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栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201605/431381Clack returned to Cambridge with dozens of tetrapod fossils.Clack带着许多四足动物化石回到了剑桥It meant that at last someone else would be able to do original work in the field of how we got our legs,这意味着其他人终于可以对我们长出腿的事件进行初步研究but the true importance of the trip did not emerge until 1990但是这趟旅程的重要性直到1990年才显露出来when a colleague, Mike Coats, started work on the specimen shed almost thrown away, the acanthostega.当时她的同事Mike Coats正开始研究这件几乎被她丢弃的标本,棘螈He started to dig its hand out of the rock and he expected, of course, to find just five fingers.他开始清除前爪周围的石头,当然,他希望看到5根趾The first thing he found on this block was a finger. This digit here.他在这块区域找到的第一样东西是一根足趾,就是这根趾So weve got a number of finger bones aligned along the edge of this block.我们可以看到这个地方排列着好几根趾Then he continued with the preparation. He found the next finger which is here with its end curled over后来他继续清理,他在这里发现了第二根趾,趾尖是弯曲的and then a third similarly with this crooked finger end and a fourth, again with that,接着是第三根,同样也有类似弯曲的趾尖,第四根,也是如此and then theres a gap and then he went on to find another finger. Individual finger bones are really quite clear接下来是一段空隙,他又找出了另一根趾头,每段趾骨都清晰可见and that makes a total of five, but he still had all this area here to prepare so instead of stopping这样他就找全了5根趾,但他还需要剖析这片区域,所以他没有停下来he went on to clean up the rest of this area and lo and behold here is another digit, so that makes six他继续清理剩下的部分,瞧,这看起来又是一根趾头,这样就是6根了and he expected to finish there and then to his amazement heres a seventh and finally an eighth.他以为这样就结束了,但是让他吃惊的是,这里还有第七根趾,最后是第八根What? But it was true. Acanthostega had eight fingers on one hand.怎么会这样?但这却是事实,棘螈的一个爪子上有8根趾201702/494475TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470002You have to be able to take risk.你需要冒险You cant have greatness in anything without putting it on the line. Otherwise, everybody would have it.不冒风险是不可能取得伟大成就的 要不然 所有人不都会成功吗If there was no apparent loss, if there was no chance of tremendous failure or tremendous setback, you cant have the upside.没有损失的可能 没有惨痛失败的可能 你就不可能获得利益To what do I owe the pleasure, Mr. Morgan?有什么意见吗 根先生Theres a noise in the basement. Its upsetting my wife.地下室有些噪音 我夫人很不喜欢Its the generator.那是发电机Ill send someone around to soundproof it.我会派人去进行隔音的You just disappoint me, Pierpont.你让我失望了 皮尔庞特I thought you knew better.我想你比我更清楚This is the future.这是未来This is the stuff of carnivals and fairs.这只是嘉年华和展览会的花哨玩意And youve been played for a fool.你被当傻子一样耍了How much competition do you have, Edison?你有多少竞争 爱迪生Nothing worthy of note.不值一提You know, if you could help me raise money to install a central power station, thered be no need to have a generator in your basement.如果你能帮我筹钱建立一座中央发电站 地下室的发电机就没必要了I could power anything within a half-mile radius.半英里半径内都能通过它来发电What would it take to light all the homes in New York City?为纽约市所有家庭照明需要什么Id need a network of power stations.我需要一个发电站网络What would the cost be?成本是多少Ill have to go through my figures.我需要算一下Bring them to me Monday morning.周一早上给我That model train set-- powered by electricity?这个模型火车是由电提供动力的吗Yes.是I want one for my daughters birthday next week.下周我女儿生日时 给她做一个For Morgan, the potential reward is too great.在根看来 潜在回报太过诱人Against his fathers advice, he invests everything in electricity, determined to create his own legacy, even if it means going against everything hes ever been taught.他没听父亲的建议 而是将一切都投资给了电 决心创造自己的伟大财富 哪怕这同他一直所受的教诲背道而驰201605/443604

Its fatter in the middle, where the reeds are thickest.芦苇的间部位是最肥最粗的And then it tapers off here as well.然后由中间向两头逐渐变细You know, and like everything in survival,if you can use natural forms of things,生存下去的诀窍就是 运用大自然的资源its gonna help you so much.这一定会给你帮大忙的A short section of my rope cut into strips will hold the raft together nicely.我切下来一截绳子 用来束紧筏子Then what youve got is this basic shape like this.现在有个雏形了I reckon two or three of these are gonna give me easy enough stability and buoyancy to float me down this river.要想顺流而下 我感觉两三个这样的东西 就足够牢固 保我不沉了Reed rafts are incredibly durable and practical.芦苇筏相当结实 易于制作And once you know how,you can build one in an hour or so.只要掌握了方法 一小时之内就能完工One, two.Then we just finish off this third one.一个 两个 现在来完成第三个Im just trying to accentuate this taper at the end.我正努力让尾巴这端翘起来Pull it up.This is gonna be the bow.Pull those together.And then bind them up here.竖起来 让它做船头 把它们聚拢 然后捆紧This is gonna work great.All I need now is a paddle.这肯定管用 现在我需要一浆See there? Were gonna use this.Okay,were set to go,come on.看 就用它了 好了 准备出发 走Its incredibly heavy, but Im confident it wont sink.它很重 但我相信它不会沉Okay.Were floating and on our way.好了 漂起来了 上路了Just shows how buoyant these reeds are.瞧这些芦苇 浮力真强Its actually quite deep, this water.这里的水其实挺深的Tell you what,its a hell of a lot easier than doing battle with all of those reeds.告诉你吧 这真比在那丛芦苇中 劈荆斩棘要容易多了Okay. Were on our way.好了 上路了The water channel should lead straight to the coast.水道一直通向了海岸But getting a 500-pound raft into open water is gonna be quite a challenge.但要把一个550磅重的筏子拖入水域 绝非易事Come along. We can do this.Were so close now.加把劲 一定能行 没多远了201705/508206

But the old monarchy had one last desperate play to make.但是传统的君主制度还要最后一搏In March, 1689,James landed in Ireland with 20,000 French troops.在1689年3月 詹姆斯带着两万法国士兵在爱尔兰登陆The Catholic Irish flocked to their king.信奉天主教的爱尔兰人蜂拥迎接他们的国王Like the English,theyd become pawns in someone elses chess game.如同英国人一样 他们只是别人手中的棋子而已Outside Drogheda, two armies, two worlds,faced each other across the River Boyne.在德罗赫达外 两军队 两个世界 他们隔着伊恩河对峙One belonged to the old world of faith and fervour,一方忠于旧世界的信仰与狂热the other, Dutch and German professionals,were part of a modern war machine.另一方 荷兰和德国的军队 则是现代战争中的机器No prizes for guessing who won.Nobody.无人能猜对胜负 因为没有赢家It is the patriotic duty of Irish men and Irish women to engage in that legitimate armed struggle.这是每个爱尔兰人的爱国职责 参与以法之名的武装抗争We will never surrender!Never, never, never, never!我们永不会屈 永不屈 永不屈I appeal to Unionists to engage fully in the search for a lasting peace.我恳求北爱尔兰的统一党 能尽全力寻求 持久的和平 /201705/507930

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