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连云港赣榆区治疗宫颈肥大哪家医院最好的宁海浦东浦西新东新南路南新海花果山街道打掉孩子哪家医院最好的连云港国泰医院肛肠科 President Trump: Thank you. Shelly. Thank you very much. I guess they like what were about to sign. I knew they were going to like this one. Well, thank you very much. I very much appreciate it. And thank you to our great Vice President, Mike Pence. Im thrilled that everybody could be here with us today. I want to give special thanks to Administrator Scott Pruitt, Secretary Ryan Zinke, and Secretary Rick Perry for your remarks. I told Rick, I said, run it the way you ran Texas – because this is going to be a great operation. And he did a great job, and were honored to have all three. And Im really honored to have our Vice President, because Mike Pence has been outstanding. Hasnt he been outstanding? Together, this group is going to do a truly great job for our country. We have a very, very impressive group here to celebrate the start of a new era in American energy and production and job creation. The action Im taking today will eliminate federal overreach, restore economic freedom, and allow our companies and our workers to thrive, compete, and succeed on a level playing field for the first time in a long time, fellas. Its been a long time. Im not just talking about eight years; were talking about a lot longer than eight years. You people know it maybe better than anybody. Thanks, as well, to the many distinguished members of Congress who have taken the time to be here. I want to thank all of our industry leaders who are with us and who share our determination to create jobs in America, for Americans. And, Shelley, thank you very much also. I spotted you in the audience. Thank you. That is what this is all about: bringing back our jobs, bringing back our dreams – and making America wealthy again. I also want to thank the dedicated public servants who are with us this afternoon. Youre doing important work to protect our health and public resources. So important. Finally, I want to acknowledge the truly amazing people behind me on this stage: our incredible coal miners. We love our coal miners. Great people. Over the past two years, Ive spent time with the miners all over America. They told me about the struggles theyve endured. I actually, in one case, I went to a group of miners in West Virginia – you remember, Shelley – and I said, how about this: Why dont we get together, well go to another place, and youll get another job; you wont mine anymore. Do you like that idea? They said, no, we dont like that idea – we love to mine, thats what we want to do. I said, if thats what you want to do, thats what youre going to do. And I was very impressed. They love the job. Thats what their job is. I fully understand that. I grew up in a real estate family, and until this recent little excursion into the world of politics, I could never understand anybody who would not want to be in the world of real estate. Believe me. So I understand it. And were with you 100 percent, and thats what youre going to do. Okay? The miners told me about the attacks on their jobs and their livelihoods. They told me about the efforts to shut down their mines, their communities, and their very way of life. I made them this promise: We will put our miners back to work. Weve aly eliminated a devastating anti-coal regulation – but that was just the beginning.201704/503847徐圩新区检查妇科病哪家医院最好的

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连云区治疗尖锐湿疣多少钱Five Did you tip the bellboy?你付小费给那个务生了吗? 1 IntroductionA It is the custom to give tips to waiters in restaurants and taxi drivers. 在餐馆给务员小费、给的士司机小费被认为是习俗。B It is also American custom when visiting friends to telephone ahead of time to let them know you are coming. 在拜访朋友时,提早打电话让他们知道你来了也被认为是一种美国习俗。C In America and Britain, it is not acceptable to smoke in a friend’s home without asking.在美国和英国,没有询问对方就在朋友家抽烟是不能容忍的。D When someone moves into a new home, it is the custom to give a “housewarming” gift.当别人搬进新房子时,送上一份乔迁之喜礼物是一种风俗。E When a couple gets married, the bride’s family usually pays for the reception. 夫妻结婚时,新娘家通常付宴会费用。F When a child is born, the father often gives cigars to friends. 小孩出生时,父亲常常送雪茄烟给朋友们。G Usually Americans go Dutch when they go out to eat, unless it is understood ahead of time that one person will pay for everyone.美国人外出吃饭通常是各自付帐,除非之前有人说请客。 2 Sample Sentences 1. Are the customs the same or different in your country? 在你们国家,风俗习惯是一样,还是不同?2. I heard you’re supposed to kiss each other at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Is that right? 我听说除夕的子夜时刻你们应该互相亲吻。是这样吗?3. When you come back from a vacation, you’re expected to bring small gifts for your friends. 当你度假回来,你理应带些小礼物给你的朋友。4. Are you familiar with the customs here? 你对这儿的风俗习惯熟悉吗?5. What are you expected to do on Thanksgiving in your country? 在你们国家,感恩节你理应做些什么?6. Every time my husband leaves home, he hugs me and kisses me goodbye. 每次我丈夫出门,他都拥抱我,并亲吻说再见。7. When a man wants to marry a girl, it’s customary that he buys her a ring and asks her to marry him. 当一个男人想要与一个女孩结婚时,习惯上他买一个戒指给她并要求她嫁给他。8. People here are proud of their heritage. 这里的人们都为他们的血统感到自豪。 9. You won’t be seen so much in America. You only see cars going by often. 在美国你不会被经常看到。你只看到车子经常经过。10. You are supposed to pay the gas bill when you use someone’s car. 当你用别人的车时,你应该付汽油钱。 3 Conversations 1. How much should I leave?Two Chinese business people are unpacking in their San Diego hotel room.Susan: Did you tip the bellboy1? Tom: Yes, but I don't think it was enough. He looked disappointed. I gave him three dollars. Susan: That sounds about right to me, fifty cents a bag. If they think you don't know better2, they'll try to get more.Tom: It's the same in Kauloon. But I definitely think we over-tipped the cab driver. The fare was twenty dollars, and you gave him a five-dollar tip. That's twenty-five percent of the total! Too much!Susan: I disagree. He was polite and informative3, and he drove smoothly. One should reward4 good service.(Later in the hotel dining room)Tom: I'll sign for5 dinner and charge it to our room. Let's see. The bill is one hundred dollars. That seems reasonable. How much tip should I leave?Susan: Remember last month when we were in Europe? Maybe Californians use that same system: they add the waiter or waitress into the bill, so you don't have to leave anything extra.——你付小费给那个务生了吗?——给了,但是我想没给够。他看起来有些失望。我给了他三美金。——我觉得还公正,一个旅行袋五十美分。如果他们认为你不知行情,他们会试着多要钱。——在Kauloon也是这样。但是我肯定我们多给了出租车司机小费。车费是20美金,而你给了他五美金小费。那是总额的四分之一。太多了!——我不赞同。他又有礼貌,见识又广,而且他开车很平稳。一个人应该对好的务给予报酬。(不久,在酒店餐厅里)——我来签收晚餐,记入我们房。看看。账单是一百美金。看起来很合理。我应该给多少小费呢?——记得上个月我们在欧洲吗?也许加州人使用同样的方式:他们把男务生或者女务生加入了账单内,所以你不必额外给钱。2. What to wear?May, a journalist for China Daily, is attending a conference in New Orleans.May: Frank, I want your advice on something. Some scientists I met at the conference6 this afternoon have invited me to a party. Actually, they called it an "informal get-together."Frank: And what's the problem? May: When I asked how people were going to dress, Dr. Lite said it was casual. Frank: And you want to know what to wear? May: Well, last night I went out with some journalists for a "casual" party, but I was overdressed7. I wore what I consider casual -- an outfit of skirt, blouse, scarf, and medium heels ... you know.Frank: That sounds just right to me. What was wrong with it?May: Everyone else there was wearing blue jeans. Several of the women had on running shoes. I felt out of place8. So I have no idea what to wear tonight. Frank: My guess is you can safely wear last night's outfit to tonight's party. ——弗兰克,我想你在某些方面给我一些建议。今天下午我在会议上碰到的一些科学家邀请我去参加一个聚会。实际上,他们称之为“随便聚聚”。——那有什么问题?——当我问到其他人会穿什么衣时,赖特士说这很随便。——那你是想知道该穿什么样的衣?——昨晚我和一些记者参加了一个“随便”聚会,但我却穿得过于正经了。我穿了我认为是休闲的装——一套衣裙、短衫、围巾和中跟皮鞋……你知道。——我听起来没觉得什么不对劲。有什么不好呢?——那儿每个人都穿着蓝色的牛仔裤。有几个妇女还穿着跑鞋。我感到很不自在。所以我不知道今晚穿什么好。——我想你可以穿昨晚的衣大胆去参加今晚的派对。3. Let's go Dutch.Two friends in line at a movie theater in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.Ari: Come on, Tara. Let's go up to the window and buy two tickets. The movie is starting in a few minutes. Tara: We can't break into9 the line. Don't be so impatient. We'll be at the front of the line soon. Ari: (To the cashier) Two tickets, please. How much are they? (Ari holds a twenty-dollar bill in his hand.) Tara: Oh no, Ari. I didn't mean for you to pay for me when I invited you to go tonight. Let's go Dutch. I'll pay my own way. I insist. (They enter the theater.) Ari: I'm looking forward to this film. I a good review of it in this morning's newspaper. Tara: Me, too. It will be great to see something light and funny10 for a change. I'm tired of heavy drama. (They look for empty seats in the theater.)Ari: Are these seats okay?Tara: They're fine, but I can't watch a movie without popcorn11. ——过来吧,泰瑞。我们上去到窗口买两张票。电影过几分钟就要开始了。——我们不能挤乱队伍。不要这么没耐心。我们很快就要到队伍前面去了。——(对收银员说) 请买两张票。多少钱?(阿里手里拿着一张二十元钱。)——不,不要,阿里。今晚我邀请你来不是要你为我付钱。我们各付各的吧。我会付自己的。我一定要的。(他们进入电影厅。)——我一直盼着看这部电影。今天早上我在报上看了它的好评。——我也是。换个口味,看些轻松滑稽点的会很好。艺术性的剧本我都看腻了。(他们在电影院找空座位。)——这些座位好不好?——可以,但是没有爆玉米花,我看不了电影。4. Why would Chinese answer questions this way?An American teacher is talking with his Chinese wife about his Chinese students.Gary: Did you go to the bank to withdraw12 money?Sissy: Today is so hot, besides I had so much housework to do. My friend came for a visit and stayed for two hours. I didn’t forget, but I had no time at all. Gary: So you didn’t. Is that right?Sissy: Yes. I’m sorry.Gary: Why didn’t you just answer my question directly? Why would Chinese answer questions this way? I simply asked if you did it or not. It’s a very simple question. And Chinese often give the reason before they would give a direct answer. Sissy: Yes, I’m sorry. I know it bothers you very much. But I don’t know why Chinese sometimes would do this. Gary: You know, today I asked a student if he brought his dictionary with him. It’s a rule I made for the class that everyone brings a bilingual13 dictionary with them because sometimes they don’t understand me. The funniest thing is that this student gave me a lot of reasons and no direct answer. Sissy: But you know if he brought it or not, right? Gary: Yeah, after all the explanations like, it’s too heavy, I was in a hurry…whatever. Helpful Information: It’s an American way of talking that questions should be answered before being explained, even if answers might be something negative and very disappointing. 美国人的谈话方式是先回答问题再解释原因,即便有可能是否定的,并且很令人失望。——你去取钱了吗?——今天很热,而且我有很多家务要做。我的朋友来玩,还呆了两个小时。我是没忘记,但我根本就没有时间。——那么你没有去。是不是?——是啊。我很抱歉。——你为什么不就直接回答我的问题?为什么中国人会这么回答呢?我只是简单地问你有没有去。这个问题很简单。而中国人常常先说明理由再给。——是,对不起。我知道你很烦这一点。但是我不知道为什么中国人有时候会这么做。——你知道吗,今天我问一个学生他有没有带字典来。因为有时候班上的人听不懂我说的,所以我跟他们定了一个规定,那就是每个人带一本英汉字典。最可笑的事是这个学生给了我很多理由,没有一个直接的。——但是你知道他有没有带,是不是?——是,在所有的解释之后,比如太重了,我出门时很急……等等。 4 Words and Expressions1. bellboy 旅馆大厅的务生 2. know better (对事物)有不止如此的了解,认识3. informative见闻广的,有益的 4. reward 报答;报偿;奖赏 5. sign for签收 6. conference (正式)会议,协商会 7. overdressed 穿着过于正经的 8. out of place 不在适当的位置,不相称的9. break into 闯入;打断10. light and funny 轻松活泼地11. popcorn 爆玉米花12. withdraw 抽回;收回;取回13. bilingual 双语的 /200603/5411 英语日常口语 19:Tim's reward 本单元是关于对 Tim 回报的对话Tim: Hello I'm calling from McCarthy's. I helped you when you were looking at watches the other day. Customer: Yes? Tim: I think I've found something of yours. Have you lost anything? Customer: Not that I've noticed. No, nothing seems to be missing. Tim: Well, you dropped 150 pounds!Customer: Really! Tim: Yes. Now, how can I return your money? Customer: Oh how refreshingly honest! But I think a small reward is in order, don't you?Tim: Oh I couldn't.Customer: You could. I'm sure you have a pretty young girlfriend who needs to be spoiled.Tim: No I don't. I'm single just now.Customer: A good looking man like you? I don't believe it!Vocabulary:something (for example, a reward) is in order: : it's logical or right that something should happen (for example, that Tim should get a reward)to return (v): to give something back本单元的语言点是关于不定代词 No/None/Any, 看看下面对这几个词的例句和解释No/None/AnyNo, none and none of'no' with a noun:We have no homework today. We don't have any homework. She has no brothers. She doesn't have any brothers.'none' without a noun: 'How much money have you got? 'None' No money 'How many letters did you send?' 'None' No letters 'none of' with a noun:All of the class passed the test. None of us failed. I went by myself. None of my friends came with me. 'No' + noun at the beginning of sentence:No butter was used in the cake. No animals were harmed in the making of this film.Nobody/no-one, nothing and nowhereIn a statement: Nobody (or no-one) likes doing the washing up in our flat.I have nothing to wear to the party.In a short answer: What did you buy?' 'Nothing.' I didn't buy anything.'Where are you going on holiday?'' Nowhere, we're just staying at home this year.'nobody/nowhere/nothing not + anybody/anywhere/anything:He helped nobody (or no-one) He didn't help anyone. Note: He didn't help nobody. (Wrong)They've eaten all the cake. There's nothing left. There isn't anything left. Note: There's not nothing left. (Wrong)Any/anyone/anything it doesn’t matter who/which oneAnyone in that office will help you. It doesn't matter which person you ask, he or she will help you. It doesn't matter what you give me to drink. Honestly, tea, coffee, water, anything is fine. Note: after nobody/no-one you can use they/them/their:Nobody wants to play football, do they?No-one in the office has sent their Christmas cards out yet. /200707/15911连云港赣榆区早孕检查多少钱徐圩新区药流多少钱



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