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连云港经济技术开发区产检哪家医院最好的灌南县治疗腹泻多少钱At the Barbers and Beauty Salon 理发店与美容厅Key Sentences(重点句子)6.Id like to have my hair cut.我想理个发7. How do you want it?您想理什么式样的?8.Just a trim,and cut the sides fairly short,but not so much at the back.修剪一下就行了两边剪短些,但后面不要剪得太多9.Nothing off the top?顶上不要剪吗?0.Well,a little off the top.嗯,稍微剪一点1.Would you like a shave or shampoo?您要不要修面或洗头?.I want a haircut and a shave,please.我想理发和修面3.Very well,and how would you like your haircut,sir?好的,您喜欢什么发式?.Do you want me to trim your moustache?要我为您修剪一下小胡子吗?5.Well, could you cut a little more off the temple?好,能不能把两边鬓角再剪短些?6.Is that satisfactory?您看这样满意吗?7.Anything else I can do you?还要我为您做些什么吗?8.I want a facial.我想做面部美容9.Most facials start with a thorough cleansing.面部美容大都是先彻底清洁面部皮肤0.Ill take the half-hour facial with make-up.我要做半小时美容外加化妆 1971灌云县中医院治疗不孕不育好吗 A U.S. hospital said Monday it has permed the nation first penis transplant on a man whose penis was removed due to cancer.美国一家医院上周一宣布,该医院完成了美国首例阴茎移植手术,患者之前因癌症移除了阴茎Boston-based Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) said in a statement that the -hour operation took place earlier this month and involved surgically grafting the complex microscopic vascular and neural structures of a donor organ onto the comparable structures of the recipient.美国波士顿麻省综合医院发表声明称,本月初患者接受了个小时手术,该手术包括移植复杂的毛细血管和捐献者的神经结构,以和患者吻合;The patient, Thomas Manning, 6, of Halifax, Mass, continues to recover well, with blood flow established to the donor organ and no signs of bleeding, rejection or infection,; said the hospital statement.院方在声明说道:“来自麻州哈利法克斯市的6岁患者曼宁恢复状况保持良好,捐赠器官已确定恢复血流,没有出血、排斥或感染的迹象”Surgeons who permed the transplant, led by Curtis Cetrulo and Dicken Ko, however, are cautiously optimistic Manning will regain function that he lost in when a diagnosis of penile cancer led to an amputation of the penis.阴茎移植手术由Curtis Cetrulo和Dicken Ko两位医生负责执行,他们对曼宁能恢复年丧失的功能持谨慎乐观的态度在年时,阴茎癌的诊断不得不使他移除了阴茎”Due to confidentiality, the identity of the deceased donor will not be released.由于涉及隐私,过世捐赠者的身份并没有公开;We are hopeful that these reconstructive techniques will allow us to alleviate the suffering and despair of those who have experienced devastating genitourinary injuries and are often so despondent they consider taking their own lives,; said Cetrulo, of the MGH Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the Transplant Center.麻省综合医院整形和移植专科医生Cetrulo表示:“我们希望通过阴茎移植手术,为那些因为经历阴茎伤害而绝望的患者减轻痛苦”;These proof-of-principle cases will help establish the techniques used in this procedure and will ge the path to future treatment of patients with significant pelvic and genitourinary tissue loss related to cancer, trauma or infection,; added Ko, who directed the MGH Urology Regional Program. ;We are delighted to have taken the first steps to help those patients who have suffered silently far too long.;“这次有理论依据的案例将会形成方案,未来将帮助那些因为癌症、创伤和感染受到伤害的患者,” 麻省综合医院泌尿生殖科医生Ko说道,“能够帮助那些长期默默承受生殖器受损的患者,我们很是高兴”Manning, the patient, issued a statement, saying: ;Today I begin a new chapter filled with personal hope and hope others who have suffered genital injuries, particularly our service members who put their lives on the line and suffer serious damage as a result.;患者曼宁则在一则声明中表示:“今天我的人生开启了充满希望的新篇章,我希望其他生殖器受损的患者,尤其是因战事导致阴茎丧失或受损的官兵能够接受移植”The world first penis transplant was permed on a Chinese patient in . Untunately, the patient reportedly asked the organ to be removed after only a few weeks because of apparent psychological rejection. The second such transplant was conducted on a South African man whose penis had been amputated because of a botched circumcision. This operation was reportedly a success and the recipient was said to recently become a father.世界上第一例阴茎移植手术于年中国进行,但是手术并没成功,患者由于心理排斥,在移植后的几周后要求摘除生殖器第二例阴茎移植手术在南非进行,患者由于包皮环切手术失败而切除生殖器据报道,该移植手术很成功,那名患者最近还当上了父亲 569A: Can you tell me where it hurts?B: I am so glad they called you. It feels like something is really wrong with my stomach!A: Does it hurt when I push here?B: It’s mostly on my right side. Right here!A: Have you been feeling this way awhile?B: I started feeling kind of sick last night after dinner, but this morning the pain got really bad!A: Have you eaten anything unusual lately?B: No, not that I remember.A: We are going to take you to an emergency room right now.B: I will feel better when I know what the problem is. Thank you.连云港赣榆区治疗阴道炎哪家医院最好的

赣马班庄城头城西宋庄沙河墩尚镇治疗肛门异物多少钱A: Hello, Nicole here.B: Nicole, this is Richard. I think you know why I'm calling.A: Oh, it's about the rent.B: Yes, this is the second month in a row.A: I thought there was a grace period.B: There is no grace period in the rental agreement.A: Oh, I guess I got.B: Well, when can I expect the rent?A: You'll get it by Monday.B: Don't get the late fee.A: Is that in the rental agreement?B: The late fee is circled in red ink!A: Oh, Well, I can't find my copy of the agreement.B: If you're late next month, I might give you an eviction notice. 98连云港东方医院妇科医生 你方对由我方向你们提供装配线、技术资料、测试仪器和成套的零部件,而你方装配成成品的建议是否有兴趣?What do you think of the proposal that we supply you with the assembly line, technical inmation, testing instrument, and complete sets of component parts you to assemble them into finished products?Well, let first negotiate a barter trade agreement, stipulating some general terms and conditions.好吧,让我们先协定一个易货贸易协定,规定一些一般性条款Let discuss it in detail this afternoon then.那我们下午详谈吧Ok, this arragement helps implement the principle of equality and mutual benefit and exchange of needed goods.好的,这样做有利于实现平等互利、互通有无的原则We must remind you of your responsibility to provide technical assistance, the permance of the machines and finally a smooth start-up.我们要提醒你一下,贵方对机器的性能、技术指导,及最后保顺利投产都要负责到底This type of cooperation suits us perfectly, but bee we give our final reply, Id like to clear up some points.这种合作形式完全符合我们的要求,但是在我们做出最后的回复之前,我想弄清楚几个问题We are interested in advanced technology and the transfer of technology.我们对先进技术和技术引进很感兴趣As I see it, the future prospects of the joint venture are splendid.在我看来,合资企业的前景是灿烂辉煌的Well, how should profit and loss be shared between us?那么,我们双方如何分享利润,分担亏损?我们想用补偿贸易的形式进口一批采矿设备We want to import some mining equipment through compensation trade.We are very interested in the deal. However, I guess it is necessary to do some research bee our discussions.我方很感兴趣但是在洽谈之前我想有必要做好各种调查Ok. You can take advantage of the cheap labor and production costs.行你们可以利用低廉的劳动力和生产成本Bee going further, please indicate the rate of porcessing or assembling charges, and also the method of payment.详谈之前,请说明加工费或装配费以及付方式We are glad to know that you intend to do business with us on the basis of processing.得知你们想和我们做加工贸易,我们很高兴 6连云港赣榆区流产多少钱

连云新城做产前检查多少钱导购口语:It the latest fashion, very popular.这是最新款式,非常流行It is a latest model. The style is the most popular this year.这是最新款式这个款式是今年最流行的Would you like to see our latest models?您要看一下我们最新的款式吗?语句:Latest fashion与latest model这两种表达都可以用来表示“最新款式”,还可以用latest style,latest pattern,latest design表达情景再现:We have many patterns you to choose.我们有许多款式供您选择The latest winter fashions are now on view here.最新的冬款现在都在陈列着Well, there the style. It the latest.那么,看看这种款式这是最新的了 1983 连云港东海县人流手术哪家医院最好的连云港妇科医院哪里正规



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