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连云港市第一人民医院新海分院人流价格表云山宿城高公岛中云猴嘴街道东辛农场顺产多少钱A Lenovo smartphone unveiled last Thursday will be clever enough to grasp your physical surroundings — such as the room#39;s size and the presence of other people — and potentially transform how we interact with e-commerce, education and gaming.联想公司于上周四发布了一款新型智能手机。这款手机可以准确地获悉你所在的周边环境信息,比如感知房间大小及其他人的存在。这可能改变我们与电子商务、教育、游戏的互动方式。Today#39;s smartphones track location through GPS and cell towers, but that does little more than tell apps where you are. Tapping Google#39;s 3-year-old Project Tango , the new Phab2 Pro phone will use software and sensors to track motions and map building interiors, including the location of doors and windows.现在的智能手机通过GPS和信号塔跟踪定位,但这只是让手机应用定位你在哪儿而已。Google开发Project Tango长达3年时间,而Phab2 Pro将采用软件和传感器来实现运动追踪和探测地图建筑物内部情况,包括门窗的位置。That#39;s a crucial step in the promising new frontier in ;augmented reality,; or the digital projection of life like images and data into a real-life environment.这对具有前景的“增强现实”技术或数字投影到生活(就像是图像和数据应用到现实生活)是关键的一步。If Tango fulfills its promise, furniture shoppers will be able use the Phab2 Pro to download digital models of couches, chairs and coffee tables to see how they would look in their actual living rooms. Kids studying the Mesozoic Era would be able to place a virtual Tyrannosaurus or Velociraptor in their home or classroom — and even take selfies with one. The technology would even know when to display information about an artist or a scene depicted in a painting as you stroll through a museum.Tango技术应用若符合预期,购买家具的顾客将可以使用Phab2 Pro下载沙发、椅子和咖啡桌的数字模型,以便观察家具尺寸是否符合客厅实际尺寸。孩子们在学习中生代时期知识时,可以将虚拟的暴龙和迅猛龙放在家中或教室,甚至可以和这些恐龙自拍合影。这项技术甚至可以在你参观物馆时显示艺术家信息或画中描绘的场景信息。Tango will be able to create internal maps of homes and offices on the fly. Google won#39;t need to build a mapping database ahead of time, as it does with existing services like Google Maps and Street View. Nonetheless, Tango could raise fresh concerns about privacy if controls aren#39;t stringent enough to prevent the on-the-fly maps from being shared with unauthorized apps or heisted by hackers.Tango技术可以创建一个动态的家或办公室内部地图。谷歌不需要提前创建一个测绘数据库,正如现有务Google Maps和Google街景。虽然如此,倘若监管力度不够,无法防止即时地图信息被未授权的应用程序共享或被黑客入侵,Tango技术可能引发新一轮对隐私的担忧。Lenovo says the Phab2 Pro will sell for 0 when it begins shipping in the U.S. in August. The device is expected to be available throughout the world by mid-September, in advance of Apple#39;s anticipated release of the iPhone 7.联想公司表示,Phab2 Pro手机将于8月在美国上市,售价为500美元。这款手机全球上市时间预计约为9月中旬,早于苹果iPhone7手机预期发布时间。In another effort to put a new twist on smartphones, Lenovo also previewed the newest models in its Moto line, which it bought from Google two years ago.联想还发布的另一款新品,这是智能手机新的转折点。联想还发布了托罗拉品牌新机,该系列是联想于两年前从Google手中收购而来的。The Moto Z and Moto Z Force will both let people snap on additional equipment called ;Mods; to the back of the phones. The initial Mods include a speaker to amplify music, a projector for displaying photos and from the phone and a power pack that provides 22 hours of additional battery. The phones will be available exclusively in the U.S. through Verizon this summer before a global release in the fall.联想Moto Z和Moto Z Force手机可以使用额外的“模块”接驳到手机背部。最初的模块包括音乐播放器模块、投影机模块、外接电源模块,其中电源模块可再续航22小时。这款手机将于今年夏天由美国电信公司Verizon独家发行,早于今秋全球发行时间。The new phones are coming out as phone sales are slowing. People have been holding off on upgrades, partly because they haven#39;t gotten excited about the types of technological advances hitting the market during the past few years. Phones offering intriguing new technology such as Tango could help spur more sales.新款手机即将上市,但手机销售市场却正在放缓。人们对手机升级持观望态度,一部分原因是几年来,人们始终未发现有令他们感到兴奋的高科技产品进入市场。手机提供像Tango这样有趣的新技术,这有助于刺激手机市场消费。But Tango#39;s room-mapping technology is probably still too abstract to gain mass appeal right away, says Ramon Llamas, an analyst at the IDC research group. ;For most folks, this is still a couple steps ahead of what they can wrap their brains around, so I think there#39;s going to be a long gestation period,; Llamas says.然而IDC分析师雷蒙·拉玛斯表示,Tango的空间映射技术可能还是过于抽象,不会立刻赢得大众青睐。拉玛斯说:“对于大多数人来说,让他们接受这款产品仍需要一定的过程,所以我认为将会有一个漫长的酝酿期。”Other smartphones promising quantum leaps have flopped. Remember Amazon#39;s Fire phone released with great fanfare two years ago? That souped-up phone featured four front-facing cameras and a gyroscope so some images could be seen in three dimensions. The device also offered a tool called Firefly that could be used to identify objects and sounds. But the Fire fizzled, and Amazon no longer even sells the phone.其他智能手机的发展预期以为会突飞猛进,却以失败告终。还记得两年前亚马逊大张旗鼓的发布智能手机Fire吗?这款升级版手机装载四个前置摄像头和一个陀螺仪,以至于有些图像看起来有3D效果。该装置还提供了一个称为萤火虫的工具,可以用来识别物品和声音。但火势告吹,而亚马逊甚至不再销售这款手机。The Phab2 Pro also looks impressive, with a 6.4-inch display screen and four cameras to help perform its wizardry. Lenovo boasts the phone#39;s sensors can capture about 250,000 measurements per second.Phab2 Pro看起来也令人印象深刻,拥有6.4英寸的显示屏和四个摄像头,以助于展现其功能。联想扬言这款手机的传感器拥有每秒约25万频谱处理能力。Despite all the fancy hardware, the key to the Tango phone#39;s success is likely to hinge on the bth of compelling apps that people find useful in their everyday lives.不管手机硬件多么强大,搭载Tango技术的手机成功的关键在于,人们发现手机里那些引人注目的应用程序在日常生活中是有用的。Google previously released experimental Tango devices designed for computer programmers, spurring them to build about 100 apps that should work with the Phab2 Pro. Home improvement retailer Lowe#39;s is releasing an app that enables Phab2 Pro users to measure spaces with the phone and test how digital replicas of appliances and other decor would look around a house.谷歌此前发布的为电脑程序员设计的试验性Tango设备,激励他们开发出约100个Phab2 Pro手机适用的应用程序。家装用品零售商美国劳氏公司即将发布的一款应用程序可实现Phab2 Pro手机用户用手机测量空间及测试家居用品和房内其他装饰的数字模型是否适合房间尺寸。Both large and small tech companies are betting that augmented reality, or AR , will take off sooner than later. Microsoft has been selling a ,000 prototype of its HoloLens AR headset. Others, such as Facebook#39;s Oculus and Samsung, are out with virtual reality, or VR, devices. Google has one coming as well through its Daydream project. While AR tries to blend the artificial with your actual surroundings, VR immerses its users in a setting that#39;s entirely fabricated.大型和小型科技公司断言增强现实技术(AR)迟早会发展起来。微软的HoloLens AR眼镜售价3000美元。另外,Facebook的Oculus公司和三星均插足增强现实技术或虚拟现实设备。谷歌已经通过其Daydream项目开展了相关计划。尽管增强现实技术尝试人工实现与您周围的实际环境融合,但是虚拟现实技术使其用户深信这完全是捏造。The AR and VR devices out so far invariably require users to wear a headset or glasses. In many cases, they also must be tethered to more powerful personal computers, restricting the ability to move around.迄今为止,增强现实和虚拟现实设备总是要求用户佩戴耳机或眼镜。在多数情况下,这些设备必须结合更强大的计算机,限制了左右移动的可能性。None of that is necessary with the Phab2 Pro. Instead, you get an augmented look at your surroundings through the phone#39;s screen.Phab2 Pro手机完全不需要理会这些,相反,你可以通过手机屏幕更加真实地看到周围环境。;This has a chance to become pervasive because it#39;s integrated into a device that you aly have with you all the time,; says Jeff Meredith, a Lenovo vice president who oversaw development of the Tango device. ;You aren#39;t going to have to walk around a mall wearing a headset.;负责Tango设备开发的联想副总裁杰夫·梅雷迪思表示:“这使得手机能更广泛地被接受,因为它集合了人们已经拥有的所有设备,人们将不再需要戴着耳机逛商场。” /201606/450768海州区痛经哪家医院最好的 Apple is to launch two new research and development (Ramp;D) facilities in China, aiming to expand its presence in this burgeoning consumer market and facilitate closer working relationships with some of the world’s leading consumer electronics and hardware manufacturers. 苹果(Apple)将在中国设立两个研发机构,旨在扩大其在这个蓬勃发展的消费市场的影响力,并推动其与一些世界领先的消费电子和硬件制造商建立更紧密的工作关系。Whether this investment will reverse the trend of falling revenues, however, remains to be seen.然而,对于这一投资能否逆转苹果收入下滑的趋势,还有待观察。In September, it was revealed that Apple is planning to open a m research centre in Beijing, employing 500 people tasked with the development of innovative hardware. 今年9月,苹果宣布计划在北京设立一个投资4500万美元的研发中心并雇佣500名员工,负责开发创新硬件。One month later, it was announced that a further Ramp;D facility will go ahead in Shenzhen, Guangdong, an area often described as China’s ‘Silicon Valley’.一个月后,苹果宣布将在有中国硅谷之称的广东省深圳市设立第二个研发机构。While locating in Beijing is a somewhat surprising decision, due to its distance from the main development hubs, Shenzhen is a more predictable choice and much closer to tech companies such as Huawei, Tencent and Baidu. 考虑到北京与主要的研发中心相距遥远,苹果研发中心选址北京有些令人惊讶,深圳则是一个更可预测的选择,这里距离华为(Huawei)、腾讯(Tencent)和百度(Baidu)也近得多。The company has not yet announced how many employees will be based at the Shenzhen facility.苹果还未宣布将有多少名员工在深圳研发中心工作。Despite some uncertainty about employee numbers, the scale of Apple’s Ramp;D investment in China is unlikely to challenge its Chinese competitors significantly. 尽管员工人数还存在一些不确定性,但苹果在中国的研发投资不太可能在规模上对其中国竞争对手构成重大挑战。According to data sourced from the Market Research Centre SINO for the first half of 2016, two of Apple’s main competitors – Huawei and OPPO – both saw sales volumes increase over this period.根据赛诺市场研究(Sino Market Research)的数据,苹果的两大竞争对手——华为和OPPO在2016年上半年销售量都上升了。Vivo, another Chinese multinational smartphone company, also generated sales revenues similar to those of Apple in the first half of the year. 另一家中国跨国智能手机企业VIVO在今年上半年的销售收入也可以与苹果比肩。Bearing in mind that Huawei Mobile has more than 20,000 Ramp;D engineers at its headquarters in Shenzhen, and Vivo has around 4,000, it is clear that Apple’s investment is unlikely to cause many ripples.鉴于华为的移动业务在其深圳总部雇佣了逾2万名研发工程师,VIVO也雇佣了约4000名研发工程师,显然苹果的投资不太可能引发多少涟漪。One of the main reasons for Apple’s Ramp;D investment is probably diplomacy. 苹果在中国进行研发投资的主要原因之一很可能是外交。The Chinese government is keen to foster home-grown innovation and while Western businesses are welcome, particularly where they bring significant knowledge and expertise, they also need to invest to secure their position in the marketplace.中国政府热衷于鼓励本土创新,尽管西方企业受到欢迎,尤其是在它们带来重要知识和专业诀窍的领域,但它们也需要进行投资来确保自己的市场地位。Apple may also have some making up to do with the Chinese government, following the media regulator’s decision to order the closure of its iBooks and iTunes stores earlier this year.苹果可能也需要修复与中国政府的关系,此前中国的媒体监管机构在今年早些时候做出决定,责令苹果关闭iTunes影片和iBooks商店务。Apple’s Ramp;D investment in China is not just about offsets, however. 然而,苹果在中国的研发投资不仅仅是为了修复关系。With sales in China falling away year-on-year the only route to growth is to collaborate and work more closely with manufacturing partners; drawing on the fast-developing resource of Ramp;D talent in the territory. 随着苹果在中国的销售同比下降,唯一的增长之道是与制造业伙伴更紧密地协调合作;利用本地快速增长的研发人才资源。The sheer force of competition developing in China’s consumer electronics sector makes investment in the area essential, not to mention the opportunity it presents to tap into local talent.中国消费电子行业日趋激烈的竞争让投资该领域变得不可或缺,更不必说利用当地人才带来的机遇。This is another area where Apple will need to compete aggressively. 这是苹果需要积极竞争的另一个领域。To attract the best people, it will need to offer good salaries and incentives. 为了吸引最优秀的人才,苹果需要提供优厚的薪资和奖励。Market surveys have shown that large domestic companies such as Huawei and Alibaba are the employers of choice for graduates. 市场调查表明,华为和阿里巴巴(Alibaba)等大型国内企业是毕业生的首选雇主。While Western companies are known to provide stable employment on reasonable terms, prospects for career development are perceived to be more limited. 尽管西方企业在以合理条件提供稳定就业方面名声不错,但这些企业的职业发展前景被认为更加有限。Apple will need to counter such perceptions to succeed in attracting engineering graduates to its new Ramp;D facilities.苹果需要对抗这种认知,这样才能成功地吸引工程专业毕业生到该公司的新研发机构就职。For one of the world’s most valuable brand names, increasing its operational presence in China could pose cultural and reputational issues, which will need to be managed carefully. 作为世界上最有价值的品牌之一,增多在中国的业务活动可能会带来文化和声誉方面的问题,这些问题需要谨慎管理。The leading Chinese tech companies have a well-established, long-hours culture, which is unlikely to gel with an ethos that promotes work-life balance.中国国内主要科技公司都有根深蒂固的加班文化,不太可能与推崇工作/生活平衡的价值观融合。Apple’s decision to make these Ramp;D investments in China is recognition of the importance of the Chinese marketplace and the wealth of talent that is emerging from its rapidly-growing consumer electronics sector. 苹果决定在中国进行这些研发投资,表明苹果认识到中国市场很重要,而且中国快速发展的消费电子业涌现出丰富的人才资源。Whether it will be enough to address sliding sales and position the brand for market growth is uncertain, but the company will be hoping it sparks a new era of global cooperation and innovation.尚不确定这是否足以应对苹果的销售下滑,并使苹果品牌定位于市场增长,但该公司将会希望此举开启一个全球合作和创新的新时代。 /201612/482379连云港人流多少钱

灌云县人民医院专家预约In recent weeks, Yemen’s Houthi rebels have fired volleys of what are widely thought to be the Chinese-designed C-801 or C-802A anti-ship missiles at US warships in the Gulf of Aden.近几周,也门胡塞(Houthi)叛军向亚丁湾的美国军舰发动了炮火攻击,各方普遍认为,他们使用的是中国设计的C-801或C-802A反舰导弹。While no American vessel has been hit, one missile damaged a high-speed ferry operated by the ed Arab Emirates. No casualties have been reported.虽然没有美国船只被击中,但阿联酋一艘快速运输船被一枚导弹毁损,所幸没有人员伤亡报告。With Saudi-led air strikes on Yemen contributing to a humanitarian crisis and thousands aly dead, the Obama administration and other western governments are under pressure to halt arms sales to Riyadh.以沙特为首针对也门发起的空袭已造成数千人丧生,引发了一场人道主义危机,奥巴马(Obama)政府及其他西方政府受到了停止向利雅得出售武器的压力。Meanwhile, Chinese arms are playing an increasing role in the conflict. 与此同时,中国武器在这场冲突中派上了越来越大的用场。The missile attacks off Yemen have raised the profile of a new generation of Chinese strategic weapons, many of which are being used in combat for the first time in dirty wars throughout the Middle East and Africa.从也门方向发起的导弹攻击提升了中国新一代战略武器的名气——在中东和非洲各地的肮脏战争中,许多中国新式武器首次被用于战斗。While low-tech hardware such as the Type-56 assault rifle, a variant of the Russian AK-47, have been widely used for decades, the Middle East is becoming the proving ground for a new generation of advanced Chinese weapons such as missiles, aircraft and drones. 几十年来,诸如56式突击步(苏联AK-47突击步的中国仿制版)等低技术含量的中国武器就已被广泛使用,但目前中东正成为中国新一代先进武器如导弹、飞机和无人机等的试验场。The Chinese and many other navies would be quite impressed with the amount of destruction [the anti-ship missile] caused on the high-speed ferry, said Rick Fisher, senior fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center in Washington. 华盛顿国际评估和战略中心(International Strategy and Assessment Center)高级研究员里克.费舍尔(Rick Fisher)表示,And this is only the beginning of a greater use of Chinese weapons in the Middle East and elsewhere.中国及其他多国海军将会对那艘(被反舰导弹击中的)快速运输船的毁损程度感到印象深刻,而这只是开始,中国武器在中东及其他地区将得到越来越广泛的使用。In the five years to 2015, China overtook Germany to become the world’s third-largest arms trader as arms exports rose 143 per cent, according to data compiled by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. 根据斯德哥尔国际和平研究所(Stockholm International Peace Research Institute)汇编数据,在截至2015年的五年里,中国超过德国成为全球第三大武器贸易国,期间其武器出口增长了143%。The US remains the biggest arms exporter.美国仍是最大武器出口国。The attack on the US warships was good advertising, said Col Yue Gang, a retired officer in the People’s Liberation Army. 中国人民解放军(PLA)退役上校岳刚表示,这次美国军舰遭受到的攻击是很好的广告。The China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, which makes the missiles, declined to comment.制造这些导弹的中国航天科工集团公司(CASIC)对此不予置评。Gary Li, a Beijing-based consultant for APCO Worldwide, said Chinese arms makers had become used to seeing their weapons on YouTube s or TV news. 安可顾问公司(APCO Worldwide)驻北京的Gary Li表示,中国武器制造商已渐渐习惯在YouTube或电视新闻上看到他们的武器。The only way Chinese weapons can be tested in combat is in regional small wars, he said. 他说:中国武器获得实战检验的唯一途径是在地区性小规模战争中。If the weapons work, it’s a great advertisement. 如果这些武器管用,就是很棒的广告。If they don’t, this can be blamed on local operators. 如果没有,就可以归咎于当地战斗人员。This is something all arms manufacturers do. 所有武器制造商都这么干。The very fact Chinese kit is starting to appear in conflicts around the world is good publicity for them.中国武器开始在世界各地的冲突中亮相,这本身就能起到很好的宣传效果。Until now, China’s largest arms client has been Pakistan, which has used drones and a jointly produced fighter aircraft, the J-17, against Islamist militants in South Waziristan. 到目前为止,巴基斯坦一直是中国出口武器的最大客户。在对南瓦济里斯坦(South Waziristan)伊斯兰武装分子的打击中,巴方使用了无人机和中巴联合生产的JF-17战斗机(中国称为枭龙,代号FC-1——译者注)。One attraction for Islamabad is reliability of supply. 对伊斯兰堡来说,中国武器的一个优点是供应的可靠性。This year alone, the US Congress cancelled 0m in subsidies for the purchase by Islamabad of eight F-16s, saying Pakistan had not done enough to fight militants. 仅在今年,美国国会就取消了为巴基斯坦购买8架F-16战机提供4.3亿美元补贴,理由是巴基斯坦没有采取足够有力的措施打击武装分子。The US has a congress but China doesn’t, said a senior Pakistani official. 美国有个国会,中国没有,一名巴基斯坦高官表示,The Chinese don’t interfere in other people’s internal affairs as the Americans do. 中国不干涉别国内政,但美国喜欢这样做。What good is American technology if they pull the rug from under your feet unexpectedly?美国技术有什么好的?——如果他们会出其不意给你来个釜底抽薪的话。China has not signed the 2014 Arms Trade Treaty, which supposedly limits transfer of arms to governments that could use them for war crimes. 中国目前没有签署联合国2014年生效的《武器贸易条约》(Arms Trade Treaty),该条约限制向可能将武器用于战争罪行的政府提供武器。The US has signed but not ratified the treaty.美国虽已签署,但尚未批准该条约。Another advantage for arms importers is in the price. 对武器进口方来说,中国武器的另一项优势是价格。Pakistan and China have not publicly disclosed the cost of a J-17, but western officials believe it is half the price of a similar western aircraft.中巴两国没有公开披露JF-17战机的价格,但西方官员认为其价格只有西方类似战机的一半。China has also sold its CH-4 drone — visually identical to the US General Atomics Reaper drone — to countries to which the US reportedly refuses to sell drones, such as Iraq, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.中国还将虹4无人机——外观神似美国通用原子公司(General Atomics)的死神(Reaper)无人机——出售给伊拉克、尼日利亚、沙特阿拉伯和巴基斯坦等国,据报道,美国拒绝向这些国家出售无人机。Questions about the combat effectiveness of Chinese weapons remain. 中国武器的战斗力仍然令人抱有疑问。Their combat record is so limited it is hard to make a comparison [with US weapons], said Peter Singer, an expert on drone warfare at the New America Foundation in Washington.华盛顿新美国基金会(New America Foundation)的无人机作战专家彼得.辛格(Peter Singer)说:它们的作战记录非常有限,很难(与美国武器)进行比较。While most Chinese arms are sold to governments, s suggest that some advanced weapons find their way into the hands of militant groups in Syria. 中国武器主要卖给政府,但有视频显示,部分先进武器会流入叙利亚武装组织的手中。While successes have been trumpeted by dealers, failures are still common. 虽然军火商吹嘘中国武器的威力,但失误却很常见。Chinese commentators are quick to say that what is being supplied to the Middle East is far from their best equipment.中国家很快回应称,目前为中东提供的武器远非他们最好的装备。 /201610/475110连云港赣榆区最好的妇科医院 连云港国泰妇科医院收费好不好

连云港市中医院中药科HONG KONG — In China, cheap smartphones made by relatively obscure companies aping branded designs are ubiquitous.香港——在中国,相对不知名的公司模仿名牌设计生产的廉价智能手机随处可见。Usually it is the major brands that go after the smaller companies for patent infringement. But one of China’s low-cost phone makers recently filed a patent complaint against Apple in the city of Beijing — and for now, it has won.通常是大品牌追究小公司侵犯专利的责任。但最近,中国一家低价手机生产商在北京对苹果(Apple)提起专利申诉——目前暂时取得了胜利。With an appeals process ahead, the ruling is unlikely to have a major impact on Apple. Still, the action spotlights the growing number of cases of municipal patent offices in China backing local companies against larger, international brands.由于接下来将进入诉讼程序,这项裁决不太可能给苹果带来大的影响。但这起案件突显出在和更大的国际品牌的对抗中,本土公司得到中国地方专利局持的案例越来越多。According to a statement from the Beijing Intellectual Property Office, Apple infringed on a design patent used in a phone called the 100C, made by the Chinese phone maker Baili. The statement ordered Apple to stop selling certain older versions of the iPhone within Beijing, though an appeal of such a ruling to the courts in China usually forestalls any sales injunctions. 北京市知识产权局发布的一则通告称,苹果侵犯了中国手机生产商佰利生产的100C手机使用的一项设计专利。通告下令苹果在北京停售iPhone的某些较老的型号,不过在中国,这类裁决被告上法庭后通常会先停止销售禁令。Apple said it had appealed, and a sales clerk at the Apple Store in the Sanlitun area of Beijing said on Friday evening that the store had received no instructions to stop selling the iPhone models and that “it is business as usual.” At the store, a handful of iPhone 6 models stood mostly unused as shoppers tapped on the newer 6s models at a nearby table.苹果称已提起诉讼。周五傍晚,北京市三里屯苹果店的一名销售人员称该店未收到停售相关iPhone产品的指示,表示“照常营业”。店内,几部iPhone 6基本上都闲置着,顾客在体验旁边一张桌子上的新款iPhone 6s。“IPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone SE models, are all available for sale today in China,” Apple said in a statement. “We appealed an administrative order from a regional patent tribunal in Beijing last month, and as a result the order has been stayed pending review by the Beijing I.P. Court.”“IPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus,以及iPhone 6s、iPhone 6s Plus和iPhone SE今日在华均有售,”苹果在一则声明中称。“我们对北京一个地区性专利机构上月发布的行政命令提起了诉讼,因此该命令还需接受北京知识产权法院的审查。”The new headache for Apple comes after increased regulatory pressure and problems in China. Recently, a Chinese company won the right to sell leather goods under the iPhone trademark after years of legal back and forth. And Apple’s movie and book services were shut down in the country shortly after they were introduced, a sign of more serious scrutiny from China’s media regulator. 在这件令人头疼的事情发生之前,苹果在中国面临的监管压力和问题正在加剧。前不久,一家中国公司赢得了使用iPhone商标销售皮具制品的权利。在这之前,双方的法律纠纷持续了数年。苹果的电影和图书务也在引入后不久被关闭。这个迹象表明,中国媒体监管机构的审查变得更加严厉。The Baili patent case pales in comparison to those troubles, though it underscores the day-to-day annoyances that can come with running a tech business in China.和那些问题相比,佰利专利案微不足道,但它突显了在中国经营一家科技企业可能会频频遇到的麻烦。The country has had its fair share of cases in which low-level manufacturers take on global brands. In perhaps the most famous, Apple paid million to use the iPad trademark. 在中国,低端生产商挑战国际品牌的案件相当多。在其中一起或许最为人所知的案件中,苹果为使用iPad商标付了6000万美元。Patent issues like the one Apple has with Baili are common enough that a recent paper in the Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment amp; Technology Law examined the topic. While the paper found that China’s patent system was not structured to benefit Chinese companies, it said there had been a number of recent “high-profile patent suits filed by relatively unknown Chinese firms against high-profile foreign tech companies like Apple, Samsung and Dell.” 像苹果和佰利之间的这种专利问题非常普遍。最近发表在《范德堡大学科技法期刊》(Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment amp; Technology Law)上的一篇论文对此进行了研究。尽管文章认为中国专利制度并非朝向有利于中国公司的方向进行构建,但它表示最近“相对不知名的中国公司对苹果、三星(Samsung)和戴尔(Dell)等著名外国科技公司提起了大量广受关注的专利诉讼”。Once a local intellectual property office in China finds an issue of infringement, companies can decide whether to appeal the matter. At that point, the issue typically is litigated or resolved via a settlement of some kind.在中国,被地方性的知识产权局认定侵权后,公司可决定是否申诉。如果申诉,往往会将问题诉至法院或是达成某种和解。 /201606/450368 When I finished journalism school, more than a few years ago, I was given a certificate entitled “Training for Truth”. There has long been a strongly held — but, to many, overblown — belief that the media is the fourth estate. Its purpose is to speak truth to power.多年前从新闻学院毕业时,我获得了一份标题为“为真理而学”的书。长期以来,有一种根深蒂固(但对于很多人而言有些夸张)的观点:媒体是第四权(fourth estate)。其宗旨是不畏权势讲真话。We could endlessly debate how well the media has performed that function. It might take us even longer to agree a satisfactory definition of truth. But for most of the postwar era, the mainstream media in the Anglo-American world has helped shape the political debate by creating a common national narrative.对于媒体在履行这项职能方面表现如何,我们可以无休止地一直辩论下去。要给真理下一个令人满意的定义可能需要更长时间。但对于战后多数时期而言,英美主流媒体通过创建一种共同的国家叙事帮助塑造了政治辩论。Now, we are told, the atomisation of traditional media and the sp of social networks has meant we all live in our own “filter bubbles”. Technology has eaten the truth. We live in a post-truth world in which we can ignore the facts we do not like and tap into any personalised narrative that we desire.如今,我们被告知,传统媒体原子化以及社交网络的蔓延意味着,我们都生活在我们自己的“过滤泡沫”中。科技吃掉了真理。我们生活在一个后真理世界,在这个世界里,我们可以忽视自己不喜欢的事实,转向我们喜欢的个性化叙事。Yet if there is no agreed basis of truth then it is hard to arrive at democratically settled conclusions. As we have seen during the debate on Brexit and in the US presidential campaign, much political argument consists of simply talking past your opponent to appeal to your own data-determined electoral demographic. Experts are dismissed as frauds. Demonstrable lies have no impact or consequence.然而,如果没有约定的真理基础,就很难通过民主过程得出结论。正如我们在英国退欧辩论以及美国总统竞选中看到的那样,很多政治争论在本质上只是不理会对手的主张,迎合你自己的、由数据决定的选民群体。专家被斥为骗子。可明的谎言没有任何后果。Yet the strange paradox of our times is that the truth — however defined — has never been easier to unearth or disseminate. Data are ubiquitous. Life is on the record. Claims and counterclaims can instantly be checked. Technology should at least hold part of the solution.然而,我们这个时代的奇怪矛盾是,发现和传播真理(不管多么定义)从来没有像现在这样容易。数据无处不在。生活得到全程记录。声称和反声称可以在瞬间得到检查。科技应至少在一定程度上提供解决方案。Exhibit A supporting the hope that technology can help societies recreate an accepted truth is Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. Its mission is to give everyone on the planet free access to the sum of human knowledge in their own language.人们希望科技能帮助社会重建受到公认的真理,撑这种希望的一号据便是在线百科全书维基百科(Wikipedia)。其使命是让地球上的所有人自由获取以本国文字编写的人类知识。Wikipedia has become such a routine part of our online lives that it is hard to believe it was founded only 15 years ago. Its growth has been remarkable. The non-profit-making collective of tens of thousands of active Wikipedians has created more than 40m articles in 250 languages. With 500m unique users a month, it is one of the top five most visited websites in the world.维基百科已成为我们在线生活中习以为常的部分,以至于我们很难相信它是在短短15年前创建的。它发展迅猛。这个由几万活跃的维基百科编辑组成的非盈利组织创造了250种文字的4000万篇条目。每月独立用户为5亿,它是全球访问人数最多的5大网站之一。Its volunteer contributors stick to a neutral point of view and agree among themselves what constitute reliable sources. Academic studies have found that Wikipedia is generally as accurate as professionally edited encyclopedias and has massively more articles.维基百科的志愿贡献者严守中立观点,并约定什么是可靠来源。学术研究发现,维基百科与专业编辑的百科全书一样准确,而条目多得多。Check out the entries on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and you will find them to be studiously neutral with more than 1,200 footnoted references between them.看一看与唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)和希拉里.克林顿(Hillary Clinton)有关的条目吧,你会发现其内容被严格保持中立,总计有超过1200个参考文献注脚。Wikipedia does, though, possess some glaring flaws. Its contributor base is 85 per cent male, leading to some skewed subject selection and other biases. Entries on male authors tend to be longer than those on female authors, for example.然而,维基百科确实具有一些明显的缺点。其贡献者85%为男性,这导致出现了一些不公平的主题选择和其他偏见。例如,有关男性作家的条目篇幅往往长于女性作家。Those devious enough to do so can game the system by poisoning the sources on which Wikipedia relies. The constant re-editing of some entries also means that they can forever remain a work in progress: US President George W Bush’s entry has been edited more than 45,000 times. Truth on Wikipedia is always a malleable commodity.那些足够狡猾的人可以通过毒化维基百科所依赖的来源来操纵这个系统。一些条目的重新编辑也意味着,它们可能永远是一项进行中的工作:美国前总统乔治#8226;W#8226;布什(George W Bush)的条目被编辑了逾4.5万次。维基百科上的事实永远是一种可塑的商品。At a recent FT125 Forum event, Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia’s founder, said that one of the “super fascinating” aspects of the community was how it tended to bring people together when there were serious disagreements rather than forcing them apart.在最近的英国《金融时报》125(FT 125 Forum)论坛上,维基百科创始人吉米.威尔士(Jimmy Wales)表示,维基社区“超有趣”的一面是当出现严重分歧时,它往往会把人们聚在一起,而不是迫使他们分开。For instance, Ukrainian and Russian Wikipedians, who have written radically different interpretations of the conflict between their two nations, recently met in Kiev to understand their respective views. “It will take some time before they come to a consensus view but we are trying,” he said.例如,乌克兰和俄罗斯的维基百科编辑(他们对于两国之间冲突的解读截然不同)最近在基辅会面,以交换观点。他表示:“他们要达成共识需要一段时间,但我们正在努力。”Mr Wales said the site was relatively impartial because it had shunned advertising. Wikipedians wrote entries according to the subject’s interest rather than from any impulse to chase clicks. “We all know that the DNA of any organisation tends to follow the money.”威尔士表示,这个网站之所以相对不偏不倚,是因为它没有广告。维基百科编辑根据主题的兴趣(而不是追求点击量的驱使)去编写条目。“我们都知道所有组织骨子里都倾向于向钱看。”Wikipedia’s model has enabled it to create a “temple of the mind”, says its founder but it has resulted in a “terrible, terrible business”, dependent on voluntary contributions. Can others invent more robust platforms?维基百科创始人表示,它的模式令其能够创建一个“思想殿堂”,但结果是一家“很糟糕的企业”,依赖自愿捐赠。其他人能发明出更稳健的平台吗?It is said that there are only two forms of innovation: unbundling an industry and rebundling it. The mainstream media has been unbundled but Wikipedia has shown a different way to rebundle our collective intelligence.据说,只有两种创新形式:拆散一个行业和对其再捆绑。主流媒体已被拆散,但维基百科展示出了一种不同的重新打包人类集体智慧的方式。The truth is out there. The bigger question is: do we want to hear it?真理就在那里。更重要的问题是:我们想听吗? /201610/472894连云港第一人民医院网上预约挂号连云港市赣榆区人民医院网上预约挂号




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