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高青县第二人民医院割包皮手术价格淄博治疗膀胱炎费用多少淄博友谊门诊男性不育 Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, KG, OM, CH, TD, FRS, PC (30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965) was a British politician known chiefly for his leadership of the ed Kingdom during World War II. He served as Prime Minister from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. A noted statesman and orator, Churchill was also an officer in the British Army, historian, writer, and artist. He was the only British Prime Minister to have received the Nobel Prize in Literature and the first person to be recognized as an Honorary Citizen of the ed States.英国前首相温斯顿斯潘塞丘吉尔(1874年11月30号 - 1965年1月24日)是英国著名政治家,他对英国的领导主要是在第二次世界大战期间。他担任了两届首相,分别是1940年至1945年和1951年至1955年。丘吉尔是一位著名的政治家和演说家,同时也是英国陆军军官,历史学家,作家和艺术家。他是唯一受诺贝尔文学奖的英国首相,也是第一个被美国授予荣誉公民的人。 /200911/90629World War I (abbreviated as WW-I, WWI, or WW1), also known as the First World War, the Great War, the World War (prior to the outbreak of the Second World War), and the War to End All Wars, was a global military conflict which involved most of the world's great powers, assembled in two opposing alliances: the Allies of World War I centred around the Triple Entente and the Central Powers, centred around the Triple Alliance. More than 70 million military personnel were mobilized in one of the largest wars in history. More than 15 million people were killed, making it one of the deadliest conflicts in history. During the conflict, the industrial and scientific capabilities of the main combatants were entirely devoted to the war effort.第一次世界大战是一次全球性的军事冲突,涉及大部分的世界大国,分为两个对立的联盟:同盟国和协约国。超超过7000万人参与了历史上这次规模最大的战争。超过15万人死亡,这也使一战成为历史上最致命的战争之一。在战争期间,主要战争参与过的工业和科学能力,完全应用于战争。 /200911/89054淄博中医治疗梅毒的医院

淄博包皮龟头炎治医院山东省淄博治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好 Fashion tycoon Amancio Ortega, owner of clothing chain Zara, has toppled Warren Buffett in the place the world#39;s third richest man, with a fortune of ?30billion.Zara装连锁店老总、时尚教主阿曼西奥·奥特加取代沃伦·巴菲特成为世界第三首富,身家达300亿英镑。The 76-year-old Spaniard bumped the Oracle of Omaha off the podium after shares in his retail giant Inditex gained 3.8 percent yesterday to close at a record high, pushing his net worth up by around 1billion.昨天,零售业巨头Inditex集团的股票上涨了3.8%, 其收盘价创历史新高,使得这位76岁的西班牙人财富净增约10亿英镑,将“奥马哈先知”巴菲特赶下了第三位宝座。The news of the tycoon#39;s fortune comes as Spain tries to cope with an unemployment level of nearly 20 percent and a beleaguered government which seems just days from asking for an European bailout.消息传来时,西班牙正竭力应对国内高达20%的失业率,而备受攻击的西班牙政府似乎离向欧盟请求紧急援助的日子也不远了。With a fortune estimated now at ?29.7billion, Mr Ortega narrowly pushes philanthropist Mr Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, who is worth an estimated 29.1billion, off third place.据估计奥特加目前的财富约有297亿英镑,以微弱优势将资产291亿英镑的慈善家巴菲特挤出前三位。巴菲特现任伯克希尔?哈撒韦保险公司总裁。Despite their enormous wealth, each of them would have to nearly double their personal wealth to take Mexican telecoms tycoon Carlos Slim#39;s crown as the world#39;s richest man.不过尽管两人都拥有巨额财富,但要想坐上墨西哥电信巨头卡洛斯·斯林姆世界首富的宝座,还得把目前的个人财富翻倍才行。Bloomberg Billionaires Index today estimated Mr Slim#39;s net worth at 47.3billion. Microsoft founder Bill Gates sits comfortably in second place with 40billion.据彭亿万富翁指数今日估算,斯林姆的净资产达473亿英镑,微软创始人比尔·盖茨则以400亿英镑的身家稳坐第二首富宝座。But if Mr Ortega#39;s wealth continues to grow, it may not be long before he#39;s in contention for the top two spots.但如果奥特加的财富持续增长,也许要不了多久就能与以上两大巨头分庭抗礼。His wealth has surged by 32 percent this year alone, despite a deep recession in his native Spain, where the government is resisting pressure to ask for a bailout from the European Central Bank.只今年一年,奥特加的财富就疯长了32%,而此时他的祖国西班牙还处于深度危机之中。西班牙政府正在极力顶住压力,以免向欧洲央行寻求紧急援助。That has been based on thephenomenal success of his company, which has grown its profits for 12 straight quarters after moving into emerging markets and reducing its dependence on Spain, where unemployment is above 20 percent.奥特加的财富增长源于他的公司的巨大成功。Zara在挺进新兴市场后,连续12个季度盈利,逐步减少对失业率高达20%的西班牙国内市场的依赖。The son of a railway worker, Mr Ortega was born in Busdongo de Arbas, León, and lived his childhood in León. Starting his career as a gofer in various shirt stores in La Coru?a, Galicia, in 1972 he founded Confecciones Goa (his initials in reverse), which made bathrobes.奥特加是一名铁路工人的儿子,他在里昂的布斯东果-德-阿巴斯出生,并在那里度过了童年。他的第一份工作是衬衫店里打杂的小职员,他在加西利亚区拉科鲁尼亚省的好几家衬衫店里都打过工。1972年,他创办了Confecciones Goa公司(Goa就是他姓名首字母缩写反向排列而成),主要制作睡袍。In 1975 he opened the first store in what would grow into the enormously popular chain of fashion stores called Zara.1975年,他开了第一家专卖店,正是这家店后来成长为了极为流行的时装连锁店Zara。Despite his great wealth - or perhaps because of it - Mr Ortega lives in a discreet apartment in La Coruna and is said to prefer to keep a very low profile.尽管奥特加拥有巨额财富——或许正因如此——他住在拉科鲁尼亚一幢不起眼的公寓里,据说他更喜欢低调行事。 /201208/194488淄博那边看男科比较好

淄博现在包茎手术多少钱The Hemudu Culture河姆渡文化The Hemudu culture (5000 to 4500 ) was a Neolithic culture that flourished just south of the Hangzhou Bay in Jiangnan in modern Yuyao, Zhejiang, China.河姆渡文化(公元前5000年——公元前4500年)兴起于江南杭州湾的南部,也就是今天的中国浙江省余姚市。The site at Hemudu was discovered in 1973.河姆渡遗址与1973年被发现。Hemudu sites were also discovered on the islands of Zhoushan.河姆渡文化同样在舟山群岛被发现。The Hemudu culture co-existed with the Majiabang culture as two separate and distinct cultures, with cultural transmissions between the two.河姆渡文化与马家浜文化以两种分离且不同的文化共存并互相交流。Two major floods caused the nearby Yaojiang River to change its course and inundated the soil with salt, forcing the people of Hemudu to abandon its settlements.两次大洪水使附近的姚江河改变了它的河道,土地被盐淹没,迫使河姆渡人民放弃他们的居住。The Hemudu people lived in long, stilt houses.河姆渡人住在又长又高的柱撑的房子里。The Hemudu culture is one of the earliest cultures to cultivate rice.河姆渡文化是最早种植水稻的文化之一。Most of the artifacts discovered at Hemudu consist of animal bones, exemplified by hoes made of shoulder bones used for cultivating rice.大多数在河姆渡被发现的手工艺品由骨头组成,例如用于种植水稻的由肩骨制成的锄头。The culture also produced lacquer wood.这个文化同样制造漆木。The remains of various plants, including water caltrop, Nelumbo nucifera, acorns, beans, Gorgon euryale and brottle gourd, were found at Hemudu.无数植物的遗迹,包括菱角、荷花、橡树果实、豆子、芡实和葫芦在河姆渡被发现。The Hemudu people likeed domesticated pigs, water buffalo and dogs.河姆渡人喜欢家养的猪、水牛和。The people at Hemudu also fished and hunted, as evidence by the remains of bone harpoons and bows and arrowheads.从骨叉、弓和箭头的遗迹看来,河姆渡人也会和打猎。Music instruments, such as bone whistles and wooden drums, were also found at Hemudu.一些乐器例如骨哨和木鼓同样在河姆渡被发现.The culture produced a thick, porous pottery.这种文化制造了一种厚的、有孔能渗水的陶器。The distinct pottery was typically black and made with charcoal powder.这种独特的陶器呈深黑色,由木炭粉制成。Plant and geometric designs were commonly painted onto the pottery; the pottery was sometimes also cord-marked.通常,植物和几何的图案会被绘制到陶器上。有些时候,陶器也会被绳索标记。The culture also produced carved jade ornaments, carved ivory artifacts and small, clay figurines. /201508/393916 China#39;s economy is limping into the final months of the year, raising the question: why isn#39;t Beijing doing more to support growth? 中国经济正在蹒跚步入今年的最后几个月,人们不禁要问这样一个问题:北京为什么不采取更大力度的措施来持经济增长? Industrial output is now growing at the slowest rate since May 2009, decelerating to 8.9% year-to-year in August, down from 9.2% in July. Business surveys show new export orders contracting. The one bright spot in the August data came from real estate, with the area of new residential property under construction rebounding to 4.9% year-to-year growth, after eight months of contraction. 中国工业增加值目前的增速为2009年5月以来的最低水平,8月份同比增幅降至8.9%,低于7月份的9.2%。企业调查显示新增出口订单处于萎缩状态。8月份数据中唯一的亮点来自房地产业。在建新住宅项目面积继收缩了八个月后,8月份同比增长4.9%。 The government so far has contented itself with two interest rate cuts, a modest acceleration of public spending, and approval of more infrastructure projects-most recently a slew of new subway systems for second-tier cities. Relative to the scale of the slowdown though, those efforts appear modest-nowhere near the 4 trillion yuan (0.4 billion) stimulus plan unveiled at the end of 2008. 中国政府目前为止出台的措施仅限于两次下调利率、小幅加快公共出速度、批准更多的基础设施项目(最近一次是批准众多二线城市新建地铁系统)。不过,与经济增长放缓的程度相比,这些努力看起来力度不大,远远不及2008年底推出的人民币4万亿元(合6,304亿美元)的刺激计划。 One possible explanation is that a once-in-a-decade leadership transition has frozen China#39;s decision making process. Achieving consensus on any big decisions before the Party Congress-likely in mid-October-will be difficult. But that seems unlikely to be the major factor-if there#39;s one thing China#39;s leaders can always agree on, it#39;s the importance of growth. 一种可能的解释是,10年一次的领导人换届冻结了中国的决策过程。领导人在(可能于10月中旬举行的)18大前夕就任何重大决策达成一致将很困难。不过,这似乎不太可能是政府未推出大规模刺激计划的主要原因──如果有什么事是中国领导人总能达成一致的,那就是经济增长至关重要。 A more likely explanation is that, as far as Beijing#39;s concerned, current growth remains in the acceptable range. At the beginning of the year Premier Wen Jiabao lowered the growth target to 7.5% from 8%. With a modest increase in infrastructure and real-estate investment, that is within reach. There are no signs in the data of mass factory layoffs-a key measure for stability obsessed Beijing. 一种可能性更大的解释是,在北京看来,目前的经济增长速度仍处于可以接受的范围。今年年初,中国国务院总理温家宝将经济增长预期目标从8%降至7.5%。借助于小幅增加基础设施和房地产投资,这一目标是可以实现的。经济数据中未显示出工厂大规模裁员的迹象──裁员是北京极为关注的一个衡量社会稳定的重要指标。 Even if the government wanted to do more, though, room for maneuver is more constrained than it was going into the last crisis. Ballooning credit, fear of bad debts in the banking system, and incipient price pressure all make it difficult to push the stimulus button much harder. Overcapacity in industry means that Beijing#39;s move to loosen lending has been met by a lukewarm response from borrowers. 不过,就算政府想采取更多措施,其调控的空间和上次危机时相比更加有限。激增的信贷、对体系不良贷款的担忧、初露端倪的价格压力,所有这些因素都使政府难以推出更大力度的刺激计划。工业产能过剩意味着,尽管北京放宽了信贷,借款人的反应却较冷淡。 But whatever the mixture of deliberate intention and involuntary constraint that#39;s shaping Beijing#39;s limited response to the downturn, it appears policy makers have come round to the reality of China#39;s slower growth. 不过,不管是什么深思熟虑的打算以及偶然的制约因素导致北京对经济增长放缓的应对措施有限,决策者似乎都已经接受了中国经济增长放缓的事实。 /201209/198883周村区第三人民医院男科医生淄博临淄区人民医院地址



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