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淄博市医院排行榜桓台县男科医院哪家好Myanmar缅甸Chinese takeaway kitchen中国的外卖厨房Three articles look at China’s influence in South-East Asia: first;resentment in Myanmar;second, Cambodian rivalries; third, Banyan on the strategic implications三篇文章都关注了中国在东南亚的影响问题:第一篇,缅甸之怨;第二篇,柬埔寨的对抗;第三篇是Banyan专栏关于战略意义的一篇文章。WAIST-DEEP in the muddy water, hundreds ofpeople swirl their pans, scouring the black sediment for the sparkle of golddust. They have come from all over Myanmar to Kachin state, where the N’Mai andMali rivers merge to form the mighty Irrawaddy, knowing that a good day mayyield ,000-worth of gold—and that time for gold-panning is running out.在缅甸的克钦邦,恩梅开江和迈立开江交会成为浩荡的伊洛瓦底江。在齐腰深的浑浊的江水中,可以见到数百名淘金者晃动淘选盘,在黑色的沉淀物中仔细搜寻闪闪发光的金粒。这些人是从全国各地来到克钦邦的,他们知道,如果幸运的话,一天的淘金收入可以达到1000美金,但他们也清楚,淘金的时日已然不多。Across the river, the corrugated-iron roofsof a prefabricated barracks glint in the midday sun. They house hundreds ofChinese labourers working on the Myitsone hydropower project. This, accordingto Myanmar’sgovernment, will be the sixth highest dam in the world, and generate 6,000MW ofelectricity a year. On completion in 2019, the dam will flood thegold-prospecting area and displace more than 10,000 people. All the electricitywill be exported to China.All the revenue will go to Myanmar’sgovernment. If an environmental and social impact study was conducted at all,it did not involve consulting the affected villagers.在江对面,预制棚屋的波形铁皮屋顶在正午阳光的照耀下闪闪发光。在那些屋子里寓居着数百名修建密松水电站的中国劳工。缅甸政府表示,该水电站的大坝高程位列世界第六,每年能够发电6000兆瓦。2019年工程竣工后,大坝周边的金矿勘探地区将被淹没,并且还要转移1000人到其他地区。所有的电能将被输送到中国,而所有的收入将统统流入缅甸政府的钱袋。即使他们真地做了环境和社会影响研究的话,但那也并未涉及征询受影响村民意见的环节。A local Catholic priest who led prayersagainst the dam says his parishioners were moved to a “model” village, intotiny houses on plots too small for cultivation. The letters of concern he sentto Myanmar’sleaders went unanswered. He says he will stay in his historic church “till thewaters rise over the doorstep”.当地的一个天主教神父曾组织过祷告活动,以抗议修建大坝,他表示他的教区居民被迁移到一个“模范”村,那里的房子非常小,而且房子周围的土地也很少,根本不适合耕种。他寄给缅甸领导人反映问题的信件,至今仍然未予回复。他表示他将呆在的那座历史上著名的教堂中,直到江水没过门阶。201106/140599淄博开包皮多少钱 Norway's prime minister says European intelligence agencies have joined the investigation into last week's terror attacks that left at least 76 people dead. Jens Stoltenberg says the country's core values will grow stronger. Friday's attacks have been linked to far-right Norwegian zealot Anders Behring Breivik. The views he allegedly published on the Internet have put Europe's far right in the spotlight. 挪威首相表示,欧洲的情报部门目前已经在和挪威方面一道,调查上个星期在挪威发生至少76人死亡的恐怖袭击事件。挪威首相斯托尔滕贝格说,这次恐怖袭击事件之后,挪威的核心价值只会进一步加深。身为挪威公民的极右人士安德斯·布雷维克是上个星期恐怖袭击事件的主要嫌疑人,他并且已经对发动袭击供认不讳。事发前,布雷维克据说在网络上发表的一些观点和言论,使得人们不得不将目光转向欧洲当前的极右派。Speaking Wednesday, Norway's prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, said there will be a security review in Norway that will include police organization and capacity. 挪威首相斯托尔滕贝格7月27日(星期三)发表讲话说,挪威政府将就国家安全问题进行审议,这其中将包括警方部门的重组以及执法人员是否人手充足等问题。He said Friday's attacks will bring more political engagement to Norway. 他说,上个星期五发生的袭击事件迫使挪威人更多地参与到政治过程中来。"The Norwegian response to violence is more democracy, more openness and greater political participation," said Stoltenberg. 他说:“这次暴力事件之后,挪威人的反应是:我们需要更多的民主、更多的开放、更大程度上的政治参与。”Details of the deadly attacks continue to emerge including a more detailed profile of the man who says he is responsible. 上个星期五发生的暴力袭击事件的具体细节,日益被披露出来,其中包括主要嫌疑人布雷维克的背景,等等。The defense lawyer for Anders Behring Breivik says his client's actions suggest he is insane. But political analysts say the gunman's opinions, which seem to have motivated him, are in line with many among Europe's extreme right. 布雷维克的辩护律师说,从布雷维克的行动中或许可以看出,他精神有问题。不过,政治分析人士指出,布雷维克公开陈述的那些观点,实际上和欧洲很多极右派人士的观点,如出一辙;布雷维克正是在这些观点的驱使下,做出屠杀行动的。201107/146304Europe is suffering from its worst ever real-estate market. And one country that seems to be pushing back hard at its government is Spain. More than two months after Spain's so-called "indignados" began occupying city squares to protest high unemployment and perceived government corruption, they have turned to a new target: Spanish banks. Protesters say Spain's banking laws - some of the strictest in the world - leave mortgage borrowers with too much debt.欧洲正经历有史以来最糟糕的房地产市场。而西班牙看来是政府受到民众施压的国家。两个多月前,西班牙民众开始进行所谓的“愤怒者”游行运动,抗议高失业率和政府腐败,而现在这场运动已转向新的目标:西班牙。抗议者说,世界最严格的法之一--西班牙的法,导致抵押贷款借款人债务过重。The Spanish protesters who first took over Madrid's central square in May are back again, this time with a new target: Spain's banking laws, which are some of the strictest in Europe, particularly when it comes to mortgages. 5月份在西班牙首都马德里市中心广场举行集会的抗议者又回来了,这一次他们有了新的目标:西班牙法,这是欧洲最严格的法之一,尤其是在抵押贷款方面。In Spain, if the bank forecloses on your home, you are still liable for your mortgage debt. That means people who have lost their homes are saddled with mountains of debt as well. 在西班牙,如果没收你的住房,你仍然要承担抵押贷款债务。这意味着,失去住房的人还是背负堆积如山的债务。It is a predicament that has happened to more than 300,000 Spaniards since the housing bubble burst in 2008. And it is something protesters like Susana Garcia do not like. 自2008年房地产泡沫破裂以来,西班牙有30多万人陷入这种困境。像苏珊纳·加西亚这样的抗议者对此非常不满。"This is a big, big shame. Because people have no houses, and big debt for the rest of their lives," said Garcia. "It's like a crime. It's state terrorism." 苏珊纳说:“这真是很大、很大的耻辱。因为人们失去了住房,而他们的余生还要背负大量的债务。这就像一种罪行--是国家恐怖主义。”Garcia and other protesters find out where the next housing eviction will be, and go to the house. Often they form a human chain around the property, blocking bank officials from entering and serving foreclosure papers. 苏珊纳·加西亚和其他抗议者先找出下一个将被驱逐出房屋的借款人,然后聚集到他的房子那里。通常他们围绕这所房子形成人链,阻止官员进入房屋办理止赎手续。201107/146305淄博梅毒的治疗医院

淄博友谊视频Banyan菩提 Nothing new under heaven天下之事,古已有之What philosophers thought when China was the world and how it can help China now昔日中国一统天下之时,哲学家们的所思所想,及其对今日中国的裨益WHEN Henry Kissinger was paying his pioneering visits to China in the early 1970s, the country was in the grip of a campaign to criticise both Lin Biao, a recently dead and disgraced Communist leader, and Confucius. As was later remarked, it was as if the American press were vilifying Richard Nixon and Aristotle. But China’s own past—the 5,000 years of history of which its leaders often like to remind foreign interlocutors—is a constant presence in its domestic politics and its view of the world.当亨利#8226;基辛格在1970年代初开启访华的破冰之旅的时候,这个国家尚沉浸在批林批孔运动之中(林彪是一位蒙羞的共产党领导人,刚辞世不久)。就像后来所指出的那样,这种情况就好像美国报刊在诽谤尼克松和亚里士多德。但是中国自己的历史——其领导人在谈话中总是喜欢向外国人提及的5000年历史——在中国国内政治和中国对世界的看法中,一直发挥着恒久不衰的影响。Yet China’s recent rise has taken place in a world organised along principles devised elsewhere, by foreign parvenus. Many Chinese chafe at the common Western notion that multiparty democracy is the form of government towards which all other systems evolve. But some scholars also resent another European invention: the nation-state, the basis of modern diplomacy. For years they have struggled to develop a distinctively Chinese theory of international relations. This is almost a matter of national pride, even chauvinism: “As a rapidly rising major power, it is unacceptable that China does not have its own theory,” wrote Qiu Yanping, a senior Communist Party man, in an article in .而近些年来中国崛起所处的大背景却是一个遵循外国新贵所创设的原则而建构起来的世界。西方人通常认为,多党民主是所有其他制度最终要逐渐发展到的政体,而许多中国人却对这种观念颇为恼怒。但一些学者也对欧洲另一项创造深表不安,那就是民族国家——现代外交的基石。多年以来,他们一直殚精竭虑地阐发中国特色的国际关系理论,毕竟这几乎事关民族自豪感,甚至民族沙文主义:“中国作为一个快速崛起的大国,绝不能没有自己的理论”,年时一个名叫邱延平(音译)的共产党高官在一篇文章中如是写道。So attempts to apply precepts devised by ancient Chinese philosophers to the modern world are in vogue. One popular revival is the notion of tianxia, or “all under heaven”. This dates back to the golden age of classical Chinese philosophy—of Confucius, Mencius, Laozi and the rest—in the “warring states” period before China’s unification in 221 under the first Qin emperor. Tianxia is widely understood as a unified world dominated by one country (call it the “middle kingdom”, perhaps), to which neighbours and those beyond look for guidance and pay tribute.因此将中国古代哲学家创设的原则应用于现代世界之风气蔚为一时。时下有个词正重新流行起来,它叫做“天下”,或者叫“普天之下”。这个词要回溯到公元前221年中国第一个皇帝——秦始皇统一中国之前的战国时期,在那一时期以孔子、孟子、老子以及其他诸子为代表中国古典哲学迎来黄金时代。“天下”被广泛理解为由一个国家(可能称之为“中央王国”)所主导的统一世界,在这一世界中,该国的邻国和远邦要向它寻求指导和进行朝贡。201106/141380淄博哪里治疗泌尿感染好 桓台县人民医院看男科好吗

淄博儿童包皮手术费用The Federal Aviation Administration美国联邦航空Wings clipped翅膀被剪A worked example of the effects of congressional stupidity国会愚蠢行为之后果造就的现成例子Aug 6th 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print edition LaGuardia’s old tower, now partly down拉瓜地机场的旧空管塔,现已部分拆除 AFTER he had signed the debt-ceiling deal, Barack Obama mentioned “another Washington-inflicted wound on America”. He was speaking about the impasse over funding for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which manages air safety and air-traffic control. Congressmen could not resolve a petty disagreement over the extension of the agency’s operating-authority bill, which expired on July 22nd. As a result, the agency has partly shut down, and 4,000 employees have been sent home. Air-traffic controllers are still on the job, as they are paid from a different source. But scores of FAA construction and research projects have been halted, affecting at least 70,000 workers. “Members of Congress should not get on a plane to fly home for vacation without passing an FAA bill and putting thousands of people back to work,” said Ray LaHood, the transport secretary. His words were drowned in the rush for the doors.巴拉克#8226;奥巴马在签署了债务上限协议后,提到了“华盛顿给美国造成的另一个创伤”。他说的是为美国联邦航空(FAA)拨款陷入僵局的事。联邦航空管理空中安全事务和负责空中交通管制。该机构的经营管理条列于7月22日失效,而国会议员们未能解决关于延长经营管理条列的一个小小分歧。结果,该机构部分停运,4,000名员工被打发回家。空中交通管制人员仍在工作,因为他们的工资来自其他渠道。但FAA的许多建设和研究项目已经停止,影响到至少70,000名工人。“在通过美国联邦航空局管理条列并恢复成千上万人的工作之前,国会议员们不应该坐飞机回家休假,”运输部长雷#8226;拉胡德说。他的话被淹没在匆匆离场的脚步声中。The FAA’s long-term funding bill expired in 2007. Since then Congress has passed, with little fuss, 20 stopgap bills, each lasting a few months. This time round, politicians could not agree on seemingly minor provisions. House Republicans passed a bill that cut .5m in federal subsidies for passengers at a dozen remote rural airports, something the Senate Democrats oppose. They also oppose a measure that would make it more difficult for airline workers to unionise. Because of this impasse over .5m a year, the government is losing m a day in uncollected federal taxes on airline tickets.FAA的长期拨款法案于2007年到期。自那以来,美国国会随随便便地通过了20个临时法案,每个法案的有效期都只有几个月。这一次,政治家就看似微小的规定不能达成一致意见。控制众议院的共和党人通过了一项法案,要削减十几个偏远农村机场的联邦政府乘客补贴1.65千万美元,而控制参议院的民主党人对此表示反对。有一项措施会使航空公司的员工成立工会变得更加困难,对此他们也表示反对。为一年1.65千万美元而陷入僵局,致使政府因联邦机票税流失每天损失3千万美元。201108/148204 Toyota's jobless The global economic slowdown hits Toyota City's people hard. CNN's Kyung Lah reports。They keep coming, one after the other, all in the same situation, fired because of Toyota's cutbacks. Toyota City Japan is seeing historic heights in unemployment. The city's job center stretches to its limits. “All we can do is just focus on doing our best for them one by one.” says the head of the job center, cause think about all of them is overwhelming.Live it like Cecelia Kobashigawa and it's even worse. “Scary”, she says, “and difficult, very difficult”. Kobashigawa's two children are in high school and she needs to support them. But in this one company town that's firing, not hiring, she doesn't feel much hope, neither do her four friends, all fired last December from the same Toyota subsidiary. This married couple, immigrants from Brazil, never thought they would both get fired on the same day. "It's tough”, he says, “We may have to move back to Brazil.”This area is home to Japan's highest unemployment rate. According to this job center, last December, the number of unemployed people looking for a job jumped by 120%. At the same time period, the number of jobs available fell by 50%. More unemployed people, fewer jobs available for them." Huge percent down --90% down..down" That's how much Toyota City is losing in corporate taxes all due to Toyota's losses. Toyota City's Finance Division calls this ‘the Toyota's Shock’-- a seismic event breaking the city's financial books. “We've never experienced the loss like this,” he says. It's straining public services and worrying the jobless. Kobashigawa says her day at the job center came up empty. “All you can do is hope the economy gets better”, she says, for her sake, for her family, and everyone she knows.Kyung Lah, CNN, Toyota City, Japan.词汇注释:1. cutback 缩减 减产 2. Toyota City Toyota City is a city located in the Mikawa region of Aichi, Japan3. company town 企业生活区 4. corporate tax n.公司税 5. seismic 震撼世界的 地震的 6. financial books 财务帐簿 7. public services n.公共事业 公用设施, 公共务 08/81430淄博友谊医院是不是私立医院淄博市割包皮医保卡能用吗



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