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You got me all bent out of shape. 你使我心烦。 /201106/139792你以为牛津学者都是没有幽默感的书呆子,非也,最近一些牛津学者列举出了"10个最烦人的英语套话".这10大词汇是从“牛津语料库”中提取出来的,它们都是被严重滥用的流行词汇.这个巨大的数据库监视着那些新兴的流行词汇,并删去那些可以“退休”的低频词汇,数据来源包括书籍、杂志、广播和互联网等等.让人"审美疲劳"的10大套话:1 - At the end of the day 最后2 - Fairly unique 相当独特3 - I personally 我个人...4 - At this moment in time 此时此刻5 - With all due respect 恕我直言6 - Absolutely 绝对7 - It's a nightmare 真是个噩梦8 - Shouldn't of 不该...9 - 24/7 全天24小时10 - It's not rocket science 显而易见的 /201001/94565

就在大家纷纷迁徙的时候,长毛象Manny却不愿意离开生于斯长于斯的冰川世界,想要一个人过“清静的日子”。另一方面,树獭Sid又一次被家人在迁徙之前遗弃了,为了寻找食物,Sid不小心招惹了脾气暴躁的犀牛们,看来冰河世纪注定是一个多事的世纪啊!一起来看看吧。(1) Come on. If he wants to freeze to death, let him. 走吧,他要冻死就随他去。——动物们对Manny这一看似寻死的做法很不理解,议论纷纷。Let him是let him do的省略,类似的用法还有口语中常用的Let it be,意思是“随(他)去,任(他)那样”,例如:Let it be constant rule to scrub the boards the right way, that is lengthways. 地板永远要朝适当的方向去擦,也就是要顺着方向去擦。另外,Just let it be也可以表示“就这样吧”,如:Let it be 4:25 tomorrow afternoon. 就定明天下午4点25分吧。(2) Rise and shine, everybody. Huh? Zak? Marshall? 大家都快起来吧!呃?扎克?马歇尔?——树獭Sid在清晨醒来,呼唤他的同伴,他怎么也不会想到,他又一次在迁徙的时候被大家遗弃了。Rise and shine的表达法很有特色,形象地表现了“清晨醒来,容光焕发”的样子,是不是比“Get up”要好的多呢?所以,下次想要叫醒一个人,记得“Rise and shine”哦!(3) This has definitely not been my day. You know what I'm saying, buddy? 今天我算是倒霉透了。我的意思你应该懂吧?——犀牛费尽心力找到的一点食物却被Sid一脚踩坏,这不得不说是很倒霉的事情了。Be one's day这个词组意思是“顺利,如意”,如:My car broke down, then I locked myself out, it's just not my day! 我的汽车坏了,又把自己锁在外边,真倒霉透了。(4) It's just a fact. No offense. You probably didn't even know what I'm talking about. 这是事实,我没有恶意。也许我的话你们根本不懂。——面对气愤的犀牛,Sid不得不装出一副可怜的样子来向他们解释自己的破坏行为。Offense的意思很丰富,有“犯罪,伤感情,攻击,冒犯”等,如:1.The best defense is offense. 先下手为强/以攻为守。2. He is quick to take offense. 他很容易发火。(5) Easy, Frank. 冷静,弗兰克。——犀牛Carl认为同伴Frank实在没有必要为了一只小小的树獭发飙,所以试图劝阻它的暴躁举动。Easy在此处表示“冷静”,有点类似于“Take it easy”的表达方式,如:Now no use getting fussed. Take it easy. 现在紧张没用,心放开一些。 /200805/37285

T: do you mind if I sit here?P: no, of course not. Go ahead.T: don't I know you?P: yes, now that you mention it, I think we had a chemistry class together in high school.T: you're right! How are you? It's been a long time!P: What did you do after high school?T: I went straight to university afterwards. What about you?P: I took a year off to go travelling.T: that sounds exciting. Where did you go?P: I went all over the world. It was the best year of my life. Where did you go to school?T: I went to a small school in Connecticut. It has a very good reputation for its languages department.P: Oh, did you study a foreign language?T: yes, I got a grant to study Chinese.P: that's a very difficult language to learn, isn't it?T: it is, but it's very rewarding.P: so you can speak Chinese?T: I can, but not as well as I'd like to. I'll be studying Chinese until the day I die!P: I think most languages take a lifetime to learn well. /11/88950

  丹尼尔和汤姆中午放学后到餐馆吃午餐,两个小家伙要吃虾球,好像又碰上了好玩的事情,究竟是怎么回事呢? Listen Read LearnDaniel: Tom, we are in the restaurant now!Waiter: May I take your order?Daniel: I'd like to see the , please.Waiter: OK, here you are.Daniel: Thanks. I am starving. Tom, what are you getting?Tom: I have no idea. First time here.Daniel: Let me see…What's this, shrimp rolls?Waiter: Oh, it's rice rolls with fried shrimp inside.Tom: Twenty five yuan is a little expensive.Waiter: There are twenty rolls in a bowl. You can get another bowl for free if there aren't enough rolls.Daniel: Sounds nice. We will take this, two bowls of shrimp rolls.Waiter: OK, shrimp rolls. Do you want anything else?Daniel: We will have this one first and order something else later.Waiter: OK, wait a moment please.听看学丹尼尔:汤姆,我们到了饭馆了。务员:可以点菜了吗?丹尼尔:我想看看菜单。务员:好的,给你菜单。丹尼尔:谢谢。我快饿死了。汤姆,你吃点什么?汤姆:不知道,我是第一次来这儿。丹尼尔:让我看看……这是什么,虾球?务员:哦,就是面卷里包着炸虾。汤姆:25块钱有点贵了吧。务员:一碗里有二十个。如果面卷不够的话,还可以免费再点一些。丹尼尔:听上去不错。我们就要这个,两碗虾球。务员:好的,虾球。还要点别的什么吗?丹尼尔:我们先要这个,一会儿再点别的。务员:好的。请等一下。经典背诵 RecitationDaniel: My friend Tom and I like eating at the restaurant together .He is not good at ordering things, so most of the time I'm the one that order the dishes. The only problem is that he always complains about the prices and I think that is not a cool thing to do.生词小结restaurant n. 餐馆 n. 菜单starve vi. 饿死idea n. 主意roll n. 卷shrimp n. 虾 /200804/37074

  What’s wrong with you? 你怎么回事? /201108/149395。

  英语口语速成课堂:tongue in cheek"口语顶呱呱"帮你练出一口顶呱呱的英语 /200712/22136

  迈克尔:叮叮当,叮叮当,铃儿响叮当。比利:你为什么在唱圣诞歌曲,迈克尔?迈克尔:因为圣诞节很快就到了!比利:啊哈。我又要等到最后一分钟再去购买所有的礼物。商店会很拥挤。迈克尔:圣诞节可不光是给朋友和家人买礼物,还有很多别的东西。比利:没错,我知道。送礼物和唱老歌是圣诞节的两种主要活动。迈克尔:不是的,比利!你全搞错了。坐下来,我来告诉你有关圣诞节的古代史。 /12/9289061. Self-presevation is a strong motivator.自卫是很强的因素。62. She found no signs of foul play.她没发现谋杀迹象63. Sir,I cannot do a procedure like this without an anesthetic.先生,如果没有麻醉剂,我没法动这个手术。64. That is absolutely hogwash.简直一派胡言。65. That's my ego.是我自以为是了66. The guy id'd both of them 那个人认出了他们两67. The harder you struggle,the worse it gets你越挣扎,情况越糟。68. The hat's over the wall.犯罪已成事实69. The money was never yours to begin with.本来就不是你们的钱70. The only way to win a war is to try to konw your prey completely.知己知彼,百战不殆 /07/77772

  美国成语俗语教程录音 Lesson101-110暂无文本 /200711/20614

  Do you want some hot tea?想喝些热茶吗?

  Emily: OMG! It must be so late where you are. What time is it?Brad: just after 2 am.E: what's wrong? Can't sleep?B: nope, actually I was waiting for you. I have something big to tell you.E: really? What is it?B: I have an offer to work for a company in your city today?E: I can't believe it! Is it real? You're moving here?B: I haven't accepted the position yet and with the upcoming holiday I think it's the perfect chance to visit the city and take a good look at the company before deciding. If you have time I think we could get together in person.E: just give me the dates and I'll make sure I'm free. You know after all these chatting online, it will be great to meet you in real life. I look forward to seeing you soon!B: me too. But I think I am going to bed now. my head is getting heavy. Have a nice day there!E: thanks. This is so exciting. Sleep tight and sweet dreams!B: talk to you later. /11/88272。

  Reference:a. Are you free tomorrow? I want to treat you to dinner.b. Is it a deal?a. It's a deal.b. So see you at the old school gate.a. See you and be there or be square!b. See you! /200805/40065

  五分钟英语快餐 第90期:Reference 相关专题: 社交美语英语口语 /200809/47597

  1.I'm so fed up with your BS. Cut the crap. 我受够了你的废话,少说废话吧.美女(美国的女人)是不喜欢说shit这个不雅的字的,所以她们就说shoot,或是BS(Bull shit)来表示她们还是很有气质的. "Cut your crap."是当你听到对方废话连篇,讲个不停时,你就可以说, "Cut the crap."相当于中文里的废话少话.

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