you will always be happier if you have pleasant thoughts and lots of hope. 最后,如果你思想乐观,充满希望的话,你就总是会更快乐些。360. Tomorrow has to be better, because it can’t possibly be worse than today. 明天肯定会更好,因为不可能比今天更糟了。【生词解读】1. optimism [5CptimizEm] n. 乐观;乐观主义2. optimist [`Cptimist] n. 乐观者;乐观主义者3. optimistic [7Cpti5mistik] a. 乐观的4. investor [in5vestE] n. 投资者;出资者5. calm [kB:m] vi. 镇定下来;平静下来 /200812/59401连云港海州区治疗痛经多少钱 David Beckham says he will vote for the ed Kingdom to stay in the European Union. The British soccer star made the announcement in a Facebook post Tuesday. 大卫·贝克汉姆称,他将投票持英国留在欧盟。英国足球明星于周二在脸谱网发帖宣布这一消息。Voters will decide whether the U.K. will stay in the EU when they head to the polls on Thursday.周四,选民将投票决定英国是否留在欧盟。Beckham started his career in England before going on to play in Spain and the U.S. He posted a photo of himself with Manchester ed teammate Eric Cantona, who is French.在西班牙和美国继续效力前,贝克汉姆在英国开始他的职业生涯。他公布自己与曼联队友埃里克·坎通纳的照片,他是法国人。Beckham wrote of his Manchester ed team, ;We were a better and more successful team because of a Danish goalkeeper, Peter Schmeichel, the leadership of an Irishman Roy Keane and the skill of a Frenchman in Eric Cantona.;贝克汉姆写他曼联的团队,我们是一个更好、更成功的团队,因为我们有丹麦门将彼得·舒梅切尔,爱尔兰罗伊·基恩的带领以及法国埃里克·坎通纳的技术。He went on to say: ;We live in a vibrant and connected world where together as a people we are strong. For our children and their children we should be facing the problems of the world together and not alone.;他接着说,我们生活在一个充满活力、相互依存的世界,人们团结为一变得更强。为了我们的孩子和他们的孩子,我们应该一起面对世界上的问题,而不是独自一人。The post came on the same day British Prime Minister David Cameron pleaded with voters to remain in the EU.该贴发布的同一天,英国首相卡梅伦请求选民选择留在欧盟。If we left, our neighbors would go on meeting and making decisions that profoundly affect us, affect our county, affect our jobs, but we wouldn#39;t be there.如果我们离开,我们的邻国会继续相会并作出决定,深刻地影响我们,影响我们的县,影响我们的工作,但我们却不在。Advocates for leaving the EU argue that exiting would offer better trade opportunities and more secure borders. “退欧”的持者认为,退出将提供更好的贸易机会和更安全的边界。Beckham said no matter the outcome of the vote, both views should be respected. 贝克汉姆表示,无论投票的结果如何,两种观点都应得到尊重。译文属。 Article/201606/450809新英语900句视频版 第4课:在自助餐厅 文本如下:CARL:Aren#39;t you hungry?您不饿吗?ANNA: No, I#39;m not. Not really.还好, 不怎么饿.CARL:Well, it#39;s 9:30, and I am.哦, 已经九点半了, 我可饿了.ANNA: There#39;s a cafeteria on the ground floor.在一楼有一个自助餐厅.CARL:But it#39;s expensive, isn#39;t it?可是那家自助餐厅卖得很贵, 不是吗?ANNA: No, it isn#39;t.不贵呀.CARL:How#39;s the food?菜怎么样?ANNA: It#39;s not bad.还不错.CARL:OK. then. Let#39;s go to the cafeteria.好吧, 我们就去自助餐厅吧!CARL:What#39;s that in English?那个英文怎么讲?ANNA: Stew.Stew.CARL:Spell it.拼出来.ANNA: S-t-e-w.S-t-e-w.CARL:S-t-e-w. Stew, stew.S-t-e-w. Stew, stew.COUNTERMAN: Next, next. Who#39;s next?下一位, 下一位, 下一位是谁?CARL:Uh, I#39;m not y yet, thank you.这个... 我还没想好, 不好意思.COUNTERMAN: Take your time. Next!慢慢来. 下一位!CARL:What are those, Anna?安娜, 那些是什么?ANNA: Baked potatoes.烤的马铃薯.COUNTERMAN: Next!下一位!MAN: A hamburger and french fries, please.请给我一个汉堡, 还有一客炸薯条.COUNTERMAN: Joe, a burger and fries. Next!乔, 汉堡、薯条一客! 下一位!ANNA: You#39;re next, Carlo.卡洛, 轮到你了.CARL:Uh, stew, a salad, and coffee, please.这个..., 请给我炖肉、一客沙拉、还有咖啡.COUNTERMAN: Here you are. The coffee#39;s at that counter over there. Next!这是你的, 咖啡在那边的柜台上. 下一位.ANNA: Vegetable soup, please.请给我蔬菜汤.COUNTERMAN: Here you are. Next!这是你的. 下一位!CARL:What#39;s that?那是什么?ANNA: Pizza.Pizza.CARL:No, not in Italian. What is it in English?不, 不是用意大利文, 英文怎么讲?ANNA: It#39;s ;pizza; in English, too.英文也叫 Pizza.CARL:Oh, really? What are those?哦, 真的? 那些是什么东西?ANNA: Baked potatoes.烤马铃薯.CARL:And this?那这个呢?ANNA: Uh... an apple.嗯... 是 apple (苹果).CARL:Are you sure?你确定吗?ANNA: Yes, I#39;m sure.当然确定.CARL:Spell it.把它拼出来.ANNA: A-p-p-l-e.A-p-p-l-e.CARL:A-p-p-l-e, apple. Spell ;potato;.A-p-p-l-e, apple, 把 potato (马铃薯) 拼出来.ANNA: P-o-t-a-t-o.P-o-t-a-t-o.CARL:And...还有这个...ANNA: Look! Isn#39;t that Atsuko, the woman in our class? let#39;s sit there. Hi, Atsuko. Where#39;s your husband?你看! 那不是我们班上的明子吗? 我们坐那边吧. 明子你好,你的先生呢?ATSUK:He#39;s in line again. He#39;s hungry tonight.他又去排队了, 他今天晚上很饿.CARL:How#39;s the food here?这里的菜怎么样?ATSUK:It#39;s okay. The rice isn#39;t good, but the sandwiches are okay.还可以, 这里的饭不好吃, 但是三明治还不错. /200808/46803连云港宫颈息肉治疗费用

连云港市佳连医院联系电话雅思口语900句是在众多雅思阅读词汇中浓缩出来的精华,都是在历年雅思考试中出现且多次考过的,不得不记,不得不学!所有的单词都配有发音,每天更新三句话,天天前进一小步,雅思口语一大步! 谈论天气 (2)51.Pleasant days are what people need most in my hometown.在我的家乡,好天气是大家最渴望的。52.Weather has great influence on the crops in different areas.在不同的地域,气候对庄稼都有很大的影响。53.The weather is terrible today because of the destruction of nature by human being.现在的天气非常不好,这是人类破坏自然的结果。 /200604/6629连云港宫颈糜烂的费用 Right now, you#39;re probably sitting down to watch this 现在,你可能坐着看这个视频,and staying seated for a few minutes to view it is probably okay.花上几分钟坐着看完这个视频好像没什么问题。But the longer you stay put, the more agitated your body becomes.但是你坐得越久,你的身体就越焦躁不安。It sits there counting down the moments until you stand up again and take it for a walk.你的身体坐着数倒计时,直到你重新站起来带着你的身体走两步。That may sound ridiculous. Our bodies love to sit, right? Not really.这听起来可能很荒谬。我们的身体喜欢坐着,不是吗?不是的。Sure, sitting for brief periods can help us recover from stress or recuperate from exercise.的确,短时间地坐一会能帮我们从紧张的情绪中中恢复过来,或在运动后恢复体力。But nowadays, our lifestyles make us sit much more than we move around,但是如今,我们的生活方式使我们坐的时间远远大于我们活动的时间,and our bodies simply aren#39;t built for such a sedentary existence.然而我们的身体并不仅是为了久坐而构建的。In fact, just the opposite is true.事实恰好相反。The human body is built to move, and you can see evidence of that in the way it#39;s structured.人类的身体生来是为了运动。并且你能从人类的身体构造的方式中找到据。Inside us are over 360 joints, and about 700 skeletal muscles that enable easy, fluid motion.我们全身有超过360个关节,还有大约700块骨骼肌,这让我们能够轻松流畅地做各种动作。The body#39;s unique physical structure gives us the ability to stand up straight against the pull of gravity.人类身体独特的构造使我们能够对抗地心引力,笔直地立在天地之间。Our blood depends on us moving around to be able to circulate properly.我们的血液需要我们活动才能合理地循环。Our nerve cells benefit from movement, and our skin is elastic, meaning it molds to our motions.身体活动同时也会给神经细胞带来好处。而且我们的皮肤是有弹性的,它会随着我们的动作而变化。So if every inch of the body is y and waiting for you to move, what happens when you just don#39;t?所以,我们身体的每一寸都准备好了并期待着你去多活动,但如果你偏偏不动,我们身体到底会发生什么事?Let#39;s start with the backbone of the problem, literally.让我们先来看看脊椎部分。Your spine is a long structure made of bones and the cartilage discs that sit between them.你的脊椎是一个长形的结构,骨骼和软骨交错其中。Joints, muscles and ligaments that are attached to the bones hold it all together.附着在骨骼上的关节,肌肉和韧带把它们紧紧地连结在一起。A common way of sitting is with a curved back and slumped shoulders,最常见的坐姿是弯着的背和下榻的肩膀,a position that puts uneven pressure on your spine.这个姿势往往给你的脊椎施加了不平均的压力。Over time, this causes wear and tear in your spinal discs, overworks certain ligaments and joints,日积月累,它会磨损你的腰间盘,使一些关节和肌肉过度劳损,and puts strain on muscles that stretch to accommodate your back#39;s curved position.肌肉也紧绷着去迎合弯曲的背部。This hunched shape also shrinks your chest cavity while you sit,驼背坐着同时也缩小了你胸腔的空间,meaning your lungs have less space to expand into when you breath.这意味着,呼吸时肺部舒张没有足够的空间。That#39;s a problem because it temporarily limits the amount of oxygen that fills your lungs and filters into your blood.这样就形成了一个问题,因为它暂时性地限制了填充肺部和滤进血液里的氧气容量。Around the skeleton are the muscles, nerves, arteries and veins that form the body#39;s soft tissue layers.骨架的周围都是肌肉,神经,和动静脉,形成了人体的软组织层。The very act of sitting squashes, pressurizes and compresses, and these more delicate tissues really feel the brunt.这种坐姿,无时无刻不在向身体施加压力,而这些更为精细的组织真实地感受到了这种冲击。Have you ever experienced numbness and swelling in your limbs when you sit?当你久坐的时候,你有过四肢肿胀或者肢体麻木的感觉吗?In areas that are the most compressed, your nerves, arteries and veins can become blocked,这是因为在那些被挤压的最厉害的部位,你的神经,动脉和血管会慢慢堵塞,which limits nerve signaling, causing the numbness, and reduces blood flow in your limbs, causing them to swell.这阻断了神经信号的传导,引起麻木;并且这种堵塞减缓了你肢体中血液流动的速度,使你四肢肿胀。Sitting for long periods also temporarily deactivates lipoprotein lipase,同时,长时间的坐着会导致脂蛋白脂肪酶暂时性失效,a special enzyme in the walls of blood capillaries that breaks down fats in the blood,这是一种存在于毛细血管壁中降低血液中脂肪含量的一种特殊酵素。so when you sit, you#39;re not burning fat nearly as well as when you move around.所以当你坐着的时候,你的体内几乎没有像你活动时那样分解脂肪。What effect does all of this stasis have on the brain?这种停滞和郁积对人的大脑又有什么影响呢?Most of the time, you probably sit down to use your brain,在很多时候,你大概都是坐着去思考问题,but ironically, lengthy periods of sitting actually run counter to this goal.但是讽刺的是,长时间的坐着却让你和你的初衷背道而驰。Being stationary reduces blood flow and the amount of oxygen entering your blood stream through your lungs.坐着不动使血液流动放缓,使通过肺部进入血液中的氧气减少。Your brain requires both of those things to remain alert,你的大脑需要所有这些东西去保持灵敏,so your concentration levels will most likely dip as your brain activity slows.随着你的大脑活动减慢,你的注意力集中程度有很大的可能性会降低。Unfortunately, the ill effects of being seated don#39;t only exist in the short term.不幸的是,这种不良影响在短期内并不会发生。Recent studies have found that sitting for long periods is linked with some types of cancers and heart disease近期研究发现,长期坐着与某些癌症和心脏病存在特殊的联系,and can contribute to diabetes, kidney and liver problems.并且可能促成糖尿病,引起肾脏和肝脏的病变。In fact, researchers have worked out that, worldwide, inactivity causes about 9% of premature deaths a year.事实上,研究者已经发现,每年世界上过早死亡的案例中,不活动占据了9%的死因。That#39;s over 5 million people.总数超过5百万人。So what seems like such a harmless habit actually has the power to change our health.这个看起来并没有多大害处的习惯,实际上却有影响我们健康的能力。But luckily, the solutions to this mounting threat are simple and intuitive.幸好,解决这个威胁的方法非常简单。When you have no choice but to sit, try switching the slouch for a straighter spine,当你只能坐着的时候,试着去抬头挺胸,and when you don#39;t have to be bound to your seat, aim to move around much more,当你不需要被绑在座椅上时就更不用说了,试着去到处走走活动活动。perhaps by setting a reminder to yourself to get up every half hour.或者你可以给自己设一个提示,每隔半个小时起来一下。But mostly, just appreciate that bodies are built for motion, not for stillness.更多的时候,我们要感激人类的身体是为运动而生,而不是寂静。In fact, since the #39;s almost over, why not stand up and stretch right now?其实,这个视频也快到尾声了,为什么不趁现在起来走走?Treat your body to a walk. It#39;ll thank you later.把走一走当作对你身体的小奖赏,它会在日后感谢你的。 Article/201706/515085连云港高公岛医院治疗妇科炎症好吗

云港市打掉孩子多少钱If I talk to you about food and then I show you this, you#39;ll put the letter ;U; in there.如果和你谈论食物,并展示给你这个,你会在空白处填上字母“U。”If I talk to you about cleanliness first and then I show you this, you#39;ll put the letter ;A; in there.如果谈论清洁,你会填上字母“A。”This is what is called priming. By simply priming people, you can significantly affect their decisions.这就是所谓的引导效应。通过简单的引导人们,你就可以非常显著地影响他们的决定。There was a study where a wine store played French music on some days and German music on others,有项研究,在一个葡萄酒专卖店,轮流播放法国音乐和德国音乐,and the customers of course would never think that this would affect anything,顾客们当然不会认为这会产生什么影响。but they tended to buy more French wines on the days when French music was played,但是在播放法国音乐的时候,他们倾向于买更多的法国红酒,and more German wines on the days when German music was played.在播放德国音乐的时候会买更多的德国红酒。This is also one of the reasons why when you walk into a store that promotes health and freshness like Whole Foods,这就是为什么,当你走进一个宣传健康和新鲜理念的商店(例如全食超市)的时候,you#39;ll probably be greeted with fresh flowers and fruit.你第一眼看到的很有可能是新鲜的花朵和水果。It primes you for freshness. The first thing you see will never be canned tuna,它会让你想到新鲜。你最先看到的肯定不是金鱼罐头,even though you can definitely buy plenty of canned stuff in there.尽管你肯定也会在那里买很多罐装的东西。If we really like someone, we tend to really like everything they do and say.如果真的喜欢某个人,我们就会喜欢他的言行举止,喜欢他的一切。If they say something average, we might think that it#39;s the best thing we#39;ve ever heard,如果他们说一些稀松平常的事情,我们可能也会认为这是我们听过的最好的事情,and if they say something stupid, we tend to just go along with it anyway.如果他们认为某事很愚蠢,我们也会去附和。And you probably have someone you really admire and if they do say something stupid you#39;ll say,可能你真的很欣赏某人,如果他们做了一些蠢事,你会说,;Oh whatever…Everyone makes mistakes…;“那又怎样…每个人都会犯错…”But then if someone you didn#39;t like did the exact same thing, you#39;d be outraged.但如果是你不喜欢的人做了同样的蠢事,你就会发怒。And the attractiveness of a person along with other irrelevant factors plays a huge role一个人的吸引力以及一些其他无关因素in how much we like what they say and do.在我们对于他们言行举止的喜好程度上,起着重要的作用。If we#39;re presented with two women who committed the same crime,如果我们面对有两个犯同样罪行的女士,we#39;re much more likely to give a lighter punishment to the more attractive one.我们很大可能会给那个更有吸引力的女士从轻处罚。And of course, that doesn#39;t make sense! They committed the same crime! But that is the halo effect.当然了,这根本不合理!她们犯了同样的罪行!但这就是光环效应。So next time an attractive person or someone you#39;ve put on a pedestal is trying to give you advice,所以下次如果一个有吸引力的人或者你崇拜的某人尝试给你建议的话,ask yourself, ;Is this advice valuable because it#39;s actually valuable,问问你自己,“这个建议是真的有价值,or am I blinded by how he looks, or how big his house is, or how much I like him.;还是我被他的外表,他的房子大小,或者喜欢他的程度蒙蔽了双眼。”You probably know people who constantly feel the need to say,你可能知道有些人会时常觉得有必要说,;Well, I knew that was going to happen…; ;I knew that stock was going to fall…;“我知道那会发生…”“我知道那股票会跌…”;I knew that we were going to lose that war…; ;I knew that stock was going rise…;“我知道那场战争我们会失败…”“我知道那股票会涨…”This is called the hindsight bias. We tend to be experts at events after they have aly occurred.这就是所谓的后见之明。在某事发生之后我们就成了专家。It#39;s really weird how you know exactly which stock is going to rise很奇怪你怎么能确切的知道哪股票会涨and which stock is going to fall because you#39;re completely broke.哪股票会跌,因为你破产了。If you actually knew that information, you#39;d be a really rich person by now.如果你真的知道那些信息,你现在肯定非常富有了。And the hindsight bias can go from just annoying to simply dangerous事后的偏见就会从恼人变为简单的危险when we start to blame other people for not being able to see something so obvious.当我们开始指责别人没能够看清如此明显的事情时。You blame the government for making a certain decision and think, ;How could they not see that?;你指责政府作出的某项决定,并想,“他们怎么没有预计到某事”Your girlfriend hits a pothole and you get a flat tire and you get all pissed off, ;How did she not see that pothole?;你女朋友撞到一个坑,轮胎漏气了,你很生气,责怪她“你怎么没看见那个坑?”Well… Because if you were in government, you might have thought因为,如果你在政府工作,你可能会想that the decision was actually a good decision at the time it was made,在做那个决定的时候,确实是个不错的决定,and if you were driving and looking in the mirror so you could make a turn,如果你开车的时候看看镜子就能转弯了,you might have not seen the pothole yourself.可能你自己也看不见那个坑。So don#39;t be that annoying person who feels the need to tell everyone所以不要那么招人讨厌,还感觉有必要告诉每个人how you knew exactly who was going to win the finals and how the stock was obviously going to rise.你是多么准确的知道谁会赢得最终的比赛以及股票会有多明显的涨幅。And definitely don#39;t blame others for something that seems so obvious just because it#39;s aly happened.不要因为某事而责备别人,它也仅仅因为发生了才变得显而易见。Of course it#39;s obvious now, but it wasn#39;t obvious before it actually happened.当然了现在看是很明显的,但是在它发生之前就没有那么明显了。So the 3 big ideas are…所以三大思维模式…1. Priming. Realize the power of even the simplest suggestions and what that does to people#39;s behavior.引导效应。意识到最简单建议的功能,以及会对人们的行为产生什么影响。2. The halo effect. Stop thinking everything someone says is pure gold just because you really like them.光环效应。不要因为喜欢某人就认为他说的都是真理。Chances are everything they say isn#39;t that flawless.可能他说的每一件事都不是那么的完美。3. And the hindsight bias. Realize that anyone can be an expert after an event has aly occurred.事后偏见。要知道在某事发生之后任何人都可能成为专家。 Article/201706/515429 看Flash学口语 第13课:Using a Bank /200706/14508连云港省妇幼保健院做人流好吗连云港安全人流医院在哪里



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