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The meteor explosion over Russia that injured more than 500 people and damaged hundreds of buildings was not caused by an asteroid zooming close by the Earth today (Feb.15), a NASA scientist says.俄罗斯近日(2月15日)发生的陨石爆炸已造成超过500人受伤,毁坏了数百座建筑。美国宇航局一位科学家表示,这次陨石爆炸并不是由小行星撞击地球引起的。NASA asteroid expert Don Yeomans, head of the agency#39;s Near-Earth Object Program Office, told SPACE.com that the object which exploded over a thinly inhabited stretch of eastern Europe today was most likely an exploding fireball known as a bolide.美国宇航局小行星专家、近地天体项目办公室负责人唐-耶麦斯告诉SPACE.com网站,在人烟稀少的远东地区上空爆炸的这颗天体很有可能是一颗火球,也称为火流星。More than 500 people were injured, mostly by glass cuts when windows shattered during the blast, according to the Russian Emergency Ministry.俄罗斯紧急情况部称,超过500人在这次爆炸中受伤,绝大多数是由于爆炸中玻璃震碎而被划伤。;If the reports of ground damage can be verified, it might suggest an object whose original size was several meters in extent before entering the atmosphere, fragmenting and exploding due to the unequal pressure on the leading side vs the trailing side (it pancaked and exploded),; Yeomans told SPACE.com in an email. ;It is far too early to provide estimates of the energy released or provide a reliable estimate of the original size.;耶麦斯在一封电邮中告诉SPACE.com网站:“如果地面损失情况得以实,那就表明这颗天体进入大气层之前有几米长,由于头部和尾部的压力不平均而发生碎裂并爆炸(它平坠着陆并发生爆炸)。现在来估计能量释放或者原始大小还为时尚早。”Yeoman stressed that the bolide event was likely not associated at all with the incoming asteroid 2012 DA14, which will fly within 17,200 miles (27,000 kilometers) of Earth when it passes safely by our planet today.耶麦斯强调说,这起火流星爆炸事件与即将掠过地球的小行星2012 DA14没有任何关系、小行星2012 DA14会安全地近距离掠过地球,与地球的距离不超过1.72英里(2.7千米)。;The asteroid will travel south to north,; Yeomans said. ;The bolide trail was not south to north and the separation in time between the fireball and 2012 DA14 close approach is significant.;耶麦斯说:“这颗小行星将由南至北掠过地球,而火流星的飞行轨迹不是从南向北,而且火流星爆炸与小行星2012 DA14掠过地球的时间相差很大。”Asteroid 2012 DA14 is 150 feet (45 meters) wide — about half the size of a football field — and will make its closest approach to Earth at 2:24 p.m. EST (1924 GMT) when it passes over Indonesia. It will be about 5,000 miles (8,046 kilometers) closer to Earth than the communications satellites circling the planet in geosynchronous orbits.小行星2012 DA14有150英尺(45米)宽,相当于半个足球场那么大,将在美国东部时间下午2点24分(北京时间16日凌晨)抵达近地点,在印尼上空飞过。它比环绕地球飞行的同步通讯卫星离地球还要近五千英里(8046千米)。NASA scientists and professional and amateur astronomers around the world have been tracking asteroid 2012 DA14 since it was first discovered by a team of amateurs in February 2012. Not only does the asteroid pose no threat to Earth during today#39;s flyby, but it will not hit Earth for the foreseeable future, NASA scientists have said.2012年2月,一组业余爱好者首次发现了2012 DA14,美国宇航局科学家以及来自全球的专家及业余天文爱好者一直在追踪它。美国宇航局科学家表示,这颗小行星不但没有在此次掠过地球时对地球构成威胁,而且今后也不会撞击地球。 /201302/225885

Chinese green tea called Tieguanyin, which costs ,000 per kilo (per 2 lb 3 oz) approximately for a single cup. 中国的绿茶铁观音,3000美元一千克,大概一杯要15美元一杯。 The most expensive beef in the world is the type of beef coming from the Wagyu cows from Japan. 200 grams of a fillet cost in Europe more than 100 dollars. 世界上最贵牛肉是来自日本的日本和牛肉,在欧洲200克就要卖到100多美元。 Kopi Luwak. The coffee comes from the Indonesian island of Sumatra and the total annual production is only around 500 pounds of beans. That is why the price of a pound is outrages —0 or more. 努瓦克咖啡,这种咖啡产自印度尼西亚的苏门答腊岛,每年仅产500磅的咖啡豆。这也是为什么一磅的价格要高达300多美元的原因。 The most expensive desert in the world —the 00 sundae. It's made up of 5 scoops of the richest Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream, Madagascar vanilla, 23K edible gold leaf and one of the most expensive chocolates in the world。 世界上少有昂贵圣代,要1000美元一杯。由5种最贵塔希提香草豆,马达加斯加香草,可食用的23K金叶子,和世界上最昂贵的巧克力调制而成。 /201109/155524


  Shannon Magee, 17, suffers from a rare neurological disorder which means she can sleep for 22 hours a day for almost a fortnight. She also has bizarre episodes - roughly once a month - where she will belt out pop songs at the top of her voice, walk around naked and have ghostly hallucinations while she sleeps.17岁的香侬-麦基因为患有一种罕见的脑神经失调症,可以连续两周,每天睡22个小时。大约每个月她都会发作一次,症状很奇怪:睡觉的时候会不由自主地唱歌,裸着身子梦游并且做可怕的噩梦。For the past five years, the youngster, who has two brothers and three sisters, has slept through birthdays, Christmases, family holidays including a skiing trip to the Alps and even her GCSE exams.在过去的五年里,她错过了很多重要的事情,比如和兄弟们一起过生日和圣诞,还错过了一家人去阿尔卑斯山的滑雪旅行以及自己的中学毕业考试。Shannon was seen by various doctors before finally being diagnosed with Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS) after her father. There are only 45 people in the UK who have the condition, which is a complex neurological disorder characterised by periods of excessive amounts of sleep and altered behaviour.香侬看过很多医生,最终被诊断和父亲一样患有克莱李文症候群(KLS),在英国仅有45人得这种病。KLS是一种伴有间歇性大量睡眠和奇怪举止的复杂神经障碍症。The teenager wants to become a nurse so she can help others, but is worried her condition will get in the way of her dream. Shannon, a college student in Bolton, Greater Manchester said: “It is like being awake in a coma. It takes part of your life away with it. #39;It#39;s like I#39;m in my own little world and I don#39;t recognise people. When I#39;m awake it#39;s like I#39;m sleepwalking.”香侬想要成为一名护士,但是她担心自己的身体状况根本无法令她实现梦想。香农现在是大曼彻斯特波尔顿大学的一名学生,她说:“我就像是从昏迷中醒来,睡眠剥夺了我的正常生活。我就像是活在自己的世界里,我不记得人名。当我醒来的时候,我觉得自己在梦游。” /201301/218102。


  Cairo Conference1943 - World War II: War in the Pacific - U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Chinese leader Chiang Kai-Shek meet in Cairo, Egypt, to discuss ways to defeat Japan (Cairo Conference).开罗会议1943年的今天,二战太平洋战争中,美国总统弗兰克林·D·罗斯福、英国首相温斯顿·丘吉尔和当时的中国领导人蒋介石在埃及的开罗会晤,讨论如何抵抗日本(即开罗会议)。John F. Kennedy assassination1963 - John F. Kennedy assassination: In Dallas, Texas, US President John F. Kennedy is assassinated and Texas Governor John B. Connally is seriously wounded. Later the same day, US Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson is sworn in as the 36th President of the ed States. 肯尼迪遇刺 1963年11月22日,美国第三十五任总统约翰·菲茨杰拉德·肯尼迪遭到击身亡,德克萨斯州州长约翰·康纳利重伤,同一天,美国副总统林登·约翰逊宣誓就职为美国第26届总统Beatles release The White Album1968 - The Beatles release the double album The Beatles, commonly known as The White Album. 甲壳虫发行“白色专辑”1968年的今天,甲壳虫(或译披头士)乐队发行了他们的双张同名专辑《甲壳虫(或译披头士)》,一般被人所知为“白色专辑”(因为专辑封面颜色为白色的缘故)。First female Chancellor of Germany2005 - Angela Merkel becomes the first female Chancellor of Germany. 德国首位女性大臣2005年的今天,安格拉·多罗特娅·默克尔成为德国内阁的首位女性大臣。 /201011/118817

  Hundreds of girls as young as 13 are receiving contraceptive injections and implants at school, a nationwide study has revealed.英国一项最新研究表明,英国多所中学为13岁以上的女生打避针或皮下埋植避药。School nurses have given implants or jabs to girls aged 13 to 16 more than 900 times since 2010. A further 7,400 girls aged 15 or under - and therefore under the age of consent - received the contraception at family planning clinics.自2010年开始,学校医护人员为13到16岁之间的女生打避针或皮下埋植避药多达900余次。此外还有7400名15岁或以下的女生在计生诊所内接受避,这当然低于法定年龄。Due to patient confidentiality rules, nurses are not allowed to inform parents before or after the procedure without the pupil#39;s express permission.基于病人保密原则,如果没有得到学生的允许,护士们禁止事前征求学生家长的许可,事后也不准通知家长。Implants and jabs are now offered in schools in Bristol, Berkshire, Peterborough, West Midlands, Northumbria and Country Durham according to a survey by The Daily Telegraph, using Freedom of Information laws.《每日电讯报》根据《自由信息法》开展的调查显示,目前,布里斯托尔、伯克郡、彼得堡、西米德兰兹、诺森比亚、达勒姆郡的中学都在为少女避。It could be far more widesp as many trusts said they did not record the figures, while others cited patient confidentiality.由于相关机构称未保存记录,或要为病人保密,接受避的少女人数可能更高。Critics of the scheme have warned that offering contraception to under-16s could skew a teenager#39;s attitude to sex and hinder their development.该计划的批评者提醒称,给不到16岁的未成年少女避会扭曲青少年对性的态度,也会阻碍她们的成长。A breakdown of the figures revealed NHS Bristol had provided the contraceptive jab on 430 occasions to children aged 13 to 16. This included 19 jabs offered to 13 year-olds. The city has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in the country.数据显示,布里斯托尔国民医疗务系统共举办了430次为13-16岁女避的活动,其中,以13岁女生为对象的共19次。布里斯托尔是全英少女怀率最高的地区。The teenage pregnancy rate in England and Wales fell to 34,633 in 2010, the lowest rate since 1969. This included 6,674 pregnancies in under-16s. However, the rate is still around twice as high as that in France and Germany.2010年,英格兰和威尔士地区未成年人怀率已降至34633起,是1969年以来的最低水平,其中16岁以下少女怀有6674起。但仍是法国和德国的两倍。Dr Dan Poulter, the health minister said: #39;Young people under the age of 16 are legally able to access contraceptive and sexual health services and any advice given will be kept confidential.英国卫生部长丹-鲍特士说:“16岁以下的年轻人可以合法地接受避和性卫生务,医护人员给他们的任何建议都会保密。”#39;However, the health professional must always encourage a young person to talk to their parents about their sexual health.#39;“但是,医疗专业人士必须鼓励年轻人与父母交流自己的性健康问题。” /201210/206667

  President Barack Obama called Wall Street executives ;fat cats,; criticized their bonuses and tried to raise their taxes. The financial-services industry, in turn, has directed a stream of complaints toward the administration, fueling perceptions of a rift between the president and a key 2008 donor group. 美国总统奥巴马(Barack Obama)说华尔街高管“有钱有势”(fat cats),对他们获得的高额奖金予以指责,并试图提高他们的税负,而这个金融务行业也对奥巴马政府怨声载道,这进一步增强了外界对于奥巴马和这个他2008年竞选总统时曾给予其大量捐资的群体之间出现裂痕的看法。 But, defying expectations, the securities and investment industry has remained an important part of the Obama fundraising effort. Mr. Obama and the Democratic National Committee raised more than million from the securities and investment industry through the end of April, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. Mr. Obama#39;s campaign alone raised 1,000 from the industry in May. 不过,有悖于预期的是,美国券投资业仍是奥巴马所筹竞选资金的一个重要来源。据美国无党派机构响应性政治中心(Center for Responsive Politics)统计,奥巴马与美国民主党全国委员会(Democratic National Committee,简称DNC)截至今年4月底从券投资业筹集了逾1,400万美元资金。单奥巴马的竞选团队今年5月就从该行业筹集了36.1万美元。 It#39;s true that those totals are well below the .2 million that Mr. Obama, together with the DNC, raised from the industry throughout the 2008 campaign. And Mr. Obama has fewer securities and investment fundraisers than he did four years ago, though he still has time to bring more people into the fold. 当然,上述集资款总额目前还远远低于奥巴马与DNC在2008年美国总统竞选期间从券投资业筹集到的2,820万美元。而且,现在为奥巴马筹款的券投资业人士也少于四年前,不过他仍有时间将更多人招至麾下。 In 2009, Mr. Obama said Wall Street helped cause the economic downturn. A year later he signed the Dodd-Frank bill, which subjects financial firms to tougher regulation. He also has tried unsuccessfully to do away with a tax break that enables private-equity and hedge-fund executives to pay a lower tax rate on some income. 奥巴马2009年曾说,华尔街是造成美国经济低迷的因素之一。一年后,他签署了让金融机构接受更严格监管的《多德-弗兰克法案》(Dodd-Frank bill)。此外,奥巴马还曾试图废除一项减税政策,但未获成功。根据该政策,私募股权业和对冲基金高管的部分收入可适用较低的所得税税率。 But rather than abandoning Mr. Obama, the securities and investment sector still holds the third spot among the top 10 interest groups in the most recent rankings of individual donations to the Obama campaign and the DNC, according to the center. In the 2008 campaign, the financial-services sector ranked fourth among all interest groups giving to Mr. Obama and the DNC. 但响应性政治中心的数据显示,券投资业并没有放弃奥巴马,在向奥巴马竞选团队和DNC提供捐款最多的10大利益集团中,券投资业最新排名第三。2008年的总统大选中,金融务业在向奥巴马和DNC捐款的所有利益集团中排名第四位。 Republican challenger Mitt Romney, who has criticized Mr. Obama#39;s efforts to regulate the financial sector, seems likely to pull in more money from Wall Street as the campaign plays out. Mr. Romney collected nearly .5 million as of the end of May, according to the center. No other industry has donated more to the Romney campaign. 共和党挑战者罗姆尼(Mitt Romney)对奥巴马监管金融业的努力一直持批评态度,随着竞选活动的展开,罗姆尼看似会从华尔街筹措更多资金。据响应性政治中心统计,截至5月底,罗姆尼从华尔街筹集到了近950万美元。其它行业给罗姆尼竞选团队的捐款无一超过华尔街。 /201207/189181



  The Twelve Animal Signs十二生肖In traditional China, dating methods were cyclical means something that is repeated time after time according to a pattern.据中国传统文化,日期是循环的,也就是说,日期的循环是周而复始的。A popular folk method which reflected this cyclical method of recording years are the Twelve Animal Signs.记录这周而复始日期的最流行的民间方法就是十二生肖。Every year is assigned an animal name or “sign” according to a repeating cycle: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake,Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Boar. Therefore, every twelve years the same animal name or “sign” would reappear.即:每一年由一个动物代表,每隔十二年进行一个循环。这十二个动物分别是:鼠、牛、虎、兔、 龙、蛇、马、羊、猴、鸡、、猪。A cultural sidelight of the animal signs in Chinese folklore is that horoscopes have developed around the animal signs.十二生肖在中国民间传说中有其文化内涵,占星术就是由其发展而来的。For example, a Chinese horoscope may predict that a person born in the Year of the Horse would be, “cheerful, popular, and loves to compliment others”.例如,中国的属相认为马年出生的人“快乐、受欢迎、爱恭维他人”。The animal signs also serve a useful social function for finding out people’s ages.属相还有助于在社交活动中获悉别人的年龄。Instead of asking directly how old a person is, people often ask what is his or her animal sign.为了避免直接问及一个人的年龄,人们通常问他的属相。This would place that person’s age within a cycle of 12 years,and with a bit of common sense, we can deduce the exact age.这就可以确定他在十二生肖的排位,从而通过常识,计算出他的确切年龄。More often, people ask for animal signs not to compute a person#39;s exact numerical age, but to simply know who is older among friends and acquaintances.然而,人们通常问属相并不是要计算一个人的年龄,更多的是在朋友和熟人之间弄明白谁的年龄更大一些。 /201508/393318


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