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淄博新华医院男科电话淄博人民医院哪个主任看前列腺比较好淄博最好前列腺囊肿医院 The word and. Its a function word, and often not given much time in a sentence. In fact, sometimes its reduced simply to the NN sound, like in this sentence.单词“and”是一个功能词,在句子中经常不会占用太多时间。事实上,有时它会简单地略读为NN,就像在这句里。And Im going to have my friends there, and were going to relax and enjoy and have a good time. (loop two times)我会和我的朋友一起去那儿,放松享受,愉快地度过。(循环两次)So in this , well focus on the word and.所以在这节课,我们会讲解单词“and”。The word and is a conjunction, and conjunctions are function words.单词“and”是个连词,连词是功能词。This means it will generally be unstressed in a sentence, and sometimes even reduced.这就意味着在一个句子中它是一个非重读单词,有时候甚至会略读。If you just say the word and on its own, it is pronounced with the aa as in bat vowel, the N consonant sound, and the D consonant. And.如果你只是单独说单词“and”,它的(aa)发音就像单词“bat”里面的元音,加上辅音N和D的发音。“and”。Now, when this aa vowel is followed by a nasal consonant (that would be N, M, or NG) , the vowel sound does change a little bit.当元音(aa)后面是鼻辅音(可能是N,M或者NG)时,元音发音会有一点变化。Theres an uh kind of sound that happens between the vowel and the consonant. Aa-uh-nnd. And. (loop two times)在元音和辅音中间会有一种类似“uh”的发音。Aa-uh-nnd. “and”(循环两次)。So the word, on its own, and. But, lets check out the word and in real conversation.所以单词“and”单独发音是这样。但是,让我们来看一下它在真实对话中的发音。And Id like a side of bacon. And Id like a side of bacon. Did you notice how I didnt pronounce the D in the word and?我想要一片培根。我想要一片培根。你有注意到我并没有发出单词中“d”的音吗?Lets listen again. And Id like a side of bacon. AnId (loop two times).我们再来听一遍。And Id like a side of bacon. AnId(循环两次)。Its really important with function words, especially when we reduce something, that we link them to the words that come around them.当我们略读时,把功能词和它们前后的词连读是很重要的。AnId (loop two times), anId like.Lets look at another example. And then my bacon is nice and thick. Nice n thick.AnId (循环两次),anId like.我们再看一个例子。然后我的培根很好,厚实。很好,厚实。Did you notice how here I not only dropped the D, but I dropped the vowel sound altogether? Nn (loop two times).你有没有注意到这里我不仅省略了“d”,还把元音也一起省略了?Nn (循环两次)Pretty much just the N consonant sound tying those two words together.几乎是辅音“n”把这两个词连起来了。Lets look again. And then my bacon is nice and thick. The word and can reduce to an, or nn, also the schwa-N sound, uhn, as in this example.我们再来听一遍。然后我的培根很好,厚实。单词“and”可以略读成“an”,或者“nn”,或者弱读N的音,uhn,就像这个例子。He puts that on and then he puts this on. (loop two times)他放上了那个,然后又放上了这个。(循环两次)So, the word and in everyday conversation will probably reduce to an or simply nn. And it will link to the words around it.所以日常对话中的单词“and”可能会略读成“an”或者简单的“nn”。并会和前后的词连起来。Because it is unstressed, it will also be low in pitch and said very quickly. Saying and this way will smooth out speech and make it sound more natural.因为这是非重读音,所以发音时会音调低沉迅速。用这种方法说“and”会使我们的讲话更加流利自然。Lets take a look at some more examples. My mom and I will be there. My momn, my momn, my momn I, momn I, My mom and I will be there.我们再来看一些例子。My mom and I will be there. My momn,my momn,my momn I,momn I,My mom and I will be there.Im taking off Monday and Tuesday. Mondayn, Mondayn, Monday and Tuesday. Im taking off Monday and Tuesday.我星期一和星期二飞行。 周一,周一,周一和周二。 我星期一和星期二飞行。Ill take this one and that one. This onen, this onen, Ill take this one and that one.我会拿这个和那个。 这一个,这个,我会拿这个和那个。And now its over. Annow, an, and now its over.现在结束了。 现在,已经结束了。Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English. Anthanks, anthanks.就这样,非常感谢使用瑞秋的英语。谢谢,谢谢。Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachels English。201706/514601栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201606/451908淄博治疗早泄最好的医院排名

山东省淄博治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好Its fatter in the middle, where the reeds are thickest.芦苇的间部位是最肥最粗的And then it tapers off here as well.然后由中间向两头逐渐变细You know, and like everything in survival,if you can use natural forms of things,生存下去的诀窍就是 运用大自然的资源its gonna help you so much.这一定会给你帮大忙的A short section of my rope cut into strips will hold the raft together nicely.我切下来一截绳子 用来束紧筏子Then what youve got is this basic shape like this.现在有个雏形了I reckon two or three of these are gonna give me easy enough stability and buoyancy to float me down this river.要想顺流而下 我感觉两三个这样的东西 就足够牢固 保我不沉了Reed rafts are incredibly durable and practical.芦苇筏相当结实 易于制作And once you know how,you can build one in an hour or so.只要掌握了方法 一小时之内就能完工One, two.Then we just finish off this third one.一个 两个 现在来完成第三个Im just trying to accentuate this taper at the end.我正努力让尾巴这端翘起来Pull it up.This is gonna be the bow.Pull those together.And then bind them up here.竖起来 让它做船头 把它们聚拢 然后捆紧This is gonna work great.All I need now is a paddle.这肯定管用 现在我需要一浆See there? Were gonna use this.Okay,were set to go,come on.看 就用它了 好了 准备出发 走Its incredibly heavy, but Im confident it wont sink.它很重 但我相信它不会沉Okay.Were floating and on our way.好了 漂起来了 上路了Just shows how buoyant these reeds are.瞧这些芦苇 浮力真强Its actually quite deep, this water.这里的水其实挺深的Tell you what,its a hell of a lot easier than doing battle with all of those reeds.告诉你吧 这真比在那丛芦苇中 劈荆斩棘要容易多了Okay. Were on our way.好了 上路了The water channel should lead straight to the coast.水道一直通向了海岸But getting a 500-pound raft into open water is gonna be quite a challenge.但要把一个550磅重的筏子拖入水域 绝非易事Come along. We can do this.Were so close now.加把劲 一定能行 没多远了201705/508206淄博友谊男科医院就诊 Perhaps he will rightly be called a leopard,leo-brave, proud and fierce, the powered,wily, devious and treacherous.或许猎豹是对他最贴切的称谓 如猎豹般 勇敢 傲慢而残忍 大权在握 狡猾 刁钻而阴险The leopard prince was born to splendid,impossible expectations.猎豹王子生来就被寄予宏伟 近乎不切实际的厚望His father, Henry III,had named his son for England Royal Saint Edward the Confessor the paragon,so it was then thought, of kingly perfection.他的父亲 亨利三世 以英格兰皇室圣贤 忏悔者爱德华为其命名 在当时人民的心中 他是帝王的完美代表Though the Confessor had been dead for almost 200 years,尽管忏悔者已离世近二百年Henry ate, drank and worshipped him,and finally created for the long-dead king a shrine of unparalleled magnificence.亨利无时无刻不把他奉若神灵 并最终为这位早已作古的国王 建造了一座富丽堂皇 无与伦比的神龛Of course, such a shrine would need a home that equalled a splender the new Westminster Abbey.当然 此等华贵的神龛需要一个 与其相称的处所来安放 全新的威斯敏斯特教堂Henry demolished the old basilica at Westminster and replaced it with an immense gothic abbey,亨利拆除了威斯敏斯特的旧教堂 在原址建造了一座宏伟的哥特式教堂a building that now fitted his vision of an awe-inspiring English monarch.这个新建筑终于与他心中 英格兰君王令人敬畏的形象相称From now on, Westminster would be the symbolic heart of the Kingdom,从那以后 威斯敏斯特教堂就成了 王权身份的象征the place where all English monarchs would be crowned and buried.所有英国君主都将在此加冕 死后也将长眠于此 /201610/470159淄博男科功能性

淄博临淄区割包皮手术Now, I dont know about you. I dont know about you.我不知道你们现在是什么想法,我不知道你们现在是什么想法。Am I crazy or was that the best episode of the late show with Stephen Colbert yet?是我疯了出现了幻觉还是因为史蒂芬·科尔伯特来了,我们做出了最棒的一期深夜秀?I...I have never seen Stephen Colbert host the late show on CBS the way he did tonight.我以前从没见过扣熊用今晚这种风格主持CBS(哥伦比亚电视台)的深夜秀I mean it was really great. We really are...简直太棒了。我们真的...We are so honored, we are so excited to be following someone as talented and funny as Stephen.史蒂芬才华横溢,风趣幽默,能跟随他做节目,我们感到既荣幸,又激动I...I cannot think of anyone better to be watching every night than Stephen Colbert.每天晚上,不会有任何节目比史蒂芬·科尔伯特的节目更有趣Welcome, Stephen. Its a great show.欢迎你,史蒂芬。这期节目真的很棒。And this has been a big day. Its been a big day here at CBS.今天是意义重大的一天。这对CBS来说也是意义重大的一天Theres been...theres been so much excitement about the new late show.新版的深夜秀让我激动万分And so much promotion has gone into it.与过去相比,这期有了巨大的进步I...I dont know if you saw it but they even hired sign spinners all over the country.不知道你们有没有注意到,他们甚至在全国范围内招聘了负责旋转标语的人Did you see them? I dont know if you did. I saw this on my way to work.你们看到没有?我不知道你们看到没有,这是我在去上班的路上发现的Oh, yeah. But they werent the only show to get a little bump in the old advertising budget.哦,但我们不是唯一一个需要为老套的广告预算问题发愁的节目Oh, no, we here at the late late show,但是,我们节目是深夜秀we were not lost in line when the promotional dollars came trickling down.我们不会因为改革经费不足就丧失底线Lets...lets just say CBS really made it rain on sweet baby James and the gang.CBS真的给我和这个团队带来了希望Check it out.等着瞧吧!Oh, yeah, big time.等着我们的成功201706/511624 栏目简介:Illegal advertisements have been an issue bothering the citys subway network for quite some time. Metro operators today released a of a man being caught for sticking leaflets on a metro train. Cui Huiao tells us more.201701/486566淄博金盾医院看男科怎么样张店区高新区妇幼保健院治疗男性不育多少钱



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