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淄博市中医医院泌尿科咨询淄博市第八医院看泌尿科怎么样Asia亚洲Politics in Tamil Nadu: Rank and Bile泰米尔纳德邦权术:地位与怒火A vicious inheritance battle engulfs the state government.一场惨烈的继位之战席卷政府。ON THE various occasions that O. Panneerselvam, or “OPS”, served as the chief minister of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, he made a point of being invisible.担任印度南部泰米尔纳德邦首席部长的O. Panneerselvam(或者”OPS”),一直低调行事。He knew that Jayaram Jayalalithaa, the head of his party, the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) and chief minister for most of the past 15 years, had chosen him as a stand-in whenever she was battling corruption charges or illness precisely because he was so self-effacing.他知道贾雅拉莉妲·贾亚拉姆——全印安纳德拉维达进步联盟的首脑和首席部长在过去十五年以来,无论是与腐败还是病魔斗争,都选择自己代其行事,因为他很谦逊。Even after “Amma”—“Mother”—a former idol of the Tamil film industry, died in December, Mr Panneerselvam meekly agreed to step aside as chief minister in favour of V.K. Sasikala , a woman who has no political experience beyond having lived with Ms Jayalalithaa for the past 30 years, but is claiming her mantle.甚至在”阿妈”,即“母亲”——泰米尔电影业的前偶像于12月逝世后,Panneerselvam先生也顺从地同意辞去首席部长一职来持V.K. Sasikala,这个女人除了过去30年和贾雅拉莉妲女士住在一起之外没有丝毫政治经验,但却将继承她的衣钵。On the night of February 7th, however, OPS embraced the sort of melodrama he has so long eschewed.然而在2月7日晚,OPS出席了之前一直回避的场合。Sitting cross-legged before a flower-strewn memorial to Jayalalithaa, he spent 40 minutes in silent meditation, as television crews assembled and news alerts set smartphones bleeping.盘腿坐在贾雅拉莉妲铺满鲜花的纪念碑前,他默哀了四十分钟,尽管周围挤满电视节目工作人员,智能手机发出新消息提示的嘟嘟响声。At last he spoke—or rather, he declared, the spirit of Amma spoke through him.最后他说话了——或者照他所说,是阿妈借他之口说出的话语。She had instructed OPS to tell the truth: that he had been unfairly forced from office by Ms Sasikala, who has aly become secretary-general of the AIADMK.她指示OPS道出真相:他遭受了Sasikala女士的不公排挤,而对方已经是AIADMK总秘书长。Others soon joined in.其他人很快参与进来。One of the party’s founders claimed that Jayalalithaa had been poisoned and pushed down the stairs.政党的创立者之一声称贾雅拉莉妲被人下毒并被推下楼梯Ms Sasikala called OPS the real traitor, and fired him as the party’s treasurer.Sasikala女士认为OPS是真正的叛徒,开除了OPS财务主管的职务。Tamil Nadu’s governor is supposed to be swearing in the new chief minister this week, but the outgoing one seems to want to rescind his resignation.泰米尔纳德邦的首席部长本应这周宣誓就职,但是即将离任的那位似乎打算撤销辞呈。Ms Sasikala was Jayalalithaa’s live-in assistant and gatekeeper.Sasikala女士是贾雅拉莉妲的生活助理和管家。In 1992 they were photographed at a temple taking turns to pour holy water on one another from silver urns, a ceremony typically performed by husbands and wives.1992年她们被拍到在一处寺庙里,轮流给彼此泼洒银瓮里的圣水,通常那是一种由夫妇执行的仪式。But they were a tempestuous pair: Jayalalithaa twice booted Ms Sasikala from her house before relenting.但她们是关系跌宕起伏的一对:贾雅拉莉妲曾两次解雇Sasikala女士,但都因心软作罢。They were both charged for amassing “disproportionate assets”; Jayalalithaa was briefly forced to step down—one of the occasions when OPS took her place.她们都被指控大量非法敛财;之后贾雅拉莉妲被迫暂时下台——这是OPS暂替她的情况之一。The charges may yet snare Ms Sasikala.Ms Sasikala女士也可能陷入指控当中。The AIADMK has always relied on larger-than-life personalities to win votes.AIADMK总是依赖有传奇色的人物来赢得选票。By the time Jayalalithaa died her face and name decorated countless canteens, hospitals and government handouts.贾雅拉莉妲去世前,她的画像和名字装饰了无数的餐厅,医院和政府补助用品。In such a personalised system, OPS has no incentive to go quietly.在这样的个性化制度里,OPS没有动机来保持缄默。译文来源考研英语时事阅读201703/501150淄博念珠菌龟头炎治疗费用 Finance and economics: Inequality in Japan The secure v the poor财经:日本社会的不平等,稳定工作者与穷人The problem is not the super-rich.问题不在于巨富之人。IN THOMAS PIKETTYS bestseller, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”, Japan appears as another rich country in which wealth is becoming ever more concentrated.在托马斯·皮克提的畅销书《21世纪资本论》中,日本作为一个财富正在变得越来越集中的富有国家出现。It is certainly another rich country in which the book is selling well.当然,它也是又一个畅销此书的富有国家。Mr Piketty visited Tokyo this month, to a rapturous reception.本月,皮克提先生应盛情邀请访问了东京。Yet Japan may be the place where his thesis holds up least well.然而日本还是一个对他在本书中的思想最不追捧的国家。The bursting of Japans asset bubble in 1991 is one reason why the rich have amassed less than in America or many European countries.1991年,日本地产泡沫就破灭了。这是日本富人源何比美国或一些欧洲国家的富人聚集财富较少的原因之一。The share of wealth held by the richest tenth of Japanese is lower than in famously egalitarian spots such as Norway and Sweden.占日本人口十分之一的富人所握有的财富比挪威和瑞典的富人们要少,后两者是以平等主义闻名与世。In fact, it is the second-lowest of the 46 economies surveyed by Credit Suisse Research Institute, above only Belgium.事实上,根据瑞士信用研究所对46个经济体在这方面的调查,日本位列倒数第二,仅高于比利时。The share of income going to the wealthiest has been fairly stable too.国民收入中流向富人的比例也已相当稳定了。Levels of executive pay are far less egregious than in America.只对富人们征收的费用又远低于美国。According to an analysis prepared for the Wall Street Journal by Mr Pikettys collaborators, the share of national income taken by the top 1% in Japan, excluding capital gains, fell from a high of 9.5% in 2008 to 9% in 2012.根据出自皮克提合作者的一份“华尔街新闻”的分析报告,不包括资本收益,占日本人口1%的上层人士所占有的国民收入比例已经从2008年的9.5%下降到了2012年的9%。Other types of inequality, however, are on the rise.然而其他类型的不平等也在增加。The most important is not between the mega-rich and the rest, as “Capital” would have it, but between a privileged cadre of workers on permanent contracts and those with more precarious jobs, who account for a rising share of the workforce.最重要的是这些上升的不平等不是存在于巨富与其他人之间,而是存在于签订了终生劳动合同、享有特权的骨干工人与比例越来越大的那些工作更不稳定的劳动力之间。The average annual salary for permanent employees is around ¥5m (,500) , compared with ¥2m for less secure workers.长期工作者的平均年薪是约500万日元(41500美元),而工作不稳定者仅为200万日元。Many argue that what Japan really needs is a lot more inequality, but of a different kind.一些人认为日本的不平等现象有所增加,但类型不同。Its employment system still tends to reward seniority and status rather than performance, in what Japanese call aku byodo or “bad egalitarianism”.它的雇佣体系仍趋向于让高级别和地位的雇员获得更多,而非根据受雇者的工作表现,这就是日本人所谓的“糟糕的平均主义”。If people were paid for what they accomplish, argues Robert Feldman of Morgan Stanley, the economy would grow faster.如果实行按劳取酬,那么日本的经济将会获得更快的发展,根斯坦利公司的罗伯特·菲德曼如是说。And Japans chronically low levels of business creation mean that there is worryingly little wealth inequality of the sort created by entrepreneurs who become billionaires by dreaming up exciting new products and services.对于那些力求以创造出令人兴奋的新产品和务而跻身百万富翁行列的创业者们来说,日本长期低水平的商业创造意味着这方面的财富差距不够大,令人担心。None of that has stopped “Capital” selling over 130,000 copies so far in Japan.以上这些都不能阻挡《21世纪资本论》这本书在日本迄今为止的销量已超过了13万本。Idiots guides to the 700-page tome have also done well.Idiots’ guides公司对这部700页的大部头所作的也非常棒。Mr Pikettys timing is ideal, for he has tapped into growing doubts about Abenomics, the economic-revival plan of Shinzo Abe, the prime minister.皮克提先生的时间把握得很完美,因为他已将人们对于日本现任首相安倍的经济复兴计划,即安倍经济学不断上升的疑虑写进了书中。By inflating asset prices, Mr Abes schemes could increase the gap between haves and have nots, Mr Piketty warned during his visit.皮克提先生在本月的访问期间警告说,通过提高地产价格,安倍计划可能会拉大既得与未得之间的差距。Ironically, however, Mr Abes main economic concern at the moment is bullying big companies into lifting workers pay.然后讽刺的是,安倍在现阶段对于经济的主要关注是迫使大公司提升工人的工资。译文属译生译世 /201611/477263今天我们来看一看“我希望你也在”用英语怎么说:Wish you were here.D:Lily!How is your trip to New York?Lily, 玩得如何?L: It’s a blast! I wish you were here.很棒。我真希望你也一起去了。D: You and me both. My weekend is a total disaster!我也是。我的周末真是糟透了。L: Really? Whats happened?是吗?怎么啦? /201409/331879淄博那家医院治性工能

淄博中西医结合医院男科医生淄博看生殖器医院 迷你对话:A:I dont know what I can do now. Im down and out.我现在不知道怎么办。我穷困潦倒。B:You are not the gray train, I guess. But bite the bullet and youll soon be in the chips again.我想你现在有很大的挣钱的机会,要紧牙关挺住,会有钱的。A:I hope so. But Im always caught short.我希望是如此,但是我总是搞得紧巴巴的。B:But the darkest hour is the nearest dawn. I bet youll soon turn the table.但是黑暗的时刻就是光明的来临,我肯定局面会扭转过来的。词海拾贝:1.down and out:穷困潦倒的Eg.Her father has been down and out ever since the factory closed.自从工厂关闭后,她的父亲一直贫困潦倒,灰心丧气。Eg.Mr Foley was down and out after he lost many friends.佛利先生失去许多朋友之后,穷困潦倒。Eg.Sarah was down and out after losing her job and her apartment.萨拉丢掉工作和房子后变得穷困潦倒。Eg.Although that writer has been down and out, he still keeps on writing.那个作家虽然已经穷困潦倒了,但他还是继续写作。2.bite the bullet:咬紧牙关(忍受痛苦)Eg.We have to bite the bullet when we face this difficult situation.我们必须勇敢地面对这种困难情况。Eg.The president called the people to bite the bullet and make personal sacrifices.总统号召人民忍受痛苦,作出个人牺牲。Eg.Somehow it had taken us ten years to bite the bullet on that one, which had never earned us a dime.对这一桩从未给我们挣一分钱的买卖,我们苦苦容忍了十年。Eg.Taking everything into consideration,I decided to bite the bullet and accept the tough job.对所有因素作了全面考虑之后,我决定咬紧牙关,接受这份棘手的工作。3.in the chips:有钱,富裕,富有Eg.Within a short time I will be in the chips again.用不了多久我又会有一大笔钱的。Eg.He is in the chips——so much money so that he can buy anything he wants.他有钱——如此有钱。所以他可以买任何他要的东西。Eg.I want to get married; preferably to a man who is in the chips.我想结婚,最好是找到一位有钱人。Eg.That handsome fellow is in the chips and many hopeful girlfriends.那个英俊的家伙是一个又有钱又有许多想成为他女友的人。4.turn the table:转变局势,扭转局势,转败为胜Eg.He says his friend is confident in turning the table.他说他的朋友很有信心扭转局面。Eg.The tables are turned.局面扭转过来了。Eg.On such occasions, small gestures can turn the table.这种时候,小小的一个手势能大大地扭转局面。Eg.He never knew when everything was lost, and if it was, he would turn the table.对他来说,毫无指望的情况是没有的,即使遇到那种情况,他也要扭转局面。5.be caught/taken short:短缺,缺乏Eg.Joe was caught short of clothes when he had to go in a trip.乔要去旅行时,衣不够穿了。Eg.Mrs Hobbs was caught short when the newspaper boy came for his money a day early.报童提早一天来收报费,霍布斯太太的钱不够交付。Eg.There is some meat in the freezer and we are not caught short.电冰箱里有肉,我们就不会急需时作难了。Eg.Will it be all right if I pay you next week? Im rather caught short.我下星期付钱给你行吗? 我手头缺钱。名言警句:The darkest hour is the nearest dawn.黑暗的时刻就是光明的来临。 /201206/187411淄博泌尿科哪个医院看最好

淄博淄博男性医院Off the beaten path/track: far away from where people normally live or go 偏僻,人迹罕至Our house is a bit off the beaten track. 我们的房子的地点有点太偏僻了.They live miles off the beaten track. 他们住在偏远地带.Beat: to make a path, etc. by walking somewhere or by pressing branches down and walking over them 踏出,踩出(道路) VN ~ sth (through, across, along, etc. sth) a well-beaten track ( one that has been worn hard by much use) 经过很多人踏出来的路 Behind the scenes:在幕后,暗地里,秘密地(指讨论,安排等) not seen by the public 这个表达法原指剧场中观众看不到舞台部分.The general public knows very little about what happens behind the scenes in politics. 公众对政治内幕了解甚少.There was a lot of behind-the-scenes activity at the peace conference. 这次和平会谈有很多幕后活动. /201004/101860 Subject:I feel like a million dollars. 迷你对话A: Hello! You are too handsome today.你好,你今天很帅气。B: Thanks. I feel like a million dollars.谢谢。我感觉很有精神。 地道表达feel like a million dollars 1. 解词释义Feel like a million dollars为美国口语非正式用法。它的意思并不是“看起来很有钱”,而是“感到精神非常好”。美国人很崇尚金钱,所以往往用a million dollars表示“极好”的意思,强调“好”的程度。因此,I feel like a million dollars.就生动地描述了说话人精力充沛的身体状况。这里的dollars可以省略,可以直接说:I feel like a million. 其英文解释为:be in excellent health and spirits。 2. 典型范例e.g. He feels like a million after he got the promotion.他得到晋升后神采飞扬。e.g. My cold has gone and now I feel like a million dollars.我感冒好了,我现在感觉精神很好。e.g. Im on holiday, its a beautiful morning, and I feel like a million dollars.我在度假,这是一个美丽的早晨,我感到非常愉快。e.g. He had a headache yesterday but feels like a million dollars today.他昨天还头痛,但今天却感到精神很好。 /201310/260945淄博友谊泌尿专科医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱淄博哪里看前列腺增生好



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