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连云港国泰妇科医院怀孕检测怎么样好不好中国人民解放军第一四九医院能做人流吗连云港赣榆区治疗肛门损伤多少钱 Here she is now, Ellen Degeneres.Thank you so much.Thank you very much.Thats good.Thank you so much.Thats so nice of you.Appreciate it.Thank you very much.Back at you, back at you.让我们欢迎 艾伦·德杰尼勒斯 太谢谢你们啦 真的很感谢 太棒了 非常感谢 你们太棒了 感谢你们 非常感谢 掌声也要送给你们Have a seat or if you dont want to,you dont have to, you can do whatever you want.想坐或者不想坐 位子就在那 不用勉强 在这里你们可以随心所欲It is your time here.Thanks for being here.在这儿随你任性 感谢你们来我的节目现场Today Im gonna let you in on a little industry secret, okay?今天我打算告诉你们一个小小的行业内幕 怎么样Everyone knows Im a cover girl,But people dont understand the responsibility that comes with it.大家都知道我是 但是他们不了解 随之而来的责任感They think its glamour and being stunningly beautiful every second of the day.Thats the easy part.他们以为很光鲜 每天只用负责貌美如花 这只是容易的部分If you the fine print on the contract that we get when we sign on to be a cover girl,如果你去看看我们签约的合同 里面的小字 那些最难懂的条文Its also my job to approve all covers,any cover, magazine covers, bed covers,the handmade tissue box covers, the... the box.审查所有封面也是我的工作 各种封面 杂志封面 床单封面 手工纸巾盒封面 就 就那纸盒And, theres one cover somehow slipped by me.I didnt see this before it got out.The ;Sports illustrated; Swimsuit cover.Have you seen this?但是 有一个封面被我漏掉了 在它上市之前我都没见过 ;体育画报;泳衣封面 你们看过这个吗 /201510/404002连云港市赣榆区人民医院肛肠痔疮便血肛门异物治疗好吗

新浦区新城社区卫生服务中心人流收费标准连云港哪家医院做人流手术比较好 FIFA and corruption国际足联与腐败Hear no evil非礼勿听Footballs governing body is struggling to silence its critics足球管理机构努力平息批评AUTOCRATIC Russia and sweltering Qatar won the rights to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups fair and square, after a generally clean and honest bidding process. There might have been dodgy dealing, perhaps even criminal behaviour, on the part of a few of those involved—but not enough to justify rerunning the bids.专制的俄罗斯和闷热的卡塔尔,光明正大的赢得了2018与2022年世界杯的主办权。这个过程,总体上是清白的,诚信的。虽然有些参与者难免有些小动作,甚至某些地方牵涉犯罪,但瑕不掩瑜,重选是没有必要的。That, at least , is according to FIFA, world footballs governing body. On November 13th it described the results of an internal investigation into the bidding process as having mostly cleared itself and the host countries of wrongdoing. Nevertheless, on November 18th it said that it was handing the report from that probe over to Swiss authorities because it may have uncovered criminal activity (as yet unspecified).至少说出此话国际足联(世界性的足球管理机构)这样认为。经过一次国际调查,国际足联于11月13日从竞标过程内部调查结果描述来看撇清自己和主办国的嫌疑。。不过到了11月18日,国际足联又改口说,它将把报告提交瑞士当局,因为报告中的内容可能涉嫌犯罪(但未做出具体说明)。The investigation into the bidding process had been led by Michael Garcia, an American lawyer, who submitted over 400 pages of findings to FIFAs ethics committee in September. His report was then reviewed by Hans-Joachim Eckert, a German judge who heads the committees adjudicatory chamber (pictured right, with Mr Garcia). It was not published, despite pleas from some FIFA officials and Mr Garcia himself. Instead Mr Eckert released his own summary, which Mr Garcia has described as “incomplete and erroneous”. Two whistle-blowers have since said that Mr Eckert tarnished and misrepresented them. Mr Garcia has appealed against Mr Eckerts interpretation of his report—to another FIFA committee.主持此次调查的是美国律师迈克尔·加西亚(图中左者),随后他于九月,向国际足联道德委员会提交了400余页的报告(下文简称“加西亚报告”)。德国法官,同时也是道德委员会裁决小组主席的汉斯-约阿希姆·埃克特(图中右者)审阅了报告。虽然国际足联一些官员和加西亚本人均要求公开报告内容,但最终亮相的只是一份经埃克特重述的摘要(下文简称“埃克特摘要”)。这份摘要,加西亚说它“不完整,且与报告有出入”。摘要发布以来,有两位举报人称埃克特损害了他们的名誉,并曲解了他们的话。加西亚已就埃里克摘要向国际足联另一委员会提出申诉。Ever since Russia and Qatar won the hosting rights in 2010, there have been allegations of funny business. Several FIFA officials involved have since stepped down under a cloud. In June the Sunday Times, a British newspaper, published e-mails detailing lavish campaigning by Mohamed bin Hammam, a disgraced former FIFA bigwig from Qatar, ahead of the vote for his country. Lord Triesman, who led Englands bid for the 2018 tournament, has said FIFA officials asked him for bribes.2010年俄卡两国赢得主办权以来,丑闻申诉不绝于耳。数名涉事的国际足联官员在质疑中辞职。英国报纸《星期日泰晤士报》于七月公布了一些电邮,它们形成于卡塔尔胜选之前的一段时间。这些电邮显示,在名声不佳的国际足联前大佬,穆罕默德·本·哈曼主持下,卡塔尔的申办行为是多么的慷慨。负责英格兰2018年世界杯申办工作的特里斯曼勋爵称,国际足联官员曾向他索贿。So it may seem odd that England was the country most harshly criticised by Mr Eckert. Its bid committee had accommodated unethical requests from corrupt FIFA officials, he said. Qatar, too, had committed some violations, but according to Mr Eckert its actions “were, all in all, not suited to compromise the integrity” of the process. Russia was let off the hook, even though investigators had limited access to its documents because the computers its officials used had been destroyed.既然这样英格兰成为埃克特的抨击对象却有些说不通。他说,英格兰配合了国际足联中害群之马的不当要求。卡塔尔虽然同样存在违规行为,但“总的说来,并未损害”竞争程序的“完整性”。但如果真是国际足联官员主动索贿,那英格兰就有些冤枉了。 俄罗斯同样逃过一劫,虽然调查人员未能接触到全部的申办文件,因为彼时使用的电脑已毁坏。Dismayed by the findings and the lack of transparency, some football officials are daring to peek above the parapet. Mr Eckerts summary was “a joke”, says Greg Dyke, the chairman of Englands Football Association. His predecessor, David Bernstein, has called for UEFA, European footballs governing body, to boycott the World Cup in protest. Reinhard Rauball, the head of Germanys soccer federation, has suggested that UEFA might leave FIFA if Mr Garcias full findings are not published.由于对调查结果和调查过程的透明程度不满,一些足协官员敢于挑战权威。英格兰足协主席格雷格·戴克说,埃里克摘要就是个“笑话”。他的前任大卫·伯恩斯坦,则呼吁欧足联(欧洲的足球管理机构)抵制世界杯。德国足球联赛主席莱因哈特·劳巴尔建议欧足联退出国际足联,除非后者公开加西亚报告的完整内容。But a European rebellion seems unlikely. Michel Platini, the head of UEFA, who has himself had to deny allegations of corruption, voted for Qatar. Europes football associations benefit from hosting World Cup qualifiers and the sponsorship deals that come with playing on the tournaments big stage. Poorer nations are even less likely to challenge FIFA, as they benefit from its handouts. The money sloshing around feeds a perception that at least some of it is used to buy favours or votes.不过阻力很大。欧足联主席米夏埃尔·普拉蒂尼当初给卡塔尔投了一票,而他已否认了有关腐败的指控。欧洲各国足协均有望从举办世界杯预选赛中获益,因为彼时不仅有八方球迷,还能得到不菲的赞助。相对贫困的国家就更不愿意和国际足联作对了,因为他们能得到救济。钞票漫天飞舞,不难想见其中一部分是用于疏通乃至贿选了。Despite not having Mr Garcias report, Sepp Blatter, the 78-year-old head of FIFA, insists his organisation is clean: “If we had anything to hide, we would hardly be taking this matter to the [Swiss authorities].” But the Swiss benefit from FIFAs presence in Zurich. A greater threat may come from the Americans. The FBI is investigating allegations of corruption against FIFA, and Mr Garcia can still recommend cases against individual officials.虽然没读过加西亚报告,但78岁的国际足联主席尚帕·布拉特坚称,国际足联是廉洁的:“要是心中有鬼,我们哪能提交报告(给瑞士当局)呢。”不过,国际足联总部就设在苏黎世,而瑞士正受益于此。更大的威胁也许来自美洲:联邦调查局正就国际足联腐败一事展开调查,而加西亚针对官员个人提起诉讼。After Mr Eckerts summary, FIFA said that “a degree of closure has been reached”. That depends on the sponsors. If they start to abandon FIFA and its World Cup, it will prove wishful thinking.埃里克摘要之后,国际足联“放宽了阅读加西亚报告的限制”。这要看投资者的态度。如果金主们打算抛弃国际足联,事情就有看头了。From the print edition: Intenational本文原文出自《经济学人》杂志社 译者:韦永睿 校对:刘苗苗 译文属译生译世 /201412/346119连云港医大做子宫肌瘤多少钱

连云港国泰妇科医院便血肛门异物肛瘘肛裂肛周脓肿治疗好吗French defence sales法国国防交易Mistral blows兜售“西北风”Why France insists on going ahead with selling warships to Russia法国为何坚持对俄出售“西北风”级两栖攻击舰EVEN before France signed a deal in 2011 to build two Mistral-class assault ships for Russia, the idea prompted widesp unease. Had Russia possessed such warships in 2008, boasted its naval chief, Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky, it would have won its war against Georgia in “40 minutes instead of 26 hours”. Russias neighbours were accordingly troubled, but so were Frances closest allies. In Paris before the deal, Robert Gates, then Americas defence secretary, had what he called a “thorough exchange of views” with the French: code for a serious disagreement.早在2011年法国刚签订对俄出售“西北风”级两栖攻击舰时,各地就纷纷表示不安。俄罗斯海军主席Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky也吹嘘,若是2008年俄就拥有这些军舰,那么击败格鲁吉亚就不必26小时,而只需40分钟。俄罗斯的邻国们同样因法俄交易合同而心头慌慌,就连法国最亲的同盟也略感紧张。合同签订前, 后成为美国国防部长的Robert Gates于巴黎和法国负责人进行了一系列自称是“透彻详尽的意见交流”洽谈:就一个严重分歧的处理准则。Now, as the Ukraine crisis lurches on, the Mistral sale is creating fresh ructions. At a meeting in Washington with John Kerry, Americas secretary of state, this week, Laurent Fabius, Frances foreign minister, found himself forced to defend it. Earlier this month, Victoria Nuland, Mr Kerrys assistant secretary, said she had “regularly and consistently expressed our concerns” about the sale. But Mr Fabius was having none of it. France, he said on May 13th, would take firmness lessons from nobody: “the rule with contracts is that contracts which have been signed are honoured.”随着乌克兰危机事件的蔓延,“西北风”军售合同再引骚动。本周于华盛顿和美国国务卿John Kerry的会晤谈话上,法国外交部部长Laurent Fabius不得不为本国此举加以辩护。本月初,John Kerry的秘书助理Victoria Nuland就称自己“一直对此次交易忧心忡忡”。然而,法国外交部部长Laurent Fabius却一点也不担忧。5月13日,他还对外宣称法国向来自我立场坚定,不受外界所动摇:“于此合同有一准则,那就是已签订的合同必须兑现”。At a moment when Europe and America are trying to co-ordinate sanctions against Russia, the timing is nonetheless embarrassing. The mighty Mistral-class vessels, 199m long, are not gunships. But their capacity to carry and land hundreds of soldiers and over a dozen armoured tanks and amphibious craft, as well as to transport some 16 helicopters, greatly enhances power projection. The first of the two ships, named the Vladivostok, will be y for delivery to Russia in October this year; the second, more pointedly named the Sevastopol, in mid-2015. Next month 400 Russian naval staff will arrive for training in Saint-Nazaire, the French Atlantic port where the vessels are being built.时值欧美强强联手制裁俄罗斯,现今的状况无疑是令人尴尬的。威力强大的“西风级”舰船长达199米,却非炮艇。但是,它可容纳成千上百的士兵,承载几十架装甲坦克和两栖飞行器,并能置放16架直升飞机,这大大提高了俄罗斯的力量投送能力。第一艘“西风级”舰船名为Vladivostok,预计今年10月将抵达俄罗斯;第二艘名字更加霸气,叫Sevastopol,预计2015年中期竣工。下月,400名俄罗斯海军将抵达圣纳泽尔Saint-Nazaire开始接受训练。圣纳泽尔是法国西部大西洋的港口城市,这批军舰也正是在此处修建的。There are 400 jobs directly at stake at the Saint-Nazaire shipyard (which also built the Queen Mary 2 cruise liner), and over 1,000 that depend on the contract. The French state has a 33% stake in STX France, the shipyard owner, and orders from the French navy help keep it in work. At a time when unemployment is high, President Fran?ois Hollande can ill afford to put more jobs in peril. And breach of the 1.2 billion contract would entail a fat penalty payment to Russia, which has aly settled half the price. Hence Frances consistent refusal to contemplate anything other than completing construction as planned. The contract, Mr Hollande repeated on May 10th, “is not in doubt”.圣纳泽尔造船厂(也曾建造了玛丽女王2邮轮)如今过400份工作都直面危机,且过千种工作的命运都直接掌控在法俄协议手上。法国政府拥有船厂STX France33%的股份,厂长与法国海军的订单帮助巩固了政府的股份权。眼下法国就业陷入低迷状态,奥朗德总统当然不敢轻易让更多的工作遭遇危机。此次合同交易额高达120万英镑(170万美元),而若法国违约,那么它将向俄罗斯付巨额赔款,近乎一半交易额。因此,法国一而再再而三地拒绝深入考虑其它事宜,只想按原计划完成舰船建造工程。Hollande于5月10日多次强调,实施合同“势在必行”。Could this change? Officials in Paris suggest that the only circumstances in which France might reconsider delivery would be an agreement with its allies to move to deeper “third-stage” sanctions, in such sectors as energy, finance and defence. But, say the French, this would have to include equally tough measures by, for instance, Britain against Russian assets in London. “There is an enormous amount of French ill-will towards the way the British are seen as having lived off the fat of Russias oligarchs,” says Fran?ois Heisbourg, of the Foundation for Strategic Research. “The French will resist any idea that they take a unilateral hit.”合同的执行会否出现转机呢?巴黎官员认为,要想法国重新考虑武器交易一事,唯一的可能就是法国和同盟国就在能源、经济及国防等领域“三度”制裁俄罗斯事件上达成协议。不过,法国也表示这必伴随着同等苛刻的举措,例如英反对俄在伦敦的资产。“英国一直被视为寡头政治执政者俄罗斯的寄生虫,对此法国向来是嗤之以鼻的。” 战略研究基金会的Fran?ois Heisbourg如是说。“法国对外界任何称它在打单边战术的评点都一一加之反驳”。The French government will take a final decision in October, when the first vessel is y for delivery, says Jean-Yves Le Drian, the defence minister. America may disapprove, but there is little domestic pressure to cancel the order, despite the Ukraine crisis. Mr Hollande has not withdrawn his invitation to Russias Vladimir Putin to come to the 70th anniversary commemoration of the Normandy landings in June. There is almost no public or parliamentary debate in France over the warship sales, and both the political left and right are keeping quiet about any reservations they might have. Mr Hollandes Socialist government wants to avoid a fresh fiasco over jobs and industry. And the centre-right opposition party is keenly aware that the original contract was won by its own leader and former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy.国防部部长Jean-Yves Le Drian发言,等到10月第一艘军舰竣工待要运往俄时,法国政府会做出最后决策。美国或许会反对。然而法国境内,尽管受乌克兰危机影响,反对呼声并不高。Hollande也并未撤回对俄总统普金的邀请,届时欢迎普京参加诺曼底“6月登陆”70周年大庆盛宴。在法国,此次军事武器交易活动几乎毫无异议,无论是公众之间还是议会内部,无论是左翼党派,还是右翼党派,均守口如瓶,未发表任何个人意见。以Hollande为首的社会主义政府不想陷入就业和工业萧条的漩涡中。且中右翼反对党深刻意识到,最初的合同是由自己的领袖,即前法国总统Nicolas Sarkozy争取而来的。 翻译:徐珍 校对:张娣 译文属译生译世 /201508/394137 The marriage market婚姻市场Got to have a J.O.B.必须要有一份工作Women still most want to marry men with money女性仍然最想嫁给有钱的男人JANE AUSTENS characters took it for granted that men with money made more eligible mates. “A man like that is hard to find, but I cant get him off my mind,” lamented the female vocalists of ABBA. A new study from the Pew Research Centre, a think-tank, finds that little has changed. Fully 78% of American women who have never been married say it is “very important” that their future spouse has a “steady job”. By comparison, only 46% of men mind much what their future spouse does for a living.简·奥斯丁笔下的人物想当然地认为越是有钱的男人越适合做伴侣。“这样的男人是很难找到的,但是我无法将他们踢除出我的脑海。”ABBA中的一位女歌手这样说道。智囊团尤皮研究中心的一项新研究显示,女性在这方面的思想几乎没有改变。未婚美国女性中,有78%的人认为未来配偶拥有“一份稳定的工作”是“十分重要的。”相比之下,只有46%的男性介意他们未来的配偶以什么为生。Wrenching changes in the labour market, combined with these ancient preferences, have shaken up the marriage market. Women are much more likely to have jobs than they were half a century ago; men, somewhat less so. Women today find it easier to cope without a male bwinner. At the same time, many find the pool of potential husbands less appealing.劳动市场的痛苦的变化以及一些古老的偏好动摇了婚姻市场。相比于半个世纪之前,女性更有机会参加工作,而男性却稍稍减少了一点。现在的女性发现即使没有男性养家,生活也很容易对付。同时,许多女性发现潜在丈夫没有那么大的吸引力了。In 1960 young, never-married women were spoilt for choice. For every 100 of them aged 25-34, there were 139 young, never-married men with jobs vying for their attention. In 2012 there were just 91. For some groups, the gap is much bigger. Young never-married black women outnumber young never-married black men with jobs by a startling two-to-one (see chart). This helps explain why although African-Americans are more likely than other races to say they value marriage, only 26% of black women are actually married, compared with 51% of whites.在1960年,年轻、未婚的女性是有极大的选择余地的。每100位25到34岁的女性,就有139位年轻、未婚且有工作的男性争抢着吸引她们的注意。而到了2012年,只有91位这样的男性了。对于某些群体,这样的差距可能更大。年轻未婚的黑人女性与年轻未婚且有工作的黑人男性的比例竟高达惊人的2:1。这就解释了为什么尽管非裔美国人强调他们比其他种族更在乎婚姻,然而相比于白人女性51%的结婚率,黑人女性只有26%。The raw ratio of bachelors to bachelorettes varies with age. There are 118 unmarried 25-year-old men for every 100 single women, since women are more likely to marry older partners. Around the age of 40, the ratio is roughly even. From then on, the surplus of men turns into a deficit: by the age of 64 there are only 62 unmarried men, with or without jobs, for every 100 unmarried women.单身的男女比例随着年龄的不同而变化。每100位单身女性就有118位未婚的单身男性,因为女性更愿意嫁给年长的男性。到了40岁左右,这个比例更加明显了。从那个年龄段开始,盈余的男性变成了赤字:到了64岁,每100位未婚女性,只有62位未婚男性,且不管他们是否有工作。Overall 20% of Americans 25 or older, the highest share ever, have never said “I do.” That is partly because they are marrying later. Kim Parker, one of the studys authors, reckons that kids are more cautious these days, whereas lovebirds of yore “used to leap into the unknown together.”总体来说,美国25岁以及以上的人,有20%从来没有说过“我愿意”,这一比例创下了历史最高。部分原因是他们晚婚。研究中心的一位作者金姆·帕克说,如今的孩子们更加谨慎了,而昔日的情侣则是选择“一起走向未知的世界。”But some Americans are never marrying at all, either because they prefer not to, or because they cant find the right person. Pew predicts that by 2030 28% of American men who were aged between 25-34 in 2010—and 23% of women—will never have tied the knot. In 1980 only 6% of 45-54 year olds had never been hitched. For men with not much education, the picture is especially grim. Among young American adults with a high school certificate or less, there are 174 never-married men for every 100 never-married women. The difference largely reflects the difficulty poorly-educated men have finding work.但是有些美国人却一生都不结婚,有的是因为自己不愿意,而有的则是因为找不到合适的对象。皮尤研究中心预测,2010年25-34岁的男性到了2030年有28%仍然未婚,而女性则有23%。在1980年,45-54的年龄段中,只有6%的人未婚。对于那些没有受过多少教育的男性来说,情况尤为严峻。对于那些只有高中或以下学历的未婚女性来说,每100位就有174位未婚男性。这样的差异很大程度上反映了低教育程度的男性找工作十分困难。Men and women with college degrees are still highly likely to wed and stay that way. But the cost of college can delay the day when young people feel they can afford an engagement ring, let alone a family. A third cited their finances as the reason they were not yet hitched, compared with just 20% of those over 35. As one Eminem fan at a recent music festival inAtlantaromantically put it “Im just trying to sort things one at a time. Ive got a girlfriend but Ive also got college debt.”拥有大学学历的男性和女性然然很有可能结婚并保持下去。但是上大学的费用会推迟他们的婚期直到年轻人认为自己可以负担得起一枚订婚戒指,更不用说是一个家庭。超过35岁的人有20%是因为财政紧张而没有结婚,而他们则有三分之一是出于这个原因。就像在最近亚特兰大的一个音乐节上,埃米纳姆的一个粉丝浪漫地说:“我只是想一次性解决问题,我有女朋友,可我也有大学债务。” /201409/332891新沂市中医院预约电话灌南县第一人民医院体检多少钱



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