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淄博八院泌尿外科淄博友谊医院泌尿科好吗淄博哪个医院治疗性病最好的 2014 has been a year to forget for casino operators in Macau. Unfortunately, things are unlikely to get any better next year.2014年想必已成了运营商希望忘记的一年。不幸的是,明年的情况也不太可能得到好转。Gaming revenue in the former Portuguese colony will contract 1 per cent next year as the ongoing crackdown on corruption in mainland China continues to keep big spending Chinese gamblers away, according to a fresh report from rating agency Fitch. The forecast, Fitch says, reflects #39;the persistent weakness in the VIP business, which seems to be spilling over to the premium mass segment#39;.根据国际评级机构惠誉(Fitch)的新报告,随着中国内地反腐斗争继续令出手阔绰的内地赌客远离,预计明年业收入将缩减1%。惠誉称,VIP业务持续疲软,而这种疲软似乎正在向大众市场中的高端板块扩散。Gaming revenue growth is expected to be flat this year following five straight months of year-on-year declines.在收入连续5个月出现同比下滑的情况下,今年营收预计将与上年持平。Revenues may record annual declines of 15 per cent to 20 per cent in the first quarter and a further 5 per cent drop in the second quarter before beginning to recover in the second half.收入在第一季度同比降幅可能会达到15%至20%,第二季度进一步下滑5%,直到下半年开始恢复增长。Some casino operators - such as Wynn Resorts and Las Vegas Sands - have sought to take some of the sting from the retreat of high-spending VIP ;whales; by focusing on mass market gamers.一些运营商,如度假村(Wynn Resorts)和金沙集团(Las Vegas Sands),力求通过把业务重点放在吸引大众市场赌客,来减轻VIP大客户离场带来的冲击。However, Fitch reckons the problems affecting VIP traffic in Macau - corruption crackdown, slower economic growth in China and the rise of the Philippines as a rival gambling mecca - are going to weigh on the mass segment of the market as well.尽管如此,惠誉认为,影响VIP客流量的因素,如反腐运动、中国经济放缓以及菲律宾作为另一胜地的崛起,同样会对大众市场业务构成压力。Still, the longer-term outloook is not all gloom for Macau, according to Fitch, which argues that: #39;Despite revisions, we do remain favorable on Macau, as we continue to hold that Macau and the greater China market remain underpenetrated. We expect gaming revenue growth will be driven by new supply and infrastructure development and that the Chinese economy will continue to grow (6.8% in 2015 and 6.5% in 2016), anchoring mass market demand.#39;不过,惠誉认为,业的较长期前景并非完全暗淡无光。该机构指出:“尽管做出了修订,我们还是认为和大中华区市场没有饱和,因此仍然看好。我们预计,新的供应、基础设施建设、以及继续增长的中国经济(2015年的6.8%和2016年的6.5%)将撑大众市场的需求,进而推动收入增长。” /201411/343595PARIS — Europe’s economy has reached a psychological inflection point.巴黎——欧洲的经济已经到了一个心理转折点。On Wednesday, an official report showed that consumer prices in the eurozone fell 0.2 percent in December from a year earlier, the first time they have turned negative since the dark days of the global financial crisis in 2009.周三,一份官方报告表明,欧元区12月的消费物价指数同比下降0.2%,是自2009年全球金融危机的黑暗岁月以来首次出现负增长。It is an outcome that economists have been predicting for more than a year and a trend that has long been complicating Europe’s recovery.在一年多的时间里,经济学家一直预测会出现这种局面,而且这种趋势也不断在让欧洲经济的复苏过程变得复杂。Now, the latest data is adding concerns that Europe is headed for a new financial and economic crisis. Unemployment remains persistently high. The euro has been particularly weak. And the political upheaval in Greece is prompting talk about the stability of the 19-country euro currency union.如今,这些最新数据让人们更加担心,欧洲正面临着一场新的金融和经济危机。失业率居高不下,欧元则是尤其疲软。此外,希腊的政治动荡也引发了对有19个成员国的欧元区的稳定性的讨论。With the outlook deteriorating, pressure is mounting for the European Central Bank take more aggressive action to avoid a downward price spiral that could undermine the economy for years to come. Top officials have aly been signaling that they could announce a major bond-buying program later this month.随着前景恶化,欧洲央行(European Central Bank)也面临着越来越大的压力,需要采取更激进的措施来避免消费价格持续下跌,从而不给经济造成持续数年的破坏。高层官员已经表示,他们很可能会在本月晚些时候,宣布一项重要的债券购买计划。But the question raised by many economists is whether the European Central Bank has waited too long to act, and whether its arsenal is powerful enough to address the eurozone’s fundamental problem — a dearth of demand from businesses and consumers for goods and services. Even the bank’s president, Mario Draghi, has said that it alone cannot shoulder the burden of restarting growth.但是,许多经济学家的问题是,欧洲央行是否等待了太久才采取行动,它的措施又是否足够强大,能够解决欧元区的根本问题——企业和消费者对商品和务缺乏需求。就连央行行长马里奥·德拉吉(Mario Draghi)都说,央行无法独立承担重启增长的责任。“The eurozone is suffering from a profound malaise,” said Simon Tilford, deputy director of the Center for European Reform, a think tank in London. “It’s aly in a deflationary trap of the kind we saw in Japan in the 1990s, but it’s less well equipped than the Japanese to deal with it,” he added, citing the institutional challenges of managing a currency bloc of 19 nations.“欧元区极其萎靡不振,”伦敦智库欧洲改革中心(Center for European Reform)的副主任西蒙·蒂尔福德(Simon Tilford)说。“它已经陷入了我们上世纪90年代在日本看到的那种通缩陷阱,但是在应对这个陷阱的问题上,它的准备没有日本那么充分,”他补充道,指出了管理由19个国家组成的货币集团需要面对的制度上的挑战。The situation in Europe does not appear to meet the classical definition of deflation, a widesp, protracted and self-sustaining decline in prices. And the continued global collapse of crude oil prices contributed significantly to the decline, blurring somewhat the implications of the inflation report for the 19-country euro currency union.欧洲的情况似乎并不符合通缩的传统定义,即消费价格出现大范围、长期的、具有内生动力的下跌。而且,原油价格在国际市场的持续暴跌也对经济衰退产生了重大影响,这个由19国组成的欧元货币联盟的通胀报告的意义也由此在某种程度上变得模糊不清。But the trend is dangerous. The low inflation environment was aly a signal of a listless economy, with consumers spending little despite low prices and companies having scant incentive to invest in their businesses.然而,这种趋势是危险的。低通胀的环境已经预示了疲软的经济状况,虽然物价低廉,消费者的出仍然很少,公司也缺乏对业务进行投资的动力。If prices actually fall for an extended period, consumers might delay purchase in hopes of getting a better deal later, and businesses would see little reason to make products that would be worth less with each passing month.倘若消费价格长时间下跌,消费者可能会因为希望以后能看到更划算的价格而推迟购买商品的时间。既然产品的价格不断在降低,企业也就觉得没有什么制造产品的理由。;We’re not yet in a self-sustaining spiral,” said Gilles Moec, chief European economist at Bank of America in London. “But we’re close.”“我们还没有陷入一个具有内生动力的漩涡,”美银美林(Bank of America Merrill Lynch)伦敦办公室的首席欧洲经济学家吉勒·莫埃克(Gilles Mo#235;c)说。“但我们正在接近它。”The labor market provides one illustration of what makes Europe’s situation particularly complicated to fix.劳动力市场从一个方面说明了为何欧洲的情况会特别复杂,难以修复。A separate official report on Wednesday showed that the eurozone jobless rate remained at 11.5 percent in November, around the level at which it has been for the last year. But overall numbers don’t give a complete picture of what’s happening in each country, where fortunes are diverging.周三的另一份官方报告显示,欧元区11月的失业率仍为11.5%,与去年的水平差不多。但是,总体数据并不能详细说明每个国家的具体情况,而每个国家的形势各不相同。In Germany, which has the bloc’s biggest economy, unemployment fell to 6.4 percent in December from 6.5 percent in November. But in the second- and third-largest of the eurozone economies, France and Italy, the jobless rates climbed, with Italian unemployment reaching a new high of 13.4 percent.德国是欧元区最大的经济体,12月,其失业率从11月的6.5%下降到6.4%。但是在第二和第三大的欧元区经济体——法国和意大利——失业率却出现攀升,意大利的失业率达到13.4%,创历史新高。And in Greece and Spain, about a quarter of the population remains without work, a level consistent with economic depression.在希腊和西班牙,大约四分之一的人口仍然没有工作,与经济衰退的水平一致。Analysts said on Wednesday that it was now a certainty that the European Central Bank would announce aggressive new measures when it meets in Frankfurt on Jan. 22. They expect the central bank to say it is y to begin effectively printing money that it would use to buy eurozone government bonds, even if it does not put the measures into practice for several months.分析人士周三表示,现在可以肯定,欧洲央行1月22日在法兰克福碰头的时候会宣布积极的新措施。他们希望央行能够表示,已准备好开始采取相当于印钞的行动,并借此购买欧元区国家的政府债券,即便它在未来几个月里都不会马上推行此类措施。In doing so, the bank would follow an unconventional policy similar to the quantitative easing used by the Federal Reserve to stimulate the American economy.假如这样做了,欧洲央行将遵循的政策会一反常态,与美联储(Federal Reserve)用于刺激美国经济的量化宽松类似。But quantitative easing is a divisive issue in Europe because of questions about how to allocate the bond buying among eurozone countries, and who would pay if a government defaulted on bonds held by the central bank. That uncertainty is a main reason that Germany does not want to put its taxpayers at risk of having to bail out the bloc’s weaker neighbors.不过,由于存在一些问题,量化宽松在欧洲争议极大。这些问题包括:如何在欧元区国家中间分配债券购买额?以及万一央行持有的债券遭一国违约的话将由谁来埋单?德国之所以不愿意将本国纳税人置于援助欧元区经济较弱的邻国的风险之中,一个主要原因正是源于这种不确定性。The central bank has an official goal of trying to keep inflation at just below 2 percent, which it considers an optimal level for a healthy economy. But the bank has not met that target in two years.欧洲央行设立了将通胀率保持在略低于2%的官方目标,并认为这是经济健康的最佳水平。不过,该行已两年未能达到这一标准。Japan’s experience in the 1990s showed that traditional monetary policy instruments are largely ineffective with nominal interest rates at zero, as they essentially are now in the eurozone.日本在上世纪90年代的经验表明,在名义利率为零的情况下,传统的货币政策工具基本不奏效。目前在欧元区,名义利率基本上就是零。Another way to address the problem might be for eurozone countries to drop their insistence on balancing budgets and to instead use tax cuts and public spending to create demand.应对这一问题的另一种方式或许是,欧元区国家放下对平衡预算的执念,转而用减税和增加公共开的方式来创造需求。So far, though, European officials appear to be holding their course.不过,到目前为止,欧洲各国的官员似乎还在沿着既定路线走。“Yes, the eurozone is going through a period of low inflation,” Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the Dutch finance minister and president of the Eurogroup of eurozone finance officials, said in a statement in response to a New York Times query. “But one of the most important reasons for the current low inflation rate is the falling oil price. Core inflation — excluding oil prices — has recently slightly increased.”“的确,欧元区正在经历低通胀期,”荷兰财政部长杰伦·戴塞尔布卢姆(Jeroen Dijsselbloem)在接到《纽约时报》问询后做出此番声明。他同时担任欧元区财长组成的欧元集团(Eurogroup)的主席。“不过,引发当前低通胀率的最重要的一个原因是不断下滑的油价。刨去油价的核心通胀率近期略有抬升。”The core inflation rate, which excludes energy and food prices, ticked up to 0.8 percent in December from 0.7 percent the month before, according to Wednesday’s data.核心通胀率不计算能源与食品价格。根据周三公布的数据,12月份的核心通胀率从头一个月的0.7%升至0.8%。The German government of Chancellor Angela Merkel, which has taken a tough line against coordinated economic stimulus, indicated that the latest data had not altered its thinking. A spokesman for the Finance Ministry said in Berlin on Wednesday that Germany would not revise its analysis that there was no risk of deflation in the country. That statement came despite a report on Monday showing that German consumer prices rose 0.1 percent last month.德国总理安格拉·默克尔(Angela Merkel)领导的政府一直对协同性的经济刺激措施采取强硬立场。她放出信号,表明最新的数据并未改变自身的想法。周三,德国财政部的一名发言人在柏林表示,不会修改关于本国并未面临通缩风险的评估结论。这一声明出台的背景是,周一的一份报告显示,德国的消费物价指数上月仅增长了0.1%。Consumer prices in the eurozone had not contracted on an annual basis since October 2009, when the slack global economy made the bottom fall out of the market for oil and other commodities. December’s negative rate was down from the 0.3 percent increase in November.自2009年10月以来,欧元区的消费物价指数就没有出现过同比降低的情况。那时,疲软的全球经济导致原油和其他大宗商品价格跌入谷底。去年12月的数据从11月的上扬0.3%转为了负增长。Well before eurozone consumer prices tipped below zero, the region’s low inflation rate had been raising alarms.在欧元区消费价格指数的增长率下探到负数之前,该地区的低通胀率早就拉响了警报。Economists with the International Monetary Fund warned early last year that the difference between ultralow inflation, which they called lowflation, and outright deflation was mainly a matter of degrees, as the weak price pressures could “scupper the nascent recovery and pressure the most fragile countries.”去年初,国际货币基金组织(International Monetary Fund)的经济学家们警告,超低通胀——他们的用词是“低通胀”(lowflation)——与真正的通缩之间主要的区别在于程度高低,而疲软的价格压力可能会“让刚刚出现的复苏泡汤,并令最脆弱的那些国家承压”。Mr. Draghi, the central bank president, said last week in an interview with the German newspaper Handelsblatt that the risk of deflation “cannot be ruled out completely, but it is limited.”欧洲央行行长德拉吉上周接受德国《商报》(Handelsblatt)采访时表示,通缩的风险“不能完全排除,但较为有限”。“We are not there yet,” Mr. Draghi said. “But we need to tackle this risk.”“我们还没到那个地步,”德拉吉说。“但我们需要应对这一风险。” /201501/353354淄博治疗早泄最好的医院排名

淄博铁路医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱博山区中医院割包皮手术价格 Shh! As the country#39;s property market starts to deflate, China#39;s cities may be relaxing their property curbs. But it doesn#39;t mean they want too many people to know about it.嘘,安静一点。随着房地产市场开始走下坡路,中国的一些城市也许正在放松楼市调控,但这并意味着它们想让太多人知道这一点。The latest example comes from the northeast city of Shenyang, where the glare of media attention after it was reported that the government was easing property curbs prompted some real estate types to dive for cover.最新的一个例子来自中国北方城市沈阳。沈阳市政府放松住房限购的传闻引来媒体的注意力,这使得一些开发商赶紧“卧倒掩蔽”。Larger Chinese cities like Shenyang are relaxing their property policies, but want to do so quietly. Officials are loath to publicize their efforts to ease curbs for fear it would seem a tacit acknowledgement that the local economy has hit the rocks.在中国,一些像沈阳这样的大中城市正在放松楼市调控政策,但当地政府希望低调行事。当地政府不愿公开宣布放松楼市调控,因为他们担心这似乎等于默认本地经济已经陷入困境。This week, Shenyang--an economic hub and the capital of north China#39;s Liaoning province--grabbed the spotlight in local news and online, after property consultants and agents said that the city had revoked restrictions on multiple home purchases.沈阳是一个经济中心,同时也是中国北方省份辽宁省的省会。本周,有房地产顾问和中介称沈阳已取消限购令,允许购买多套房。消息在本地媒体和网络上传开后,沈阳成为了关注焦点。After such news broke, the city scrambled to tamp down such reports. Property agents who had freely talked about the relaxed curbs became more tight-lipped. A spokesman from Shenyang#39;s propaganda office told China Real Time Thursday that reports that Shenyang had completely scrapped home purchase restrictions were untrue. He said he was not authorized to say if the city has made other adjustments to local property measures.消息传开后,沈阳政府急忙打压这类报道。之前曾自由谈论限购松绑的房地产中介变得三缄其口。沈阳对外宣传办公室的一名发言人周四对《中国实时报》(China Real Time)表示,有关沈阳已完全取消住房限购的报道并不属实。他表示,自己无权透露沈阳是否对本地楼市调控措施作出了其他调整。Lawyers and analysts say Shenyang#39;s reluctance to acknowledge moves to ease the curbs isn#39;t likely to stem from fear of offending the central government, which has signaled that it wants local authorities to adjust policies according to the on-the-ground conditions.律师和分析师们表示,沈阳官方不愿承认放松楼市调控不太可能是因为害怕得罪中央,因为中央已经暗示希望地方政府根据本地情况调整政策。Instead, like many local governments, it#39;s trying to take a cautious approach, analysts said.分析师说,与许多地方政府一样,沈阳正试图采取一种谨慎的方式。#39;The local governments are given more flexibility to adjust the curbs, but they prefer to wait and see,#39; says Song Seng Wun, an economist at CIMB Securities. #39;When there is a move from central planning to autonomy, the local governments are not sure how soon they should show their hand.#39;联昌国际券(CIMB Securities)的经济学家宋诚焕表示,地方政府获得了更多灵活性来调整调控措施,但他们更愿意观望。他说,每当进行从中央计划到地方自主的转变,地方政府总不能确定应该多快表露自己的意图。Nationally, local authorities have generally avoided completely revoking property curbs. Instead, they#39;ve been making gradual adjustments--for example, by allowing more homebuyers to buy homes in other districts.中国各地方政府一般都避免全面取消楼市调控措施,而是一直在进行逐步的调整,比如允许更多购房者在其他区域购买住房。Such moves have largely been made both out of a desire to boost the market, as well as preserve social stability.采取这些行动很大程度上既是出于提振楼市的愿望,也是出于维护社会稳定的目的。#39;People are losing trust in how the authorities have handled the property market. Home prices are falling and it#39;s their nest egg at stake,#39; says a Shenyang-based property consultant, who declined to be named. #39;The local authorities want to loosen the curbs quietly.#39;沈阳一位不愿具名的置业顾问说,对于政府管理房地产市场的方式,人们失去了信任,房价正在下跌,人们积蓄的财富面临危险。他说,地方政府希望悄悄放松调控措施。Still, analysts and real estate agents pooh-pooh the idea that relaxing home purchase restrictions will help boost sales, saying that weakened homebuyer demand stems from a tight credit environment, as well as expectations that prices will fall.不过,分析师和房地产经纪人并不认同有关放松限购将有助于提振住房销售的观点。他们说,购房需求下降源于一个信贷紧缩的环境以及人们对房价下跌的预期。 /201406/305924张店区高新区看泌尿科怎么样

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