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2017年10月24日 12:02:19

淄博尿道炎多少钱淄博包皮包茎治疗多少钱Skies were blue and streets mostly dry on Sunday and Monday in Beijing, with only a scattering of abandoned cars as a reminder of the downpour that caused flooding throughout the sprawling capital and killed at least 37 people on Saturday. 周日和周一的北京,天空湛蓝,街道上基本没有积水,只有几辆被遗弃的汽车提醒着人们,上周六这里曾下过一场的大暴雨,北京城几成泽国,至少37人因暴雨丧生。 The weekend#39;s floods put the government#39;s Internet savvy to the test, as Internet users took to the country#39;s Twitter-like microblogs, called #39;weibo,#39; to criticize officials for being ill-prepared. The chides included a series of photos on Sina Weibo contrasting Beijing#39;s flooded streets with images of sewer systems in other famous capitals, suggesting that a better sewer system could have prevented the massive flooding. 中国网民纷纷在微平台指责市政官员防范不足,这让北京市政府应对互联网舆论的智慧受到了考验。网友在新浪微上发布了一系列照片,对比北京陷入汪洋的街道和世界上其它首都城市的排水系统,这意味着如果北京有更好的排水系统,本可以阻止这场大规模洪灾的发生。 At the same time, officials tried to use weibo to assuage public anger. Beijing municipal government spokeswoman Wang Hui has been using her verified account on Sina Weibo to post heartwarming messages about people helping strangers cross flooded streets and information about passengers stuck at the airport. As of Monday, she had more than a million followers, and received thousands of responses to her posts about the flooding. 与此同时,北京市官员也试图通过微来平息众怒。北京市政府发言人王惠一直通过她新浪微的认账户发布人们在被淹街道上帮助陌生人的暖人消息以及有关滞留北京机场的乘客的信息。截至周一,王惠在新浪微上已有粉丝一百多万,其洪灾微已收到回复数千条。 On Sunday, Ms. Wang responded to complaints that police were leaving tickets for abandoned vehicles. 周日,王惠就市民对警方给遗弃车辆贴罚单的抱怨进行了回应。 #39;This morning netizens told me cars stuck in the water were being ticketed, I immediately reflected the situation to the mayor and he put great importance on the matter,#39; she wrote. #39;Just now at the emergency response center vice mayor Ji Lin said it was incorrect to ticket cars that suddenly became stuck in the flood waters, all such tickets will be made invalid. Ji Lin has aly instructed the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau to deal with the matter.#39; 她写道:今早,有网友@我说了涉水熄火车辆被贴罚单的事,我即向市领导反映了这一情况,市领导对此事高度重视。刚才常务副市长吉林在市应急指挥中心表示,在遭遇突发灾害的情况下,对熄火车辆贴罚单是不对的,所贴罚单作废。吉林已责成市交管局处理此事。 But many Internet users continued to criticize. 但很多网友仍继续批评。 #39;With one word the leader can invalidate a ticket,#39; said a Sina Weibo user under the name Shi Hun Kuang Gui. #39;Apparently nothing has changed and the leaders are still above the law. May I ask, outside of leaders, are there any other ways to settle issues? Is this how to build a society with rule of law?#39; 一位名为“噬魂狂鬼”的新浪微用户说:领导一句话便可消罚单,看来领导高于法律仍是不变的主旋律。请问处领导外还有别的途径可寻求解决吗?法制社会该如何建设? Another user under the name Committed Against the Three Vulgarities said #39;You can tell from this situation the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau doesn#39;t have any type of contingency plan to deal with these type of events … This time due to the voices of many netizens, the vice mayor used his powers to control the powers of the traffic cops, but what about next time? Will we have another vice mayor who will bravely stick his neck out?#39; 另一位名叫“致力于反三俗”的微用户说:从这一事件可以看出,交管部门对于此类事件完全没有应急预案……这一次,在广大网友的呼声下,副市长大人用权力压下了权力,那么下一次呢?还会有另一个副市长挺身而出吗? Some of the critical messages on Sina Weibo disappeared on Monday. Sensitive messages are sometimes taken down as part of censorship measures, but Sina did not respond to requests for comment. 周一,新浪微上的部分批评帖子消失了。作为审查措施的一部分,敏感信息有时会被删除,但新浪没有回应记者的置评请求。 Government officials have tried to use weibo with varying degrees of success, said Jeremy Goldkorn, director of Danwei.com, which researches Chinese media and Internet. Ms. Wang#39;s #39;good use,#39; he said, will probably #39;make people feel the city government is resonsive to their feelings.#39; 研究中国媒体和互联网的网站单位网(Danwei.com)负责人金玉米(Jeremy Goldkorn)说,很多政府官员都曾尝试利用微,但效果各有不同。他说,王惠用得好可能会让人觉得市政府能迅速回应市民的感受。 But I mean, the big problem here is no amount of Weibo posting is going to cover the fact that 37 people in the capital of China died after a rain storm … that#39;s quite a high death toll.#39; 金玉米说,但在我看来,无论发多少微都无法掩盖这样一个事实,即一场暴雨过后中国的首都死了37人,这样的死亡人数相当高。 When reached by phone Monday, Ms. Wang said microblogs played a #39;crucial#39; role in dealing with the flooding this weekend. She agreed with Internet users that Beijing#39;s sewer system wasn#39;t equipped for the storm and said the city will work to improve it. 记者周一致电王惠,她说微在上周末应急处理暴雨的过程中发挥了关键作用。她同意网民的观点,即北京的下水道系统无力应对这样的暴雨,并说市政府将努力改进。 #39;This is very normal, their reaction is right,#39; she said. #39;It#39;s not just them, we feel this way as well. We need to strengthen this area going forward.#39; 王惠说,这很正常,网民的反应不奇怪;不仅是网民,我们自己也这么觉得,将来我们要加强这方面的工作。 The city hadn#39;t seen such heavy rains in 61 years, she added: #39;It#39;s not like in the south, we don#39;t usually get this heavy rain. So this was a test for us.#39; 这是北京61年来未见的暴雨。王惠又说,不像在南方,北京很少有这样的暴雨,这对我们是一种考验。 Weibo #39;was extremly imporant. Many Internet users used it to help other people, to go to the airport to pick people up. They used their own cars to take people home, and some bar owners let people sleep in their bars, providing food and beverages to them. None of this would have been possible without Weibo. It has really moved us,#39; she said. 王惠说,微非常重要,很多网民利用微帮助他人,到机场接人,他们用私家车把滞留旅客送回家,一些酒吧老板让人们睡在酒吧里,还给人们提供食物和饮料;如果没有微,这一切都不可能发生,这让我们非常受感动。 /201207/192035淄博治早泄需要多少钱


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