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淄博中医治疗前列腺炎的医院淄博不孕不育症淄博友谊医院前列腺检查 This was yesterday after stocks looked like they were ganna rally at the beginning, there was some barginning hunting... at the begining and then those sub-prime mortgage worries kicked in once again, we seem to be in, in a bit of a perfect storm here a downward spiral, don’t we.We do. I mean these markets are looking a little oversold at the moment, so you know hopefully we will see some stability set in, but there is an issue here that is troubling the markets and it really relates to the... you know the size of the write-offs that these banks might have to undertake, and the numbers are growing daily you know and I think that the concern in the market place is that they're very very large, it looks like they could be, that that would diminish the capacity of banks to lend, and if that happens they won’t be able to finance economic growth, and if that’s the case, then companies won’t make the money they have been making, and the stock market will weaken, and I think that's, to some extent where the stock market is really eh beginning to discount.And there are a number of other factors playing into this, we got the high price of oil at the moment, a low, despite an easing of oil. Yesterday that didn’t come on wall street we've got the extremely weak dollars as well playing into this thing.Well, the oil prices is a bother, you know but it was a bother everybody thought at 50 dollars and 60 dollars, I mean the pain threshold must be somewhere and what we had thought were fairly close. The dollar however... the weak dollar I think is a good thing, because the weak dollar enhances the competitive position of us companies in the global market place. And after all there're large areas of the global economy that are still quite strong like Asia. And here in Europe, it’s not as if we're, the background here is all that weak. Things are slowing but there still is a good deal of growth here, so the weakness of the dollar enhances the competitive position of the US economy and US companies, and so that in a sense is one of the plus factors at the moment.But there is no doubt that the weak dollar is hurting particularly exporters here in Europe, I mean how long before international trade if you like begin to slow down because of the weak dollar.Well I think that the key thing really is, certainly they are over here, it’s having the opposite impact that should be having in the US, but the important thing is that the American economy is still a big economy, and if it does slow or if we do enter a recession. Although, I am not sure that is yet on the cards, ok, ah, then a washback clearly will be felt here in Europe and the UK, but what that means is that the central banks will then have to respond to all of that. They will have to cut interest rates.I mean they just can’t stand by and watch the economy moving to a recession. We will see interest rates cut. And that will be good.Yeah, you've got Ben Bernaky though, in a tricky position at the moment, I mean he knows that he’s got a ...perhaps one more rate-cut up his sleeve that he can play, but by his own admission, inflationary pressures haven't gone away,have they. The underlying US economy is still pretty sound at the moment.It is, there is a certain sturdiness there, and I think that there is a balancing act, but I think the other point is that if the bank really do have the sort of problems that the market senses they have, then what the central bank will want to avert is the kind of situation we saw in Japan where you know the banks went from difficulty into more difficulty they had lots of bad debts, they couldn’t finance economic activity and the central bank responded very slowly to all of this. And here we are ,17 years later still on the secular bear market in Japan and the economy is not performing all that well. So I think what the federal reserve will want to do is it will act fairly assertively, and I think it's aly given an indication of how it will respond after all it has cut interest rates by 75 basis points so far, and I think what it will say to us is that, look we may have a short-term problem here with inflation, but the longer-term problem is potentially disinflationary or even ultimately deflationary and therefore we are gonna have respond to it and deal with that more than the short-term prospect of inflation which in fact could be utimately disinflationary too, high inflation squeezes real disposable incomes, which in turn reduce spending powers. So you know it’s all pointing in the same direction, it's all pointing as if the... the way the central banks will have to respond to this is by cutting interest rates and I think that will eventually limit the downside to the stock markets.Notes:Something up one's sleeve: ften used in the forms the card up your sleeve or the ace up your sleeve, meaning a secret advantage you can use.200807/43620淄博周村区文昌湖男科妇科网上预约

山东省淄博看男科医院Iran's President to Visit India to Discuss Energy Issues伊朗总统将访印 两国关系有改善 Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is expected to make a brief visit to India before the end of the month. It will be the first trip to the South Asian nation by an Iranian head of state in five years. Discussions are expected to include a proposed Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline. India's long-standing and friendly ties with Iran put it at odds with U.S. efforts to isolate Tehran over its controversial nuclear program.  伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德将在4月底前往印度做简短访问,这将是5年来伊朗领导人对印度的首次访问。预期两国领导人将就拟议中的伊朗到巴基斯坦再到印度的输油管道交换意见。印度和伊朗的长期友好关系与美国因为伊朗有争议的核项目而孤立伊朗的努力形成对比。 Indian government officials say Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will make a brief stop in New Delhi before the end of April on his way to Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  印度政府官员说,伊朗总统内贾德将在4月底前往巴基斯坦和斯里兰卡的途中,在新德里做短暂逗留。The first visit by an Iranian president to New Delhi in five years comes amid U.S. efforts to have India and other nations increase pressure on Tehran to halt its suspected nuclear weapons development program.  这是5年来伊朗总统第一次访问印度,目前为了制止伊朗涉嫌开展的核武器项目,美国正努力敦促印度等国家向德黑兰施加压力。The diplomatic relationship between Iran and India suffered after 2005, when the government here supported an International Atomic Energy Agency vote finding Iran in non-compliance with its international nuclear obligations.  印度和伊朗的外交关系2005年之后开始走下坡,当时印度政府持国际原子能机构有关伊朗没有履行国际核能义务的报告。Research fellow Shebonti Ray Dadwal at India's Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses says ties, however, are improving.  印度国防研究及分析研究所的研究人员达德沃尔说,印度和伊朗的关系正在改善:"Over the last few months I think India has again put Iran back on the focus of its diplomatic relations," Dadwal said. "Relations had really, I think, gone down to a large extent. But now it's back on track."  “我认为这几个月来印度已经再次把伊朗作为外交关系的重点对象。我觉得两国关系一度的确低落,但是如今又返回轨道。”India's national security adviser, M.K. Narayanan, confirmed Sunday that the Iranian leader would visit New Delhi "shortly." India favors diplomatic engagement with Iran, while the ed States prefers an approach of isolating the Islamic republic in response to its nuclear ambitions.  印度国家安全顾问纳拉亚南星期天确认伊朗领袖即将访问新德里。印度希望与伊朗保持外交接触,而美国则由于伊朗的核野心而倾向于孤立这个伊斯兰国家。Narayanan contends that India, as home to the world's second largest Shia Muslim population, should view its relationship with Iran as a domestic issue as much as it is a foreign policy matter. Narayanan, in comments made to an international strategic forum in New Delhi, flatly rejected India joining any multi-national compact to pressure Iran over the nuclear issue. The national security adviser says India is better situated than any other nation to talk with Iran and New Delhi wants to avoid what he called "conflict diplomacy."India has another reason for deepening its long-standing relationship with Iran. With a booming economy and a serious shortage of energy, India hopes to tap Iranian natural gas through a planned 2700 kilometer pipeline that would transit Pakistan.  印度还有另外一个原因要进一步加强跟伊朗的长期关系。随着印度经济的蓬勃发展与能源严重短缺,印度希望通过一项穿越巴基斯坦,长达2千7百公里的输送管道计划获得伊朗的天然气。Talks among the three countries' petroleum ministers concerning the multi-billion dollar pipeline project are due to resume Wednesday in Islamabad.  这三个国家的石油部长将于星期三在伊斯兰堡恢复有关谈判,继续讨论这项价值亿万美元的输气管道计划。Analyst Shebonti Ray Dadwal says the project, in the works for many years, still faces barriers before any gas would begin flowing through Pakistan to India.  分析人士达德瓦尔说,虽然这个项目已经酝酿多年,但是要想让天然气开始通过巴基斯坦的管道输往印度,仍然需要解决一些障碍:"Officially the big hitch is pricing," Dadwal said. "They (Iran) had promised to sell it at a much lower price. Now they suddenly almost doubled the price. So that is a problem for India and Pakistan. Between India and Pakistan also the transit fee issue has yet to be resolved."  “官方的一大障碍是价格。伊朗曾经许诺以更低的价格出售其天然气,现在他们突然加价近一倍。这对印度和巴基斯坦来说是个问题。另外,印巴之间还没有解决输送费的问题。”Another hitch, analysts say, is strong U.S. opposition to the project. 分析人士说,另外一个障碍是美国坚决反对该项目。Also still pending is a deal for the export of five million tons of liquefied natural gas over 25 years from Iran to India. That contract, estimated to exceed billion also faces a price dispute. 伊朗和印度之间还需要签署的另外一项协议是,伊朗要在25年期间向印度出口5百万吨液化天然气。这项协议的价值估计超过200亿美元,但也陷入价格争端。 200804/35992淄博哪家医院治疗打呼噜好 淄博市张店钢铁总厂职工医院看泌尿科怎么样

淄博哪里体检Female Anchor:Leading Internet company Yahoo announced an exclusive partnership with China's largest E-Commerce company Alibaba.com. As part of that deal, Yahoo agreed to purchase Alibaba's shares for one billion dollars in cash, which not only makes Yahoo the largest strategic investor in Alibaba, but also helps its grow, grow its brand in China. So joining us now to give us more details is Terry Semel, Yahoo's Chairman and CEO, he joins us from the company's headquarters in Sunnyvale California. Mr Semel, nice to have you with us.Terry Semel: Nice to be here.Female Anchor: Congratulations. This is quite a deal. Tell us what you hope it will do for you and China.Terry Semel: Uh, we're very very exited about this. It's really a, if you think about the new combined entitiy, which brings together the great success of Alibaba, who are the number one commerce company in China, both in B to B, or business to business, and in C to C, or in auctions. The leaders in both of those segments and you combine that with Yahoo's assets in China which includes search are being for sure the number two player, if you look at the way people rate search queries. So number one a little ahead, Yahoo right behind it and a very strong number two, very strong number two in mail products and communication's products in China. When you bring that together, and you bring together the great managements that Alibaba have, and the great managements running the teams at Yahoo today, we think it's a winning formula. It's a good long-term thinking.Female Anchor: Well, Speaking of long term, that was what I was gonna ask you. Can you put it in perspective for us really because, when you look at China and the number of people currently that have access to the Internet, it's a relatively small percentage if you put it into the percentages of the population. So what are your ultimate hopes in terms of penetration into what many argue will be the largest Internet population in the world.Terry Semel: Sure it's the work with the best tools, and being the best businesses, so globally the best businesses would be a combination, or commerce for sure and search for sure. So put in those two assets together in the same place along with communications and great management. You look at China today, it's the fastest growing Internet market in the world. The rates, and as you said before, the amounts of people using it are quite small relevant to the size of the country; Great growth opportunities, and to be the leader in the two most significant areas globally with the kind of growth we will have in China, and it matches what Yahoo does in Asia. If you think about Asia, we are, Yahoo-Japan is the leader in both commerce and search. Yahoo-Taiwan is the leader in commerce and search, Hongkong as well and now China, so if you look at it combined you see, Asia in general fastest growing, a continent in the world for the Internet, and you look at China and say, by far the fastest growing country for the Internet, great opportunity for our new venture.Female Anchor: So when I talked to other CEOs, and when I've been to China and interviewed them, many of them are putting their strategic plans and place in China, because they feel as though, ultimately, not right away but ultimately, China will be the single biggest contributor to their bottom line as a publicly-held company. Do you see that or is that an exaggeration?Terry Semel: I think China has the potential to be for sure, one of these, the fastest growing and one of the largest and most influential bottom line countries in the world and so it's a great opportunity for Yahoo to be the largest investor in this new entity with a 40 percent stake. It's just great for us and it gives us the ability to have the best management on the ground. Alibaba had done a fabulous job with their management, and coupled that with Yahoo management. I think we put in place the ability and the assets to be the winner in China, both short term but more importantly long term.Female Anchor: What about dealing with the government in China? May I assume that's one of the reasons why you partner with a company like Alibaba, and why are people looking at Baidu.com / the same way, because they aly have the inroads, they aly are dealing with the Chinese government. But do you have any concerns especially given that the somewhat protectionist talk that is going on in the Capitol Hill right now?Terry Semel: Well, for one thing, I've got, before the deal officially closes, there will be a hopefully very positive decision made by the government. Commerce in general has been an area that the government had been very encouraging to both outside companies and Chinese companies. And if you look at our combination, Alibaba surely a very successful Chinese company with ourselves involved with them. I think collectively we think between commerce and search, the two main vehicles , and communications i.e E-mail, um, to this point of time very much encouraged by the government. Ahh. The leadership of this company will be the Chinese company and their chairman Jack Ma, and they basically are gonna run the company going forwards. So we are very thrilled to be a part of this. And we hope and assume that the government will look at this in a very favourable light.Female Anchor: So what about the bottom line, ahh, any additions that you hope this would bring to your bottom line result? When will we start to see that, and how significant will be those contributions?Terry Semel: Well, I think we must take a long-term view, and we definitely do. And I don't think we should expect things to make major contributions the day after you begin. Although in our case both of the, of the companies in a combined way have really terrific assets that we've aly started to do quite well. So we look at it at more a long term/ , we have a shared vision with Alibaba management team and I think ultimately this will be a very very significant contributor to the share holders and to the owners of this company.Female Anchor: Mr. Semel good luck.Terry Semel: Thank you very much.Female Anchor: Thank you very much for joining us today. 200807/43687 "If he kept his son in the village, he would have buried him," so says Madonna, defending her decision to adopt a baby from Malawi. The pop star ended her silence today with the soft sofa option, an interview on the Oprah Winfrey show. Speaking in a live link from London, she tells the talk show host that the boy's father has supported the adoption and that the media reaction had done a great disservice to all the orphans of Africa.What do you want to say to all those people who are attacking you saying that you did this as a publicity stunt?For weeks, others have had their say. Finally, Madonna's had hers. Turning to her native country for address, she went onto the Oprah Winfrey show to deny a deluge of claims: she used her wealth and celebrity to bypass Malawian adoption laws.It's pretty shocking.Are you hurt by it? Are you angry?I wouldn't say I'm hurt by it, I would say I'm disappointed, because more than anything, I mean for me, I understand that gossip and telling negative stories sells newspapers. Eh, but, I think for me, I'm disappointed because more than anything it discourages other people from doing the same thing.She said social workers warned her it would be extremely hard to adopt in Malawi, but she was determined. Having first seen David Banda in footage she was viewing for a documentary, she became transfixed by his plight. He'd suffered TB and malaria and was held by a child who was sick with AIDS. She flew to Malawi where she funds six orphanages and started adoption proceedings. She insists it was with full consent of his father.He looked into my eyes and said to me that he was very grateful that I was going to give his son a life, and that that had he kept his son with him in the village, he would have buried him.But since then Yohane Banda has been ed saying he didn't realize he was giving up his son for good. And on Friday, a human rights group will challenge the adoption in Malawi's high court. Nevertheless, today the country's president waded in for the defense.Malawi has over one million orphans. Some of them may never be able to go to school. And someone comes and takes one child to give that child a future, education, and we want to make a noise, I don't know, I really don't know.While Madonna's choice to speak only to Oprah may have been a rebuke to the press reaction here, her decision to do one high-profile interview is now a well-trodden path for celebrities with a point to make.I feel like the media is doing a great disservice to all the orphans of Africa, period, not just Malawi, by turning it into such a negative thing.Meanwhile, she says her own children have embraced their potential brother-to-be.1.disservice:n. harmful or injurious act, bad turn伤害, 虐待2.publicity stunt:commercial stunt, advertising gimmick3.a deluge of:A deluge of things is a large number of them which arrive or happen at the same time.4.plight:n. misfortune, trouble; complication, entanglement 5.transfix:v. [usu passive]: ~ sb (with sth) make sb unable to move, think or speak because of fear, astonishment, etc 使某人(因恐惧﹑ 惊愕等)不能动弹﹑ 思想或说话6.well-trodden:adj.A well-trodden path is used regularly by a large number of people, and therefore looks worn and is easy to see.200805/39455淄博友谊割包皮淄博市精神卫生中心不孕不育科



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