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Mark: So Todd what would you say was your best moment of your whole high school experience?马克:托德,你认为你整个高中生涯中最美好的时刻是什么时候?Todd: Oh, wow. My best moment was, well I played football and they never gave me the ball. I always sat on the bench and then one game, I actually got to touch the ball and run with the ball, but unfortunately it was also my worst moment, cause as I was running with the football, you run forward and there was nobody in front of me and I tripped, and it was pretty embarrassing.托德:哦,哇。我最美好的时刻……我高中时踢足球,可是他们却从来不传球给我。所以我总是坐在替补席上,然后有一场比赛我触球了,而且带球奔跑,可是不幸的是那也是我最糟糕的时刻,因为我带球向前跑的时候,前面没有人可是我绊倒了,那真是太尴尬了。Mark: Like you, the field was open, you could have.马克:前面是开放的,其实你可以进球。Todd: Scored. Yeah, yeah. Could have been the hero and all that and I tripped. But most of my negative stuff, or my bad memories were all to do with girls.托德:本可以进球。是啊。我本来能成为英雄,可是我却摔倒了。不过我大部分痛苦的回忆都与女孩有关。Mark: Yeah, me too.马克:我也是。Todd: Lets see, there was one time I asked a girl out to a date and she said that she would go out with me, and I was so happy, and I was walking away from her and I was waving and at the last minute I saw her turn away and flinch, and I thought, ;Why is she flinching? Why is she turning away?; Thats right about the time I walked right into a pole. It just about knocked me out, and so she didnt even come over and see if I was OK. She kind of just left me there cause she figured I was embarrassed.托德:有一次我邀请一个女孩出去约会,她答应我会和我约会,当时我非常高兴,我从她旁边走开时一直在向她挥手,可是最后我看到她转过脸去逃避我,当时我在想:“她为什么要躲避我?她为什么要把脸转过去?”那时我撞在了一根杆子上,几乎撞晕了过去,可是她却没有过来看看我是不是还好。她就那样把我一个人留在了那里,因为她认为我很尴尬。Mark: Oh, were you embarrassed?马克:哦,你当时很尴尬吗?Todd: Of course.托德:当然了。Mark: Of course.马克:当然。Todd: There was another girl the year before that I has asked out for my first date. So we went out to the movies and then after the date, you have to walk her to the front door (right) and we walked to the front door and the main thing is can you get a kiss goodnight (right) so I was just so nervous that she wouldnt kiss me and so then we walked to the front door and she kissed me and I was so happy cause I just felt like ;Wow, I got a kiss on my first date!; and then I went to school the next Monday morning and Im walking through campus and I feel really good because, you know, I can say that I got a kiss, and I walk up to my friends and they just start laughing at me, and theyre like, ;Yeah, we talked with Laura; that was the girls name, ;We talked with Laura and she said you kiss like a fish.;托德:那年还有一个女孩,我邀请她和我出去约会,那是我第一次约会。我们一起去看了电影,约会之后你要把她送到家门口(对),我在想到家门口以后会不会得到晚安吻(对),我当时非常紧张,怕她不会亲吻我,我们走到家门口后,她吻了我,我很高兴,因为我想:“哇,我在第一次约会中得到了一个吻!”下个周一早上我去上学,我非常高兴,因为我可以炫耀我接吻了,我向朋友们走去,他们看到我就开始笑我,他们说:“我们和劳拉聊过了”,劳拉是那个女孩的名字,“我们和劳拉聊过了,她说你接吻像鱼一样。”Mark: Ah, man (so) Oh, thats rough.马克:啊,天哪,那真糟糕。Todd: Yeah, its pretty bad. My moment of glory was ruined.托德:是啊,太糟糕了。我的荣耀时刻就这么毁了。 译文属 /201502/358314unit 505买报纸dialogue 英语情景对话A:There are many new kinds of newspapers. I find it hard to choose among them. Which is the most popular paper circulcrting in our city?A:现在新出的报纸实在太多了。很难在它们当中做出选择。哪份报纸是本地最受欢迎的?B:Id recommend you the Morning Paper, it is true that the paper is a newly issued one, but its circulation is rising. Last month, it reached to three hundred thousand, which is a very good figure for a new paper.B:我建议你看《晨报》,这份报纸发行不久,但它的发行量却在上升。上个月就达到了30万份。这个数字对一份新报纸来说是很不惜的。A:Whats the reason that people prefer to this one?A:为什么人们都钟情这份报纸呢?B:I think perhaps the news stories in it are truthful and accurate. It also has a special page about the stock market; maybe this is the real reason for its popularity. Many people are now speculating in the stock market.B:我想大概是因为它所报道的新闻总是真实、准确吧。也许它之所以受欢迎还有一个真正的原因,那就是《晨报》有关于股市的特版。现在炒股的人很多。A:I can predict it will have the largest circulation in one or two years.A:我可以预见不出一两年,这份报纸就会成为发行量最大的报纸。 /201607/457125本期内容:A fair deat hhonors the whole life死得其所,流芳百世首先,我们来学习一个单词 honor 美式拼法是H-O-N-O-R 英式是H-O-N-O-U-R 做名词是荣誉,敬意的意思 做动词是给..荣誉 纪念,表彰再来学习一个表达 a fairdeath 死得其所我们还可以学习一个单词 whole的用法 whole W-H-O-L-E 做形容词 表示全部的 the whole sth 和all of the sth 可互换比如the whole day 和all of the day 都表示一整天a fair deathhonors the whole life 死得其所,流芳百世关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖 /201702/494168

Resume normal speed.264. 恢复正常速度。No speed restrictions.265. 没有速度限制。Request speed 200 knots due configuration.266. 由于构型,请求减速到200节。Request speed 250 knots due turbulence.267. 由于颠簸,请求速度250节。Omit position reports until LN.268. LN前省略位置报。Next report at IP.269. 下一报告点IP。Report required only at boundary.270. 只要求在交接点报告。We have traffic at our 12 o’clock, 5 miles, 500 feet below, climbing.271. 我们看到了活动飞机,在12点钟方位,5海里,低于我们500英尺,正在上升。Traffic indication at our 1 o’clock, 4 miles, same altitude, converging.272. 活动飞机显示在1点钟方位,4海星,同高度,正在汇聚。Request vectors.273. 请求引导。Unable to receive transmission on that frequency.274. 那个频率收不到发报。275. Request 15 miles final.请求五边15海里。276. Maintain 3000 feet until glide path interception.保持3000英尺,直到截获下滑道。NOTAM says glide slope for Runway15 is unserviceable, confirm.277. 飞行员通告表明15号跑道下滑道故障,实。Confirm ILS frequency for Runway 17L.278. 实17左跑道的盲降频率。In case of going around, turn left heading 210.279. 如复飞,左转航向210。Advise transponder capability.280. 请告知应答机可用模式。Transponder Charlie.281. 应答机C模式。Transponder unserviceable.282. 应答机故障。ADS-B transmitter 1090 (ten-ninety) data link.283. ADS-B发射机1090数据链。 /201703/495892

外教带你学地道口语 第24期:英语面试应用问题如何更有效地表示自己的强项以及如何面对经常会被提出的英语面试问题,如:What motivates you? What can you bring to the team? Tell me about your weaknesses。 /201508/39134917. At the Market 17.在市场A: I cant find the jasmine rice!A:我找不到茉莉花大米!B: Isnt it in the rice section?B:它不在大米区吗?A: No, they dont have it there.A:没有,那里没有。B: Lets check again. Is it this one?B:我们再看一遍。这个不是吗?A: No, thats short grain white rice.A:不是,这是细粒白米。B: What about this one? Its longer.B:这一个呢?这个更长。A: No, thats brown rice.A:不是,这是糙米。B: How are we supposed to find jasmine rice?B:我们该怎样找到茉莉花大米?A: Oh, I see more rice in another isle.A:噢,我在另一个地方看到了更多的大米。B: I found it in the international section.B:我在国际区找到了它。A: I find it funny that Americans think this rice is exotic!A:我觉得好笑,美国人认为这大米是异国情调!B: Me, too! But Americans call everything different exotic. B:我也是!但美国人把叫一切不同的东西都看作异国情调。 /201510/403082

Questions about work关于工作的问题How is your company coping with the economic situation?你们公司怎样应对经济情势?How do you do this in your company?你在公司里怎么做这件事?How does your company deal with...?你们公司怎么处理……?Do you get on with your boss?你跟上司处得怎么样?What are you working, on at the moment?你目前在做什么?How did…go?…进行得怎么样?Did…go well?…进行得顺利吗?Question about someones current lifestyle关于某人目前的生活状态的问题How long have you been here?你来这里多久了?Where do you live?你住在哪儿?Do you live far from the office?你住的地方离办公室远吗?How do you get to work?你怎么去上班的?What are you ing at the moment?你现在在读些什么?How long does it take you to get home/get to the office/get to work?你回家/去办公室/上班要多久?Do you have your family with you?你跟家人住在一起吗?Do your children like it here?你的小孩喜欢这里吗?Where are you sending them to school?你送他们去哪里的学校?How many children do you have?你有几个小孩?Do you miss home?你想家吗?What does your wife/husband do?你太太/先生是做哪一行的?Does she like it here?她喜欢这里吗?Questions you can ask someone you are first meeting for the first time第一次遇到某人时可以问的问题How do you do?你好吗?Where do you come from?你从哪里来?Where are you from?你是哪里人?What do you do?你是做哪一行的?Where do you work?你在哪里工作?Who do you work for?你替谁工作?What department do you work in?你在哪个部门工作?What does your company do?你们公司是做什么的?How long have you worked there?你在那里工作多久了?Whats your job title?你的工作职称是什么?How big is your company?你们公司多大?Where is it based?它在什么地方?How do you find it here?你是怎么在这里找到它的?Are you married?你结婚了吗?How long have you been married?你结婚多久了?Do you have any children?你有小孩吗?Can you speak Chinese?你会说中文吗?Where did you learn Chinese/English?你的中文/英文是在哪儿学的?Questions about someone’s interests and hobbies关于某人的兴趣及嗜好的问题Whats your handicap?你的差点是多少?How long have you been playing?你从事(某项运动)多久了?Where do you play?你都在哪里从事(某项运动)?Are you a (new) member?你是(新)会员吗?How long have you been a member?你当会员多久了?Do you do any (other) sports?你有做什么(其他的)运动吗?How do you do that?你是怎么做的?Have you seen...?你看过……吗?What kind of music/food/books/movies do you like?你喜欢哪种音乐/食物/书/电影?What do you do in your free time?你空闲时都在做什么?Have you ever played…?你有没有打过……(某项运动)?Have you ever been…?你有没有在……? /201601/420305Maria: So Alex, now we talked about what I would like to do in the future, what about you? Career wise, lets start with that.玛丽亚:亚历克斯,我们谈过了我未来想做的事,你呢?先从事业开始吧。Alex: I actually have absolutely no idea what I want to do as a career. I know I want to do something interesting and I want to do something fun. Ive certainly, I think that I as a person am most suited to a service style industry or a hospitality something like that where I would be, Ive had sort of dalliances or ideas about cafes, cafe chains, certainly Id always wanted to I think maybe rival Starbucks would be lovely. I looked at restaurants. Restaurants didnt really appeal to me because youve got weird hours and when everyone is having fun youre not. What else? For me its, I just like to be able to have something that was constantly enjoyable. I think, you know, what you said, dynamic you know.亚历克斯:实际上我对从事什么职业完全没有想法。我知道我想做有趣有意思的工作。我认为最适合我的工作是务业或那种接待工作,我喜欢咖啡和连锁咖啡厅,我在这些方面也有自己的想法,我一直希望我能成为星巴克的对手,要是能这样就太好了。至于那些餐厅,它们并不是很吸引我,因为要担心营业时间,还要担心是不是所有人都享受了乐趣。还有什么?对我来说,我喜欢做那些能一直很享受的工作。就是要有那种活力。Maria: Exactly.玛丽亚:没错。Alex: You can have something that will be enjoyable and you can change it up every day and so on and so forth but as to what I specifically would do, I cant put a name to it. Im not the only one in my family. My father has a CV thats four, sorry ten pages long. Its ten pages long. Hes changed jobs I think twenty six times, twenty seven now, and hes just so I dont know. For me Id like to travel but Id certainly want to have a home base. I cant go too far away from home.亚历克斯:你可以做有意思的事情,每天要做些改变,等等,不过至于我具体想做什么,目前我还说不出来。我家里不是只有我这样。我爸爸的简历有4……抱歉,有10页纸那么多。我爸爸的简历有10页。我想他大概换了26次工作,现在应该是27次了,我也不清楚。我喜欢旅游,不过我希望能有个家。我不能离家太远。Maria: When you say home, would it be your present home like Australia or would you...?玛丽亚:你说的家是指澳大利亚的家还是……Alex: Yeah, Ive got to say Im an Aussie, true blue Aussie. Ive got a love of the country. Its my home. I have spent time overseas. Ive lived a year and a half in Canada, a year and a half in Australia, a year and a half in Asia sorry its not a year and a half in Australia, a year and a half in America, so Ive done a couple of other things and Ive always come back and been why did I leave? What caused me to leave? So, yeah, Im torn between doing things that are altruistic and selfish. Do I want to just work for me and get the money, the moolah, the cash, the green, or do I want to do something a bit more for everyone else and I dont know its difficult to decide. How do I do both?亚历克斯:我要说我是澳大利亚人,我是忠诚的澳大利亚人。我非常喜欢澳大利亚。那里是我的家。我也在外国呆过。我在加拿大生活了一年半,在澳大利亚生活了一年半,在亚洲住了一年半,抱歉,不是在澳大利亚生活了一年半,是在美国生活了一年半,我做过很多事情,不过最终我还是会回到澳大利亚,那我为什么离开?让我离开的原因是什么?在做事方面,我在无私和自私之间左右为难。我是想做那种只要自己能得到钱的事情还是那种为其他人考虑的事情,我不知道要如何决定,这非常难。我怎么能做到两全其美?Maria: So the future is open?玛丽亚:所以你的未来是未知的?Alex: It is open isnt it?亚历克斯:是未知的,不是吗? 译文属 /201609/465893

keep...in mind 记住;考虑到某事例句:Its a good idea, Ill keep it in mind.这是个好主意,我要记在心里。There is a meeting at 5 pm, please keep it in mind.下午五点有个会议,请记住。A:Are you feeling ok?你感觉好一点了吗?B:Yeah, the medicine really helped.是的,药真的很有效。A:You are getting better, but you still need to rest. And remember do not do anything that is stressful.你正在恢复,但是你还是要休息。记住,不要做任何有压力的事情。B:Ill keep that in mind.好的,我会记住的。背景音乐:Elize —— Sexual Healing更多英语资讯关注微信公众号SmethilyFM(注意:“S”和“FM”均为大写) /201606/446472Harry and Feifei talk about a violent sounding expression that actually means a friend has said something against you.哈利和菲菲在谈论一个听起来有点暴力的表达方式,实际上的意思是指朋友背叛了你。Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript.注:本节目可能出现文本与音频不完全相符的情况。Harry: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak! Harry with you here today, and joining me is Feifei.哈利:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目!我是哈利,今天和我一起主持节目的是菲菲。Feifei: Hello everybody! And the expression we are going to look at in this programme is stab in the back. So Harry, how are you?菲菲:大家好!本期节目要讲的表达方式是“背后捅刀”。哈利,你过得怎么样?Harry: [Distracted] What? Oh, not bad. Well... no, fine. Nothing.哈利:(走神)什么?哦,还行。嗯……还好。没什么。Feifei: What? Youre not telling me something. Whats the matter? Has something happened?菲菲:怎么了?你是不是有什么事没告诉我?发生什么事了?是不是出什么事了?Harry: No, not really. Im just annoyed with Jim. I dont really want to talk about it.哈利:没有,没什么事。我只是在生吉姆的气。不过我不太想谈这件事。Feifei: But I thought you were friends.菲菲:我以为你们是朋友。Harry: Well, we were friends, until I discovered he stabbed me in the back…哈利:对,在我发现他在我背后捅刀子之前我们的确是朋友……Feifei: Stabbed you in the back?!菲菲:捅你的背?Harry: Yes, exactly! He had a meeting with the boss, and right there, he stabbed me in the back! In front of everyone! Im really annoyed.哈利:对,没错!他今天早上和老板开会的时候中伤我!在所有人面前!我真的非常生气。Feifei: But, surely youre more than annoyed! I mean, if he stabbed you in the back — dont you need an ambulance at least? I mean, its lucky he didnt kill you. What did he stab you with? A knife?菲菲:那你应该不仅仅是生气吧!如果他捅了你的背,你不是应该叫救护车吗?幸运的是他没有杀了你。他用什么捅的你?刀子吗?Harry: Ah, no. He stabbed me in the back with his words. There was no actual violence.哈利:不是。他用他的话中伤了我。并没有真的发生暴力事件。Feifei: He stabbed you with words?菲菲:用他的话?Harry: Yes. To stab someone in the back means to betray someone. He knew that I wanted to handle the new project, and he said hed help me get it. But in the meeting he told the boss that I didnt have enough experience to do a project like that.哈利:对。stab someone in the back的意思是背叛某人。他知道我想负责那个新视频项目,他说过他会帮我。可是他在开会时跟老板说我的经验不足以承担那样的项目。Feifei: Ah, so stab in the back means he did something bad to you even though you thought you were friends.菲菲:所以这个短语的意思是虽然你们是朋友,可是他做了一些伤害你的事。Here are some more examples of stab in the back.以下是stab in the back这个短语的例句。Example例句A lot of young people think you have to stab people in the back to get ahead in business, but you dont.许多年轻人认为要在生意场上获得成功就要在背后捅刀,可是你并没有这么做。She told me she was in love with me, but then she stabbed me in the back and went out with Dave.她刚跟我说完爱我,就背叛我和戴夫交往。I wouldnt trust Laura if I were you. Shes nice to your face, but then she stabs you in the back.如果我是你我就不会相信劳拉。她在你面前装得很好,可是她却在你的背后中伤你。Feifei: So, youre not happy with Jim. But personally Im just relieved. It could have been a lot worse. I mean, youre not actually hurt. Remember sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you.菲菲:所以你生吉姆的气。不过我倒是松了一口气。我以为情况很严重呢。我以为你受伤了呢。记住:棍棒和石头可以打断你的骨头,但是言语却不会让你受伤。Harry: Well, thats an expression for another programme!哈利:好,这是另一期节目要讲的表达方式!Feifei: Youre right. Todays expression is to stab someone in the back. Not a very nice thing to do.菲菲:没错。今天学习的表达方式是“背后伤人”。这可不是好事。Harry: Join us again soon on The English We Speak.哈利:请大家记得收听下期地道英语节目。 译文属 /201501/356664

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