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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201608/457829The Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, was the son of Muslim parents from Afghanistan. 奥兰多手奥马尔·马丁的父母是来自阿富汗的穆斯林。He apparently called 911 to pledge his allegiance to a faraway army before he began his killing spree. 在疯狂杀人前,显然他拨打了911电话誓言效忠远方军队。No concrete link has been made between Mateen and anyone in ISIS or any radical terrorist group. 没有发现马丁和ISIS的任何人或激进恐怖组织间有具体的联系。So what made he choose a gay club as his target? Some regulars of Pulse have revealed that Mateen was not a stranger at the club. 那么为什么他选择同性恋夜总会作为袭击目标呢?一些店里的常客揭露马丁并不是“脉动”夜店的新人。One regular, Ty Smith, told media he had seen Mateen at Pulse on at least 12 occasions. 常客史密斯告诉媒体,他在“脉动”夜店至少看到马丁12次。Smith said “Sometimes he would go over in the corner and sit and drink by himself, and other times he would get so drunk he was loud and belligerent.” 史密斯说,“有时他会待在角落里,坐着自己喝酒,有时他会喝醉,大声叫喊并且好斗。”Now we know that Omar Mateen had, at the very least, a sustained interest in homosexuality. 现在我们知道奥马尔·马丁至少对同性恋一直感兴趣。What part that played in the attack is still be investigated.袭击中起什么样的作用仍在调查中。译文属。 /201606/449632

Some of Elizabeth#39;s anguish may have been genuine remorse,伊丽莎白的苦恼中有一些是发自内心的自责some of it was downright fear and she was right to worry.还有一些是明显的不安和恐惧 确实如此Even before Mary#39;s execution,King Phillip of Spain had accelerated his plans for the ;Enterprise; Of England,就在玛丽的死刑之前 西班牙国王菲利普 就开始着手他的;进军英格兰;的计划了and with Mary now dead, there would be no stopping him.现在玛丽已去 没什么能阻挡他了Suddenly, Elizabethan England looked very small, very vulnerable.突然间 伊丽莎白统治下的英格兰变得 如此渺小 如此脆弱This was always Elizabeth#39;s worst nightmare,伊丽莎白一生中最可怕的噩梦a full-scale Catholic invasion,and now Phillip was launching one.便是一次全面的天主教入侵 而现在菲利普将其变为现实了The Spanish admirals, however,were deeply pessimistic about the chances of success.但是西班牙的海军将领们 却不对此战报有很大胜算They knew english ships had a massive edge in speed and manoeuvrability.他们深知 英国的战舰 速度极快 操作灵活The miracle was not that England was saved奇迹并不是英格兰在此战中胜利but that the Spanish came so close to pulling it off.而是西班牙就差一点就将其击败Only a few miles of the Channel and an unhelpful wind direction made the difference.就在英吉利海峡几海里远的地方 一阵不利西班牙的海风扭转了整个战局The weather, as usual, batted for England.But it was a close thing.天气 一如既往地 向着英国 但那确实很惊险The English were right to be scared in the summer and autumn of 1588.1588年夏季至秋季 英国的境况确实岌岌可危What do you do when weepy and terrified ?You cry out for Mummy.当你啜泣恐惧时怎么办呢 你会寻求母亲的庇护That, courtesy of Robert Dudley dying of cancer now,罗伯特·达德利的谦恭 他正受癌症的折磨but still the great impresario of Elizabeth#39;s shows但却是伊丽莎白所展示的is how she appeared to the troops at the armed camp at Tilbury这就是她出现在提尔伯里军营前的情景the mother at last, the virgin mother of England最后的母亲 圣洁的英格兰女王and the kind of mother you#39;d want on your side,那个人们希望与他们并肩的母亲a mother dressed in a breastplate of steel.一位穿着铁甲的母亲 /201606/449428When I came into the oil industry, there was chaos.当初我进入石油业的时候 场面混乱I brought order.我带来了秩序I took a second rate, inefficient market and built an industry.我在一个二流的低效的市场中建立起一个产业It was done the way it was because that#39;s the way it had to be done.之所以采取一些手段是因为别无选择No one complained when I brought light into every home.当我将光明带给千家万户时没人抱怨No one complained when I provided thousands ofjobs, or millions of dollars from exports.当我提供成千上万的就业机会 或者数百万美元的外汇时也没人抱怨Oil is what this country runs on.国家的运行靠的就是石油You call it monopoly, I call it enterprise.你们说是垄断 我说这是事业Now, you tell me, why am I here?告诉我 你们凭什么告我As the court adjourns to deliberate Rockefeller can only await his company#39;s fate.法庭休庭考虑时 洛克菲勒也只能等待对他公司命运的宣判Hundreds of miles away a new kind of businessman, Henry Ford, also waits.数百英里之外的新型商人 亨利·福特也在等待A panel of federal judges will decide whether Ford can continue to freely manufacture and sell his model A car.联邦法官组成的小组将决定福特是否可以继续自由地制造出售他的A型车The association of licensed automobile manufacturers is suing Ford for a royalty on every car he sells.授权汽车制造商协会起诉福特 要求他卖的每一辆车 都要付特许权使用费Ford knows those royalties would drive up the cost of his car putting it out of the reach for the average consumer.福特知道这些费用会抬高成本 那样的话 普通消费者就买不起他的车了For most early car makers, the lawsuit would be a devastating setback, but for Ford it#39;s something different--an opportunity.对于大多数早期的汽车制造商 这样的诉讼是一场毁灭性的打击 但对于福特却是一个机会 Article/201607/455027Two separate bombings in Baghdad have left over 125 people dead and more than a hundred injured. 巴格达发生两起单独爆炸袭击,造成超过125人死亡,一百多人受伤。The majority of those deaths were from a car bomb in the city#39;s center Karrada district. According to the B, it#39;s the deadliest bombing in Iraq so far this year. 市中心卡拉达区的汽车炸弹造成了大部分的死亡。据英国广播公司,这是今年迄今为止伊拉克发生的最致命爆炸事件。The car bomb triggered a fire that sp to several nearby buildings damaging them badly. Some reports say it was a larger vehicle filled with explosives. 汽车炸弹引发一场大火,蔓延到附近的几座建筑并造成严重破坏。一些报道称是装有炸药的更大车辆。ISIS has reportedly taken responsibility for the car bombing. 据报道,ISIS已宣称对汽车爆炸事件负责。In the other bombing, a blast hit the al-Shaab district and reportedly killed at least five people. 另一起爆炸袭击了夏布区,报道称至少造成5人死亡。This comes not long after the Iraqi military claimed back the city of Fallujah, which was an ISIS stronghold. But the fight against ISIS in Iraq isn#39;t over yet. 此前不久,伊拉克军方声称夺回ISIS的根据地费卢杰市。但在伊拉克对ISIS的打击还没结束。The bombings hit the city during the last few days of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The Karrada district is a popular place for observant Muslims to gather before and after fasting. 在穆斯林斋月的最后几天里,爆炸袭击了这座城市。卡拉达地区是严守教规的穆斯林斋戒前后的聚集之地。This Ramadan, ISIS has claimed responsibility for several attacks especially in Muslim-majority countries. Attacks in Turkey and Bangladesh last week killed dozens.这个斋月,ISIS宣称对多起袭击事件负责,特别在穆斯林占多数的国家。上周土耳其和孟加拉国的袭击造成数十人死亡。译文属。 Article/201607/452587

Even at this stage, it was obvious there was something extraordinary about Edward.即便如此 仍然可以很清楚地看到 爱德华身上有一些独特的品质He radiated the kind of charisma that drew confused responses of both fear and adoration.他周身散发出的非凡领导力 令时人困惑 对他既恐惧又敬畏 He purposely kept his signals mixed the better to convert them into loyalty.他有意地保持自身的复杂形象 以便最终将之转化为忠诚Edward led his following to Evesham in Worcestershire,where De Montfort#39;s now outnumbered army camped near the abbey.爱德华率领他的追随者 来到伍斯特郡的伊夫舍姆 德·蒙德福特的大军势单力薄 就驻扎在这里的修道院附近Under stormy skies, the battle was a slaughter.在阴霾的天空下 战争演变成了屠杀Told that his son had been killed,Simon replied, ;then it is time to die.;被告知爱子已战死沙场后 西蒙只说了句;大势已去;He charged into the fray and was slain on foot,his devoted knights falling with him.他冲入战场 最后死于混战中 他忠诚的骑士们也随之赴死Edward ignored the rules of war.The wounded were stabbed where they lay.爱德华将战场上的道义抛之脑后 伤兵一律就地刺死Simon#39;s head, hands, feet and testicles were cut off.The genitals hung around his nose.西蒙的头颅 手脚 睾丸均被砍下 生殖器被挂在了头上The crown had won,but only after overcoming Kenilworth#39;s mighty defences in a siege that lasted nine months.王权最终获得了胜利 但为了攻破凯尼尔沃思牢固的城防 围攻持续了长达九个月But Edward had been given a serious early lesson in the political realities of England.爱德华早年的经历让他深刻意识到 英格兰复杂的政治形势He wouldn#39;t cringe before the barons,but he would have to make them his allies.他不会谄媚地讨好贵族势力 但他会与他们结成同盟As partners, they would go on to create an English empire of their own.The reincarnation of Roman Britannia.让他们作为参与者 共建英格兰帝国 罗马不列颠将浴火重生 /201610/471262英语900句(英音附字幕版) 第53课:Schools and education 学校和教育[00:00.00](SCHOOLS AND EDUCATION)[00:06.48]781. Children enter school at the age of five, don't they?[00:10.87]孩子们都在五岁上学,对吗?[00:15.26]782. In elementary school, the child learns to and write.[00:20.55]在小学里孩子们学习朗读和写字。[00:25.84]783. In secondary school, children get more advanced knowledge.[00:30.21]在中学里,孩子获得更深一些的知识。[00:34.59]784. In universities, students train to become teachers and engineers.[00:34.09]在大学里,培养学生成为教师和工程师。[00:33.59]785. He went to grade school in New York and high school in Chicago.[00:38.07]他是在纽约上的小学,在芝加哥上的中学。[00:42.55]786. In college I majored in science. What was your major?[00:47.54]在学院里,我主修自然科学,你主修什么课程?[00:52.52]787. My sister graduated from high school. Graduation was last night.[00:57.55]我刚中学毕业,毕业典礼是昨晚举行的。[01:02.58]788. I'm a graduate of Yale University. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree.[01:07.91]我是耶鲁大学的毕业生。我获得了文学学士学位。[01:13.24]789. If you expect to enter the university, you should apply now.[01:18.18]如果你要上大学,现在就该申请。[01:23.11]790. This is my first year of college. I'm a freshman.[01:27.65]这是我入学院的第一年,我是新生。[01:32.18]791. My uncle is a high school principal.[01:36.06]我的伯父是中学校长。[01:39.94]792. What kind of grades did you make in college?[01:44.51]你在大学里的学习成绩如何?[01:49.08]793. During you first year of college, did you make straight A's.[01:53.51]大学一年级时,你各门功课都得优吗?[01:57.94]794. My brother is a member of the faculty. He teaches economics.[02:03.56]我的哥哥是个大学教员,他教经济学。[02:09.19]795. John has extracurricular activities. He's on the football team.[02:14.93]约翰参加了很多课外活动,他是个足球队员。 /200604/6146

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