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India's PM Set to Push Ahead With Nuclear Deal辛格将与布什商讨美印民用核协议  The Indian prime minister is going to attend the G-8 summit in Japan, after having mustered enough political support at home to push through a stalled civilian nuclear pact with the ed States. 印度总理将前往日本,参加工业化八国集团峰会。在此之前,他在促成印度议会批准美印民用核协议方面在印度国内赢得了足够的政治持。Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's agenda in Japan includes several meetings with world leaders, on the sidelines of the G-8 summit. 印度总理辛格将借著八国集团峰会的机会,同几位世界领导人见面。The most crucial will be a meeting with President Bush, Wednesday, where he is expected to convey his intention to take the final steps to seal a civilian nuclear deal signed between the two countries. 其中最关键的当属星期三他同美国总统布什的会谈,预计辛格将在会谈期间告诉布什总统,他将采取最终步骤,促成印度议会批准两国间签署的民用核协议。These include seeking an approval from the International Atomic Energy Agency and a waiver from the Nuclear Suppliers Group. So far, the government has not done so because of strong opposition to the deal from the Congress-led coalition's leftist allies. 这些步骤包括获得国际原子能机构的批准以及核供应国集团的首肯。到目前为止,由于遭到由国大党领导的联合政府中左翼盟友的强烈反对,印度政府还没有采取以上步骤。But after a week of hectic political maneuvering, the Congress Party has won crucial support for the deal from a former adversary - a regional party known as the Samajwadi Party. 但是,经过一个星期密集的政治斡旋之后,国大党获得了前竞争对手印度社会党的持。The Samajwadi Party says the nuclear pact is in national interest and has promised to extend parliament support to the government.  印度社会党表示,这项核协议符合印度的国家利益,并保在议会中给予政府持。Its support will be crucial to ensure that a majority of members in parliament back the nuclear pact. 印度社会党的持在赢得国会大多数议员对这项协议的持是至关重要的。"We have reiterated our position," said Tom Vadakan, spokesman for the Congress Party. "From time to time, the prime minister has stated that before operationalizing the whole deal, he would bring it to parliament." 国大党发言人瓦达甘说:“我们已经重申了我们的立场。总理多次表示,在付诸实施之前,他会将协议提交议会讨论。”The Samajwadi Party controls 39 members of parliament in the 543 lower house of parliament. It can help the government survive, even if communist parties withdraw crucial support as they have repeatedly threatened to do.  印度社会党在由543人组成的议会下院占有39席。即使共产主义党派像多次威胁的那样撤消他们重要的持,社会党也能够帮助政府渡过难关。The communist parties say the deal will undermine India's independent foreign policy and restrict its nuclear weapons program.  各共产主义政党指出,这个协议会削弱印度独立的外交政策,限制印度的核武器项目。The nuclear deal will give India access to civilian nuclear technology, even though it has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. 根据这项核协议,尽管印度尚未签署核不扩散条约,印度仍将能够获得民用核技术。Both New Delhi and Washington want to seal the pact before the U.S. presidential election, in November. American officials have repeatedly warned that the fate of the pact will be uncertain if it is delayed and has to face the next U.S. administration.  但是新德里和华盛顿希望在美国11月大选之前敲定协议。美国官员多次警告说,如果拖延到下届政府,协议将面临许多未知数。The Indian prime minister says the deal is needed to give India more energy alternatives, to drive its economy. If it goes through, the deal is expected to cement growing ties between New Delhi and Washington. 印度总理表示,印度需要这个协议来扩大能源选择,推动经济发展。如果获得通过,美印核协议预计将进一步加强新德里和华盛顿之间日益发展的关系。200807/43632。

Rice Hopes For Iranian Change of Course on Nuclear Program赖斯希望伊朗改变核问题立场 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says she hopes Saturday's critical meeting with Iran's nuclear negotiator in Geneva will mark a change of course for Tehran in its nuclear dispute with the international community. Rice is sending a senior envoy to take part in the talks. 美国国务卿赖斯说,她希望星期六在日内瓦美国高级官员与伊朗核项目谈判代表举行的关键性会议将标志伊朗当局在与国际社会在核项目上的争端中改弦更张。赖斯派美国国务次卿伯恩斯参加这次会谈。The dispatch of Undersecretary of State William Burns to the Geneva meeting is a policy shift for the Bush administration, which had shunned direct contacts with Tehran on the nuclear issue in the absence of an Iranian commitment to stop uranium enrichment. 派遣国务次卿伯恩斯前往日内瓦参加有关会议是布什政府政策的改变,因为布什政府原来一直拒绝就核项目问题与伊朗当局直接接触,除非伊朗保停止浓缩铀工作。At a State Department news conference with Kosovo political leaders, Rice said she hopes the U.S. gesture will encourage Iran to accept international incentives and halt its pursuit of technology that could lead to a nuclear weapon: 赖斯在美国国务院与科索沃政界领导人举行联合记者会时说,她希望美国的姿态将促使伊朗接受国际社会提出的鼓励方案,并且停止发展可能会用于核武器生产的技术。"We have been very clear that any country can change course," Rice said. "The ed States doesn't have any permanent enemies, and we hope that the signal that we're sending that we fully support the track that Iran could take for a better relationship with the international community is one that the ed States stands fully behind. We will see what happens on Saturday but that is the message that Bill Burns will be delivering." 赖斯说:“我们一向都清楚地表明,任何国家都可以改变路线方针。美国没有永久的敌人,我们希望我们发出的信息就是,美国全力持伊朗为了改善与国际社会关系而采取的措施,美国全力持这个立场。我们要看一看星期六会发生什么情况。不过,这就是伯恩斯要传递的信息。”Burns, the third-ranking State department official, will join European Union chief diplomat Javier Solana and diplomats from the other permanent U.N. Security Council member countries and Germany, the P-Five-Plus-One, in the meeting with Iranian envoy Saeed Jalili. 伯恩斯是美国国务院第三号官员。他将同欧盟外交事务主管索拉纳以及联合国安理会常任理事国和德国,即五加一集团的外交官一起出席与伊朗谈判代表贾利利举行的会议。Iran is expected to give its reply to an enhanced package of incentives offered by the P-Five-Plus-One in June to try to persuade Tehran to stop its enrichment drive and return to negotiations over its nuclear program. 预计,伊朗将对五加一集团今年6月提出的修改过的鼓励方案作出答复。这个方案是要争取说伊朗当局停止浓缩铀活动,回到有关伊朗核项目问题的谈判中来。A suspension of enrichment would mean a suspension of U.N. Security Council sanctions against Iran. Solana has also proposed a six-week period of so-called "pre-negotiations" in which there would be no new sanctions added if Iran stopped adding to its enrichment capacity. 伊朗停止浓缩铀工作意味着联合国安理会停止对伊朗的制裁。索拉纳还建议设立为期6个星期的所谓“谈判前时期”。在这段时间里,如果伊朗停止扩充浓缩铀能力,就不会增加对伊朗新的制裁。In her comments here, Rice said the decision to have Burns join the Geneva meeting is a "strong signal" to the world that the Bush administration is serious about nuclear diplomacy with Iran, but that it has not softened its fundamental demand that Tehran must stop enrichment to end its political isolation:"I would remind you that I signed the letter that sent the proposal forward to the Iranian regime," she noted. "And this is, in a sense, the bookend -- Bill Burns will go to receive the Iranian response. But it should be very clear to everyone: the ed States has a condition for the beginning of negotiations with Iran. And that condition remains the verifiable suspension of Iran's enrichment and processing activities."U.S. officials have declined to speculate what Iran's reply may be. But they say the range of comments by Tehran officials in recent weeks suggests, at least, an internal debate about whether to continue uranium enrichment - which the Tehran government has said is part of a peaceful nuclear program.200807/44328。

Indian Stock Markets Continue to Plunge Despite Central Bank Assurance of More Liquidity印度股市暴跌 达三年来最低点  India's stock markets have plunged to a three-year low despite assurances by top officials that Asia's third largest economy can be cushioned from the global economic turmoil. The Central Bank is infusing more liquidity in the financial system in a bid to restore confidence.尽管印度高级官员表示,印度经济能够抵御住全球金融市场动荡的冲击,但是这个亚洲第三大经济体的股市仍然暴跌到三年来的最低点。为了恢复市场信心,印度央行正在向金融系统注入流动资金。The Mumbai stock index, the Sensex, plunged by 800 points Friday, bringing it down to 10,527 points. The losses since Monday piled up to more than 16 percent, making it the worst week in the history of Indian stock markets. 星期五,孟买股指SENSEX狂泄八百点,降到一万零527点。自从星期一以来,该指数已经下跌了16%。这是印度股市历史上表现最差的一周。The stock market slide continued despite an announcement by the Central Bank that it will make an additional billion of credit available to ensure that there is no liquidity crisis in the financial system. 尽管印度央行宣布将向金融系统注入120亿美元的信贷资金,以求避免发生流动性危机,但是此举没能挽救股市的下挫。But neither the Central Bank's move, nor reassuring statements by the government convinced investors that India will remain immune from the global financial crisis. 印度央行的救市行动和政府发出的安抚市场声明都无法让投资者相信,印度可以在这场全球性的金融危机中独善其身。Finance Minister P. Chidambaram says the Indian financial system is stable, and has the resilience to weather the storm blowing across the world. 印度财长奇丹巴兰姆说,印度的金融体系是稳固的,并且有足够的弹性挺过这场全球金融风暴。He says liquidity conditions have tightened, but the government will ensure that there is enough credit to support economic growth. 他说,尽管流动性出现紧缩,但是政府会确保市场上有足够的信贷撑经济增长。"We will watch the situation carefully and continuously and respond swiftly to the needs of the market," Chidambaram said. "Steps will be taken to infuse more liquidity if required." 他说:“我们将谨慎地、持续地关注局势,并对市场需要做出迅速反应。如果确有需要,我们将采取措施注入更多流动性。”The finance minister also gave assurances that India's banking system is sound, and well regulated. 印度财长同时还表示,印度的系统状况良好,并且受到有效监管。Banking stocks have been falling heavily since the global financial turmoil began to unravel. 尽管如此,全球金融危机爆发以来,印度股遭受重创。The worst-hit is India's largest private sector bank, ICICI, whose shares fell by more than 20 percent Friday. But its head, Chanda Kocchar says that the bank faces no problems. 印度最大的私营ICICI损失最为惨重。这家股价星期五下跌幅度超过20%。不过,行长昌达.科查尔表示,他的没有什么问题。"We have adequate liquidity given the current condition, and even in our international operations we have sufficient liquidity," Kocchar said.科查尔说:“在目前的局势下,我们的流动性是充足的。即使是在我们的国际业务这一块,流动性也很充足。”Traders say the Indian stock market is reflecting the panic around the globe. Heavy selling by foreign investors is adding to the gloom. Foreign investors have sold shares worth nearly billion this week, taking the total outflow this year to billion.交易商们说,印度股市反映出蔓延全球的恐慌情绪。外国投资者的抛售加剧了这种恐慌。在印度股市上,外国投资者本星期销售了大约十亿美元的股票。今年以来,撤出印度股市的外国资本总值已经高达50亿美元。That has put pressure on the Indian rupee, which has fallen to a six-year low against the dollar.股市的抛售狂潮给印度卢比带来压力。目前,卢比对美元已经贬值到六年来最低点。In addition there are worries that although the country's financial system may ride out the global turmoil, the economy will not be able to sustain high growth as major world economies head toward a recession.还有一种担心是尽管印度的金融体系或许有能力挺过这场金融风暴,但是由于世界主要经济体正在滑向衰退,印度经济将无法保持高速增长。200810/52534。

UN Warns Burma's Food Security at Risk联合国警告缅甸面临食品短缺威胁 ed Nations agencies warn that Burma's food shortages and escalating prices pose a threat to its food security. Aid agencies also say Burma may need food assistance for at least a year to support communities devastated by Cyclone Nargis. 联合国机构警告说,缅甸食品短缺和不断上涨的食品价格对该国的食品安全构成了威胁。国际援助机构同时表示,缅甸可能至少在未来一年,都需要食品援助,来救助那些在纳尔吉斯风暴中受灾的民众。In its latest assessment, the U.N.'s Food and Agriculture Organization says hundreds of thousands of people in remote regions of the Irrawaddy Delta have yet to receive food aid, nearly a month after the cyclone. Up to 75 percent of the population most in need is not receiving regular food assistance. 联合国粮农组织在最新的评估报告中表示,强热带风暴已经过去将近一个月了,但是缅甸伊洛瓦底江三角洲的偏远地区,成千上万的民众至今还没有收到任何救援食品。在那些最急需援助的民众当中,有多达75%的人都没有得到常规的食品援助。Aid agencies estimate more than two million people need food, shelter and medical care as a result of Cyclone Nargis, which came ashore the night of May 2. The storm killed 78,000 people and left 56,000 missing. 国际援助机构估计,在缅甸5月2号晚间受到风暴袭击之后,有多达两百万人需要食品、住所和医疗设施。在那次风暴中丧生的人数多达七万八千人,而且至今还有五万六千人失踪。The FAO says food shortages along with escalating prices "posed a risk to national security". Rice prices in Rangoon have doubled this month while prices of staples such as eggs had risen sharply. 联合国粮农组织表示,食品短缺、价格飙升“对缅甸的国家安全构成了威胁”。在仰光,大米的价格仅这个月就翻了一番,而鸡蛋等其他主要食品的价格也都大幅度上涨。The cyclone destroyed crops just before the main rice harvest. The loss is compounded by the deaths of 150,000 water buffalo, needed to plow paddies.  5月2号那场风暴来临之际,正逢大米即将收割的季节。庄稼被风暴彻底摧毁,不仅如此,十五万头耕牛也在风暴中丧生。Paul Risley, the World Food Program's Asia spokesman, says Burma may need aid for a year.  联合国世界粮食计划署亚洲项目发言人保罗.莱斯利说,缅甸可能一整年都需要援助。"It's quiet clear that there will be needs for continued food assistance in all of these communities - not only over the next three months, (or) six months, but possibly until the next proper good harvest and that's going to be literally a year away," Risley said. 他说:“显然所有这些地区都会一直需要食品援助,不光是今后三个月、六个月,很有可能一直要到下一个收获季节,也就是一年以后了。”Aid agencies say a new crop of rice needs to be planted within weeks to avoid a prolonged food crisis. But Risley says it is unlikely the planting will be done.  国际援助机构表示,为了避免长时期的食品危机,缅甸必须在今后几个星期内,播种下一季稻谷。但是保罗.莱斯利担心,这恐怕很难做到。"The last thing these farmers are prepared to do right now is to re-seed these fields and plow them and get them back into shape and plant the rice that needs to be planted within the three to four weeks, or we really risk seeing no harvest at all for the next year. And that's an incredibly dangerous situation," Risley said. 他说:“农民现在根本没有心思去重新播种稻谷,修整农田、在今后三、四个星期里播种稻谷,但是要不这样的话,那么明年一年,就有可能得不到任何收成,那就太危险了。”Debbie Stothardt, the spokeswoman for rights group the Alternative ASEAN Network, says Burma's economy is so fragile that it could force many in the country to migrate looking for work. 斯多特哈尔德女士是东盟替代网络权益组织的发言人。她认为,缅甸脆弱的经济状况可能迫使很多人到别的地方去寻找工作。"Even before Cyclone Nargis struck last year Burma experienced an inflation rate of 50 percent," she noted. "If this disaster is not addressed comprehensively and quickly and effectively you are going to send millions of people from Burma out into the rest of the region as migrants simply because they can no longer survive in their own country, which ironically used to be considered "the rice bowl of Asia". 她说:“在纳尔吉斯风暴来临之前,缅甸去年经历了50%的通货膨胀。假如这场灾难不能全面、及时、有效地得以处理的话,我们将会看到千百万缅甸人大批迁徙到亚太地区其他地方,因为他们在自己的国家已经生存不下去了。非常令人感叹的是,缅甸历来以‘亚洲的米仓’著称。”Burma's military government last week agreed to allow more foreign aid workers in to the hardest hit areas. Aid agencies say the flow of supplies is growing, but workers still must give authorities 48 hours notice before they can go to the delta region. 缅甸军政府上星期同意允许外国救援人员到受灾最重的地方去展开工作。国际救援机构表示,进入缅甸的物资目前的确在不断增加,但是救援人员还必须在48小时之前通知政府部门,才能进入伊洛瓦底江三角洲地带。 200805/40519。

US Banking System Faces Shakeup雷曼兄弟宣布破产金融业重组  Financial lenders are facing a major industry reorganization Monday that promises to change the face of banking in the ed States. 美国金融投资系统星期一面临重大行业重组,这一行动预示将改变美国的面貌。Early Monday, the U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers announced that it will file for bankruptcy. 星期一一大早,美国雷曼兄弟投资就宣布即将申请破产。In a statement, Lehman said its filing for 11 in U.S. bankruptcy court will not affect its broker-dealer subsidiaries or other units. 雷曼兄弟在一份声明中说,他们根据破产法第11章向美国破产法庭申报破产,并不会影响到公司旗下各个经纪自营商子公司和任何子公司。Sunday, talks aimed at stabilizing the 158-year-old investment bank ended after Bank of America and Britain's Barclays Plc decided against buying it. 星期天,在美洲和英国巴克莱决定拒绝收购雷曼以后,希望稳定这家有158年历史的投资的谈论嘎然而止。Lehman was once the fourth-largest investment bank in the ed States. But market analyst Hugh Johnson says bad investments in real estate and other areas brought a drastic fall in the value of Lehman shares.  雷曼兄弟是美国第4大投资。市场分析人士休.约翰逊说,房地产市场和其他领域的不良投资导致了雷曼股票急剧贬值。"Lehman, like so many other investment banks and banks, really got, quite frankly, caught up in the housing bubble, but, like every bubble, the bubble ended and now we're seeing the downside of that bubble," Johnson said. “很坦率地说,雷曼就像其他很多投资一样,都在房屋市场泡沫中被套牢了,但是就像任何泡沫都会破灭一样,房屋市场泡沫也破灭了,我们正看着这些泡沫在消退。”On Sunday, Merrill Lynch agreed to be bought out by Bank of America for some billion. Analysts say the move will result in the nation's prime lender (BA) becoming even bigger. 星期天,美林券同意被美洲以500亿美元的价格收购。分析人士说,这个行动将导致美国主要借贷机构美洲更加庞大。In a separate move late Sunday, the U.S. Federal Reserve announced several initiatives to make it easier for financial institutions to get emergency loans from the U.S. central bank. 星期天晚些时候,涉及金融行业的另一个新的发展是,美联储宣布了几项措施,以方便金融机构能从美国中央得到紧急贷款。Officials from 10 global banks and securities firms also announced a billion loan program that the companies could use to help ease a potential credit shortage. 另外,10家全球性和券公司的官员也宣布了一项700亿美元的贷款项目,让这些公司使用,以便帮助缓解潜在的信用短缺。Government and banking officials are concerned that the failure of a large institution, like Lehman Brothers, could shake confidence in the financial system and hurt the value of other firms. 政府和官员都对类似雷曼兄弟这样庞大的金融机构的失败感到关切, 因为它会动摇人们对金融系统的信心,并伤害其他公司的价值。200809/48909。

Militant Orders His Fighters to Stop Attacks in Pakistan巴激进分子头目下令部下停止袭击 In Pakistan, a fugitive militant commander linked to the al-Qaida network is said to have ordered his fighters to stop attacks on security forces and government installations in the country. The move follows reports the new government has renewed contacts with pro-Taliban militants in the tribal region bordering Afghanistan to seek a peace deal. 据说,一名与基地恐怖主义组织相关联的逃亡激进分子头目在巴基斯坦下令他的武装分子停止袭击安全部队和巴基斯坦政府的军事设施。在这之前,有报导说,巴基斯坦新政府恢复了与阿富汗边境部落地区的亲塔利班的激进分子的联系,以寻求达成一项和平协议。Reports of contacts between Pakistani authorities and tribal militants have regularly appeared in local media in recent days, but few official details from either side were available.  最近几天,地方媒体经常报导有关巴基斯坦当局和部落激进分子之间进行联系的消息。但是,任何一方都没有公开透露有关联系具体内容的细节。For the first time Wednesday, leaflets containing orders from militant commander Baitullah Mehsud appeared in tribal areas along the Afghan border. He ordered his followers to stop all attacks in Pakistan.  星期三,在沿着阿富汗边境的部落地区首次发现激进分子头目马苏德散发的命令传单。他命令他的追随者们停止在巴基斯坦进行的所有袭击。In his message, the militant leader has confirmed peace talks are underway with authorities and has promised to punish anyone found violating his orders.  这名激进分子头目在他发布的消息中实了他们正在与巴基斯坦当局进行和平会谈,并且保说要惩罚任何违反他的命令的人。Pakistani officials have welcomed his cease-fire announcement, but are refusing to comment directly on reports of talks with the country's most wanted man.  巴基斯坦官员对马苏德宣布停火表示欢迎,但是他们拒绝就和马苏德举行会谈的报导直接发表。马苏德是巴基斯坦要捉拿的头号逃犯。Responding to the reported U.S criticism over the peace talks, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mohammed Sadiq reiterated at a news conference in Islamabad that the government is working on a "comprehensive strategy" to deal with the problem of militancy and terrorism.  在回应美国抨击这一和平会谈的有关报导时,巴基斯坦外交部发言人萨迪克在伊斯兰堡举行的一个新闻发布会上重申,巴基斯坦政府正在采用一条“全面综合的策略”来解决激进分子和恐怖主义的问题。"We believe that military action alone will not be effective in permanently ending the phenomenon of terrorism. We are reaching out to the tribal leaders and notables as part of the political element of our overall strategy in fight against terrorism ... Political engagement is possible only with those who renounce militancy and violence, do not allow the use of our territory against any other country and do not help foreign elements to find hideouts in our country," he said. 萨迪克说:“我们相信,军事行动本身不会有效地长久终止恐怖主义现象。我们正在对外联系部落领袖们和名人们,作为我们打击恐怖主义的总体策略的政治因素的一个部分,政治合作是可能的,但是条件是我们只能与那些放弃武力和暴力、不允许使用我们的领土来对抗其他国家以及不帮助外国武装分子在我们国家寻找藏身处的人进行政治合作。”Taliban commander Mehsud is based in the Waziristan tribal region and is believed to be a facilitator of al-Qaida and Taliban militants launching cross-border attacks on coalition forces in Afghanistan. He is accused of ordering the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and dozens of deadly suicide attacks on security forces in recent months. 塔利班组织头目马苏德在瓦济里斯坦的部落地区活动。据信,他协助基地组织和塔利班激进分子越界袭击了阿富汗的联军部队。马苏德被指责下令刺杀了巴基斯坦前总理布托,以及在最近几个月里对安全部队进行了几十次严重的自杀式袭击事件。Pakistan's new coalition government, led by Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party has promised to deal with rising Islamic militancy through dialogue and development.  布托所属的巴基斯坦人民党领导的新的联合政府承诺,要通过对话和发展来对付正在崛起中的伊斯兰激进分子。Critics, including U.S. military commanders say Pakistan's previous peace deals with militants in its tribal regions only helped al-Qaida and Taliban extremists to re-group and intensify their attacks in Afghanistan. A top military commander of the international forces told reporters in Kabul the country could see higher levels of violence this year, with many Taliban attacks in eastern Afghanistan originating from across the Pakistani border. 包括美军指挥官在内的批评人士说,巴基斯坦当局以往与其部落地区的激进分子进行和平谈判只是帮助了基地组织和塔利班极端主义分子重组和增强他们在阿富汗进行的袭击活动。国际部队的一位高级指挥官在喀布尔对记者说,随着越过巴基斯坦边境的塔利班分子在阿富汗东部发动多次袭击,阿富汗今年的暴力程度会有所上升。Earlier this week, Pakistani authorities released Maulana Sufi Mohammad, the head of an outlawed Islamic group that illegally sent thousands of its followers to fight alongside the Taliban against the U.S-led coalition forces in Afghanistan. 本星期早些时候,巴基斯坦当局释放了非法的伊斯兰组织头目苏菲.穆罕默德。穆罕默德曾非法派遣他的数以千计的追随者与塔利班并肩作战,在阿富汗打击美国领导的联军部队。200804/36564。

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Do you mind not slurping Denise?丹尼斯,可以不要咂着嘴喝茶吗?This is thirsty work.我说这么多话很渴。Now is everyone clear about what to do if there is a fire alarm?现在大家都清楚听见火警后该怎么做了吧?Its usually a false alarm anyway.一般都是假警报罢了。Thats not the point. Now Anna, what about smoking?那个不是重点。安娜,关于吸烟呢?No smoking on company premises. But it wasnt me, it was Mr Ingle.办公场所禁止吸烟。但那不是我,是英格尔先生。Mr Ingle!英格尔先生。I see, so it was Mr Ingle smoking in the warehouse. You should have told me Anna. Sorry!我知道了,所以是英格尔先生在库房吸烟。你应该早点告诉我,安娜。 对不起。Right, Im going to have to look into this.好了,我会调查一下这件事的。Back to work everyone… oh and take a biscuit with you.大家可以回去工作了……拿点儿点心吧。So Annas let the cat out of the bag – Mr Ingle wont be pleased – but at least she now knows what do if a fire breaks out.安娜把秘密说出来了——英格尔先生会不高兴的——但是至少现在她知道了火灾发生的时候自己该做什么了。 /201702/491071。