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Todd: OK, Hello!你好!Jeanna: Hello!你好!Todd: Were back. What would you like to talk about?今天你要谈些什么?Jeanna: Driving.开车。Todd: OK. Tell us about driving.好的。跟我们谈谈驾驶。Jeanna: Well, Im gonna get my permit soon and then I get to drive. Im really looking forward to that. Its kind of the start of being independent.我马上就拿到驾驶许可了。我真的很期待能开车。这样我就能慢慢开始独立了。Todd: Yeah, I hear you, so you say permit, is that the same thing as a license?是的,你说快拿到许可了,它和驾照一样吗?Jeanna: No, you have to have your permit six months before you can get a license.不一样,要先拿到许可,六个月后才能拿驾照。Todd: Oh, really. How do you get a permit?真的。怎样拿到许可?Jeanna: You have to take driving school, then you have to go to the DMV and take a test.你要上驾驶学校,接着要去DMV接受测试。Todd: OK. What is the DMV?什么是DMV?Jeanna: The Department of Motor Vehicles.DMV就是机动车辆。Todd: OK, and they give you your license of permit so you can drive. OK, when you have a drivers license what places do you want to go to?DMV发给你许可,这样你就可以开车了。好的,等你有了驾驶,你想去哪?Jeanna: To see my friends and to hang out, just to school and back.我可以去看看我的朋友,和他们一起出去,开车上下学。Todd: OK, nice, so do you have a car right now?很棒,你现在有车吗?Jeanna: No.没有。Todd: OK, are you saving?那你在攒钱吗?Jeanna: Yeah!是的!注:译文属原创,,。 /201212/217837。

He is eloquent and humorous as well. What he says never fails to please us.他口才好又幽默,他说的话总能让所有人都高兴。 /201212/214728。

S+8#hpZtYT6BSfWW^[rh-4p14if8VFtsE-Fb@%D,2F1.Goodbye, it was a pleasure meeting you.再见,和你见面很高兴HS9p0G78KloWF。z#50k4s_KW-,mU1yw(A5..Y6z%4iP+7u-pl^krB)5F!IOK[[。

A:Hello! 欢迎大家来到这期的美语训练班! 我是杨琳!B:我是Kat! 杨琳,今天咱们学什么呢?A:好! 今天,咱们跟科技发烧友去买最新的电子产品,听听世界各地不同的文化,学学怎么坦白从宽,还要告诉大家怎么用美语说“毛骨悚然”。B:毛骨悚然?你是说动物吗?Who you are calling an animal?A:哈哈哈! 不是不是! 等会你听了节目就明白了! 不过现在,咱们先赶快来进入第一个单元,Learn a Word!Learn A Word Mince words今天我们要学的词是mince words. Mince is spelled m-i-n-c-e; and words w-o-r-d-s; mince words. Mince 是切碎,to mince words 就是把话说得婉转。这个短语通常用在否定句里,not to mince words 就是说话直接,不兜圈子。A frank person never minces words. 一个坦诚的人从来都是想什么说什么。Tell me what you think, and dont mince your words. 告诉我你的真实想法,直说,别兜圈子。弗朗索瓦.奥朗德击败现任总统萨科齐,当选法国总统。此前,The two candidates minced no words and traded insults in their only TV debate of the election campaign. 他们两人在总统选战的唯一一场电视辩论上唇舌剑,毫不留情地互相攻击。好的,今天我们学习的词是 mince words, mince words, mince words.A:So Kat, 你觉得我朋友Matthew怎么样? 我听说你们俩昨天去约会了!A:Well... hes ok, you know, he seems nice... dinner was fine...A:What? Dont mince words, Kat! Tell me what you really think of him!B:Ok ok... I will come clean. Matthew is unbelievably boring. All he talked about the entire night was sports, sports, and MORE sports. I think I might have actually fallen asleep at one or two points during the night (snoring sound....)A:Uh oh... 原来是这样……无聊的男生确实很可怕……不过你刚才说到了一个词儿 come clean! 让我们来听听这个短语的用法! /201208/195174。

音乐1. 词组句型有胆量干某事have the guts to do sth, have the nervesentence patterns:Do you have the guts to sing in front of people?I have the nerve to hold a concert by myself?音盲tone deaf, have no ear forsentence patterns:Is little Tom tone deaf?His parents are tone deaf.I have no ear for music.His singing is never out of tone.玩得开心have a good time, enjoy oneself, amuse oneselfsentence patterns:Wish you have a good time this evening!Did you have a good time last Sunday?I enjoyed myself in that dancing party.He cant enjoy himself since he is in a low mood.They amused themselves in that concert.音乐种类pop music, classical music, folk music, country musicsentence patterns:She always listens to pop music after class.Classical music is my favorite music.My parents like folk music.Can you sing folk songs?He made a great contribution to the country musics development.非常成功success, succeed, bring down the housesentence patterns:He made a great success on this research.I succeeded in getting my book.Wangfeis concert brought down the house. /201207/191869。

4月23日上午,2012北京国际汽车展览会在北京中国国际展览中心新馆开幕。展会现场各参展商展示最新技术与车型的同时,也请来光鲜亮丽的美艳车模为展位拉拢人气、吸引眼球。 请看中国日报网的报道:A total of 1,125 vehicles are on display at the show, one of the top five in the world. There was also a record 120 global debuts, including 74 concept cars and 88 new-energy vehicles.作为世界五大车展之一,本届北京车展展车数量达到了1125台,全球首发车120台,其中概念车74台,新能源车88台。上面报道中的concept car就是概念车,汽车设计师利用概念车向人们展示新颖、独特、超前的构思,反映着人类对先进汽车的梦想与追求。在auto show(车展)展出的汽车种类还包括new-energy vehicles(新能源汽车)、sports-utility vehicle(SUV,运动型多功能车)、off-road vehicle(越野车)、sports car(跑车)、sedan(轿车)等。其中新能源车也叫green cars,目前常见的两种新能源车是all-electric vehicle(纯电动车)和plug-in hybrid vehicle(插电式混合动力汽车)。本次车展上,一些luxury car(豪车)品牌为了吸引中国消费者,特意推出了仅在中国发行的limited edition(限量版)。而中国本土的汽车制造商也积极推出own-brand car(自主品牌汽车),努力提高市场份额。除了华丽丽的豪车以外,众多scantily clad(穿着暴露的)car show model(车模)也非常吸引眼球,是车展的另一个hot topic(热门话题)。 /201204/179586。

今天分享的这个词是“up-and -coming ”,意为”promising and energetic 有前途的,有希望的,前途无量的”.精台词:My friend Miranda was dating Thomas Anderson , an up-and -coming NewYork playwright .我朋友米兰达正在和汤姆安德森约会。一个前途无量的纽约剧作家。双语例句:Our company is looking for up-and -coming young talents to join us .我们公司正在寻求有前途的年轻人才加入。Do you think Susan is an up-and -coming star in teaching ? lol.你觉的苏珊是教育界的一个冉冉升起的新星吗哈哈哈!今天分享的这个词组是“call it quits ”,意思是“end one’s activity or abandon an effort 终止某项活动或放弃某个尝试”。精台词:20 minutes and three false alarms later ,Stanford was y to call it quits.等了20分钟和三场虚惊之后,斯坦佛准备放弃了。双语例句:After thirty years of hard work , now he can call it quits .辛苦工作三十年后,他现在终于可以退休了。Stop fighting and call it quits ,boys!好了,孩子们,别打架了,住手! /201411/337845。

主持人Mike Bond和杨琳带你走进他们幽默搞怪的日常生活,带你边玩边学地道美语!Mike给女朋友买了性感内衣,给杨琳买了个围裙。可是呢,这礼物到了小贝手里,会发生什么呢?1.Go steady with someone 和某人确立正式的恋爱关系;2.Close, but no cigar. 离正确或成功只差一步 ;3.Inner beauty 内在美;4.Wrong on so many levels 怎么都不对;5.Girly stuff 小女生喜欢的甜美东西 ;6.Have something up one’s sleeve 心中藏着秘密的计划或想法 /201310/257387。