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You talk about, everyone always talks about failing你谈到……每个人都会谈到失败and you talk about being scared of failing to who and I love that.而你讲的是害怕在某人面前失败,我很喜欢这个话题Cause that really gets to the essence of it. Yeah, thats been—因为这很有意义。当然,它一直都是...And hairdressers have a lot of fear when theyre getting into the job.当美发师开始工作时,他们会有很多恐惧Got it. That was a big one.明白了 这很重要Im in a funny place where Im just not scared,因为我不会感到害怕 我的处境很有趣Im just not worried about, I have this weird,我就是不担心 这很奇怪I could care less what anybody thinks and I genuinely care what everybody thinks.我不在意个别人想什么 我只在意所有人的看法You know, its the kind of this really Ying and Yang and so你知道,这像是某种阴阳互补I just realized that so many of you are scared to fail because我意识到大多数情况下 你害怕失败是因为your dads gonna make you feel bad about it.你父亲会让你感觉到失败很糟糕I have empathy for that. That sucks.我体验过这种感觉 糟糕透了Or your husband is going to say I told you so.或者你的丈夫会说 我早就告诉过你了吧Im very fascinated by negative energy within our ecosystem that is not cut out-able. Hmmm.我惊讶于我们生态系统中的负面能量是是无法被消除的。嗯You can get rid of your acquaintance thats a dick face.你可以不管那些讨厌的泛泛之交Right? But when your moms the dick face, youre in trouble. Yeah.对吧?到当你的妈妈也在乎你的失败时 那就糟糕了 对And so Ive been trying to have this conversation of who因此我尝试与那些你害怕在他们面前失败的人are you scared to fail in front of and I gotta tell you in谈话 我想告诉你的是one-on-ones or meet-ups where the content has come from,一对一或者面对面交流的内容people are scared. You look up to your older sister会让人害怕 你找到你的寻求建议whos straight lined and her opinion matters to you.她说话很直 她的观点对你很重要But youre an artist and you want to do this.但是你是个艺术家 你想和你的讨论这个话题And if you fail, you dont want to fail in front of her.如果你失败了 你却不想在她面前失败Yeah. Thats tough.对,这很难受Thats stopping a lot of us.这种感觉会阻止我们做很多事情I dont have the answer to what you have to do about it我不会告诉你应该如何应对这种情况other than I do believe that communication solves all things.或者说我相信交流可以解决所有问题But great, how do I push you to have that real talk with your mom?但是 我又怎么能逼你去和你妈进行真正的交流呢?Hard, so, yeah man. I love that.这很困难伙计 我喜欢这个观点Its a real one. Yeah.因为这很现实 没错But its not so easy to unwind.但是真正落实却很难201706/512138

Im not expecting this to be particularly pleasant,这滋味绝对不会好受but there are stories of this saving peoples lives.但这法子的确救过不少人的命Theres one particular family who was stranded in a life raft.曾经有一家人 困于救生筏上And all this water had gathered in the bottom of it,他们所有的水都是从where theyd been feeding off turtles,and it was mixed with turtles blood, it had gone fetid.食用海龟后剩下的 混合着海龟血液的臭水中获取And the only way they managed to stay hydrated was by using that fetid water and giving themselves an enema.为了不脱水 只能这么做 用那些臭水给自己灌肠And then once its in,I guess all you can do is lie back and think of England!现在 管子去了 你能做的就是躺着 然后尽可能想着美好的事情A gentle reminder that survival is rarely pretty.友情提示 幸存者少之又少Thats something I hope I never, ever have to do again.我希望我这辈子再也不用那么做了Yeah, I mean, the shows been so successful.You know, everything that Bear does now has to be better than what it was before.这部剧是如此的成功 贝尔当下做的一切 都必须比以前做的更好But thats all right for him.但那对于他来说没问题But hes also dragging a few of us along, as well.不过他也会拉我们几个下水Choosing my all-time greatest 25 moments was always gonna be hard.让我选出最精的25个时刻 本来就是件难事The scars are a good legacy and the memories still very vivid.伤疤是最好的见 那些瞬间也历历在目But its been a huge privilege to explore some of the most incredible environments this planet has to offer.能去探索这个星球上 那些最难以置信的地方 实在是太幸运了But there are still many more remote corners of the world that I havent yet been.但世界上仍有许多遥不可及的角落 我还不曾涉足And I cant wait to get out there,take on the wild once more.我已迫不及待 再次启程 来一次荒野求生To see more great moments from the show,visit discovery.com manvswild.想看更多精片段吗 请登录探索频道官网 荒野求生专区201612/485321

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栏目简介:Several retired members of the US womens national soccer team watched a girls match at a primary school in Putuo District today. Yuan Chenyue brings us the story.201705/507179

Halloween is on Monday and we still have Youtube周一的万圣节 我们的节目照常在油管上播出which means its time once again and tell your kids you ate all their Halloween candy.也就是说 又是一年一度 你要告诉你的孩子 你吃光了他们所有的糖果啦Everywhere you go, especially last couple weekends无论你去哪里 特别是近几周people ask me if youre gonna do it again.总有人会问我 会不会再录制一波节目And they answers yeah we are gonna do this然后他们说 是啊 我们还会在录制一波节目嗒Every year until they stop the kids finally figure out, but每年他们都欺骗自己的孩子 直到他们最后找到了糖果if you have kids and it isnt hard to do, in fact that its very easy you can do it at home.如果你有小孩 这一点都不难做到 很简单 你在家里就能实现No, my candy, hes gone. Where did it go? Mum and dad ate it不 我的糖 他不见了 他去哪里了 爸爸妈妈吃掉了I ate it. I ate it all and ate all your candy, i ate it. Or you can do it in a car.我吃掉了 我全吃了 我吃完了你所有的糖 或者 你在车里也可以啊I got really really hungry and ate all your Halloween candy在你上学的时候我特别特别的饿when you were at school How? What do you mean how? I ate it?所以我吃完你所有的万圣节糖果 怎么吃的 什么叫怎么吃的 我就吃了呀I dont wanna see you ever again. Go and get a jooob!我再也不想见到你了 去 去找份工作吧Little Donald Trump, I m officially inviting you d take part in your sixth annual Halloween candy Youtube chanllenge.小川普一个 我正式邀请你来参加 第六届万圣节糖果之油管挑战赛Tell your kids you ate all their Halloween candy Not some of it, all of it.告诉孩子们 你吃光了他们的糖 不是吃了一点点 是全部都吃完了Record it, post it to Youtube with this录下来 发送到油管上title HEY JIMMY KIMMEL- I TOLD MY KIDS I ATE ALL THEIR HALLOWEEN CANDY贴上标签“嗨 JIMMY KIMMEL - 我跟孩子说 我吃完了他所有万圣节的糖果”Wont you post the keep an eye for message from us为啥不上传你的视频 用你的油管账号to your Youtube account or go through every or put the best ones on the show next week.和我们保持联系 或者你还可以查看所有视频 选出你希望下周播出哪一段Lets make this a Halloween in your kids will remember for ever and ever. All right, bye, thanks.让这个万圣节 永远的停留在孩子们的记忆中 好的 拜 多谢观看Do you love putting buttons in subscribing into things? Then click the button to subscribe my channel and youll finally be happy.你喜不喜欢点击按钮订阅东西呢 那就在我的频道下方点击订阅吧 你一定会获得快乐的201706/515305

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/464444

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