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淄博泌尿科哪家医院比较好淄博市人民医院做包皮手术社保报销多少Analysts: Afghanistan to be Key Challenge for Obama Administration阿富汗是奥巴马重大外交挑战之一  One of the first foreign policy challenges facing the Obama administration will be how to proceed with the war in Afghanistan. Three former senior U.S. government officials talk about the situation in Afghanistan: Former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger; former Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger and former National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft. 奥巴马政府所要面对的最重大的外交挑战之一,就是如何进行在阿富汗的战争。记者就阿富汗局势问题,访问了3位前美国政府高级官员。The ed States has 32,000 troops in Afghanistan. 18,000 are part of "Operation Enduring Freedom" - the multinational coalition that ousted the Taliban from power in 2001. Those forces are now engaged in counter terrorism operations.  美国目前在阿富汗驻军3万2千人,其中1万8千人是属于“持久自由行动”的一部分。这个由多国部队组成的联盟于2001年将阿富汗塔利班政权赶下台。这些部队目前在阿富汗从事对抗恐怖主义的任务。The rest of the U.S. contingent - 14,000 men and women - is part of the 50,000 strong force led by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO has been operating in Afghanistan since 2003. Its objectives are to assist the Afghan government to rebuild and stabilize the country, train the Afghan army and police and fight insurgents in southern Afghanistan, the traditional home of the Taliban. 其余大约1万4千名美国驻军,则属于北约组织所领导的5万名部队的一部分。北约自2003年起就在阿富汗开展任务。它的主要目标是协助阿富汗政府重建并稳定这个国家,训练阿富汗的军队和警察,并且对抗阿富汗南部的叛乱。阿富汗南部是塔利班传统的根据地。Now U.S. military officials say the ed States may double the number of troops it has in Afghanistan next year. Those troops will join the NATO force in fighting a rising Taliban insurgency.  现在,美国军事官员表示,美国也许会在明年将阿富汗驻军增加一倍。The ultimate decision on deployments to Afghanistan will be taken by President-elect Barack Obama after his inauguration January 20. During the presidential campaign, he said he would redeploy troops from Iraq to Afghanistan. 在阿富汗部署更多军队的最后决定,将由总统当选人奥巴马在1月20号就任后做出。在竞选总统时,奥巴马曾经表示,他将重新把军队从伊拉克部署到阿富汗。Lawrence Eagleburger Former Secretary of State [1992] Lawrence Eagleburger said that is a bad idea. 曾经在1992年短暂担任国务卿的伊格尔伯格表示,这是一个坏主意。"I find it difficult to conceive of a policy that withdraws from Iraq and increases our troops in Afghanistan. I agree with the second half of this proposal. But it doesn't seem to me to make a great deal of sense to be pulling them out of an area in which we are now on the path to success, at the same time that we are putting troops in Afghanistan. Frankly, I think the answer is continue what we are doing in Iraq and yes, increase our troop levels in Afghanistan and try to get other countries to contribute," said Eagleburger. 他说:“我无法想象从伊拉克撤军去增加阿富汗驻军这样一种政策。我同意这个政策的第二部分。但是我认为不合理的是,把我们的军队从正在迈向成功的地区撤出,与此同时把他们送进阿富汗。显然,我认为应该是继续我们目前在伊拉克所做的,同时增加我们在阿富汗的驻军水平,并且要求其他国家也做出贡献。”Mr. Obama has consistently said he would press other NATO countries - especially Germany - to contribute more troops to the war in Afghanistan.  奥巴马曾一再表示,他将向其他北约国家,特别是德国施压,要它们为阿富汗战争提供更多军队。James SchlesingerBut Eagleburger and others - including former Secretary of Defense [1973-75] James Schlesinger - believe that will not happen.  但是伊格尔伯格和其他人,包括于1973年到1975年期间担任国防部长的施莱辛格都认为,这不可能实现。"The expectation that NATO will actually do its part, which to the Americans means send more forces, is likely to be disappointed and is likely, over time, to add to ill feelings," said Schlesinger. 施莱辛格说:“这项对北约的期待,实际上对美国人而言,就是派出更多的部队,其结果可能会令人失望,而且随着时间的推移,会加大不愉快的感觉 。”Many experts, including Schlesinger, said ultimately, there is no military solution in Afghanistan. 许多专家,包括施莱辛格都表示,最终来说,阿富汗问题没有军事解决的办法。"The situation in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate. It is not clear that simply sending in more forces is going to reverse that," he said. 他说:“阿富汗的局势在持续恶化。目前不清楚的是,仅仅增派军队会不会扭转这个趋势。”Brent ScowcroftFormer White House National Security Adviser [1974-77; 1989-93] Brent Scowcroft agreed. 曾经在1989年到1993年期间担任白宫国家安全顾问的斯考克罗夫特同意这个观点。"We need to realize that Afghanistan is not Iraq and my own sense is that there is no military solution for Afghanistan. The Russians had well over 150,000 troops there as I remember - and they were unsuccessful," he said. 他说:“我们需要认识的是,阿富汗不是伊拉克,我个人的感觉是,阿富汗没有军事解决的办法。我记得前苏联曾经派了超过15万大军到那里,结果并没有成功。”The three former senior U.S. government officials believe the international community must increase its efforts in helping the Afghan government set up stable government institutions.  这3位前美国政府高级官员相信,国际社会必须加强努力,协助阿富汗政府建立稳定的政府机构。Brent Scowcroft said that's where the Europeans can help. 斯考克罗夫特表示,这是欧洲人可以帮忙的地方。"What the Europeans can contribute, and what's badly needed in Afghanistan, is help on the civil side. The European Union is very skilled in - like the new members of the European Union - helping governments modernize, helping them put in judicial systems, administrative systems. That's what Afghanistan badly needs. And the Europeans can make a disproportionate contribution there to make up for their less than wholehearted military contribution," he said. 他说:“欧洲人能够贡献的地方,阿富汗最需要的地方,就是在非军事方面协助他们。欧洲联盟非常擅长,就好像对待欧洲联盟新的成员国一样,协助政府的现代化,协助建立司法体系,协助建立行政体系。这些都是阿富汗亟需的。而欧洲人可以在这方面做出更大的贡献,以弥补他们在军事贡献上的不热心。”Scowcroft, Eagleburger and Schlesinger agreed that the path to a stable and secure Afghanistan lies through economic development, good governance and the rule of law. But all of that can only be achieved with considerable help from the international community. 斯考克罗夫特、伊格尔伯格和施莱辛格都同意,阿富汗通往稳定和安全的道路依赖经济发展,良好的管理,以及法治。而所有这些只有得到国际社会的巨大援助,才能够实现。200812/59630淄博市中心医院北院前列腺炎多少钱 Obama Promises to Move Quickly on Economy奥巴马承诺迅速采取行动改善经济  President-elect Barack Obama says he will move swiftly to improve the U.S. economy and promote long-term growth upon taking office next month. Congressional leaders are working with the White House to craft a government package to rescue the failing U.S. auto industry. 美国当选总统奥巴马说,他在下个月就职后会为了改善美国经济,推动长期增长而迅速行动。国会领导人正在和白宫合作,草拟政府计划,以挽救美国衰退的汽车业。Throughout the campaign season, then-candidate Barack Obama promised to overhaul U.S. economic policy and combat the effects of what was commonly described as an "economic downturn". 奥巴马在整个竞选期间保要改变美国的经济政策,阻止人们常说的“经济下滑”的影响。Since winning the November election, the president-elect has seen the economy go from bad to worse. The ed States has officially entered a recession, with massive job losses, continued home foreclosures, and extreme market volatility.  自从赢得11月份的大选以来,当选总统奥巴马看到经济状况更加恶化。美国正式进入了衰退,就业机会大幅减少,住房继续被没收,市场极为动荡。Unprecedented federal spending has neither eliminated a severe credit crunch nor stemmed the tide of major corporations in need of government intervention to stay afloat. 史无前例的联邦出既没有消除严重的信贷困境,也没有遏制大公司为维持经营寻求政府介入的趋向。Mr. Obama acknowledged the increasingly dire nature of the situation in an interview on N's Meet The Press program. 在全国广播公司“会见新闻界”的访谈节目中,奥巴马承认,局面越来越困难。"This is a big problem, and it is going to get worse," said Barack Obama. "My number-one priority coming in is making sure that we have got an economic recovery plan that is equal to the task." 奥巴马说:“这是个大问题,问题还会恶化。我上任后的头等大事是确保我们有一个能够解决当前问题的经济复兴计划。”In recent days, the president-elect has outlined an ambitious plan to put Americans back to work by rebuilding the country's infrastructure and making the ed States more energy efficient. The estimated price tag, in the hundreds of billions of dollars, would come on top of a 0-billion financial rescue package Congress approved in October. 在最近几天,当选总统奥巴马提出了一个宏伟计划的大纲,要通过重建美国的基础设施和让美国更加高效的使用能源的方式,来让美国人重新就业。这项计划估计耗资几千亿美元,这还不算国会10月份通过的金融拯救计划所需的7千亿美元。"The key for us is making sure that we jumpstart the economy in a way that does not just deal with the short term, does not just create jobs immediately, but also puts us on a glide path for long term sustainable economic growth," said Mr. Obama. 奥巴马说:“关键是我们必须快速启动经济,不只是应付短期问题,不只是立即产生就业,而是要让我们走向长期可持续性经济增长的道路。”Of immediate concern is the fate of U.S. automakers, which are asking for billions of dollars in emergency government loans to stave off bankruptcy. 目前最迫切的事是关于美国汽车制造商的命运问题,这些制造商正在为避免倒闭寻求政府给予数十亿美元的紧急贷款。Mr. Obama noted the importance of automobile manufacturing to the U.S. economy, but said in return for federal assistance the industry must embrace reform, become more competitive, and show it can be profitable. 奥巴马指出汽车制造业对美国经济的重要性,但是他说,为了获得联邦援助,汽车制造业必须实行改革,变得更有竞争力,并且显示他们以后可以盈利。Congressional leaders have been negotiating with the White House over the size of a rescue loan and the source of the funding. 国会领导人和白宫最近一直在救援贷款的规模和资金来源的问题上进行协商。Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Michigan Democratic Senator Carl Levin expressed optimism that an agreement will be forthcoming. 密西根州的民主党参议员利文在“星期天福克斯新闻”节目上对即将达成一致表示表示乐观。"I am very confident that there will be a deal and that it will happen within 24 hours," said Senator Levin. "There is a common understanding that this is a global problem that has created the loss of sales by auto industries around the world. This is not just a unique American problem, and every other government that produces automobiles that I know of is providing loans to their auto industries." 利文说:“我非常有信心会达成协定,而且会在24小时之内达成。大家一致认为这是一个全球性问题,已经造成全世界汽车业销售损失。这不仅仅是美国的问题,我了解的是,其他每个制造汽车的国家的政府都在为他们的汽车业提供贷款。”But Alabama Republican Senator Richard Shelby opposes federal intervention, saying he does not believe restructuring plans put forth by carmakers are adequate to assure long term viability. 但是阿拉巴马州共和党参议员谢尔比反对联邦政府介入。他说,他不相信汽车制造商提出的改造计划能够确保它们可以长期生存。"I think this is a bridge loan to nowhere," said Senator Shelby. "This is a down payment on many billions to come. We would like to save them, but they have got to save themselves, and I do not believe they are willing to save themselves. They could be restructured the right way, and they do not want to do that." 谢尔比说:“我认为贷款不会有任何作用。他们以后会不断要求几百亿,几百亿美元的贷款,目前要求的只不过是付的头款而已。我们想挽救他们,但是他们必须自救,我认为他们不愿意自救。他们可以用正确的方式来改造他们的公司,但是他们不想那样做。”Appearing on CNN, General Motors' top executive (Rick Wagoner) admitted that his corporation's business model - which emphasized trucks and other large vehicles over smaller, more fuel-efficient ones - was lacking. 通用汽车公司的高级主管在美国有线电视新闻网上承认,他的公司的经营模式并不重视小型和高效使用燃料的汽车,而更着重于卡车和其他大型车辆,这种经营模式是不合适的。Autoworkers union officials say they will consider wage and benefits concessions as part of a comprehensive plan to save the industry. 汽车工人工会的官员说,他们可以考虑在工资和福利方面作出让步,作为挽救汽车业的综合计划的一部分。200812/58225谷歌与中国有关部门达成协议的希望已经越来越渺茫。如果谷歌放弃在华业务,中国搜索市场出现的巨大空缺将由谁来填补,谁将是最大受益者?在本期《Digits》节目中,本·沃森(Ben Worthen)、史黛丝·德乐(Stacey Delo)、埃里克·萨维茨(Eric Savitz)与马塞洛·普林斯(Marcelo Prince)就这一话题展开讨论。201003/98885淄博广电医院有泌尿科吗

淄博新华医院包皮手术怎么样The colour olive green is the latest weapon in the ongoing battle between the Australian government and big tobacco. Under aggressive new proposals, billed as the toughest in the world, every packet of cigarettes sold in Australia would be packaged in that colour after research showed that olive green was the most off-putting for smokers.Logos and any form of distinct branding would be completely banned. Instead, the brand names would appear in a standard size and font, making them as bland and anonymous as possible. A greater area of the packaging would also be taken up with grotesque pictures of cancerous tumours and the health effects of tobacco.Claiming a global first, the Australian government says it wants to remove any remaining glamour from cigarettes, but the big tobacco companies have questioned the legality of the legislation.Worried about the possible worldwide knock-on effects of Australia introducing such stringent regulations, they've vowed to put up a fight - saying the new measures infringe international trademark and intellectual property laws.【词汇注释】proposal n.提议 off-putting a.令人扫兴的branding n.标牌 anonymous a. 匿名的/不见出处的grotesque a.怪异的glamour n.光legislation n. 立法knock-on effect n. 连锁反应 stringent regulations 严厉的规定infringe v.违反201110/156436淄博哪里男科医院好 When a quake registers as at least 6.0, it activates a site of monitoring station. When at least two stations are activated, they relay a signal to Mexico city, automatically triggering an alarm. In Mexico city, distance equals time. The city salvation lies in grade school Algebra and its aly worked.当一次地震的震级至少为6.0时,一处监测站就会被激活。当两处监测站被激活时,这就向墨西哥城传递一个信号,那就是自动触发警报。在墨西哥城,距离等于时间。城市的救赎在阿尔奇巴小学已经开始并且已经奏效。September 14th, 1995, 8:04am, from the Pacific, a fierce quake founders a shore. In 13 seconds, it registers on station 11, four seconds later, on station 12. A quake measured 7.3 on the Richter scale and its moving toward Mexico city at 12 times the speed of the worlds fastest commerical jet. But the SAS alert beats the quake to the city by 72 seconds. Not one resident is killed.1995年9月14日早上8:04,来自太平洋的猛烈地震登陆。在13秒内,11号监测站被激活,4秒之后是12号监测站。该地震被测量为里氏7.3级,它朝墨西哥城进发,其速度比世界上最快的商业飞机还快12倍。但SAS地震警报显示地震来到城市72秒,居然没有一个居民死亡。When the alarm sounds, a carefully celerograph movement begins. Buildings empty, subways shut down. To avoid fires, power is cut and gas lines are closed. Rescue workers scramble. But Mexico citys entire civil defence depends on the thin red line of sentinels, the earthquake sensors on the coast. If they fail, a quake would hit with no warning at all.当报警响起,一场精心准备的疏散运动开始。建筑腾空、地铁关闭。为了避免火灾,电力被切断,天然气被关闭。救援人员开始行动。但墨西哥城市的整个民防就取决于这根细细的红线哨兵,即海岸的地震传感器。如果它们失败,一个地震会在城市茫然无知的情况下袭来。To prevent failures, the sensors are routinely inspected. Today, its a sensor at the Saint Peter station near Acapulco. For Rovato Islas, just getting there, is shaky.为了防止失败,传感器经常要接受常规检查。现在,这是位于Acapulco火车站旁的一个传感器。对于刚刚建在那里的Rovato Islas,还有点靠不住。165858淄博治疗包皮过长价格

淄博哪间医院皮肤科强India's Technology Industry Fears Cuts in Outsourcing from US印技术行业担心美企减少外包业务  Many in India cheered Barack Obama's victory in the U.S. presidential election. But India's technology and outsourcing sector is watching cautiously to see if a new U.S. administration will implement policies that will cut down outsourcing from American companies. 印度是世界上接受美国公司外包业务最多的国家。随着美国民主党的奥巴马当选为总统,印度的技术和外包产业都在谨慎地观察下一届美国政府是否会为了保护美国的就业市场而限制美国公司的业务外包。Over the last decade, Indian companies have flourished as overseas companies outsource work such as sales calls, technical help desks, accounting and software development to India. The country's huge pool of English-speaking graduates and software engineers work at a fraction of the wages paid in the West, helping to cut down the cost of doing business.  在过去的10年里,印度公司由于境外企业向这里外包电话营销、技术持、会计和软件开发等业务而蓬勃发展。对于这些海外企业来说,印度拥有庞大的英语人口以及数量众多的信息产业人才,而这里的工资只是西方国家的几分之一。向这里外包业务无疑有利于削减成本。But there is some uncertainty if work will continue to flow from American companies at the same pace under a new U.S. administration. During his campaign, Senator Barack Obama said he will give incentives to companies that create jobs at home, and stop giving tax breaks to those that ship jobs overseas.  不过,美国新政府上台后,美国公司是否还会像现在这样向印度输送业务还是个未知数。奥巴马在竞选期间曾经多次表示,作为总统,他将奖励那些在美国本土创造就业机会的公司,同时停止给那些外包业务的公司提供税收优惠。Indian finance minister, P. Chidambaram, remains optimistic that India's outsourcing sector will not be impacted.  然而印度财长奇丹巴兰姆对于这个问题似乎并不怎么担心。他认为印度承包美国公司业务的部门不会受到影响。"A comment here or a comment there about outsourcing etc. should not bother us," he said. "Once he is in office, he will realize that in an interconnected world, countries have to work together." 奇丹巴兰姆说:“东一句、西一句的各种并不会让我们担心。奥巴马就任后,他会意识到这是个紧密相连的世界。各国必须合作。”However, some industry analysts fear that U.S. businesses, aly battling an economic crisis, will reduce work sent to countries like India. Much of the work is farmed out by clients in the banking, financial services and insurance sector - many of which are hit hard by the financial meltdown. 但是,一些行业分析人士担心,已经陷于危机的美国企业可能会减少向印度的业务输出。目前,印度公司承包的很多业务是在和金融以及保险领域。这些领域在目前的金融危机中遭受打击最重。Others are optimistic that any slowdown in outsourcing will be short lived. The president of Business Process Industries Association of India, Samir Chopra, says eventually economic pragmatism will prevail, ensuring that outsourcing continues to flourish.  其他人则更为乐观一些。他们认为,外包减慢是个暂时现象。电话务中心的行业组织印度商业业务流程协会主席萨米尔.乔普拉说,经济实用主义最终会占上风,这将确保印度承包业的持续繁荣。"There is a little bit of uneasy wariness in this entire process, but it going to be very short term. Eventually what would take over is the economics of the business ... they would have to necessarily outsource to reduce the absolute cost of doing business. So outsourcing definitely would bounce back," said Chopra.  乔普拉说:“整个行业现在都有点不安。但这将是短期的。最终,这种情绪将被商业的基本经济原理取代。这些企业必须将自己的业务外包,这样才能减少绝对成本。所以,外包一定会反弹。”Nearly 400 of the world's 500 largest companies outsource some work to India - and a large chunk of this comes from U.S. clients. Rapid expansion in recent years has helped the technology and outsourcing sector's earnings to grow to billion annually. But in recent months, growth has begun to slow, and many IT and outsourcing companies expect lower profits this year. 全球最大的500家企业当中,将近400家企业向印度外包某种业务。这些公司大部分来自美国。最近几年,技术和外包业务的迅速扩大使得印度相关企业的年收入增长到500亿美元。不过最近几个月来,增长速度开始减缓。印度很多信息技术产业和承包公司预计今年的利润将会下降。200811/55629 科学家表示,试验明,那些在尿样中被发现有高剂量NNAL(一种尼古丁衍生物)的吸烟者患癌症的可能性比那些尿样中NNAL剂量少的吸烟者患肺癌的可能性多一倍。而如果在尿样中同时发现高剂量的NNAL和另一种被称为Cotinine的尼古丁衍生物,这类人群患肺癌的可能性比尿样中两种衍生物含量都很低的人群高出7倍。A new published report says at least a dozen victims and families of those killed in Rhode Island in 2003 in a nightclub fire have filed for bankruptcy protection while awaiting their share of a 176-million-dollar settlement. Providence Journal reports its review of bankruptcy court records shows some victims have lost their homes and vehicles or were laid off after they recovered from their injuries and returned to work. 100 people died in the fire in February 2003 at the Station nightclub. It started when the pyrotechnics group used by the band Great White ignited soundproofing foam in the building. Researchers have found that urine test for a particular chemical may be useful in predicting which smokers will develop lung cancer. NPR's Joanne Silberner has the story. Researchers from the University of Minnesota and Shanghai and Singapore suspected that a breakdown product of tobacco called NNAL might play a role in lung cancer. They look for NNAL in the urine of 500 smokers, half of whom developed lung cancer. Smokers with high levels of NNAL were twice as likely to get lung cancer. Smokers with high levels of both NNAL and a nicotine-related compound were eight times as likely. A low level of NNAL and a lower risk of lung cancer is no licence to light up. Tobacco smoke causes other cancers, heart disease and emphysema. Urine test for the compound may someday be useful in identifying people who should be screened more frequently for lung cancer. The researchers reported their results at the American Association for Cancer Research meeting. Joanne Silberner, NPR News. A spokesman for the group Doctors Without Borders confirms that two workers of the group are missing in Somalia. Witnesses say the two may have been abducted by a masked gunman. I'm Craig Windham, NPR News in Washington.04/67799淄博治疗睾丸炎多少钱桓台县妇幼保健院看泌尿科怎么样



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