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孟兴庄汤沟百禄田楼李集乡新集镇治疗女性疾病哪家医院最好的连云港市国泰医院预约四维彩超For the avoidance of doubt, of course the Iraq of 2014 bears, in part, the imprint of the removal of Saddam Hussein 11 years ago. To say otherwise, as a recent editorial in this newspaper implies that I do, would be absurd.首先要声明,2014年的伊拉克当然带1年前推翻萨达#8226;侯赛Saddam Hussein)所留下的印记。否认这一点是荒谬的,虽然《金融时报》最近一篇社论就暗指我否定这种观点。However, there are two important points that must also be recognised.不过,人们也必须抓住两个重点。We cannot ignore the fact that Isis, the jihadist group advancing across Iraq, rebuilt itself and organised the Iraq operation from the chaos in Syria. Isis and other al-Qaeda-type groups in Iraq were flat on their back four years ago, having been comprehensively beaten by a combination of US and UK forces and Sunni tribes. The civil war in Syria allowed them to get back on their feet. So the first point is that non-intervention is also a decision with consequences. In the case of Syria those consequences have been dire, and as security chiefs in the UK and Europe are warning, they pose a real threat to our security.我们不能忽视一个事实,正在伊拉克攻城掠地的圣战组织“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国”(Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant,简称Isis)是借叙利亚骚乱东山再起,组织起伊拉克作战行动的年前,英美部队和逊尼派部落合力将Isis及伊拉克境内其他基地式组织全面击溃。这些势力本已倒下,叙利亚内战又让他们站了起来。因此第一个重点是,不干涉政策也会带来种种后果。就叙利亚冲突而言,这些后果是可怕的,而且正如英国和欧洲安全部门的负责人们所警告的,它们对我们的安全构成切实威胁。Second, no analysis of the Middle East today makes sense unless we examine the impact of the Arab revolutions overturning the old regimes. It is odd to argue that revolution would not have come to Iraq. And surely Saddam Hussein’s response would have been more like that of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, than that of Hosni Mubarak. Whatever decision had been taken in 2003, in 2014 we would be facing a major challenge.第二个重点是,只有仔细研究颠覆了旧政权的阿拉伯革命所带来的影响,分析当今中东局势才有意义。认为革命不会在伊拉克发生是匪夷所思的。而且萨达#8226;侯赛因的反应肯定更像叙利亚总统巴沙#8226;阿萨Bashar al-Assad),而不是胡斯尼#8226;穆巴拉克(Hosni Mubarak)。不管我们在2003年作过什么决策,2014年我们都会面对一个重大挑战。There is a tendency to write of the Saddam Hussein time in Iraq as if he were a force for stability and peace. Just to remind ourselves: he began the Iraq-Iran war in which there were more than 1m casualties, many dying from chemical weapons, something which then played a part in pushing Iran towards its nuclear programme; he invaded Kuwait; he used chemical weapons in a genocidal attack against the Kurds; he excluded the Shia majority; and he persecuted the Marsh Arabs. The region’s problems are the result of deep-seated issues that, with the removal of those regimes, have now come to the surface.现在出现了一种倾向,在写到萨达#8226;侯赛因时代的伊拉克时,作者们将他描述得好像是维持稳定与和平的一股力量。我只想提醒大家:是他发动了两伊战争,这场战争导致上百万人伤亡,许多人死于化学武器,这是促使伊朗发展核计划的起因之一;他入侵了科威特;他在对库尔德人发动的种族清洗中使用化学武器,他镇压人口占多数的什叶派;他还迫害“沼泽阿拉伯人Marsh Arabs)。当今中东局势是一些深层问题导致的,随着旧政权被推翻,所有问题也浮上水面。That is the point I am making. I am not seeking to persuade people about the decision in 2003. I am trying to convince them that the fundamental challenge is not the product of that decision or indeed the decision in Syria. It is a challenge of immense complexity that has not originated in anything we have done since this challenge burst fully on to our consciousness after the attacks of September 11 2001. Its origin lies in the toxic mix of bad politics and bad religion that is not confined to Iraq or Syria but is sp across not just the Middle East but also the world.这就是我想表达的观点。我不是在说人们持我们在2003年作出的决策。我是在努力让大家明白,当前的根本挑战并不是当时的决策所引发的,甚至也不是后来对叙利亚的决策所引发的。这是一个带有巨大复杂性的挑战0011日袭击事件发生后我们充分意识到了这一挑战的存在,它的产生绝不是因为我们在这一事件后所采取的任何措斀?其源头是糟糕的政治与糟糕的宗教所构成的有毒混合体,这一混合体并不局限于伊拉克或叙利亚,它不但蔓延到中东,还会扩散到全世界。The reason we got into such difficulty in Iraq, as in Afghanistan, was precisely because once the dictatorship was removed, extremist Islamist forces then made progress extraordinarily difficult. That is their hideous impact the world over. The fundamental challenge today arises not from the decisions of 2003 or those of 2014. It is the challenge of Islamist extremism and it is global.我们之所以在伊拉克遇到这样的困难,就像在阿富汗一样,正是因为一旦独裁政府被推翻,伊斯兰极端势力就会跳出来,让局面变得异常棘手,难以取得进展。这是他们对全世界的可怕影响。今日的根本挑战并不源于2003年的决策014年的决策。这是伊斯兰极端主义的挑战,而且是全球性的。It is a challenge we cannot avoid. Its outcome will dramatically affect our own security. We may be war weary and want to disengage but the people we are fighting do not share that weariness. Leave aside Iraq or Syria; look at Pakistan today. It has powerful institutions; it has a functioning democracy. Yet be in no doubt, the struggle it is waging is existential. Nigeria was two decades ago a model of religious tolerance. Today it is on the rack of extremism. Even in western societies, there are tensions that are real and dangerous.我们无法逃避这一挑战。其后果将大大影响我们的安全。我们或许厌倦了战争,想要从中脱离,但我们的斗争对手没感到疲倦。且不谈伊拉克或叙利亚,看看今日的巴基斯坦。它拥有强大的机构,民主体制也运行良奀?然而毫无疑问,它仍在进行关乎生死存亡的斗争0年前尼日利亚曾是宗教宽容的典范,如今它却深受极端主义的危害。即使在西方社会,这种紧张也真实存在,且十分危险。The bad news is that this issue is not going away. That is why I am speaking about it. Since leaving office I have spent a large part of my time studying it and through my foundation trying to counter it.坏消息是这一问题不会消失。这也是我谈论此事的原因。自从离任后,我大部分时间都在研究这一问题,并通过我的基金会努力化解这一问题。Short term, we have to do what we can to rescue the situation in Iraq and Syria. In Iraq, without inclusive government this will be hard to do. The US is right in demanding political change as the price of its engagement. In Syria, an outright win for either side is no longer sensible; the majority of Syrians just want the torment to end.短期来看,我们必须尽一切努力挽回伊拉克和叙利亚的局势。在伊拉克,不建立一个包容的政府将很难达成此目的。作为介入的条件,美国要求伊方推行政治变革是正确的。而在叙利亚,任意一方都不太可能获得绝对胜利;绝大部分叙利亚人只想结束苦难历程。Long term, we have to have the right mixture of soft and hard power responses, which fights this extremism wherever it is conducting its terror campaigns. We must deal with the root cause of the problem which lies in the formal and informal systems that educate young people in a closed-minded approach to religion and culture.长期来看,我们必须恰当地结合运用软实力与硬实力,无论极端势力在何地展开恐怖活动,都要与之斗争。我们必须从根源入手解决问题,而问题的根源就在于那些培养年轻人形成保守的宗教和文化观念的正规与非正规体制。The good news is that this extremism does not represent the majority of Muslims. As the recent elections in both Iraq and Afghanistan show, where despite threats, violence and terror, people came out to vote in their millions. These people want to be free: free of dictators and free of terror. We should help them. It is in our interests that they succeed.好消息是这种极端主义并不代表绝大多数穆斯林。从伊拉克与阿富汗最近举行的选举即可看出,虽然面对威胁、暴力和恐怖,还是有数百万人来投票。这些人想要自由,他们想摆脱独裁者,摆脱恐怖。我们应该帮助他们。他们的成功符合我们的利益。来 /201406/308362温泉双店桃林洪庄安峰房山平明镇治疗附件炎多少钱 Vladimir Putin left last year’s G20 meeting in Brisbane early in a huff, tired of being chided by world leaders over Ukraine. Twelve months on, an audience with the Russian president was one of the hottest tickets in town, as western leaders were forced to recognise the road to peace in Syria inevitably runs through Moscow.去年,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)怒气冲冲地提前离开0国集G20)布里斯班峰会,因为他厌倦了全球领导人在乌克兰问题上对他提出的指责2个月后,全球领导人却争先恐后地与他会面,因为西方领导人无奈地认识到,叙利亚要想走向和平是绕不开莫斯科的。Few at the annual summit of world leaders have seen such a transformation in their fortunes, or appeared to enjoy it as much, as Mr Putin moved from a scolded diplomatic outcast to a self-styled problem-solver the west cannot ignore.在本届全球领导人年度峰会上,几乎没有谁像普京那样见了自身命运的如此逆转——他已从一个外交舞台上备受指责和排斥的“弃儿”变成了一个西方无法忽视的、自封的问题解决者——也没有谁像他那样因此而表现得沾沾自喜。Whether it was shifting air strikes to target Isis rather than Syrian rebels, or backing a political settlement in Ukraine and offering a debt restructuring deal, Mr Putin felt he held all the cards as the west came to him for answers.无论是在将空袭目标变为伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国(ISIS)、而非叙利亚叛军这个问题上,还是在持乌克兰达成政治和解以及提出债务重组方案这个问题上,普京都感觉自己掌握了所有的牌,而西方在向他寻求解决方案。“I can tell you a secret: I did this [leaving the G20 early last year] for technical reasons, in order not to have to wait in line for departure, that’s all,Mr Putin said at his closing press conference at this year’s G20 meeting in the Turkish city of Antalya. “There were no problems at all, not then and not now.”“我可以告诉你们一个秘密:我这么做(去年提前离开G20峰会)是出于技术原因,是为了不必排队等着离开,如此而已。”普京在今年土耳其安塔利亚G20峰会的闭幕记者会上表示,“不存在什么问题,那时没有,现在也没有。”He added: “Of course, though, relations were more tense than today. But life goes on, everything changes: there are new problems, new threats, new challenges, which would be difficult to solve for anyone alone. It is necessary to join forces.”他补充说:“当然,那时的关系比现在还紧张。但生活在继续,一切都变了:出现了新的问题、新的威胁、新的挑战,任何人都难以独力解决,必须联手。”A picture of his impromptu huddle with Barack Obama tweeted out by Kremlin aides gave the impression of a return to a businesslike, transactional relationship with the US president, even though it was his first since Russia launched its surprise aerial campaign in Syria.他与美国总统巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)即兴碰头的照片(俄政府助理发在了Twitter上)让人觉得,他与奥巴马的关系回到了务实的、事务性的轨道上来。Yet Mr Obama was careful not to raise hopes of a genuine thaw or imminent political breakthrough in Syria, saying only that “modest progresshad been made on the diplomatic front.然而,奥巴马去小心翼翼地不给人们留下美俄关系真正解冻或叙利亚局势即将取得政治突破的印象,只是表示在外交方面取得了“一定进展”。There were “disagreementswith Mr Putin over the future role of Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian leader who is backed by Moscow, Mr Obama said. David Cameron, Britain’s prime minister, described the distance between the west and Russia on Assad as “enormous奥巴马表示,在受到俄持的叙利亚领导人巴沙尔阿萨Bashar al-Assad)的未来地位问题上,他与普京存在“不同意见”。英国首相戴维愠蕓伦(David Cameron)表示,西方与俄在阿萨德问题上存在“巨大”分歧。And Mr Putin’s pledges to unite against terrorism were mixed with characteristic barbs about the success of French counterterrorism policy in Syria, or the impotence of US military action in the region.考虑到法国总统弗朗索瓦攠朗Fran漀椀猀 Hollande)未来几天将与普京会晤、以努力构建一个打击ISIS的“联盟”,外交人士将密切关注俄在叙利亚采取的地面行动。来 /201511/410970连云港国泰妇科医院治疗妇科多少钱

连云港市治疗肛窦炎多少钱Alexis Tsipras, the Greek prime minister, has warned Angela Merkel that it will be “impossiblefor Athens to service debt obligations due in the coming weeks if the EU fails to distribute any short-term financial assistance to the country.希腊总理亚历克西#8226;齐普拉斯(Alexis Tsipras)警告安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel),如果欧盟不能向该国发放短期经济援助,雅典方面将“不可能”履行未来几周到期的偿债义务。The warning, contained in a letter sent by Mr Tsipras to the German chancellor and obtained by the Financial Times, comes amid mounting concerns Athens will struggle to make pension and wage payments at the end of this month and could run out of cash before the end of April.齐普拉斯在写给德国总理的一封信中发出这一警告;英囀?金融时报》看到了这封信。目前各方越来越担心,雅典方面本月底付养老金和工资将有难度,并可能在4月底之前耗尽现金。The letter, dated March 15, came just before Ms Merkel agreed to meet Mr Tsipras on the sidelines of an EU summit last Thursday and invited him for a one-on-one session in Berlin, scheduled for this evening.这封信的日期5日,之后不久,默克尔同意上周四在欧盟峰会间隙会晤齐普拉斯,并邀请他今晚在柏林进行一对一会谈。In the letter, Mr Tsipras warns that his government will be forced to choose between paying off loans, owed primarily to the International Monetary Fund, or continue social spending. He blames European Central Bank limits on Greece’s ability to issue short-term debt as well as eurozone bailout authoritiesrefusal to disburse any aid before Athens adopts a new round of economic reforms.齐普拉斯在信中警告,他的政府将被迫在还清贷款(主要是欠国际货币基金组IMF)的贷款)和维持社会出之间作出选择。他指责欧洲央行(ECB)限制希腊发行短期债务的能力,还指责欧元区纾困当局拒绝在雅典方面推行新一轮经济改革之前发放任何援助。“Given that Greece has no access to money markets, and also in view of the ‘spikesin our debt repayment obligations during the spring and summer#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;it ought to be clear that the ECB’s special restrictions when combined with disbursement delays would make it impossible for any government to service its debt,Mr Tsipras wrote.“鉴于希腊无法进入货币市场,鉴于我国将在春季和夏季迎来偿债义务的短期激增……应当十分明显的是,欧洲央行的特别限制加上援助发放延迟,将使任何政府都不可能偿还债务,”齐普拉斯写道。He said servicing the debts would lead to a “sharp deterioration in the aly depressed Greek social economy a prospect that I will not countenance他表示,偿还这些债务会导致“本已低迷的希腊社会经济急剧恶化——这一前景是我不堪设想的”。“With this letter, I am urging you not to allow a small cash flow issue, and a certain ‘institutional inertia to not turn into a large problem for Greece and for Europe,he wrote.“借助这封信,我敦促您不要让一个小的现金流问题,以及某种‘制度惯性’,变成希腊乃至欧洲的一个大问题,”他写道。Mr Tsipras was rebuffed in efforts to secure quick financing from either the ECB or eurozone lenders at Thursday’s Brussels meeting with Ms Merkel and a small group of other EU leaders including French President Fran#231;ois Hollande and ECB chief Mario Draghi.齐普拉斯上周四在布鲁塞尔与默克尔和其他几个欧盟领导人——包括法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)和欧洲央行行长马里奥#8226;德拉Mario Draghi)开会时,曾试图从欧洲央行或欧元区贷款机构争取到快速融资,但他的努力遭到挫败。In an interview, Luis de Guindos, the Spanish finance minister, said his eurozone counterparts would not sign off on any new bailout funding until a full set of approved reforms was passed and implemented by Greek authorities, a process that could take months.西班牙财长路易斯#8226;德金多斯(Luis de Guindos)在接受采访时表示,在希腊当局通过和实施一整套经批准的改革之前(这个过程可能需要几个月时间),他的欧元区同行不会放行任何新的纾困资金。Mr Tsipras’s five-page letter is particularly critical of the ECB, which he said has forbidden Greek banks from holding more short-term government debt than they did when they requested an extension of the current bail out last month a cap that has prevented Athens from relying on Treasury bills to fill its urgent cash needs, since Greek banks have become nearly the only buyer of such debt.齐普拉斯页信函对欧洲央行的批评格外尖锐,他称,在希腊各上月请求延长当前纾困时,欧洲央行禁止它们增持短期政府债券——这一上限使雅典方面不能依靠国债来满足紧迫现金需求,原因是该国的已近乎成为此类债务的唯一买家。来 /201503/365706连云港海滨康复医院预约电话 Aung San Suu Kyi’s hopes of capping a quarter-century journey from political prisoner to president of Myanmar have all but vanished after MPs threw out legislation that would have opened the way for her to stand.缅甸联邦议员投票否决了本将为昂山素季(Aung San Suu Kyi)铺平竞选总统之路的法案,她以当选缅甸总统来结束一段始于政治犯5年人生历程的希望几乎完全破灭。Legislators rejected a bill to cut the 75 per cent-plus-one parliamentary supermajority needed for constitutional amendments, a clause that gives the military a veto because it holds a guaranteed quarter of legislative seats. MPs also voted to keep unchanged a nationality law that excludes the opposition chief and Nobel Peace Prize winner from the presidency because her two sons hold British passports.缅甸联邦议员否决了一项下调修宪门槛的法案。目前的门槛为获5%票的议会绝对多数,这相当于使军队拥有“否决权”,因为军队占有获保的25%议会席位。此外,联邦议员还投票决定保持《国籍法》不变,而该法排除了身为反对党领袖、诺贝尔和平Nobel Peace Prize)得主的昂山素季成为缅甸总统的可能,因为她的两个儿子持有英国护照。The failure of the parliamentary push by Ms Suu Kyi’s allies this week appears to have closed the last window of opportunity for her to lead the country after landmark elections due this year.本周昂山素季的盟友推动议会修宪失败,似乎关闭了她在定于今年举行的具有里程碑意义的选举后领导这个国家的最后一扇机会之窗。来 /201506/383314连云港市妇幼保健院开展无痛人流吗

连云港做个人流手术多少钱 The U.S. military has prepared options for a muscular response to any future Chinese provocations in the South and East China seas, ranging from displays of B-2 bomber flights near China to aircraft-carrier exercises near its coastal waters, officials said. 美国官员称,美国军方准备了多种方案,将强有力地应对中国未来在南中国海(中国称南海)和东中国海(中国称东海)的任何挑衅行动。这些方案包括向靠近中国的地方派遣B-2轰炸机,以及在接近中国沿海水域的范围举行航母演习。The of options, described by officials briefed on the action plan, reflects concerns that U.S. allies in Asia have questions about the Obama administrations commitments to its security obligations, particularly after Russias seizure of the Crimean peninsula. 了解行动计划的官员描述的这些行动反映出,美国关切亚洲盟友对于奥巴马政府承诺的安全责任的质疑,尤其是在俄罗斯吞并克里米亚半岛之后。The security question has closely followed President Barack Obama in recent days during his four-country Asian trip. 美国总统奥巴Barack Obama)近日访问亚洲四国,安全问题是他此行的一个重要议题。Washingtons closest allies in Asia have told American counterparts that Crimea is seen as a possible litmus test of what Washington will do if China attempted a similar power grab in the South China and East China seas, according to current and former U.S. officials. 据现任和前任美国官员透露,华盛顿在亚洲关系最密切的盟友告诉美方,克里米亚被认为是检验华盛顿与亚洲盟友关系的试金石,显示出如果中国试图以同样的方式强行夺取南中国海和东中国海争议区域,华盛顿会作何反应Theyre concerned. But its not only about Crimea. Its a crescendo thats been building, a senior U.S. defense official said, citing skepticism in Asia that Washington is prepared to back up its word and carry through on its renewed strategic focus on Asia. 一位美国高级国防官员说,他们十分关注,但不仅是针对克里米亚,这是不断积累的形势。他说,亚洲各国怀疑华盛顿是否准备明自己的话,贯彻其“重返亚洲”的新战略。In the Philippines on Monday, the president was set to sign an agreement allowing for the return of U.S. forces to the country more than two decades after Philippine opposition forced Washington to abandon its military network there. 周一,美国总统将在菲律宾签署一项协议,允许美军在二十多年后重返菲律宾。此前,菲律宾反对党曾迫使美国方面放弃了在菲律宾的军事基地。Similarly, Mr. Obama in a visit to Japan stood side-by-side Thursday with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and called the U.S. treaty commitments to Japans security absolute. 同样,上周四奥巴马访问日本时与日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)并排站在了一起,并表示,美国在条约中对日本的安保承诺是“绝对的”。On each stop in Asia, including South Korea and Malaysia, Mr. Obamas trip was accompanied by concerns over aggression by Moscow and its militant allies in defiance of warnings by the U.S. and other Western powers. 奥巴马的亚洲之行还包括对韩国和马来西亚的访问,其访问的每一站都伴随着对莫斯科及其军事盟友不顾美国和西方国家的警告而入侵乌克兰的担忧。Similar concerns were raised in September by South Korean officials after Mr. Obama abruptly called off plans to bomb Syria in response to the regimes use of chemical weapons against the opposition. 去年9月份,奥巴马突然取消轰炸叙利亚的计划后,韩国官员也表达出了类似的担忧情绪。轰炸叙利亚的计划原本是针对叙利亚政权向反对派使用化学武器做出的回应。The new U.S. options were developed by the Hawaii-based U.S. Pacific Command in recent months, and come after the international crisis last year in which China unilaterally declared an air-defense zone around islands that are the subject of a territorial dispute with Japan. 美国的新方案是美国在夏威夷的太平洋司令部(U.S. Pacific Command)在近几个月制定的。去年,中国单方面宣布把中日间存在领土争端的岛屿划入防空识别区,此举引发了国际危机。Defense officials said the options have been drafted to apply to any provocative act in the region, whether carried out by China or North Korea. Defense officials are currently revising the options in the context of a possible act of aggression by North Korea, with some officials arguing Pyongyang is poised to begin a cycle of provocation. 国防官员说,上述方案适用于该地区的任何挑 行为,无论这些行为来自中国还是朝鲜。在朝鲜可能采取侵犯行为的背景下,国防官员目前正在修改这些方案。一些官员称,平壤方面可能开始一系列行为。The Pacific Command, like other U.S. regional military commands world-wide, regularly drafts military options and contingency plans. The options were recently updated to make them brawnier, defense officials said. 太平洋司令部和美国在全球其他地区的军事司令部一样,定期制定军事方案和应急计划。美国国防官员们表示,近期更新了这些方案以强化效力Combatant Commands plan...for everything from exercises and humanitarian assistance, disaster relief operations all the way up to full-scale combat operations, said Capt. Chris Sims, the spokesman for Pacific Command. In the plans that they create, options are provided to senior military and civilian leadership. 太平洋司令部发言人锡姆斯(Chris Sims)说,作战司令部的计划涵盖方方面面,从演习和人道救助到救灾行动,一直到全面的作战行动。他表示,在这些计划中,各种方案都会提交给高层军事和政府领导层。In addition to bomber flights and aircraft carrier maneuvers, the options include demonstrations of U.S. power such as increasing surveillance operations near China, and stepping up U.S. naval port visits to allies. 除了派遣轰炸机和航空母舰,美国的行动方案还包括:加强对中国附近地区的监视、增加美国海军对盟友港口的停靠等,以展示美国的军事实力。A senior Obama administration official declined to comment on details of any military options, but said unilateral moves by Beijing--such as the declaration of another air-defense zone in the region-- could result in changes in our military posture and presence in the region. 奥巴马政府的一位高级官员不愿就任何军事行动方案的细节置评,但表示,如果中国采取新的单边行动——例如宣布在该地区再划设一块防空识别区,可能会导致美国在该区域的军事姿态和军事存在发生变化。The military options dont specify particular responses to individual actions. Rather, officials briefed on the options said, the actions would need to be tailored to the specific incident, such as maritime confrontation. 军事方案没有具体说明针对单独行为作出的特别反应。不过,了解行动方案的官员说,具体行动需要针对具体事件(例如海上对抗)量身定制。Under the U.S. options, any new moves in the region by China to assert its claims unilaterally would be met by an American military challenge intended to get Beijing to back down. U.S. officials said the White House would be prepared to step up military deployments in disputed waters in the South and East China Seas, in a more direct challenge to Chinese claims there than the U.S. has taken in the past. 根据美国的方案,如果中国在该地区采取新的行动来单方面宣示主权,则将会面临美国的军事挑战,旨在迫使北京作出让步。美国官员说,白宫将做好准备,加强在南中国海(中国称南海)和东中国海(中国称东海)争议水域的军事部署,对中国在该水域的领土主张发起更直接的挑战。The steps can be taken without risking a shooting war, officials say, citing intelligence that suggests there are divisions within the Chinese military establishment about how to respond. U.S. defense officials said some of the options are designed to send a subtle message, like stepped-up port calls by Navy ships or increasing the size and scope of aly-planned exercises. All of the contingency plans, said a defense official, are designed to allow a potential adversary a chance to de-escalate. 美国官员说,美国不用冒着与中国开战的风险就能采取行动,情报显示中国军方内部在如何回应的问题上存在分歧。美国国防部官员说,其中的一些方案旨在传递出一个微妙的信号,例如美国海军舰船增加港口停靠、加大现有军事演习计划的规模和范围等。一位国防部官员说,所有应急计划都是为了给潜在对手一个缓和紧张局势的机会Never push your enemy into a corner because you might get a reaction you dont want, said a U.S. official, specifying the need for an off ramp. 一位美国官员说,永远不要把敌人逼到角落,因为对方可能会做出你不想看到的反应。China has repeatedly said it would respond to American shows of military might in kind. China has been investing heavily in its military, modernizing its forces and becoming a stronger regional power. 中国一再表示,将对美国可能进行的武力炫耀予以同样的回应。中国一直在加大军备开,不断推进军队现代化,中国在亚太地区的军事地位也进一步得到了增强。The White House authorized U.S. military aircraft flights in a show of force last year during a spike in tensions with North Korea. The U.S. also flew B-52s over disputed islands in the East China Sea when China in November established its Air Defense Identification Zone.在去年美国与朝鲜的紧张关系出现升级时,白宫授权美国战机进行了以炫耀武力为目的飞行演练。去1月中国划设防空识别区时,美国也派出B-52轰炸机飞跃了东中国海( East China Sea, 中国称东的有争议岛屿。Current and former officials said among the more provocative options on the table to counter China would include expanded U.S. surveillance flights and sending U.S. aircraft carriers through disputed waters close to the Chinese coast, including the strait of Taiwan. 美国的现任和前任官员们表示,还可以采取一些更具挑 性可选对策来对抗中国,其中包括:扩大美国战机的侦察飞行规模,派遣航母进入中国沿海附近的有争议水域,其中包括台湾海峡。The U.S. Navy regularly sends destroyers and cruisers through the strait of Taiwan in lower-profile freedom-of-navigation operations, but sending a carrier through would mark a significant escalation, officials said. 美国官员们表示,美国海军定期派遣驱逐舰和巡洋舰进入台湾海峡,低调展现自由通航权。但如果派遣一艘航母通过台湾海峡,则标志着美方应对举措力度的显著升级。Doubts about U.S. resolve havent been expressed publicly by Asian leaders during the presidents trip. 在奥巴马此次亚洲访问期间,亚洲国家的领导人并未公开表达对美国应对中国决心的质疑。Under threat from Russia, Kiev earlier this year appealed to Washington for small arms and ammunition, as well as for nonlethal items like flak jackets and night-vision goggles. Wary of antagonizing Moscow, the White House dragged out internal deliberations for weeks before deciding earlier this month to send helmets, sleeping mats and other nonlethal gear deemed by U.S. officials to be less provocative--but no arms. 面对来自俄罗斯的威胁,乌克兰政府今年早些时候曾向要求美国提供轻武器、弹药以及防弹衣和夜视仪等非杀伤性装备。由于担心惹恼莫斯科,白宫经过长达数周的内部讨论后,于本月早些时候决定向乌克兰提供头盔、睡垫和其他美国官员认为对莫斯科刺激较小的非杀伤性装备,而不是武器。U.S. officials say Asian allies who want to know how Washington would respond to future acts of Chinese aggression shouldnt look at what the U.S. is doing to aid Ukraine but instead at Pentagon moves to reassure Eastern European allies and Baltic states since the U.S. is bound by treaty agreements to help defend them. 美国官员称,想要知道美国政府如何应对未来中国挑衅行动的亚洲盟友不应从美国对乌克兰的援助上寻找,而要看美国是如何采取行动来打消东欧盟友和波罗的海诸国的担忧的,因为美国与这些欧洲国家都签署了防卫条约。The Pentagon last week said it is sending several hundred troops for exercises in Eastern Europe, and that it would keep a rotational naval presence in the Black Sea. A senior military official said the changes were small but proportional to the threat. 五角大楼上周宣布将派数百名士兵前往东欧进行军演,并将在黑海轮驻海军力量。一位高级军事官员称,这些变化虽小,却足以应对威胁。As with its North Atlantic Treaty Organization partners in Europe, the U.S. has defense treaties with Japan, South Korea and the Philippines. The U.S., in contrast, has no such agreement to defend Ukraine, U.S. officials have told their Asian counterparts. Its comparing apples and oranges, said a senior military official. 除了与北大西洋公约组North Atlantic Treaty Organization)的欧洲成员国签署防务条约外,美国与日本、韩国和菲律宾也签署了防卫条约。不过美国官员对亚洲国家官员称,美国与乌克兰之间不存在类似的协议。一位高级军事官员表示,这两者不能相提并论。Like Ukraine, nontreaty allies in Asia would get more-limited support from the U.S., officials said. 官员们称,与乌克兰一样,美国对未签署防卫条约的亚洲盟国的持也比较有限。U.S. officials have privately warned their Chinese counterparts in recent exchanges, including a visit to Beijing by Secretary of State John Kerry in February, that the U.S. wont accept moves by China to unilaterally declare another air-defense identification zone or to assert Chinese territorial claims in the South and East China Seas, according to U.S. officials. 美国官员表示,美国近期曾私下警告中国不要再单方面划设防空识别区、或是对南中国海(中国称南海)和东中国海(中国称东海)坚决提出领土要求,美国国务卿克John Kerry)在今月份访问北京时也向中国传达了这一意见。It was unclear how seriously Beijing takes the warning. In February, following Mr. Kerrys visit to Beijing, Chinese leaders told a visiting American delegation that they didnt take U.S. warnings seriously. 但中国对待这个警告的态度不甚明了月份,在克里到访北京后,中国领导人对前来访问的一个美国代表团表示,他们并不看重美方的警告Unfortunately, I dont think theyre convinced by our muscularity, said a former administration official who took part in the delegation. If we think were y to pull the trigger but they dont think that were y to pull the trigger, thats when bad things happen. 代表团一位前政府官员称,他不认为中国被美国的军事威慑所折。他说,如果美国认为自己做好了行动的准备,中国却不这么认为,那么坏事就会发生。来 /201404/292166连云港市云港医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗驼峰李埝山左口石湖曲阳张湾乡东海经济开发区顺产哪家医院最好的



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