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1 节制 TemperanceEat not to dullness and drink not to elevation.食不可饱,饮不可醉 少言 SilenceSpeak not but what may benefit others or yourself. Avoid trifling conversation.言必有益,避免闲聊3 秩序 OrderLet all your things have their places. Let each part of your business have its time.物归期所,事定期限 决心 ResolutionResolve to perm what you ought. Perm without fail what you resolve.当做必做,持之以恒5 节俭 FrugalityMake no expense but to do good to others or yourself: i.e. Waste nothing.当花费才花费,不可浪费6 勤俭 IndustryLose no time. Be always employed in something useful. Cut off all unnecessary actions.珍惜光明,做有用的事 5351导读:想必很多人都曾有过遗失钱包的经历,散了钱财且不说,一堆的件还有卡补办起来不知道有多麻烦英国最新的一项社会实验发现,物馆成为“遗失钱包的最佳地点,因为与其他场所相比,失主们更有可能失而复得Researchers found almost half of wallets misplaced at cultural centres were retrieved by their owners.研究者发现那些在文化中心遗失的钱包中,有近半数最终归还失主The social experiment, carried out across five British cities, found that a third of wallets dropped in shopping centres were also returned.该项社会实验在英国的5个城市中进行,实验人外还发现遗失在购物中心的钱包,有三分之一物归原主But not a single wallet dropped in cafés or public transport was handed in.但在公共交通工具上或在 咖啡馆“丢失的”钱包从未被归还Researchers dropped 0 wallets at various locations in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Cardiff and Leeds, with each one containing pound; cash, a photograph, receipts, stamps and contact details their owners.在伦敦、伯明翰、格拉斯哥、加地夫以及利兹这几个城市中,研究者们将0个钱包遗失在城市的各个角落,每个钱包都装有英镑现金、一张照片、票据、邮票以及失主的联系信息They found one in every five wallets was handed back. People in the British capital the most honest while those from Birmingham the most dishonest.他们发现有五分之一的钱包被归还给失主伦敦人表现最佳,相比之下,伯明翰人在“物归原主”上表现得差强人意 69

TOP1 天下总有最适合我的人Wrong!珍惜眼前人There must be a Mr. Right me in the world——Treasure whate you have got 88199

If you thought it was cold where you are at the moment then a visit to the Russian village of Oymyakon might just change your mind.如果你觉得你现在所处的地方十分寒冷,那么到俄罗斯的奥伊米亚康村庄走一走,你或许会改变看法With the average temperature January standing at -50C, it is no wonder the village is the coldest permanently inhabited settlement in the world. Known as the Pole of Cold, the coldest ever temperature recorded in Oymyakon was -71.C.该村庄一月份的平均气温达到零下50度,难怪会成为全球最寒冷的永久居住点奥伊米亚康历史最低气温达到零下71.度,被称为“寒极”This is the lowest recorded temperature any permanently inhabited location on Earth and the lowest temperature recorded in the Northern Hemisphere.对于地球上任何一个永久居住点来说,这都是有记录以来的最低气温,也是北半球有记录以来的最低气温Ironically, Oymyakon actually means non-freezing water due to a nearby hot spring. Most homes in Oymyakon still burn coal and wood heat and enjoy few modern conveniences.具有反讽意味的是,由于附近有处温泉,奥伊米亚康这一名字的实际意思是“不冻泉”奥伊米亚康的大多数村民仍然靠烧煤和木炭取暖,几乎不使用现代化设施Nothing grows there so people eat reindeer meat and horsemeat. A single shop provides the town bare necessities and the locals work as reindeer-breeders, hunters and ice-fisherman.这里不长庄稼,所以村民们以驯鹿肉和马肉为食村子里只有一家商店,出售种类屈指可数的生活必需品当地人靠养鹿、狩猎和为生Doctors say the reason the locals dont suffer from malnutrition is that their animals milk contains a lot of micronutrients.医生表示,当地人之所以没有营养不良,是因为他们喝下的动物奶含有大量微量元素Unsurprisingly, locals are hardened to the weather and unlike in other countries - where a flurry of snow brings things grinding to a halt, Oymyakon solitary school only shuts if temperatures fall below -5C.当地人能经受住酷寒天气,这一点不足为奇和其他国家遇到大雪各种活动暂停不同,奥伊米亚康唯一的一所学校只有在气温低于零下5度时才停课There are few modern conveniences in the village - with many buildings still having outdoor toilets - and most people still burn coal and wood heat. When coal deliveries are irregular the power station starts burning wood. If the power ceases, the town shuts down in about five hours, and the pipes freeze and crack.村子里没有现代化设施——很多家庭仍使用室外厕所——大多数人都靠烧煤和木炭取暖一旦煤炭供应不上,发电站就靠烧木炭供能如果断电,整个村子就会在五小时内陷入瘫痪,导致水管冻裂Daily problems that come with living in Oymyakon include pen ink freezing, glasses freezing to people faces and batteries losing power. Locals are said to leave their cars running all day fear of not being able to restart them.奥伊米亚康居民因低温遭遇诸多困扰,比如墨水结冰、玻璃镜片冻裂、电池耗电等等汽车发动机必须保持全天候工作,因为人们担心熄火后可能无法重启Even if there was coverage mobile phone reception the phones themselves would not work in such cold conditions.虽然这里可以接收手机信号,但由于天气极端寒冷,手机根本使用不了Another problem caused by the frozen temperatures is burying dead bodies, which can take anything up to three days. The earth must first have thawed sufficiently in order to dig it, so a bonfire is lit a couple of hours. Hot coals are then pushed to the side and a hole couple of inches deep is dug. The process is repeated several days until the hole is deep enough to bury the coffin.冰冻天气给村民们造成的另一困扰是埋葬死者,这可能要花费多达3天的时间首先必须将土壤充分解冻便于挖坑,所以要用篝火持续烘烤数小时然后把滚烫的煤推至一旁,挖下几英寸这一过程要反复持续数日,直到这个墓穴可以装得下一口棺材Travel companies offer tourists the opporty to visit the village and sample life in the freezing conditions.一些旅行社给游客提供参观该村庄的机会,让人们体验极寒天气下的“寒极”生活 051

While China has started recognizing the value of soft power in expanding national interests, China neighbor to the east, South Korea, has been using its TV dramas to further its image quite some time now.尽管中国已经开始意识到软实力在拓展国家利益中的重要性,但中国的邻国--韩国,却早已通过电视剧来提升自己形象With Descendants of the Sun, a new South Korean series on KBS, being a big hit with TV viewers on the Chinese mainland, people cannot but ask: why cannot China, a country with a much larger audience, make such popular TV dramas?自从KBS电视台播放的韩剧《太阳的后裔在中国掀起一阵韩剧狂潮之后,我们不禁扪心自问:为什么拥有如此庞大观众群体的中国不能制作出如此受欢迎的电视剧呢?What wrong with China film and television dramas and directors?中国的电影、电视剧行业以及导演究竟哪里出现了问题?Some people attribute the popularity of South Korean TV series to their love-oriented stories, overflowing aestheticism, and romantic, sympathetic and suspenseful scenarios that seem to fit in with young women fantasies.一些观众认为,韩剧之所以如此受欢迎,是因为其以爱情为主打的题材、精致唯美的画面以及集浪漫、言情以及悬疑于一体的情节,恰好满足了当下年轻女性观众的所有幻想The pleasing personalities of the male and female protagonists, their vivaciousness, as well as the zigzagging plots and marvellous music, which meet young viewers psychological demands, are also believed to be strong points of South Korean TV dramas.与此同时,韩剧中男女主人公完美的人设、跌宕起伏的故事情节以及恰到好处的背景音乐十分迎合年轻观众的观赏需要,这些也是韩剧如此受中国群众追捧的部分原因Some audience think that South Korean TV dramas have been successful because they benefit from the positive image of the country and its eagerness to integrate itself with the outside world.也有一些观众认为,韩剧的成功要归功于韩国较积极正面的形象以及该国想和外界接轨的迫切心愿After all, a country film and TV productions should be analyzed in the context of its broader national image.毕竟,一个国家的电影和电视制作应该要放到拓展国家形象的大背景下,从而进行更全面分析According to Simon Anholt, a national brand expert, a country reputation can be neither ged nor changed through communication. He says the national image can be lifted 80% by creative work, % with systematic co-ordination, and only 5% through communication.据一位名叫西蒙·安霍尔特的国际知名品牌专家表示,一个国家声誉和形象的提高只靠对外交流是行不通的正常来讲,国家形象提高有80%来自于创意性较强的工作,%来自于国家内部的协调运作,只有5%来自于对外交流In this sense, South Korean TV dramas also owe their success to the effective implementation of Seoul ;culturally oriented; national strategy.从该种意义上来讲,韩剧的成功很大原因是由于其首都首尔所推行的“以文化为导向”的国策On the one hand, the South Korean government has implemented policies and pumped in funds the development of the cultural sector.一方面,韩国政府为增强文化实力实施了相应政策,给予了一定资金持On the other, it has taken measures to introduce non-governmental capital to the sector.另一方面,民间资本也在该领域发挥了强有力的作用The Chinese government, too, attaches great importance to the development of the cultural industry, but some outdated concepts of decision-makers in China TV drama section, their conservative management style and the generation gap between them and the audience at large, especially youth, prevent the vitality and energy of Chinese TV dramas from being fully released.从中国的角度来说,中国政府也花了很大力气来发展本国文化产业,但由于中国电视领域个别决策者的陈旧观念及其采取的守旧的管理模式使其与当前电视观众,尤其是青年观众的代沟越来越大,一定程度上阻挡了中国电视剧行业向前迈进的脚步,显得愈发因循守旧,缺少创新和活力And TV dramas made under obsolete concepts cannot gain market favour.如此一来,在陈旧观念下所出品的电视剧便不能很好迎合当前的市场需求Scientific orientation and guidance have also contributed to the success of South Korean dramas.此外,科学的定位与指导也是韩剧蓬勃发展的原因之一 example, South Korean cultural research institutions, subsidised by the government and businesses, are focused on studying the market cultural competitions and offer data support devising policies the cultural industry, as well as the changes it requires.例如,一直受政府和商业领域持的韩国文化研究机构一直以来都注重探索市场,提高文化竞争力,努力为发展文化产业统计数据,制定相应调整政策,以便更好迎合不同的时代需求These measures are like an effective guarantee South Korean TV dramas to realize their expected goal, both at home and abroad.上述措施无疑为韩剧在国内外开拓文化市场提供了更好的保障 83551

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