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淄博友谊男科医院男科预约淄博新华医院治疗男性不育多少钱The Chinese capital on Friday banned Halloween costumes from its subway system, warning they could cause “panic” and “stampedes.”周五,北京地铁禁止穿着万圣节(Halloween)饰的乘客进站,警告称,他们可能引起“恐慌”和“踩踏”。Halloween is not a traditional holiday in China but is celebrated by expats and is gaining in popularity among middle-class Chinese with small children.万圣节并非中国传统节日,但在中国的外籍人士会举行庆祝活动。万圣节在有小孩的中产阶层人士中也越来越流行。Night-duty cops and taxi drivers alike generally view costumed foreigners as an oddity, but this year authorities may fear that subversive outfits could crop up in the capital under the guise of Halloween costumes.通常,夜班警察和出租车司机都会把身着奇装异的外国人视为怪人,但今年当局可能担心,人们还可能在万圣节饰的掩盖下,身穿更具挑衅意味的装。Protesters in Hong Kong this month used masks, umbrellas and street art in their call for more representative democracy.本月,香港抗议者在民主抗议中,使用了面具、雨伞和街头艺术。Beijing has curbed any similar attempt. Artists who organised a sympathy march in early October and participants in a poetry ing were all detained, as were friends who protested their detention.北京方面压制了任何类似企图。10月初,一些艺术家组织了一次游行向香港民运表示声援,后来这些艺术家被拘留。还有一次诗歌朗诵会的参与者也遭到拘留,而几位抗议他们被拘留的朋友也被拘。“Public transport police point out: Please do not wear strange outfits in subway stations or in train carriages, which could easily cause a crowd to gather and create trouble,” the Beijing News reported on Friday.《新京报》周五报道称,“北京公交警方提示,请不要穿着奇异装进入地铁站及车厢内,那样容易引起群众围观、造成麻烦。”Police may arrest people in costume, it added.该报补充道,对于乘客行为造成扰序的,公安机关可视情节和后果对其依法拘留。Leering “Guy Fawkes” masks, tiny Spidermen or witches aside, what seems to be most worrying to the police is the imminent start of the 24-nation Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, which kicks off next week in Beijing.狞笑的“盖伊#8226;福克斯”(Guy Fawkes)面具、小型蜘蛛侠(Spidermen)或巫师饰,也许都算奇装异。不过最令警察担忧的,似乎是下周即将在北京举行的24国亚太经合组织(APEC)峰会的安全。China is rolling out a number of measures to reduce traffic, pollution or any hint of trouble ahead of the meeting.中国在该峰会前实施了大量措施,以减轻交通拥堵,减少污染,并消除一切麻烦迹象。 /201411/339911淄博治疗包皮多少钱 It is not easy to come back from a scandal involving sick infants; nor should it be. When Chinese milk producer Sanlu was caught selling product doctored with melamine in 2008, China’s entire dairy industry was tainted.从致使婴儿得病的丑闻中恢复过来并不容易,也理应不容易。2008年,当中国奶制品生产商三鹿(Sanlu)被查出销售含有三聚氰胺的产品时,整个奶制品业都沾染了污名。Seven years on and it is recovering — after considerable effort. Full-year results from Mengniu, one of the last brand s standing, might finally point to the future. After Wednesday’s close it said 2014 revenues were up 15 per cent and net profit up two-fifths, beating forecasts by more than a tenth. Growth in higher margin yoghurt and health drinks contributed to the beat. On Thursday, the stock rose 10 per cent.7年过去了,中国奶制品业开始复苏——当然它为此付出了相当大的努力。未倒下的品牌之一——蒙牛(Mengniu)去年全年的业绩或许预示着未来。周三收盘之后,蒙牛表示,2014年收入同比增长15%,净利润同比上升五分之二,超出预期逾十分之一。利润率较高的酸奶和保健饮品对这一超预期的业绩做出了贡献。周四,蒙牛股价上涨了10%。Product mix has improved, but there is more to it than that, namely operational improvement. Mengniu has been consolidating its supply chain to ensure quality control. By the end of last year, 96 per cent of its domestic raw milk supply came from larger-scale farms, up from 70 per cent in 2010. It has also built economies of scale elsewhere, lifting asset utilisation in its chilled product line with a simplified offering. Expertise from Danone of France (with 10 per cent of Mengniu) and Denmark’s Arla (5 per cent) have helped. Mengniu has also been lucky. Falling raw milk prices caused by a supply glut have boosted margins more than discounting hit revenues.产品结构得到了改善,但不止于此,运营方面也有进步。蒙牛一直在整合其供应链以保质量控制。到去年底,蒙牛96%的国内原奶供应来自规模化、集约化牧场,这个比例高于2010年的70%。蒙牛也在其他方面实现了规模效益,通过精简产品提高了低温产品线的资产利用率。持股蒙牛10%的法国达能(Danone)和持股5%的丹麦爱氏晨曦(Arla)带来的专业经验,对蒙牛的业绩提升也有帮助。蒙牛去年也比较走运。供应过剩所致原奶价格下跌,提升了利润,缓冲了打折销售对收入的冲击。The company has not just wallowed in its improving fortune. Competition from foreign brands has been fierce since 2008. So as well as a supply chain offensive, Mengniu has boosted marketing spend. In 2014, selling and distribution costs rose to one-fifth of sales, that is up 6 percentage points from a decade ago. But sales, general and administrative costs are still lean by international standards. Danone, for example, spends a third of revenues on SG amp; A.时来运转的蒙牛并没有沉迷于好运气。自2008年以来,来自外国品牌的竞争一直十分激烈。所以,除了在供应链上主动出击,蒙牛也增加了营销出。2014年,销售及经销费用升至销售额的五分之一,比10年前提高了6个百分点。但以国际标准来衡量,销售、一般性及管理出(SG amp; A)仍处于较低水平。比如,达能的SG amp; A就达到销售收入的三分之一。There is a risk that marketing costs will keep rising faster than sales. But in a consumer market where brands have room to build, that investment should pay off.目前蒙牛存在着营销费用增速持续高于销售额增速的风险。但在一个仍有品牌建设空间的消费者市场,这一投资应会获得回报。 /201504/367556淄博第一医院治疗早泄多少钱

高青县治疗前列腺炎多少钱淄博市山东金岭铁矿医院不孕不育科 Let#39;s say you#39;re an international spy and a dastardly villain has just used his laser eye to cut the cable to your elevator car, sending you plunging hundreds of stories to your death. Everyone knows the best way to survive such a fate would be to jump just before you hit, right?假设你是名国际间谍,现在有个恶棍用激光弄断你所乘电梯的缆绳,意图使你从几百层楼高的地方坠亡。所有人都认为最好的逃生办法就是在坠地之前跳起来,这样是否正确呢?Well, not really. As proven by the Myth Busters, that just doesn#39;t work.其实不然。密斯·巴斯特实,这样做于事无补。As part of a promotion for a book entitled ;How to Survive Anything,; travel-book giant Lonely Planet has just released a series of s showing how to survive a variety of situations from getting locked out of your hotel room naked, to yes -- how to emerge from a plunging elevator alive.世界最大的私人旅游指南出版商《孤独星球》在推销《如何脱离险境》一书活动中发布了一系列相关视频,比如说,一个人什么也没穿,还被锁在了酒店房间门外,在这种情形下该怎么办,又或者,怎样从一直往下坠的故障电梯中逃生。Note that steps given in the Lonely Planet , embedded below, are in contradiction to the advice Eliot H. Frank, at the time a research engineer for the Center for Biomedical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, gave to a New York Times er in 2012.要说明的是,《孤独星球》在其视频中给出的措施步骤与艾略特·H·弗兰克,时任麻省理工学院生物医学工程研究中心工程师,于2012年向《纽约时报》读者给出的意见是相左的。Frank said that the best course of action would be to lie flat on the floor to distribute the impact across your whole body. And he specifically said not to bend your knees or brace yourself (two pieces of advice given in the Lonely Planet ) because ;at high G-forces, your legs would simply not be able to support the weight of your body. Even the weight of your own head would be too much for your neck to support.;弗兰克建议,最好的办法就是躺平,使受力遍及全身。他还专门指出,最好不要屈膝或抱住自己(这两点恰是《孤独星球》在视频中提到的建议),因为“在高倍重力下,你单单靠腿是撑不了你自身重量的,甚至你的脖子也难以撑头的重量”。So it#39;s pretty much your call. Will you go with the travel book publisher, or an MIT scientist? My advice? Stick with the engineer on this one, but go with Lonely Planet on the naked-in-your-hotel thing. They really do have some good ideas for that situation.总之呢,怎么样来由你自己决定。是听《孤独星球》的呢?还是听艾略特·H·弗兰克的?我的意见?在电梯事故上还是听这名工程师的吧。而在赤身被锁酒店房门外的情况下,《孤独星球》的一些建议措施还是很好的。 /201507/388205淄博割包皮手术的的费用

淄博做包茎手术一般多少钱The B is facing a fine after its journalists were caught using a drone without authorisation during the Davos summit in January.英国广播公司(B)目前正面临一项罚款。此前,B旗下新闻记者被查到在1月达沃斯(Davos)峰会期间未经许可使用了一架无人机。Swiss authorities had implemented a no-fly zone with a radius of 25 nautical miles and monitored by fighter jets as part of security measures for the conference, which involves leading business figure and political leaders from around the world.在世界各地政商领袖云集的达沃斯峰会召开期间,瑞士当局针对会议采取了多项安保措施,包括对以会场为中心、半径为25海里的区域实施禁飞,并派出战斗机实施监视。Three journalists, working with the B’s chief business correspondent Linda Yueh, were questioned by police.与B首席商业记者Linda Yueh共事的三名记者,受到了警方的问询。“We can confirm that in Davos during the World Economic Forum a B team mistakenly took a drone into a no-fly zone area. Three members of staff were briefly questioned by police and it is still to be determined by the Swiss authorities if the B will pay a fine,” Britain’s public broadcaster said in a statement.这家英国公共广播公司发表声明称,“我们可以确认,在达沃斯世界经济论坛(WEF)会议期间,一个B团队错误地让一架无人机进入了禁飞区。这三名员工受到了警方的简短问询,瑞士当局尚未裁定B是否将为此付罚款。”For broadcasters, the devices offer aerial footage of events, landscapes and natural disasters at a fraction of the cost of helicopter footage.对于广播公司而言,无人机可以对事件、场景和自然灾难进行航拍,而成本仅为直升机航拍成本的几分之一。The Davos incident is the second time in recent months that the B has run into problems with aerial footage. In August, the corporation was heavily criticised for using a helicopter to broadcast aerial footage of a police raid on a home owned by entertainer Cliff Richard. That story has since been nominated for Scoop of the Year at the Royal Television Society’s upcoming journalism awards.达沃斯无人机事件,是近几个月来B第二次在航拍方面惹上麻烦。去年8月,B因为使用一架直升机航拍并播送警方对明星克利夫#8226;理查德(Cliff Richard)一处房产的突击搜查而受到严厉批评。后来那次报道成为英国皇家电视协会(Royal Television Society)新闻奖之“年度独家新闻奖”的提名作品,不过该奖当时尚未颁奖。 /201502/358444 From toothpaste to ice cream to disposable nappies, modern Chinese life has been transformed by imports. But many of those erstwhile alien products now bear Chinese brand names.从牙膏到冰淇淋、再到纸尿裤,进口产品已令中国现代生活面貌一新。但如今,曾经的舶来品中出现了许多中国品牌。More and more mainlanders are brushing their teeth with Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste, eating Yili ice cream or putting nappies made by Hengan on their babies. Multinationals still have a strong, sometimes dominant, presence in these markets, but mainland brands are exploiting local knowhow and speed to market.现在,越来越多的中国内地人用云南白药(Yunnan Baiyao)牙膏刷牙,吃伊利(Yili)冰淇淋,或者给婴儿使用恒安(Hengan)纸尿裤。跨国公司在这些市场仍拥有强大、有时是配性的地位,但中国国产品牌开始利用本地知识快速开拓市场。Disposable nappies are a case in point: many Chinese grannies did not use them to raise the current generation, but today’s urban mainland mums rely on them.纸尿裤是很能说明问题的一个例子:许多中国奶奶(外婆)带大当前一代时没有使用过它,但如今内地城市里的妈妈们却已离不开它。The market in China is highly concentrated, with 10 brands capturing 85 per cent of sales. Only one local brand has significant share: Hengan with 9 per cent, compared with 10 per cent for Kimberly-Clark of the US and nearly 29 per cent for Procter amp; Gamble.中国纸尿裤市场高度集中,十大品牌占据85%的销售额。唯有恒安一家国产品牌拥有可观的市场份额,为9%,而美国金佰利(Kimberly-Clark)份额为10%,宝洁(Pamp;G)份额接近29%。But the rapid rise in urbanisation and incomes in China is boosting demand for products such as nappies. Euromonitor, the data group, predicts that the world’s largest nappy market will nearly triple between 2010 and 2017, from Rmb20bn (.3bn) to Rmb57bn.但是,中国城市化程度的飞速提高和收入的迅速增加,提高了对纸尿裤等产品的需求。数据集团欧睿(Euromonitor)预计,2010年至2017年间,中国这个全球最大纸尿裤市场的规模将增加近两倍,由200亿元人民币(合33亿美元)增至570亿元人民币。Such growth is attracting new entrants, many of them local brands. “It is estimated there will be more than 100 foreign and domestic brands that will enter China in 2014 alone,” says Liu Yang, chief executive of Xiaolu Dingding Diapers, a mainland brand.如此增幅吸引来了新进入者,其中多是国产品牌。中国内地一家纸尿裤品牌小鹿叮叮(Xiaolu Dingding Diapers)的首席执行官刘阳表示,“据估计,仅仅2014年进入中国市场的国内外品牌就将超过100家。”Rising costs of materials and labour, changing consumer tastes and increasingly demanding consumers have made market conditions increasingly tough, retail analysts say.零售业分析师表示,原材料与劳动力成本的上升、消费者的喜好变化以及日益挑剔,导致市场状况愈加严峻。Hengan warned in its most recent results that “the short-term outlook remains challenging as a lot of players have entered into this market”.恒安在其最近发布的业绩报告中警告称,“由于有大量的生产商投入市场”,公司短期前景仍很有挑战性。Hengan says the quality of its nappies equals that of the foreign brands – Pamp;G, Kimberly-Clark and Japanese brand Unicharm together have more than half the market – but many mainland consumers disagree.恒安表示,其纸尿裤的质量可以媲美外国品牌——宝洁、金佰利和日本品牌尤妮佳(Unicharm)总共占据了一半以上的市场份额——但许多内地消费者并不认同这一点。Hengan, which expects to sell Rmb2.8bn-Rmb3bn of its Anerle nappies this year, says: “A majority of Chinese mothers believe foreign products are better than domestic ones; therefore, it is necessary to educate consumers to change their minds.”恒安表示:“大多数中国妈妈认为外国产品比国内产品好;所以,很有必要教育消费者改变观念。”该集团预计,今年安儿乐(Anerle)纸尿裤销售额将达28亿至30亿元人民币。Persuading Chinese mothers to use disposable nappies has been a slow process, says Xu Ruyi, head of China research at Mintel. “Nappies were introduced to China by Pamp;G during the 1990s and it has taken a long time for consumers to adopt the products.”英敏特(Mintel)中国研究总监徐如一表示,说中国妈妈们使用纸尿裤是一个很慢的过程。“纸尿裤是宝洁在20世纪90年代引入中国的,让中国消费者使用这一产品花了相当长的时间。”One breakthrough came with Pamp;G’s Pampers “golden sleep” campaign in 2007, focused on convincing mothers that using nappies can help babies sleep better, “which means they can grow faster and get more brain development”, says Ms Xu.徐如一表示,2007年宝洁的帮宝适(Pampers)“金质睡眠”推广活动带来了一次突破,活动的核心是让妈妈们相信,使用纸尿裤会帮婴儿们睡得更好,“这意味着他们能成长得更快、大脑发育得更好”。However, China is not a captive market for multinationals. “Competition is intense: even for big players if you don’t keep up with the competition you’ll still lose share to others,” says Ms Xu. “Consumers today are offered a much wider range of product choices compared with five or 10 years ago.”然而,跨国企业无法垄断中国市场。“竞争很激烈:即便对于大厂家而言,如果你跟不上竞争形势,你的市场份额也会被其他厂家夺走,”徐如一说,“如今的消费者面临着比5年或10年前多得多的产品选择。”Pull-up-type nappies, nappies for boys versus girls and adult nappies are all relatively new entrants to the market – the latter category is expected to grow strongly in China, the world’s largest senior market.上拉式纸尿裤、区分男婴和女婴的纸尿裤以及成人纸尿裤,都是市场上相对较新的产品——在中国这个全球最大老年人用品市场上,成人纸尿裤的销量增长预计将十分强劲。Domestic brands are “focusing more on Ramp;D and updating their production equipment because the newer the production line, the better quality the nappies will be”, says Yan Fei of Beijing’s Qinbei Research Centre.北京亲贝研究中心(Qinbei Research Centre)的Yan Fei表示,国产品牌正在“集中力量搞研发,升级他们的生产设备,因为产品线越新,纸尿裤的质量就越好。”“Intelligent” nappies, which gauge the health of a baby from its urine, and mosquito repellent nappies are under development by Chinese companies.中国企业正在研制能通过尿液判断婴儿健康状况的“智能”纸尿裤,以及驱蚊纸尿裤。Research from Mintel shows that famous brand names may actually wield less power in China than elsewhere. In the UK, says Mintel, “45 per cent of parents would go for a product they’ve used before and a low price is among the top three influencing factors”.英敏特的研究表明,实际上知名品牌在中国发挥的影响力可能小于其他地区。在英国,英敏特表示,“45%的父母会选择他们曾经用过的产品,价格低只是最重要的三个影响因素之一”。But in China, quality is king: freedom from harmful substances, quality, suitability for sensitive skin and absorbency are most important for Chinese consumers, says Ms Xu.徐如一表示,但在中国,质量为王:中国消费者最看重的因素是不含有害物质、质量过硬、适应敏感皮肤,以及吸水性强。China’s birth rate may be low, but spending on only babies is a favourite pastime and Chinese mothers sometimes use up to 20 nappies per day to avoid nappy rash, says Mr Yan.中国的出生率可能很低,但为独生子女花钱是一项最喜欢的消遣,中国妈妈们有时每天使用至多20块纸尿裤,以防止婴儿出现尿布疹。Big-city mothers have more and more money to spend on nappies and small city mums are just beginning to think of using them.大城市的妈妈们用来购买纸尿裤上的钱越来越多,而小城市的妈妈们才开始考虑使用纸尿裤。Like toothpaste and ice cream, nappies are becoming a domestic necessity in China, and everyone from local to multinational brands is eager to get a piece of the action.在中国,纸尿裤正像牙膏和冰淇淋一样变成一种家用必需品,无论国产还是跨国品牌,都急切地要从中分一杯羹。 /201409/331788张店区高新区治疗前列腺疾病哪家医院最好淄博医院包皮手术多少钱



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