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A:Hello Mr Janus. What can we do you today?您好,Janus先生今天我们能为您做些什么吗?B:Hello, Xiao Ping. It that time again;I want to convert my salary. You know, it so annoying. I wish my company could just pay me in RMB.你好,小平又到日子了,我要兑换我的工资你瞅,多烦人呐我真希望我的公司可以直接付人民币A:Haha! I actually think that many locals would disagree with you;they are all dying to be paid in US dollars.哈哈!实际上我认为许多本地人不会同意您的看法;他们都渴望得到美元工资B:Yes, I guess you are right. So,do you need my passport?是的,我想你是对的那么,你需要看我的护照吗?A:Thanks,Mr Janus. Of course I trust you, but regulations are regulations.谢谢您,Janus先生我当然相信您,但是规定就是规定B:Here you go.给你A:Thanks. And of course, could you fill in the exchange m?谢谢当然啦,还得请您填写兑换单,好吗? 6A: That the transfer completed. Can I do anything else you today?转账完成了我现在还能为您做些什么呢?B: Yes. I want to deposit some money into my Savings , please.是的我想往我的存款账户里存些钱A: Could I have your Savings Book and the money, please. You are making a deposit of 800 RMB, is that correct?请您给我您的存折和现金您要存800元,对吧?B: Correct.对A: Please enter your PIN number on the keypad.请您在键盘上输入密码B: There we go. Thanks very much.输好了非常感谢 519

56 Become a vegetarian. 56 改吃素吧A vegetarian diet incorporated into a low-calorie diet can increase energy-producing protein while keeping fat content low,according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.根据《美国医学协会期刊中的一项研究指出,把素食餐与低卡路里的饮食相结合可以使脂肪含量降低,同时也可以增加产生精力的蛋白质Actually,this mixture was given to protein-deficient malnourished children in Ethiopia,and it reversed their biochemical defects.Another study was conducted on New Orleans police officers on a weight-loss program.Researchers concluded that the vegetarian food ;helps people without much self-motivation to lose weight.;事实上,这种混合餐给埃塞俄比亚缺乏蛋白质的营养不良孩子们吃了之后,改善了他们体内生化上的缺点另一项研究是以新奥尔良的警员为对象所进行的减肥计划研究人员作出的结论是素食“有助于那些对这项计划不很积极的人减肥”;I was sure Id shrivel up and die if I didnt eat meat,;recalls Joe Schneider,a mailman who is into bodybuilding.;But a friend at the gym talked me into trying it. I quit eating red meat a year ago and chicken and fish six months ago. Ive lost fat and gained muscle.Truthfully, I’ve never felt better.”“以前我确信自己如果不吃肉,就会衰弱而死”一位热衷于健美的邮差先生乔伊·舒奈德回想道他接着又说:“但我在健身房认识的一位朋友说我试试素食餐一年前我就停止吃红肉了,六个月前不再吃鸡肉和鱼肉如今,我已减少了脂肪并且增加了肌肉说实在的,我从来没感觉这么好过”Vegetarian diets have been documented to lower cholesterol and blood pressure and to cut down on the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer.Vegetarian diets are naturally very low in fats and high in complex carbohydrates and fiber.文献明吃素可以降低胆固醇和血压,减少摧患心脏病及某些癌症的风险素食餐脂肪的含量本来就很低,而且富含复合碳水化合物及高纤维质Healthy vegetarians eat a combination of grains,beans and other legumes and vegetables,especi-ally green leafy ones. Make the transition gradually, like Joe did.It might be a good idea to take a multi-vitamin, too, just to make sure you’re getting all your nutrients.健康的素食者会摄取各种谷类、豆类、豆荚及蔬菜类,尤其是绿色叶菜像乔伊一样慢慢地转变饮食习惯用多种维他命亦不失为一个好主意,这样做是为了要确保自己能摄取到身体所需要的各种营养健身短语I. incorporate A ininto B 将A纳并人B,将A与B结合. be conducted on… 以……来进行(实验、研究等)3. shrivel up 衰弱(shrivel vi.枯萎,皱缩). be into. .热衷于……5. talk sb into V-ing说某人去做……6. cut down on…减少…… 36Reservation Prolonging延长预约时间What can I do you?我能帮您什么吗?Yes, I made a reservation 3 days April 3rd to 6th, and my name is Sara.是的,我预订过一个房间,从月3号到6号的,我叫萨拉Yes, what the problem?是的,有问题吗?Well, I want to extend it more nights.我想再多两天So you will stay until the 9th?也就是说您要住到9号?Yes.是的OK, well make the correction you.好的,我们会为您更改的Thank you.谢谢

A public demonstration over the unexplained death of a young woman brought parts of southern Beijing to a standstill yesterday in a rare large protest that highlights the social pressures facing China’s leaders, writes Leslie Hook in Beijing.昨天,一位年轻女子不明原因的死亡引发公众示威,令北京城南部分地区陷入瘫痪状态。这场罕见的大规模抗议凸显中国领导人所面临的社会压力。The protest was sparked by the death of a 22-year-old woman named as Ms Yuan, from Anhui province, who worked in the Jingwen Clothing Mall and was found dead on May 3 after falling from the top of the building.抗议的导火索是一2岁的袁姓女子之死。这名安徽籍女子在京温装商城工作,5日被发现从楼顶坠落身亡。Beijing’s Public Security Bureau said in a statement it had found nothing suspicious at the scene of her death or in the autopsy, adding that it was still “conducting further work北京市公安局在一份声明中表示,在事发现场和尸检中均未发现疑点,并称警方“正开展进一步工作”。However, her relatives believe she may have been raped and killed. They suspect a cover-up by police, according to accounts of the protest on the microblogging website Weibo.但死者亲属认为她可能被奸杀。新浪微上对抗议事件的描述表示,死者亲属怀疑警方隐瞒事实。来 /201305/238802

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is taking responsibility for a deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya last month, saying it is her job to be in charge of security for State Department employees working around the world.美国国务卿希拉里·克林顿为美国驻利比亚领馆上月遭受致命袭击承担责任,并表示驻世界各地美国国务院人员的安全事务属于她的职责范围。Clinton said in television interviews during a visit to Peru Monday that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden would not know about specific decisions made by security personnel. 克林顿星期一访问秘鲁期间接受电视采访时说,奥巴马总统和拜登副总统不了解安全人员所做的具体决定。She also said circumstances surrounding attacks like the one on September 11 that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans are not always clear at the time.克林顿还表示,有1号导致美国驻利比亚大使以及其他三名美国人被杀害的袭击情况当时并不清楚。The attack, and the Obama administrations response, have become an issue in the presidential campaign. Republican candidate Mitt Romney has criticized Mr. Obama for not providing more security at the consulate in Benghazi.那次袭击和奥巴马政府对此做出的反应成为总统竞选中的一个议题。共和党总统候选人罗姆尼批评奥巴马没有为美国驻班加西领馆提供更多的安全措施。Clinton said Monday she did not want the attack to be part of a political ;blame game.;克林顿星期一说,她不想让那次袭击成为一场政治责难运动的一部分。来 /201210/204076

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