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据韩联社报道,随着中国女性游客购买力的增长,她们有望成为拉动韩国免税店和化妆品行业发展的主力军.South Korea Yohaps News: Cosmetics companies and duty-free shops in South Korea are seeing a continuous rise in stock prices because of soaring numbers of Chinese female tourists, that according to a report by Huanqiu website.The Chinese made 57,000 travels to South Korea in June, ing 5 percent of all eign tourists. The report ing statistics from South Korean financial investment and tourism inmation system, among those Chinese travelers, 3,000 of them were female.The custom data showed, in June, cosmetics exports to China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, alone ed 5.7 percent of the total South Korean exports of cosmetic.With considerable purchasing power, Chinese female tourists became South Korea market focus. A researcher at South Korea SK Securities Co Ltd said Chinese women are expected to be the main ce to boost the development of South Korean duty-free shops and cosmetics industry as they gradually become key players in consumption.South Korean cosmetics makers LG Household amp; Health Care Co Ltd and AmorePacific saw their stock prices rise 8 percent and percent respectively during the period between July 1 and August 1. 367地点:公寓楼道人物:瑞秋,罗斯事件:作为昔日的情侣如今的好友,瑞秋劝罗斯抓住并珍惜与英国女孩艾米丽的感情,不要止于现在Rachel: Is there room on that step a pathetic loser?瑞秋:这台阶上有悲哀的失败者坐的地方吗?Ross:Yeah, have a seat.罗斯:有,坐吧Rachel: Im so sorry.瑞秋:我真对不起你Ross: That okay. I mean it was just two-week thing anyway. I just didnt want it to end this way.罗斯:没关系,反正也只是两周的事,我只是不想以这种方式结束Rachel: You seem to really like her.瑞秋:看起来你真的很喜欢她Ross: Yeah, I really do.Yeah, but what am I gonna do? I mean we–we both agreed that it was gonna be a two-week thing, yknow no commitment.罗斯:是,我真的很喜欢她是啊,但我又能做什么呢?我们都心照不宣,知道这只是两周的事,没有承诺Rachel: Ross, that girl just spent the entire evening talking to your friends, asking to hear stories about you, looking through Monica photo albums. I mean you dont do that if youre just in it two weeks.瑞秋:罗斯,那个姑娘用整晚的时间和你的朋友聊天,打听所有关于你的事情,还看莫妮卡的相册,我的意思是,没有谁会只想交往两周还做这些的Ross:You think?罗斯:你这么想?Rachel: Yeah, you got like hours until she has to be at the airport, and youre sitting here in the hallway with a -year-old cheerleader with a fat lip.瑞秋:是的,她还有个小时就得到机场赶飞机了,而你却和一个岁的、嘴唇肿起来的拉拉队长坐在走廊里Ross: Hey, youre right. Thanks. What photo album was it?罗斯:嘿,你说得对,谢谢她们看的什么相册啊?Rachel: I dont know. It was you and a bunch of albino kids.瑞秋:不知道,是你和一群白化病孩子的Ross: Oh my God! Those werent albino kids, that was computer camp! Rach!罗斯:天啊,他们不是白化病,那是在计算机夏令营,瑞! 981I never used to go to the beach, cause I come from Brooklyn, we only had Coney Island, which was an awful beach, though there was rumours during the war, that enemy submarines, German subs came into the bathing area at Coney Island, and they were destroyed by the pollution. 我从来都没去过海滩,因为我来自布鲁克林区,我们只有科尼岛,那里的海滩很可怕,在战争时期有谣传说敌人的潜艇、德国人的潜艇到过科尼岛的浴场区,他们被污染物消灭了And the only time I bathed was with Mrs. Allen, I guess, my wife, the d Mrs. Allen.我想我唯一一次的海滩浴是和艾伦夫人一起,我太太、强悍的艾伦夫人Honeymooning, I was fabulous, you would have adored me.我们在度蜜月,我非常棒,你们一定会喜欢我的I was on waterskis, stripped to the waist, skiing fast across the top of the surf, my hair back, I oiled my muscle.我在滑水,上身,在水面上疾速地滑过我的头发朝后扬起,我给肌肉抹了油It was really...holding on with one hand, waterskiing, very great, my wife was in the boat ahead of me, rowing frantically.这真的很用一只手抓着绳子滑水,非常棒我太太在我前面的船上,玩着命地划水I got a very bad burn, really, I was thinking, when I was a kid, I was ashamed of having red hair, cause I lived in a tough section, I lived in a sub-basement walk-down, under street level, janitor-style.我被严重晒伤,真的我想起来在我小时候,我很为自己的红头发难为情,因为我住的地方着实不太平我在地下室之下的没有升降设备的地方住过【1】,当然低于街面,就是看门人住的那种The janitor, that had the apartment during the depression, had some stocks, the market crashed, and he was wiped out, he tried to kill himself by jumping out the window and UP unto street level.看门人,大萧条期间的那幢公寓的看门人有些股票,股市崩盘后他变得一贫如洗,他想了结自己,从窗子里跳了出去,结果发现得往上爬才够得着街面I was the sensitive kid, poet.我是个敏感的孩子,像个诗人There were tough kids in my class, there was a kid in my class named Floyd.我班级里有几个很野的孩子,我班上有个名叫弗劳埃德小孩Floyd used to sit in the dumb row in school, yknow. Vegetable mentality, yknow.弗劳埃德曾在学校的笨蛋专席上坐过,有头无脑I made friends with him years later when we got older, I removed a thorn from his paw.过了几年稍大一点的时候,我们成了朋友,因为我帮他从他爪子里拔出过一根刺Once, I was on my way my violin lesson when I was a kid, and Im walking past the pool room, and Floyd and all of his friends are out, yknow, theyre swiping hubcaps, in Brooklyn, from moving cars, which is really amazing. And I walk past him, and he yells out to me, ;Hey, Red!;.在我小时候,有一次在我去上小提琴课的路上,我走过台球房,弗劳埃德和他的朋友都在那儿,他们追着布鲁克林大街上移动的汽车,想偷车子的轮毂盖,这真的很有想法我路过他的身边,他冲我喊道:“嘿,红毛!”I was a cocky kid. Put down my violin. I go up to him.我是个高傲的孩子我放下小提琴,朝他走了过去I said ;My name is not Red. If you want me, call me by my regular name, It Master Heywood Allen;.我说:“我的名字不叫‘红毛’如果你想招呼我,就叫我正规的名字,我是‘海伍德·艾伦大师’【】”I spent that winter in a wheelchair. A team of doctors laboured to remove a violin.那年冬天我整个是在轮椅上度过的,一队医生忙活着从我身体里拔除小提琴Lucky it wasnt a cello. Im not a fighter. I have bad reflexes, and I cant fight.所幸的是那不是把大提琴我不喜欢打架我的反应很迟钝,所以我打不了架I was once run over by a car with a flat tire, being pushed by two guys.我有一次被一辆瘪了胎的车子辗过,而且是两个人推着走的 3736

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