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2018年01月18日 06:11:59 | 作者:医院极客 | 来源:新华社
喵星人奇异姿势被玩坏 网友疯狂PS(组图) -- :36:33 来源:chinadaily A white cat sitting on a step has become the latest internet star after thanks to a user home on sick leave.一只坐在台阶上的猫成为新晋网红,主人休病假在家时拍下了这些照片The photos were created by an Imgur user known only as Seir.图片分享网站Imgur的用户希尔上传了这些照片Now the hilarious photos see the moggy - who was captured sitting on its back legs, while its front legs rested on the step below - having a series of strange adventures from floating in the clouds to sitting on Donald Trump's head.这只家猫后腿蜷缩在台阶上,前腿却踏下台阶的滑稽组图被“玩坏”了,从漂浮在云端到坐在唐纳德·特朗普头上,网友们纷纷开始恶搞Imgur user Seir was inspired to embark on an epic Photoshop spree after taking this snap of his pet catImgur用户希尔拍摄了自家猫咪的诡异照片,引发了一次PS恶搞热潮In a message that accompanies the bizarre collection of photos, Seir wrote: 'It's my cake day and I have nothing prepared, so I present you this' 希尔发了这一组滑稽组图,并配上文字:“今天是我的Reddit.com网站注册纪念日呢,我却什么都没准备,让我摆成这个姿势给你们看吧”'I've also been sick since Tuesday and Netflix and Imgur helped keep me sane...ish, so pity me.'“我周二就生病了,还好有网飞和Imgur,让我觉得好点……可怜的我 ”Cake day is the anniversary of the day you created a username on Reddit.com, which is connected to Imgur.用户在Reddit(与Imgur相关的社区新闻分享网站)上创建账户的周年纪念日被称为cake dayTrump cat: The amusing - and creepy - photos were an instant hit on the photo-sharing site.特朗普猫:这张搞笑滑稽的图片在图片分享网站上爆红They have received 36,519 views since they were posted on Imgur.一经上传到Imgur后,图片底下已有超过36519条的Piano cat: The photos have received numerous positive comments since they were posted.钢琴猫:一经上传,图片底下无数正面The amusing - and creepy - photos were an instant hit on the photo-sharing site, and have received 36,519 views and numerous positive comments since they were posted.这组滑稽又搞笑的图片一经上传到图片分享网站,立马爆红网络,图片底下已有超过36519条的,和无数正面评价'I kinda needed this to start up my Saturday morning,' wrote one Imgur user.一位Imgur的用户这样:“美好周六的一天,从看白猫开始”Another said: 'This was surprisingly pleasing and enjoyable! Thanks the tour and feel better.' 另一位这么写道:“太奇特了,太好看了,太赏心悦目了!感谢分享,心情好多啦”And one Imgur user merely wrote: 'Ahhahhah a aha ha haahahaah haha ha hah'.另一位只是在底下了:“哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈”'I kinda needed this to start up my Saturday morning,' wrote one Imgur user (pictured: Lady Gaga cat)一位Imgur的用户这么的:“美好周六,从看白猫开始”(图片为Lady Gaga猫)Another said: 'This was surprisingly pleasing and enjoyable! Thanks the tour and feel better' (pictured: Amazon cat)另一位这么写道:“太奇特了,太好看了,太赏心悦目了!感谢分享,心情好多啦”(图为亚马逊猫)However, not everyone was impressed by Seir's handiwork (pictured: Snail cat)但是,不是所有人都看好希尔这一做法(图为蜗牛猫)Imgur user Bryanst bluntly wrote: 'These people have way too much time on their hands, and creativity' (pictured: Samaracat)Imgur用户Bryanst直接这么的:“这些人就是太闲了,才会如此恶搞”(图为萨马拉猫)And user mowgli76 wondered: 'Did the cat approve these pictures?'用户mowgli76:“你们这么做经过猫同意了吗?”Portalcat: On Imgur, Seir describes him or herself as a 'long time lurker', who 'occasionally acts like a child when being an adult gets too much'波特尔猫:希尔在Imgur网站说自己“专注潜伏一百年”,大人当久了不好玩,偶尔当个小孩试试英文来源:每日邮报翻译:林少珊(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning新神曲《感觉身体被掏空唱哭加班 --9 :53: 来源:chinadaily “十八天没有卸妆,月抛戴了两年半”上海虹室内合唱团又出新歌了!新作《感觉身体被掏空,是一部直指当下年轻人加班痛点的音乐作品,以幽默的笔触调侃繁重压力下的生活,唱出了广大上班族的心声Since it was released on Sina Weibo on July 7, it got 3 million clicks within 7 hours. 自7月7日在新浪微上发布以来,在7小时内这首歌被点击300万次The band, Shanghai Rainbow Indoor Chorus, consists of young people from many walks of life, including programmers, designers and ants, as well as graduate students in anthropology, chemistry and gourmet food.该乐队名叫上海虹室内合唱团,由来自各行各业的年轻人组成,包括程序员、设计师和会计师,以及人类学、化学和美食专业的研究生"This is a musical work that touches a raw nerve with workers. By exposing young people's exhaustion through ridicule, we aim to reduce their pressure in an interesting manner," composer Jin Chengzhi said.作曲人金承志说:“这是一首触到职业人士痛处的音乐作品以幽默调侃的方式揭露年轻人的疲惫,我们的目的是以有趣的方式为他们减压”Some netizens said the self-deprecating sentiments in the tune struck a chord with them, while others said they have been brainwashed by the melody and felt a sudden impulse to quit their jobs and relax.有网友表示,歌曲中自嘲的态度触动了他们的心弦,而另一些人则说自己已经被旋律洗脑,突然有一种辞掉工作去放松的冲动 "The series of songs from the band changed my impression of the chorus. High art can also be combined with mass culture. A successful artwork can always reflect the happiness and sorrow of the general public," Sina Weibo user Purple-sagittarius said.新浪微用户“紫色射手座”说:“这个乐队的一系列歌曲改变了我对合唱团的印象高雅艺术也可以与大众文化相结合一个成功的作品总是能反映普通大众的快乐和悲伤“It is just another way that young people in China have expressed their attitudes toward life.这只是中国年轻人表达他们生活态度的另一种方式"Young Chinese seem to enjoy finding happiness in suffering. However, after throwing crazy and entertaining parties, getting back into reality a better life is the universal truth that never changes," an English teacher working in Beijing said.一位在北京工作的英语老师说:“中国人的年轻人似乎很享受苦中作乐然而,在恣意疯狂和聚会之后,回到现实寻求更好的生活是一个永恒的普遍真理”英文来源:中国日报网翻译:实习生朱善美编审:yaningSeven sensational online songs from to 那些年,我们追过的七首网络神曲With the development of widely used Internet, people have cheaper and easier access to music than bee. Distributing a song through the Internet does not cost as much in terms of time and hard cash as the old the way of CDs or tapes. A great quantity of online music has been born in the past years, among which some songs became very hot and were known as "miraculous songs". Let's take a look at seven popular online songs from to the present.随着互联网的广泛应用,与以前相比,人们可以以更实惠、更简单的方式听音乐与发行CD或录音带的老方式相比,通过互联网发行一首歌曲的时间和现金成本不算大在过去的年里诞生了大量的网络音乐,其中一些歌曲变得非常火,被称为“神曲”让我们看看从年到现在7首流行的网络歌曲An online song titled Zhang Shichao, Where On Earth Did You Keep the Keys to My Apartment has become popular on the Internet. Some netizens considered it the first "miraculous song" of .今年一月,虹合唱团演唱的《张士超你到底把我家钥匙放哪里了被称为年第一首神曲Jin Chenzhi. [PhotoIC]Zhang Shichao, Where On Earth Did You Keep the Keys to My Apartment () 《张士超,你到底把我家钥匙放在哪里了() The song was regarded by netizens as the first "miraculous song" of this year. It uses a serious male and female chorus to present simple and plain lyrics. This contrast makes the song sound funny and laughable. The song was created by Jin Chenzhi, a young composer and conductor. 这首歌被网友们认为是今年的第一首“神曲”它用严肃的男女合唱来呈现简单而质朴的歌词这种对比使歌曲听起来滑稽可笑这首歌由年轻的作曲家和指挥家金承志创作 Netizens said the song is "talk about nonsense in a serious way". But will it be the real miraculous song in ? It is still too early to make a judgment, because there are still?many months being left to test it. 网民们说,这首歌是“严肃地谈论无聊的事”但它会不会是真正的年“神曲”?现在下结论还为时尚早,因为还有很多个月的时间来检验它歌曲链接:http:music.baidu.comsongs87f980bce5698a85Xue Cun. [PhotoIC]#0;?All Northeasterners are Living Lei Feng ()《东北人都是活雷锋()All Northeasterners are Living Lei Feng became popular on the Internet in China in . The lyrics are simple and easy to remember. The song tells the story of a man hurt in a car accident who was rescued by a northeasterner. The song ended with "Cui Hua, serve pickled cabbage" (pickled cabbage is popular in Northeast China). The creator, Xue Cun, who also sang the song, adds a northeastern accent in it.年歌曲《东北人都是活雷锋在中国网络上走红歌词很简单,容易记住这首歌讲述了一个人遭遇车祸受伤,被一个东北人搭救的故事这首歌以“翠花,上酸菜”为结尾(酸菜在中国东北很受欢迎)这首歌的创作者兼演唱者是雪村,他在演唱中加入了东北口音Compared to most "serious music", either about romance or an ode to the motherland, the song is funny and joyous. It quickly became hot as the Internet became more widely used.相比大多数“严肃音乐”,无论是作为浪漫爱情歌曲还是爱国颂歌,这首歌都很有趣、很欢乐随着互联网的使用变得更加广泛,这首歌很快就火起来歌曲链接:http:bd.kuwo.cnyinyue5839?frombaiduYang Chengang, creator of Mouse Love Rice. [PhotoIC]Mouse Love Rice ()《老鼠爱大米()Mouse Love Rice is another hot online song. Although still about romance, the creator uses a mouse's fondness rice as a metaphor passion between the sexes. In most romantic songs, love is often aesthetically described in terms of flowers, moonlight, clouds or rain. But in Mouse Love Rice, romance looks simpler yet purer when it is compared to the relationship between a mouse and rice.《老鼠爱大米是年的另一首热门网络歌曲虽然也是有关浪漫爱情,创作者用老鼠对大米的喜爱隐喻男女之间的在大多数浪漫歌曲中,爱情往往被描述为美好的事物,如花朵、月光、云或雨但在《老鼠爱大米这首歌里,当被比作老鼠和大米之间的关系时,爱情似乎更简单也更纯净In , it was downloaded more than million times by Chinese mobile phone users.年,《老鼠爱大米在中国的手机下载量超过千万次歌曲链接:http:bd.kuwo.cnyinyue33?frombaiduGong Linna. [PhotoIC]Tan Te ()《忐忑()Tan Te was created by professional folk singer Gong Linna and her husband. Bee becoming an Internet sensation in China, the original Tan Te had been permed by Gong in Germany in . Unlike other songs, it has no lyrics, but only mimetic words. Plus Gong permed the song with very vivid and exaggerated facial expressions, which gives audiences a fresh beat. Tan Te is the first online music to have been titled a "miraculous song".《忐忑是由专业的民歌手龚琳娜和她的丈夫创作的在成为中国的网络神曲之前,龚琳娜曾于年在德国演唱过《忐忑与其他的歌曲不同,《忐忑没有歌词,只有拟声词再加上龚琳娜用非常生动和夸张的面部表情表演了这首歌,这使得观众耳目一新《忐忑是第一首被称为“神曲”的网络歌曲The music received millions of hits on the Internet. Many netizens imitated the song and upload their own version. Even Faye Wong tried to sing Tan Te, but later admitted on her Weibo that it is very difficult.《忐忑的视频在网上获得了数百万的点击率许多网友翻唱了这首歌,并上传自己的版本甚至王菲都试图翻唱《忐忑,但后来在微上承认太难了歌曲链接:http:bd.kuwo.cnyinyue889?frombaiduPhoenix Legend. [PhotoIC]#0;?The Coolest Ethic Trend ()《最炫民族风()Zhang Chao, a member of Chinese pop band Phoenix Legend, composed The Coolest Ethic Trend and it went hot with the widesp popularity of square dancing in . In , it ranked first among the top 500 popular songs 7 weeks on Baidu online music. Because of its lively rhythm, the song is often chosen to accompany a square dance.张超,中国流行乐队凤凰传奇的成员,创作了《最炫民族风年,随着广场舞的广泛普及,《最炫民族风火了年,百度在线音乐最受欢迎的500流行歌曲中,《最炫民族风有7周排名第一由于其动感的节奏,这首歌往往被选为广场舞伴奏Zhang added many elements of Chinese folk music to the song, such as the drum in the Cantonese lion dance and the folk music of the Gaoshan ethnic group.张超在这首歌中添加了许多中国民间音乐元素,如广东舞狮用的鼓和高山族的民间音乐歌曲链接:http:bd.kuwo.cnyinyue5795?frombaiduXiao Yang (left) and Wang Taili. [PhotoIC]?Little Apple ()《小苹果()Little Apple was created by Xiao Yang and Wang Taili, members of the Chopstick Brothers. The music soon hit No.1 on the top hit lists of major online music websites within two weeks after its distribution. The joyous rhythm, simple but lively movements of the dance and funny stories in the music contributed to its huge success. The song and dance are suitable a group of people to dance together, which goes well with the situation in China: the country has such a large population.《小苹果是由筷子兄弟组合成员肖央和王太利创作该歌曲的音乐录影带发行后两周内,很快就攀升至各大网络音乐网站的热门榜单的榜首MV中欢快的节奏,简单活泼的舞蹈动作以及有趣的故事使这首歌大获成功这首歌及其舞蹈适合一组人一起跳,很符合中国的情况:人口众多It won the award international song of the year at the American Music Awards in . The dance was imitated by both the old and the young and the music was adapted to many versions of parodies by the public.《小苹果在年度全美音乐奖颁奖典礼上获得“年度国际最佳流行音乐奖”老年人和年轻人都模仿歌曲的舞蹈,而且该MV被公众改编成许多版本歌曲链接:http:bd.kuwo.cnyinyue856?frombaiduJoseeh Punmanlon. [PhotoIC]My Skateboard Shoes( )《我的滑板鞋()The public still questions the popularity of My Skateboard Shoes and its creator, Joseeh Punmanlon. Unlike other online music, which was created by professional musicians or singers, My Skateboard Shoes is the work of a young man whose real name is Pang Mingtao. Pang was born in a small village in Hanzhong in Shaanxi province and has no academic or professional training in music. But he endeavors to realize his music dream. The lyrics are simple with no special rhythm. One part of the lyrics, "rub, rub, rub on the slippy floorrub, rub, the steps of the Devil", became the most able sentences.公众仍在质疑《我的滑板鞋的流行,及其作者约瑟翰?庞麦郎与其他网络歌曲不同,这首歌不是由专业的音乐人或歌手的创作《我的滑板鞋的作者是一个年轻人,他的真实姓名是庞明涛庞明涛出生在陕西省汉中市的一个小村庄,在音乐方面没有任何理论或专业的培训但他努力实现自己的音乐梦想这首歌的歌词很简单,没有特别的节奏歌词的一段是,“擦擦,在这光滑的地上擦擦擦,似魔鬼的步伐”,成为被引用最多的句子热到飞起的相关表达 --30 18::33 来源:chinadaily 为了不辜负这美好的天气(呵呵哒),今天给大家整一整:除了it’s so hot以外,还有哪些英语可以形容热得飞起?! It’s ridiculously hot. 简直热得离谱 ridiculously adv.可笑地,荒谬地,离谱地 用ridiculously来形容hot,热得不正常、热得离谱!用这句话来形容这两天的天气,简直太符合我的心情了! It’s scorching. 都要被烤焦了 scorch,把……烧焦;scorching,灼热的用scorching形容三伏天正午的毒太阳,太贴切了! Trees and grass are parched. 树和草都被烤干了 parch,焦干、烤干 友情提示:容易脱水的小动物,和人类,这几天请乖乖待在空调房里不要出门 This damn weather is totally a torture. 这鬼天气完全就是个折磨! 当然,这一句用在冷天也行 It’s hot as hell. 真的热到要死了! hell, 地狱,外国人常用hell来表示十分讨厌的东西,或愤怒的情绪 如:What the hell are you doing?你到底在干嘛? 在这里的as hell 表示“很、非常、极其” It’s hot as the inferno. 这简直就是炼狱的温度! inferno,地狱、地狱之火、炼狱——地狱的升级版 It’s hot as the apocalypse. 简直热得像末日 apocalypse n.天启,大灾难 说到“天启”,你有没有想起前段时间大火的电影《X战警:天启呢?它的英译名就是《X-Men: APOCALYPES电影中的大反派boss天启,带来的就是一种毁灭现世的末日力量apocalypse,这下记住了吧? Damn it! It's hot as the apocalypse! It’s smotheringly hot. 热得令人窒息 smother,使窒息 smotheringly,令人窒息地 The temperature is too high. 温度实在太高了 The heat and humidity are record-breaking. 热度和湿度都破纪录了 这句话简直太适合上海(南方)了!又热又湿,浑身流汗不蒸发黏糊糊的好难受! The heat wave is unbearable. 这种热浪真是没法忍 说到热浪,友情提示: 出门在外远离汽车:车内空调开的爽,车外热浪受不鸟! The sun blazes down from a cloudless sky. 太阳从没有云的天空中直射下来 Blaze作名词讲的时候是“火焰”、“强烈的光”,作动词的时候指光芒的“照射”,它比shine要强烈得多 One could fry eggs on the sidewalk. 人行道上都能煎鸡蛋了 It is like being put into a hot oven. 就像是被扔进了火炉 出空调房时的感受 The sun is so violent. 太阳太猛了 太阳如此毒辣,简直就是赤果果的暴力! The sun is blazing today. 今天阳光太强了 blaze一词前文有讲过,还记得吗? It’s so hot that steam rises up from the tarred streets. 太热了,柏油马路都起热霾了 对你没看错,是热!霾! The black top is almost smoking. 柏油路面简直都要冒烟了 友情提示——沥青熔点:68deg;C 咳咳,顺便学个表达——black top表示沥青路面 I feel like my skin is on fire from the sun. 我觉得我的皮肤被太阳照得都着火了 No one could bear to be outside in such a hot day. 这么热的天,没人能受得了呆在外面 说得好,出门就是作死…… The sun’s rays feel like a million hot needles. 阳光感觉就像数以万计灼热的针 Even the breeze is hot. 就连吹来的风都是热的 这句话我表示感同身受!今天比昨天好多了,有风! 然而并没有什么用,因为风!是!热!的! It’s as if it’s on fire. 热得就像着火了一样 The day is burning. 这一天热得都要烧起来了 Things are wavy. 热得整个世界都花了 wavy,多浪的,波动起伏的…… 热得我眼冒金星意识模糊……整个世界都花了……梦碎! 世界著名景点的幻想与现实 -- 18:: 来源:sohu 能够去旅行实在是很美好的事啊!无论你是在读书或在工作,能够在别的地方休息一段时间、好好享受生活, 应该是个令人愉悦的经验现在的交通很方便,我们可以飞到美国、巴黎、伦敦、北京、里约、马德里, 或心里渴望任何想去的地方许多人也会这样做,但让我诚实地跟大家说,有时候我们心里预期的事情和真是的场景非常不同呢以下景点的照片告诉你: 什么才是我们真正应该期待的假期! Being able to go on vacation sometimes feels like a blessing. Whether you're in school or working, being able to take some time off and enjoy yourself in another place is, usually, a very welcome experience. Now we can fly to see the U.S. Paris, London, Beijing, Rio, Madrid, or wherever your heart could possibly desire. That's what many people do, but let's be honest here, sometimes we like to have higher expectations than we really should. Here are some pictures that show what people should truly expect on vacation. 在巴西里约热内卢的海滩上度过美好的一天但沙滩呢?连沙子也看不到… A beautiful day on the beaches of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Except you can't even see the sand... 巨石阵的景象真美丽,不是吗?连看都看不到, 谈得上享受么~ Stonehenge truly is a beautiful sight, isn't it? It probably helps to enjoy Stonehenge if you can actually see it, though! 在埃菲尔铁塔前享受野餐,好美呀?但当你周围也挤满人的话,就应该不会是最好的野餐! A nice picnic at the Eiffel Tower, right? Not exactly the nicest picnic when you're surrounded by people. 意大利的比萨斜塔当你也尝试拍这张游客照时,你看起来就是这样子,有够搞笑 The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. This is what it really looks like when you're trying to snap that pic.

奥巴马购置豪华公馆以供卸任后居住 -- 3:37:51 来源: 奥巴马正在购置一幢位于华盛顿街区的豪华公馆,以待自己卸任后供家人居住 The president and his family will move into an 8,0-square-foot (790sqm), red-brick home about two miles (3.km) from his current address after he leaves office in January.在明年一月卸任后,奥巴马及其家人将将搬到一幢80平方英尺(约合790平米)的公馆里,新家由红砖建造,距白宫英里(约合3.公里)The Obama family still own a home in Chicago, however, the president has said he would remain in Washington until his -year-old daughter, Sasha, graduates from the Sidwell Friends School in 18.但是总统一家人还在芝加哥拥有一套房子奥巴马此前曾表示,自己将继续待在华盛顿,直到18年其岁大的女儿--莎莎--从西德维尔友谊中学毕业Mr Obama’s new home, which is valued around m, is near Embassy Row in the Kalorama section of the district.奥巴马的新家价值高达600万美元,位于华盛顿科络拉玛的使馆区附近But the neighbourhood is hardly star struck, as secret service remains a fixture among the tree-lined Kalorama streets.但是这个街区并不迷恋明星在林荫密布的科络拉玛街上,秘密务总是定期举行The president will count French ambassador Gerard Araud, the embassy of Oman and the European Union ambassador to the US as his new neighbours.在挑选新邻居方面,奥巴马将会在法国大使杰勒德·阿劳德、阿曼大使和欧盟驻美国大使之间权衡Bart Gordon, a mer Democratic congressman from Tennessee, also lives next door to the soon-to-be Obama residence.但是来自田纳西州的前民主党议员戈登也住在奥巴马新家的隔壁"I think it’s a brilliant stroke them to move here, they’re surrounded by a lot of people who are still politically active," said Susan Harreld, a Kalorama resident who lives nearby.科络拉玛附近一位居民苏珊·哈罗德说:“我认为他们(奥巴马一家)搬到这里来是一个很明智的决定在他们的邻居里,很多人仍然在政坛上十分活跃”"It’s a very family-oriented neighbourhood, which is great Sasha, but also a very private neighbourhood."“这是一个以家庭为主的街区,这对莎莎来说很好但同时,这也是一个非常私人的街区”Mr Obama will rent the home, which is unoccupied, from Joe Lockhart, a mer press secretary and senior adviser to Bill Clinton.这幢房屋目前尚无人居住,而奥巴马将从乔·洛克哈特手中租下他的新家洛克哈特是比尔·克林顿的前新闻秘书和高级顾问Mr Lockhart and his wife, Giovanna Gray Lockhart, moved to New York City after he became the vice president of communications the National Football League.洛克哈特和他的妻子--乔瓦娜·格雷·洛克哈特--一起搬到了纽约,他在那里担任美国国家橄榄球联盟通信副总裁,Though the neighbourhood values privacy, Mrs Harreld said residents remain on a first-name basis.虽然这个街区很注重隐私,但是哈罗德夫人表示邻居们一般都直呼其名Andrew Price-Gibson added many Kalorama residents are active in the area’s historical preservation initiatives such as maintaining the nearby Spanish Steps and Mitchell Park.安德烈·普莱斯·吉布森补充说道,该地区居民在历史保护方面非常踊跃,提出了很多措施,例如他们保留了附近的西班牙台阶和米切尔公园"We hope they’ll take part in the commy," he said.他说道:“我们希望他们(奥巴马一家)能够加入到这个街区里来”But Mr Obama will not be the first president to reside in the prominent commy.但是奥巴马不会是首位住在这个著名街区里的美国总统Woodrow Wilson, William Howard Taft, Warren Harding, Franklin D Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover also called Kalorama home at different points in their lives.许多美国总统都曾在科络拉玛的各地段拥有居所,比如伍德罗·威尔逊、威廉·霍华德·塔夫脱、沃伦·哈定、富兰克林·罗斯福和赫伯特·胡佛"We pride on being a presidential neighbourhood," Mr Price-Gibson said. "So this is one more the books."普莱斯·吉布森说道:“我们很自豪这曾有许多美国总统居住在这个街区里而奥巴马一家的到来将在这份名单上再添上一笔”

留学极端事件频发 出国留学真的好吗 -- :3: 来源: 高考成绩公布不久,不少留学中介机构就开始征集那些对海外留学感兴趣的考生尽管许多家长和孩子的雄心被膨胀起来,但关于中国留学生在海外生活的频繁的负面报道也让部分家长心慌意乱 After scores the gaokao, China’s university entrance exam, were released, many study abroad agencies began recruiting students who are interested in attending college abroad. Although many parents and students are tempted by the study abroad experience, some are worried by the frequent, disturbing news of Chinese students struggling to get used to life abroad.高考成绩公布不久,不少留学中介机构就开始征集那些对海外留学感兴趣的考生尽管许多家长和孩子的雄心被膨胀起来,但关于中国留学生在海外生活的频繁的负面报道也让部分家长心慌意乱On June 6, Chinese student Robert Liu hanged himself in a dormitory of New York University; on June , a Chinese junior at the University of Pennsylvania killed herself by jumping in front of a train. Sadly, these tragedies are only the tip of the iceberg. With more and more Chinese students studying abroad at increasingly earlier ages, the students’ psychological conditions must be given more attention.6月6日,中国留学生罗伯特.刘被发现在纽约大学一间宿舍里上吊自杀;6月日,一名大三华裔学生撞上火车自杀身亡……然而,这些仅是中国留学生极端事件的“冰山一角”近年来,我国留学生的数量不断增多,留学生的年龄也逐渐呈现低龄化的趋势,,应当对留学生的精神需求给予足够的重视According to Cui Hong, a psychological consultant specializing in the mental condition of Chinese students overseas, there are three gaps that parents and children need to bridge if they hope to have a successful study abroad experience: generational, cultural and time-space. These students often find it difficult to fit in while studying in eign countries; at the same time, when they come back to China vacations, they also find it hard to get along with their old classmates.据专门从事中国留学生心理咨询工作的咨询师崔红表示,想要有一个成功的留学体验,需跨越“三道壕沟”:“代沟”“文化沟”“时空沟”这些学生在海外留学时与当地学生格格不入,与此同时,在假期回到中国后,又发现很难与昔日的中国同学相处Cui suggests that parents pay more attention to their children’s development from an early age. Parents can also learn to use social media to communicate with their children abroad. Instead of focusing solely on academic permance, Cui advises parents to learn more about their children’s daily lives. It is helpful if parents learn about the culture in which their children are living, and even seek out recent news from the country in which their children are studying.崔红建议,在孩子还小的时候家长就要多关注孩子家长也要学会使用新型社交工具方便与国外的孩子联系同时,家长也不要只关心孩子在外面的学习成绩,要多关注他们的日常生活除此以外,崔红还建议父母多了解孩子留学所在国家的文化,甚至可以关注那里的新闻Cui believes that children from harmonious, stable families are the best candidates to study abroad since they are most likely to feel a strong sense of security. In addition, children with independent characters who like to socialize and participate in many activities also tend to thrive in their lives abroad.她认为,家庭成员关系融洽的家庭出来的孩子最适合出国留学,因为他们更有安全感此外,从小自立性强,曾参与过很多社会实践或课外活动的孩子更适宜出国

吃货的世界宝宝不懂 丽水一个夏天要吃掉十亿只知了 -- :3: 来源: 池塘边的榕树上,知了在声声叫着夏天……不由得哼起了这首歌的你,不知道还记不记得那烦人的知了?然而,现在,知了在丽水特别“危险”,一天要被吃掉上万斤 It may sounds like yet another "out-there" diet, but cicadas are actually one of the most popular summertime dishes in eastern China’s Zhejiang province, especially in the city of Lishui.知了,听起来像是又一道“黑暗料理”,然而,这可是中国东部浙江省夏季最流行的小吃,尤其是在丽水市“Cicadas are high in protein and low in fat; eating cicadas in appropriate quantities is also good plants and other flora. The only problem is that most of the cicadas people eat now are wild, so it is important to ensure that the cicadas are fully cooked in case of parasites,” said professor Mo Jianchu from Zhejiang University.浙江大学教授莫建初表示,“知了含高蛋白低脂肪,吃掉适量的知了对植物生长也有一定好处唯一的问题是,人们吃的大多数知了都是野生的,携带一些寄生虫,所以烹饪的时候一定要烧熟、烧透”Jiang Yongchun, a manager from a local food company, explained that people in rural Lishui have been eating cicadas many years. Around the end of 1980s, cicadas become a common dish in restaurants. Usually it is a seasonal dish, served from June to September.当地食品公司总经理蒋永春表示,丽水农村很早就有人吃蝉,从上世纪80年代末开始,蝉出现在了酒店的菜谱上吃蝉的季节性很强,基本在6月到9月During busy times, Jiang said he can sell over 1 ton of cicadas in one day. There are at least six to seven cicada dealers in Lishui, and their daily sales total is between 6 and 7.5 tons. According to these statistics, people in Lishui consume billions of cicadas in the roughly 80 days of "cicada season."蒋永春说,旺季时知了每天的批发量达1千多公斤在丽水,专门从事知了批发生意的有6到7家,每天的批发量共1.万至1.5万斤初步估算,6月到9月80天的“知了季”里,丽水人会吃掉上亿只知了Because of this extensive consumption, the cicadas people eat in Lishui come also from Quzhou, and even some places in Jiangxi province.随着消费量增大,丽水了这几年还转向浙江衢州甚至江西等地收购“Capturing cicadas in appropriate amounts is actually good the growth of vegetation, though overconsumption does have an impact on the ecological chain. But so far the population has not been influenced, since the cicadas are not only from Lishui but also other places,” professor Mo explained.莫教授解释说,“适量的捕食知了对蔬菜的生长还是有利的,尽管过量消费确实会对生态链产生影响不过,由于知了不仅来自丽水,还来自其他地方,迄今为止,未受到影响”

李云迪在巴黎举办音乐会 -- :6:57 来源:chinadaily 中国钢琴家李云迪在巴黎,肖邦的第二故乡,再次举办音乐会 Chinese pianist Li Yundi has staged a concert at an art center in Paris. This is not the first time he has played in the second hometown of Chopin. 在音乐会期间,岁的李云迪演奏了首曲目,其中包括传统粤音民歌《云追月表演吸引了众多观众,全场座无虚席法国著名商人伯纳德;阿诺特也携妻子出席 During the concert, the -year-old pianist played pieces, including traditional Cantonese folk song ;Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon.; The permance attracted a full house. Renowned French businessman Bernard Arnault was also present with his wife. 李云迪18岁获得了肖邦国际钢琴比赛的冠军,从此成名此后,他一直投身于国际演出中法国当地时间年月日晚,李云迪曾在巴黎Salle Pleyel音乐厅举办过钢琴独奏音乐会 Li rose to fame at 18 years old, when he won the Chopin Piano Competition. He has since been engaging in international permances.

网络"性敲诈"猖獗 受害者多为青少年 --18 1:5:36 来源: 美国一家智库称,;性敲诈;行为;;利用一些人的裸照获取更不雅的内容或者其他东西;;惊人地普遍该智库称,这是为网络空间的另一大潜在危害所做的首份深度研究Sextortion -- using nude photos of someone to press even racier content or other goods -- is surprisingly common, a US think tank says in what it calls the first in-depth study of another danger lurking in cyberspace.美国一家智库称,;性敲诈;行为;;利用一些人的裸照获取更不雅的内容或者其他东西;;惊人地普遍该智库称,这是为网络空间的另一大潜在危害所做的首份深度研究Most victims are minors, the predators are almost always men who prey on multiple targets, and almost all adult victims are women, it said. Most victims choose to stay anonymous, out of shame.研究称,大多数受害者都是青少年,而侵害者几乎总是对多个目标下手的男子,而且几乎所有的成年受害者都是女性大多数受害者都选择匿名以免丢脸And while US law encement officials acknowledge the problem, no agency or advocacy group keeps data on it, said the Brookings Institution, which published the study on Wednesday.布鲁金斯学会日发布了这项研究结果,称尽管美国执法官员承认这一问题,但还没有机构或者利益团体追踪这方面的数据Even the term rsquo;sextortionrsquo; is not a real word, but rather slang that prosecutors use to refer to an offense that does not fit neatly into a single category.甚至就连;性敲诈;也并非一个真正的词,而是检察官使用的一个俗语,用来代指不完全符合任何一个类别的侵害行为;Legally speaking, therersquo;s no such thing,; the report states.报告称,;从法律上讲,并没有lsquo;性敲诈rsquo;这个罪名;Sextortion can entail a hack into someonersquo;s computer to rob a sexy picture or or take over a webcam, then the use of this content to extort victims even more.性敲诈可以通过侵入某人的电脑窃取色情照片或者视频,或者侵入网络摄像头,然后利用这些内容对受害者进行敲诈It is even more common perpetrators to resort to social media to elicit a photograph from a victim, then use it to demand more.更常见的情况是,犯罪者通过社交媒体获取受害者的照片,随后进行敲诈The Brookings Institution said it studied 78 cases from recent years that met its definition of sextortion and many others that contained elements of it.布鲁金斯学会研究了近年发生的符合其;性敲诈;定义的78起案例,以及其它诸多含有;性敲诈;因素的案例Those cases involve at least 1,379 victims. But a variety of reasons -- such as prosecutors not seeking out all victims of a given predator -- the true number of victims from those 78 cases could actually range from 3,000 to 6,500 or even more, the study said.这些案例中的受害者至少有79位但由于多种原因,比如检察官并没有找出遭受某一位侵害者侵害的所有受害者,这78起案例的受害者真实人数可能会达到3000到6500人,甚至更多One involved a woman who opened an email from an unknown sender and found sexually explicit photos of herself, data about her job, husband and three kids, and a demand a porno of her.在其中一起案例中,一名女子打开一封来路不明的邮件,而后发现了她自己的不雅照,还有有关她的工作、丈夫和三个孩子的资料,发信人还要求获得她的情色视频

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