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淄博友谊男科医院包皮手术多少钱淄博广电医院不孕不育科To the medieval mind,there was nothing more serious than an oath,在中世纪人看来 宣誓是最为庄重严肃的事and the tapestry maker makes it clear that this was a religious act而挂毯的制作者 让一位目击者手指;圣礼;字样by having a witness point to the word ;Sacramentum;.说明此行为的宗教性质Harolds oath was indeed a kind of sacrament since it went right to the heart of the matter.哈罗德的宣誓的确神圣 因为它直接关系到一个核心问题What would happen to England after Edward died?爱德华死后 英格兰将何去何从Now the English said that Harold agreed to be Williams man only in Normandy现在英格兰人说 哈罗德只宣誓在诺曼底臣于威廉and that it had no bearing on the English succession.此举与英格兰王位争夺毫不相关The Norman chroniclers, though,said Harold had sworn to help William take the throne of England.诺曼编年史上写的却是 哈罗德誓助威廉 拿下英格兰这片江山The oath became even more binding when in a cheap theatrical trick一个廉价而夸张的把戏 让这誓言看上去更具约束力the cloth was whipped from the table over which Harold had sworn.哈罗德宣誓用的桌子上的布落下Underneath was revealed a reliquary containing the bones of a saint.下面竟是一个圣骨箱 里面放着圣人的骨骸Well, how much trouble was he in now?他究竟惹上了多大的麻烦呢Had Harold promised something he couldnt deliver,哈罗德是许下了无法履行的诺言or had he made no promises at all about the English crown?亦或是只字未提英格兰王位的事呢Norman chroniclers like to imagine the returning Harold诺曼编年史认为归来的哈罗德haunted by guilt, saying one thing but doing another.为自己说一套做一套的行为万分愧疚But in England anyway, there was no sign of a queasy conscience at all.在英格兰 却毫无道德谴责一说In fact, to get his hands on the crown,Harold now did something inconceivable for a Godwine,事实上 为了得到王位 作为戈德温家人 哈罗德接下来的举动更令人咋舌something which one day would have disastrous consequences.并将在日后引发灾难性后果He sold his own brother, Tostig, down the river.他将亲弟弟托斯提戈扔进了河里 /201607/457411山东农药厂职工医院男科挂号 The Greater Caucasus Range stretches almost 1,000 miles,from the Black to the Caspian Sea.大高加索山脉绵延近千英里 位于黑海与里海之前600 miles of this mountain range is in Georgia.其中六百英里在格鲁吉亚境内Its been 20 years since it broke away from the former Soviet Union,格鲁吉亚自脱离前苏联至今 已有二十载春秋But tensions between the two countries remain high.但两国仍然交恶The pilots pretty nervous to land because of the snow conditions.飞行员不敢着陆 因为积雪情况太不乐观So hes gonna get me as far as he can,and then its down to me.所以他尽可能多载我一程 然后就全靠我自己了The high mountains in spring can be lethal.春季的高山里险象环生As the pack melts and then refreezes,the constant change makes the threat of avalanche a real danger.积雪融化 再结冰 这种循环往复的变化 使雪崩变得威力十足 危险无比Bear, 10 seconds!Okay. Got to go.The pilot cant hover over the L.Z. for long.贝尔 还有十秒 好 准备出发 飞行员不能在着陆点上空盘旋太久The plan is for me to exit the back of the heli on a snowmobile.按照计划 我要从直升机后部 驾驶雪地托离开Its risky, but I can use it to get me over the mountain quickly,before the weather turns.很危险 但它能帮我 尽快翻过这座山 以防气候生变Its down to split-second timing.Im depending on the pilots skills.机会稍纵即逝 成功与否 就靠飞行员的技术了Were just above the snow! Go!Good to go.我们刚好降落到积雪上 快走 干得好The heli has dropped me close to the summit.直升机把我放在了山顶I need to get over the ridge and into the valleys beyond.我要越过山脊 到达另一边的山谷If a snowstorm catches you out here,youre in big trouble.如果在这遇到暴风雪 麻烦可就大了We need to get into the mountains now.Theres a lot of cloud cover coming in.我们必须立刻进山 云量在逐渐增多201704/503721Danny: Umm.. when did we get a farmers market?丹尼·格林:昂...我们什么时候开了一个农贸市场?Manu: Its a fun way to show off fruits and veggies from our home countries.马努·吉诺比利:这是一个展示我们祖国水果和蔬菜的有趣的方式。Pau: Like delicious Taylor Golden pairs from Spain保罗·加索尔:比如美味的西班牙金梨。LaMarcus: Or beautiful corn from Hondo Texas.拉马库斯·阿尔德里奇:我这有美如画的德州特产玉米。Kawhi: I have California plumcot - they breed plums with apricots.科怀·伦纳德:我这儿有加州李杏,红杏出墙勾搭李子的产物。Danny: Only in California, am I right? Whats that?丹尼·格林:也就只有加州人好这口,我说的没错吧?这是什么?Tony: Gateaux Napoleon avec fraises de Poteet!托尼·帕克:拿破仑蛋糕与草莓波蒂特!Danny: Excuse me?丹尼·格林:什么东西?Kawhi: Oh, thats Poteet strawberry shortcake.科怀·伦纳德:哦,就是草莓起酥蛋糕。Tony: Thats not what I said?托尼·帕克:我说的不是这个意思。H-E-B. Fresh produce from Texas and around the world.HEB. 德州新鲜果蔬批发,还有来自全球的产品。201705/508173淄博尿道炎尿血

淄博看男的生殖器官哪个医院比较好Are you always this happy? Yeah.你老是这么高兴吗?是。Yeah. Man! Does anybody else in the family sing?是的!我的天啊!你们家还有谁唱歌吗?Um, my mom, my dad sings a little, and my aunt, me, my mom, and my grandma sings.嗯,我妈妈,我爸爸会唱一点,我舅妈,我,还有我妈妈和奶奶。Thats it! And my brother sings, too!就这么多!还有我哥哥,我哥哥也会唱歌!God, I wish I was this happy.老天,我真希望我能像她一样高兴。Im...the only time Im this happy...我这还是第一次能这么欢乐。How old are you?你几岁了?I am 5, and, um, I think its Tuesday Im turning 6.我五岁,恩,这个周二我就六岁了。How old were you when you started singing? Two.你几岁开始唱歌的?两岁。When you were 2?你两岁的时候开始唱歌的?Do you remember your first song?你还记得你唱的第一首歌吗?Uh, that would be...恩,应该是Jesus, Jesus耶稣,耶稣Theres just somethin about that name你的背后是无尽的故事That kings and kingdom国王和王国Shall all pass away都将消逝无踪影But there is somethin about that name但你却能万古长青Normally, normally, when I ask the person what song they sang, theyll just say the name of it.一般我问别人唱过什么歌,他们只说名字就可以了。Because my aunt taught me how to do it.Your aunt taught you how to do it?这是因为我舅妈告诉我这么做的。你舅妈教你的?Is she here today?她今天来到现场了吗?Yes, sitting right with the girl with the hat on.来了,戴帽子的人旁边就是我舅妈。Thats my mom with the hat and thats my aunt.戴帽子的是我妈妈,旁边是我舅妈。Oh. Oh, the girl. Oh, okay.哦,哦,那个人,我知道了。The girl with the hat on, thats...thats my mama. Okay.戴着帽子的是我的妈妈,我知道了。Yeah, she got that fly hat on.是的,她戴了一顶平顶帽。What...what kind of hat is that Mom has on?妈妈戴了一顶什么样的帽子?Mom, you tell him!妈妈,你告诉他!Its just a hat, just to cover my hair cause I dont have time to do it cause I have four kids.就是一顶能遮挡头发的普通帽子,我实在没时间打理,你知道我有四个孩子要养活。Yeah, her hairs so ratted, I cant even say how ratted it is!是,她的头发乱蓬蓬的,真没法说她的头发太乱了!Do you have a bike?你有自行车吗?Yeah, but its very old.有,但非常旧。That old bike you got is gonna be your only bike.那辆旧车将会是你唯一一辆自行车。Do you have lots of clothes?你的衣多吗?Yes. I have too many. Why, why did you wear this outfit today?多,我有很多衣。你今天为什么穿这套衣?We just bought it cause I didnt have anything in my closet I could wear.因为我的衣柜里没有几件能穿的衣,所以我就买了身衣。You just said, you just said you cannot practice being a woman now.那你刚才说,你刚才说你还不能练着成为一个女人。You just said you had a closet full of clothes.你刚才还说你的衣柜里全是衣。I know, but...And then you turned around and said you aint had nothing to wear!我知道,但是...现在你却一百八十度大转变,说你没衣可穿!Do they all start training little girls to say this stuff?你们现在就开始教小女孩说这些话了吗?My wife is fifty-one and says the exact same thing!我妻子五十一岁了,她和你说的一模一样!They, they tell me that...Let me this card.他们告诉我说,让我看一眼卡片。Everyone in the family can burp loud, and youre the loudest.家里所有人都会打嗝,而你是打得最响的。Unh-unh! My aunt is the loudest in the whole family!啊啊!我舅妈才是打得最响的!Wait a minute. Hold on. Whoa, whoa, whoa.等一下,等等,哦哦哦。Is that her over there, the one in the black? This one, not me. Yeah!是她吗,穿黑衣的?是她,不是我。是的!She burps the loudest of anybody in the family? Yeah! Yeah! Yeah, yeah!你说她是家里打嗝打得最响的?是的!是的!Why is she shaking her head like its not her?那为什么她摇头说自己不是?I dont know.我不知道。I dont want you to say anything else about nobodys hair and burping.我不想在听你说关于别人头发和打嗝的问题。Hey, wait, hold on. You aint done nothin. Hey.哈哈,等一下。你又有什么花招啊。I can do cute, too.我也能扮可爱。Watch this. Let me see you do that. Do this.看好了。让我看你做这个。做这个。Yeah, you look a little bit cuter than me.啊,你看起来更卡哇伊一点。Watch this right here. Mwah! Mwah!那你看这个。么么!么么!God, youre a happy child.天啊,真是个天真可爱的小孩。201706/512169淄博人民医院泌尿外科专家 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463908淄博市 治疗阳痿早泄

淄博慢性龟头炎 Target is been neutralized. Im heading to the hotel.目标已经消灭,我现在准备去酒店。Checking into the penthouse. The name is Hunter.入住顶层,我的名字叫亨特。Certainly Mr. Hunter. I have your reservation right here.好的亨特先生。我现在就帮您查查您的预订信息。Uh, wait did you say Hunter? Mhm.额,稍等,你刚才说是亨特?No. I dont have a Hunter.不,预约里没有亨特。But you emailed the confirmation to my watch.但是你们给我的手表发了邮件确认啊Oh, well marketing handles emails. Oh! I have a Hanson.哦,那是邮件营销。哦,我查到了汉森。No, its Hunter. Hunter.不,是亨特。亨特。I picked my room on your app.我用你们的App选的房间Oh we have so many apps.哦,我们有许多App。I, uhh. But Im a platinum member.我...但是我还是你们的白金会员呀Uhhh, I even have a promotion from your um... from your website.额,我甚至是有你们网站上的促销券...Promotions are on a different system. But I do have a single on the ground floor Mr. Hanson.促销信息在不同的系统上,我们这边真的只有一位在一层的汉森先生。Its Hunter. My name is Hunter!是亨特。我的名字是亨特!201611/479322淄博医院预约电话多少淄博看男科那家医院好



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